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2015.06.23 11:06 Vivitarbebb Are you going up or down?

Guess whether the quote is from a holy text or metal lyrics

2023.06.10 20:10 onegoodbumblebee Just leaned of Daniel’s case today and I have a lot of thoughts…

I just learned of Daniel and his disappearance and definitely think his disappearance is related to his job. I am honestly surprised at all of the mental health theories, the psychotic breakdown, etc explanations. I think his odd behavior could simply be attributed to Daniel being scared. Someone who is worried for their safety, especially if he had stumbled upon potentially important information that had the potential to cause issues for the company he worked for or another company with an invested interest in the land, water, etc in the area Daniel was working.
If there was an issue or concern that could cause a significant financial loss, legal issues, or even problems that were already known but were being covered up, I can see those companies doing whatever needed to keep him quiet. I honestly believe if Daniel knew he had knowledge of any concerns that he also knew it put him in danger. This would explain his behavior in my opinion.
It would make sense for someone experiencing this would feel paranoid, anxious, and scared. This can cause issues with sleeping, eating, etc. lack of sleep can exacerbate any paranoia that Daniel was experiencing which would make Daniel’s behavior seem that much more concerning. I don’t think Daniel’s behavior was due to a organic psychological response like with schizophrenia, mania, or psychosis. I think it was due to the stress Daniel experienced after becoming aware of certain things going on out there in the desert. I think he knew that information was so significant if it got out that whoever or whatever company was keeping it quiet, would do whatever necessary to contain it.
I think the texts and interactions with Katlyn are irrelevant and are simply due to Daniel’s current situation. I think his anxiety and paranoia about what he knew made him start thinking about death and his life, love her wouldn’t get to experience if he was dead, etc and could explain his communication with her, but I don’t think it’s relevant in his disappearance.
I think the car stopping and starting so many times is because whoever the company was that was trying to silence him used someone inexperienced with staging a scene. I think they simply just kept moving the car around, not sure what to do with it, that kept second guessing how they were leaving it. After moving it around numerous times, I think it was hidden until later when it was left in the area it was found.
I believe this inexperienced person was also tasked with hiding his body and it’s very likely in a mine or other deep well like area. I think they’ve just gotten lucky that his body hasn’t been found.
I think it would also be worth looking into to see if any wealthy or influential people in the Buckyeye area had a financial interest in any of the companies out there, or the one Daniel worked for. This could explain why the Buckeye police have not done much, it could simply be a coverup or pay off.
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2023.06.10 20:10 thenerdytechie Johnson Blazkowicz is still alive.

It appears he faked his death. His instagram says it all. I’m relieved to know that he’s still alive but my heart aches for the amount of pain he must be in. Sending love and wel wishes for him 🙏🏼
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2023.06.10 20:09 Grazzy88 If you like playing as zagreous (Hades) then,

Rogue might be the better of the lot! With his dash and melee ( claws) / Bow (charion) it has a very similair feel and when playing Hades there was always a Diablo feel to it for me. Having a lot of fun with Diablo 4 closest feel to D2 so far!
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2023.06.10 20:08 ExpensiveFeedback901 What causes a connection to break?

I'm guessing it's more about torsion than force alone (not well versed in the vocabulary sorry!) but I haven't been able to predict this accurately.
For example, I don't think there's any amount of force that can separate an object if it's applied in the same direction / axis as the connection.
But put too much weight on a big wheel so that you're applying a lot of force downward, i.e. perpendicular to the axis of connection, and it breaks easily.
Does anyone have a theory or rule of thumb to share?
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2023.06.10 20:07 mr_sad1 My anxiety and OCD is mentally draining over something that could be small it's just my fear it's hard to handle please I would appreciate some support

I made a post on off my chest I deleted cause it was link shared my mind assuming the worst why was it shared I didn't write anything bad I just had to let my frustrations out about a nsfw game I downloaded and it filled my system partition to 15 gbs to 22 gbs and I said that I didn't see anything bad cause I didn't I just have this fear of one day finding something bad and I asked a ai chat bot questions and to top it off that's giving me anxiety too I asked it what if a game downloads something bad with out my knowledge what if the game says everyone is 18 or older can system partition be overwritten would a factory reset help I didn't do anything bad I just have this fear of one day downloading something bad I also mentioned my therapist what if something bad happens it was link shared who was it Link shared to was it on purpose or by accident I didn't do anything bad I'm not a bad person I didn't do anything bad I'm just very anxious about these types of things what if someone took my post wrong or read it wrong and reported me I know my questions could be seen as bad I'm not doing anything bad the questions came from anxiety and needing reassurance. I just want it all to stop I need to know that everything will be fine but that's never going to happen I hate this I even apologized to the chat bot. I'm really sorry for posting this I know how stupid this must sound but it's my anxiety and OCD. Does anyone have advice? please. I'm tired of this anxiety and fear I feel one day it's going to be the death of me.
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2023.06.10 20:07 lovepuppy306 Body and mind 9 haikus

