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2014.10.08 04:15 wsgy111 Black Twitter

Screenshots of Black people being hilarious or insightful on social media, it doesn't need to just be twitter but obviously that is best.

2016.06.23 00:45 HighOnGoofballs Things on the backs of capybaras

Various critters riding capybaras. Maybe non animals, who the hell knows what lurks in the backs of these.

2023.06.10 19:33 AutoModerator [] ✔️Brett Kitchen & Ethan Kap – P2 Virtual Selling Accelerator ✔️ Full Course Download

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2023.06.10 19:33 L3-Bilibili Descent mode, Solo, Loop 24, 5 hours 40 min, and share some tips
The game didn't crash
The characters didn't die
and the game network accelerator didn't disconnect
But Me,really can't hold it, too tired. 6 Hours.
It is currently 11th on the list, which is not bad
I only bought level 10 accuracy +“Get a random talent at start”upgrades in DC and nothing else.

What I got:
  1. 30 season levels
  2. 21 chests, including 2 exotic weapon chests (one of which is supposed to be a weekly quest, the other may be a season pass)
  3. Expert skill points 40+ (When I heard this game will have a new mode, I was very happy, thinking that could be a good mode just like survival mode in TD1, so I created a new account)

That's all the rewards. Nothing. And very little fun.
And if you quit this mode, the progress will clear to zero!
Take loop 40 as the end point,It will take at least another 10 hours to play. Starting from 15th loop, there will be 3 waves of enemies in each room.

Overall, the cost of failure in this model is too high, resulting in high levels of frustration and very little positive feedback. (Game crash ,network,PC reboot ETC, and u can not save ur progress!)

Even in the late stage, the player's skills, talents,every are build up in good shape, there is not much fun.
Because similar experiences, or even better experiences, can be played in normal mode, even more comfortable, such as hunter suits and strike suits.

If you want to play this mode, I also give you some tips:

In the first 5 loop:
From Loop 6:

After killing Namesis

Each time you enter the room:
  1. Choose a safe corner according to the terrain
  2. ambush the door where the enemy appears+next to ur safe corner.
  3. Try to kill these enemy at the start of each wave, so that half of the entire room is safe for u in next 20 seconds. During this time, fine enemy's position. Take them one by one, using run-shoot(just like cod) if necessary, to avoid being redefended by the remaining enemy.
  4. Try to get back to the safe zone before you kill the last enemy in the wave.
  5. High ground usually has advantages, but some maps are longer, and high ground is not a safe place, in this kinf of map ,you need to go to low areas, and try to block doors and clear a safe zone.
  6. Killing bosses is easy because of the size of the map.
  7. In DC u can buy Elite enemy protection upgrades, this seems to be unique, no talent in speed Descent can provide.
  8. I don't upgrade my skill strength at all, after killing a BOSS, I increase my armor depending on how easy it is for the enemy to crush my armor. if i think i am safe ,i will upgrade firepower

Overall, I wouldn't spend another 6 hours playing this mode
Since Namesis can only be killed once, the rest of the game is not much fun, your equipment and skills are grow up and become perfect, but the challenge(Namesis) is gone.

Changes I hope UBi could make:
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2023.06.10 19:32 TheWatcher657 Why Alexee Will Be and Should Be Found Not Guilty. Case Analysis. The Real Guilty Parties Exposed. Long Read.

