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2023.06.10 19:20 OG-Pine Are there any situations where Widow is still a preferable pick over Ashe (or Hanzo) after the range nerf?

I want to preface this by saying I’m interested in a discussion about what value widow can bring moving forward relative to other snipers or sniper-like heroes, this isn’t a complaint post and I’m not really trying to make or get opinions on if the patch is good or bad (there is lots of that already in the OW threads).
With widows range being cut roughly in half for full damage, and about 40% (I think) for squishy kill shots, are there still going to be any situations in game where it’s better to have a widow than an Ashe?
I mean like maps, team comp, enemy comp, etc where a widow pick actually provides more value (or potential value) assuming skill levels and all are the same across the heroes.
I’ve seen a lot of mixed comments regarding this, which I guess is expected given the polarized views on Widow in general - ranging from “this won’t make any difference” to “she’s a throw pick now”
Personally I think she doesn’t have any realistic advantages over Ashe anymore, because even with the midrange 1 shot potential she’s forced to take harder shots, in less forgiving conditions, and with much less ability to defend herself when compared to someone like Ashe. Especially with the similarity in their aim, anyone who can land a consistent headshot from Widows new range could just as easily hand the viper scope into hip combo with Ashe and get the same kill. Meanwhile Ashe can provide more value throughout the game with higher damage output, dynamite, and coach gun.
I imagine there will be specific situations where widow could be better, like a specific bend on a map or something, but I don’t see it being more than that.
What are your thoughts?
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2023.06.10 19:18 CFUsOrFuckOff Why Ukraine is the turning point for humanity and what must be done

This is not a political position, but a thermodynamic one. The world is heading from a time of excess to a time of scarcity. With more people enjoying fewer comforts, humanity is faced with the direction it takes for the rest of our species' future on this planet and others: we can't fight each other for what's left or we can share with each other what we need.
This isn't - or has never before been - a serious question because this world has never felt universal hardship before. In the past, when any major scarcity was faced (with the exception of 536) there was always a neighboring ally to buffer the loss or an enemy to subjugate; until now, there has always been more. Climate change is a global pressure on a globalized economy. There are no external economies that are thriving to prop up the luxuries we've come to feel entitled to. When that luxury can no longer be provided, people are trained to blame each other and ask for the boss to complain about our level of service.
This is the attitude fueling the shift to the right "all this liberal 'science' bullshit has turned my country into a place i dont recognize. Time to get my country in order!", but like how the long term side effects of COVID will be blamed on the vaccine rather than the virus, humans are apparently hardwired to look for a person or institution that's responsible for their problems, because they live in a world that's manifestly run by humanity. Politicians don't help with this because they promise change that a large bureaucracy isn't capable of... every time they step in front of a mic. Politicians feed the sense that the world is divided into teams and the team that's running things is doing harm. They are the anti-vax evangelists of a world simply running out of good time as a result of spending all the good time since the end of WWII.
Humanity cannot fly. That shouldn't be arguable. It's a fundamental limit of our physiology that cannot be overcome without shedding everything about us that makes us human; brains are heavy. When we get on a plane, we are not 'flying', we are taking a bus full of people, strapping a rocket engine to it, and firing it in a ballistic trajectory toward our destination. For all the celebration of progress in the tech age, we still can't figure out how to move something forward without throwing something out the back. That's not just why planes are absurd but why they cannot continue to be considered a good invention. Think of how much fuel would need to be burned to rocket yourself across a lawn, let alone through the sky; it's an insane amount of fuel and an absurd justification for burning it, especially virtually all domestic travel can be accomplished by rail or bus... which also use the same principle of throwing out enough exhaust gasses out the back to displace the weight of the thing that's burning the fuel. When this thing is on the ground, it burns much less fuel than pushing it through the sky.
Humanity assumes novelty is benign. Im not sure if this is one of the hidden rules about capitalism that we all follow as a culture "have you seen the new x!? It's amazing and works way better than x-1!", or if we're evolutionarily programmed to assume new is good and the direction we should be heading in. In either case, it has allowed us to adopt planetary destruction as a necessary aspect of each of our lives. It isn't anything we do consciously, it is the background of our lives that feeds big industry and steals time from the future. It's our commute, our food, our total acceptance that running a furnace is fine despite getting all worked up about oil spills and fires when we see them uncontained. The maze we all run was designed to have as much distance as possible between you and the cheese at the end so you would spend half or more of your cheese burning calories to get from the start to the finish and repeat all over. It is why people feel the problem is too big for them: there is nothing one person can change in the part of the life they control that will redirect the planetary system away from collapse because it is the pattern of our lives that is the destructive part.
Since our shared pattern is so destructive, it is self limiting. We are feeling the effects of that now with COVID (forests being pushed toward ecological breakdown leads animals to look for new territory and new food, leading to conflict with species already there and malnutrition from food with an incomplete nutrient balance), extreme weather doing damage to vital infrastructure and shipping losses.
Which brings us back to Ukraine. The world needs a beacon. A Western country with the courage to model a sustainable lifestyle through active change. I assumed that would have been Canada but I was wrong. Instead, with Ukraine being forced to rebuild in a time where supplies have never been more expensive, and in a state where its people have gotten used to living without luxury, it can either be an incubator for redesigning human life to restore the environment rather than destroy it.
There is no stronger people to take on such a challenge and the world that has been paying for weapons to defend. If we can send explosives to break, we must send hands, tools, and materials to rebuild. If we rebuild the same way, the world will fall into war since the causal push of all existing conflict is space and resources or their control, and we will continue to pretend that individual human choices are to blame for war. We will continue to refuse to look deeper and will soon find ourselves in a position where taking up arms seems like the only solution left to us. If, on the other hand, the rest of us find the courage to look one step deeper and ask "why is the world falling to war? What is driving conflict?", we will see it is the same thing driving our thirst for more luxury and, hopefully, realize that the only survivable path to the future is one where we change our behavior to relieve the force that's pushing us in that direction.
When more is never enough, less is a horrifying concept. Without a model for how to happily live as a human in a self sufficient community, there will be no "green transition", there will only be more disease, more scarcity, and more conflict on the edge of that scarcity. The more each of us takes, the more we contribute to conflict around the world.
There is no way to make a car "green", just like there is no way to make a compostable battery. The problem isnt the means of conveyance, it is the distance we need to cover to survive. Whether or not we change our habits to adapt to this reality is inconsequential to its eventuality, it just seems absurd to ignore the reality of hardship until you're being strangled by it simply to "enjoy the time you have left".
If the war in Ukraine ends and the world moves in to turn it into the first net zero country, there is hope for a future for our species. If we act like everything was fine until a mad man decided to invade a sovereign country, war will spread like a fog descending on the world. Demands will be met by force as a result of people pushing for impossibly cheap access to resources. Slavery will return as the foundation of the global economy and, in all this horror, we will be hastening and worsening our own conditions.
Like a train whose tracks go over the grand canyon, humanity needs one last train stop to see what it looks like to live somewhere other than a train at constantly increasing speed. We need a model for a future that is too nebulous to explain: it must be seen and experienced, how much living can be done as humans on and with the land. If nothing else but to illustrate that a train going over a cliff was not a predetermined consequence of "human progress", and that a choice has been made to define that progress with the inventions of a few men, all of which run by stealing energy from the past and stability from the future. It would allow us to see the train from the outside and force us to question the value of a murder-suicide pact.
For the demonstration to be compelling, there can be no or very little carbon footprint for the country. Structures must be built from salvaged (cheap) material, focusing on isolated but functional communities.
We have already lost the battle to save most of what we recognize in our world but we don't need to continue to burn it all down. Since there is no more track for this paradigm, there is no consequence for trying something new and certain death and misery by doing the same. This message can be shared in every possible way, but without a demonstration of what it looks like on a cultural level, we will never have the discussion that leads to the choice to keep going or get off the death train.
We are not the creations or technology we obsess over, we are an ape descended species on a planet we're stuck with and have killed 80% of in 50 years. We cannot survive on a lifeless world because we are alive and life feeds on life to survive. I have a hard time getting people to relate to the rest of the living world as a branch of the same tree we belong to because of how separated we are from other life. The more life that's lost, the less we'll care about it being gone and the more committed we will be to our preoccupations to avoid having to face reality.
The cowardice ive encountered when it comes to facing reality has been incredibly disappointing and disturbing. We will pass laws in our country to prevent poaching and hunting in other countries where our emissions and lifestyle -guided by our laws- are pushing the same animals to total extinction. We will talk about this from a position of moral superiority, only, and will take no responsibility for the conditions our behavior has already created. There is no "border crisis", there are people being pushed out of their homes by new weather that has made those homes incompatible with survival. I've heard lots of Americans talking about moving north in response to climate shifts as if that is something completely different from what is happening on their southern border or in Europe. No one leaves their ancestral home to cause problems in another country, but if that country is responsible for the force that pushed them out, they should either stop pushing people out of their homes or open their borders. To refuse either is to accept that you live a life of evil and as the person that will one day deny you shelter to protect what they have.
These a new times with new stakes and new bad guys. The only good thing about being the bad guy is you can choose to stop, while your victims can only beg you to stop and, eventually, resist/insist on a different course. It is up to each and all of us how the future plays out. The party is over. No one gets to sit this out.
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2023.06.10 19:16 mrgoldnugget Tokentool - Having trouble making good quality tokens for your virtual tabletop game?

