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2023.06.10 19:58 Key-Front392 I (F18) cheated on my toxic ex (M19) with my manager and keep getting harassed. How can I move on from this?

I (f18) was in a relationship for a year and a half with my ex (m19). He was very very insecure. He was a virgin when we met and I was far from it. He took it out on me constantly. He blamed me for getting physically assaulted by a man before we met because I slept with him. He ruined my 18th birthday by accusing me of cheating with my friend because her middle name is my first name. Bare in mind she was my ONLY friend. And he was critical of her for no reason. Making jokes about her weight and such. And a friend I made later who was transgender he was extremely rude about her and wouldn’t let me see her because he viewed her as a man, and I wasn’t allowed to be near men.
He made me cry constantly and wouldn’t listen or care. I have ASD and I’ve always been very naive when people hit on me. The problem was he constsntly shamed me and controlled what I could do. So I didn’t take it as a oh he cares I took it as a wow what a bad person. So I defintiely talked to people who liked me a lot and didn’t really realise and I feel bad but I wish we’d had good communication. I tried to have it so many times and talked very openly about what upset me and why but he wouldn’t do that.
Later on in our realtionship he snapped at me for no reason and screamed at me in public, cussing me out and made me cry and starting punching walls and threatening to leave me alone there (he was my lift and we weren’t near home). What caused this? Me asking to pee hahah. I left him for one day and inevitably ended up being the one to beg for him back. During the day we were apart I was trying to sext other people to get my mind off it and move on but I couldn’t, ofc I undersrnad how this puts people off getting back together. I’ve used my body for attention for years and it’s not healthy. But we got back when we shoudlnt have. I wasn’t happy.
He always bought me things and took me places. Comforted me and bought me things when I was on my period or sad. Took me on dates and paid for everything. The occasional insults and anger outbursts and controlling behaviours were not all the time. I’m not close with my parents and have 2 friends who I’m not rlly close with. So this is a lot to me and it was hard to leave because I’ve never met someone who could put up with me.
I got a new manager at work (m29) who immedaitely took interest in me. I was very disgusted at first, I have a history of sexual harassment at my workplace being the only girl and dealing with old men as customers all day as well. We eventually became sorta friends and talked a lot over text. Looking back it was weird but I don’t really have many friends and it seemed genuine. I hate how naive I am but I still view him as nice and more genuine than anyone else sometimes.
One night we had a staff do. Both drunk, me and my manager flirted over text after. Not in person once. I felt disgusting about it. I kept saying I can’t because of my boyfriend and I don’t like my manager at all. But it happened. I told my bf within an hour and broke up with him. I was glad we were over and I had an excuse (I knew what I did would mean we’d break up and honestly I think that’s partly why I did it) He came over to my house and started throwing my stuff, snatched my phone, filmed a video of me crying to send to his friend saying “look at the wh0r3” over and over saying how I don’t deserve to be loved and even called his friend so they could degrade me together and threatening screaming at me so loud my parents were going to call the police. It was scary. He went straight to my workplace right after to scream at and threaten them. Within a day he came back to my house to ask for forgiveness. I turned him away as I was still shaken.
After we broke up, I went on a date with my manager. He was talking to me every day and letting me cry about missing my ex over the phone. I thought he really cared for me more than anyone ever has to let me do that when he likes me. I’ve never had that support in my life. But looking back that might be naivety. It’s probably stupid that I’m still not sure. I still think he cares more than anyone else but he’s almsot 30 and I’m 18 and he wanted to sleep with me. But still I’m not sure. I went to his house after and I wasn’t rlly sure on sex. I’m not at all attracted to him and the age gap is weird. I Saïd no at first but he really wanted to and I was physcially aroused so I said he can just touch me but I am not comfy doing anything back.
Long story short he ended up giving me head because he really wanted to and I didn’t see the harm in refusing because well it’s just free pleasure right? I don’t know why I’ve always had that mindset because the sex I had with my ex was so passionate and intimate and I truly can’t enjoy casual sex with people I don’t care about after that. Looking back the age gap and my lack of self respect to firmly say no makes me feel sick. But I was still single and it wasn’t really overly willingly
My ex has come back to me so many times. Every time it starts off the same. He makes a new account or even showed up at my house before. He’s bought me many gifts since we broke up to get me back. Every time I let him back in, tell him how sorry I am and let him insult me to blow off steam and comfort him. And he cuddles and tells me he Loves me and gets me food. Then he has sex with me. And then within a day tells me how disgusting for getting with my manager. Bear in mind he’s been with another girl since we broke up as well. He’s fully harassed me for almost 5 months now and can never leave me alone more than a week. Well tell me he wanted to murder me then 3 days later message all of my friends to beg to see me and bring flowers. And I feel so much guilt for what happened that I keep letting him back but he’s extremely verbally abusive. I just always feel I deserve it because of what happened and let him blow of the steam.
I judt don’t know what to think. I know I’m in the wrong. And I know the guilt and disgust I feel is the result of my own actions. But being so lonely now with no friends and awkward at my job as well as being harassed reguarly is so hard. He always makes new accounts and it’s so hard to shut him down when he pretends to wsnt me to lead me on because I feel so much guilt. I know how awful he is deep down but I don’t know how to move on when I’m far from the victim in this situation. It’s hard to stop responding when I messed up. But the harassment and making me feel I deserve to die and whatnot with zero support in my life outside of my manager who I’d rather not use as support is difficult. Man relationships are complex. I’m not asking for sympathy btw I know what I did was very crappy. How do I move on from this?
TL;DR I cheated on my toxic ex to leave him and I let my older manager use my body and I’ve been harassed by my ex for months on end
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2023.06.10 19:57 Morganzax 🎬 Get ready for a nightmarish rollercoaster of terror and laughter with "Hellvira's Haunted Asylum of Horror"! 🎪👻

From the depths of Hell to the abandoned corridors of an eerie asylum, the mischievous succubus clown girl, Hellvira (Sushii Xhyvette Holder), brings you a spine-chilling spectacle that will leave you trembling with fear and howling with laughter. This small-budget indie horror film is a wild ride like no other, packed with unforgettable characters and twisted thrills!
Step into Hellvira's world, a place where nightmares come to life. She escaped the clutches of Hell itself and stumbled upon the decaying asylum, transforming it into her very own haunted studio set. But this is no ordinary studio - it's a sinister playground where she broadcasts her own demented horror show!
Join Hellvira and her peculiar band of companions as they unleash chaos and mayhem upon the unsuspecting souls who dare to watch. First, meet Mister Nanners (Al Burke), a demonic sock puppet with a wicked sense of humor that will make your blood run cold. Hoark the Clown, an animatronic possessed by pure evil, will have you gasping for breath with his maniacal laughter.
But fear not! Lord Xyclon 7 (Scott Welborn), a cyborg war machine from another dimension, stands as Hellvira's mighty protector. His metallic might will be put to the ultimate test against the forces of darkness lurking in the asylum's darkest corners. And let's not forget Miss Fang (Hannah Smith), the seductive vampire who adds a touch of dark allure to this chilling tale.
Among the asylum's haunted halls, you'll encounter Nurse Daphne (Chanda Rawlings), a ghost who has a peculiar fondness for Mister Nanners, creating a ghostly romance that's both haunting and heartwarming. And beware the presence of Sluggo (Michael McGlynn), a baby doll birthed from the depths of the Hellion God, Terminus Omen. Its innocent appearance belies a wicked nature that will send shivers down your spine.
But that's not all! Prepare for utter pandemonium as the infamous Punchy the Clown from the Killjoy series makes a riotous guest appearance, turning Hellvira's asylum into a playground of chaos. With his zany antics and blood-soaked laughter, Punchy will have you questioning your own sanity.
"Hellvira's Haunted Asylum of Horror" promises a night of horror, humor, and heart-stopping entertainment. Brace yourself for a unique indie experience that combines the frights of classic horror with the quirkiness of the circus. With a blend of practical effects, creepy atmosphere, and a cast of unforgettable characters, this show will leave you begging for more.
Don't miss your chance to enter Hellvira's haunted world. Get ready to laugh, scream, and face your darkest fears. Step inside the twisted mind of this succubus clown girl and experience the terror that awaits in "Hellvira's Haunted Asylum of Horror"! Coming soon to a streaming app near you. 🔥🤡🔪
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2023.06.10 19:56 goofythrowawaylame I have been making dua to allah to protect me and my family for 6 years everyday.

A little background about me. I'm female and 19 years old. I turned 19 this year. I've been making this dua since I was 12. Bad things have happened to me like physical abuse from someone I won't state who and bullying by peers at school. But that stopped. It all ended. It's in the past. I healed from it. Nothing bad has ever happened since those incidents. Nobody has said anything bad to my face. Maybe people backbite behind my back. But no one has ever come up to me saying bad things to me, oppressing me, ridiculing me, abusing me etc. So I can't recall ever being hurt by others. I haven't faced serious life threatening illnesses. Nothing bad has happened to me. I got robbed while I was sleeping in a room but nothing happened to me. I read surah baqarah that night like a few ayats (verses) and surah baqarah was playing on my phone out loud while I was asleep. It was the best sleep ever LOL! Never felt more at peace in my life. And I didn't get killed by the robbers. There was also a time these 3-4 men tried to r word me if you know what I mean. Something happened that prevented that from happening. I was saved before they could even touch a hair on my head. I think I was 17 when that incident happened. I have been tested with schizophrenia. At the end of 2022 I got cured from my schizophrenia. I remember when I got schizophrenia. I said alhamdulillah. I was grateful because I knew allah was testing me and I might get a reward for being patient. So I never complained why did allah give me schizophrenia. I actually felt like it was a stepping stone to eventually enter jannah through being patient with this trial and test. And alhamdulillah I got cured. So I got it easy because of this dua. I would read it everyday, but I'm human. I would sometimes forget to say this dua. I would forget for one or 4 days. But then when I would remember I would continue saying it daily and remind myself to not forget. Alhamdulillah now in this year 2023 I haven't forgot one single day to say it. I say it every night after maghrib near isha time. Subhanallah. Not one day have I missed to say this dua. I want to keep saying this dua for a long long time. Maybe six more years. If I live long enough. I also make this other dua that allah makes me live longer. Alhamdulillah. So my point of telling you this story is how my dua got answered instantly because I kept on making this dua daily. And how if you want something badly ask for it to allah swt. He will accept your dua. And the more you ask the more he loves it. As a woman this dua was more important to me than a dua for wanting money or worldly things. Because I don't have a mahram to protect me from danger so all I have to rely on is allah. So I don't have people strong or capable enough to protect me. That is why I made this dua. Because the strongest source of power I can rely on is who? Allah.
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2023.06.10 19:54 SwitchbladeLobotomy Always respect the forest when you go camping. (Part 2)

