2530 round yellow pill

[US-IL] [H] Amiibos, Switch, ps4/ps5, ps3, xbox one/Xbox series x, 3ds, ds, wii and wii u games, Nintendo switch console, preorder bonuses, soundtracks, artbooks, strategy [W] 3ds and DS Games, PayPal F&F and Venmo

2023.06.10 19:04 Iamlordbutter [US-IL] [H] Amiibos, Switch, ps4/ps5, ps3, xbox one/Xbox series x, 3ds, ds, wii and wii u games, Nintendo switch console, preorder bonuses, soundtracks, artbooks, strategy [W] 3ds and DS Games, PayPal F&F and Venmo

Welcome! Please read this before you scroll down any further.
Prices include shipping. I will ship as soon as possible. USA buyers only. Prioritizing selling bundles over single games. Have to spend at least $20 to get free shipping.
All games are complete and the US version unless noted. Condition has been factored into the price. Pictures will be provided when and if asked.
Thanks for checking out my post.

Nintendo Switch
Skylanders Imaginators- $140
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection (Sealed)- $38
Dungeon Munchies - $35
Killer Queen Black- $20
Indivisible- $23
Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch Console v2 (Brand new in box, box is heavily damaged, no joy cons)- $200
Jake Hunter Detective Story Ghost of Dusk (Cart only)- $32
Code Name Steam- $12
Bit trip saga (Cart only)- $15
Rodea the sky solider (Cart only)- $24
Samurai warriors chronicles 3ds (Cart only, some yellowing on label)- $10
Elite Beat Agents (cart only)- $17
n plus (cart only)- $12
Wii U
Lego Movie video game- $12
Resident Evil 4- $15
Sin and punishment star successor (Sealed)- $50
Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword (Complete with bonus disc)- $35
Super Mario Galaxy Nintendo Selects (Some writing in the case)- $20
Xbox One/Xbox Series X
Rare replay- $15
Nba2k playgrounds 2 (Sealed)- $10
Rainbow six siege- $7
Life is Strange- $13
Call of Duty Advance Warfare- $7
Assassins Creed Valhalla (sealed)- $15
Dead or Alive 5 last round- $7
Mlb the show 22 (Xbox One Version) - $12
Mlb the show 22 (Series X version)- $12
Xbox 360
Nier (Sealed)- $60
Assassin Creed Revelations (No manual)- $6
Assassin Creed Rouge- $14
Dante Inferno- $15
Fairy Tale fights- $14
Tomb Raider underworld- $13
Dead Island- $6
Catherine (No manual)- $20
Dishonored goty edition- $10
Wet- $32
Shadows of the damned- $46
Days Gone (red box sticker on disc)- $12
Prototype collection- $60
Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate- $25
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered (ps4 version)- $10
Deadpool- $55
Akiba Trip Undead and Undressed- $35
Mad Max- $12
Syberia 3- $15
Uncharted 4- $12
Uncharted lost legacy- $12
The Darkness- $10
Remember Me- $10
Killzone 2 (No manual and greatest hits) - $8
Killzone 3 - $10
Dead Island Escape- $8
Resistance (No manual and greatest hits)- $10
Resistance 2- $12
Metal Gear Solid 4 (No manual)- $10
Demon Souls- $20
Heavy Rain (No manual)- $10
Beyond Two Souls (No manual)- $10
Valkyria chronicles- $10
Uncharted 1 (greatest hits)- $6
Uncharted 2 (greatest hits)- $6
Uncharted 3- $6
Hitman Hd trilogy- $25
Dragonball Z Battle of Z (No manual)- $25
South Park Stick of Truth (No manual)- $20
Call of Duty Black ops (large black sticker in corner on the front)- $10
Best of playstation network vol 1(No manual)- $50
Infamous Collection- $20
God of War Saga- $45
God of War Ascension- $32
Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z- $12
Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning (No manual)- $6
Disgaea 4- $16
Sly collection- $50
Sly Cooper Thieves in time (No manual)- $40
Jak and Daxter collection- $25
Ninja Gaiden Sigma (greatest hits)- $15
Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (Greatest hits version)(No manual)- $7
Puppeteer (No manual)- $62
Tales of Xillia (No manual)- $15
Dragon Dogma Dark Arisn (No manual)- $15
Castlevania lords of shadow collection (No manual)- $55
Resonance of fate (No manual)- $25
Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations- $18
Lego lord of the ring's combo packaging (No Blu-ray or insert)- $10
Eternal Sonata (Disc only)- $20
Amiibo (All are opened, no packaging, good condition)
Splatoon blue boy inkling (From 3 pack)- $12
Splatoon orange girl inkling (From 3 pack)- $12
Meta Knight (Kirby)- $18
Waddle- $16
Video Game Preorder Bonuses (sealed or unopened unless noted)
Forspoken premium character cards (GameStop Exclusive)- $25
Bravely Default 2 - Coasters and Placemat (BestBuy Exclusive)- $15
Video Game Soundtracks
The Music of Grand Theft Auto IV- $12
Trails of cold steel 2 musical selection cd (Sealed)- $25
Video Game strategy guides/artbooks
Metal Gear Solid 3 Ps2 limited edition strategy guide- $75
Video Games Collector items
Trails of cold steel 2 cards (Sealed)- $25
Video Game Statues
Half Life® 2: Headcrab Zombie Statue 1/4 scale made by Gaming Heads (Box is in rough shape, regular version) - $640
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands Santa Muerte Fallen Angel PVC Statue (Sealed In Box) - $60
Paypal F&F
Luigi Mansion 1 3ds (USA Version) (Prefer complete)
Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey 3ds (Prefer complete)
Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time DS (Prefer complete)
Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux 3ds (Prefer complete)
Professor Layton and the Unwound Future (Prefer complete)
Professor Layton and the Last Specter (Prefer complete)
Yo-kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters (Prefer complete)
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2023.06.10 18:58 onedeep [WTS]/[WTT]: ☀️ Pre-Summer Weekend Sale! 🔥 Hot deals on 90% silver coins & fine jewelry +++ 🎁 free gift with BIN! Peace, Barber, Franklin, Washington, Mercury & Commems ⚪

Summer's right around the corner and temps are already rising! Come get some smokin' deals on good quality stuff! I've got a variety of great pieces for y'all this weekend 👌🏽
🚚 all items will be shipped on Mon 6/12 🚚
▪︎ BIN anything in the post and I'll include 1 freebie! Freebie may be (at my discretion) a physical item (wheat cent, buffalo nickel, $1 clad coin, etc) or free/upgraded shipping. One freebie per person.