If you are like me, and a fulltime (or even part time GM) running a virtual tabletop. You will of found its very easy to find great images for your game, but difficult (without a lot of work) to make nice Pathfinder tokens. (images with the circle - helps players identify what is a background image and what is an NPC/creature)
Today I found Tokentool - I want to shout it from the rooftops! Its a free and easy to use program. https://www.rptools.net/toolbox/token-tool/
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2023.06.10 19:15 rosycross93 Journaling and memory

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2023.06.10 19:15 OG-Pine Are there any situations where Widow is still a preferable pick over Ashe (or Hanzo) after the range nerf?

I want to preface this by saying I’m interested in a discussion about what value widow can bring moving forward relative to other snipers or sniper-like heroes, this isn’t a complaint post and I’m not really trying to make or get opinions on if the patch is good or bad (there is lots of that already in the OW threads).
With widows range being cut roughly in half for full damage, and about 40% (I think) for squishy kill shots, are there still going to be any situations in game where it’s better to have a widow than an Ashe?
I mean like maps, team comp, enemy comp, etc where a widow pick actually provides more value (or potential value) assuming skill levels and all are the same across the heroes.
I’ve seen a lot of mixed comments regarding this, which I guess is expected given the polarized views on Widow in general - ranging from “this won’t make any difference” to “she’s a throw pick now”
Personally I think she doesn’t have any realistic advantages over Ashe anymore, because even with the midrange 1 shot potential she’s forced to take harder shots, in less forgiving conditions, and with much less ability to defend herself when compared to someone like Ashe. Especially with the similarity in their aim, anyone who can land a consistent headshot from Widows new range could just as easily hand the viper scope into hip combo with Ashe and get the same kill. Meanwhile Ashe can provide more value throughout the game with higher damage output, dynamite, and coach gun.
I imagine there will be specific situations where widow could be better, like a specific bend on a map or something, but I don’t see it being more than that.
What are your thoughts?
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2023.06.10 19:13 Physical-Calendar546 Impact of AI Image Generators in Photography Industry

Hey! I am Ishta Jain, a final year student at Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies pursuing a Bachelor' in Journalism and Mass Communication. As a part of my final project, I am conducting a research on ‘The Impact of AI Image Generators in Photography Industry'. The aim of this research is to analyze the impact AI Image generators have on photography.

Please note that this survey is only for photographers and photojournalists. It would be great if you could take out just 2 mins of your schedule, and fill out the form.

Form Link - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSceWjvI4nxwBIvVS_rDm4Sl7QGjxzHB7SQQtDoh-swoJm1ssg/viewform?usp=sf_link
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2023.06.10 19:13 plutonian667 Looking for help - Lilith with invocation for beginner

No its not part of Diablo IV gaming rush but longer calling of me to her. I wrote the sigil of Lilith and was meditating and visited V.K. page blog with rites and some magic words. Could you please help me and give me some expertise - how is the best way for beginner to do invocation to Mother Lilith. Thank you gladly for your insight and help.
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2023.06.10 19:12 KKshilling A Blueprint For Fulfillment & Sustainable Wealth [The Ikigai System]

A Blueprint For Fulfillment & Sustainable Wealth [The Ikigai System]
Discover How This Japanese Concept Can Revolutionize Your Life & Brand
In 2016, I was running a business that was running me into the ground. ​ I was working hard to please customers, my team and investors, and along the way… ​ ​I was sacrificing my health and well-being.
I was down and out, incredibly depressed, and using alcohol to cope with feelings of loneliness and despair.
I had just accepted that although I was unhappy, this was just how things went...
I didn’t know another way of doing things.
Then, I had a panic attack.
Cooped up in a hotel room in LA - I called my dad crying and I knew something needed to change.
There had to be a better way...
Fortunately, I found one.
Ikigai is an ancient Japanese philosophy that translates to "reason for being".
It lies at the intersection of four fundamental elements of life:
  • what you love
  • what the world needs
  • what you can be paid for
  • what you are good at

This sweet spot is the fuel that can drive you toward an energized and fulfilling life.
Discovering this personal paradigm is not only powerful...
But can also offer profound insights into how you can align your life and actions with your deepest values and aspirations.
If you've been following me for a while, you know I talk about Ikigai a lot.
This concept changed my life and it’s the heartbeat of everything I do.
And after years of living this way, I’ve never been happier or felt more fulfilled.
I believe it’s crucial for all founders to operate as much as possible within their Ikigai -
Because that will keep them fulfilled, and showing up even when things get tough.
In today’s newsletter, I want to share this life-changing concept with you, as well as a free resource you can use to identify your own.
And if you have already done an Ikigai exercise before, I have a question for you specifically down below, so make sure you check that out

#1 - Identifying What You Love

The first component of your Ikigai is identifying what you truly love.
This is an exploration of your passions, interests, and pursuits that genuinely excite you.
There are no rules around what you put here.
They could be anything from painting, designing software, traveling or cooking.
The only requirement is that these activities captivate your attention, make time disappear, and fill your heart with joy.
More than just hobbies, these are things that you would do even without getting paid or recognized for.

#2 - Understanding What the World Needs

The second element of your Ikigai is to think about what you believe the world needs.
This is where you look outside yourself and consider the larger societal needs.
This could include the environment, social justice, mental health awareness, technological advancement, and more.
But don’t just put “world peace.”
The idea here is to brainstorm from a perspective of your strengths, skills and passions.
You don’t have to come up with a “perfect answer,” the goal is to simply start putting to paper the various needs in the world.
Ultimately we’ll look to find the intersection of how what you love can help serve a bigger purpose.

#3 - Recognizing What You Can Be Paid For

The third component is determining what you can be paid for.
This is about identifying the skills, talents, and expertise that others value and are willing to pay for.
Don’t be afraid to get creative, as we’re trying to think outside the box.
However we also don’t want to pick something that’s so niche you end up creating a lot of stress for yourself trying to get people to buy from you.
One of my favorite ways to answer this is by asking “what do people ask me for help with?”
Some ideas that come to mind as I’m writing this are:
  • Consulting
  • Coaching
  • Developing digital products
  • Providing in-demand services
  • Closing deals
  • Copywriting
  • Design

#4 - Acknowledging What You Are Good At

The fourth and final component is acknowledging what you are genuinely good at.
I like to think of this as your “superpowers.”
What tasks or activities come naturally to you?
What skills do you have that you excel in without much effort?
What do people praise you for?
These can be inherent traits or acquired skills.
I encourage you to be bold and own your abilities - but also to be honest.
There’s a difference between your passions and your superpowers.
Don’t put “cooking” if you have a tendency to burn water.

#5 - Define Your Ikigai

Once you have thoroughly explored and documented the four components, it's time to define your Ikigai.
This step involves a lot of introspection, self-assessment, and often, trial and error.
You may find that some aspects of these components intersect naturally.
For instance, your love for storytelling and your exceptional writing skills could intersect in the realm of authoring books or blogging.
If the world needs more authentic, inspiring narratives and you can be paid for creating such content, this could very well be your Ikigai.
However, don't be disheartened if the intersections aren't clear right away.
Sometimes, the interconnections become apparent over time, and often, they may require proactive efforts to bridge the gaps. ​ This framework does not provide instant answers, but rather, it is a guiding principle that requires continuous reflection and fine-tuning.

