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2023.06.10 20:35 el_ghosteo Distro for Core 2 Duo 4GB Ram laptop

Hey guys, I have a Dell D630 with a Core 2 Duo, 4GB of ram, and an SSD. It ran windows 10 up until I replaced in in late 2022 with a macbook since it got just a touch too slow to use for looking up recipes and light web browsing. The macbook already died so I'm back to the Dell. I doubt windows 10 or 11 will be any better now than when I replaced it. What suggestions do you guys have?
I would love it if the Bluetooth and fingerprint scanner still worked but it's not a priority. I just need the WiFi to work and for it to load recipe and basic, non YouTube/social media, websites without it feeling like I'm watching paint dry.
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2023.06.10 20:34 LordSky2040 Looks what the Tinkatink 3 pack delivered

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2023.06.10 20:34 alwaystimeforcoffee_ I like Reddit

With the blackout coming up, and the potential downfall of Reddit looming, I’m kind of sad. I learned about this site in 2012, and as an antisocial and depressed 19 year-old, I suddenly discovered this place where I could express myself without being judged, and people liked me. I was approaching my college graduation, and had no support from my family, and was honestly committing suicide if I wasn’t able to find a job out of college. I met someone here who absolutely changed my perspective on life and encouraged me, and now I have a semi-successful career in my field. Unfortunately we were at different stages in life, and I’m alone now, but I’ve always relied on browsing Reddit to keep my mind off of things in life, and I feel like I’ve learned a lot, and have been able to keep up what’s going on around my city, my state, my country, and the world. With everything going on in my life right now, I’m in a really bad spot mentally, and I need a distraction more now than ever, and it just feels like the one thing I have is slipping away.
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2023.06.10 20:33 bherrbo Puppy stuck his face directly in nail polish

I was painting my toes and my pup walked over, I expected him to not come close because every dog I’ve ever know is repulsed by the smell of nail polish. He proceeded to run up to my foot, stick his face right where I had just painted, and ran away. He now has a green spot on his chin and in some of his little whiskers. Does anyone know how I can safely get it off of his face?
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2023.06.10 20:33 Bionic-Moose Monica and Chandler proposal foreshadowing

I've been watching this whole series from start to finish for years and only just noticed in TOW the girl who hits Joey that Chandler and Monica are in the same exact spot and positions when Chandler makes a fool of himself and proposes to Monica because "he's sorry" that they are when they actually propose 🤯
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2023.06.10 20:33 thebrushup The River Runs Through Us

The River Runs Through Us
While the Truckee River is being celebrated this weekend in Reno, Kesley Morris offers this photo series with an essay on its every day use and the many treasures it holds:
Each and every person at the river's edge in Reno has their own stories, and all see the Truckee River in their own different and unique ways.
For some, the river provides an escape, a chance to take the day to relax and fish — or maybe it is their adrenaline rush for the day as they brave the torrent of water on a measly raft.
Some come by to share their love of music, softly tapping out a beat on drums as people pass by.
Another guy is seen trying to escape the police by leaping into the dangerous water.
The rocks hold the battle scars from the relentless current, constantly pulling at them.
The Truckee River carries along its history in the water that once was snow, telling its story to those who care to listen.
Essay and Photos by Kesley Morris shared with Our Town Reno
#truckeeriver #renonevada #renonv #theriverrunsthroughus #biggestlittlecity #humansofreno
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2023.06.10 20:33 gabrielmogeko789 Here a little tweet i seen on twitter about the new spoodermen movie

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2023.06.10 20:33 FunnyCandidate8725 what are these organisms on my plant?

what are these organisms on my plant?
i was replanting a sugar snap pea plant i got from lowes and while breaking up the roots a bit this part got broken open and i saw these small nematode-looking organisms. they are translucent and seem to be abundant in the soil and plant, since in just this photo there were three.
i also noticed very small organisms trailing in the same spot as the top two organisms, they looked like teeny black dots that were just moving about in that area. so small i couldn't even tell you if they had so many legs.
if this post isn't meant for this sub, do let me know and i'll try to find the right place to post it.
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2023.06.10 20:32 Shaday35 Kim Dickens deserves better

Many of us asked for her return. We finally got it. We were happy, Kim was happy. What happened next? Kim/Madison, who is supposed to be a protagonist, has appeared in 3/5 episodes. Freaking Mo, Shrek, Finch, Dove, a bunch of newbies, have appeared more than freaking Madison, the only remaining character who has been in the pilot. To add more salt to the wound, she's not been doing a whole lot of stuff, the focus is much more on Morgan. I don't understand this. Why is this happening? And yeah I know S8 is far from over but it doesn't matter because a bunch of side characters shouldn't have more screentime than the freaking protagonist! Just my thoughts, what do you guys think?
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2023.06.10 20:32 StrB2x BMW 2016 M4 - Carbon Fiber Roof Peeling. Fix Before Trade In?