Part 1
It’s been a day, and still no sign of anyone coming by. I was really hoping to be writing this in the comfort of my home, but apparently there’s other plans for me.
I’ve been out of food and water, it’s all back at the campsite and I can’t rightly go back there.
I guess I’ll keep on reliving what was going on, maybe that’ll make time pass faster.
Ivy and I had dashed away into the woods, the late evening sun rushing through the trees alongside us. We heard the panicked yells and footfalls of our friends as they also fled, and we knew the ranger would likely be close behind us.
As fucked up as this is, I could only hope and pray that he’d follow after them instead of us.
We ran for what felt like an hour, but from the lack of darkness, I know it couldn’t have been that long. The sun was going down slowly, lazily, like it does in the summer. At least Ivy had killed the guy’s ATV, he’d have to follow on foot…
Although with how big the fucker was, his strides were probably long enough that was a negligible issue. Shit.
We stopped for a breather, the woods still eerily silent. We could no longer hear screams, or hurried footsteps. Just our breathing, trying as best we can to keep quiet.
After some time, we started moving again, slower now. The light was starting to fade, and we decided our best course of action was to try and walk back to the cars and go get help. Of course, there was hardly any signal at the cars, and absolutely none once we got into the woods proper, but we hoped we could get through to 911, if nothing else.
I looked to one side as I stood up, and on my left, I could see a phone flashlight cutting through the branches, bobbing with each step. From where it was being held, it likely wasn’t tall enough to be the officer. I squinted, and once it got a bit closer, I could make out the distraught features of Greg, Jeremy’s brother. His girlfriend, Loretta, was close behind. Both of them looked like they’d been crying, which was… understandable, I guess.
Greg looked at Ivy and I, squinting past his light. “You guys seen him?”
We both shook our heads, and Loretta rolled her eyes. “I told you we should just go, Greg.”
He snapped his head back to her, a glare on his face. “We all need to get out of here, babe. I don’t wanna leave anyone behind.”
Before Loretta could respond, the sound of metal scraping on metal was heard, like in a movie when a knife is pulled from a sheath. I turned my head again, and saw the large, imposing figure of the ranger.
He stood about ten feet off, holding a hatchet in one hand. “Hey, there, kiddos. Using lights at night in the forest can really disturb the local flora and fauna of this here forest.”
With that sentence that sounded straight out of a PSA, he Hurled the hatchet, the head of it finding purchase in Greg’s thigh. He let out a scream and collapsed to the ground, holding the handle of the small axe as he writhed on the ground. The ranger grinned, the last few rays of sunlight illuminating his face enough to let us see his sick joy at the turn of events.
Loretta screamed and bolted back in the way her and Greg had come, and he looked after her for only a moment, before looking at Ivy and I. “Go on, get the hell out of here! Go!”
Ivy hesitated for a moment, clearly wanting to help, but at the first footfall from the ranger, they nodded and took off, me following closely behind. As we took off, we could hear one last defiant shout from Greg.
“Fucking do it then! You goddamn freak! DO IT! Fucking ki-”
The word was cut off by the sound of impact on flesh, over and over. Eventually we ran far enough to escape the sound, and collapsed on the forest floor, breathing heavily.
We heard heavy footsteps treading, but not getting closer to us. They went parallel to us, eventually fading out into the night air.
We sat for about 20 minutes, listening for any sign of pursuit, or any sign of our friends. Right when we were about to get up and keep walking, we heard what sounded like a rope moving quickly? I can’t quite think of the words to describe it. It was close, we ran towards the sound and in about five minutes we saw Luke hanging upside-down from a tree, his bag resting on the ground near his head.
He looked at us as we approached, and quickly started shouting for help. Ivy and I both tried to shush him, but he wouldn’t listen, and we quickly heard the ranger making his way through the trees towards us again.
Luke seemed to realize what was coming, and he started screaming louder. Not for help, now, though. For Adam, for his mother, for God, anyone who could maybe hear him and send some giant eagles his way, so to speak.
The ranger emerged from the brush again, looking at his newly caught quarry with another grin. His uniform was stained with splatters of blood now, although his face was clean. His hatchet was tucked into his belt, now, and he was carrying a small bag on his back.
“Now, in this here forest we practice catch, tag, and release. These here snares are for catching, now I’ll tag, and then release.”
Luke tried to swing away from the man, but he reached behind the tree and pulled on a rope, and the snare gave suddenly, with Luke falling violently.
Due to his momentum in trying to swing away from the man, he didn’t land on his shoulder or have time to put his arms up to break his fall. He landed face first in the dirt, at a steep angle. His neck snapped, as did his back, and he folded over himself, his feet coming to rest near his head. His body gave one final shudder, and a wheezing, rattling gasp, before falling quiet.
The ranger cocked his head to one side, seemingly puzzled. I couldn’t help but think of a meme Ivy had sent me before this trip, asking why animals cock their heads when they see something strange.
What, does it make more sense at a 45 degree angle, bud?
The ranger coughed, still staring at Luke’s body. “Well. That, uh… Huh.”
He looked genuinely surprised, before shrugging and walking towards us.
Ivy, who’d been looking at Luke as well, a green tinge to their face, snapped their head up at the movement and bolted. I turned to watch them go, barely turning my head back to see the ranger swinging a fist at my head.
I yelped and dropped to my knees, barely dodging the swing. He snarled and tried to grab my hair, but I was able to dart between his legs and kick at the back of his left knee. He grunted and stumbled as I felt around wildly in the dirt. A solid stick, a rock, surely something here could help me…
The ranger stood back up, looming over me with a scowl. “Y’know, in this here forest we do our best to keep the paths clear. You’re not likely to find much that’ll help you bash my skull in, miss.”
He grabbed me by the shoulders and lifted me off the ground, dirt still between my fingers. Desperately, as he lifted me to his eye level, I ripped off his sunglasses with one hand, flinging dirt into his eyes with the other.
The ranger swore, dropping me and rubbing at his face. I took the opportunity and darted into the woods, in the general direction that I saw Ivy run.
Bedding down again for the night. Like I said, there’s barely any signal out here, all my calls have been dropping before they can get anywhere. Gonna try and conserve battery on my phone, keep my hazards on and hope that someone comes by.
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2023.06.10 19:54 Fast_Peanut4541 Just looking for some good advice seriously I'm open minded

Take a look into my life so I'm 32 about to be married in a week I have 3 kids and one on the way I am self employed I make less then $30000 a year at $20 dollars an hour does seasonal landscapin I just finished paying my car off which put $380 back in my pocket just to be taken by food and other bills I wanna start my own business but can't because my licenses are holding me back and I need less then $2000 to get them back for a probable cause dui charge to clear my licenses so I can get my life on track but I can't do that when I can't even spare the money. Now I go to work every day every week for up to a min of 16 hours to a max of 30 usually a week now I've been working in this same company for 10 years and some with only 4 max employees he has me a a jack of all trades basically one day I'm cutting grass the next I'm sealcoating his drive or working on his truck mind you all for 20 a hour Then he tells us almost every year we did bad but in the past 4 year we help this man build his new house get his 2022 brand new trucks tagged till 2029 he got a 50ft boat with a 3000 dollar fishing radar on the boat he just went last week and got a brand new 2023 Harley limited edition but when I mention any of my problems it I ain't losing any sleep I got in too accident none of my fault and I get I don't give a fuck and heres a claim number good luck Now I depend on this job for my family survival I use to love to do it but now I hate it and I wanna be where he is I understand it's his business but dang so what should I do in this situation I wanna get this place I'm living in but I don't know if I can afford it do I ask for a raise or say my hourly rate need to go up I don't have to pay for any transportation for work brother in law live close by to pick me up every morning he makes 24 an hour and self employed to in damn near the same boat as me what should I do
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2023.06.10 19:51 The1Matthan Update on my first time ever being green on the 3 month chart. Implemented proper risk mitigation on 4/20 and up over 5k (109%) since 😁

Update on my first time ever being green on the 3 month chart. Implemented proper risk mitigation on 4/20 and up over 5k (109%) since 😁
Just wanted to update everyone on how things have gone since my last post. Like most new day traders, it was not setting and executing proper stop losses that was holding me back. Since 4/20 I'm 8 wins to 3 losses with near even average wins/losses. Discipline is a lot harder than it sounds and I can still improve there, but it's nice to celebrate the wins with you guys when they come. No YOLOs from me, just A+ MoMo setups and dip trades. Only doing 1 to 3 trades a week to keep W/L ratio high. Will put link to last post in comments from 21 days ago where I was just over $6 up on the 3 month chart 😁
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2023.06.10 19:50 Dragon_4567 A hollow’s outer demon