Hello. I know just from reading the title you are likely seething with rage and hate for Alexee. Likely you have already down voted this post. I am appalled by the number of people having already convicted Alexee and now want her lynched.
I am equally appalled by the amount of video the public has access too. This has tainted public opinion and makes it almost impossible she will be afforded a fair and unbiased trial based on actual evidence introduced in court. All of the surveillance video from inside the hospital should never have been released. This violates Hippa Laws and a patient's Right to Privacy. "When you use security cameras in a healthcare environment, the video footage that you record qualifies as PHI. As PHI, video surveillance footage must be protected according to HIPAA regulations.Jun 10, 2021"
Alexee was experiencing an acute medical and mental health emergency and the release / leak of hospital video violates her right to doctor patient confidentiality. For those whose blood is boiling what if this was inside an abortion clinic and a teenager was violated by the release of videos in a patient treatment area? Protesters would be enraged and demand action--where is the outrage here?
Based on the facts as currently known (no discovery yet just what is in public domain and can be verified) this is how I would defend Alexee during a trial. I ask you to consider all of the following:
--Innocence until proven guilty in a court of law--the cornerstone of our legal system and society.
I strenuously argue and expect the following be inadmissible and excluded from trial:
>All video of Alexee inside the patient treatment areas of the hospital--both security cameras and police body cameras excluded .
>Police bodycam footage from inside Alexee's treatment room should be Hippa protected. She has the expectation of doctor patient confidentiality. Police knew there was no crime actively happening inside the hospital room at the moment they entered. The question of IF a crime was committed already occurred in the toilet room previous to police arrival and there was no flight risk from Alexee in a hospital room with one way in and out.
Police violated her civil rights by entering her medical treatment room while Alexee was in a hospital bed. Further police by entering her hospital room delayed urgent medical care Alexee required and placed undue stressors on her during a critical moment when per the statements of the doctor she was hemorrhaging.
>At no point was she read her Miranda Rights. Any statements made during an acute medical and mental health crisis inside a treatment room without her being advised of her Miranda Rights cannot be used against her at trial.
--During all video of her in her treatment room and patient hallway areas--as has been so far illegally released to the public violating her Hippa rights-- Alexee was under the influence of pain medicine administered by the hospital.
Pain medicine alters how Alexee feels, her body's sensations, perception of said sensations, mental acuity, mental state, memory and cognitive ability--this is the whole purpose of pain medications. These are indisputable and known scientific facts for decades which have proven pain medications cause all of these reactions which is why every single pain med has strict warnings not to operate machinery, not to drive Et cetera, Et cetera, Et cetera........ (For those attacking Alexee as mentally deficient, "slow", retarded, "mentally off" and / or view her reactions as not appropriate the hospital had her hopped up on pain medications before she even went to the bathroom. I say shame on anyone convicting her in the court of public opinion under the influence of medication(s) and during an acute medical and mental health crisis.
>Purported pictures of Alexee with her cheer leading team in the grey shirt and holding the megaphone in her uniform. These pictures are all over the internet and have not been verified as authentic. I believe there is a high likelihood these particular pictures have been photo-shopped making them altered fakes. There are multiple indicators of the two most widely distributed photos showing they are not authentic.
The person who took said pictures, origin of the pictures, original metadata and chain of custody of these photos must be discovered and questioned. Once the absolute original files have been discovered, if they even exist, they need to be independently analyzed by a digital photography expert.
I ask everyone to please put the videos you have seen out of your mind as well as it should and will likely be for the jury during the trial. I ask you to consider the following facts as we understand them at this juncture. Use only the following facts to determine if there is any reasonable doubt concerning Alexee and what happened. Even a scintilla of doubt or uncertainty means Alexee should be adjudicated not guilty by a court.
During a trial I argue the following in defense of Alexee:
>Alexee is a teenager. She only recently turned 19. She is inexperienced in life, sex and relationships. Although technically an adult by a few weeks the law is contradictory. She is still in high school due to when she was born and started kindergarten. At 19 she cannot smoke cigarettes, vape or buy or drink alcohol. Society and the law has decided 19 is not old enough to make an informed decision on smoking and alcohol. Her mother treats her as a child.
>Alexee has been treated in such a way by her mother to be ashamed of teen sex and its possible consequences. Her mother despite good intentions created a relationship of shame regarding sex and loosing her virginity. Most teens and even young adults do not share intimate sexual details with theirs parents for many reasons. Consider the added stress the mother has created for years in a misguided attempt to protect her daughter.
People in general but especially children and teenagers deny they did something wrong when accused. A child is observed breaking an item and even though said child knows the parent saw her break the item often will deny they broke it when questioned. There are decades of child psychiatry and doctors to testify regarding this. Those young children grow up to be teenagers and if the parent(s) have not properly handled these learning opportunities at young ages the teenager will have--in this case 19 years--of improper responses of how to handle life.
>Alexee's mother was beaten and abused by her father so badly Alexee was born preterm with hip and spinal problems causing pain on and off her entire life. Imagine the unhealthy relationship regarding sex, men and pregnancy her mother--despite good intentions--during Alexee's life imprinted on a child and then a teen.
>Alexee was taking hormonal birth control pills. We do not know if these were prescribed for acne, menstrual problems or birth control reasons. If prescribed for acne or menstrual problems and Alexee's mom knew she was taking them this combined with her mom's many years worth of admonishment, forbidding and shaming of teen sex and her mother feeling confident her daughter was a virgin--this would create a mental assurance for her mother she could never possible be pregnant.
Likewise, regardless if Alexee was taking hormonal bc with or without her mom's knowledge she would be assured she was preventing any possibility of pregnancy and being safe. Hormonal bc is widely regarded as virtually 100% effective and the best non-surgical option for preventing an unwanted pregnancy. The Pill is the gold standard for being safe and responsible to the point it's common knowledge providing a false sense of security.
The pill is so ubiquitous as infallible even in pornographic videos it is commonplace for the teen or woman to state "pull out I'm not on the pill"--as if she was on the pill it would be 100% guaranteed safe. Teens and even adults are indoctrinated to commonly believe the pill is infallible--even in porn.
We know sex education is lacking in all public schools, her fundamentalist church certainly wasn't providing sex ed, her mom used fear, shame and abstinence as the only approach and her father was a scumbag abuser not even in her life in a meaningful way. Media targeted to teens promotes "safe sex" rarely making a point any bc can fail. It's promoted and considered as an absolute.
No matter how you consider the above facts both Alexee and her mom were very confident there was no way she could be pregnant. Taking the bc pill to Alexee was an assurance she could not become pregnant, she could not disappoint her mom--she was being safe with no risks and in a committed long term relationship. She wasn't "one of those girls" or the school slutt.
>Alexee gained some weight. Everyone knows the Pill can cause weight gain. Its the number one reason teenagers and young women state they don't want to take the pill. There is so much pressure on being thin--especially for a teenager and a high school student going to prom ect. When she noticed she gained some weight of course it was because of the bc pill. She can't be pregnant--of course not--because she's on the pill. How could she be? A quick Google search "can the pill make me gain weight" confirms its common.
If her mom knew about her being on BC this causes no alarms for her mom because not only does she believe her daughter is a virgin she's on the pill and the pill makes many women gain weight.
>Maybe--and we don't know--Alexee was on BC because of menstrual issues. If that was the case then any period irregularities would be explained by known period issues, the pill can make periods light or non-existent in many women so nothing to be worried about if she's irregular, besides irregular periods are common in teens--especially athletes, as a medical fact. It is well known many women bleed during pregnancy at the time when they expect to be having a period so think they are regularly menstruating.
There are even entire TV shows based on the woman not knowing she is pregnant--many are adults in their 30s, experienced in life and many even had previous children!! Plenty of incidents making this fairly common and plenty of respected medical doctors will testify in court to this phenomenon.
>Alexee was treated in the emergency room in December--one month prior--for back pain. The same back pain she experienced on and off her whole life--and the same back pain that would bring her to the ER the night she delivered. She would have been around 32 to 36 weeks pregnant (pregnancy full term is 40 weeks gestation even though everyone commonly thinks 9 months) and at the end of December when seen in the ER. No one, not a single medical professional noticed she was very pregnant while in the hospital four weeks prior to delivering a baby.
>Alexee tells her mom she is in pain in January and needs to go to the ER for treatment. This is significant. If Alexee knew she was pregnant and premeditated killing and hiding the baby from her mom, boyfriend and the world it makes absolutely no sense she would tell her mother she was in pain and needed to go to the hospital. If she premeditated murder and secrecy then she would not have presented herself to her mom in pain and needing medical help. Everyone has seen TV births--although not realistic--there is almost always pain and pushing and then a baby. So Alexee who has premeditated and purposely hidden 40 weeks or pregnancy fooling everyone--her mom, peers, boyfriend, coaches, teachers, nurses and doctors decides to tell her mom she needs to go to the hospital when IF she had realized she was pregnant and consciously hidden and schemed everything!?!?! This makes no sense.
We know for a fact she knew how to do things herself on the "down low". Afterall she wasn't having sex infront of her mom--she went somewhere private to do the deed. If her premeditated plan all along was to knowingly conceal........see where this is going?
>January ER visit considerations:
--Alexee's mom had three kids--makes her very experienced at pregnancy--and has no idea Alexee is pregnant.
>Alexee is seen by and triaged by a registered nurse. She does not notice she is full term and in active labor. The duty of and sole purpose of the triage nurse to identify acute medical conditions needing immediate and emergency treatment--like say heart attacks or active labor.
>Alexee is taken to a hospital exam room and seen by the intake nurse--another registered nurse-- who's duty is and is trained to takes vitals, acquire pertinent information, makes trained medical observations and prepares the patient for possible required exams for when the doctor arrives--all of this on behalf of the doctor.
This nurse does not notice she is full term pregnant and in active labor. Remember that part above "prepares the patient for possible required exams" if the nurse has any indications the issue was in anyway related to female reproductive organs or involved the vagina the nurse would have the patient--Alexee--change into a gown for a possible pelvic exam.