□□□□□ proof □□□□□

◇👽- I do accept trades. Whatcha got? -👽◇

¤¤¤ US 90% silver coins🍴 ¤¤¤

  1. 1923 Peace dollar proof-like, excellent details..... $50 🙀
  2. 1922-S Peace dollar low relief, great condition for a yeamint combo notorious for weak strikes... some dings & scratches..... $35 SOLD
  3. 1952 Booker T. Washington/George Washington Carver commemorative half dollar - high AU..... $25
  4. $6fv Franklin half dollars, all readable dates..... 24x fv @ $144 SOLD
  5. $2fv mercury dimes, all readable dates..... 23x fv @ $46 SOLD
  6. 1991 USO commemorative silver dollar - 0.76 ozt silver..... $35
  7. 1904 Barber half dollar..... $20

💖💖💖 jewelry 💖💖💖

  1. 14k white gold fleur-de-lis earrings w/ diamonds.... $265
  2. 🌬 14k white gold J hook earrings w/ brilliant channel-set diamonds... quite possibly the nicest earrings I've ever seen! Pics and vids do not do them justice, but here's some gifs: left right $386 💎
  3. 💍 size 6 14k yellow gold & platinum ring with five drop-dead 2mm diamonds..... $275
  4. 💓5/8" 10k white gold heart pendant with three pink sapphires & three gorgeous round diamonds..... $145
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add-on ONLY to any purchase:

📦 brand new genuine Air-Tite capsules for 1oz bars 🇺🇸 : $1.50/ each for 1-10 $1.25/each for 11-25 $1.10/each 26-50
$1fv Washington quarters, readable dates..... 21x fv @ $21 SOLD
$0.40fv Barber dimes, readable dates..... 24x fv @ $9.60 SOLD
💰 payment: zelle (preferred), cashapp, venmo, crypto (+ 1%) friends and family -- no notes! 🍒 use an emoji if note is needed 💰
♤ shipping: $1 risky, $5 first class & $10 priority (CONUS). insurance add 1% ♤
• I ship within 24 business hours of sale. I package well and use a lot of layers and tape. Should an issue arise with delivery, I will do my best to make you whole.
jewelry: all stones have been tested unless otherwise stated; all color and clarity statements are my opinion and have not been verified by a gemologist. all stated sizes are approximate.
coins: I try to show detail and describe them but I am not a coin dealer or grader. all coins are as found none have been cleaned by me.

🪐 other[worldly] bundles, PM or chat 🪐

👀 stay tuned more stuff being added daily!
🤑 thanks for stopping by!
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2023.06.10 18:36 pavlovianscreens I hate taking medicine (still taking it)

I just want to rant about how much I hate taking meds for this unlucky condition.
I only take 300-600 mg of lithium and 40mg Latuda (some days I purposefully miss a pill here and there) and YET I still feel the awful effects like
brain fog, weight gain, cravings, nausea, lethargy, that weird feeling like I’m not myself.
I went off meds once and became psychotic manic in a month, so going off completely is not an option until I’m way more stable in life.
I just hate feeling severed from the person I was before I had to take meds. That person was more caring and aspirational. Now I feel like I’m a selfish little shit just living in their skin.
This pharmaceutical merry go round just jaded me and I hate it. Rant over.
P.s. if you take meds that make you feel more like yourself, what are they??
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2023.06.10 18:35 Pontyxxx Help reading mdma test (ez test kit)

Help reading mdma test (ez test kit)
20mg from a xtc pill is used. (Allegedly xtc) Pictures are after 15 min test. Dont quite understand the description on cross reaction. But it looks like the sample result is close to that description. What is piperazines? What do you think of this result? Yellow/slightly bright orange in top, residue in middle on sides, blank in bottom.
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2023.06.10 18:21 tuna2013 How bad is it that I don’t eat fatty foods?

I know it is most effective when taken with a fatty meal but between my 9-12 hour work days and overall low appetite, I’ve only been able to do the bare minimum which is watch my cholesterol & hydrate. Even at work it is hard to stop to eat or drink, I’m always on the go. I still take my vitamins and try to eat within affordable and healthy means, hydrate about 80-85 oz of water a day (113 lbs) but I am so worried I may have to go on another round. I come home and have no energy to cook and have to go to bed early as my day begins at 3am. Any advice on something quick and cheap to take with the pill? (No peanut butter or eggs if possible) TIA!!
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2023.06.10 17:22 Inner-Juices Vilgax (Ben 10) vs White Diamond (Steven Universe)


Round 1: Vilgax [Original] vs White Diamond
Round 2: Vilgax [Alien Force / Ultimate Alien] vs White Diamond
Bonus Round: Vilgax [Malware] vs White Diamond, Yellow Diamond, Blue Diamond and Steven
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2023.06.10 16:54 SmellySwantae [Round 127371] Coords of thing person in yellow shirt is standing on and fun fact about the region he's in.

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2023.06.10 16:28 FlatHistorian3679 Fake plates - are people really this stupid?

Spotted a late model Range Rover Sport with a mum and two kids driving through London today.
The number plate looked like a normal personalised plate at first - black text a yellow background, but when I got closer I saw that it was essentially just a vinyl print stuck onto where the plate should be.
The font used didn’t look right either - kinda like an italicised font someone found on Microsoft Word.
On closer inspection, I realised the “DVLA” in small print down the bottom was actually “DLVA”
I searched the reg number on DVLA check and nothing came up.
Clearly this is a fake personalised plate, but WHY would you do this?
I’m guessing she was effectively driving round a £80k Rangie uninsured but what other risks are there? Surely she’ll get pulled over as soon as a police vehicle happens to drive behind them and detects a fake plate?
WHY take all these risks just for vanity???
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2023.06.10 15:56 CaptainMatthew1 The Knight: Dropped Into Contact Chapter 15