I want to trade my BMW for a Lexus IS 350 Sport. I am tired of my BMW and want a more reliable brand like Lexus (had to fix other things as well). So the roof of my car is peeling bad in one spot, its about 2 to 3 inches in width and length where the clear coat is peeling. Will i lose alot off its value if I don't repair it first?
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2023.06.10 20:32 pitmoeh Visiting Ravens London Game

Hello guys I was able to get tickets for the Ravens-Titans game in London. It’s only my second game since im from Germany.
Do you have any tips or suggestions for me?
(hotels, bars, spots)
For example is there any chance to meet the players before the game to take a photo or autograph or something like this ?
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2023.06.10 20:31 TheDorgan I got a super lucky start on my alt

I got a super lucky start on my alt
Just made my first alt, I got the Yarny drop on my first inventory of paper! I've been wanting this on my main for so long too.
What are the chances of getting gathering pets?
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2023.06.10 20:31 thaleor483828 I accidentally hit someone’s car when they were poorly parked.

I’m a new driver. I was driving to an appointment and I was in this pretty crappy area. This guy was parked with his car out in the street also illegally parked in a no parking area and I tried avoiding it and accidentally side swiped his car. I kept going to find a parking spot and I don’t even remember what the car looks like. So I’m searching around and looking at every car in the area. My car got a few scratches and all the cars look fine.
Eventually I gave up and kept driving I don’t know what to do. I cleaned off the white from the side of my car and after my appointment I made a slow drive throughout the neighborhood again searching for the car. I couldn’t find it.
I want to get in contact with the owner and also not get a misdemeanor or suspended license. I feel pretty guilty. However, I have no clue what to do. I’m also embarrassed.
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2023.06.10 20:31 fruitpunchinpo My phone's screen is turning purple

My phone's screen is turning purple
So the other day, my phone shut down and it fell 2 times on that day. I charged it then went to sleep, i woke up with a purple spot on my phone in the corner.
The first pic was a day and a half since the purple spot was seen and the 2nd is how it looks like 17 hours later. I didnt get a chance to take a pic of how it looked like at first
Ive researched about what this could be and how to prevent it but im not sure what to do best.
I dont have the money to buy and lcd atm let alone a new phone but if I really need to, ill try getting it repaired.
I tried resetting the phone and taking the phone case off but it didn't work. I don't wanna reformat it atm since i think its a problem with the hardware. Plz help
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2023.06.10 20:31 TicketComfortable902 Too much time investment to reach max level

Currently level 76 and it feel as if the time investment to reach max level is just to much. In my opinion the time it takes to reach level 80 - 85 is a sweet spot for max level. Disappointing to never feel your characters true power.
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2023.06.10 20:31 AutoModerator @!!% How to Watch Josh Taylor vs Teofimo Lopez Jr.Online Free Boxing

Boxing Live! Here's options for watching Josh Taylor vs Teofimo Lopez Live streaming for free on reddit Crackstreams Including where to watch Josh Taylor vs Teofimo Lopez Boxing prospect Josh Taylor will face Teofimo Lopez on Saturday Night at the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden In New York. Lopez, a former Champion at Lightweight, Moved up to Super lightweight last Year. after stopping Pedro Campa and Getting a split Decision nod over Sandor Martin, He Meets Undefeated Taylor This
Boxing Live Josh Taylor vs Teofimo Lopez
Boxing Live Josh Taylor vs Teofimo Lopez

Taylor has held his WBO belt since 2021 when he stopped Jose Carlos Ramirez twice en route to a unanimous decision victory. After prevailing in a dicey win over Jack Catterall early last year, he returns with the hope of keeping his record flawless this weekend. Our full preview of the fight can be read here.
Tonight, we’ll have live coverage of the event as it progresses. Check back for updates on the undercard, highlights from the evening, plus a play-by-play once the main event kicks off.

