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9z vs ECSTATIC / ESL Challenger Katowice 2023 - Group B Decider Match / Post-Match Discussion

2023.06.10 19:12 CSGOMatchThreads 9z vs ECSTATIC / ESL Challenger Katowice 2023 - Group B Decider Match / Post-Match Discussion

9z 🌎 2-1 🇩🇰 ECSTATIC

Ancient: 16-8 Anubis: 13-16 Nuke: 16-14

Map picks:

X Vertigo
Mirage X
X Overpass
Inferno X

Full Match Stats:

Team K-D ADR KAST Rating
🌎 9z
🇺🇾 dgt 78-51 88.3 77.1% 1.41
🇦🇷 try 64-54 77.5 75.9% 1.21
🇨🇱 dav1deuS 62-61 84.5 73.5% 1.12
🇺🇾 max 51-51 68.3 72.3% 1.06
🇦🇷 buda 48-59 73.5 69.9% 0.97
🇩🇰 salazar 63-52 76.2 75.9% 1.13
🇩🇰 Queenix 57-57 73.5 71.1% 1.01
🇩🇰 kraghen 52-65 84.1 65.1% 0.94
🇩🇰 maNkz 53-70 79.1 68.7% 0.92
🇩🇰 Nodios 49-61 57.7 72.3% 0.85

Individual Map Stats:

Map 1: Ancient

Team T CT Total
🌎 9z 12 4 16
🇩🇰 ECSTATIC 3 5 8
Team K-D ADR KAST Rating
🌎 9z
🇺🇾 dgt 25-13 87.7 83.3% 1.62
🇺🇾 max 21-13 102.4 79.2% 1.54
🇨🇱 dav1deuS 22-15 102.3 87.5% 1.44
🇦🇷 try 18-16 77.2 75.0% 1.28
🇦🇷 buda 16-18 72.7 75.0% 1.05
🇩🇰 Queenix 15-19 79.5 62.5% 0.94
🇩🇰 kraghen 13-21 81.1 58.3% 0.82
🇩🇰 salazar 18-20 63.6 66.7% 0.80
🇩🇰 maNkz 16-23 85.7 58.3% 0.78
🇩🇰 Nodios 12-20 51.1 62.5% 0.63

Ancient detailed stats and VOD


Map 2: Anubis

Team T CT Total
🌎 9z 11 2 13
🇩🇰 ECSTATIC 4 12 16
Team K-D ADR KAST Rating
🌎 9z
🇺🇾 dgt 25-17 87.4 79.3% 1.32
🇦🇷 buda 20-21 92.6 75.9% 1.20
🇦🇷 try 20-19 72.6 75.9% 1.11
🇺🇾 max 20-18 68.4 72.4% 1.10
🇨🇱 dav1deuS 17-23 63.9 65.5% 0.91
🇩🇰 salazar 24-14 91.0 69.0% 1.42
🇩🇰 kraghen 20-23 91.8 65.5% 1.03
🇩🇰 Queenix 21-21 67.9 72.4% 0.95
🇩🇰 Nodios 16-22 61.8 79.3% 0.88
🇩🇰 maNkz 16-22 62.9 65.5% 0.86

Anubis detailed stats and VOD


Map 3: Nuke

Team CT T Total
🌎 9z 6 10 16
🇩🇰 ECSTATIC 9 5 14
Team K-D ADR KAST Rating
🌎 9z
🇺🇾 dgt 28-21 89.7 70.0% 1.33
🇦🇷 try 26-19 82.5 76.7% 1.29
🇨🇱 dav1deuS 23-23 90.0 70.0% 1.08
🇦🇷 buda 12-20 55.7 60.0% 0.72
🇺🇾 max 10-20 41.0 66.7% 0.69
🇩🇰 Queenix 21-17 74.0 76.7% 1.15
🇩🇰 salazar 21-18 71.9 90.0% 1.14
🇩🇰 maNkz 21-25 89.6 80.0% 1.14
🇩🇰 Nodios 21-19 59.2 73.3% 1.02
🇩🇰 kraghen 19-21 79.2 70.0% 1.00

Nuke detailed stats and VOD

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2023.06.10 18:11 Unlikely-Strategy596 The sharks are leaning towards drafting will smith according to Sheng Peng

According to Sheng Peng, sharks are learning towards taking Will smith at 4th, with the picks ordered at bedard, fantili, and Carlsson. That leaves likely Michkov available for MTL. Thoughts?
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2023.06.10 18:02 GachaModerator COLLABORATION: r/GachaGaming x IDOLY PRIDE Global Launch COUPON CODE

We're celebrating IDOLY PRIDE's official global launch by offering rewards to players from our community! Players can redeem the code through the redemption site during the valid period!
More information below. Image.

Redemption Code: REDDITXIDOLY
  • Premium Casting Tickets x10
  • Lesson Pass x10
  • Coin Pass x10
  • Film Pass x10
  • Highscore Pass x10
Valid Period
June 10th 00:00 PST to June 30th 06:59 PST
How To Redeem
Visit the Redemption Site for your respective game version below.
EN Version
TW Version
Note: You will need to enter your Manager ID alongside the coupon code. Details on how to find this are available on the website.
Game Information
IDOLY PRIDE Contents PV (English ver.)
Download Now→ Google Play, App Store
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Global Launch Reward
To celebrate the global launch of IDOLY PRIDE, new registered managers will receive abundant rewards in their in-game gift box as follows!
  • Red Diamonds x3,000
  • ★5 100% Casting Ticket x2
  • Casting Ticket x30
  • Mana Nagasae (Quality 10) ‘First Step’ Photo x1
  • Mana Nagasae (Quality 35) ‘Just, “Mana”! Photo x1
  • Feeling Heart Outfit x17 (Moon Tempest/ Sunny Peace/ LizNoi TRINITYAiLE)
  • Decoration Autograph x17 (Moon Tempest/ Sunny Peace/ LizNoi TRINITYAiLE)
  • Decoration Team Image x4(Moon Tempest/ Sunny Peace/ LizNoi TRINITYAiLE)
IDOLY PRIDR Global launch All Star Casting
[Bright Moon & Bouquet] Pick-up Casting
Premium Casting ‘First Sunrise of the Year with You’ Mana Nagasae
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2023.06.10 17:53 helenalena [Subreddit status update] The aftermath of u/spez's AMA, reddit's and r/NBASpurs plans for the foreseeable future

First of all, thanks for being patient with us. Our decision to shut the subreddit down for 48 hours was positively received (93% upvoted) by the community save for a couple of redditors. I've devoted a good chunk of my time to write this update to keep you informed before shite goes down, so I hope you'll read this post in its entirety.