Legal dilemma haikus
Not understanding consent and self propriety. Clunky. Concerning love and cultural boundaries and undefined modes of consent. Not all understand consent as it is legally understood.
9 stanzas. 575
You can have her bod
Y the mind won’t occur knot
Understanding you risk
You can have a bod
Y the mind won’t concur tho
Hot you lose your way
You can have her bod
You can tie a knot around
A neck don’t agree
Agree that her y won’t
Agree until you know how to
Speak and hear her voice
You can’t have her bod
You can’t have her bod until
She agrees with yours
Your body’s sticky
Tape is begging for permit
No guarantee Y
You can cast debt but
She is never yours until
Agree. She touch me.
Law has fixed a line
Around certain ones two three
And forbids a touch
Never be touched touch
No one but close kin unless
You wish to risk death
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2023.06.10 20:06 Scared_Mongoose2689 The Bible and homosexuality

A little backstory real quick. I am super gay 😅I tried to stop being gay to be a Christian and that obviously didn’t work. I wasn’t just a “believe what I’m told” person. I’m a critical thinker and studious and like to have the facts of things. I studied the issue of homosexuality and I personally cannot understand the scriptures in a way that would support it. I know I see many try to with other interpretations and such, but I was never convinced. So many hold on to these interpretations to remain a Christian, but I really don’t think the Bible supports it and if that is the case, I don’t support the Bible and the God who would cause so much unnecessary suffering and anguish for people like me.
So what does everyone here think about this topic? I know many have other reasons for not believing (as do I) but from an objective perspective, did anyone think the Bible could be used in support of LGBTQ people or did you conclude it didn’t?
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2023.06.10 20:06 TheSquirrelDaddy It's Good The r/Planetside is Shutting Down Since The Mods Support Russia's Invasion Of Ukraine

It's Good The Planetside is Shutting Down Since The Mods Support Russia's Invasion Of Ukraine submitted by TheSquirrelDaddy to planetside2 [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 20:06 LaddieLeBaddie Do school shootings generally receive more attention than other mass shootings? If so, why?

Kind if following up my last post with more of an opinion question. Las Vegas, Pulse, Lubys and San Ysidro have had death tolls higher than a majority of school shootings yet aren’t talked about as much. Is it because children dying is more impactful? Are elementary shootings like Sandy Hook and Robb also more impactful than Stoneman Douglas or Columbine?
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2023.06.10 20:06 Baturasar Duriel on tier 2

Playing a master of arms barb and I'm having the HARDEST time with Duriel on tier 2. 8 deaths in and I got him between 1 and 15% each time but die on the third phase regardless.
I love playing iron maelstrom, but I can't move for a second or so in one of the hits. In phase 3 duriel just rolls me there as his attack speed increases dramatically. Not to mention the craters throughout the fight, which if you're unlucky get you stuck.
Anyway it feels like I'm being forced to spec call of the ancients for this fight.
I'll get him eventually as I almost did 5 times over, but this is frustrating - I also don't see why only certain specs are much better for this fight than others. How do people on hardcore even manage here?
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2023.06.10 20:06 3yx3 Man sentenced to death and accomplice sentence to 12…

Man sentenced to death and accomplice sentence to 12… submitted by 3yx3 to welcomejail [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 20:06 MeaningMuted8964 Is it a coincidence that the FL from manhwa "Actually i was the real one" and Kira from anime "death note" have the same name ?🤨

Is it a coincidence that the FL from manhwa submitted by MeaningMuted8964 to OtomeIsekai [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 20:06 Dazzling_Mulberry257 Prayer room