First Previous Next

Chapter 15

The three in the meeting room knew how important and big this was. They all sat around a black glass table in the mahogany-lined room. The president was the only one wearing a fancy suit. His black hair was well presented. To his left was the secretary of defence, she wore a stylish dress that still looked professional. Her right arm was a robotic replacement from when she served years ago. Finally, the ageing and decorated high Admiral. His hair had greyed, and his face showed his over two hundred years of life.
“To sum up, a knight and an ai is the only known survivor of the Thunderchild after being shot down by hostile aliens. There are three confirmed KIAs the rest of the crew MIA presumed KIA. A medieval tech-level but friendly species lives on the planet that the knight dropped onto. There is a one-sided conflict between the two alien factions. What little intel we got from the messages is they have mechs, laser guns and use slave soldiers.”
President Armstrong finished summing up before adding, “Anything I’m missing?”
“No sir that’s everything,” Secretary Adams confirmed, “Admiral what fleet assets in the area can we deploy right now?”
“There is the tenth rim patrol fleet, which should be on standby and ready.” Grimes answered, “We could join them with the fourth recon fleet to help find where the ship went down. Other than that we could get some space marines. Also, may be quicker to get some SOSF than regular ODSTS, I know the special orbital shock force lads pride themselves on being ready and there is a base on New Scapa where the tenth is currently stationed.”
“I would send more.” Everyone in the room was surprised for a split second as the voice came from nowhere but once they recognised the feminine voice the surprise dissipated. “Phoenix,” the president said, “didn’t know if you were going to join us.”
Just then manifesting in the room was what looked like a young woman. They only look partly human and looked exactly like if you crossed a phoenix with one. they had plums of red orange and yellow feathers and majestic wings on their back. her long hair was a shade of fiery red. They wore a form-fitting black ops uniforms. “How could I miss something this big?” Phoenix asked she smiled cheekily as she continued “Well, I almost did because I was trying to find the answer to disappearances. Instead, the answer came to us.”
“Trust you to be onto something like this.” The Grimes chucked.
“Ok before I make my suggestions one thing needs to be done,” Phoenix clicked her fingers and the meeting room tuned into the Sahara green zone National Park. The table was suddenly surrounded by tropical trees with sand dunes far off in the distance. It was one of the many places on Earth that went through ecological engineering and biome sculpting during the climate crisis. “Ah, this is better, the perks of being an ai in a virtual meeting.”
As Phoenix took a seat and to keep the meeting on track Armstrong spoke, “So what is it you suggest?”
Phoenix smirked knowing the reaction she would get before she even spoke a word. “Send task force Dreadnaught and the Sevastopol.”
“I would say you are kidding but you don’t kid about this stuff.” Adams said “So tell us why? And isn’t task force Dreadnaught under maintenance?” Grimes nods confirming the status of task force Dreadnaught.
“To answer why first, the firepower of Dreadnought’s spinal and the nuclear payload onboard the Sevastopol could be needed. We don’t know what they have, and they can clearly take down our ships.” Phoenix was confident and it showed in her voice as she carried on. “I ran the numbers for task force Dreadnaught. It will take only two days if we focus on getting Dreadnaught and a few of its escorts ready using all the docks staff. I already asked my good friend Dready about it. she and her captain are more than ready.”
“If we are going all out we should send some transports to make sure we have a well-rounded force.” Adams added, “I know If I was still serving I would raver have air support than not. We might want to set up a FOB with a medical station if the locals don't mind. Goodness knows what the condition of that knight will be when the fleet arrives, and the locals may need medical attention too”.
“Any objections?” Armstrong asked and was answered with shaking heads, “ok we will do that and merge all the ships into one force under the command of Dreadnaughts captain. They will set off to find this planet as soon as Dreadnought gets to Scapa. Get marines and SOSF to supplement the forces already with these ships.”
Armstrong made sure everyone nodded in agreement before continuing, “The UCA is still at level zero on the WMD scale. Make sure the crews know only against hostile ships if deemed necessary. This will also be kept secret until we can confirm what’s going on. Phoenix I’m sure you can keep the net quiet about this?”
“Yes sir!” She energetically said, “I can see what some of my operatives can do and what assets I can use to help with the overall situation.”
Armstrong nodded, “That likely will come in handy. If that’s all we can end the meeting here.” There was nothing else left to address. Everyone said their goodbyes and the secure virtual meeting room now no longer in use slowly faded away as the humans came back to reality in places millions of miles away.
Phoenix was the last one to leave the fading room, “I knew this would happen someday, can I keep humanity safe, I don’t want another Cadia.” She turned and face someone in the shadows of the fading room, “you know, I still hear the voices of those that formed me?”
She sighed sadly, “Of course you do. You are one of them after all.”
////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////It wasn’t long after that meeting that things got set in motion in the UCA, ships given deployment orders and shore leaves cancelled. Forge worlds were given an alert to be ready to convert to wartime production. Stockpiles were inspected and the number of supplies was counted and recounted. Outposts on the rim were told they would be getting reinforcements. Phoenix and the few trusted ais in the know helped keep it from spreading online but people were taking notice and not just people within the UCA.
There were many races and nations within the community, some were considered masters of a profession. The Zelvan’s were blessed with many natural abilities that made them the masters of espionage, if there was a secret to be found they would find it. The Dominion was acting strange and no one in the greater community knew why, at least for now. The Dominion had its reasons to keep it quiet and under control for as long as possible but things were already in motion.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------First Previous Next
Captain here,
took longer then I wanted to get out due to personal reasons sorry for the wait.
this was the first true look at Earth and humanity outside of just Tom and one flashback. expect more of the rest of humanity to slowly start being introduced. space marries are exactly as you may expect but the SOSF are essentially elite ODSTS mainly inspired by the ww2 version of the SAS and commandos. theses two will be important in a spin off. i was going to put it to a vote but changed my mind i think i got a good solid idea that i will work on along side the main story. It may not be ready for a few weeks and even then i may hold it back to avoid any spoilers for the main story.
Like always thank you for reading, Captain signing off.
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2023.06.10 15:53 uncomfortably-me TSM one year update (with detailed data)

TSM one year update (with detailed data)
TL;DR I'm right about at the one year mark with my TSM journey. It's truly been life changing, and my drinking is "normal" even as I've navigated some very difficult life events. I drink when I want, how much I want, and it's completely under control. Bonus: I no longer have anxiety about where I'm going to get my next beer.
How to read the chart: I've been logged data for more than three years for unrelated reasons. A "drink" on this chart is one imperial pint of a very strong IPA, so that is roughly 3 units. The yellow line at the top is a rolling four week average of my consumption. 2020 and 2021 raw data is also plotted. The green thick line is my four week rolling average since starting TSM with the orange line the raw data. A few markers for important events like when I hit extinction and when I decided to switch to 25mg (more on that later).
About me This part of my background hasn't changed much, so this is verbatim from a previous post: Aside from AUD, I'm a fairly healthy 50-something who works in a leadership position in a professional environment (so alcohol is definitely part of the work culture). I started drinking at a early age (teens), and by the time I was in college I knew that I had an issue with self control. In my 30s I was drinking daily, every day. I even picked up home brewing as a hobby as it was just plain fun to brew and drink all day on the weekends (plus it helped to mask my consumption from my spouse). Prior to starting Nal, I cannot remember a day that I didn't have a drink. My go-to was high gravity IPAs, and my routine was to drink about 6 imperial pints per night. I very, very rarely got blackout drunk, but I needed to drink to sleep. Classical high functioning alcoholic. Daily hangovers were normal. In my mid-40s my brother died from AUD. There's family history on both sides.
In the last five years I've started to develop health problems such as: gout, elevated liver enzymes, high blood pressure, cardiac PVC (feels like a racing heart), and a couple of other issues. When I look into every new health issue that I've encountered, they all list heavy alcohol use as a potential cause. Every one. I knew it was time to do something, but I didn't want to stop drinking completely. I'm not religious, and AA does not appeal to me. And honestly, I really don't want to go completely alcohol free. I just want to be able to control it better and not drink daily.
Previous updates Some of the updates are redundant at this point, but here they are if it helps.
What have I learned after a year? I don't want to sound too repetitive from the posts above, and I don't want this to be a dissertation (long enough already), so I'll summarize some of the changes since my six month update.
Coping strategies I still keep my habit of having a drink in hand if it's a AF night. Originally I would drink Athletic NA beer, then I switched to Partake, and now I'm drinking HOP WTR (thanks redditor who suggested this). Essentially I progressively went further and further away from the beer taste and as a bonus, got healthier along the way (HOP WTR has zero calories). As a bonus, I've lost a fair amount of weight, but that's not all positive (more below).
For a while I also used weed (legal here) to keep me relaxed and less dependent on alcohol. But a couple of months after extinction, I greatly reduced that as well. Now I'll have an edible rarely and I've stopped vaping altogether (which doesn't work well with my cycling routine anyways).
Extinction - yes, I'm there! Much like I did my first AF night on a lark from a comment here, I also decided to do dry January. Well, after the month was over, I didn't feel the immediate need to slam a six pack of beer. January was easy, actually, and I didn't start drinking again immediately. That's when I think I crossed over into extinction, roughly nine months after starting my TSM journey.
Side effects After starting Nal, I had the common side effects of sleepless nights for a couple of weeks. I was relatively lucky in that passed pretty quickly. I do think that Nal probably made me feel a bit "blue" when I had back-to-back drinking nights. It's really hard to detangle that as I have a special needs child and my 25+ year marriage has recently ended (unrelated to my highly functioning AUD). So I can't say for certain what caused what, but I do think Nal has a non-zero contribution to me feeling down. I did go through a pretty severe depression for a period (including not eating & unintentionally losing weight), and have been in therapy. But if anything, I think having a more healthy relationship with alcohol helped me get out of that dark period.
Controversial decision? I did discover that after the honeymoon period it was better for me to wait a full 90 minutes before drinking. Unfortunately I didn't log when I made that decision, but it was probably three to four months after starting TSM. I found that definitely made a difference to me.
Additionally, a little over a month after extinction I decided to try an experiment: I reduced my dosage to 25mg. I wanted to only use as much medicine as needed, and if the Nal was potentially negatively contributing to my mental health I only wanted to use the minimum needed. Since I track everything religiously, I was fine testing this out. If I ever see myself drinking more than my goal number, I'll return to the full 50mg dose. I'm not sure I would recommend this to others. It works for me though, and I keep on top of it. If you do try this, I would recommend (a) only doing this after extinction as a "maintenance" TSM dose, (b) keep logging your drinks, and (c) set your goal ahead of time and if you exceed that drink limit, revert back to the full dosage.
Social situations I've only told three people about my AUD and Nal usage. To everyone else, nothing has changed. I have gotten very good at predicting when I might have a work happy hour but even if I need to wait, it's very easy to just say "I'm taking it easy tonight" while I wait the 90 minutes. Honestly, no one is really paying attention. I have drunk through Nal maybe three times, but I don't beat myself up over that. (Although I now avoid hard liquor, as that is too easy to drink through the pill.) If it's a long, late night drinking session, I'll just re-dose if I think I need it.
What's next? Just staying in maintenance mode! I still hang out here and try to pay back the support I received this last year. But I'm in such a better now that my only regret is not finding out about Nal sooner.
If you're still reading this novel, and if you're just starting your journey, I hope this helps. Nal can really be a life changer. There's lot of people here who are rooting for you.
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2023.06.10 14:29 Potential-Pomelo3567 Post D&C SEVERE pain