Shard and Shara stand in an open field with no one else around. There’s a slight breeze as the two stare each other down. Share with an emotionless face and Shara a devilish grin
Shara: “You know I was hoping this fight would happen sooner, I wanted to use Uncreative’s powers against you, but unfortunately they’ve worn off. It’s no matter though. I can still kill you without them”
before Shard could respond Gamma formed itself into a scythe for Shara who blitzes towards Shard who barely manages to block the attack by summoning a shield made from their Determination. Shard then throws Shara off of who but she lands on her feet. Share then summons a sword of Determination and gets ready to fight
Shard: “You sure we can’t talk this out?”
Shara: “Very”
Shard: “So be it”
Shard slashes the air with their sword sending a wave of energy at Shara. Gamma turns itself into a barrier that blocks the attack. Shard runs in for an attack but Gamma wraps itself around Shara’s right arm and turns into a bladed whip. She swings it at Shard who blocks it but the force cracks their shield and sends them flying
Shard lands on their back and before they can get up Shara had jumped into the air with Gamma now as a large hammer that she swings down on Shard. Shard blocks it but the impact makes a crater in the ground and nearly breaks their shield. Shard grabs hold of the hammer and sends a bolt of lightning through it shocking Shara and sending her crashing into a nearby cliff. Shara gets up and grabs their head and thinks ti herself
Shara: “So this is what pain feels like, not as bad as I thought
Gamma morphs into a bow as Shara makes arrows out of a pink energy, she fires and the one arrow splits into thirty. Shard takes their sword and deflects most of them but one impales them in the leg. Shara capitalizes on this window and wraps Gamma around Shard immobilizing them. She then punches them in the face sending them flying. Before Shard could hit the ground Shara appears behind them and kicks them into the air. Shara then appears into of Shard again but before she could attack Shard breaks free and blasts her with a fire ball. Gamma catches her before she falls to the ground as Shard lands breaking their fall with a pillar of water
Shard gets back up to continue the fight but they stop and fall to one knee. They feel weaker and struggle to get back up. Just then they hear Shara laughing as they hear a noise
[You have drained 35% of Shard’s Determination]
Shara: “I’m surprised you didn’t notice it sooner. I’ll admit you’re strong being able to fight like that while being drained. But I wanted to make sure that I would win right here and now”
just as she said that the sky changes colors as swirling pink energy appears above them. As Shard looks at it they realize something, they realize what it is made of
Shard: “Those are-“
Shara: “giggles Yup! Those are souls! But not just any souls. You see before Uncreative’s ice magic wore off I used his Dimension Ice to travel back to our home universe”
Shard: “No, you didn’t”
Shara smiles a big evil grin as she continues
Shara: “There I killed everyone you ever cared for, everyone one you’ve ever loved, and I harvested their souls, and before I left I destroyed that universe to make sure that you couldn’t just reset everyone back. They’re dead Shard, and they’re staying dead!”
as Shara said that the pink lights went into her. She drained and absorbed every last soul that she had harvested as Shard felt all their friends be erased as they were absorbed. After Shara was done her hair turned completely pink and she erupted in a pink aura. Shard just looked at the ground their hair covering their eyes. Before they could react Shara was behind they with Gamma as a scythe once again. A huge gash appeared on Shard’s body nearly cutting them in two
Shara: “Oh don’t look so down my other. You’ll be joining your friends soon enough”
To be continued
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2023.06.10 19:48 ThrowRAcheese2 How and why do people still order steak at Chipotle? Inedible gristle and fat...

So years ago when I tried ordering steak in my burrito bowls a few times, I'd want to like it but would be disappointed. The steak itself tasted good in the good bites, but most of the time it seemed like probably a good third or so of the pieces of steak would have gristle and/or fat in them that made them hard or impossible to eat without wanting to gag. I pretty much stopped ever even trying it, plus haven't gotten Chipotle as often over the past 5 years or so.
Today I ordered a bowl and steak sounded good, so I thought I'd try it again. And holy shit. The first bite I ate had around a 2 inch long blob of pure fat with a little gristle to it. Every bite after was nearly as bad, and I had to keep spitting them out. I'm not even exaggerating, it wasn't just fatty or gristly steak, it was mostly globs made up of 50%+ gristle and fat some of which had small amounts of edible meat attached to them. I was literally halfway through the bowl and had eaten about 7 or 8 bites of steak before I got to the first one I could even swallow. And I wasn't being picky at that point, even the one I actually swallowed had some fat on it...the rest were just so gristly I tried chewing them and absolutely couldn't get them broken down to swallow, or a few were just made up of mostly fat and I couldn't do it.
I'd say out of the entire burrito bowl there were maybe 3 or 4 actual small pieces of steak that didn't have a bunch of fat or gristle attached and would've qualified as edible. I can't imagine even the least picky person ever getting this stuff and then deciding to regularly order it. How does Chipotle continue selling steak like this, how do they not get constant complaints?
Admittedly it could be different at different locations and the majority of times I've tried steak have been at one particular location, but I've had it at a few others that seemed bad, too.
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2023.06.10 19:48 ShadowSV-U1 Self-promotion Thread

Use this thread to promote yourself and/or your work!
(Descriptions of fictional crimes investigated by the story's main Character Max.)
Detective's Fate
It's august of 2008.....
Max is a detective living in Chicago He checks his pistol and puts on his police badge as he walks out his front door.
He has been searching for a serial killer known as the Caller for years and always been one step behind due to the red tape.....
More importantly the chief's lazy attitude towards getting search warrants and actions approved by the courts for raids. Twice Max had good intel on the suspect's locations and photo evidence showing him at the sites.
The department needs more vigilant, caring officers and leaders but no one steps up to do it, instead they just complain about the slow progress and officers. And hinder investigations.
Now Max has decided that it might be time to stop playing by the rules and catch this scumbag.... .... ....
Starting his car Max sets his GPS to the address that "The Caller" was last seen and pulls out of his driveway as the 50 miles of directions pop up.
The killer's nickname being for his signature of calling in as he is committing the crime.
As he drives he remembers his first case, five years ago now..... ..... .....
A woman, Joane Taylor, was found dead in an alleyway after going out for the night. She showed no signs of struggle leading the police to believe she had drank to much and expired from alcohol poisoning.... ...
The death was written off as a "party gone wrong".... That is until several more were found and the coroner decided on a whim to test for other substances.
Once it came out that the deaths were possible murders...
The calls started coming in, almost like the suspect wanted credit before revealing himself....
Then ways of the deaths began changing as the Serial Killer explored his twisted desires searching for his preferred method.
The last case being a young woman found stuffed in a dumpster after the killer apparently got scared off.... Max will never forget it.... .... ....
The GPS finishes and the car beeps its final direction, taking an exit off the highway. Ramps out here are always confusing... Which is funny since he has driven this one for five years now...
The chief says he should sit this one out but he can't... The latest victim 3 months ago.
Marie Spelner, a waitress out on her smoke break talking to her spouse on the phone.
Survived by her husband, no children or living relatives. ....
Max Spelner turns into the driveway of the house he was directed to... Stepping out of the car he walks up and knocks on the door. Looking at the house he knows the family must be doing well if they live here.... Raising his hand to knock again he hears a scream from inside....
A second later the door is answered by a middle aged butler holding a tray with wine glasses on it... "Hello Sir, I'm sorry but this house does not wish to partake in any offers at this time..."
Max calmly says. "I'm not selling anything."
The butler looks confused for a moment before his eyes dart over Max's shoulder seeing his unmarked cruiser and he nods.
Looking past the butler Max sees that a woman is cleaning up after their dog.
"Have you seen this man?" Says Max holds up a picture of the one suspected of being the killer.
The butler gives it a once over before replying. "I'm sorry sir, no I have not." His tone sounds like he is lying... ....
"Are you sure?" The detective asks.
"I would not lie about something like that, sir." He states, his eyes not meeting Max's.
The woman calls from inside "Fletcher, who are you talking too?"
"Some man asking about a killer" he calls back.
"The killer is an inside job!" The woman quickly states.
"What?!" Max says.
"The Killer, it's an inside job." She says again, louder this time. In the same Max also hears a child begin to cry in another room.
"We should start from the beginning, it will be easier to explain trust me." The woman says.
'She seems to know what is going on....
"How do I know your story holds water?" He asks out loud.
"Oh I wouldn't lie. I have been following the case myself and it seems like an inside job to me." She states, somehow sounding hurt.
"Is there anyone else in the house besides you two and the baby?" He asks noticing the baby isn't crying anymore.
"Just Fletcher and I live here, the baby is my cousins but he just stays the night sometimes." She replies.
Max draws his gun and enters the house upon reasonable suspicion of an emergency in progress or suspect on the premisses as the man seems to be deceiving.
While the woman still seems unconcerned that the child is now silent.
He pushes past the butler and rushes towards the area he heard the crying. passes the entryway, the dinning room, and a kitchen before finally finding a child in a playpen.
"There there..." He says in a sing song voice picking up the child. "I'm officer Max, do you know where your mommy is?"
The child just cries louder.
Then he sees the man from the photo walk out of the bathroom, upon seeing him he bolts for the door and Max sets the child down gently then gives chase.
He runs through the house, following the man as he can hear the woman screaming at him to stop but he doesn't."
"Stop or I'll shoot." The man doesn't even break stride.
Instead he runs out of the front door and jumps into his car.
Furious that the man might escape he fires at the car as it drives away.
The back window shatters and he hopes he got his tire, but he doesn't wait to find out as he runs to his car and initiates a pursuit....
He flips on his concealed lights in his cruiser as he reverses down the drive and into the street.
The suspects car is fast but he manages to keep up with it weaving in and out of traffic as people move over for the siren.
As they approach a red light there is heavy traffic in the intersection..... ....
The suspect slams on his brakes and Max's cruiser only just stops short of hitting it. Jumping out the Detective points his firearm at the vehicle running up beside seeing heavily tinted windows.
"Get out of the car and on the ground now!!" He shouts as he moves to the driver's side door.
After seeing no response....
Max throws open the door and the driver is gone with the passenger side open.
He quickly runs to the other side catching the man trying to sneak off tackling him to the ground and then takes his arms putting them behind his back.
Max grabs his radio and calls it in as the man cries.
As he is waiting he hears a noise that sounds like static.....
"Wrong guy moron.. Did you ever stop to think I wanted you close for this one. That I planned everything...Even framing the pothead..... I almost lost interest until you pulled in the driveway... The attic is kinda cramped tho... I think I'll go carve some meat. Maybe graduate to other things to. I'm not sure yet. Lets see if you can catch me before......" A familiar voice says over the radio then cuts off... ...
Max looks at the man on the ground. "Why did you run from me?" He asks.
"Cause I have like 19 grams of marijuana in my pocket." He replies...
"Do you know how stupid that is?! I don't care about that I'm looking for a killer."
Before he can answer Max hears the woman from the house screaming for her life and a child's cries on his radio.
Then from below Max. "He's in the house, he's in the house! My mom and the baby!" The man on the ground says crying.
Max uncuffs him and runs to his car heading back to the house as he lays down rubber on the road... ... ...
As he approaches and pulls into the driveway he notices the front door is open.
"Hold on I'm coming!" Max screams jumping out of his cruiser...
He runs into the house finding the woman's body arriving too late. Moving over to her he checks for a pulse but she is gone, a large gash in her neck.
As he stands up he slips in a fluid but gains his balance and tries not to think about what it is....
He rushes to the room the baby was in finding the play pen empty. He leaves the room searching the rest of the house and still doesn't find the child.
"Where are you!!!" He calls out....
"This is the Callers first kidnapping and the media would eat up the fact I failed to stop the man." He thinks as he blames himself.
Sirens begin to blare in the distance as backup is about to arrive... ... ...
"There's a woman dead and a baby missing! The woman is in the dinning room straight ahead of the front door, Hurry!" He yells into his radio...
Looking over at the mother seeing a piece of paper on the floor.
He walks over to it seeing writing.
"So close... Looks like I'm a kidnapper now.... Good luck finding me.... And... I so enjoyed killing that sweet wife of yours. Might do it that way again. Not to the kid tho....later Max. Ps. This game is so fun.." It says.
"He was here..." Is all he can muster as the team enters.
"He was right in this house and I missed it because her son freaked over weed and ran..." He says as another officer speaks to him gently.
"Don't beat yourself up Detective, it's not your fault. He must have hid before you got her and left after you arrived." The words do little to comfort him "First day back on the job and the killer escaped taking a child..." He says as he walks away.
The chief arrives in his new lexus with a screeching of rubber as he lurches to a halt.
He quickly exits and leaves his door hanging open as he rushes into Max's face....
"I told you to stay away from this case MAX!!!!....(takes a breath)...
"If I catch any flak from my superiors, I won't suspend you.... That'd be to easy. Desk duty and an entry level demotion. The new guy will have a higher rank than you if things go my way.... Now get outta my sight...". "(Sighs)...
"This job is gonna be the death of me..." He says walking away from Max and towards the Coroner's van..... ..... .....
On the way home the detective stops by the store close to his house which is unlike him because he usually follows the same routine.
He nears the front door and he hears a kitchen timer ding loudly from behind him as his car explodes throwing him through the storefront windows as they are blown out..... .....
Alarms around the lot and others nearby create a cacophony of noise. His head pounding as his body aches, Max pushes himself up and collapses as the store manager runs over to him telling him not to move as he dials 911.... .... ....
Waking in the hospital Max recalls the feeling of the Shockwave as he flinches in phantom pain.
"Who woulda thought its like holding a ringing metal bat that hurts your hands but all over and way more intense." He thinks.
He suddenly feels tired and falls asleep.... .... .... ....
The next time he wakes, he sees a breaking news story that Jane Saltani is reporting on....
"Young toddler Accidently Shoots Serial killekidnapper ending his life and Alerting residents in the Area." The news anchor says.
Sighing to himself Max thinks about how crazy that is and laughs.
Tho he really wanted to bring the guy in. He closes his eyes to get some much needed sleep as his door opens.
Max looks up to see a man with a silenced pistol pointed at him.
"Hm. Now they think I'm dead. Funny how they just assume they got the right guy. Just like.... You did Detect... ....." Max hears but then hears no more as his end comes at just over the speed of sound....
The Caller leaves the hair of another intelligent convicted murderer that he obtained in a spot that's believable and quickly leaves.....
He disables the surveillance system and sends a virus out to any device that has received video data from the hospital.
Erasing and corrupting the systems. Leaving a master hackers finger prints on a glass from his home....
"Sorry, no witnesses." He says to the security guard as he fires... ..... ..... .... ....
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2023.06.10 19:47 Rusted-1 Stronger Together 15