Josh Taylor vs. Teofimo Lopez is live this Saturday night. Teofimo Lopez’s campaign up at 140 pounds will get its biggest test thus far when he takes on WBO Super Lightweight Champion Josh Taylor. Their bout is scheduled to headline an evening of fights from the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York, USA.
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2023.06.10 20:31 christopher_robins Upgrading Lenovo Legion 7i (2022) SSD, have some Qs

Hello Legionnaires, I have some questions about upgrading my laptop. I've looked at some videos, and this one guide (all linked below) to see about where to start. I have a general idea, but I would like to be more informed on some things.
I want to add 2 new 4TB WD SN850X, one into the spare/open/available slot, and one to replace my main 1TB Samsung stock SSD. (I've read that 4TB SN850X is physically able to fit, have seen several posts about it in this sub).
I know how to open up the case, remove the drives, but I am a bit lost on how I would cloning process. If I were to clone the 1TB stock data to the spare, and replace the 1TB stock drive with the new 4TB drive, would I be able to boot the computer from the spare, to then clone the data back to the main?
I downloaded the Samsung SSD Integrated Software Installer for the cloning.
Bonus question:
Any tips for replacing the stock Wi-Fi card? One of the videos listed goes into details but if anyone here has any personal experience with the upgrade I'd like to hear about it :)
I appreciate any help I can get, thanks!

How to upgrade the SSD in Lenovo's Legion 7 and 7i (Gen 6) Windows Central
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2023.06.10 20:30 Flackojin Spots Wildcampen in und um S-H

Moin ihr Lieben, mein bester und ich wollen gern mal wieder im 1 Millionen Sternen übernachten und sind auf der Suche nach geilen Spots, am besten vielleicht Privatgrundstück, wo man um Erlaubnis fragen kann.
Schönes Wochenende euch.
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2023.06.10 20:30 khoafraelich789 This Unassuming 1964 Studebaker Daytona Is a Rare Sleeper With Supercharged Power

This Unassuming 1964 Studebaker Daytona Is a Rare Sleeper With Supercharged Power
Discontinued in 1967 following an unsuccessful merger with Packard, Studebaker left a few iconic classics behind. The Avanti is perhaps the most iconic thanks to its record-setting performance, but the Champion and the Golden Hawk are also popular among enthusiasts. However, the South Bend-based automaker also built a cool sleeper named after a famous race track.

I'm talking about the Daytona, a nameplate that the company offered from 1962 until 1966, when the final Studebakers left the assembly line. The Daytona was based on the Lark, a compact that Studebaker debuted in 1959, when the segment was still in its infancy. Needing a more diverse lineup to compete with Ford, Chevrolet, and Pontiac, Studebaker launched the Daytona as a range-topping version of the Lark in 1962.

Originally restricted to the two-door hardtop and convertible body styles, the Daytona expanded to include a station wagon in 1963. A year later, when the Lark was redesigned, the Daytona became a stand-alone model and gained a four-door sedan version too. A somewhat innovative car in 1959, the compact had become a slow-selling and mundane vehicle in the mid-1960s.

Looking to revive sales figures, Studebaker created a high-performance version using the supercharged 289-cubic-inch (4.7-liter) V8 engine that made the Avanti America's most powerful production car in 1962.

Topped by a Paxton blower, the 289-horsepower (yup, that's one horsepower-per-cubic-inch ratio) mill found its way into the Super Lark and Daytona in 1963. The engine pushed the compact from 0 to 60 mph (97 kph) in only 7.3 seconds, notably quicker than its Detroit rivals, and toward a top speed of 132 mph (212 kph). The latter was also an impressive figure at the time.

Unfortunately, these R2 cars were far from popular. Studebaker sold only 325 Larks with supercharged V8 (just 53 were Super Larks) in 1963 and only 27 Daytona R2 hardtops in 1964. But while it did not help Studebaker avoid bankruptcy, the latter is now a very rare gem that many of us might not even get to see in the metal. The light metallic blue example you see here is one of those cars.

The kind of classic you'd only spot at car shows like the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals (MCACN), this rare bird went through a rotisserie restoration some years ago, so it's one of those extremely scarce units that looks like it just left the assembly line. And check out that awesome Laguna Blue over brown color combo, which makes this Daytona R2 unique, according to the owner.