How the AMA went

Steve Huffman or spez is reddit's current CEO and he held a disasterclass of an AMA yesterday. He ignored the users' most popular and upvoted concerns and cherry-picked from the lot, answering a whopping total of 14 questions.
He slandered Apollo's developer yet again, claiming Christian was two-faced with his communication privately and publicly but could not come up with any evidence. Steve then proceeded to lie about working with other third-party app developers when in truth, they were repeatedly IGNORED, like robocalls and Nigerian princes.
He also inadvertently revealed he was using canned responses, forgetting to remove the "A:" prepend after replying to a blind user... only to edit it afterwards. However! Make no mistake, this is a huge improvement over editing other users' comments by modifying their database entries. We all start somewhere :')
The AMA promised a whole lot of nothing that isn't immediately available to any of us, and the plan to charge outrageous prices for API access is running full steam ahead, like the Spurs' race for seis.

NBASpurs moderation, bots and you

With their API pricing model, this subreddit's game and post-game thread bot will be affected, particularly the box scores.
The free tier allows 100 or 10 queries per minute depending on authentication access. The bot is used by half of existing team subreddits to my knowledge, but might be decommissioned or heavily modified to stay within the free tier limits. Reducing the API call rate will render the feature useless as box scores in essence, provide real-time data, else they don't offer any substantial value to anyone.
Quoting the post Steve wrote, developers can contact reddit through a support ticket if their bots require access to the Data API above the free limits, but bigger developers have been ignored for months and months on end, so it doesn't exactly inspire confidence that they will get a free upgrade to a different tier. If push comes to shove, we'll replace it with another bot that creates game threads only, sans any other details.
Other bots that I'm currently developing will not be affected by the API pricing changes, but I'm on the fence whether it's worth it at this stage. I'm seriously thinking about quitting after the 30th. I know I just returned to publicly moderating this community, but this is not the reddit I've grown up and fell in love with. I'm 31 and I've been here since I was 15. I've seen how the site's quality went down year after year. By the time the IPO comes around, reddit will just be like any other social media website. And that's a damn shame.
u/SquandasNutCheese is also undecided at this point, and may leave if things go terribly awry.
There's also a possibility that Reddit admins might step in, remove the active mod team and replace it with users who align more with their interests. That being said, I can promise another WFSN surprise if they walk back on the changes, so you better support this protest because you're in for a real treat.

How you can support the protest better, by order of magnitude/effectiveness

If you can't help but visit reddit during the blackout because doomscrolling is your favourite pastime and you're maidenless

Elsewhere on reddit

Note: We're still sticking to the original schedule to avoid painting a target on our backs, plus coordination will result to an extremely sharp drop of reddit traffic instead of a sloping/downward trending curve. Making a statement, you know the works.

Outside reddit

I want to delete my account. I have had it with these mother-fucking snakes on this mother-fucking plane!

The future of the subreddit

We don't have any recommendations for a reddit alternative yet as we haven't tested any of moderators and users proffered (Lemmy, Mastodon, kbin social), but let us know if it interests you. You can also browse RedditAlternatives only to find out that admins banned one of the newly established subreddits detailing how to move to kbin. Shocking development, amirite?
Finally, you can vote to extend the blackout or re-open the subreddit through Strawpoll. All moderators prefer to the idea of extending the blackout until the Mod Council, third-party developers and reddit come to an agreement that will be honoured to a T, but this community belongs to everyone who's participated in it, old or new. I'm counting on you to vote WISELY.

Go Spurs Go! Por Vida!

With love, xx, till the butter flies
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2023.06.10 17:45 CSGOMatchThreads Apeks vs MOUZ / Elisa Invitational Spring 2023 - Semi-Final / Post-Match Discussion

Apeks 🇪🇺 2-0 🇪🇺 MOUZ

Mirage: 16-12 Vertigo: 16-7 Ancient

Map picks:

X Nuke
Anubis X
X Inferno
Overpass X

Full Match Stats:

Team K-D ADR KAST Rating
🇪🇺 Apeks
🇱🇹 jL 50-32 102.4 72.5% 1.43
🇳🇴 jkaem 40-36 86.3 74.5% 1.19
🇸🇰 STYKO 37-28 77.0 74.5% 1.14
🇸🇪 nawwk 32-23 63.9 78.4% 1.09
🇲🇰 kyxsan 33-32 72.2 72.5% 1.06
🇮🇱 xertioN 35-40 91.8 62.7% 1.07
🇸🇰 frozen 35-35 75.9 64.7% 0.98
🇭🇺 torzsi 32-34 59.6 66.7% 0.94
🇩🇪 JDC 24-41 53.4 58.8% 0.71
🇦🇺 dexter 25-42 62.8 52.9% 0.67

Individual Map Stats:

Map 1: Mirage

Team T CT Total
🇪🇺 Apeks 6 10 16
🇪🇺 MOUZ 9 3 12
Team K-D ADR KAST Rating
🇪🇺 Apeks
🇱🇹 jL 31-18 114.7 71.4% 1.63
🇸🇪 nawwk 20-14 72.3 82.1% 1.18
🇳🇴 jkaem 19-22 76.5 78.6% 1.07
🇸🇰 STYKO 18-15 55.5 67.9% 0.97
🇲🇰 kyxsan 13-16 58.9 75.0% 0.93
🇮🇱 xertioN 18-23 85.8 67.9% 0.99
🇸🇰 frozen 18-19 72.8 67.9% 0.98
🇩🇪 JDC 18-21 66.5 64.3% 0.89
🇭🇺 torzsi 17-17 50.9 60.7% 0.89
🇦🇺 dexter 14-21 63.1 60.7% 0.78