Prayer room
Why do people act like we’re gate keeping the prayer room. I’m just tired of people complaining and acting as if we’re just chilling in the prayer room. People are told to be quiet when they start conversations so others can focus. People rush out as soon as their done and go to the bathroom to chat. What do you want the rest of us to do about it. We pray like once at work because the other prayers are after work until daylight saving then we pray 2. If you want to come in and sit at the corner and meditate or read your bible go ahead and do that. People just complain about is and put quotations around “prayer” when talking about how unfair it is that Muslims get 10 minutes to pray. What’s stopping you from doing the same. In 10 minutes we have to walk to the bathroom, wash up for prayer and then walk to the prayer room and by the time you’re getting there you have like 3-4 minutes to pray. There are some people that take advantage of this time but what’s the difference between people taking advantage of bathroom time and this. This is what the prayer room looks like. It’s just a big mat on the floor. No TV, no snacks, no chairs’ I’m not understanding why people are getting so angry about stuff like this.
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2023.06.10 20:05 DrPower88 damsel in distress again….?

So with Imu specifically giving the order to obtain Vivi I think it’s a logical assumption that the government is going to capture her at some point before she gets to safety. As she said CPO (and more) won’t just stop looking for her. Gorosei will throw everything behind this because Imu ordered it.
So I think Sabo is going to run into Luffy at some point, tell him about Cobra death and what he said. In typical Luffy fashion I can see him not caring at all about D and Lili message of protecting etc etc etc.
Luffy doesn’t care about will of d, Imu etc. and if they find the one piece first and it’s some history of ancient kingdom and a real reason to overthrow government he won’t care about that either. Will all go over his head Boring history etc. thus no reason for SH to get involved in final war.
However if Vivi is captured before laughtale and sabo tells luffy she’s likely kept at Pangea castle that’s where luffy and straw hats are going to go.
Big difference in them reading newspaper that she’s gone missing and zoro saying/assuming she’s grown and she can take care of herself and being told she’s in fact captured and in real danger.
Thus another damsel in distress story coming up leading to final war then luffy Blackbeard etc going for one piece as marines like fujitora smoker kuzan coby left to pick up the pieces.
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2023.06.10 20:05 xatql What if.

I started defending people's names when spoken negatively about, if they aren't from my block they get a "Where you from G?" if their not wearing the colour I represent they get beat. If they say one bad thing about me, they get jumped. If they don't say enough good things about me, they get threatened.
I got in to fights, ended up in the hospital, put others in the hospital, cops were called, my parents were called. I got the "you didn't have to do that for me, but I always got you like you had me" talk. I was called "family" by my friends, they said they'd die for me, that they loved me that they'd do anything for me.
Boom,boom,boom now I'm on the ground knuckles hitting my face, feet kicking my stomach. The people I once defended watched from the sidelines.
"My family"... the ones who "loved me". Their faces... expressionless . They didn't stop it, didn't video it, didn't call the cops or call our other friends.
They just watched. Five on one, watched as I laid there not covering my body from the hits I was getting, laid there as I looked them in the eyes. Begging them to do something, say SOMETHING, but they never did anything.
They're finished. They start caring "Are you alright?", "Want me to call someone?", "Hey I tried doing something but there was so much of them". These words. They broke me more then the physical pain I endured. Gasping for air not able to form any words. Sirens in the distance coming closer and closer. Looking into the blue sky, feeling the sun beam on my face As blood drips out of my body.
In the hospital being treated, "Hey do you remember your name?" "What's your date of birth?" Asked if I remembered what happened to me. Scared to out my "friends", scared if I said anything the people who did this would do more damage to me.
My parents rushing in, my youngest sibling on my mother's hips, while my other siblings watched in the corner. Looking at their brothers unrecognisable face. Tears filled my face as I watch them cry, they're confused. They don't understand why someone would want to hurt the person they look up to, they don't understand why someone could be so cruel.
I'm healed, scars all over my face and body
. My mother smiling at me , "I love you" she says, my father holding my hand , "I'm happy youre better"...
Death, sad, aching. Laying my parents to rest, "I love you mother. I'm happy you're in a better place father".
Children running around, my siblings and I eating Christmas dinner, everyone opening their presents. Joy, happy, excitment.
Scared, worried, yes. On my knees for the women I love, please say yes, If not then okay. You will marry me? Thank God
Anxious, paranoid, relieved. Rushing to the hospital, Crying and screaming is all I hear Bags and bags of clothes and diapers New to being a father Guilty of sleepless nights I never regret having you and many more.
Saying farewell to my family, moving away with my wife and children. Big house, cute dog, Nice neighbourhood Good income. Warm, comfortable, peace....
As I grow older.
Memories, doubt, blame. 20 years ago That day... If I reached in my back pocket? Bang, boom, pop.
If I did... My parents farewell. My siblings growth. My nieces and nephews. My Wife... My Children...
Realisation, Satisfaction, Grateful.
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2023.06.10 20:04 buttbuttpooppoop Richard Layman - The Cellar (my first Layman)