And if you're here to hear the road of the supercharged 289 V8, you're in luck. The owner pops up the hood and fires up what has to be Studebaker's most iconic powerplant. Granted, it's not as aggressive as a 426-cubic-inch (7.0-liter) HEMI, but it makes proper muscle car noises. Check it out in the video below

Source: autoevolution
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2023.06.10 20:30 SwissCheese4Collagen The Nosrtrils McBeardsley Power Hour:

The Nosrtrils McBeardsley Power Hour:
Happy Fri-Yay, Snarkers! OfNostrils has a piping hot slice of her new life as a mother of three served up for us today on the Tube. No word on if she actually believes that she has three kids now, but in true OfNostrils fashion, the literal first thing you see of Actually Gunner this week is him in the sink-tub. He made it a whopping three weeks before getting his bath time filmed. In this bath guys, le sigh. Actually Gunner is laying against a fuzzy pillow, yawning as the kitchen sink faucet runs onto his side. He is covered by a washcloth up to the armpit, but unless this is OfNostrils’ version of How to Bathe a Newborn we really don’t need to see this. Someone needs to tell her she can actually bond with her child without filming it for the world. Anyways let’s get to this week’s vlogisode.
Giddy-Up is still not a fan of the name Gunner. Austina yells \"hi friends\" outside to the birds. She must be entering her Disney princess phase.
We open with Actually Gunner laying on Nostrils’ lap as Giddy-Up flits around to kiss the baby. Austina yells hi friend out the window, as Giddy-Up says he calls Actually Gunner “stranger”. OfNostrils asks Nostrils to fill us in on where Actually Gunner has to go tomorrow. Nostrils tells us they have to go to the dentist, to laser Actually Gunner’s lip tie, but OfNostrils has to remind him that it’s the “laser” at the dentist. Austina asks for a new food of some sort, it’s unclear what it is and of course OfNostrils pays more attention to the baby and not the two-year-old quickly telling her she can just eat that one. Welcome to The Big Show kid, the sister mom life is wearing on her already.
Giddy-Up tries to relate, OfNostrils is in update mode, not film the children incessantly mode.
OfNostrils tells us that Actually Gunner is five days old, which means this is from a couple weeks ago, as Giddy-Up says he’s five also. OfNostrils is quick to tell him that five years is Not the same as five days. Things are tough all over for Giddy-Up and Austina. OfNostrils simpers for the camera and tells us that it’s been so great adjusting, the kids are gentle and they love him, before turning serious about the dentist and the lip tie, and probable tongue tie. I wonder why she didn’t just ask for God’s help with it? Either way the doctor actually couldn’t tell whether he had an actual tongue tie and so now they have to go to the dentist. They are excited that he gained 5 ounces in two days after losing the 5 ounces he lost in the three days after birth. I mean, if memory serves me Baby Swiss lost almost a pound and was back to her birth weight seven days old so I’m not sure why this is such a big deal. Oh, because the doctor told her that it would take two weeks but that she’s doing great nursing. She says “I’m like ‘ah’ so encouraging”. I really want to know why she’s acting like this is her first baby ever. Did she not nurse the other two? Did Perm the Dairy Queen not let her know OfNostrils can tap into super lactation DNA to become a new Dairy Queen? It’s like when queen bees split a hive. Apparently though, our fledgling Dairy Queen OfNostrils suspects that the discomfort is the result of a tongue tie. The appointment will be early in the morning she will “let us know how it goes”, I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel suspense over something that 1) I don’t really care about and 2) that has already happened and will be resolved within 10 minutes. I feel like the way she does these videos is she just films every day and then post the highlights every Friday, which is what leads to this weird half-live half-serial format where she asks us to interact with something that has already happened.
A.G. is gaining despite his tongue and lip ties.
Austina isn't missing a thing and gets up early to see her brother.
The kids had literally rolled out of bed. I swear she woke everyone up to say bye to A.G.
