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2023.06.10 20:02 great_jacksby How to complain: council edition

Hey guys, so we bought a house last year and we happened to move in at the same time as our neighbours, who happen to be council tenants. They’re a lovely family, quiet in the evenings, always say hello as we pass outside etc etc, and what they get up to inside their house is entirely their business.
Outside their house, however, is pretty bloody grim. Like broken furniture strewn over the front garden, around 20 black bin bags that have been there for around 2 months, general rubbish that is constantly being blown over to our front garden.
Their back garden is pretty overgrown but again my thinking is ‘what I can’t see, I don’t care about’. We upgraded to 6’ft fence panels for privacy anyway. But they have two big dogs who, by the smell of it, are on a wet food diet and they’re not very good at remembering to pick up the dog mess…ever. So yeah, the back garden is preeeeetty whiffy.
The problem is I think I would actually die if I had to ask them to tidy up (pretty bad social anxiety). I tried doing the cowards way out and checked bristol council’s website but you can only complain about anti-social behaviour which seems really unfair and a bit out of proportion. Does anyone know if there’s a way to complain about the mess/any other tips for doing it that doesn’t involve me saying it or them knowing it was me haha
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2023.06.10 20:01 mrwhitewalker Building a fence ended up more complicated than expected.

I had to replace 5 panels of fence as my dogs noticed it was rotting and basically broke through it. They were those pre fab panels that you can kick the board through.
I just did the demo for those panels and 3 support beams are rotted away at the bottom and basically ripped off. I was not prepared to do any concrete work as I've never done it.
Is it best to dig up the concrete and all that or just set up new ones like 2 feet to the side?
I thought about making panels 6 feet long instead of 8 and that may work for me
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2023.06.10 20:00 AnovaChi Looking for dog service recommendations for a fearful anxious dog

I'm looking for the best services for my anxious dog. I'm not from the area and would love insight from the locals.
Does anyone have any recommendations regarding - positive reinforcement based science based trainers? - doggy daycare that specializes in working with misfits? - vets with experience working with fearful dogs? - vet behaviorists?
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2023.06.10 20:00 FFACa1969 Please I need New Temu Users PLEASE Im getting some dog stuff for a puppy I found on the road please help😭 Accept my invite to score 3 free swag! https://app.temu.com/m/usOIb6ioZrIOWy5

Accept my invite to score 3 free swag! https://app.temu.com/m/usOIb6ioZrIOWy5
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2023.06.10 20:00 no_not_luke So just how much of a cougar is the Gwen Stacy of the Spider-Verse films? [ATSV SPOILERS]

In Across the Spider-Verse, Miles is a sophomore. Rio - sorry, Mrs. Morales - says from afar that Gwen looks old enough to vote. Is that just a mom's protective instinct working overtime, or is Miles really punching above his weight?
Let's lay down some timeline groundwork (source in parentheses).
Pre-ITSV (before Dec 2018)
ITSV (Dec 2018)
ITSV-ATSV (Dec 2018-April 2020)
ATSV (April 2020)
Since we do have limited perspective, we're gonna have to make assumptions that the following things aren't different on Earth-65: prom is only for seniors - and sometimes juniors - as well as their date. (And that voting age is about the same for Earth-1610 as it is for us.) We'll just say Peter died at the prom of May 2018, making Gwen the most likely to be old enough to attend a prom in the first place.
OK, so what if Gwen's the same year as Miles? That means she was a freshman in ITSV and attended high school prom as...an eighth-grader. NO GO.
And if Gwen is a year ahead of Miles? She was a sophomore in ITSV and attended prom as a freshman. Possible, but it would mean Peter was a full two years older than her in order to be able to bring her as his date. Not impossible, but not very likely in a high school environment.
Now, if Gwen is two years ahead of Miles? Junior in ITSV, and attended prom as a sophomore - still needing to be asked by junior-year Peter, but this is much more plausible. Plus, this makes her a senior in ATSV - which if it isn't voting age, is on the cusp of it!
And the out-there possibility that still fits: Gwen has already graduated by the time we see her in Across the Spider-Verse LMAO. She drums in the school auditorium imply because they have access (maybe bandmates still attend HS? Maybe this isn't a HS auditorium at all, but a college one?), and lives at home while either not continuing with school or going to college nearby. This makes her a junior at the prom, which totally fits, and a senior when she starts sharing little looks with freshman Miles in ITSV.
Conclusion: Gwen Stacy is two to three grades ahead of Miles Morales, and depending on when their birthdays fall in the year, one to four years older than him. My boy Miles is pulling a senior, and maaaaaaaaybe a freshman college student, as a SOPHOMORE! 17-18, possibly 19-year-old Gwen is dropping mad hints at 15-16 year-old Miles! She's left clothes in his bedroom! She's met the parents! On the scale of high school relationships, she's a cross-dimensional cougar and her eyes are set on young meat!
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2023.06.10 20:00 BerniesSurfBoard Things I've had for multiple babies