She does not do this--Alexee is not in a hospital gown so another registered nurse experienced in emergency medicine--nurse number two--is completely oblivious to a full term pregnancy and active labor.
>The doctor comes into the exam room. This is a licensed and trained medical doctor specializing in emergency medicine. She speaks with and presumably examines Alexee for her back pain--to do anything less is malpractice. This medical doctor, certified and practicing emergency medicine orders pain medicine administered to Alexee.
We have a trained and experienced MEDICAL DOCTOR that does not realize Alexee is full term pregnant and in active labor. Remember those photos on the internet I discussed earlier and believe them to be faked and photo-shopped? If they were real and she was that visibly pregnant tell me two registered nurses and a licensed medical doctor given the symptoms displayed, age of the patient and the obvious dynamic between mom and daughter about keeping her virginity and you still don't this she is full term pregnant and in active labor.
The dynamic observed between Alexee and her mom the doctor had the DUTY as a standard of car to ask the mother to leave the exam room so she could privately discuss things with Alexee.
>We have all been in the hospital and ER so we all know how this goes. We know another nurse came to administer the pain meds and to administer test(s) order by the doctor. (we also know this by the police interviews of all medical personal involved)
This is nurse number three not noticing a teenage girl is full term and in active labor!!! Not just any registered nurse but the Emergency Room CHARGE NURSE--the head of the nurses in the ER at that time. (he's the male nurse in the videos wearing a skull cap).
>We know one of the tests ordered by the doctor and administered was a pregnancy test. A pregnancy test that results POSITIVE. We have a teen girl patient in extreme pain who is sure she isn't pregnant and is adamant she is not pregnant because I don't believe she thought she was. This patient is in an exam room and you the medical staff and especially the doctor DO NOT immediately return to the exam room to conduct a simple and quick pelvic exam (which doesn't even require a doctor a nurse can do and routinely do pelvic exams).
>Instead the doctor orders an ultrasound. So time passes when a quick pelvic could have been done but wasn't and in comes the ultrasound tech. She DOES NOT HAVE THE PROPER WAND ATTACHMENT TO CONDUCT A PREGNANCY ULTRASOUND. On top of this she is an Ultrasound tech--certified and trained--and even after attempting an unsuccessful ultrasound doesn't realize Alexee is full term pregnant with a baby literally in the birth canal in active labor.
Keep in mind the certified and trained ultrasound tech who has done presumably dozens, if not hundreds, if not thousands of ultrasounds on pregnant women in labor--because ultrasounds are common in virtually every pregnancy--this tech doesn't realize Alexee is full term and in active labor.
We KNOW the ultrasound tech had to pull up Alexee's shirt to expose the skin on her stomach to attempt the ultrasound (because you can't do an ultrasound without skin to wand contact via some snot-like medical grade jelly).
IF the tech thought Alexee was in active labor, full term and close to delivering does anyone not think she wouldn't tell a nurse or the doctor?? "Hey you better check on this girl right now?"
>None of the medical staff even tells Alexee her pregnancy test was positive. Alexee and her mom still have no idea Alexee is pregnant.
>Alexee feels like she needs to use the bathroom--to have a bowel movement. The nurses and doctor allow her to get up, unaccompanied and waddle / run holding her bottom all the way down the hall. Alexee has NO IDEA she is pregnant--has never been told by any medical staff and didn't see the baby on the ultrasound because the tech botched the procedure not having the correct wand.
>Common knowledge to most people--lay people--as a baby enters the birth canal and crowns the woman feels an overwhelming urge to have a bowel movement. We expect even at the lowest and most minimal level of care by registered nurses and licensed doctors to know a woman in labor experiences a sensation of needing to have a BM before the baby is born. Medical facts and training teaches nurses and doctors to instruct the woman to push the baby out as if she was pushing to have a BM. We know virtually every woman has a BM at some point while pushing.
Alexee and her mom still have no idea she is pregnant at this point despite being seen by three registered nurses, an ultrasound tech and a licensed MEDICAL DOCTOR.
The medical staff KNOWS 100% Alexee is pregnant-and has known long enough to send in an ultrasound tech perform a botched ultrasound--and yet the medical staff knowing all of this allows Alexee to waddle-run down a hall holding her bottom, ALONE and be in a bathroom over 20 minutes.
We are so far past medical malpractice on so many levels to the point of gross negligence and blatant disregard for Alexee-the patient. I've seen a lot of cases of malpractice at busy hospitals but nothing has ever come close to the malpractice and willful disregard for patient care and safety as I have learned in this case.
>Alexee, doesn't know shes pregnant, feels like she needs to have an urgent BM. She's on the toilet, shes in pain, pushing feels good because that is what her body is telling her and everyone knows if you feel super constipated with a huge and heavy poop that's stuck as soon as you get it out you will feel better.
At some point Alexee's body takes over--humans are animals--and like animals a body will birth a baby as an automatic process regardless if the mom is ready or not. Regardless if the mom is even conscious or not--after all comatose patients have delivered babies spontaneously.
This is that time.
I know everyone is going to shout but she should have called for help ect ect.
Really think about this and consider:
>Alexee is a teenager, young and inexperienced with her body and womanhood. She only just barely meets the legal definition as an adult buy mere weeks and can't even buy vape or a pack of smokes and she's still in high school. An adult by technicality only she is in high school, acts very immature and has not had any life experiences as an adult.
>Alexee has been to the ER twice in 30 days time and is in the ER at this very moment sitting on a toilet with an incredible urge to poop, she's seen by half a dozen trained medical professionals even just moments ago and she knows they gave her a pregnancy test "just in case" and no one has told her she's pregnant, she's scared to death but in her mind she's on the birth control pill and not a single person at the hospital during two visits has told her she's pregnant. She has NO idea a baby is about to come out. It's not possible to her and based on all we know she has confirmation in her mind time and time and time again she is NOT PREGNANT. In fact, she is on her period she thinks, she sees blood--yes confirmation of period, cramps, pain, nausea--all valid, legitimate and known period indicators. She can't be pregnant as we have established and since she is at the hospital they would have told her if she was. She has back problems, thinks she is on or starting her period and is constipated worse than she has ever been--of course combined these are the cramps and pain from the pitts of hell.
>Experts will testify at some point in that toilet room she disassociates with her body. Now she is in fear, overwhelming pain, anxiety, young with limited life experience. She has been drugged by the doctors with pain medicine which affects her sensations and cognitive abilities and decision making. She wants to yell for help but she can't. There is no voice, no words and no actual realization as to what is happening to her.
>This is NOT unheard of. Fear is a power controller. Every person responds differently. Many people do nothing and totally freeze and are oblivious to external stimuli. History is full of people--aged and experienced adults who are trained professionals in life and death situations who freeze and cannot function or function in a totally illogical way.
--The airline pilot who despite thousands of hours of flight experience suddenly forgets how to fly or simply does nothing. Or does something so incredibly stupid and so contradictory to every bit of training and flying instinct makes the wrong response causing the plane to crash. (Atlas Air B767 / Continental Express Q400 / UPS A300)
--Trained soldiers in battle firing on their own fellow soldiers wearing the same uniform right in front of them but in that moment they kill their friends.
--A veteran police officer responding to a school shooting in Florida so overcome with fear he cannot enter the building to do the job he has trained, practiced and done for 25 plus years of his career resulting in dozens of children dying or injured.
--A respected gray-haired "old salt" ship captain who has crossed the Atlantic hundreds of times in his 50 year career--actually the admiral of the fleet-- who becomes impotent when his ship hits an iceberg and after giving the orders to evacuate disappears from leadership. (Titanic)
The recent Idaho murders the downstairs roommate, who has experienced actual adult experiences living on her own in college, comes FACE-TO-FACE with the killer while her four friends and roommates are bleeding out locks herself into her room, goes to bed and does NOTHING for hours until the net day. This is despite her admitting she heard a pained / muffled scream, moaning, an unknown voice and came face-to-face with the killer POTENTIALLY while the victims could have been saved with immediate medical care. She is defended by society as bearing no burden or negligence because she was young, scared and had been partying so was under the influence of substances.
Wait a was Alexee. Ironically some of the same people in this very forum who defended the Idaho roommate for being completely without burden by ignoring and going back to bed want to lynch Alexee or lock her up for her entire life.
Can we under all of these circumstances expect a teenage girl who has every legitimate reason to be sure she is NOT pregnant and not in labor expect her to be rational in this moment?
If Alexee herself didn't know she was pregnant, had no reason to expect she was pregnant, was on birth control, her mom who has had three pregnancies doesn't notice, her peers don't notice, her teachers don't notice, her coaches, her church, her boyfriend AND....
the visit where the birth occurred:
If ALL of the people in Alexee's life and ESPECIALLY TRAINED MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS did not notice or realize she was not only pregnant but in active labor HOW CAN WE EXPECT ALEXEE--a teenager--TO REALIZE THIS WHEN SHE TOOK HERSELF TO A HOSPITAL WANTING HELP?
The hospital and its staff disgust me. They acted with total disregard to Alexee and human life. Not a single nurse or doctor even bothered to try and resuscitate the baby when it was found. Most likely the baby was beyond resuscitation but for medical professionals in a hospital to not even attempt to save the baby after totally botching the standard of care for Alexee up to this point shows how criminally negligent everyone who treated Alexee that night is culpable for the death of a child.
The state has WAY overcharged Alexee. At most she should be facing abuse of a corpse. She needs mental help not jail. She is not likely to ever re-offend.
The ER doctor should be charged with manslaughter and negligence resulting in a death as her level of care was grossly negligent.
My heart goes out to the little boy who is not live--stillborn or otherwise. All life is precious.
So is Alexee and her life. This is beyond horrible for all involved. Every single person in Alexee's life failed her time and time again.
Do not as a jury pr society fail her again and sentence her to life in prison. There is so much reasonable double of premeditation and medical negligence / indifference in this case it would be criminal for a jury to convict her of Premeditated Murder in the 1sr degree.
I pray for everyone involved on so many levels. This case has no winners--only losers . Every single person in contact at any point with Alexee--but especially on the night in question-- and Alexee herself has a heavy cross to bear for the rest of their lives.
The nurses and ultrasound tech should be retrained, put on probation to be monitored making sure they have the skills and judgements needed to care for patients and the medical doctor should lose her license.
Alexee especially as well as her mother and boyfriend need education and counseling.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