That last chapter was so sweet, ahhhhh, it’s nice to see the two have such a good relationship. Well let’s move on to a more suspicious chapter shall we? This is quite the big chapter so strap in, get a nice drink or snack and get comfortable. This fanfic is based off the fanfic The isolationists, by Seeyouon_otherside. Another thank you to Demon_Deity for allowing me to make another reference to his series marred migration.
Constructive criticism is appreciated.
Memory Transcript Subject: Armanne, Zeyzell toddler.
Yay! Objects! “Squeak!” I was playing with the orange cubes that daddy got me! They are very fun! Stack them. Make them into shapes! Fun fun fun! I was making a grand tower, like the one back on the white covered home we lived on. Before we went to the stars!
*thudding noises*
Aww, they fell over.
I put them back up when I see red-eyed brother in the vents! Hello- aw he’s gone. The door opened. Oh! Daddy and mommy! They brought in my fishy brother, since that’s what daddy calls him, into our room! He’s asleep. He has a blanket around him. What happened?
I tilted my head in confusion. “Squeak?”
“Hey there Armanne! How’s my best juggler!” Yay mommy!
“Squeak! Squee!”
“Aw that’s a good girl! Are you playing with the blocks that daddy got you?”
Yes I am! They are very fun! “Squeak!”
“That’s a good girl…hey Alvaro?” I looked over to daddy as he was putting wet brother into his bed.
“Yeah sweetheart?”
“Do you think it’s a good idea to bring Armanne onto the station?” Station? What station? I look to daddy for answers.
“Hmmmmm, no, not yet.”
What? Hey, I want to go! “Squeak! Squee sqeuuu!”
Dad looks at me again. “Sorry my little juggler, you're not ready yet. Nor is it clean enough yet.”
Hmph! We’ll see about that! Oh there leaving! Not without me! Quickly! After them!
I crawl as fast as I can! They have longer legs! Faster! Yes I’m gaining! Faster! Faster! Oh there stopping! Hide!
We’re through? There! The box. Oh hey it’s comfy in here! Lots of blankets, no don’t fall asleep now, but…I’m so tired from crawling, no don’t fall asleep …don’t…doooo….
[Significant time pass detected, jumping to next conscious moment.]
Ahhhh! That was a nice nap! We’re am I? Hey, the top is closed. Oh! Voices?”
“…yeah this is our area to clean…it’s a mess, protector help me I don’t wanna meet the thing that did this.
“Well you're gonna, he’s in command of this station.”
“What?! Oh that’s great. What is he?”
“Some sort of cyborg Velil.”
“Like a deathwatch guard?”
“Noooo, much more scary.”
“Wonderful, let me grab the cleaning rags. Wow, that’s a long way down. How far do you think?”
“Dunno, deep. When we get this place cleaned up I call dibs on the room with the comfortable bed.
“They all have comfortable beds, dumbass, this place was built for, well an invasion of a galaxy. The Feds would need a place to relax and hang the heads of our kits.”
“Yeah, man am I ever glad we’re getting out of that crazy place of a galaxy, dang the zippers stuck.”
Oh! Someone is opening the top! It opens! I pop out to say hello.
Oh! I’m falling? Why am I falling? Wow…that’s deep…uh oh. Back into the bag-OFF! OW OW OW!
*thudding noises*
Ow…that hurt! Where is daddy? Mommy?
I look up, wow I fell a long way down. Good thing the bag cushioned my fall! We’re am I? It's weird down here.
I crawl around to see if I can find anything. Maybe down this hall? Oh hey there’s someone here! Why are they lying against the wall?
I crawl over to them. Wow they smell really bad…I don’t like that smell. It smells bad…are you ok?
I touch them, ewwww, they're all slimy, why do they have feathers? Did my paw just go through his arm? Are you ok…
“S-s-squeak?” Why are they leaning over like that? They're sliding down against the wall. Oh no, they're going to hit their head on the ground! Don’t worry I can…
D-d-d-did their head…j-j-just fall off? It’s rolling towards me…it-it has no eyes. What’s in its mouth? Is that a worm? What’s a worm…
*Hissing noise*
Run away! Get away! Mommy daddy! Help me I don’t wanna be here! Help anyone. I pass by more people slumped against the walls!
*bang* what did I slip…?
No no this is a nightmare! They're dead!? Is this what being dead looks like! I don’t wanna die! Mommy! Daddy! Anyone. A room! Get into it! I dive into it and…there’s someone in here? Who is that? They are very big, they have metal all over their body. Wow! It has a screen coming out of his stomach that’s glowing orange, but I can’t see their face, hey there talking.
“…the human and Zeyzell are very important to my plans for my children. You know this.”
Uh oh, I walked into a conversation again! Whoops! Daddy doesn't like it when I do that. I move very fast behind a box thing.
“Yes I do.”
“You also know my children desire…no, crave to no longer be alone in this galaxy. The Humans and Zeyzell are fundamental, no, Vital for my children’s future. Mainly the Humans with their unique abilities to pack bond. Also since my children can pack bond, they will amplify each other's pack bonding ten fold creating unbreakable bonds. The Zeyzell are also changing. Even when exposed to a single human I have observed much change in them. They no longer shy away from xeno like foods, activities, or media and entertainment. They embrace and enjoy it.”
Wow, whoever is talking from that screen has a very odd voice. Loud and powerful. Yet…more? I dunno. Maybe daddy or mommy might know?
“Yeah, I know that effect very well. You couldn’t have picked a better species to bring to your children. They’ll get along VERY well. AHAHAHA!!” Wow he laughs weirdly.
“Yes indeed. The Zeyzell are no longer the Zeyzell they think they are. They are open to new species. They no longer use the term Xeno. This is all from the effect of only one Human, imagine what the Zeyzell will become when they are met with over twenty thousand!”
“Really?! You know we’re more are?! All the way out here?! Wait…do you mean…”
“Yes, I have located two ARK ships, ARK’s eight and twelve. Each has a population of over ten thousand. They have been wandering the stars for a while now. Searching for a home. I intend to give them, and the Zeyzell that have arrived at your station, a home. A place they can not only survive in, but thrive, a place to nurture and protect.”
“That’s a lot of humans! I’m all for it but can your children handle a population that big?
“Yes, I’ve been sending them more raw materials than normal, they will have more than enough. A lot of their planet is still wilderness so colonization shouldn’t be a problem. The surface area is also much larger than earths. Although I’m worried about the fragility of the humans on my children’s planet, the planet has much higher gravity then there earth, among other things. “
“Yeah, humans can be pretty tough, but they're still one of the most fragile and vulnerable species I have ever encountered. Like a child in a giant war suit. They may appear scary and intimidating, however all they wanted was to be loved, to be held and told, welcome to the greater galaxy, yet they got near genocide.”
“Yes it is despicable what happened to them, no species that kind and caring should have that happen to them. Protect the Humans and the Zeyzell, please. They are not the last of their kind, but I fear for them. I can’t bear to see anymore of their kind killed simply because of the way they look and what they eat. It breaks my heart. On this note however, I must also now keep a much closer eye on the Tesh and Wurnta. Since my discovery of them after their societal collapse I saw born survivors. However now they are threatened by a Sivkit herd that crash landed on their planet and I’m uncertain if they can survive a hatred so potent as these federation fanatics.”
“Ah, these two species again! You discovered them on one of your wanderings, yes?”
“Indeed, I remember it like it was yesterday. I passed by a planet of ice and snow, that I sensed once had a great life, imagine my surprise when I bumped into an artificial satellite. It was old, very old. It was ready to burn up in the atmosphere. My presence was obscured by the raging snow storms on their world so they did not see me. So I took a look at them. They are so full of promise these two are, working together to survive a harsh and dangerous environment. Many died and many lived. Now I see that their civilization is back. They are recovering from the collapse of their first civilization. Now however they face a danger that they have never faced before. Pure hatred, by an enemy who is pure evil to them. This Sivkit herd wishes for their extinction, their only crime? Their existence. To the Sivkits that is enough for extermination, and that makes my core BOIL. The two species are linked on a deep level for surviving on a planet together for so long. Something I’m hoping that my children will achieve with the Humans and Zeyzell.
“Yes it is. I do believe that my children and the Humans would find them…very cute.”
The metal man looked surprised. “Cuter than…me?”
“Mmmmm, possibly.”
The belly screen changed color but I still couldn’t see anything on it. The metal man’s hands went up to his face.
“AHHHH! THERE ADORABLE! I JUST WANNA HUG AND SQUEEZE THEM AND-!” The metal man dropped their hands to their hips. “Hmph! Guess I do have some competition. Anyway, I will do everything in my power to protect the Humans and Zeyzell, my lord. For I am your disciple.”
“Oh for- don’t say that! Or call me that! We’re friends Hazard!”
“HAHAHAHAHH! I know! I just like to get under your metal!
“Ohhhh, sometimes I swear…alright I’ll leave you to it, please don’t die too quickly. I can only bring you back so fast!”
Hehehehhe! Yeah yeah! I know! Have a good day!”
“You too Hazard, you too.”
The screen went dark and it went back into his belly, he turned around and…
“Why hello there little one? Where did you come from?”
He’s huge! Bigger than daddy, I thought no one was bigger than daddy, he looks really scary. Where is his mouth? Why is his eye like that?
“Aw you poor thing.” He bent down and I shifted away. “Hey hey don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you! I’m a friend! AH, what would Alvaro do?"
He’s a friend of daddy? I perked my ears up.
“Ah you know that name? You must be one of his kits! Great to meet you!”
He very gently picked me up. Then put me in his lap. I look over at the wall and I hear a faint sound. It sounds like…why is that person being ground up in that device?!?
“What? Are you-OH, I’m sorry you're too young to see something like that! He’s um, dead so I’m turning him into, uhhhhhh, fertilizer!
Is that what happens to us once we…die? “Ssss-sss-queak?”
“Oh sorry, uh your too young for that, oh I have just the thing!
He opened his chest and turned around, so I couldn't see the person anymore…oh! A plushie! Yay!
“That belonged to someone close to me. However the plushie seems to like you too. I’ll let you take care of him for now? Ok?”
Yay! Of course! “Squeak!”
“Glad you like him! I’ll turn on my heaters and get you a blanket. Better?
Hmmmmm, warm! “Squeak!”
“Glad you like my lap heaters! Built them just for this! I have an idea, I’ll tell you a story. Do you like stories?”
Yes, yes I do! “Squeak!”
“Alright let’s see…got one! This story is about a unique Venlil who was turned into a being of rage, but caring for others at the same time…I’m gonna need to work on that title. well lets get started”
The metal man clasped his hands and made a beep noise with his speaker mouth thing.
“Not too long ago on a planet called Venlil prime, a unique Venlil was born. He had odd thinking, horns, and sharper then normal teeth!”
Sharp teeth? Doesn’t everyone have those? Even daddy has some.
“Now this Venlil was strange from the beginning, he would use his sharp teeth to eat hard and tough plant foods. He would use have to hid his horns, but when he didn't he would put stuff on them, like flashlights, lights, small flags and other Knick knacks. You know what Knick knacks are right?”
I didn’t but I nodded my head yes so he would continue with the story. I love stories!
OK then! Now these oddities on him got him many odd looks. His parents however used their influence to keep the bad people away. With their tubes of fire, their suits of foil, and their tanks of flames. He would spend much of his younger years alone, but alive. Then he started school. He was shunned and bullied by all his peers, casting him out of anything they did together.”
Hey that’s mean! “SQEUAK!” I stamp my legs in protest.
“Hehe, indeed! It was very mean! They would call him names, horrible names!” His metal skin moved around. Up and down…cooool.
“He never liked his own kind much, always preferring to be around the Yotul. As they were very nice, and never judged you at first glance. They were oh so kind and very sweet. They became fast friends. This is when he developed his curiosity with technology! Always testing and building something new to show his friends! They would play and sing, and use the things the Venlil built. They would look to him for help and he would look to them for friendship. One day the little Venlil was walking on the dark side of the planet. He would walk there often. Then one day he came across a dead bird. That had been EATEN!”
Huh? We eat meat all the time. What’s so strange about that?I gave him a very confused look.
“Oh right uh you eat meat. Anyway, this was very unusual. What was more unusual was this young Venlil was not scared, he was curious! He followed the trial the creature had left behind and found an injured night hound, at least that’s what he called them. These would roam the night, hunting for anyone out in the dark side of Venlil prime. The night hound had been caught in an exterminator trap. The night hound was starving because it had had no food for a long time. So, the Venlil walked back to the dead bird and brought it back to the night hound. And feed it. The night hound was very grateful! It yelled in delight and happiness. The Venlil felt happy that he had saved a life, freeing the night hound from the trap it bounded away! The next day, the Venlil went through his daily routine, wake up, hugged his loving parents, go to school, get harrassed and bullied, meet up with his Yotul friends, and walk home by the woods. Then the same night hound appeared! The two became fast friends! Spending much time together! The two were inseparable! He would show the night hound his amazing inventions! It was a very happy time…”
Why did he look so sad?
“Then the bad people came. They had heard about the strange Venlil boy, they wanted to meet him, and so they did. They followed him home one day, and tried to kidnap him! The Venlil boy screamed in fear! Then the night hound tried to rescue him, but he was no match for the tanks of fire. Then…the night hound was no more…the boy cried and wailed, the bad people laughed and laughed at the boy. They take him and he never sees his parents again…he’s taken to a strange place. A place he did not like. They did things to the boy, cried about how the boy was the worse case of predator disease…They kept him there for many years, transforming the boy, taking his teeth, his horns, his…life. After they added things, they added…metal.”
His hand formed a fist, wait? How does he and the boy both have metal skin? Maybe they can be friends!
“Then, the Arxur came. They took everyone, even the boy. They brought them to an even more horrible place. A place of misery and pain. A place where the boy was hunted for sport. The boy was very injured on one of those hunts. He was going away to the other side. Then someone saved him. A powerful being, a chaotic being. It made a deal with him. Take revenge on the Arxur and the Federation, and he shall never truly die. The boy agreed, eager to take revenge against them. So when the Arxur were preparing to eat him, he LEAPED UP! Then the hunters became the hunted. When the boy took many Arxur lives, they trapped him and put him in a dark cold place. There was no light and little food. The boy however hung in with the fire of revenge. Then the humans came, his angels, he saw them for the amazing things they were. True people! Ones who would care about you. He traveled with them, then the powerful being came back in a dream and gave the boy new orders. Protect the humans, and so the boy did, and does, to this very day.”
Wow! That was an amazing story! “Squeak squeak!” I clap my paws together.
“Thank you thank you! Now let’s call your parents…wait…I forgot to call them!” He then put his hand up to his ear. “He Alvaro? Yeah I know she’s lost. How? Because she’s on my lap! Yeah I’ll come up. I’ll be there as fast as possible! Bye! Alright, time to see your dad again my little listener! I probably need to work on my sorry telling, not that age appropriate.”
I did not care I liked it! “Squeak!”
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2023.06.10 19:47 venty4 Relationship Breakup