Mirage detailed stats and VOD


Map 2: Vertigo

Team CT T Total
🇪🇺 Apeks 8 8 16
🇪🇺 MOUZ 7 0 7
Team K-D ADR KAST Rating
🇪🇺 Apeks
🇸🇰 STYKO 19-13 103.2 82.6% 1.39
🇳🇴 jkaem 21-14 98.2 69.6% 1.35
🇱🇹 jL 19-14 87.4 73.9% 1.26
🇲🇰 kyxsan 20-16 88.3 69.6% 1.23
🇸🇪 nawwk 12-9 53.7 73.9% 0.98
🇮🇱 xertioN 17-17 99.1 56.5% 1.18
🇭🇺 torzsi 15-17 70.3 73.9% 1.04
🇸🇰 frozen 17-16 79.7 60.9% 1.02
🇦🇺 dexter 11-21 62.3 43.5% 0.55
🇩🇪 JDC 6-20 37.5 52.2% 0.51

Vertigo detailed stats and VOD

This thread was created by the Post-Match Team. If you want to share any feedback or have any concerns, please message u/CSGOMatchThreads.
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2023.06.10 17:43 Iratenai Premium Travel Card Request

Current cards: AMEX Blue Cash Everyday, $34,900
Chase Amazon, $11,500
Citi Best Buy, $6,000
Citi Costco, $16,300
AppleCard, $11,000
FICO Score: 810-820
Oldest account age: e.g. 12 years, 1 month
Chase 5/24 status: Don't know what this is, but if I'm reading it correctly, my newest credit card is 3 years, 4 months.
Income: Household pretax income ~$345K and another ~$45K in bonuses (not guaranteed)
Average monthly spend and categories:
Dining: $750
groceries: $1,000
gas/parking/vehicle maintenance: $350
Open to Business Cards: No
What's the purpose of your next card? Travel
Do you have any cards you've been looking at? Chase Sapphire Reserve, Capital One Venture X
Are you OK with category spending or do you want a general spending card? Yes
My wife and I have done very little travel and I want to start changing that! We spend a fair amount. We go 50/50 on a joint checking account and all our mutual expenses and anything with the kids come out there. The rest we keep in individual accounts and that's our fun money for ourselves.
My wife likes arts & crafts, video games, makeup, etc. Me, I'm a homebody and most of my fun money gets spent on wine. Hence the travel bug to want to visit other wine regions. We have no debt other than our mortgage, credit cards are paid off in full every month. Most cards don't get utilized. We use the Amazon Card only for and Whole Foods purchases. The AppleCard is my own personal use card and she has one as well. Everything else (groceries, eating out, gas, household items, etc.) goes on the Costco card. We don't travel a lot, but I would like to start changing that, hence looking at the two travel cards mentioned.
Work travel has picked up a bit post-pandemic and more in person meetings now as well as wanting to ramp up our own small trips. I like the idea of diverting our credit card rewards to travel, instead of the Costco and Amazon cards that are cash back. If it helps, our level of spending on the Costco Citi Card has YTD rewards at $339 and I think we got a little over $600 last year, so I think we can get a better return than that on travel, but not sure which card to get. Thanks for any advice!
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2023.06.10 17:02 ghostkayaker Fun with the Apple Watch “Stripes” face. ⌚️

There’s a face in Apple Watch OS called Stripes, that let’s you pick how many strips, set their colour, their angle, etc.. It can be a simple decorative pattern to match your outfit, a set of team colours, or a set of patriotic or pride colours. Today, I’m using the stripes feature to rock an Aro-Ace sunset watch face.
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2023.06.10 16:45 illuminatibits Opinions on white vs black case with my components

Just looking for opinions on a white vs black case for my upcoming rig refresh.
I am going to pick up an RGB Lian Li Lancool 216, but I am not decided on white or black yet. These are the parts I am putting in the build (at least the ones relevant to the case question)
PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
CPU AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D 4.2 GHz 8-Core Processor $439.00 @ Amazon
CPU Cooler Noctua NH-D15 82.5 CFM CPU Cooler $0.00
Motherboard ASRock X670E Steel Legend ATX AM5 Motherboard $284.99 @ Newegg
Memory Corsair Vengeance 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR5-6000 CL36 Memory $95.99 @ Newegg
Video Card XFX Speedster MERC 319 Radeon RX 6950 XT 16 GB Video Card $629.99 @ Amazon
Power Supply FSP Group Hydro G Pro 1000 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply $228.84 @ Amazon
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total $1678.81
Generated by PCPartPicker 2023-06-10 10:41 EDT-0400
The case I am looking at: Lancool 216
I have always built white/black builds in black cases. Should I try a white one this time?
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2023.06.10 16:23 InternCertain5513 My top 25 predators (and their noteworthy moments)

Mike Manzi
Gilbert Sutherland
Mohamed Abdallah
John Elliott
Nick Cocos
David Kaye
Donald Morrison
Jeff Stacy
Joshua Colon
Ernest Timmons
Dustin McPhetridge
Rolando Restocruz
Stephen Coates
Jerry Kosis
Jerry Griffitt
Marvin Lakhan
John Kennelly
John Dupee
Jesse Velez
Michael (Jean Pierre) Wehry
Anthony Palumbo
Dan Allen
Maurice Wolin
Lorne Armstrong
Jeff Sokol
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2023.06.10 15:54 ID10-T Last FA Test

Getting Rid of Most of My Flavors, Part 47
PREVIOUS > Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12 - Part 13 - Part 14 - Part 15 - Part 16 - Part 17 - Part 18 - Part 19 - Part 20 - Part 21 - Part 22 - Part 23 - Part 24 - Part 25 - Part 26 - Part 27 - Part 28 - Part 29 - Part 30 - Part 31 - Part 32 - Part 33 - Part 34 - Part 35 - Part 36 - Part 37 - Part 38 - Part 39 - Part 40 - Part 41 - Part 42 - Part 43 - Part 44 - Part 45 - Part 46
Starting Flavor Count: 2,429 (down from 2,972)
TASK OR TRASH - Each flavor gets assigned at least one task or it goes in the trash.