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2023.06.10 19:32 Chamoswor Mind Reading, maybe intj's introverted intuition makes you able to grasph my toughts around it.

If anyone here can follow my line of thought, if there is any academic material on the subject (philosophy, psychology, neuroscience) that delves deeper than what one can find on the surface when reading about mind reading.
When I try to help and give advice to a person, I have observed that I do it in a rather concrete and complex way.
First, I need to explain my understanding of the word and the function of human emotions. From a metaphysical perspective, emotions seem to be what gives one's experience of life its soul. In other words, in the construction of the reality one experiences, emotions contribute to defining one's abstract interpretation of one's own life, relationships, words, situations, worldview, etc. (One can delve much deeper here, but perhaps some can grasp the idea).
What also makes an emotion unique is that through human interaction, I can explain emotions as musical tones that play out harmoniously, creating a new collective feeling in a newly formed collective consciousness. The emotion defines the abstract form of consciousness.
So now, if I am to help and give advice to a person through a conversation (our experiences can be completely different), I delve into myself and extract a feeling from my own memory in order to once again feel how it harmonizes with the person's emotions whom I want to help. After some back and forth, one will eventually, inexplicably, feel the synchronization of a defined complex emotion through this harmony. Through this, one can see life from another person's perspective and help accordingly.
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2023.06.10 19:32 SavageryRox Have monthly prescription, Pharmacist only willing to give me week's quantity at a time?