I am a parent that is dedicated to sustainability. I have three kiddos born in 2017, 2019, and 2023. Here is a list of items I purchased or was given that held up for multiple children:
Safety First Grow with Me Carseat Biught new for each child. Oldest lasted five years before replacing. Middle and newest are still in use.
Moby (baby wrap) Bought new for first baby and still in use on third baby. Condition is like new.
Fischer Price Playmat Bought at garage sale for first baby and used for second baby. Only threw away because puppy chewed it up. Condition was like new until puppy came along.
Nora's Nursery Diapers Bought mix of new and used for first baby. Still in use for the third. Great condition on most diapers, some need elastic repairs.
Alva Baby Diapers Bought new for first baby and still in use. Good condition still. Some pearling on internal lining that did not happen with NN brand. Similar wear on elastic.
Baby Bullet Bought new for first baby. Used for second baby. Lost the machine in fire. Still have the accessories. The little food storage holders are not in good condition.
Skip Hop Diaper Bag Bought new for first baby. Still in use. Condition would be like new if I put a little elbow grease into cleaning it.
Boppy Bought new for first baby. Used for second baby. Condition was like new when it was lost in a fire.
JRUB Datsura (fanny pack) Bought new for first. We actually have three of these. Love love love them. Not a baby specific item. Awesome to use when you don't want to lug in a diaper bag. Or in addition to a diaper bag with things you want at your finger tips. All in like new condition.
Dr. Brown's bottles Bought used (two babies before mine) in fair condition. Used for second baby. Liked enough to buy the glass ones new for third baby
Munchkin 360 sippy cups Bought new for first baby and first two are still using. Like new and only damaged when dog got to them.
This is all I can think of off the top of my head at the moment. Feel free to post products and ill let you know if I used them.
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2023.06.10 19:59 wtfzoid Past relationship and the relief

7 years of relationship, which could fit to all the relationship and deadbedroom subreddits to be categorized as. Since the early days it was 90% giving and 10 % receiving, towards the end: 48% giving, 2% receiving and 50% porn. In addition to sex, this went ways to the everyday life as well, from simple hugs and compliments, to taking care of the house chores. Even asking her out to join me for a evening walk with our dog, she would let an annoyed moan out of herself most of the time.
Worst thing about this is that we clicked so well together, and should she have improved her lazy ways of showing affection, I would have married her. Yes, for fucks sake, I did talk about my needs of mutual affection countless of times. In fact, 90% of our arguments started from that. Things got really worse when I went on a several week celibacy periods to see should she initiate anything, to no avail constantly. In time I got more cynical and lazier myself, feeling like I should just sit on my ass the whole day like she does. Worst mistake. That ended up her telling me that our everyday life is dead and she questions whether she loves me anymore.
Whether I would raise our puppy 80% by myself, or take us out to a different city for dinner, concert and drinks, she would just go to sleep with 0 contact with me and she saw nothing wrong with that. Seeing friends with their SO's where, after years, they would still show that genuine affection towards each other (calling each other sweetheart, hugs etc), I felt genuine jealousy.
Broke up with her 'cause I couldnt keep this bullshit up. Was miserable for a while, but the best way to get over someone is to get under. I feel relieved and like a different person from the cynical era of our relationship, but yet I still get these little bitter feelings for the whole situation but I won't linger in it.
Needed to get this off myself. Love you all. Do not let anyone take you for granted
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2023.06.10 19:59 KumaCadence Dog Tick?