Just broke up with my girlfriend of nearly 4 years.
We did so much together. We traveled all around the country together, we did so much together that I never did with someone else.
Around a month ago we broke up (mutual breakup), but I stayed at hers due to me saving money to move into somewhere else. I found out two days ago that she had been cheating on me and is now seeing someone else.
I found out because she has a very regimental routine. Up at 4am and asleep at 8:30pm. Two nights ago she stayed out until 10:30pm on a week day (she has work the next day) and immediately took a shower before she came to bed. She lied to me and said she met her Dad but I knew she hadn't.
Finally she admits everything after I continue questioning and I run out of the house. Crying, shaking and having a panic attack. I go to meet a friend who calmed me down and when I went back I knew I had to move out then and there.
While packing my things in a rush, she was shouting at me the whole time (I shouted back) and she rang her friends who were gonna come round and god knows what they would do.
So, I packed as quickly as I could.
I got to my friends house who's sofa I am staying on and it was such a horrible night.
I had thoughts about how close we were to getting married, having a baby and doing so much more. Most importantly I reflected our whole relationship and that is one tough experience to go through.
Unfortunately there were many signs towards this bad break up. Even though we both agreed to split up (she wanted to not me, I just wanted it to be civil), I never thought she would do something like this. I had always noticed how flirty she was with virtually any guy and it stopped me going out with her as I didn't want to see it. I always just thought this is just her personality (lets face it, you never want to acknowledge the truth).
We got a dog together around a year ago and to be honest, leaving our dog behind and to accept this other guy will replace me is fucking heart breaking.
I have been through a terrible break up before, so in a way this does not feel too bad, but the dog part sucks.
Now I am stuck in the middle of nowhere in my life. I had everything all planned.
I know the road I have to take to get better and it is just time. Previously my last break up nearly killed me, so I do have a lot of strength when it comes to this but it still hurts.
I just needed to get this out as I don't really have any friends who will listen to me (my friend currently is too occupied with his girlfriend, which is understandable). Unfortunately I am kinda socially awkward and I am so lazy at keeping friendships, so I don't really have anyone I can talk to.
I am not expecting any responses, I just want people to know that no matter how hard your life is, right now you CAN get out of it. Just work on yourself, do the things you have always wanted to, start a new hobby, play some games. All these things have helped me in the past, so here I am starting all over again.
I do just wish I had someone to talk to, but hey, I do this to myself.
If anyone would like to have a chat, please feel free to message me. I am open to give advice, just generally talk or to play some games online.
Have a great day everyone. Just remember, bad times come to an end, you just have to work on it.
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2023.06.10 19:47 KabeerS52 My GF [18f] says I [18M] have no right to say a single word about her conservative parents.