#6 - Living Your Ikigai

Identifying your Ikigai is only half the battle…
The next step is living it.
It's about making conscious decisions that align with your Ikigai and incorporating it into your daily life.
This is where the concept of Ikigai transcends from being a self-reflective exercise to a guiding principle for life.
Living your Ikigai often involves making significant changes in your life.
You may need to shift careers, reorient your priorities, learn new skills, or even alter your lifestyle.
The beauty of Ikigai lies not only in the discovery of your unique "reason for being" but also in the journey of getting there.
It's about finding joy and satisfaction in the pursuit of balance, not just achieving it.
And remember, your Ikigai is not set in stone.
As you grow, evolve, and change, so too might your Ikigai.
It is meant to be a dynamic guide that grows and evolves with you, helping you live a life full of purpose and passion.
This leads me to the question I mentioned early…
Are you living out your Ikigai?
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2023.06.10 19:12 Epsiloni Please help me choose

Hey all, thank you for taking the time to help me choose my first Split Mechanical Keyboard.
Some things I know that I want are: 1. Rotary - I think it’s like to have one, it looks cool and I want to find a use case for them. 2. RGB lighting - mainly I want to be able to work in a dark room and see my keys. 3. Hotswapable - id like to test different switches from time to time. 4. OLED Screen - I think I can find a use case for these and they look very good. 5. Layout - I like the ErgoDash the most I think, but it lacks most of what I wanted, the Sofle 2 looks good but I find the placement of the A key a bit low. Can anyone comment on that?
What do you guys think? Also where should I buy the parts?
P.S. How do I choose a Pro Controller for the keyboard?
Thank you so much for your time.
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2023.06.10 19:06 Rooster-illusion11 WTS: Spyderco, Kizer, we, Kershaw, Brous, etc.

What up swappers! Cash is king, but a good trade is gold. Looking for these: BHQ LE Benchmade Bugout (jade and black), Spyderco Sage 5 LW, Massdrop Mordax all black plain handle, and Yojimbo 2 (S90V or 20CV).
DON'T USE CHAT, I'm on mobile and won't see it. PP F&F, NO NOTES. I'll entertain reasonable offers. If buying multiple blades knock $10 off per addition. Will ship anywhere in CONUS. If I'm missing anything you'd like to see just ask. Thanks for looking.
Proof of life/album: https://imgur.com/a/qxOd215 https://imgur.com/a/Mw9dfDi
‐ Pena X series trapper BHQ exclusive. A cool front flipper with a good action. I'm not the original owner. Comes with box, which is where it has been since I bought it. SV: $260/TV: $280
‐ St. Nick's Para 3. Original owner, great action although I haven't opened it much. This thing is straight out of the factory. Only 500 of these made, far fewer in this condition. Comes with box, pouch, and papers. SV $333/TV $350
‐ St. Nick's Native 5 in G10. Original owner, never cut or carried. Another straight out of the factory. Comes with box, pouch, and papers. SV $210/TV $230
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2023.06.10 19:05 InspectorTricky9653 1

Jenna sighed as she lay on her bed, feeling restless and unsatisfied. She had just come back from another failed date with yet another man who couldn't satisfy her needs in the bedroom. As much as she tried to be patient and understanding, it was getting harder and harder for her to hide her frustration.
She needed something more than what these men were offering her. Something intense, something that would push her to her limits and leave her begging for more. But where could she find such an experience? And who could provide it for her?
As she lay there, lost in thought, her eyes landed on a photo of her best friend Reese. They had been friends since childhood, but over the years their relationship had evolved into something deeper and more intimate. Although they had never crossed the line into a sexual relationship, Jenna often found herself fantasizing about what it would be like to be with Reese.
Reese was everything Jenna wasn't - pale-skinned, red-haired, and adventurous. She was always up for trying new things and pushing boundaries, which is why Jenna knew that if anyone could give her the experience she craved, it would be Reese.
But how could she ask her best friend for something so intimate and potentially destructive to their friendship? What if Reese rejected her or worse, laughed at her? The thought of being vulnerable and exposed like that was terrifying, but Jenna knew she had to take the risk.
Steeling her nerves, Jenna picked up her phone and texted Reese. "Hey, can we talk?"
Reese responded almost immediately. "Sure! Everything okay?"
"Yeah, I just need to talk to you about something important."
A few minutes later, Reese arrived at Jenna's apartment, looking concerned. "What's going on? Is everything alright?"
Jenna took a deep breath before speaking. "I...I have something to tell you. Or rather, something to ask you."
Reese nodded encouragingly. "You can tell me anything, you know that."
Jenna swallowed hard. "I want you to torture me."
There was a moment of stunned silence before Reese burst out laughing. "Wait, what? You're joking, right?"
Jenna shook her head. "No, I'm serious. I need this, Reese. I need someone who can push me beyond my limits and give me the intensity I've been missing."
Reese looked skeptical. "And you think I can do that?"
"Yes," said Jenna firmly. "I trust you, and I know you won't hurt me. Please, just hear me out."
Reese hesitated for a moment before finally agreeing. "Okay, go on."
Jenna explained her desires in detail, describing the kinds of sensations she wanted to experience and the ways in which she hoped Reese could help her achieve them. As she spoke, she felt a sense of relief washing over her, knowing that she was finally able to express her true self to someone.
Reese listened carefully, taking in every word. When Jenna finished talking, she paused for a moment before responding. "Wow, I didn't realize you were feeling this way. I'm glad you felt comfortable enough to share this with me."
Jenna let out a sigh of relief. "Thank you. It means a lot to me that you're willing to listen."
Reese smiled. "Of course. So, what exactly are you looking for here? Do you have any specific requests or preferences?"
Jenna thought for a moment before answering. "Well, I'd really like to explore some foot worship and domination. I've always been fascinated by feet, and I'd love to feel your hands on mine, worshipping them like they're gods."
Reese chuckled. "Gods, huh? Well, I can definitely make that happen. Anything else?"
Jenna bit her lip nervously. "I'd also like to try some bondage and spanking. I've always been curious about those things, but I've never had the courage to try them until now."
Reese nodded thoughtfully. "Makes sense. Those can be great tools for building anticipation and control. Anything else?"
Jenna shook her head. "Not really. Just whatever you think will work best to get me to that next level of pleasure."
Reese grinned mischievously. "Alright then, consider it done. I'll bring everything we need tomorrow night. Get ready for the experience of a lifetime."
The next day passed slowly for Jenna, who spent most of it anxiously waiting for Reese to arrive. Finally, when the clock struck 8 pm, there was a knock on her door. Her heart racing, Jenna opened it to see Reese standing there, holding a large bag in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other.
"Hi," said Reese, giving her a coy smile. "Ready for our little session?"
Jenna swallowed hard. "As ready as I'll ever be."
Reese stepped inside and set down the bag, pulling out several items including rope, nipple clamps, and a paddle. Jenna couldn't help but gulp at the sight of them, her excitement mixed with a touch of trepidation.
"First things first," said Reese, pouring two glasses of wine. "Let's start with a toast."
They clinked glasses and took a sip, letting the sweet liquid calm their nerves. Then, without further ado, Reese began the process of binding Jenna's wrists and ankles with intricate knots, leaving her lying face down on the bed.
Once Jenna was securely tied, Reese moved behind her and started massaging her shoulders and back, working out the tension from a long day at work. Jenna closed her eyes and reveled in the sensation of Reese's strong fingers digging into her muscles, relaxing her body and mind.
After a few minutes, Reese moved down to Jenna's legs, tracing circles around her calves and thighs before moving up to her inner thighs. Jenna squirmed involuntarily as Reese teased her sensitive skin, lightly brushing her fingers against her folds.
Then, without warning, Reese grabbed the paddle and smacked it hard against Jenna's bottom, making her yelp in surprise. Before she could fully process what was happening, Reese continued raining blows down on her ass, each strike eliciting a sharp gasp followed by a low moan.
Despite the initial shock, Jenna found herself enjoying the sensation of pain mixed with pleasure, her body reacting instinctively to the stimulation. She arched her back, begging for more, and Reese happily obliged, increasing the pace and force of the spanks until Jenna's entire body was throbbing with desire.
When Reese finally stopped, Jenna was left panting and drenched with sweat, her skin flushed and tingling. Reese leaned down and kissed her neck, whispering hotly in her ear. "How does that feel, baby? Are you ready for more?"
Jenna could barely speak through her heavy breathing, but she managed a weak "Yes" before collapsing back onto the bed.
Reese chuckled softly. "Good girl. Now, let's move on to the main event."
She reached for the nipple clamps and expertly attached them to Jenna's tender buds, causing her to writhe in ecstasy. Next came the foot worship, with Reese kneeling at the end of the bed and reverently kissing and caressing Jenna's feet, praising them as if they were divine artifacts.
Jenna reveled in the attention, closing her eyes and savoring the sensation of Reese's lips and tongue dancing across her skin. She wriggled her toes, delighting in the way they seemed to come alive under Reese's ministrations.
Before long, however, Reese switched gears again, removing the nipple clamps and replacing them with clothespins, sending waves of agony and arousal coursing through Jenna's body. She bit her lip to stop from crying out, loving the way the pain heightened her sensitivity to every touch.
Reese continued to play with Jenna's breasts, alternating between gentle caresses and brutal pinches, driving her wild with lust. By the time she moved on to sucking and biting Jenna's neck, Jenna was a quivering mess of raw emotion, desperate for release.
Finally, Reese climbed on top of Jenna and positioned herself above her mouth, rubbing her wetness against Jenna's lips. "Lick me," she commanded, thrusting her hips forward.
Jenna eagerly complied, diving into Reese's folds with abandon, tasting her sweet nectar and reveling in the sounds of her pleasure. Reese bucked and thrashed beneath her, riding the wave of bliss, until finally she exploded in a frenzy of gasps and moans.
Jenna lay back, exhausted but satisfied, as Reese untied her bindings and pulled her into her arms. They lay together in contented silence for a while, basking in the afterglow of their shared passion.
Eventually, Reese broke the stillness. "So, did you enjoy your experience?"
Jenna smiled. "More than I could have imagined. Thank you for giving me this."
Reese pressed a kiss to her forehead. "My pleasure, sweetheart. Anytime you need it, just let me know."
Jenna snuggled closer, already dreaming of their next encounter.
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2023.06.10 19:05 mashiro_mai Mucc - [99] Translation