Dog Tick?
Removed from my son's hair today, and we're pretty sure it's a dog tick, but would feel better if those with more experience could chime in.
Located in North-east Illinois (US).
And yes, we have already spoken with his doctor.
Thank you all in advance.
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2023.06.10 19:59 CantaloupeMilkshake It finally happened today lol

Just a little rant about a brief interaction I had today. I've always felt so frustrated and annoyed for people experiencing judgement or intrusive comments about them only having one child. Like, mind your own uterus people. Oddly enough I had never gotten such comments or judgement from anybody before, when people asked if she was my only/if I was having more and I said no they were supportive or neutral about it. Well, it finally happened.
My husband was saying hi to someone he knew at a gas station we stopped at and this random older lady the guy was with came to our window where my daughter and I were and she said "Aw how cute how old?" And I said "Thanks! She's 3 and a half." And she goes "Oh my goodness growing up so fast! Make sure you have your next one soon so they'll be close and age. Don't have an only child, they're SPOILED." I was like "Well I'm just having her. And I have to disagree...I don't think they're spoiled. I think it's all about how you raise your child no matter how many you have." And she's like "Oh I must've screwed up then, I have my one son and he's 45 and spoiled as heck." And I'm like "Hey maybe that's just him then." and she kind of gave a sour look and then left lmao. Like screw off lady, saying that with my kid right there and acting like you know how many kids I need. Glad she put her own foot in her mouth.
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2023.06.10 19:58 ElegantCommittee3551 How to make sure my dog doesn't get bored?

So basically I'll be moving to a different country for my masters degree and I am worried my 9 year old golden retriever would get absolutely bored without me.well there is no doubt that my mum is his favourite human and he has always slept with her no matter how much I try to get him to sleep with Me but when it's playtime he always brings his toys to me as I am the only one who can match his energy.Getting another dog isn't an option and he is not particularly friendly with other dogs. One positive thing is that my dad is retiring pretty soon so he'll have two humans always with him.but I still think he will badly miss me(am I giving too much importance to me?lol). Any advice?.
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2023.06.10 19:58 disney4evr My dog meets a watering can for the first time 😆

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2023.06.10 19:58 VickyStElmo Family moving in with me, I will be doing all the cooking and they are cool with it, but help with vegan cooking tips for SEVEN ADULTS!?

I am used to cooking for 3 - myself, my partner, and my step sister who lives with me while she's in school. I am grateful that my family are willing to eat vegan food that I prepare, but we are talking about seven grown adults, three of whom are bottomless pits (quite literally always eating, always hungry). I am feeling extremely overwhelmed and would welcome tips for meal planning, meal prepping, shopping, cooking, and grab-ready snack ideas for a crowd. Help meeeeeee!
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2023.06.10 19:58 SouthafricanFan Venomous?

My Jack Russell dog almost bit this snake on our walk today! Should I worry about it? We are new to Austin TX and are not familiar with shakes here.
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2023.06.10 19:56 ontopofyourmom My friend is in Banja Luka is it true that you feed babies to dogs in Balkan

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2023.06.10 19:55 iiredgm AITA for bringing home a kitten?

So, I'm a freshman at university and I live alone pretty far away from my hometown (think other side of the country). Today, while going home, I found the tiniest kitten on the sidewalk with no mom cat or other kittens around and no one knew where it came from. It was shaking from all the loud noises and I felt really bad just leaving it there, especially running the risk of it being ran over.
So, I grabbed it and brought it to the vet to get checked out. It needed milk, and some medicine for its eyes. All in all, the vet took 40€ from me, and it was an impulse decision to pay it because what else was I going to do? Dump the kitten in the vet clinic and run off?
I took the kitten home and put it in a box as I searched for someone to take care of it. I would keep it but it requires constant attention and expenses, which I can't give because it's exam season, I'm a broke uni student and I'm expecting my adopted dog to come within the next weeks. It simply wasn't an option.
So, in my blind panic on what to do, I called my mom, who lives halfway across the country. The second I told her I found a kitten, a flip switched and she went off, yelling at me about being so irresponsible. Then, I mentioned bringing it home and the vet bill and that's what did it.
She cursed me out for being so stupid and wasteful, because in the past I've developed skin irritations due to touching a stray kitten and it took me months to recover. Admittedly, I should have thought of that before handling the kitten with naked arms and legs and letting it roam inside my house for a bit. She yelled at me for being idiotic enough to bring so many germs in my home and wasting money.
The call ended with me in tears because she told me she'll be pulling me from uni next year and that she regrets ever trusting me. She told me to get rid of the kitty immediately or she'd force me to go home the same day. I lied to her that I did, which I still feel guilty about. It's been a day, and I'm still feeling fucking awful.
So, AITA for trying to help the kitten?
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2023.06.10 19:55 Totallytnotawerewolf Canine curses