The next morning, Actually Gunner lays on his parents’ bed as Austina perches nearby. OfNostrils asks Austina “who is this” and Austina climbs up on the bed and says “Gunner James” which the captions turn into “elected jeans”. Nostrils stays home with the two older kids, who run out of the house and back into it in various states of undress, as OfNostrils is on her own with Actually Gunner for his early-morning dentist appointment. We’ve gotten rid of the drone and we get what I hope is dash cam footage instead of drone footage, although if snhe held the phone to the dashboard as she drove along a country road I wouldn’t be surprised either. Ofostrils sacrifices getting coffee because “didn’t have time”, have they ever made a right choice like this before? Skip the coffee, keep the dental appointment for the six day old? “Bubba” has a thick lip tie on the top, and a tongue tie. They go take Actually Gunner back for the procedure really quick, and it should be a 2 to 4 week healing time. He also shouldn’t have a speech impediment as he gets older and they will see how it goes. Actually Gunner does excellent during this procedure and is sleeping, while also being possessed by Nostrils McBeardsley himself. Seriously we think Austina looks like her father, this kid looks like he’s gonna grow a beard worthy of a Civil War drummer in about week. Actually Gunner is able to eat well and OfNostrils is glad that the procedure worked. She’s thankful, he’s happy, she’s happy, and now she has to keep up on doing what the doctor told him to do. I hope for Actually Gunner’s sake she’s much better about this than she was about those iron pills she was supposed to be taking for the majority of her pregnancy.
I guess her coffee maker is broken?
At least it's a quick fix for the kid's sake.
He's sleeping and OfNostrils is happy
“Several” days later, she is at the two week mark. I don’t know if she can’t subtract 5 from 14, or if she didn’t even try to figure it out. In however many days it is Giddy-Up has become of building builder, by stacking his blocks. Oh, and OfNostrils took the last week off for our sakes, so we could catch up on her “birth videos” that she stretched out and padded with old footage “and what his name is”. Pfft. Like she hadn’t been telling us everything the entirety of the time on different platforms. She goes on to say that she liked taking the break which, we all know she didn’t really take a break from vlogging, she just posted a day later one week. She was still sticking the camera in the kids’ faces, all three of them. She posted on two Fridays out of three, so she was editing and filming the entire time. Also, Nostrils has been super busy at work so OfNostrils has already had all three kids home all day by herself. She repeats adjusting has gone super well, due to her easy recovery and also due to Actually Gunner’s calmness. Nostrils holds Actually Gunner as OfNostrils films. She asks him who he thinks Actually Gunner looks like, and Nostrils says that Actually Gunner looks a little bit like Giddy-Up but ultimately that he’s really got his own look. No he doesn’t, he looks exactly like Nostrils McBeardsley. Both parents estimate Actually Gunner is roughly 10 pounds. Boy, I’m surprised they don’t actually just get out the fish scale and put it on the back of the onesie to check. Nostrils The Next Generation hop around as Actually Gunner lays on pillows on the couch. OfNostrils has 2 U pillows put together and a coffee table pushed next to the couch. She can afford a Doona but not a bassinet for the living room? OfNostrils asks Giddy-Up and Austina if they want to set up the pool outside. Giddy-Up wants to add soap, OfNostrils bursts his bubble and says no. Giddy-Up has lost a couple more teeth, and runs off as OfNostrils calls herself “mom” when she says she’s going to help them set up both pools.
May 31 for anyone keeping track of the timeline in this vlogisode
\"How has the transition been\" she asks.
How many times is she going to ask them this?
Giddy-Up is taking no chances
No privacy for the soon-to-be-napping
Giddy-Up puts on a full-size innertube to go down a plastic child’s slide into a pool maybe 6 inches deep. Both pools are wading pools, and OfNostrils warns Austina to not put dirt in the pool. Austina wasn’t planning on it, she was putting it into a skillet and making mud pie thank you very much. Now we cut to nap time, and Austina asks for a stuffed animal. Once she them settled, they sharply cut to “a few days later” OfNostrils asks Actually Gunner if he wants a bath? She proceeds to turn the water on to give Actually Gunner a bath, and he yawns through it so I guess he’s okay with it. Next up is a clumsy cut to Austina and Giddy-Up in the back seat dancing in their car seats. Don’t show Perm and Sperm…or Jana. OfNostrils films from the front seat as they take the kids to the park. The trip to the park is long enough that Actually Gunner needs to be fed while Nostrils stops to “run inside and pick up” a truck part. The truck part gets driven past on a forklift so I’m not sure if they’re going to haul it somewhere else before the park or just take it with them everywhere. It looks like a bumper for what it’s worth.
These waterfall showerheads are getting ridiculous, also Car Seat Dance Party
I couldn't get a clear shot of it, but when Nostrils put Austina down he kind of flung her into Giddy-Up at the end of the slide