I finished earlier than expected 🥰🥰🥰
Fusaida shikou usupperai mirai wa hai 99
Hagare ochita meisei umare ochita rikai to waza
Taiyou no yakare
Ai wo musaboreba shiawase ka i? Ushinawarenu you ni hisshi da ne
Hollow ryoute wo nobashite wazuka ni fureta No. 99
Hora yozora no saki e Kono utagoe ga hibiki watareba
Kurushimi no zangai wo kanashimi no zankyou wo furiharae yo 99
Kuzurete iku Kokoro wo atsumete owari e to fumidasu no nara
Kono kurushimi no zangai mo kanashimi no zankyou mo aisemasu you ni
Ima yozora no saki e Kono utagoe yo hibikiwatare
Hollow ryoute wo nobashite tashika ni fureta No. 99
Hora oozora koete subete wo koete das habataite
In case someone doesn't know the symbolism of the number 99 in this song: It's taken from numerology. If you see the number 99 a lot it is supposed to be a message from an angel to you. The 99 angel number is a symbol of completion, transition, and spiritual growth. It calls on you to embrace the changes in your life.
I think the song pictured that concept beautifully.
Vision obstructed, a meager future of ashes. 99
Crumbling fame, the commen sense and circumstences you were born with
Are burned by the sun.
Are you happy indulging in love? It's a certain death that's like there is nothing to lose.
Looking at the distant sky there are angel wings falling down like they're dancing.
Extending hollow hands you were touching No. 99 a little.
See, if this singing voice is echoing up into the sky.
The remains of suffering, the last echo of sadness, shake them off 99
Pick up the pieces of your crumbling heart when you're venturing out towards the end.
The remains of suffering and also the last echo of sadness - you can love them.
Right now, this voice is echoing up into the sky.
Extending hollow hands you were certainly touching No.99
See, we're transcending the sky, transcending everything.
Go, flap your wings.
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2023.06.10 19:04 Remarkable_Wafer_828 45 [M4F] #Frederick MD USA

DD free Half Chinese the other half German Irish, brown eyes/hazel eyes, Black Brown (now grey) hair, board shoulder build, somewhere between endomorph (70) and a mesomorph (30) body type. Although I wouldn't claim I was athletic; back in my mid 30's I was able to complete both the P90x, P90x Doubles and Insanity programs. No family history of cancers, diabetes, heart disease and all that fun stuff. Not 19 vaxed nor have I caught it, despite being mostly active during that time. I was part of a clinical trial but received the placebo. Don't get sick often and not on any drugs, prescription, non-prescription, OTC, or from the dude at the corner of the street. Used to have better than 20/20 but now that I'm older it's just 20/20, I thought I needed glasses but apparently this is how people with 20/20 see. College educated and often accused of being smart, I tend to think differently, but I'm not sure if that's nature or nurture, both my parents were intelligent in their own ways. On my mother's side (Irish German) males stand around 6'2" big frame, females 5'2" small frame on my father's side ( Chinese) males 5'7" female 5'2" small frames. I stand at 5'7" with a 6' arm span, usually those are close to a 1:1 proportion but as stated above I have pretty broad shoulders.
That's enough about me, let's talk about you...in relation to me: As a Sperm Donor with little to no involvement after(40% interest) the only thing I'm looking for is that you are DD free and capable of caring for a child, single or multiple times, anonymous or unanimous is workable just state the preference.
As a kink or lifestyle (20% interest) this is pretty much a play by ear, I'm pretty open to a lot of things be it risk play, cuckolding, swinging, or whatever. I'm not overly interested in this option but I'm not going to rule it out either. Fun is fun right? Average hung, unless you believe that Asian stereotype, in which case I guess I'd be well hung.
If you're interested let me know which option tickles your fancy.
*** The excessive information below doesn't really pertain if you're looking for what's listed above, read on if you're looking for something more****
As a relationship (35% interest) looking ideally for someone with intelligence, a good attitude and sense of humor, in good health, a little to a lot of quirky, and honorable. A pretty face, blonde or red hair with blue, grey, or green eyes, small but curvy (voluptuous) frame. Some shared interest in: learning, reading, movies, horror, gardening, health and fitness, haunted houses (amusement type), travel, philosophy, psychology, mythology, theology, investments. Love language expression physical touch or quality time.
As co-parenting (5% interest) I'm not particularly interested in this option but won't rule it out either. Financially intelligent, mentally stable, and physically healthy, no addictions, the ability to raise a child. Since I travel a lot for work I could be a background game day dad visiting whatever set times, or we can do a split custody.
So that's the breakdown on a scale of 100 of what I'm looking for, notice "game playing" didn't get any points...
So aside from being wordy, I shift between being talkative and quiet. Single with no kids, I have a place in Pahrump NV and Frederick MD. Although I call Pahrump home I grew up in Jersey. I'm a pretty self sufficient and self reliant person, with a general proficiency in most things be it labor or intellectually intensive, pretty resilient and extremely adaptive. I'm told I'm too funny but have yet to get a girl to laugh so hard that her clothes fell off and was teleported to my bed, although funny enough to have her pants peed in. I appreciate most forms of humor, but let's face it I'm looking to up my dad joke game here, so if you're horny for corny... I tend to enjoy dark humor to a potentially disturbing level, at least that's what the people locked in my basement keep saying, actually that's not true I don't have a basement. I enjoy audio books (for entertainment or learning) as well as actual books (for learning) , I don't have a genre specific music I like just specific songs but if I'm just listening I'll usually listen to EDM, dubstep, 60's - 90's, or ridiculous (parody or amusing) music. Big movie fan can spend all day in a theater, but enjoy at home streaming as well. I also enjoy video, board, and the occasional card games. I hate to say I enjoy working out or going to the gym because it doesn't feel true but it's also not untrue. I also walk my two dogs a lot which they enjoy way more than I do. Overall I'm a pretty laid back, patiently understanding temperament, seemingly going with the flow, blend in with the normal kind of guy. Which balances out (as all things should be)with my very out of the ordinary perspectives, weird thinking, and just plain strange situations I get in.
Despite the large amount of info here this is just a fraction of one of my multiple personalities, so if you want to know more shoot me a note.
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2023.06.10 19:03 mrgoldnugget Tokentool - having trouble making a good token for your virtual tabletop game?