I'm 33F, 225lbs, 5'6", no major health problems, non smoker, don't drink, no regular medications. Recently finished a round of antibiotics and have a small prescription for percocet after my D&C last week.
I had a miscarriage at 10 weeks that was not complete, so had to have a D&C about 9 days ago. I had no pain right after surgery and minor bleeding. Only took a pain pill the day of surgery and recovery was fairly easy.
Two days ago I suddenly passed a large clot out of nowhere and began having heavy bright red bleeding again. It stopped after about an hour so I was not too worried. Today I woke up in EXCRUCIATING pelvic pain. It quite literally felt like childbirth contractions. I was unable to take deep breaths or stand upright due to the pain. It was the 2nd worst pain of my whole life, after childbirth. It lasted for a solid 45 minutes and I very much considered going to the ER (which i never do). I took 800mg of ibuprofen and 1 percocet. The pain has eased up now, but I'm still concerned about if something could be wrong because of the severity. I have a follow up in 6 days, but should I be concerned and try to be seen sooner? Why would I have such horrible pain over a week after surgery?
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2023.06.10 13:43 Theroonco Everything We Know About Persona 5 Tactica So Far (Trailer and PR Analysis, June 8th to 11th)

Hi all!
I made a post like this back when Royal was first revealed and people seemed to find it useful, so I thought I could do something similar for Tactica. I don't think I'll be covering the entire news cycle this time though (I think I spoiled too much of Royal for myself in the process) but I can still cover this first bit of news!
I'll be using the video and press release included in this post by Persona Central. I'm sure this thread will get updated when the game is properly revealed on Sunday, but I wanted to put my preliminary analysis here for people to read through and add your own observations to. You can check out a separate discussion thread for the PR here.
Now with all that preamble out of the way, let's get started! I'll go through the trailer twice: once for the story stuff, then for gameplay. Timestamps are given in the brackets.
NOTE: I'll be spoiling P5 vanilla, but not Royal or Strikers so please keep that in mind and tag your own comments if necessary.
We start with the Thieves getting isekai'd to a new world based on the French Revolution. The soldiers are wearing outfits clearly based on the French National Guard and the new girl's outfit is based on menswear from the time. Also when we see her (22s) there's a giant cake on the left of the screen, no doubt a reference to the non-factual "Let them eat cake" line. There are a bunch of flower motifs scattered (pun unintended) throughout the game maps too).
Thus it's a safe bet that the villain of the area is likely based on Marie Antoinette, France's last Queen (who the above line is attributed to). She sounds (41s) like a dead ringer for Elizabeth Maxwell/ Sae Niijima, so perhaps this is a Persona Q2 situation, where each villain is based on someone from the Thieves' memories?
We see Ryuji and Haru go full Ojou-sama, but this could be either them after getting brainwashed, clones or even just an act to get close to Marie. The flag behind them reads "Kneel or Die" which... yeah, lends to the revolution vibes. The later shot (59s) of a offensive stereotype of Ryuji could go either way too. Or heck, maybe it's the birth of a Ryuji Clone MK 2? Marie doesn't know what she's doing to herself!
We see a new region based on Japan (50s). Considering Japan's love of the era, this is almost definitely the Warring States period and will star Oda Nobunaga as the villain. Funnily, this means Tactica lines up with the original story pitch for Strikers (check the "On the Story" section), where the Thieves would travel across time instead of across Japan.
So we have 18th century France and 16th century Japan so far. The clip with Lavenza brings to mind the industrial revolution (19th century) but is likely a separate hub area since it functions as Tactica's Velvet Room.
This is a SRPG in the style of XCOM: grid based movement and combat, with additional perks based on positioning.
In the first example (22s), Joker goes around the blocks protecting the soldiers and gets some kind of "Get 'em" bonus and knocks out 2/3rds of their health despite them resisting the attack. Phantom Judge is probably a unique skill to Arsene and ignores protective effects of being in cover so this checks out. Oddly, there's no mention of elements either for this or Eiha, which only inflicts Despair. By the way, Eiha's SP cost has been bumped up to 12 SP, as in Strikers.
Joker's combat options are to use his Persona or his Gun. It's possible he could also have a melee option if he were right next to one of the enemies. Anyway, even if elements are gone, criticals and knocking enemies down are still features as shown by the girl in the next combat clip (32s).
Also note her attack options. Instead of Persona she has "Tactics" available in the same slot. Sophia had a similar thing going in Strikers: Pithos was a defense mechanism, but functioned like a Persona anyway.
In any case, she has a new option after her "One More": an All Out Attack called Triple Threat. This attacks all enemies in the space between the three party members (and given the UI so far it seems that's the maximum party size). The three are in a perfect triangle shape here, but who knows: maybe Triple Threat will draw a shape between any arrangement of allies as long as there's at least one downed enemy within it? It's not like the move is called Triangle Threat.
Before we move onto the next combat scene: there are indicators pointing to all off-screen enemies, which makes me think there may be disadvantages to exposing your back to them. We see at least two enemies here that are also listed as objectives to clear the map: the regular enemies in light blue and golems in dark blue. There's also some sort of blimp or cannon in yellow: maybe some other objective?
The final gameplay clip (55s) shows Makoto punching an enemy off of a roof, where Morgana follows up. This kind of contextual action and reaction are common to the genre, but worth noting is the spring pad to Makoto's left to get her to the next roof.
At this point you've likely also noticed the Voltage icon on screen. I think attacks like Phantom Judge (so anything that doesn't use SP) fill it up so it can fuel special abilities, though I can't imagine what those would be. Showtimes, perhaps? If you look at the character icons, you'll see that the HP can be four-digits long while SP is still capped to 999. I don't think we've had a Persona RPG with 4 digit stats before; seems battles will get pretty tough going forward!