Yup, that’s violet. It tastes very, very violet, without being perfumy. It’s sweet, too, with some chalky sweetness especially in the finish, like a violet candy. It will get a little laundry-soapish with too much, so start low, but it will turn anything floral-purple long before that happens. I don’t get anything I would call an off-note from this.
I need it to make more Mango Beauregarde TASK 1, to make a modernized remix of my old Paradise Cream recipe, and because I want to try Violet Hops, and Jazz Hands (while I still have some Holy Vanilla). There really isn’t much else I want to mix that uses it.
Waffles Vanilla
That is certainly a waffle. There’s a hint of vanilla baked in but I don’t know that it really warrants having vanilla in the name, it’s just a touch. It’s a bit doughy like it’s undercooked but considering how bad some other waffle flavors are, this is definitely one of the better ones. Although it tastes undercookied and doughy in the center and is overall a creamy feeling flavor, it has the nice crispy edges of a waffle. It is a bit nutty if I think about it too hard, around the edges, but I didn’t take hit and immediately go “nuts.” Since the OG INW Waffle is now long gone, I think this is probably my favorite waffle flavor. There isn’t really anything I want (or am able) to mix that uses it, so I’ll just start simple with an attempt at a waffle with butter and maple syrup.
Justwaffle V1 TASK 2
Co. Flavor %
FA Waffles Vanilla 2
FA Maple Syrup 1.5
VT Butter Base 1
VT Golden Syrup 1
Walnut milk? Walnut water? I don’t know, but this flavor is wet. Juicy. Or at least, very moist compared to other nuts. I think that throws the accuracy off quite a bit, but it’s a little more walnutty than WF Walnut. It has that earthy, somewhat sharp top note that I expected from a walnut right up front, but a sweeter, much less distinct nutty thick body that also throws it off of walnut a ways. The whole thing was oddly wet. Could be very useful to combat the dryness that is so ubiquitous with nuts, without being tempted to do something gross like add cactus to them.
I’ll mix some more 2 Flavor Banger with twice as much nicotine as I usually use, perfect for when there’s an open bar. TASK 3
Watermelon (Red Summer)
Sort of like a very authentic watermelon, but not, because it’s so dry. I mean, wetness is like a watermelon’s most defining characteristic. It’s got water right there in the name. This is like freeze-dried astronaut watermelon. It’s also thin and just sort of has that natural watermelon top note minus all wetness and some of the sweetness that makes a watermelon a watermelon. It’s not a bad flavor, but it needs a lot of help.
I have a handful of recipes already in the queue that use this one. Of course I will not be tossing one of the components to the original Strap-On and several variations that I’ve already planned to try and/or try again. One that hasn’t been put on the list yet but will be there now: Fuzzy Strap-On. TASK 4
Whipped Cream
This is my #2 Whipped Cream (OoO is #1). It’s very milky, it manages to very clearly be a dairy product without tasting remotely rancid, like homemade whipped cream. Very full and satisfying, with a lingering milkfat feel like whipped cream. Just a touch of vanilla. It’s a somewhat soft and subtle flavor, lending it an airy, fluffy feel, but not at all drying.
Already picked out at least four recipes that use it, here’s a couple more.
Kahlua Coffee - SSA Tiramisu. If you’ve tried it, you know. TASK 5
hard furry creamy. This one is rated TV MA for coconut violence, but I think I can handle it. TASK 6
Cheap scotch with a big splash of apple juice and a cherry in it. I guess it kind of tastes like whisky. Has a little boozy bite there. It has some peat moss in it that makes it tastes a little bit like cheap scotch but, with a weird and fairly prominent fruity sweetness, somewhere between an apple and a cherry.
I have to keep this (for now) to try Kopel’s Fireside recipe again, so I’ll keep it a little longer than than to try his Castle Longer as well. TASK 7
White Grape
Eating freeze-dried white grapes while wearing a little too much perfume. Very jammy sticky sweet and mostly tastes like white grapes, but vapes pretty dry, or at least not wet and juicy like a grape or grape juice. Maybe needs to be fixed with just a little cactus? But, not sure about that because it already packs quite a floral wallop and cactus might amplify that. There’s a little tart tannic grape skin note that’s appropriate but that musky and slightly bitter floral right on top is unfortunate. I’d use this maybe in a small dose to try to make a “purple” flavor taste a little more like a real grape, as well as add that nice jammy sweetness to it, but not for anything else. Almost certainly not as the main flavor in a mix.
Nothing that uses this is something I want to try, and it’s about time I threw something away this week. TRASH 1
White Peach
It really very accurately, almost freakishly, emulates the difference between a classic yellow peach and a sweeter, sugary white peach. However, it’s a little thin, and a little dry, and I get some throat irritation from it. Gets a bit too sharp and floral if taken up too high, and can overtake a mix while still not being especially bold.
Although it can be a little tricky to work with, this is one of the greatest peach flavors by comparison.
I need it for one of my all-time favorites, Blue Eyes White Dragon TASK 8
I’ve already picked out about eight recipes that make use of it, including two I hope to find time to mix up today. I’ll also try Yet Another Peaches and Cream - just four flavors that look great together. TASK 9
Wine Champagne
Careful with this one. I tried 3-4% shake and vape because my 2% steeped sample was fairly weak and was weird, like rotten grapes. Possibly this just needs to stay a soft, background-type flavor. 2% is not rotten, just fermented. Isn’t fizzy. It’s more like white wine than champagne. Sweet-tart, almost but not quite vinegary tartness. It tastes even more like white wine than FA White Wine, which is more of a brighter white grape flavor, and a good one at that. This tastes too fermented to just be a white grape juice flavor, it’s definitely wine. Kinda gross as a single flavor, but seems like it could make a nice base for any kind of fruit wine and I’ve tried a recipe with watermelon where it did exactly that very well.
Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon Wine was the aforementioned recipe. I liked it very much when I tried it years ago, will give it another shot. TASK 10 It’s also in a Mango Champagne recipe I’ve already planned to try.