Okay so I liked this one. The bits describing the monster's unit were hilarious. The part where he shoots the monster when they're all running a train on the old woman and it spooges on her face as it dies - solid gold. Could have done without the child rape scenes. Was definitely hoping Roy's death would be more prolonged. The ending was not great. I'm not against downer endings, I just don't like it when the author puts common sense and consistent characterization on pause to pull the rug out from under the reader. It felt cheap. Otherwise it was a real freaky, fucked up, sleazy fun time.
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2023.06.10 20:04 heartofhearts2 [5e] [Online] [18+] [LGBTQ+] [Saturday 8 PM CDT] Beginner DM looking for 4 players for Lost Mine of Phandelver!

Hi everyone, I’m a beginner DM looking for 4 players to play Lost Mine of Phandelver. I already have 1 player (likely an aberrant mind sorc), so I'm looking to fill out the rest of the party! Session time is Saturday from 8 PM CDT to 11 PM weekly. If people enjoy it, I have some of my own stuff I’m planning that we could continue with. I’d prefer it if you haven’t played this module before.
The game will be a mix of RP and combat. The goal is to have combat be dangerous and character death to be a real possibility. I’d love it if you would have strong characters with goals so I can tailor the experience to them. I’m pretty flexible with fitting what you want to do into the setting.
Starting at level 1.
No homebrew classes or races will be allowed, as I’m too inexperienced to tell what will break the game or not. We can see if we can reflavor things to fit your idea though!
Any books will be allowed as long as you have a way to share the class/race/whatever information with me.
You get a free feat at level 1, as long as you can tie it into your character’s backstory or personality!
No bigots.
The game will be played using Roll20 with Discord to coordinate.
Notes about the setting:
Your usual vaguely medieval high fantasy. It’s not Forgotten Realms, but I may use stuff from there and other published settings to add to my own creations.
No races are particularly long lived, each has a regular human life span— around 100 years or so.
Orcs are a non-evil race like humans or elves and can be a whole rainbow of colors. Why? It’s Pride Month, baby.
Similarly, no races are predisposed to evil.
So, if you’re willing to bear with me as I learn how to DM, fill out the form! The form will be open for 2 days. After that, I will respond to candidates who make it to the next round via Discord friend request.
Looking forward to meeting you!
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2023.06.10 20:02 Aus_Daniel Dear Blizzard, Damage reduction aura is not good game design

Ive just hit level 90 on my rogue playing TB death trap. Been grinding nightmare dungeons to level up and get all glyphs to 21.
There are things I hate as TB rogue, cold enchanted, icy chill, the CONSTANT stuns of generic spider and snake ads.
But nothing, and I mean nothing drives me nuts like having to try find the one little guy with his aura every second pack of mobs. Its so so so common
Is he hiding in the corner? Is he off screen? Did my death trap pull him into my blades? Let me just mouse over all of the 30 enemies and find out
Yes I know they have an orange name and a slightly different icon above their head. But in a fast paced game and build, having to solve whos the impostor every pull is just tedious
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2023.06.10 20:02 DiamondPretend3060 AITAH for telling a girl at church to mind her own business.

I ( 15f) go to church and there's this girl named Mary (14f). I have lost my virginity at the age of 12. I'm the only reason she knows that have lost my virginity it's because she goes to my school. She heard me talking to one of my friends at church and I said I wanted to become a better Christian and she said the "Christian with a body count". I told Her to mind Her own business in The Bible it says not to judge people "so why are you judging me"? She told me it's because i'm a slut. Then I told her to leave alone or I'm going to tell her parents. She ended up leaving me alone.
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2023.06.10 20:02 Icy_Cryptographer172 Pirate Graves and Why Our Flag Means Death!

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2023.06.10 20:02 unoriginal_wolf Daily supply raid 3/4

We need info on the police chief. They are also part of this atrocious "project" get what you can and get out. If you are spotted... well death might be preferable
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