Nostrils forgot the mic was hot. At least I hope so, otherwise he's gotten too comfy on camera.
Once they are at the park, Actually Gunner hangs out in the stroller while Giddy-Up and Austina run around. OfNostrils follows Giddy-Up into a boat type tunnel thing, as Austina runs behind her. Nostrils squeaks down the slide with Austina on his lap and Giddy-Up next to him, then tells Giddy-Up “no, we aren’t” when Giddy-Up wants to go in a boat. Cut to Austina in a toddler swing and Giddy-Up in what I think is a swing for kids with physical disabilities. Anyways, Austina is chattering away and says “it’s nice to be here”. Next up is a big double slide, that splits and Giddy-Up slides down to cheers from his mother. Austina is also all the way up at the top but OfNostrils tells Nostrils that “she’s trying to walk up”, either way no one went up to help the 2 year old onto the slide. The stepping rocks up to the slide are almost as big as she is, so maybe their next angle is Austina the Explorer and she teaches Bible verses instead of Spanish vocabulary words when she gets to the top of the slide. Ya’ll saw it here first, but so help me if they actually do something like that. Austina finally appears to slide down, and is pulling herself by the sides of the slide. OfNostrils tells her to “pick your legs up, put them up in the sky”, when “lean back a bit” is a much easier way to convey that message. Nostrils tells the world that that slide gave him the ultimate wedgie. That wasn’t the slide that did that pal, that’s your karma for naming the baby Gunner fucking James. Nostrils tells Austina that she is good at climbing. She already knows this and the next shot shows her skittering out of the slide at top speed before running over to the stroller for some hugs after her zippy trip down the metal. She sticks her lower lip out as Nostrils takes his turn shoving the camera in her face, who says this isn’t an equal marriage? Nostrils asks if it was scary and Austina clearly tells him no, but that she laid on her back. Her shirt probably rode up some and she got a bit of a friction scrape. We zoom in on Actually Gunner’s sleeping self as Giddy-Up asks to go to another Slide Park one day because he liked it. Next is a cut to the car where Nostrils holds Actually Gunner up to the AC vents because it’s hot. Actually Gunner is just along for the ride as his peach fuzz blows in the frosty air. OfNostrils asks Giddy-Up what his favorite slide was and he stutters through a couple as he tries to remember all of them. Austina drinks her water and looks out the window as OfNostrils swings the camera back to the front to show of her iced iced baby, who is probably cooled off enough to go back into the car seat and go home.
She wasn't scared of the slide, she said so.
Random shot of sleeping two week old, 5 year old asks to go find all the slide parks.
unedited because his face says he's not loving it
Austina declined to comment, not that she was asked.
That’s all from the McBeardsley’s this week, and I am pushing The !s tomorrow (Saturday night). Kath!s Kometitive Nature must win above all, but she missed the Fri-Yay cut-off time. Better luck next week, Kath! As for the rest of you lovely folks, I’ll catch y’all later!
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2023.06.10 20:30 Accomplished-Ant4900 Oxford Part One: Painting the Stage 4/6

Jasper comes back on stage after what seems like the most nerve racking hour of your life. With a manic expression on his face his grin and eyes so wide that it looks like he is going to rip apart his own damn face he says “ sorry so much for the wait let’s get to the main event… I’d like to present to you a very special project of mine…” the curtains open behind him and you see a massive hairless humanoid creature with pale skin with a narrow jaundiced face and nothing but scar tissue covering it. As you look closer you can see that metal springs and motors and other machinery has been put under and above the skin giving it a sort of second skeleton similar to that of an insect. Some of the flesh on the monster is not quite healed and you can see the tendons and bones move and creak as the exoskeleton supports the lifeless husk of what looks to be once human. The monster stares at you with glassy purple eyes with stripes and swirls of gold dancing like fish in a koi pond. It towers over Jasper at a staggering twenty feet. How the hell such a monster even came into being horrified you. As people look in with a paralyzed terror in their bodies and eyes several of the people try and make a break for the door but all methods of escape are quickly sealed off. What do you do in the current situation?
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2023.06.10 20:29 IblameKarma13 Brunch in Portsmouth

Please drop in your fave spot for Brunch in Portsmouth.
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