Wine White
Somewhere around halfway between a semi-sweet white table wine and white grape juice. Not floral at all. A little fermentedish, but not really boozy. Smooth. Lightly sweet. Not especially thin, more thick-ish. Not dry, actually slightly juicy. Really nothing to complain about here. Fairly light flavor at 1.5%, tastes like it could easily go higher % especially if it is to be the main flavor in a mix. Could easily pass for a bit of white grape flavor in a mix. Better than FA White Grape (that one’s too floral as well as a bit dry).
It’s not a bad flavor, but I can’t find a recipe I want to mix that uses it, and don’t feel inspired to create one. TRASH 2
Sort of tastes like a donut but more of a generic pastry, wrapped around a little bit of fruit that tastes distinctly red but not on point for any particular red fruit such as raspberry or strawberry. Sweet and complex, but also dry and thin, not a thick and rich pastry or especially gooey filling. Also, very slightly harsh. Maybe you could use it to build a fruit-filled donut, but both the donut part and the filling part will need a lot of help, and at that point it’s sort of a why bother type of situation unless maybe it’s a bridge-type of flavor, but arguably that’s not even something you’d want or need if you’re trying to get any separation between pastry and fruit layers.
I’ve planned to try Bite Me already because it looks fantastic, but had trouble finding anything else I really want to use WoW for. I guess I’ll try this Freak Show recipe, TASK 11, but I’m not super excited about it like I am for most of the recipes I link.
Ylang Ylang
I don’t think I’ve ever tried this. I’ll mix a sample at 0.75%. TASK 12
TRASH 3 Trash, with prejudice. One of the top 10 worst flavors I have ever tried. It tastes like a company of athlete’s foot-suffering soldiers marching through a swamp of Miracle Whip, except that that would be very wet and squishy and this is dry and chalky. Aftertaste like I barfed an hour ago and it came out my nose and I still have a case of the stinky burnies. Worst of all, this abomination is a reformulation of a delicious FA Yogurt flavor that is no longer sold.
Zen Garden
Dry sweet basil with some dry sage in the background. Very Dry. Has a slight woody quality.
Keeping it to try Coconut Thai Remixed. I couldn’t find another recipe that I want to mix, but this one for Gin Blossom by CheebaSteeba has interesting elements and I want to see what just this one small piece of a the recipe tastes like.
Zen Suckle V1 TASK 13
Co. Flavor %
TFA Honeysuckle 2.5
FA Aurora 1
FA Zen Garden 0.75
It’s like you sprinkled a little spice blend on one of those powered sugar donuts to try to make it taste fancy. A cake donut with powdered sugar and an indistinct spice note like light nutmeg/cinnamon/maybe clove note. Indistinct warm spice note is not as prominent as it is in WF Deep Fried Pastry Dough but is quite present. Very sweet, dense, possibly fried (slightly oily mouthfeel but not a lot of greasy taste), not yeasty, cake donut because cake donuts get their rise from baking powder rather than yeast and there is no yeast here. A little dry. Lots of powdered sugar on top and in the finish, almost a sugar lips effect. People say the main or only problem with Zeppola is that it sticks out in a mix and they know when it’s in there… I think that’s more due to the spice note than any other defining characteristic. It’s a shame that’s in there because it would be so much better without it, but I know from recipes Zeppola can be a useful tool, even if it’s unfortunately not the Holy Donut Grail.
Most recipes that appear to pretend that weird spice note isn’t there or can be covered with just fruit donut really interest me at all, but if there is another spice added that probably covers it up/pulls it in a given direction, that’s another story. Cinnayum is one that I already plan to try, because it looks amazing.
On the subject of cinnamon rolls, Banana Cinnamon Rolls. TASK 14
Gooey Apple Pie - as long as 1% FLV Apple Filling is enough to make it just take like cinnamon and not that odd Zeppola spice, everything else here looks great. TASK 15
Double Glazed Apple Fritter, 1% WF Deep Fried Pastry Dough is sure to make it fritter-ish, but it looks like doubling down on odd spice blend. Hoping 1.2% Apple Filling saves this one. TASK 16
Didn’t get rid of many flavors or give any updates this week, but I said I was going to get through the rest of FA and I’ve done that. Next week, I’ll dive into German Flavours. Definitely a bunch of trash there.
Note about the subreddit shutting down on Monday
When (if?) it comes back up, I’ll resume posting these here. In the meantime, I’ll continue posting them to my own profile, where I’ve already copy-pasted the first 46 installments. If someone has a better idea for where GRoMoMF can best trudge forward with or without Reddit, I’d be very happy to hear it.
New Flavor Count: 2,426
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2023.06.10 15:33 SchlesingerMindy323 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in CT Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Hartford HealthCare Registered Nurse (RN) - GI Endoscopy Botsford
Middlesex Health Medical Assistant Cromwell
Middlesex Health Hospital Assistant Durham
Middlesex Health Medical Assistant Durham
Middlesex Health Hospital Assistant Essex
Middlesex Health Medical Assistant Essex
Middlesex Health Medical Assistant Hartford
Five Guys Crew Member - starting at 14.50 Middletown
Middlesex Health Family Physician Middletown
Middlesex Health MD Family Physician Middletown
IntelyCare Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) New Haven
Middlesex Health Medical Assistant New Haven
IntelyCare LPN New Haven
VillageMD Medical Assistant - Westerly North Stonington
Middlesex Health Medical Assistant Old Saybrook
UniFirst Route Service Manager - UniFirst Stratford
Hartford HealthCare Physical Therapist - Career Advancement Opportunities Waterbury
PureRED Copywriter - Haddad and Partners (Part of the PureRED family) Bridgeport
US Navy Bomb Technicial (EOD) Bridgeport
US Navy Cryptologic Technician Bridgeport
US Navy Electronics Engineer Bridgeport
Masonicare Nursing Assistant Danbury
PureRED Copywriter Fairfield
PureRED Copy Writer Fairfield
PureRED Copywriter - Haddad and Partners (Part of the PureRED family) Fairfield
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in ct. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.10 15:23 CSGOMatchThreads Bravado vs Party Astronauts / ESL Challenger Katowice 2023 - Group A Elimination Match / Post-Match Discussion