My GF [18F] says I [18M] have no right to say a word about her conservative parents.
We've been dating since almost 2 years, we've known each other since we were 12. She's recently fought a seemingly terminal deasese. I've recently gained control over my situation of extreme parental abuse (drunk dad who physically beat me and mom). We've both been there for each other through this.
Over the last year, through the things she tells me, I've noticed some things about her parents which bother me. and today I finally confessed it to her.
Here are the things that bother me.
1) her dad has 3 kids despite having a govt job, my GF is middle child, who is officially not their child, not on paper. Not only this thing could cause her legal issues related to her rights, but it also indicates that they are extremely conservative. How? My GF is born almost 10 years after her sister. Why? Apparently they kept trying for a baby for all that time but her mom had multiple abortions due to her being unfit for a child. But they kept on trying for 10 fucking years and finally has their 2nd child(my GF), who was also born prematurely, and yes, she had to face many deaseses, including this terminal desease(pulmonary Fibrosis). Had to live her entire childhood with restrictions.
You would think her parents would stop after barely having a second child, who is unfit and will have to face hell. But no, they went for a 3rd one, immediately. Yes, the 3rd child who is the only boy is born less than a year later.
And the reason for this I think, is obvious. They wanted a boy (lots of Indians used to have a hate for girlchild), and her father would rather break the law and risk the life of his wife multiple times for years, just for a boychild. (Not to mention he is born with extreme harmonal issues)
Correct me if I'm wrong but this is the first thought that comes to my mind based on the facts, please tell me if there's another possible reason.
2) After that there are other things like how he actively and verbally hates people of other religion, and is possibly also castiest, which concerns me since I'm SC (lower caste in India, it's like being black in US)
3) Then there are other concerns like how parents have left her alone while she was in ER on fucking life support, and her parents were legit "attending a family funtion" or paying a visit to family members who lived near the hospital. But they were mostly absent.
4) They were reluctunt for letting her eat nonveg which was recommended by the doc. Especially her mom was very against it. They are vegitarians for religious reasons. Actually it's since I almost forced her to go against them and eat nonveg more often and in her house, when her issues regarding weightloss and immunity statrted to go away.
I stated my concerns that their conservative behaviour is causing her issues and will definately become an issue when it comes to marriage (yes, we are stupid for thinking that far. But consider the ammount of suffering we have faced together, I can't imagine a life without her, and she says she feels the same. Also know that we've known each other since more than 5 years)
After I said all that, her response was "shut up". Followed by how I have no right to say anything about her parents, how she owes me zero explaination for these concerns and that her parents are always right.
If her parents are always right as she says, will she also listen to them when they tell her to stay away from me? Which they will Since I'm SC and they're hella conservative.
Not just that, she said stuff like...
They've been there for her and I haven't. This hurts because she used to call me from the ER, with a tired breathless voice, just because her parents were absent and she'd feel alone. I left everything when I used to see her call, even abandoned college classes in the middle, basically left anthing at hand once I saw her call. Because sometimes she'd talk about giving up and I had to give her hope. Now she's saying I haven't been there for her?
When I found out her desease was terminal, I legit went dark for 20 days, Didn't go to college, didn't see anyone except my parents maybe once a day. Stayed locked in my room trying to scour through all the 100s of pages research papers which were so hard to find it since it was a rare desease and most of the patients were above 65. It's a lung desease which was said to be 100% fatal. I stayed up all nights, made a mess of my own health while doing so, until I came accros a study, which showed only 5 patients in the entire world, who susrvived, all were minors, I figured the desease is said to be fatal because it mainly attacks old people and they don't have any regen power in their lungs. But a 17 year old girl's lungs are constantly growing, she should survive this. (I was right)
I gave her hope, that alone improved her health from needing support to walk to jumping around in just one day. I forced her to get more involved in her medical process and make the doctor give her curative care instead of end-of-life support like her parents wanted. and it worked, she went to a doctor in Pune and the retests showed she's curing that desease (which is impossible on paper).
In this process, I lost 15 kgs of my weight and the will to eat anything due to severe deppression. I still haven't recovered from the physical impact. After all of this, she compleatly discredits me and my concerns, says I wasn't there for her and all that.
I feel deeply hurt.
I legit feel like I'm nothing to her, I feel like she always thought like this about me.
In her defense. She's a mature person and doesn't have traditional or conservative thoughts, neither does she seem all that proud of her parent's being so conservative. So I know she doesn't share her parent's thoughts. she was never like this, NEVER. And maybe this isn't the person in her talking, maybe she just said this because she got triggered, I understand many Indians are conditioned to blindly trust their parents and never question them, so I'm not sure if I blame her.
Please don't start teasing about age, we're not nibba-nibbi. We've both supported each other through life threatening situation. I have got physically injured due to family fights, have had to lock myself in a room for days with my mom to fend from my dad. Been forced to spit on my own mom, hit her with a sandal and other types of torture. she has had to face extreme pain and illness all her life, had to witness a rape and murder as a pre-teen, been through therapy. So please understand our bond is really strong after been through all this.
Should I let it go or should I say something more to her? How can I let her know what she can simply counter my opinion if she has an answer or agree with it? How can I let her know she doesn't have to gatekeep her parents?
And what mistakes am I making on my end?
TL:DR GF's parents show extreme signs of being conservative and casuing a problem for us. GF gets hella triggered and says I have no right to talk about them, they are always right and she owes me no explaination regarding this. I feel undervalued and basically got shut up for stating my concerns.
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2023.06.10 19:46 JoseLunaArts Cid Campeador was a mercenary. His bio could be easily turned into a mechwarrior biography.

After digging into literature, I found that the story of the legendary knight Cid Campeador, sounds to me like the story of a mercenary Mechwarrior, instead of the usual legend that shows him as a religious warrior. It does not take too much to export this story to Battletech universe, and indeed I plan to add a version of him to my Mechwarrior Destiny game at some point.
The following is a summary of "Historia Roderici" an old Spanish text that may likely be inaccessible to English speaking readers, not only because of language barrier, but also because of the ancient Spanish words that are difficult to understand even for modern Spanish speakers. You will discover that Cid Campeador was not a religious hero, but a merc.
I believe it could be used as source material to inspire a novel.
Sorry about the long read, but it still shorter than the original "Historia Roderici".
Rodrigo "Ruy" Díaz de Vivar is also known as Cid Campeador, and some people believe he was a religious hero but others see him as a mercenary. The oldest biography is "Historia Roderici" in 1190 when the Castillan warrior had passed away 80 years ago. This biography was made popular via minstrels, and it incorporated many fictional episodes that composed "Cantar del Mio Cid" around the year 1200. For example, there is no evidence that Rodrigo had 2 swords called Tisona and Colada, and a horse called Babieca. He had 2 daughters but they were not named doña Sol and doña Elvira.
Spain was invaded in the year 711 from the south and only a small strip was left at the north where Christian kings would seek a safe haven. The invaders ruling lasted for 800 years but these years also were full of internal disputes, just like in the Inner Sphere.
The war in Spain was always portrayed as a holy war, like a Jihad. This was the time where the term "pariah" was born. The non Christian rulers paid tribute called pariah to Christian kings in exchange for protection. And that was the historical context of eternal war.
Rodrigo was born in the small town of Vivar, near Burgos. His father was a low rank noble, but his mother was from the elite of nobles, daughter of count of Oviedo. The last name Diaz indicated he was son of Diego. When he was 10, his father died, and he was sent to the court of Fernando I de León, to complete his education with the sons of the king. One of the sons, Sancho turned Rodrigo into his page and became close friends. He receives high education and learned to fight. He knew how to read and write, something very uncommon.
When Rodrigo was 15 he went with don Sancho to Zaragoza, a territory which was under the protection of Fernando I de León in exchange for pariah. Ramiro I de Aragón uncle of Fernando I de León wanted the land under protection, and this is how Sancho and his "mesnadas" (forces under command of a lord) went to help. Ramiro I not only was defeated, but also died.
When Fernando I (ruler of Galicia, León and Castilla) died, he distributed his kingdom among his 5 sons instead of having a linear succession, because Alfonso, his second son, was his favorite. Sancho ruled Castilla and had the right to collect the pariah of Zaragoza. Sancho did not like the distribution of land, as he felt he should have been the heir of the whole kingdom. He entered a conflict with his siblings. Rodrigo ended up being in charge of the army of Sancho. In his first one on one match defeated the Alferez of Navarra kingdom, Jimeno Arcés. This is where he earned the title of "campeador", which means he is a master of the battlefield.
After his mother died, Sancho started war against Alfonso. Rodrigo skill surfaced among all other warriors. Sancho won the battle, but Alfonoso escaped and did not surrender as agreed. Instead, Alfonso agreed to allow Sancho to conquer Galicia ruled by his younger brother García. García was defeated and was and outcast who escaped to the taifa of Sevilla. But that did not end the war with Alfonso. In the new battle, Rodrigo skill shined again. And Alfonso was defeated once again. Alfonso was an outcast too, and he went to the taifa of Toledo. The reunification war ended. But it would last a few months.
Zamora was ruled by his sister Urraca. Many nobles gathered there and they did not embrace Sanho as the king. Urraca supported them, and supported Alfonso. Sancho sieged Zamora for months, but it did cost Sancho's life at the hands of a Zamoran warrior, and not even Rodrigo could stop that. The killer pretended to defecte from Urraca city and earned Sancho's trust. The defector Bellido Dolfos was going to show him a weak spot in the walls of Zamora, and when Sanch went to the loo, the defector took Sancho's spear and killed him. Alfonso became king. García attempted to recover his kingdom but ended in prison where he died. Alfonso married Rodrigo with doña Jimena, relative of Alfonso and apparently Rodrigo was deeply in love with her.
Rodrigo was sent to collect Paria To Sevilla, and García Ordoñez, close friend of alfonso was sent to Granada. Granada ruler asked Ordoñez to attack Sevilla and that Rodrigo had to fight García Ordoñez and made him prisoner and set him free later. García Ordoñez accused Rodrigo of stealing a portion of the pariah of Sevilla, which are believed to be the gift of Sevilla ruler to Rodrigo for defending his land.
Alfonso went to Taifa of Toledo, and Rodrigo was sick at home. There was an attack on a castle and Rodrigo reacted without asking for permission, chased the attackers who entered Toledo territory and Rodrigo took a huge loot, Alfonso was so upset because that destroyed Alfonso's plans to own Toledo without a fight. García Ordoñez presented this to Alfonso as an attempt to make people from Toledo to kill Alfonso. So Rodrigo became an outcast, and he was exiled and had to make a living. Along the road, many men joined him. He went to Zaragoza to offer his services. Now Zaragoza should not have to pay pariah to different kingdoms for protection.
This contradicts the jihadist nature of Rodrigo as a religious warrior. After the ruler of Zaragoza died, his 2 sons also fought. Rodrigo stood in the side of Zaragoza, and the opponent sought help among the kings in the north. The enemy forces outnumbered Rodrigo's but he defeated them in the battle of Almenar.
An uncle of the ruler of Zaragoza, who was prisoner of Alfonso, earned the trust of the alcalde who controlled the prison, so the alcalde passed the message to Alfonso. The uncle offered him the castle of Zaragoza in exchange for paying the pariah to Alfonso. So Alfonso marched towards Zaragoza. But Alfonso this time was not ahead of the forces. He sent scouts who were killed. It seems that the uncle died while the expedition was on its way to Zaragoza, so the alcalde had the idea of becoming an ally of Zaragoza and tried to kill king Alfonso.
Later Alfonso met Rodrigo and Rodrigo told that he had no part in that betrayal, and Alfonso and Rodrigo went back to normal relations without hard feelings.
Alfonso managed to conquer Toledo and that meant a raise in the pariah for other taifas. But religious fundamentalist fanatics from northern Africa were asked to help and their fanatism made them fearsome. Alfonso had Zaragoza under siege, and Rodrigo did not want to fight Alfonso. But news came from the new invaders and the siege stopped. Then the battle of Sagrajas came, where Alfonso suffered a defeat. Alfonso had to escape to save his life. Rodrigo went to Toledo to offer his services to Alfonso.
Alfonso commissioned Rodrigo to take care of the invaders and conquer lands, and to collect the pariah from Zaragoza, which had Rodrigo working as a merc for 6 years.
But good relations did not last. During a campaign Rodrigo was supposed to reinforce Alfonso's forces, but Rodrigo did not arrive. Rodrigo was exiled for second time after García Ordoñez made the king feel betrayed. Alfonso took his property and made his family prisoner. Rodrigo begged and his family was set free. And he became a warlord in Valencia and fought against both sides.
Rodrigo suffered an attack and he took revenge against García Ordoñez and led an expedition to do exactly that and looted along his way. Alfonso gave away these lands and no one wanted to fight Rodrigo. Now the only enemies of Rodrigo were the invaders in the south who attacked Valencia and killed its ruler. Rodrigo sieged the city and help did not arrive so they surrendered, and Rodrigo self proclaimed himself prince.
The invader Almoraviles forces were obsessed with taking Valencia. And epic battles took place.
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2023.06.10 19:44 genericwhitemale11 how does the B train work in Brooklyn?