Recently diagnosed with a disorder and given a prescription for a controlled substance in Ontario from a doctor.
Prescription is for a months supply (one pill per day) and the doctor will renew the prescription every month after a short check-in to see how I'm reacting and if dosage needs to be altered.
I went to pick up my first month's supply from a well known franchise pharmacy nearby. It was my first time at this pharmacist and the doctor sent them digitally the prescription digitally. I was emailed the prescription as well and it clearly says 35 pills
I picked up the medication from the pharmacist and as I was leaving, realized it was only 7 pills in the bottle.
Went back inside to ask the pharmacist and they told me I have to come back every week to refill but didn't really give an explanation as to why, even when I brought up that my prescription says 35 pills. (35 days until I see my doctor for my monthly check in).
I am frustrated because my prescription is for a month and the pharmacist wants me to go in every week. It's just inconvenient to waste 30 minutes every week to go to the pharmacy when it should be every month.
Is there any reason the pharmacist would want to do this?
Maybe because it's a controlled substance, the pharmacist might wants to be cautious and avoid giving out too much?
Would the doctor possibly tell the pharmacist to give me weekly supply instead of monthly without telling me? the doctor only told me that they are going to give me monthly prescriptions and didn't say anything about only being able to get a week's supply at a time.
thanks in advance to anyone who is more educated on this topic than I am and can help share some knowledge!!
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2023.06.10 19:32 callmejanicebing Staying in a hotel tonight and I know there are expectations