If you are like me, and a fulltime (or even part time GM) running a virtual tabletop. You will of found its very easy to find great images for your game, but difficult (without a lot of work) to make nice Pathfinder tokens. (images with the circle - helps players identify what is a background image and what is an NPC/creature)
Today I found Tokentool - I want to shout it from the rooftops! Its a free and easy to use program. https://www.rptools.net/toolbox/token-tool/
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2023.06.10 19:03 JamariusQuangle My Ideas for Fallout 5

Fallout 5 will take place in the Dixie Wasteland, in the ruins of Charleston, South Carolina in 2322. It will be the first fallout to take place in the South. The only nuke to hit the region was a defective US nuke that detonated as soon as it was launched.
Character Building:
You start with 35 special points, making it so you have a more specialized build or a jack of all trades. The old skill system makes a return, with you choosing a perk every 3 level ups. Skill checks are frequent, and can vary from Special stats to perks. You get to choose a special perk when you start the story, like Small Frame or Kamikaze. Karma has three tiers: Evil, Neutral, and Good.
Mutations and Radiation: Mutations will occur like in 76, but you can become a super mutant if you dip yourself in a vat of FEV. Your strength and endurance will increase dramatically, but many factions and cities won’t let you in without a huge hassle. Radiation makes you mutate more, but if your mutation level is too high you will turn into a mindless Behemoth. Too much radiation will turn you into a ghoul, which makes you immune to radiation and raises your endurance. If you get too many rads while ghoulified, you become feral.
Weapons & V.A.T.S:
Makeshift weapons are far more prevalent in this game, but they are more diverse and realistic than those in Fallout 4. Normal weapons are more powerful and rarer, selling for more at stores. More real guns will be added alongside the retro-futuristic fallout guns, including the 9 round and 1 shotgun shell LeMat revolver. Weapon customization exists alongside a wider variety than of weapons. Dual wielding makes its first entry to the series, allowing for dual wielding of small melee weapons, pistols, and smgs.
Higher Agility levels makes dual wielding more accurate. V.A.T.S will return to freezing the game instead of the slowed down time in Fallout 4
There will be 3 buildable settlement locations that you discover on your own, and 5 customizable player home locations.
World: The Dixie Wasteland is a mix of civilized and Wild. The Western section of the map is the most dangerous, full of raiders and animals, despite that the town of Magnolia is in the west. The Northeast is the city of Charleston, the city of Civitas Ferro is set up within eastern Charleston. The South of the map is controlled by the Brotherhood of Steel as well. The middle of the map is a bunch of small towns mixed with the wildness of the west. The eastern side of the map is swamps, and the west is forested hills. A large lifeless crater exists in the in the middle of the map, simply known as the Hole.
Enemies: Some animals return, such as bloodbugs, deathclaws, ferals, bloatflies, and Yao Guais, Mirelurks, and Gatorclaws. New animals include Raddlesnakes, Giraffe Dogs (coyotes with long necks), Snappers (huge turtles), and Prowlers (mutated bobcats). Raiders are in named groups again, with three main bands terrorizing Dixie. The tribe known as the Confederates who enslave and sell rather than pillage, the Beastmasters who tame mutated animals and attack with them, and the Vaulties who were former vault dwellers. Generic raiders can also be found. Super Mutant bands have moved south from the Capital Wasteland, and continue their sackings in Dixie. Enemy robots are occasionally found, especially from the RobCo factory in the city. The last kind of enemy is the main factions if you piss them off, as they send death squads out to gank you if you have a bad reputation.
Dixie history: The Carolinians united the eastern coast and Charleston together as a large scale civilization in 2190, but by the year 2291, the Brotherhood of Steel invaded. They pillaged, plundered, and took control of the east coast and the capital of the Carolinians. Their despotic rule has causes several factions in the wasteland grow rebellious, and tensions are reaching a high in 2322.
Themes: The game has a southern theme, with the radios playing country and bluegrass music. Characters have southern accents, as do the robots.
Radio Stations:
Magnolia Radio - Swing and Jazz hosted by a charismatic ghoul named Darren Dixie. Darren will comment on the events that occur throughout the wasteland.
Hoedown Capital - A country and bluegrass station hosted by Mr. Hillbilly, a DJ Mr.
Handy. He still believes the year is 2077, and only tells news relating to events that happened leading up to the Great War.
Brotherhood Military Channel - Updates troops about tech locations and orders patrols around.
There are plenty of side quests and random events, including side quests for each faction.
There are 5 factions in Fallout 5, and you have to side with one of them to complete the story. The Tribal ending is the wild card ending. The reputation system makes a return, with the New Vegas pictures.
Brotherhood of Steel: The Brotherhood of Steel has turned into nothing short of a jingoistic military dictatorship, developed by Elder William Garrick. The Brotherhood abandoned Maxson in the commonwealth, as Garrick lead a silent coup in the Capital wasteland. The Brotherhood has grown colossally in size, and now spans the East Coast unchecked in power. Not only do they seize military technology now, they also seize stuff like pre-war small arms, Auto-docs, pip-boys, robots, terminals etc. They’ve ruled over Atlanta for the past 2 years with an iron fist, forcing settlers into giving up their crops and crippling the wasteland and infrastructure of the Dixie Wasteland. They control a large city inside Atlanta called Civitas Ferro, with their headquarters in the center. Despite your hatred for them initially, you can join them and defeat all the rebels.
Carolinian Revolutionary Army- The Carolinians are the remnants of the former largest nation in the Dixie Wasteland called the Free Federation of Charleston. It was a democratic civilization based on the old state of South Carolina, with elections and rights for any human or quasi-human. Although it was weak and corrupt, it was better than the alternatives. When the Brotherhood rolled in, the Carolinians resisted their raids, so the Brotherhood overthrew them in a scorched Earth campaign. The Carolinians are the remnants of their military, dedicated to rebelling against the Brotherhood’s tyranny, and have the endgame goal of bringing Democracy back to Dixie. They grow steadily by the day, but they suffer from bureaucratic issues and corruption. You can join the Carolinians as an agent, and you help them lead a rebellion against the Brotherhood.
Greylock’s Hand: Greylock’s Hand are a band of violent raiders and mercenaries, who likewise want the Brotherhood of Steel gone, but instead desire an anarchic survival of the fittest wasteland. They are lead by a profane, wild ghoul named Greylock. They are basically terrorists, but their raids and ambushes against the Brotherhood are effective. They reside in a secret underground missile launch site, completed two days before the war. Even the Brotherhood knows nothing about it aside from rumors. The missiles, however, are not finished. You can join Greylocks Hand after getting kidnapped by them, and after you help them build part of the missiles.
Magnolia: The last joinable faction is Magnolia, a large settlement in and around the former plantation home. The city is ruled by a group of Mister Handys who escaped from a crashed truck driving to Charleston the day of the Great War. They saw the magnolia plantation and went their to clean, doing so and repairing it for 150 years, eventually realizing what was happening in the world around them.Their newfound “sentience” allowed them to create a settlement, inviting wastelanders and tribals to live and trade under their protection. Their elected leader is a specialized Mr Handy that has economic programming. The robots have defended themselves from several Brotherhood attacks, and after some convincing they allow you to become an honorary robot and join their faction.
Tribal: Instead of choosing any of the four main factions, you can instead unite the smaller settlements, tribes, and factions into New Dixie. You are assisted by an intelligent Supermutant from the Capital Wasteland named Spider, acting as your loyal second in command.
Minor factions:
The Network: A secret underground trading organization that sells and trades equipment that would normally be confiscated by the BoS. You can rat them out to the BoS, or you can join them.
Wasteland Marshalls: A paramilitary organization that patrols highways and hunts raiders, based on the US Marshals of the past. You can join them or convince them to join the brotherhood.
Catawbas: The descendants of the old native tribe from South Carolina, they specialize in the creation of makeshift weaponry to sell to wastelanders. You can convince them to join the rebellion, or you can convince them to join the Brotherhood.
Abolitionists: A militia of borderline terroristic anti-slavers, based on the conquests of the radical abolitionist John Brown. You can join them or eliminate them.
South Carolina: 2322. War, war never changes.
The main character is a tribal living southeast of Charleston. The tribe has to pay a toll to local raiders, and it’s left their tribe starving. In the first part of the game, the Tribal, their sibling and their friend are searching for food for their tribe, when they stumble across an old sunken West-Tek storage depot. In it is a prototype suit of power armor called the AX-01, which is a large tank-suit with back missiles and two hand laser rifles, built for ease of use. You learn how to pilot it from a terminal, and you take it back to the tribe; the raiders and their leader are there demanding their payment. You kill the raiders with the power armor, and the tribe is free from their subjugation. Weeks later, 4 Brotherhood of Steel paladins arrive at the village. After the tribals refuse to give up their power armor, the BoS execute everyone in the village and burn it to the ground (including your sibling), seizing the suit and flying away on a vertibird. Only the Tribal remains.
Act 1: The Tribal picks up a broken pip-boy as soon as they leave the town, and they hunt down the paladins North to Charleston, you kill all 4 of them while adventuring across the map. By the end of the first act, the Brotherhood declares you an enemy of the Brotherhood.
Act 2: Due to the deaths of several Paladins and the constant rebellion from the region, a Brotherhood blimp appears. The brotherhood frequency states that if the Tribal visits the ship, they will be absolved of their crimes. The Tribal is also invited to secret meeting of between Carolinians and robots from Magnolia. You also get kidnapped by the Greylocks 2 days after this meeting. From there you can choose between the rebels or the Brotherhood, and do their specific quest lines. For the Greylocks, you have to find parts to build their rockets. Whereas for the other groups you have to find a way into their base.
Act 3: All questlines end in the ultimate battle and raid on the Greylock base. If you side with the Greylocks you repel the attackers. The end of the story is where you fire the missile array at the Brotherhood’s home base and their airship, chasing them out of Dixie. If you side with the Brotherhood you secure the missile array and fire the rockets at the fleeing rebels, crushing their numbers.
Each ending depends on your karma and what side you chose, potentially turning a “good” faction evil or an “evil” faction good.
Your actions have consequences throughout the story, and no character is essential except for potential companions.
The Tribal:
The tribal is the name of the 28 year old protagonist, and you can choose between you or your friend to be your character. One is male, the other is female. The protagonist is silent, but the character you don’t choose has voiced dialogue. Their default names are Sammy and Cora, but you can change them. Speech is back to the chart with full responses. Their personality is determined by the player, allowing for better roleplaying opportunities.
There are 10 companions, 3 non human and 7 human. The affinity system returns, and each companion has a personal quest. They also have comments for the main quest and other miscellaneous events. Companions have specific likes and dislikes, and have different karmas. You can recruit companions outside of your karma if you pass a speech check. Any positive affinity progression while not in their karma has a 1.25 multiplier. Companions are romanceable regardless of gender.
The Tribals Friend (Sammy/Cora):
The friend you don’t choose is available to become your companion. They know your name, and revert to their original appearance and name once you choose your character. Cora is originally white with blonde hair and blue eyes, and Sammy is originally a latino with curly black hair. have good karma, and hates the BoS, but are okay with the other factions. They are 28 years old, the same age as the tribal. They wear a tribal cloak and uses a makeshift bolt action rifle. They are Romanceable.
Benjamina Pavlova - A hired gun and part time technician working for the Network, you can recruit her whenever you hire her at the Network. She has good karma, and hates the BoS and the Carolinians, but likes Greylocks hand and the Magnolia Robots (hired guns were illegal in the FFC). She is white, and has curly black hair and green eyes. She is 29 years old. She wears a confederate cavalry hat and her combat armor with road leathers, she uses a .44 trail carbine. She is romanceable.
Captain Baker Springfield - A soldier for the Carolinian Revolutionary Army, you can recruit him if you save his platoon from a super mutant attack. He has good karma, and hates the BoS and Greylock’s hand, but loves the Carolinians. He is 32 years old. He is white, has brown hair and stubble, and wears a Carolinian soldier outfit; he uses a .308 Combat rifle.
Dina Qian A vault dweller from Vault 52, you have to free the vault from a band of raiders who have cracked into the vault to recruit her. Dina is asian and has black hair in a ponytail. She has neutral karma, and hates all raider groups, including Greylock’s Hand, she is indifferent to the other groups. Dina is 25 years old. She uses two 10mm pistols and wears an armored vault suit. She is Romanceable.
Louie - Louie is a ranch hand at a farm outside of the Hole, you can recruit him if you get his family’s brahmin back from the Beastmasters. He has neutral karma, and hates Greylock’s hand, but likes The BoS due to their law bringing policies. He is 36 years Louie is white, and has a buzzcut with a mustache. He wears a ranch hand outfit and a stetson hat with leather armor, he uses a makeshift pump action shotgun.
General Ulysses Grant: A securitron made specially for the RobCo factory owner, a civil war buff. You have to repair him after clearing the RobCo factory to recruit him. His karma is dependent on how you program him, and he hates the brotherhood but loves the magnolia robots. He is a deep blue and gold securitron with General grant on the tv screen. He is a pre-war robot. He uses the 9mm smg, laser rifle, and rockets depending on what you tell him to use. He is not romanceable.
Uriah Lincoln - A respected raider within Greylock’s hand, you can recruit him whenever you join Greylock’s hand. He has evil karma, loves Greylock’s hand, and hates the Brotherhood and the Carolinians. You can change his karma in his personal quest. Uriah is 23 years old. He is black and is bald, with a bandana covering on of his eyes. He wears Greylock makeshift power armor and carries a plasma rifle. He is romanceable
Senior Scribe Weatherby - A former scribe turned ghoul by radiation, you can recruit her from the BoS after she is kicked out. She has evil karma, hates the BoS and the other factions. After her personal quest she can either rejoin the brotherhood or be open to other factions. She is 39 years old. She is a ghoul and has wears red hair wig. She wears a scribe outfit and uses a laser rifle. She is romanceable.
Belle - A Mrs Nanny built by the robots at Magnolia, you can recruit her after joining the Magnolia robots. She has neutral karma, and likes Greylock’s Hand and the Magnetic robots. Belle is 60 years old. She wears a straw hat with a flower on it, and has a light purple chassis; she uses a minigun and a sawblade. She is not romanceable.
Hambone - A golden retriever with one blue eye and one brown eye. He doesn’t care about what you do, he’s a good boy. You can have him alongside any other companion.
This is what I’ve got, feel free to add anything.
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2023.06.10 19:03 UmbrellaManifesting How to break the cycle of visualizing the same thing over and over again (because it's not working)