Hey everyone. I need to share with you a story that's been unfolding right in front of me - a horrifying reality that's more sinister than any ghost story, more unsettling than any tale of haunted houses or cursed objects. I'm a medical doctor, and my usual focus is human health, but today I want to tell you a tale that begins with our best friends, our canine companions, and ends with a very human horror.
Have you ever watched, or read, Pet Semetary? Or Poltergeist? Or any other of the myriad pieces of pop culture that attributes misfortune to ancient native american curses? It is a popular well to draw from, but despite what one may think there does indeed exist an ancient curse left by long- since deceased denizens of the americans- they just were not human.
Let's step back in time to pre-Columbian America. Before the arrival of European settlers, the continents were home to indigenous breeds of dogs. These dogs had evolved in isolation from their Eurasian counterparts for thousands of years, leading to distinct breeds that were truly American. But they have long since gone extinct, outcompeted and replaced by breeds brought by the European settlers.
However, a relic from those extinct dogs, a deadly and horrifying echo, has survived. One of these prehistoric dogs developed a form of cancer. But this wasn't your typical cancer - this was transmissible. It had the rare and terrifying ability to spread from one dog to another, a trait that has allowed it to survive to this day.
Transmissible cancers are rare in nature. Aside from this, only two other cases are known in mammals: one affects Syrian hamsters, and the other is a scourge on Tasmanian devils. But this canine cancer is unique for its persistence. It's as if the spirit of the extinct dogs still lingers, exacting a deadly, biological revenge for their displacement.
I am sorry for my long digression, but there is a point to it; recently, I've seen a number of patients presenting with an aggressive sarcoma, a rare form of cancer that affects the connective tissues. Such a cluster of cases in a small area within a short span of time is unusual enough to warrant investigation.
My epidemological investigation led me to an unexpected and chilling link - all these patients had been treated in the same COVID ward during the pandemic. But the horror didn't end there. The cancer cells from these patients, when analyzed, revealed almost identical DNA sequences that did not match the genetic material in the patients' own blood samples. The conclusion was as shocking as it was inevitable - the cancer was transmissible, and it had jumped from one human to another.
The thought of a transmissible human cancer, lying dormant for years before adapting to its new host, is terrifying. The fact that it seems largely untreatable, and that patient zero remains unidentified, only adds to the dread. Who knows how many could already be infected?
And now, I can't help but think of the frightening parallels between this new epidemic and the ghostly cancer that still haunts our dogs. What if this is the start of a similar narrative for us? What if this cancer evolves, as the canine cancer did, and becomes an inescapable part of our legacy? With our massive global population and the resultant vast biomass, this disease will have countless opportunities to mutate and adapt. Perhaps it will become airborn, or jump the species barrier?
I have no idea how many are already infected. I might well be. So might you for that matter. All the patients were old, with compromised immune systems. Perhaps healthy young people cant be infected or, more likely, they can be but the incubation period is rather longer.
I expect we`ll find out soon.
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2023.06.10 19:54 MidnightMoonStory Weird with food and how a blueberry muffin wrecked my day

Stats: 26F, 4’8” tall, normal weight
Backstory: Keto (18+ months) for mental health, and I have some intestinal issues that can be irritated by carbs
Story: This morning, I attended a service for a family friend who had passed away from cancer. I was told that there wouldn’t be any snacks provided after the service.
I routinely fast, and for whatever reason, I woke up feeling hungry. Water didn’t quite cut it, and then I remembered that I had a pre-packaged blueberry muffin that I had saved from a while ago and stashed away for “sometime later”.
I know that I feel bad, mentally and physically, when I eat carbs, but damn it, I wanted that muffin. So I made a calculated decision and ate it with a bottle of cold coffee before going to the service.
The muffin was spongy and cakey, and I loved it. But at the same time, I felt bad about liking it.
My therapist, who is also keto, recommends abstinence from most carbs in my case, but has recommended practicing anti-deprivation eating as a backup plan if absolutely needed.
She can brush off an intentional cheat, and so can my mom, but cheating messes me up emotionally and I hate it. Why would I want to eat something if it causes me distress?
Then, at the service, I saw the sweets. So I took a chocolate chip cookie and a two-bite brownie. And that was that, or so I thought.
I got home, and my bowels didn’t appreciate the sudden intake of demon chow carbs, and promptly made their displeasure known. I don’t have IBS, but a high carb load can irritate my bowels.
So I ate chicken for lunch, and I’m going to have more chicken for dinner to get back on track.
I’m honestly unsure at this point about how much of my issues are physical and how much are mental, because I also have autism, ADHD, and depression/anxiety.
I fast because it makes me feel good, and because I can watch my calories, However, I can overeat at times because I can’t feel full, which my doctors think is neurological in origin due to me having brain damage from a birth stroke.
I hate it every time my parents point out that I could eat the tablecloth. It’s not that I’m hungry all the time, just that I don’t know when to stop eating. It’s like my stomach is an almost bottomless pit.
I don’t intentionally binge, but I have had two occasions over the past six months when I ate to the point of almost vomiting.
I’m thinking that this could maybe be some variation of an unspecified eating disorder, but I’m not sure, and I don’t know how to approach this with my therapist and psychiatrist.
Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.10 19:54 kittenclowder Nervous dog needs grooming badly