Long story short: We haven’t had sex in 5 months and tonight we will be staying at a hotel while out of town and the thought of sex is so foreign and awkward to me how. Any tips on how to get mentally prepared for that first time? I already know he will kiss me, lay down and want a glow job and then without reciprocating the sex will ensue. I’m expecting him to last 5 minutes and he will immediately fall asleep. This is just how it is. We have kids and the sex turned to once a month and it was nothing to desire so when he stopped meeting my needs I didn’t feel guilty for not caring about his.
All of that being said, I know we will have sex tonight. Just to get it out of the way if nothing else and I need to get myself in the right headspace and mood. Tips, please!
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2023.06.10 19:32 Particular-Class5756 Can’t get into my Barclays account

Tl:dr I can’t prove my address with Barclays, as none of their ‘valid’ proof options apply to me. Can’t get into my account anymore.
Hello all, I’ve got a bit of an issue, maybe some of you could think of something I could do.
Almost a month ago I got logged out of my Barclays app, I tried updating the app, deleting and downloading it, basically the whole shebang, but I kept getting an error.
I decided to ring them, after staying on the phone for almost an hour, I was asked for my country of birth, living situation, and apparently the third question they needed to ask could only have been asked in-person. I was like ok weird, but whatever. As I work a 9-6, by the time I finish work all of their branches are closed, and getting a day off work just for something this silly seems useless. So I wait till the weekend, go to their branch, just for them to tell me that they need my passport and proof of address. I had my EU ID card with me, but they said it’s not valid in the UK anymore. I am honestly annoyed and upset as this has been going for weeks, and I wish they told me over the phone exactly what I’d need when visiting in person, but oh well, I was going to come back next weekend. I was like what proof of address works, the lady said - driver’s license, bills or a bank statement that you can just print with us in-branch. That was last Saturday the 3rd.
Today I go back, with my passport, print my bank statement and head to see a banker, just to be told that since the 6th of June, they their own bank statements are no longer a valid way to prove your address. Again, suuuuuuper pissed off as that’s my main account and not having access to it for almost a month has been a major major inconvenience, again, I wish the lady told me that HEY, you need proof of address, but be careful as our system is changing IN LITERALLY 3 DAYS so statements won’t work anymore.
I’m like ok, how can I prove my address? So there are three options:
  1. Bill payments with my name - I live in a shared house, my rent is all inclusive of bills, the landlord pays it all, so can’t work.
  2. Drivers license - don’t have it.
  3. A statement from another non-online bank - the other two banks I use outside of Barclays are Revolut and Starling, both online, again, can’t work.
What am I supposed to do now?? There’s no way for me to prove my address, I asked if I could bring a letter from the HMRC or the NHS, they said it used to be valid before - not anymore.
I had this account for 8 years now, never had any issues, but this issue is massive.
I’m looking into getting an account with a different bank and getting rid of my Barclays one, but I just want to make sure I’ve tried everything I could.
What’s my best move here?
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2023.06.10 19:32 Zachwank I just don’t want to continue