It's possible that like me, that since you discovered manifesting you spend a lot of time visualizing what you want, and it can be super frustrating when it feels really great when you're visualizing but then it doesn't come too quickly and it feels disheartening.
So I wanted to share a couple of thoughts about how to break this cycle.
First it's important to know that visualizing, meditation, affirmations, SATS, etc. do not cause the manifestation - they are techniques to reprogram your subconcious into diffrent beliefs. You should definitely persist in any combination of these techniques that feel effortless, as reprogramming your subconcious is the key to manifesting, as that's the only part of you that's communicating with the universe. (Tip - some subjects may take longer than others to reprogram, so be patient and consistent)
But, back to the loop of visualiazing, the trick is that once you have visualized it a few times and really felt all the feelings about it, you need to move to the state of "it's already done". This is the the state that brings the manifestation because your subconscious now "knows" this to be your new reality and the universe will conform to this knowing.
So instead of visualizing the same things for weeks or months, when you go to do your next visualization, think "Ok so X is taken care of, what next?", and start a new visualization. It is important that you continue with the rest of your life as if X is already done (even if reality is contradicting it). Your inner dialogue especially should be as if it's already happened, not those spiralling thoughts of "when will it happen?" or "if this doesn't happen then, this and this and this, it's could be bad". So then you are dropping the feeling of doubt, worry, anxiety, and fear, and replacing it with relief that it's done. It's this state that brings the manifestation not the technique.