Royal gave us the Faith Kasumi, Strikers had Hope Sophia so I'm betting this is our Charity Arcana to complete the Visconti-Sforza trio. I can't find the source now but I believe Charity is an alternative to Temperance, so expect a more mature character here. I know Kawakami is popular, so...
She claims to lead a "Rebel Corps" that has allied with the Thieves, but even if she isn't a Thief I'm sure she'll get a Persona eventually. Given her attire she likely originates from the French world but will follow the Thieves into the others so... how big is the Corps exactly? Is it just her and the plain-looking guy from the box art?
The Corps' motto seems to be "Si vis pacem, te ipsum vince" which means "If you want peace, conquer it yourself". Pretty in-line with the Thieves' MO so who knows, maybe the Corps' are this world's Phantom Thieves?
As for her Persona, given she's French rebellious upstart with a thing for flags (the flag in the key art may even be her lance)... maybe Joan of Arc?
Let's go through this a chunk at a time:
The Phantom Thieves have returned for a new mission! On a seemingly normal day at Café Leblanc, our heroes are suddenly transported to another world of war and oppression.
So they're in Leblanc. This is either taking place after P5S or the afternoon that Joker returns to Leblanc there, and P5T will end with everyone getting amnesia so they don't remember anything before that story happens.
They join forces with the leader of the rebel corps to lead the coup and free themselves from tyrannical rule. Spark a revolution, traverse the kingdoms and discover the truth behind this mysterious world.
The Rebel Corps' Leader thing checks out, which is good since this PR was leaked five days before the trailer was.
Learn more about the Phantom Thieves’ latest journey, set between the events of the “Persona 5” series. New faces also join you as you raise the flag of revolution in this emotional story.
"Set between" is hopefully a mistranslation from the original German. The "emotional" part has me curious though: has any Atlus title ever been described like that?
Battle your way through kingdoms inspired by three historical revolutions depicted in the popular, eye-catching design of the acclaimed Persona series with its cartoon style.
So we have three main worlds. We already know two, so what could the third be? The others span the 16th to 18th (19th including the Velvet Room) centuries so will we get something in the 17th or something much earlier to throw us off? I'm sure there'll be a secret fourth world to serve as the finale too.
Choose your path to freedom with 10 playable characters and over 230 demons to fuse and equip. A fresh look at the Persona series that is easy to play yet challenging.
Another thing I'm hoping is mistranslated! Let's look at the box art again, which has 10 characters. If we exclude Futaba and assume the guy in the back is too plain to be playable, that's still eight playables already. Two spaces left.
...but we're still missing three playables from the other Persona entries. Four if you count Akechi. Strikers missing Kasumi made sense since it was made alongside Royal, but what's the excuse here?! Both it and Royal came out three years ago in Japan!
Even if you want to say Kasumi and Sophia's skills overlap too much, we could still have one of them and Zenkichi to round out the roster, but that's still not a comprehensive line-up as we would want. I just hope they're not being kept back for Day One DLC and will be surprise revealed at some point - maybe even during the Xbox Showcase.
And with that we're done! What do you think? Apart from the roster concerns, as a fan of SRPGs I'm really looking forward to seeing Persona's take on it! I've actually wanted something like this for some time, so this is great for me! I'd love to hear your thoughts too, both about how you feel about Tactica and again, about anything I missed!
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2023.06.10 12:49 donzeen First Time Experience

So I'm going to give my account of 2-cb. Before giving it a try I've read through numerous posts to gather an idea of what to expect. Previously I've tried Molly/MDMA, Mushrooms, Weed, and weed brownies, as you can tell not an experienced psychonaut but I'm experimenting. The GOAT of them all is MDMA, which gives me a rush of increased sex drive which is animal like but unfortunately I can't get an erection on it. I love the feeling and thought to myself, "what could give me an erection whilst simultaneous feeling that way" and that's how I discovered 2-cb. I was very wary as I've tried 3 grams of mushrooms prior and absolutely freaked out, I hate the idea of not being in control so that definitely wasn't for me.
When reading numerous post they speak about still being in control of your headspace which I will get to shortly. Anyway I'm 5'10" and 155lb, didn't want to try anything above 15mg because I'm not interested in the psychadelic aspect so I bought 2 x 12 mg pills. I booked a hotel as I would soon have company, and upon arrival took one and patiently waited on the bed.
T : 40 min since dose - At this my vision gets blurry but everything around me starts looking extremely bright, an oddly weird yellow tinge accompanied every illuminant around me. Limbs are begining to shake but very manageable and enjoyable. A feeling of tiredness comes over me forcing me to shut my eyes. Mild close eye visuals commence.
T: 1 hr since dose - energy like feeling running through my forearms, and find hyperfocusing on on items such as the curtain. Now it comes in waves, very similar to Mushrooms but you're mindful of what you're experiencing at 12mg btw. It's hard describing the feeling unless you yourself have experienced it, but if you need to focus it will allow you to focus, to get a task completed but you can easily be swept away with the wind and that's where I find that the waves help.
T: 90 min since dose - open eye visuals, the sheets seems as if it's breathing. I'm listening to music and it's absolutely wonderful. Decided to take a bath and a shower and the water on my skin was incredible. It took me longer than usual to work out the bath due to me hyper focusing on the water itself.
T:120 min since dose - at this point I'm no longer hyper focusing but supremely relaxed. I'm relaxed rn even writing this message. Everything is still bright, eyes are glazed and dialeted.
Verdict : as you can tell I didn't get the opportunity to experience a hike in libido but I had sex and noticed an increase in what I ejaculated even after going 3 times. Would I try it again, maybe.. I would never attempt a higher dosage because without trying it I know I would zonk out/be hyper focused for too long. I extremely relaxed now. Still feeling tingles in my limbs. Very much still high AF 6 hours after. I forgot to mention aswell, I did take another half of the pill I had and just experienced the same effects.
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2023.06.10 11:52 -dx_dy_dz- It’s hard to see past death.