Nervous dog needs grooming badly
My dog is in desperate need of a professional to groom him, but I am concerned because he absolutely hates it. When I moved him into our house the neighbors’ dogs were able to bite his paws from under our fence badly enough that I took him to the vet immediately and he had to have sutures. The hole has since been fixed and it’s been almost two years since the incident, but he refuses to let me trim his nails even when using oral sedation(as directed by my vet). He is very food motivated but I worry about him with a stranger trying to groom him. I just don’t have the knowledge or equipment to do everything he needs. I’ll give him baths and brush but his undercoat is tenacious. He also would not let the vet trim his nails so I worry a groomer by themselves might not be able to either. Would love to know what others have done with their sensitive guys to ease their anxiety and fear.
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2023.06.10 19:54 Educational-Cobbler1 Advice Needed: is this a dealbreaker?

I am so confused and upset. My husband (35M) and I (31F) have been married for 2 years. When we first started dating I told my husband that my brother was gay and asked him if he was accepting of gay people/gay marriage. He said absolutely I don’t understand people who don’t.
My brother is now married to an amazing man and my brother officiated our ceremony.
Ever since the beginning of the pandemic my husband has leaned in a lot more to his faith by going to church more frequently and joining a bible study group.
Today he randomly started a conversation with me saying that he was upset that I put a rainbow bandana on our dog because the whole “pride month thing” makes him so uncomfortable. He said he does not wish any harm to anyone in the LGBTQ+ community, he will never use derogatory terms towards them and will speak up if someone uses those types of terms. He said it makes him uncomfortable because God intended a man and a woman to get married not man and man or woman and woman.
He says he loves my brother and will never treat him differently but he just wanted to express his feelings to me.
I don’t know how to trust that his feelings won’t become more extreme as he continues to becoming more religious.
I feel completely bamboozled and sick to my stomach. I don’t know how to proceed since we have such different views. I’m trying to process if this is a deal breaker or something we can work on. Any advice would be helpful.
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2023.06.10 19:54 HoneyBeeMonarch Strange Behavior

Strange Behavior
My boy hasn’t seemed himself this morning. During his walk this morning, he seemed normal, in high spirits, but when we came back, his tail was down (very unusual for him), and just now, he seemed to be drooling a bit (I’ve never seen him do this before). He’s the family dog and I don’t usually do the vet upkeep stuff, so I’m feeling really out of my depth if there’s something really wrong. Other than the things I’ve listed, he doesn’t seem to be in active distress, he just seems sad, but he also just kind of looks like that so I don’t know if I’m just projecting or something.
The photo is just because he’s a good boy.
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2023.06.10 19:52 Due_Picture_5955 I tried tho 🐴👀

I already let go my Gentle temperament horse.. I keep only horses that focused more to Strength, Speed and Stamina now. My giant Horse is another thing where he's all built muscle & strength but I love him anyway ☺ He's not for release ever plus he'll get to eat my Carrots and Apples anytime because I have too many Apples anyway in my invo lol.
P/S : Don't judge my horses name 🤣 I ran out idea what to name them lmao asdfg. I just be like "Eh, where's my Mako go? Ello...? 👀 Hm, nevermind. Lemme summon all my Mako.."
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2023.06.10 19:51 ViralTiger My dog was euthanized today because of cancer.

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