Hope this helps someone xxx
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2023.06.10 19:02 Pfaffi13 The returning player experience is pretty bad/non-existent

Disclaimer: I am not talking about 1 month or a 1-2 years, but people like me who played 1 month - 2 years at the start of the game and came back to it.
I watched a beginners guide. The guide person said pick different champs and jump into normal mode. This I did. Normal mode (blind smth) and picked veigar. My teammates got pretty angry with me, because apparently you type the roles in chat and the fastest gets the role (?). I was also confused about Runes and what spells to use. Picked a lane tried my best to not die and kill some minions. Teammates got really mad. So I muted all of them. We lost, but then again the entire game felt pretty disorganized and ppl just did what they wanted.
Okay, after that I read up on all of the stuff, but shouldnt this entire knowdlege at least be somewhere in the game? Yes, it should be the players responsibility to inform themselves, but I dont think a lot of them will do. Why not do some tutorials like
-> here are you runes
-> here are you roles
-> this is how jungle
-> wards are now "autmatic"
->in blind pick (other game modes) you say your role at the starts
->this is how you get new champions now
>these champions are good for beginners in the role
>a game mode that allows you to pick your role/champs BEFORE the game (like you pick a class in Hearthstone)
What do you think?
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2023.06.10 19:02 Thiccwithtwocs222 So much grief this year and having trouble processing

First time poster, but I’ve been here for a while and this forum has made me feel a little less alone.
In the past six months I have dealt with some of the worst things I could’ve imagined whilst navigating my new diagnosis. I was diagnosed in January and despite my treatment/meds helping with my symptoms immensely, I’ve not been coping with life and the things I can’t control. It just feels like I’ve been in a loop of grief and sadness and shame all year.
In February I said goodbye to my dog of nearly 15 years - my best friend in the whole world. 7 weeks ago my grandmother passed away and on Monday we lost my Pop (her husband) quickly and unexpectedly to covid.
On top of this I have been getting very publicly bullied and harassed by someone I used to be friends with, and it’s been affecting my business, friendships and mental health. My RSD is worse than it’s ever been and I constantly feel like my peers don’t like me even when I know I’m not in the wrong and I’ve just been targeted by somebody who is insecure about their own success/failures - but it doesn’t rationalise in my head and I get upset/obsessed over it daily.
It just feels like the world is closing in on me sometimes and managing adhd and coming to terms with it after 28 years of not knowing what was ‘wrong’ with me has been so difficult. Noticing the way people react to me when I exhibit adhd symptoms like interrupting, rambling, getting overwhelmed/overstimulated easily, forgetfulness or just being ‘too much’ in general feels like a punch in the gut and learning to love those parts of myself when it seems hard for others is something I have struggled with.
I don’t know how to process any of this or how to grieve (for my grandparents and the lifetime I’ve spent struggling) and I’m getting to a point where I either shut down or snap very easily and then end up in a cycle of shame afterwards.
Does anyone have any advice for me? How do you get through hard times when it feels like the second you start to pick yourself up, something else happens and pushes you back down?
Thank you xxxxx
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2023.06.10 19:01 ZHODY ZHODY's Viet HeartGold Ground Reverse-Monolocke, Part 1: Not as solo as expected

Part 0: Rules and expectations
Getting Eggy I decided to try out the modern version of Trainer Charms purely so I could use the Pokemon Smile icons. They’re so adorable! Rided/Cyndaquil is one of my favorite Starters, but since they don’t have a second typing they don’t stand out much.
After getting Pokeballs from HIBI/Ethan it was time to start the run! Both New Bark and Cherrygrove have encounters I can unlock with Surf or either Rod, so with that in mind I earn my first three tokens from Rt. 29, 30, and 31. Luckily, both Rt. 46 and Dark Cave had Geodude, getting me Sicib and Bicis.
For some reason my Emulator doesn’t show the circle of light around my character, so I couldn’t find the free Drug/Potion in Bicis’ home. But hey, Bicis was a girl, so maybe she’ll help with Whitney like I hoped? Neither of them had a nature that lowered their Att or Def, so I was pleased. However, when I checked their IVs I noticed one had 8 in Att and the other had... 31!? I didn’t expect the second coming of Kokum to come so soon, whoa! Her Def IV is way lower than Sicib’s, though, so it’s kind of a trade-off.
I can get two Pokemon in GX (Violet) City, though not from the water. The first is from the Bellsprout for Onix trade that will cost me $25,200 (But the Nature is... really bad), and the second comes from giving Primo a specific code that is based on your Trainer ID. After consulting Pokewiki’s Secret Code Generator I... quickly realized that the text I need to input to get my wanted Slugma egg (the only one I can get before Kanto) was translated. Miraculously, the Viet HG save file worked with the normal Japanese HG ROM, so I just played both at once and used the equivalent of Alphabet Mode to help me figure out where ボーイ +うた and やだ + かんそうはだ were. ...Though one of the words starts with Hiragana and the ‘Syllabary Mode’ uses Katakana, so I had to pull out my old Hiragana+Katakana book to figure out the Katakana equivalent.
In the end, the translation was Boy + Sing & Do Not Want + Crispy. Funnily enough, before I had pulled out the book and untranslated ROM I tried to figure it out on my own by using the original Viet Crystal method of translating the Japanese text Pokewiki gave me into Chinese, then English via Google Translate and the fourth was translated to be Skin Care. I had guessed Crispy because I thought of crispy chicken skin earlier, so I’m glad I had guessed one of them correctly the first time!
I still had to check if I managed to get the Slugma egg, though... and Pkhex said it was a Slugma, YES! Well actually, when it hatched I realized the game wasn’t suddenly calling A SHI/Primo Mageh when he handed over the egg, it was calling it a Mageh/Slugma egg. So yeah, that’s her name. I had one more encounter available before Elder Li, though. The Sprout Tower he’s in just holds a fourth token, so I headed south to Rt. 32 to catch Mali/Mareep before beating up some monks.
VS Elder Li At first I was just going to solo him with an Ember-equipped Rided, but at the end of the tower both Geodude were at lv. 7 from some switch grinding, so the team was them and the lv. 10 Rided. They won’t go out against his Bellsprout, but Hoothoot’s Hypnosis could make solo-ing annoying.
Rided’s Ember easily OHKO’d the first Bellsprout, but Elder Li threw out Hoothoot next. Rided was quickly put to sleep and she didn’t wake up after getting a Peck to the face, so I swapped to Bicis. She sadly got hit by a Growl, but two Tackles barely brought the bird to yellow HP while she dodged Hypnosis. Annoyed by how little she was doing, I swapped to Sicib... only for him to be put to sleep, augh!
So I swapped back to Bicis, who got hit with a Peck and another Growl before she could Tackle again. Two more Tackles barely brought Hoothoot to red HP before Hypnosis finally landed on her. Instead of making her power through the sleep, I decided to swap back to Rided to get ready for the second bellsprout, and... She woke up immediately, nice! Two more Embers destroyed the Hoothoot and second Bellsprout.
Yup, I’m glad I didn’t go through my usual ‘grind to lv. 10’ session at the beginning, because having more bodies to put to sleep was pretty dang helpful! Nobody lost more than 10HP thanks to that, too.
VS HEYADUO/Falkner After beating his minions everyone but Rided was okay to be in the lowest level slot (8), so I went to the grass to get Sicib to the highest level slot (13) and learn Rock Throw. ...Wait, what!? Yeah, It was gonna be Bicis, but I got confused and realized too late, ugh. Well, let’s hope his Rock Throw isn’t too weak.
Pidgey starts off with blinding Sicib with Sand, but Rock Throw lands regardless and takes it out. Pidgeotto doesn’t have Sand Attack, so he just used a weak Gust before getting knocked to low yellow thanks to another Rock Throw. One more weak Gust later and Sicib landed the killing blow/rock.
Well, Rock Throw is still Super Effective and gets STAB. Sand Attack was kind of worrying, but I’m glad all three Rock Throws landed regardless.