Bravado 🇿🇦 1-2 🇺🇸 Party Astronauts

Vertigo: 16-8 Ancient: 10-16 Inferno: 4-16

Map picks:

Bravado MAP Party Astronauts
X Mirage
Anubis X
X Overpass
Nuke X

Full Match Stats:

Team K-D ADR KAST Rating
🇿🇦 Bravado
🇿🇦 wilj 50-50 80.6 64.3% 1.04
🇿🇦 SloWye 49-50 68.7 68.6% 1.03
🇿🇦 Triton 45-51 78.0 72.9% 1.01
🇿🇦 march 49-53 67.8 67.1% 0.94
🇿🇦 Doru 37-50 59.7 67.1% 0.86
🇺🇸 Party Astronauts
🇺🇸 cxzi 61-50 100.2 70.0% 1.35
🇺🇸 PwnAlone 55-45 77.5 72.9% 1.18
🇺🇸 viz 52-44 75.9 75.7% 1.14
🇺🇸 chop 48-48 70.9 71.4% 1.06
🇺🇸 ben1337 37-45 67.0 70.0% 0.87

Individual Map Stats:

Map 1: Vertigo

Team T CT Total
🇿🇦 Bravado 9 7 16
🇺🇸 Party Astronauts 6 2 8
Team K-D ADR KAST Rating
🇿🇦 Bravado
🇿🇦 SloWye 23-15 89.2 83.3% 1.51
🇿🇦 wilj 22-14 100.3 79.2% 1.49
🇿🇦 march 20-17 78.4 79.2% 1.22
🇿🇦 Triton 15-14 81.5 83.3% 1.22
🇿🇦 Doru 17-15 75.9 79.2% 1.18
🇺🇸 Party Astronauts
🇺🇸 cxzi 21-18 97.2 54.2% 1.22
🇺🇸 viz 17-19 79.7 66.7% 0.99
🇺🇸 PwnAlone 12-19 71.4 62.5% 0.79
🇺🇸 chop 14-19 59.2 62.5% 0.75
🇺🇸 ben1337 10-22 55.7 50.0% 0.49

Vertigo detailed stats and VOD


Map 2: Ancient

Team CT T Total
🇿🇦 Bravado 8 2 10
🇺🇸 Party Astronauts 7 9 16
Team K-D ADR KAST Rating
🇿🇦 Bravado
🇿🇦 SloWye 24-17 83.1 73.1% 1.25
🇿🇦 Triton 19-18 79.3 76.9% 1.11
🇿🇦 march 15-17 57.3 69.2% 0.93
🇿🇦 wilj 15-19 73.1 65.4% 0.88
🇿🇦 Doru 11-18 57.0 65.4% 0.75
🇺🇸 Party Astronauts
🇺🇸 viz 23-16 80.8 76.9% 1.30
🇺🇸 cxzi 20-21 87.3 65.4% 1.20
🇺🇸 ben1337 17-14 82.0 76.9% 1.16
🇺🇸 PwnAlone 18-15 64.8 69.2% 1.08
🇺🇸 chop 11-20 53.8 69.2% 0.81

Ancient detailed stats and VOD


Map 3: Inferno

Team T CT Total
🇿🇦 Bravado 2 2 4
🇺🇸 Party Astronauts 13 3 16
Team K-D ADR KAST Rating
🇿🇦 Bravado
🇿🇦 wilj 13-17 66.7 45.0% 0.73
🇿🇦 march 14-19 68.8 50.0% 0.67
🇿🇦 Triton 11-19 72.2 55.0% 0.67
🇿🇦 Doru 9-17 43.8 55.0% 0.64
🇿🇦 SloWye 2-18 25.6 45.0% 0.27
🇺🇸 Party Astronauts
🇺🇸 PwnAlone 25-11 101.5 90.0% 1.84
🇺🇸 chop 23-9 107.2 85.0% 1.80
🇺🇸 cxzi 20-11 120.7 95.0% 1.75
🇺🇸 viz 12-9 65.1 85.0% 1.14
🇺🇸 ben1337 10-9 61.2 85.0% 0.99

Inferno detailed stats and VOD

This thread was created by the Post-Match Team. If you want to share any feedback or have any concerns, please message u/CSGOMatchThreads.
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2023.06.10 15:15 CSGOMatchThreads EYEBALLERS vs ex-Copenhagen Flames / Elisa Invitational Spring 2023 - Semi-Final / Post-Match Discussion

EYEBALLERS 🇸🇪 1-2 🇩🇰 ex-Copenhagen Flames

Inferno: 14-16 Anubis: 16-7 Overpass: 12-16

Map picks:

EYEBALLERS MAP ex-Copenhagen Flames
X Nuke
Mirage X
X Ancient
Vertigo X

Full Match Stats:

Team K-D ADR KAST Rating
🇸🇪 Sapec 67-55 83.6 69.1% 1.15
🇸🇪 flusha 50-55 83.6 70.4% 1.04
🇸🇪 Peppzor 54-56 72.5 67.9% 0.99
🇸🇪 SHiNE 49-59 64.2 64.2% 0.89
🇸🇪 JW 35-55 48.5 67.9% 0.73
🇩🇰 ex-Copenhagen Flames
🇩🇰 TMB 63-51 83.2 75.3% 1.20
🇩🇰 Farlig 63-54 84.3 69.1% 1.17
🇩🇰 b0RUP 51-48 72.7 74.1% 1.10
🇩🇰 birdfromsky 50-55 71.9 71.6% 1.09
🇩🇰 raalz 51-49 65.7 72.8% 1.00

Individual Map Stats:

Map 1: Inferno

Team T CT Total
🇸🇪 EYEBALLERS 6 8 14
🇩🇰 ex-Copenhagen Flames 9 7 16
Team K-D ADR KAST Rating
🇸🇪 flusha 21-21 87.6 73.3% 1.17
🇸🇪 Sapec 27-22 86.0 70.0% 1.16
🇸🇪 Peppzor 19-26 76.7 70.0% 0.85
🇸🇪 JW 15-23 59.0 73.3% 0.79
🇸🇪 SHiNE 15-23 39.3 46.7% 0.59
🇩🇰 ex-Copenhagen Flames
🇩🇰 Farlig 30-18 100.3 83.3% 1.57
🇩🇰 birdfromsky 21-21 81.8 86.7% 1.27
🇩🇰 TMB 26-20 83.2 80.0% 1.24
🇩🇰 raalz 20-18 69.0 73.3% 1.03
🇩🇰 b0RUP 17-20 73.1 70.0% 0.99

Inferno detailed stats and VOD


Map 2: Anubis

Team T CT Total
🇸🇪 EYEBALLERS 12 4 16
🇩🇰 ex-Copenhagen Flames 3 4 7
Team K-D ADR KAST Rating
🇸🇪 Peppzor 19-11 78.9 87.0% 1.42
🇸🇪 Sapec 18-12 80.6 69.6% 1.28
🇸🇪 SHiNE 17-14 91.7 78.3% 1.27
🇸🇪 flusha 13-14 67.9 60.9% 0.98
🇸🇪 JW 8-9 44.3 78.3% 0.97
🇩🇰 ex-Copenhagen Flames
🇩🇰 b0RUP 14-12 65.5 69.6% 1.05
🇩🇰 birdfromsky 16-16 76.4 47.8% 1.01
🇩🇰 TMB 12-15 65.1 65.2% 0.87
🇩🇰 raalz 9-14 47.9 69.6% 0.79
🇩🇰 Farlig 9-18 57.0 52.2% 0.62

Anubis detailed stats and VOD


Map 3: Overpass

Team CT T Total
🇸🇪 EYEBALLERS 8 4 12
🇩🇰 ex-Copenhagen Flames 7 9 16
Team K-D ADR KAST Rating
🇸🇪 Sapec 22-21 83.5 67.9% 1.06
🇸🇪 flusha 16-20 92.1 75.0% 0.97
🇸🇪 SHiNE 17-22 68.1 71.4% 0.95
🇸🇪 Peppzor 16-19 62.7 50.0% 0.80
🇸🇪 JW 12-23 40.8 53.6% 0.50
🇩🇰 ex-Copenhagen Flames
🇩🇰 TMB 25-16 98.0 78.6% 1.45
🇩🇰 b0RUP 20-16 78.2 82.1% 1.28
🇩🇰 Farlig 24-18 89.5 67.9% 1.23
🇩🇰 raalz 22-17 76.9 75.0% 1.16
🇩🇰 birdfromsky 13-18 57.5 75.0% 1.03

Overpass detailed stats and VOD

This thread was created by the Post-Match Team. If you want to share any feedback or have any concerns, please message u/CSGOMatchThreads.
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2023.06.10 15:00 AutoModerator Monthly /r/neojazz Discussion - What have you been listening to?

Please use this thread to discuss whatever music you've been listening to lately (old or new, any genre). As usual, try not to just list the names of games as your entire post, please make sure to elaborate with your opinions and takeaways. Writing the names of the songs/albums in bold is nice, to make it easier for people skimming the thread to pick out the names. You may also be interested in using a service like (all platforms), ( add-on), Skiley (Spotify), StatsForSpotify (Spotify), or Apple Music's Replay feature to visually depict what albums/songs/artists/genres you've been listening to. This site can be used to generate collages.
Some other things you can do:
Happy talking!
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2023.06.10 14:46 owlhoods need advice on brands and not losing hope

i've recently decided to make the transition and i need advice on looking for brands. really i've been focusing lately on cutting out all the worst companies from my life as much as i can, selling/deleting all my apple/google/microsoft products and services etc. and going vegan is just another part of doing what i feel i need to in order to contribute as little as possible to all the awful shit in this world (it's especially cool knowing that a literal third of the internet including reddit runs on amazon infrastructure but we do what we can i guess). my problem therein when looking for vegan products is not wanting to simply settle for "despicable corporation run by unfathomably evil people but this paticular product of theirs doesn't use animal products so it's ok". when i see "Milk, by Milkcorp" on a shelf and then "Vegan! Milk, by Milkcorp" next to it it's hard to feel like there's a point when my money's going to the same place. but when i look for stores and brands that are as ethical un-unethical as possible i start to lose hope that it's at all financially viable
i want to buy soya milk, ok i pick up alpro, get home look it up online and whoops that's danone, which it does not mention anywhere on the packaging because they obviously want as few vegans knowing it as possible. so i start digging and i can't find any soya milk online from decent brands for less than £2 a litre, when the giant tesco next door to me has its own brand for 55p. toiletries and cleaning products the same, most things cost 3x as much for a torture-free/slavery-free/executives-who-would-commit-a-genocide-to-save-a-few-dollars-free-branded alternative. i signed up for ethicalconsumer to try to make things easier and it really does feel like a hopeless endeavor
do i have to triple my grocery budget or do i just settle for saying "well at least it's telling Tortureslaverygenociderape Brothers & Co. that there is also demand for vegan products as well as their meat and dairy products"? i know no ethical consumption under capitalism etc etc but i still want to do everything i feasibly can
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2023.06.10 14:39 Starrboys Seems like a scam

I picked up a bundle order for three hours from now. The first seems fine but the second is for an Apple Watch from a first time customer. Do I keep it and pretend I can’t find the Apple Watch or do I call support and ask them to drop the scammy looking order?
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2023.06.10 14:19 Ancient_Gate Corsair 27" OLED XENEON 27QHD240 KVM PSA & thoughts