My view is that whatever arbitrary joy, entertainment, activity, work, etc., you take on or experience, it all ends in death anyhow. That’s the one certainty in life: death.
You can say that you don’t look at a nice slice of cake and say, well, I’m not eating that, because it’s going to be gone by the time I’ve eaten it. So, no cake for me.
But there is an incongruence in this analogy people use. Once the cake is gone, you can still talk about the cake, remember the taste of it, read reviews online about the cake. The experience of the cake goes on, if you want.
Death? Once you’re gone, I believe you’re gone. You don’t come back as a ghost and stroke your chin eagerly reflecting on what a life you lived. You don’t look down from some Heaven thinking about how great your life was. You’re just gone, in the same way as before you were ever born and never existed—that’s what death is like.
This is essentially why the world seems strange, when people are acting almost as if they are immortal! People pushing to have tons of kids, for example, or worried about getting married, having a girlfriend/boyfriend. Well, so what? You will die anyway. They’ll die anyway. Chill: your fate is sealed. If you’re actively starving or looking for shelter, it’s an acute survival issue. But just if you’re looking for trouble, chill. Don’t bother. That’s my take.
Life seems to be a big game of symptomatic management. Eat, hydrate, exercise and sleep or else you die quicker. You just die less quickly if you do these things and do them well, like eating healthily and getting plenty of sleep.
Because at the heart of our existence is the same thing that most other creatures in nature do: survival, followed by reproduction. In a sense, everything else is socially constructed. Like marriage, a wedding dress, that ceremony: giraffes don’t go to a bridal fitting suite, and neither do penguins. It’s stuff human beings made up.
Meaning is relative, yes. You can choose what to give a damn about. But it kind of doesn’t matter if you also don’t want it to—I choose only to give a damn about very basic things, for example. Only look at the rise of the minimalism movement. You may just say, well, I don’t want anything to do with anything. Now, you’re depressed, apparently.
But I think I feel this more existentially. Sure, having friends, family, social hobbies and engagements and other lifestyle factors in order can make you feel better and when you feel great, it runs smoothly until it doesn’t (usually because of a health issue that makes you realise you’re very mortal). But you could also live life at half-mast, plodding along until you drop off dead. Eat, sleep, work, repeat.
Do you know anyone who died a hundred years ago? I mean, maybe. But they’re probably skeletons underneath the ground now. And so when people say things like all human life is valuable, you have great gifts to offer, I’m kind of like… I’m a flesh suit created by the universe with a skeleton underneath that is all that will be left in the grave. All this chat about the soul and so on… it’s nonsense. It’s just all from the brain; our personalities come from that. Kind people and friendly people are kind and friendly because their brain is wired that way. Period.
But then the argument all comes to… well, you’re around! You’re alive! What are you going to do about it? Suffer? Don’t do that! Go improve things. Go find something to do. And sure, you find things to do. But you know really in the back of your mind, you’re going to drop dead some day and that will be the end. So, meh. Let’s not try too hard; I can’t be bothered. I really don’t need to see another movie. I don’t have to go travelling. I mean, I can, but who cares? It won’t do anything. Even if you cure cancer, great. But you’ll still die of something else… eventually. We don’t do immortality round these parts.
It’s hard to see past death.
And then people will say, “Well, it will happen anyway and so you might as well enjoy life/make the best of it.” And I can’t see past the difference between dying today versus dying in 50 years. Who cares? If I died today or in 50 years, it’s actually (selfishly) me that has to live out those 50 years in boredom or frustration or whatever. It’s not other people. I get some autonomy too, right? And I won’t know the difference when I’m dead. No one has ever come back from the grave to say they were mad they didn’t get to finish that slice of cake or movie. No, they’re dead and gone. Period.
Just give me my euthanasia pill and let me sleep one last time. Bye.
I really wouldn’t care about living longer. We have this brilliant survival instinct with the obvious knowledge that we are going to die anyway. You can run towards your death, you can eat cake, you can volunteer. You can climb a tree. Who cares?
Zero multiplied by anything is frankly zero. Life isn’t infinite. It’s finite.
I see death generally as going to sleep one last time and just not waking up again. Imagine how much you’ll be done with.
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2023.06.10 10:47 YoungMe7012 Open wound after surgery.

Hi, first of all pardon my English in case of any mistake.
I had undergone a surgery last 2 weeks for my transsphincteric fistula in ano (FIA). It is a simple fistula and the tract is only 1.5cm in length. The surgery options were LIFT surgery with KIV seton insertion (since I had pus presence - 0.5cm in width, during my endoanal ultrasound scan previously). I am someone who always say okay after the CRS explained her plan of treatment/surgery, especially if I have initially read on the surgical options prior to the doctor appointment. I didn't ask many questions.
When I wake up from surgery, I realised I had an open wound where they packed with gauze ribbon (they removed it the next morning before I was discharged). At first, I thought I had the seton inserted since I was left with an open wound. But I didn’t feel anything laying down from the wound. I was still too sleepy during their morning round and just let the doctors do their inspection on the wound. I didn’t thinking of asking about the surgery that morning.
I only heard a junior doctor present my case as post fistulectomy (or fistulotomy, I heard - tomy in the end but not so sure), so I asked the junior doctor in the afternoon before I was discharged and she said they removed it all and seton is not inserted (she used a layman term).
It's been 2 weeks, the open wound is now smaller in size but I still have whitish-yellow discharge with foul smell from the wound - it's the same color & odor whenever I had infection and pus coming out from the external opening of/boils present near the fistula before the surgery. I am going for wound dressing every other day at my local district community clinic which the medical assistant (MA) who changed my dressing had called the primary care doctor to check on the discharge, but she said it is just a normal discharge. But I still have this worries that it might be pus, since the discharge is presents lot more whenever I feel throbbing pain around the wound.
My next post-op follow up appointment with my surgical clinic is on Tuesday. Should I check with my CRS on this discharge or is this really just a normal discharge? Oh, and will it be weird if I asked what kind of surgery I actually received after 2 weeks post-op? I still wonder if they actually following the plan (LIFT surgery) or actually changed to fistulectomy/fistulotomy instead.
Please enlighten me.
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2023.06.10 09:22 Mindless_Employee_54 What to do now?