  • Sicib the Geodude♂ (14) - Sassy, Sturdy [Tackle / Rock Throw / Defense Curl / Mud Sport]
  • Bicis the Geodude♀ (8) - Impish, Sturdy [Tackle / Defense Curl / Mud Sport / Rock Polish]
  • Mageh the Slugma♀ (8) - Hardy, Flame Body [Smog / Ember / Yawn / ---]
  • Mali the Mareep♂ (8) - Quirky, Static [Tackle / Growl / --- / ---]
  • Rided the Cyndaquil♀ (11) - Brave, Blaze [Tackle / Ember / SmokeScreen / Leer]

Box: 1^ / Deaths: 0

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2023.06.10 19:01 your_average_bear r/translator joining other subreddits in solidarity on June 12-14

By now you've all likely heard about Reddit's API access changes. In sum, Reddit announced an exorbitant paywall to be placed between third-party developers and Reddit content, and gave developers all of 30 days to prepare (functionally, "pay up or get out"). There's a more thorough explanation of the moving parts from the folks over at explainlikeimfive.
Make no mistake, we need continued API access to keep our community running. We use the API in a number of ways, most crucially for u/translator-bot, the lifeblood of this subreddit that keeps translation requests flowing to completion.
This will also impact our mod team in our capacity as regular users - several of us use third-party apps simply because we like them! We are lucky to be able to choose, though; if forced, we as regular users could use the official Reddit app, but visually impaired users don't have that choice.
On the subject of moderation, there's a long and thorough rundown from a moderator community: the official Reddit mobile app is insufficient for effective moderation, and many non-mobile moderation tools rely on API access just like the third-party apps do, so moderation overall will take a blow. This is not the first time Reddit has made unwelcome changes that disproportionately affect moderators. Without coming off too preachy, it can be frustrating to put in care and effort for free on a platform that doesn't respond in kind.
[Although the recent API changes shouldn't limit u/translator-BOT's functioning at present, there's no way to be sure that Reddit won't institute even more stringent restrictions on API access in the future, which would adversely affect our ability to keep this place useful and organized.]

translator will be set to view-only at 00:00 UTC on June 12.

The goal of our subreddit is to make high-quality translation free and accessible to everyone, thanks to the work of all the generous translators who spend their time helping others. Since Reddit's API changes fly in the face of these values, we feel we have no choice but to join in this protest, and we appreciate your understanding and support in this effort.
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2023.06.10 19:01 IamYourBosss Need advice to hit infinite (lv80 currently)

Need advice to hit infinite (lv80 currently)
Hi, in need of advice as I believe this is the season with the best shot for me to hit infinite. CL 4000+, pool 3 complete with a few random 4s and 5s. Never managed to hit infinite the entire time. Career high was previously 80, and was somehow able to achieve it within the first week of this season - partly due to the level reset glitch and all the infinite players already stuck there. Was steamrolling the whole week until the Spider-Man nerf and am currently swinging from 80-83 constantly (pun intended).
Deck strategy:
This deck is built towards baiting 8 cubes, by throwing all the unwanted stuff (-10 void) (-3) to the right lane and surprisingly opponents with Valkyrie + ant man/demon/Titania last turn.
Anything beforehand is to build DD and search cards out with Adam so I can lock down lanes asap. Spider-Man into prof x with support of 0 cost stuff was the go to if DD isn’t around. Sentry can also help to win games with his relatively high power sometimes.
Deck generally doesn’t do well against Luke cage decks. The strength of the deck also went down tons ever since the Spider-Man nerf. Looking to pick up Nebula or Jeff if they can help this deck.
Any help is greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.10 19:00 ght007 Proof against God through its understandability and recognisability

4.2 Understandability (in itself) Demea says in Hume's Dialogues: The question is not concerning the being, but the nature of God. This, I affirm, from the infirmities of human understanding, to be altogether incomprehensible and unknown to us. The essence of that supreme Mind, his attributes, the manner of his existence, the very nature of his duration; these, and every particular which regards so divine a Being, are mysterious to men. [...] They are covered in a deep cloud from human curiosity. (Hume 2009: 21; pt. 2) God's being is not recognizable to man. Man must practice humility in the face of the divine mystery. According to Anselm of Canterbury, "Man rationally comprehends that God is incomprehensible." (Beinert 1987: 129) This orthodox view is interestingly cited especially in connection with the theodicy problem, probably to avoid it. Well known are the verses from Isaiah 55: 8, 9: "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord [Yahweh]: but as much as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts." At the same time, it is essential for faith in God to be intelligible. Hans Jonas writes from the standpoint of Judaism: Our teaching, the Torah, is based in and insists on our being able to understand God, not fully of course, but something of Him - of His will, His purposes, and even of His nature, for He has made it known to us. There has been revelation, we possess his commandments and his law, and to some - his prophets - he has communicated himself directly [...] (Jonas 1987: 38)
This can also be said for all other great religions. Although theistic philosophers do not have to believe in a revelation, they basically have to assume the understandability of God all the more if they assume a rational knowledge of God. A total mysticism concerning the divine nature eventually even threatens to collapse into a practical atheism. And so in Hume Demea's interlocutor Cleanthes asks him, "[H]ow do your mystics, who maintain the absolute incomprehensibility of the Deity, differ from Sceptics or Atheists, who assert, that the first cause of all is unknown and unintelligible?" (Hume 2009: 39; pt. 4) The contradiction of divine intelligibility is clearly shown by Nicholas of Cusa in his writing De visione Dei (1453): The highest knowledge is not to be regarded as inaccessible in the sense that all access to it is barred to us, nor may we ever think that it has been reached and truly grasped; rather, it is to be thought of in such a way that we can constantly approach it, while it nevertheless remains permanently inaccessible in its absolute essence. (Cited by Lutz 1989: 574) The contradiction becomes almost explicit here. It is not as polar as in other cases, since total comprehensibility is not at all part of the concept of God. Nevertheless, partial comprehensibility and total incomprehensibility compete.
4.3 Recognizability (in nature) Within Christianity, the status of a natural theology that draws its knowledge of God from nature is controversial. The natural theologian and his orthodox opponent are excellently represented in Hume's Dialogues by the characters Cleanthes and Demea. Cleanthes holds that God is known through nature: The curious adapting of means to ends, throughout all nature, resembles exactly, though it much exceeds, the productions of human contrivance; of human designs, thought, wisdom, and intelligence. Since, therefore, the effects resemble each other, we are led to infer, by all the rules of analogy, that the causes also resemble; and that the Author of Nature is somewhat similar to the mind of man, though possessed of much greater faculties. (Hume 2009: 23; pt. 2)[5] One can already see the intertwining with personhood here (see chapter 4.1), but that is not the point. Cleanthes holds that God is knowable in nature: from nature may be inferred the nature of God. This is vehemently contradicted by his opponent Demea; in his view, God can be proven by reason a priori (cf. ibid.: 69 f.; pt. 9); moreover, man intuitively feels the presence of God when he becomes aware of the stupidity and misery of his existence (cf. ibid.: 74; pt. 10). This is the exact opposite of the justification of deism[6] of, say, a Voltaire:
I am surprised that among so many surpassing proofs for the existence of God, one has not yet fallen to citing pleasure as a proof; pleasure is something divine, and I am of the opinion that anyone who drinks good Tokay, who kisses a beautiful woman, in a word, who has pleasant sensations, must acknowledge a beneficent supreme being. (Cited in Weischedel 1980: 187) Voltaire (like Cleanthes, cf. Hume 2009: 44, 82; pts. 4, 10) turns to God out of gratitude over creation; Demea, on the other hand, precisely to turn away from that creation. From his point of view, it is imperfect in many respects, while God is perfect. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, for example, contradicted this, because in his eyes every mistake of the creation would have been a mistake of God; therefore he had to assume that the present world was the best possible world (cf. Lutz 1989: 449 f.). Thus, there is great ambiguity about the relationship to God and the world, because Demea is also convinced that God is the cause of the world (cf. again Hume 2009: 69; pt. 9). Although the various religions and denominations each accentuate the recognizability or unrecognizability of God in nature differently, this does not yet resolve this contradiction. A God who has nothing to do with nature seems just as absurd as one who can be recognized in it; respectively both are equally obvious. As with understandability (see chapter 4.2), a position is taken depending on the circumstances. In the face of a particularly beautiful landscape, for example, one praises the divinity of nature (cf. Psalm 104: 24); in the face of horror, one calls the world void (before God), degrades it to a mere precursor to eternal life. A consistent overall picture does not emerge.
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