Hello, all. I received the Corsair XENEON 27" OLED panel last week after pre-ordering and wanted to provide a PSA related to the KVM function as well as share some general thoughts about the monitor:
Overall, I would recommend as a gaming monitor if you find IPS glow problematic and distracting. For me, IPS glow significantly distracts from the immersion and overall gaming experience. If you play dark games like I do, the lack of glow and exceptional color vibrancy on this monitor makes the game world come alive in a way that IPS panels are incapable of replicating. I would not advise picking this up for mixed use if you are sensitive to text fringing and/or work with text all day. The price is substantial, but options in this space (the high performance, no-IPS-glow space, that is) are limited.
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2023.06.10 14:12 TheodoreWatson Earn CASH for walking 🚶‍♀️

Download Cashstep and earn money for walking! 👟💰We both get $1 when you sign up using my code KZQHZ!
Cashstep $$ bonus
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2023.06.10 14:12 TheodoreWatson Earn CASH for walking 🚶‍♂️

Download Cashstep and earn money for walking! 👟💰We both get $1 when you sign up using my code KZQHZ!
Cashstep $$ bonus
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2023.06.10 13:52 Pleasant-Magician620 Some kind of CNS disease?

Good afternoon all.
31 year old male here from the UK. This is a long story so I'll try to condense it as best I can.
Back in April, right at the start I experienced a good few days of steadily worsening confusion. To the point where I had to stop driving and I would say the wrong words but be aware I did so.
This escalated to headaches, mild trembling in my right hand which would go away pretty quick and then to quite constant pins and needles in my right arm (a little in my left but not as bad). This went on to the point where I had to go to A&E. After a few visits they gave me a CT, head and neck. All clear apart from a small bone spur on my neck. The doc called it a conclusion at that and sent me on my way.
Fast forward to now and since then I have had an MRI (head and cervical spine). This revealed very small T2 foci which were deemed to be clinically non specific.
Nothing was found on my cervical spine. Since this my symptoms in terms of pins and needles in my arms have pretty much gone apart from the odd episode which fades quite easy.
The headaches are pretty much gone hopefully. My main symptom now is heavy feeling arms and legs along with pain in my spine. I also have these strange red dots which appear on the palms of my hands. Not irritating or painful and they fade in a matter of hours.
I realise this may be pretty vague but I just wondered if someone would maybe pick it up and discuss it with me? Healthcare in my town is very poor and it could be a month before I hear from a neurologist.
If you made it this far, thank you.
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2023.06.10 13:50 linneaelli What is aka mfa and how to setup? is a site given by Microsoft that permits clients to set up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for their Microsoft accounts. MFA is an additional layer of safety that expects clients to give a second type of confirmation, for example, a code shipped off their phone or an authentication app, notwithstanding their secret key while signing into their record.
This forestalls unapproved admittance to their record, regardless of whether their secret key is compromised. gives a bit by bit cycle to empower MFA on a Microsoft account and permits clients to choose their favored technique for authentication.
How would I set up my
Sign in to Microsoft 365 as expected with your work or school record and secret word. At the point when you click Sign in, you'll be requested more subtleties. Pick Straightaway. The free Microsoft Authenticator app is utilized naturally as the method for demonstrating what your identity is.
Download and install the app -
• Install the most recent adaptation of the Authenticator app for your working framework:
• The piece of Google that chips away at Android. Find the Authenticator app on your Android device by going to research Play and looking for it.
• Apple made the working framework for smartphones. On your iOS device, you can get the Authenticator app from the App Store.
The most effective method to activate in Office 365 ?
To activate in Office 365, follow these means:
• Enter the Workplace 365 Administrator Community by signing in.
• Go to "Clients" and pick the client for whom you need to set up MFA.
• Under "Record," pick "Multi-Factor Auth."
• Click "Arrange."
• Follow the means on the screen to set up MFA utilizing the Microsoft Authenticator app or another technique.
• During sign in, the client will be approached to enter a check code. This code can Be made by the Microsoft Authenticator app or shipped off the client's phone by means of instant message.
Benefits Of multi-factor authentication -
The benefits of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) with include:
• Further developed security: MFA adds an additional layer of security by requiring a second factor notwithstanding a secret word, making it harder for assailants to get to delicate data.
• Diminished hazard of record split the difference: MFA decreases the gamble of unapproved admittance to your records, regardless of whether a secret key is compromised.
• Consistence with guidelines: MFA assists associations with meeting administrative necessities for solid authentication, like HIPAA and PCI DSS.
• Helpful authentication: The Microsoft Authenticator app gives a speedy and advantageous method for validating without the requirement for security tokens or phone calls.
• Expanded certainty: MFA gives clients certainty that their records and touchy data are secure, regardless of whether their secret phrase is taken.
How would I add MFA to authenticator app?
Open the Authenticator app, tap the symbol in the upper right corner that says "Modify and control," and then tap "Add account." Next, tap "Work or school account." Pick OR ENTER CODE The hard way. Step 1's Code and URL ought to be placed here, and then click "Finish." On the Records page of the app, you can see the name of your record and a check code.
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2023.06.10 13:21 ColonelWKurtz Episode 634 “Guns & Buns”

The JBP is back after a wild week of news which starts with some drama surrounding Pelicans forward Zion Williamson after a pregnancy announcement. Dating rumors swirl between Kelis & Bill Murray (1:03:01), Travis Rudolph’s case reaches a verdict as the former NFL player is found not guilty (1:16:40), & B. Simone is facing backlash for promoting her close friends during a time of grief (1:27:15). Also, Azealia Banks attacks DC Young Fly with disgusting comments (1:36:50), the gang talks new music (1:47:08), Amber Rose & Joseline Hernandez fight (2:37:55), + MORE!
Become a Patron of The Joe Budden Podcast for additional bonus episodes and visual content for all things JBP.: Tap in here Sleeper Picks: Joe Honey Bxby - “Touchin’”
Ice Don Trip - “No Warning Shot”
Parks Shawn Smith - “Black Don’t Crack”
Ish Marie Dalhstrom (feat. Kofi Stone) - “Make It Up To You”
Melyssa KAYTRANADA (feat. Charlotte Day Wilson) - “What You Need”
Flip Nu Look - “Pa Anmede’m”
Spotify Apple Google
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