i have lived off the b/q prospect park b train stop in brooklyn for nearly five years, and i have never figured out the precise rules for when the b train stops going to my stop in brooklyn... i know it's at night sometimes during some days of the week, but i have never found a precise time or written structure for how the b train actually operates. does anyone know how it works? i have asked multiple friends in the neighborhood and nobody has been able to explain it with any sort of clarity
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2023.06.10 19:41 ImminentChaff Got hit on my electric skate board by a stop sign runner. Now I’m cited for failing to yield.

Excuse my typing and grammar. I’m still in shock over getting thrown by a minivan.
I was riding home from work on my Meepo Shuffle S near East Carolina University. I was on the side walk going 12 mph, the same speed as a bike (the reason being is the sidewalk has bumps and cracks so I’m forced to ride that speed). I come up on an intersection (not a traffic light intersection but one where the side streets have a stop sign). The side walk has a clear blind person indicator for the street crossing but there is no crosswalk. Anyways there is a large hill that obstructs vehicles from seeing pedestrians and vice versa. I’m at the street crossing now on the road when a minivan come to the stop sign, does not stop, and she turns right into me. I go flying, luckily I’m not seriously injured and instead got off with scrapes and burns. Police arrive and after a while of ems taking my vitals the officer only approach me twice during the whole investigation and then I get handed with a citation. My board is completely broken and to get a new one of the same model is over $600 on Amazon. All I want is my board reimbursed and this citation thrown out. Officers told me that since my board is a personal item then most likely her insurance won’t cover it. To understand I use my board for everything. Getting groceries, going to work, and going to classes are all done on my board. What can I do in this situation? I will try to link a picture with the citation report. And to clarify she ran a stop while I was already on the road crossing.
Edit: this happened 50 minutes ago
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2023.06.10 19:41 Cosmosly I found the PERFECT stock, and I’m betting everything on it. [Archive of WSB post]

I found the PERFECT stock, and I’m betting everything on it. [Archive of WSB post]
Disclaimer: this is my own stupid thinking, not investment advice. Ask your wife’s boyfriend if this is right for you.


Feel like you missed out on winners, or were too scared to put in your Doordash check? $SOFI is literally the next big thing. Bears/bulls, value/growth, regards/chads- it fits every DD. I’m so sure I maxed out my entire life savings. Considering a line of credit on my mom’s house and a margin loan next.
Brokerage and 401k (in the process of converting the other stocks)
Roth IRA
Robinhood options
This is NOT some SPAC bagholder trying to boost the stock price, nor is it a 0DTE cokehead move. This is a rational thesis for (I believe) a smart equity play. Did I see it go up a few cents, cream my pants, and think I’m the next Buffett writing this post? Maybe. In my opinion this is a 100% small penis 4-bagger and I’m sharing it like Moses with acid tabs.
Here’s the 4-point DD for you with ADHD:
  • It’s Robinhood, but actually good for you
  • The company is in great shape
  • Permabears and bulls have reasons to love it
  • The brand is (let me explain) the next JPMorgan Chase


  • SoFi is actually a great product. Is it the BEST? Fuck no. But it’s like the goldilocks/Anna Kendrick of all apps. The Friday night reliable.
  • The company is going for this generation’s next big bank. It is high-interest, chartered (4.3% APY) and offers everything you need under the sun.
  • The whole company’s theme is: “Get your money right.” They want to be the one-stop shop for all your MONEY needs and they do it with a bank teller smile.
  • SoFi will ride or DIE with you. Student loan refi, your job’s direct deposit, a loan for that cock ring, a credit card for that solo trip to Thailand, a HELOC for that YOLO stock play. It goes on and on.
  • They have consumers in mind, and not in a fake old lady See’s Candy kind of way. For example: if you lose your job and can’t pay your student debt, they will pause your payments and help you find a job. No joke. Look beyond the news and you’ll see people are over the moon about their relationship with SoFi.
  • They have a few bad spots (dogshit trading platform and ETFs that never move), but they are trying so fucking hard. I could go on and on, but it’s 5:49am (couldn’t sleep, came up with this post in a fever dream) and I have a ton more to write.
  • They also have Galileo and Technisys, which are like new PVC pipes for the financial system. I’m literally too smoothbrained to explain this, all you need to know is there is a lot of real interest from banks and companies to use these products. sofistock has nerds who can explain this to you.
  • Okay here comes the boring stuff, so skip this if you don’t care about amateur due diligence.
  • Remember when banks used to pay good interest, then you realized they were pocketing it all? People are realizing and going to SoFi. When the bank crisis happened and everyone was moving their money out, SoFi actually GAINED deposits. The company has said they are on-track to add $2B each quarter, and management are known to low-ball their estimates. NINETY PERCENT of their customers use direct deposit for their premium membership SoFi Plus, which will only accelerate the trend. You know how hard it is to change banks with direct deposit. Sticky as shit.
h/t SnipahShot for the graphic
  • SoFi has EIGHT fucking quarters of consecutive revenue growth, is EBITDA profitable (whatever that’s worth to you), and is projected to be GAAP profitable by Q4. I think there’s an outside chance this happens in Q3. Dig into it more if you want to Burry it
  • SoFi is growing WHILE student loans have been paused. Name a better miracle. They replaced it by diversifying their business in financial services (e.g. the shit I mentioned earlier) and other loans.
  • While most banks have been selling their loan books at a loss to manage higher interest rates, SoFi have been keeping theirs to maturity and getting a higher return. There is a lot of debate into this, especially around how they calculate mark to market, so again do your own DD about this.
  • By the way: “there are many reasons insiders sell a stock, but only one reason to buy.” The CEO Anthony Noto is eating pork and beans like me buying the stock like CRAZY. I mean just look at this degeneracy. He knows he has a chance to become the next billionaire bank CEO Jamie Dimon and has purchased back $13.6m dollars worth of shares (1/5 of his total comp so far lmfao).
He had to disclose his wife buying on the side too
  • Big picture time. Full disclosure, I’m a permabear. I literally have the worst outlook on things and I metaphorically killed my therapist with my doom and gloom. This country is so levered up to the tits it’s just one gentle breeze away from collapsing.
  • But you know who always gets paid? By hook and crook, the banks will get what they’re owed. If not we are all fucked and/or there will be a bailout. If everything is going to shit, banks are the least dogshit shit. Would you rather buy a stock with a tremendous amount of debt super dependent on consumer spending, or something that will make money in a depression?
  • I said this was a stock for everyone. For the permabulls, everything is fine and SoFi is growing its metrics like a rocket ship. What is there to lose? The management team has signaled good outlooks and the stock price has gone up consecutively since June 1st.
  • For value investors, this stock is still near book value. Most bank stocks are, but considering its fair value by Morningstar ($16) or PT by well-known analysts ($8-12) there are still some mArGiN oF sAfEtY
  • Growthies, this is a tech stock BABY. They are the AWS of finance! They use tech to analyze loan risk. They have AIAIAIAI in a chat bot! Upside everywhere
  • Oh and by the way, $SOFI is not correlated with its peers. Look at $LC $UPST and other fintech companies in the sector. In my mind it’s becoming the Nubank of America.
  • The Fed is expected to “skip” rate hikes next week. Long term that means APY is probably plateauing and on a downward trajectory. But if you know SoFi has done nothing but good and given you the best interest rate, why move?
  • Okay let’s start with them suing the government for pausing student loans. The CEO has addressed this multiple times: they support student loan FORGIVENESS, but when it comes to PAUSING payments for borrowers who don’t qualify, they thought the 3rd year was excessive. Yes they shit the bed bad for that, but they’ll recover.
  • Aside from the revenue, a big reason they did this is because the CEO has integrity. Like too much integrity to let this go for shareholders. Anthony Noto grew up working class, graduated from West Point, and rose through the ranks in the finance world. Imagine if Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was real and became a banking god.
  • His track record is insane. CFO for the NFL during record growth. COO for Twitter where he was putting out garbage fires. He knows how to run shit, and now he’s back in finance after SoFi booted the last CEO for being pervy.
  • One downside, he is boring as shit. He won’t talk about who’s a pedo, how Soros is evil or some other drama. He only talks about banking and banking accessories I tell you what. Bank Hill
  • Look at his Twitter Likes. He knows something is brewing, and he gets a big payday if the stock hits $45.
  • Back to the company. At a recent fintech conference hosted by Piper Sandler, Noto announced that SoFi has a Net Promoter Score (how much people like the brand) of 80 for its loan business. For context, American Express has 52. The math says SoFi is literally 54% better.
  • Maybe part of the reason is because they have the naming rights to a football stadium in Los Angeles. One where little kids go to see Taylor Swift and grown ass men watch other grown ass men smack into one another. Where it’s mentioned all the time for being state of the art and environmentally friendly in the largest entertainment market. WHERE THEY WILL HOST MULTIPLE WORLD CUP GAMES AND OLYMPIC SPORTS.
  • I mentioned the SPAC bagholders. They still exist and have been pounding nonstop about the stock all the way down. There are some stonk flashbacks here that are about to explode.