I am completely at my wits end here, I just cannot continue anymore, I don’t even know why I am typing it all here. There is constantly one single sentence that keeps playing on loop in my head which is “end it”. It keeps going on and on like a broken record, I can’t eat cause I always feel full, I have to literally force myself to eat, I do not want to do anything heck I don’t even want to get out of bed but I keep pushing, but how much? Until when do I keep forcing myself, when will it end? When will I finally die and not have a brain to process these thoughts anymore. I am sick and tired of living and I just don’t want to anymore, every night I pick a knife put it to my neck and then think “let’s give it another day”. I just cannot continue anymore
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2023.06.10 19:32 ConsiderationTough14 I understand why people give up on dating

So I recently started actively looking for a girlfriend. I paid the $350 for 1 year of Eharmony, and I'm on Facebook and Instagram, discord and in person. Pretty much every girl that I see that I'm interested in even in the grocery store. I will stop and say something recited in my mind and it comes off very smooth and genuine and honest and I'm very respectful and I simply ask. For their number and tell them I would simply like to talk to them more and get to know them more.. I get a bunch of awhile sweet reactions and a bunch of flirtation like I really do click with a lot of these girls but 90% of them have a boyfriend. They genuinely do I can tell they're being honest. When I get a not interested which has only happened 3 times? I ask if there's anything wrong with me and most girls. I could talk to have complimented. My looks even though I don't think I'm one of the best looking guys. I guess i'm very humble so there is that. I have had a couple of super young girls laugh and walk away like. They are too good for me or some shit and those are easy to dismiss because that's just a disgusting reaction from a disgusting person.
I'm on full drive asking every girl that I see eHarmony. I don't get any messages back and instagram and facebook are full of romance scammers. Any other ideas for how I could try to find a girl that is single.... I am 38 and my girlfriend last year was 19 and we had something really good so I am totally open to a girl of any age. I'm even open to girls with kids I think kids are really cute. I just don't understand why it is like impossible to find this good girl that I'm interested in.
I am trying to make a soul to soul connection and be a best friend and love her and be loyal to a girl that is just as engaged just as. Loving and just as loyal to me.
What must I do? I totally understand why people give up.
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2023.06.10 19:32 Sponsormiplee State of Fortnite