What to do now?
So during lockdown I went from dark green to pastels. My natural hair is a very dark brown and I bleached it to go all kinds of nuances between pink, purple and blue. Since then I have touched up the roots to keep them light enough to dye.
Now my issue is that my current roots are about 5-6cm of dark brown and I am unsure of which way to go with my hair.
Since I have short bangs my turquoise will be gone soon and the back of my head looks like a mess. Should I do highlights? Should I bleach my roots and go for another round of pastels?
Last time I bleached it some of my hair didn’t take to the bleach as it used to. This has resulted in some three coloured areas with the tips being perfectly fine, the middle part having a little too much yellow and then the dark roots.
I should add that all things hair related is done by myself and my roomie.
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2023.06.10 08:34 Fit-Kiranpeddi18 Stomach Specialist Doctor in Hyderabad Dr. Kiran Peddi

Are you searching for a highly skilled and experienced stomach specialist doctor in Hyderabad? Look no further because Dr. Kiran Peddi is here to provide you with top-notch medical care and expertise. With his extensive knowledge in gastroenterology, Dr. Peddi has established himself as one of the best gastroenterologists in Hyderabad. Whether you are looking for the best gastroenterologist near you, need liver specialist doctors in Hyderabad, require treatment for jaundice, or seek IBD treatment, Dr. Kiran Peddi is the name you can trust.
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Comprehensive Gastroenterology Services
As a stomach specialist doctor, Dr. Kiran Peddi offers a wide range of services to address various gastrointestinal conditions. From routine check-ups to complex procedures, he is equipped with the expertise and advanced technology to deliver exceptional care. Some of the services provided by Dr. Peddi include:
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Contact Info:
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Phone: +91 93901 50150 / 95810 00505
Mail Id: [email protected]
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2023.06.10 07:50 Speedfreak99 Figure with ammo bandolier?

Hi everyone,
Was wondering if anyone could suggest a cheaper figure (round $20) that has a decent looking ammo bandolier(and by that I mean not all one color like yellow or something). Also looking for something already out, not for pre-order (I saw an upcoming GI Joe that's got a nice one.)
Thanks for any suggestions very much appreciated.
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2023.06.10 07:25 WeakTruth5299 Advice on how to proceed, Q's on expected side effects

TLDR; have 510 ng/dl total and 102.6 pg/ml free. 34 yrs old. Doc recommended enclomiphene, but after researching it, I prefer test-C. Already had the vasectomy.
Ok, just got out of the Army after 10 yrs (what a waste of my life) and am trying to get back heavy into strength training. But Ive been feeling shitty for like, two years and last year been having ED problems and general libido stuff. Gaining fat super easily, all normal low- T symptoms. Actually, it was a doctor who prescribed me tadalifil (yellow boner pills) that told me to check my T as that may be it.
This Dr Ive only spoken to over the phone seems to thinks enclomiphene will be better since Im still young and may want more kids. I didnt really pursue the argument with him since my test results werent back yet.
So Im gonna insist test-C from him or get someone else. I took a steroid cycle when I was 18 for about 3 months because I was a meat head and had the opportunity, but only remember getting strong... so so strong and muscley...
But remember no side effects. Cant remember dosages, as it was all oral. I dont recall mood swings, either, but it was a different drug.
Should I expect extra hair growth/loss? Im banking on saying good bye to my huevos, not like anyone sees them anyways.
All my other blood work came back pretty much all on the ideal side of normal.
Thx in advance.
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2023.06.10 07:25 RaidenEispuppet I need help finding a Rin and Len song

Okay so I have lost all memory of what the song sounds like but I remember the mv
I cant remember what Len was wearing but Rin was wearing a sort of white coat.
So there's segments of the song where Len is kneeling on the left side facing Rin and Rin is on the right and there are 3 separate scenes of this in the song and at the last scene of this Len is on all fours and reaches out a hand to Rin desperately while she walks away, facing away from Len
Another segment of the song I remember is a black and yellow pill falling down while the lyrics were coming in as the shape of a box The breaks in between songs were basically the credits like illustrator and such)
I also remember Rin holding Len from behind but I don't know if that's part of the song
I remember listening to the song in 2020 or 2021 and everything was in Japanese and there were no English subtitles or were there English in the title
I hope you guys can help me, I tried looking in my history but sadly I couldn't find it so I hope you guys can remember the song.
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2023.06.10 07:08 natman2939 Some Things DBFZ Should Learn From Street Fighter 6