  • iTs pRiCeD iN – Wall Street is only getting a taste of this dildo. Once the annual shareholder meeting comes along next week and estimates come in better than expected on earnings, this next door 2 turns into a 10.
  • Student loans defaults are coming, you stupid fuck – You think the bank will let you go to Disneyland once they start asking for their money? They will garnish wages and withhold taxes on you plebs. Grow up or move to Vietnam. Or, just maybe, the stock goes up and you use the profits to pay off the ball and chain?
  • This is literally your first time posting to WSB – Yes, I’m a fucking worm lurking in the shadows. This will be the one and only thesis I put out.
  • Wedbush has a PT of $3, this thing is going down – Go ahead and listen to David Chiaverini, who has a success rating of 35% and has no skin in the game Or me, who’s about to mortgage everything because he see’s asymmetric risk.
  • Why post now? – I genuinely think this will get re-rated with a soft tech valuation of $32, and we’re at the cusp of it happening.
  • What will change the price – Market realization, better than expected results coming soon, major deals announced, new product releases planned this year. Literally yesterday they announced “SoFi at Work”, a program to allow employers to help contribute to student loan payments.

In Conclusion

Take this however you want, go fuck yourself etc. If you miss the boat, DM me to sign up for a new SoFi account and get up to $275 back when you set up direct deposit.
Again I cannot stress this enough, this is not financial advice and please do your own research.
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2023.06.10 19:39 Extension_Frosting27 How do I 24M help my partner 21F with intimacy connection?

For context my partner (21fm) have a long distance relationship 2yrs that we structure and monitor highly so that neither of us feels neglected. However around 8 months ago she stopped having any sexual interest due to medical reasons. Now that those medical reasons are nearly gone she still has a void of any sexual interest. Not in herself, in myself, or others. As well any intimate interaction besides cuddling and basic kissing has been completely void, not even talking about sensual interest.
We've had a discussion about these updates and I'm not sure if it could be the Adhd meds, depression meds which do cause loss of libido fairly often. My idea is that because of the distance we don't have a close physical bond anymore. I've asked her to seek out speaking to a medical professional or therapist regarding these symptoms. Before the medical issues, we had a fun and explosive sex life. With the previous talk we mentioned that if there is no change, what do I need to feel satisfied. My response was that when the time comes "We'll talk about that when we need to." Personally I love the intimate part of our relationship and I've understood the ramifications of a temporary long distance relationship. When she finishes college, she plans on moving back in with her family in the same state as me.
What avenues can I take to ensure both our needs are being met? What acts of intimacy are not sexual or intimidating? What ways can I feel sexual without imposing on her? I trust her and will love her truly, she is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. But I'm so scared of losing everything I love and if things can't change I'm not sure how to continue.
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2023.06.10 19:38 AutoModerator [] ✔️John Anthony – The Leads Machine ✔️ Full Course Download

[] ✔️John Anthony – The Leads Machine ✔️ Full Course Download
Get the course here: [] ✔️John Anthony – The Leads Machine ✔️ Full Course Download

Courses proof (screenshots for example, or 1 free sample video from the course) are available upon demand, simply Contact us here

A “lead” is simply a phone number that you get from a girl.

In a bar, nightclub, at a mall, at a coffee shop, on the street, etc, the key to sleeping with boatloads of beautiful women is systematically and optimally turning these phone number “LEADS” into meetups (dates) and then into “SEX”.
It will then be your choice if you want to keep the girl around to be part of your “harem” or make her your girlfriend.
So you can think of the process like this:
Acquire phone number “lead”Work the lead properly for a meetup (date)close the lead (have sex)retain the girlrepeat the process until you have your dream “harem” or “dream girlfriend”.
So as I near the big 1,000 laycount milestone, I decided to spill the beans on my ENTIRE “secret sauce” in FULL DETAIL.
My secret to systematically having sex with 100+ new girls every year.
For those of you who look at my high number of lays as being suspicious, I don’t blame you. But I have documented proof with 100s of hidden camera infield footage videos of me picking up women – which is more than any other pickup artist in the world has ever recorded.
No lead is waster
That’s my secret: working leads like a machine.
I got the first highly optimized lead system for dating figured out, I want to give back to the men out there that are struggling. Leverage my years of frustrations to get laid immediately.
What is the system? I call it The Lead Machine.
Why Machine? Because it works like a damn well-oiled machine!
Just put leads in and get pussy out!
Here is a sneak peak of what is included:
Massive Master flowchart ​​
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It’s time to end that frustration, and stop wasting so much energy.
And that for a fraction of the money you are spending away inefficiently.
Stop wasting time and energy.
You don’t have to figure it out all over again. I did that for you. Been there done that.
So here I am offering the product of over ten years of optimizations, and first hand experience.
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2023.06.10 19:38 PedradaGamer [VIDEO] We make our way past the confines of the Red Rocket Truck Stop into the town of Concord.

[VIDEO] We make our way past the confines of the Red Rocket Truck Stop into the town of Concord. submitted by PedradaGamer to SubForSub [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 19:37 PedradaGamer [VIDEO] We make our way past the confines of the Red Rocket Truck Stop into the town of Concord.

[VIDEO] We make our way past the confines of the Red Rocket Truck Stop into the town of Concord. submitted by PedradaGamer to PromoteVideoHere [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 19:37 throwra5070 Girlfriend (24f) told me (26m) she'd like me to reduce how much I talk to a co-worker

I started a new job 6 months ago that is work from home most of the time, there were 4 people who started with me but only 1 was doing the same job as me. We'll call her Rebecca. Me and Rebecca both have exams through work and have them at the same time. Because of this, we message fairly regularly at work with revision tips and questions about work or exams.
It's nice having someone I get on with at work so I do enjoy talking to Rebecca. We pretty much only talk about work apart from small talk around weekend plans etc. Near the first exam Rebecca messaged me on social media asking a question and this was the first time we messaged outside of work. Since then, we now have each other on Facebook but have only messaged 2 or 3 times on social media. My partner thinks I talk to Rebecca too much and asked if I'll reduce the amount I talk to her. I told her she's a co-worker and I can't just decide to stop talking to my co-workers so now whenever my laptop makes a noise when I'm working, if my gf is home she'll comment asking if that's Rebecca.
I told her to stop since it's not fair that she thinks she can dictate how much I talk to my colleagues and she shouldn't be trying to make me feel guilty for having a friend at work. She just repeated that she thinks I should talk to Rebecca less and that I shouldn't have a problem with it. How would you handle this situation?
tl;dr I have a coworker at work who I talk to fairly regularly. My girlfriend said she wants me to reduce how much I talk to her and she got annoyed when I refused. How would you handle this?
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2023.06.10 19:37 TheHomoscedastifier I feel scammed.

In a few weeks, I'll have 20 letters after my name. I'm 30, and I haven't stopped studying since kindergarten. I got my bachelor's in a top 20 university. I got my master's and soon my PhD at similar institutions. My master's was at a very famous and very very rich lab. But it was one of the most toxic places, I couldn't wait to get out. Then I thought fuck it, let's do medicine. I spent just over a year in medical school then realized I can't lie to myself, I like science. So I started my PhD also at a very famous lab, and the story was about to repeat itself, so after 1 year, I left and started my PhD again at an excellent lab but not in a flashy field (i.e. Not really rich). I made amazing friends, my supervisor was an angel, and my PI was flawless.
But.. Now I'm near the end, and I realized that wow... All this work, and what's in my skill set? Western blotting, qPCR, basic mouse work, ELISA, and other assays a child can do and that's it. From my other experiences, some basic cell culture as well. But during my PhD, I had to do some image analysis in ImageJ, and I taught myself some serious macro scripting, and really enjoyed it.
So I applied to an internship at a pharma giant for image analysis. I started there a few months ago, while my PhD is basically done. I realized that even the other interns over there are making deep learning models, hell, some are even making their own software to do a small part of their projects. And I'm sitting here trying to work with ImageJ like a Neanderthal (I even got laughed at). So since this internship is just a year long, thought maybe I should start looking at jobs, because it's not a quick thing.
Well. I'm not even being picky, I'm just searching for "scientist" positions in the industry (mind you, in one of the largest hubs of pharma research in the world), nothing even specific. 90% of them are asking for "fancy" things like omics techniques, stem cells, organoids, antibody engineering, screen development, LC-MS, etc, and the other 10% asking for more basic things like cloning, sequencing, phage display, CRISPR, etc. Guess what? I have never learned ANY of the above. I tried to push during my PhD for some transcriptomics, for any in vitro stuff (that would need CRISPR and the like), but nope, we're too poor and the project demands more and more experiments of the same basic techniques.
Now I'm just sitting here contemplating where my terrible choices have brought me. 20 alphabet soup letters bear more value than those stupid titles. I don't know to do. I thought hey, maybe I can learn, maybe I learned how to learn in my PhD at least. Let's dig into the hype, deep learning and all. It's difficult, but it can be pulled off alone. But NO TIME. I have to commute to my internship and I basically have 1 to 2 hrs per day where I'm not sleeping, working, or commuting. Even in my commute, I'm writing my thesis. Fine, forget industry, let's do a post doc, maybe I'll improve my skill set there then head to the industry. Haha. No. All the positions I looked at require the same skills.
Honestly wth. What do I even do. My PhD wasn't even a failure, we just submitted two papers, one a very big story and one decent novel one. I feel like the system scammed me. My education took so long that the world moved on from everything I learned. My skills are obsolete, ancient, useless.
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