Disclaimer: Kinda long but I BOLDED the main points and saved the best for last so if you read nothing else, read the last two BOLDED things. Thanks
Right off the bat I want to say this isn't about Gameplay at all. They're two very different games and that's fine. I like it that way. Heck I actually much prefer DBFZ's gameplay but it's nice to have a chance of pace.
Also don't worry about bias because DBFZ is my favorite fighter of all time so if anything it would be the other way around (even though the original Street Fighter 2 is what introduced me to fighting games, but that was a lifetime ago and really has nothing to do with the suggestions i'll make)
Instead what I can't stop seeing in SF6 is all the non-gameplay stuff, that makes the overall experience so much better. I've noticed myself say the words "God, I wish this was in DBFZ" so many times that I finally just had to sit down and write this thread.
So let's get the obvious stuff out of the way
  1. Rollback -- the netcode is amazing. DBFZ is a game where you probably won't want to play with someone if they're West Coast and you're East Coast, but SF6 you can have good games with people from entirely different continents.
  2. Cross-Platform --speaking of Rollback, even when DBFZ finally gets it, it won't be coming to PS4 or Xbox One, meaning PS4 players won't even be able to play with PS5 players, let alone with PC players or Xbox X/S players. But SF6 has full Cross Platform, PS4 players like myself can play with PC players, Xbox players, and our PS5 brothers
In fairness to Arcsys maybe netcode stuff is extremely technical. I mean it certainly has taken them a long time to get Roll Back finished, so much so that even after announcing it a year ago, the Beta still hasn't happened.
But what about some simple quality of life stuff that wouldn't be that hard to put in the game? I genuinely believe they could do most of this stuff in less than a week:
  1. You can queue up for both Ranked and Casual matches at the same time.
I mean holy shit this seems so obvious in hindsight but why do we have to pick JUST ONE?!?!? Obviously you can still have the option to pick one but why JUST one??? SF6 let's us check the boxes and you can choose one, the other, or BOTH!
And..... you can still look around the lobby for private matches and stuff so imagine potentially entering Ring Lobbies, or even looking for Arena matches while still searching for Ranked and Casual matches.
This way you not only have more options but you're more likely to find a match and whichever one finds you a match first is the one you go to! Super Simple.
  1. You can offer to run another set with your opponent
Now this one is kinda the same as hitting rematch technically but it feels more like you're doing a whole new set thanks to how SF6 has multiple rounds per "Game"
5. You can offer to run (Ring Matches) with someone after you've played them in matchmaking with just one click of a button
If you want to continue playing with the opponent after you've run ranked/casual matches with them, there's an option right there where "rematch and quit" normally are to invite them to a private room (essentially like starting a ring lobby with them)
No need to message them and ask if they want to run Ring Matches. No need to tell them what Lobby you're in and all that mess, it'll put you in a "Ring" (private room) automatically
I saved the best for last.
  1. You can put people on a Block List
Think of it like the way the "Marker List" works except instead of just getting a red warning and manually deciding if you want to play them again, You CANNOT be matched up with them ever again (unless you remove them from the block list)
This means if people are:
or even
You don't have to deal with them ever again. Not having this feature only benefits those people.
A little side story while I'm on the topic of how useless The Marker List is: There's this son of a bitch named SupremePapi that i've actually made like two youtube videos about. Instead of just smurfing like a normal smurf, he turns on matchmaking, puts his controller down, and just goes AFK for HOURS. So that he can lose, rank down, and then beat up on weaker players. From his replays i've seen he'll lose over 50-70 times in a row and then suddenly win 50 to 70 in a row. It's MADNESS.
He's the only person I have on both my Follow and Marker list so that I always know that it's him. Now you might be thinking "So? Just beat him and move on" but I don't want to artificially rank up so I don't want free wins. "Okay so just decline him then?"
Ah but that's the problem.... because his connection is so good and he's always available to play... he will show up NONSTOP. I've showcased this in my videos on him (on Natman2939) that as soon as I decline the match up with him, he'll just pop up again, I decline again, he pops up again. I once started counting and I declined him over 15 times in 1 minute.
DBFZ doesn't give a shit that he's on my marker list (and no having him on follow doesn't effect it cause I tried that) they just expect me to keep declining him over and over.
This means I have no choice but to just get off for a few hours because I'll spend the next hour declining him HUNDREDS of times in a row.
If this were Street Fighter 6....I could just Block him ONCE....and he would be gone forever. If he made a new account and smurfed. Block that account. The end.
And he's just the worst example but obviously there's so many toxic/laggy/smurfs or otherwise people I just don't want to play that might be one of the few people on at my rank and I just have to keep declining.
A Block List ends that problem completely.
But my absolute favorite thing that SF6 does that DBFZ doesn't. The *chef's kiss* of SF6
  1. It actually has severe punishments for Rage Quitting (and shitty internet)
I know what you're going to say "but I love Rage Quitters! They make me laugh!" me too. They really do. Heck if you saw my last youtube video (or many of my youtube videos including entire RQ compilations) I actually do get quite a bit of joy from them and am constantly celebrating and laughing when they do it.
But.... that doesn't make rage quitting cool, and doesn't mean they shouldn't be punished. I would laugh that much harder and celebrate that much more if they were.
Because frankly watching someone get to a rank they have no business being at because they RQ so much is just gross. Especially knowing there's virtually no consequences in DBFZ (except some very rare temp bans that you have to RQ like 50 times in a small period of time to get)
But here's what SF6 does....
If someone disconnects 5 times in a certain period of time they get a "yellow card" which is basically like a warning that they disconnect a lot.
Now you might be thinking "but Natman, I disconnect a lot because my internet is bad!" well buddy....you're hurting other people's experiences with that bullshit whether it's your fault or not so get it fixed or get your yellow card and go play with the others like you.
Now Capcom is super fair of course, allowing people to come back the regular player pool BUT.....only if they complete a certain number of games without disconnecting.
So RQ'ers and wifi warriors are in shambles.
But wait there's more!
If you continue to disconnect even while having a yellow card, you get a red card. This means you can only play your fellow red card players and you have to go like 20 matches in a row without an issue to lose it.
AND.....I hear the wait times for yellow and red are way way way worse than normal people, so enjoy your waiting simulator while the rest of us get to play the game without having to suffer your bullshit.
As if that wasn't more than enough, if you continue the bullshit even with a red card, you will get temporary bans.
Now I couldn't begin to count the amount of threads discussing rage quitters and horribly laggy wifi types that there have been in DBFZ. Can anyone (other than them.....) imagine how amazing it would be if this were in DBFZ?!?!?!?
Not only could you block them straight up, but if you chose not to, they'd be removed from the pools anyway. Because instead of a purple "match completion" warning that serves no purpose other than another reason for me to have to manually decline a match, instead their equivalent of the match completion warning, forces them to only fight others with the same warning, and then get straight up banned for 3 days or a week if they keep it up.
It's glorious.
All of these things combined make the online experience so much better in SF6 and would help DBFZ immensely.
I could also go into other things like training mode doing much better training set ups (like "anti air practice") or showing your exact plus/minus frames over your character's head... but obviously this is long enough for now.
So anyway, I'm in my 3rd year of playing DBFZ and I love the game but these are just a few ways it could be much much better. Maybe.... arcsys will take notes for future games.
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2023.06.10 06:26 Superflash87 Beyond Freezing Season 3 - Episode 4

Hello! Welcome to Beyond Freezing UHC, Season 3. Beyond Freezing UHC is an ultrahardcore Recorded Round Organized by VioletSin, based on fire and ice~! For our 3rd season, we will be doing a Rigged Teams of 4, with the following gamemodes:
TERRAIN CHANGES: Only snowy/cold biomes. Redstone is replaced by packed ice. Lava pools are much more common on surface. There is scattered netherrack underground. Andesite/Granite/Diorite are all replaced by soul sand.
Blazed Apples - Apples don't drop from leaves. Instead, all Skeletons are replaced by Blazes. Instead of making Golden Apples with apples, you make them with blaze powder that you get from killing blazes. All golden apples eaten give 30 seconds of fire resistance.
Burnt Diamonds - There is a 50% chance you get set on fire when you mine a diamond. There is a 5% chance a diamond you mine is replaced with charcoal.
Flame Perk - There is a 10% chance a bowshot will light the player hit on fire.
Rodless - You know the deal. Rods don't work. Snowballs allowed.
Snow Curse - Upon crafting anything that uses diamonds, you will be frozen. You cannot move for 5 seconds, but you also cannot take or deal damage. Once that 5 seconds is over, any entities within a 20 block radius get set on fire, and get weakness 1 & slowness 1 for 10 seconds. This includes mobs, other players, and yourself.
*Bold = Highlighted
Team Color
Team 1: Dark Red
Granbel Blown up by Creeper
TheRealHagrid Tried to swim in Lava
VioletSin Episode 4
xCand Episode 4
Team 2: Aqua
Nuclearsugar Episode 4
sr8611 Episode 3 & 4
TehBaconBrawlerZ Episode 4
Zebobo10 Full Footage
Team 3: Purple
132SteveBobKoharu20 Episode 4
idklyn PC Crashed
JaqOnCraq Lost Footage
LoserSky_ Lost Footage
Team 4: Pink
Big_Z60 Gems Among Rocks
jimmyjegs Episode 4
Ninetals38 Episode 4
Ryfri Episode 4
Team 5: Red
azoof Slain by TehBaconBrawlerZ
Eluniel Episode 4
Greeples Slain by Big_Z60
rippersteveM5 Super excited to team with my good friend Eluniel
Team 6: Lime
Flohp Episode 4
Jordtim Episode 4
lexicuhlGIGATONHAMMER Episode 4
wizarde Before The Rendezvous
Team 7: Blue
nishimarii Anata no
nug17 Slain by sr8611
stupidsylvia Slain by sr8611
ZENlTH Slain by Nuclearsugar
Team 8: Yellow
78ford Episode 4
Markedbooboy The Boots
winterf unresponsive
zac083 Episode 4
Team 9: Green
Andronicus Full Footage Combined
fruitlogic Episode 4
MercuryParadox Slain by lexicuhl
omchris Episode 4
Previous Episodes
Intro Link
Episode 1 Link
Episode 2 Link
Episode 3 Link


Production - VioletSin
Hosting - MarcusWest
submitted by Superflash87 to ultrahardcore [link] [comments]