The current state of Fortnite is something that I personally am not a fan of. People say go find a different game, and to be honest there’s a point to that. The problem with that for me is that I have a connection to this game. It’s something that I’ve been experiencing for so long and put time into for so long it’s hard to let go of all that time. I grew up with it so it’s hard to say goodbye. People say you’re blinded by nostalgia, you’re right, I can objectively say that Fortnite chapter 1 was objectively not as good of a game as more recent seasons. I still loved it and miss it of course but it wasn’t as developed, not as polished, and was just generally a little plain. A lot of people like that and I get it, simplicity can be a positive. Chapter 2 for me was peak objectively. I have no nostalgia for Chapter 2, I don’t get emotional when I think of it or think ahh the good old days. That’s how I feel about chapter 1, which I miss but don’t want back that game, I want back that time, and that won’t happen and I don’t think that it should, it was an inferior game. But chapter 2 comes around, that chapter is literally just a good game. Not an era I miss, I don’t care about the era, I miss the actual software of that game. Balanced loot pool, not an absolute flood of collabs. The new skins, while personal opinion, were bangers who fit in to the game and were actually pretty sick. I’m not a huge fan of sbmm so that’s my one problem with it. Fast forward to now. The map is too full of filler and crap that I don’t care about, the map is built for zero build. I know many people like zero build and they play it and they’re happy. That’s great and I’m glad for you that’s just not what my experience is. I like the older maps and think they were fun and great and they didn’t have a bunch of useless crap everywhere like they do now to cater to zero build players. I miss the old guns of chapter 2. Grappler guns, launch pads, helicopters. And the guns in general were just great. You didn’t have OP mobility items like you have recently . And you didn’t have a lack of mobility because you had other not op items that you could keep in your inventory that weren’t on the same level as the new op movement items of the last seasons. Arena had siphon and that’s a great thing too. The mythic items were not overly present in my opinion, there were only one of each on the map and that’s what’ made them special and not absolutely op. Yeah they might’ve been a bit too good but I didn’t care because there were just one and they were fun. Fortnite has gone downhill and it’s not because I’m nostalgic. I also asked what people thought Epic games care about and that they care about only money. That makes sense to me, but a lot of people share my opinion that the game has gone downhill, none of my friends even play this game anymore, it used to be that every single one of my friends was almost always online, it’s not because they’ve gotten jobs or gotten busy just no one likes this game because of the way it’s changed. How does epic stand to make more money because they’ve made their game worse and worse. Wouldn’t it make sense that people who are happy with the game and into it spend more money. I don’t spend money on the game anymore. Seems like all they care about is zero build, but most players don’t play zero build. Thoughts? What are changes you’d support, things you miss. Also, please don’t hate on me, it’s just what I think, I know people disagree with me and that’s fine, I don’t have a problem with other peoples opinions about a game, so please don’t have a problem with mine.
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2023.06.10 19:32 Supr_Sldier 34 [M4F] California/Arizona/US - Looking for that special someone, hope she is looking for me too…

Hello! To whom ever is reading this post, it’s very nice to meet you. A little bit about me:
I recently got out of military on the active duty side after serving 10 years, during that time I was a Canine Handler, so I’m a very big dog lover (I also like cats too haha), but now currently in the Military Reserves as well a marketing head representative for Verizon Wireless.
Things I Like To Do:
I enjoy road-trips, the outdoors, hiking, cooking, music (all genres), drawing, working out, and movies (especially horror). Lastly I don’t mind being a home body and enjoying the day with someone either doing an activity together, curled up on the couch binge watching a show, or hell even cleaning the house together while we dance listening to music.
Working on plans to go to school full time for a degree in architecture or criminal justice. Also getting into business with my buddy to be a dog trainer.
What I’m Looking For:
Someone who can hold a conversation and doesn’t talk for just one or two days then just ghosts you (not trying to be rude but being blunt because there is a lot of people both men and women that do this on Reddit, if you are too busy to where you can’t send a few texts daily, or at least have the courtesy to communicate what’s going and that we will chat later that day and actually keep your word. Then please look for someone else to talk to only when your bored. I am genuinely looking for someone who wants to talk daily and enjoy the day with). Anyways, someone wanting to get to know me as much as I would like to get to know them. Hopefully having some of the same interests as I do but I don’t mind getting to know about the other person’s interests or things they like to do, that’s the fun of getting to know someone and understanding them.
Someone who is serious about wanting a relationship and knows what is needed to have one (meaning not bringing the past or ex issues into the relationship, I’m ready to find my future not dwell on my past and I expect the same from you as well). Lastly someone who is open, caring, honest, and good with communication.
If I caught your attention I would like to see where thing go (I hope I caught your attention haha). Also please be over the age of 21 and please say more than “hey” or “what’s up” tell me about yourself, hope to hear from you!
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2023.06.10 19:32 BrundellFly Favoritism & Incompetence inside Lucasfilm: Burn It Down's “Derek” is almost certainly David Filoni

AuthoMedia Critic/Journalist Maureen Ryan spotlights Lucasfilm’s creative’ish bureaucracy in her new book Burn It Down; featuring former-staffesource known by the pseudonym Emma, who was hired to work on expanding Lucasfilm’s existing IP with a spin-off of some kind. Emma worked with a person at Lucasfilm (who is given the pseudonym Derek), who she believed did not understand the assignment despite being well-connected within the film and television industry.
Emma is described as possessing “extensive experiences and impressive résumé, yet never creatively helmed a project all on her own; Until Lucasfilm reached out to her with their offer…
- - - - - - - - - -
Once Emma figured out the lay of the land at Lucasfilm, she realized she had been brought in to do a lot of grunt work on behalf of Derek, a well-connected man who, in her opinion, didn’t know what he was doing. He would get the glory if the project was a success, and it sure felt as though she would get the blame if it wasn’t.
Executives at Lucasfilm, Emma said, treated Derek as more important than her, even though he reliably generated chaos, subpar scripts, and other problems. His management skills were questionable when they were not entirely absent. The executives supervising the project listened to Emma’s complaints about these serious, ongoing issues, and more often than not, she told me, they agreed with her. But their promises about changing the situation came to nothing. “They back their creative people fully—the people they see as creative,” Emma said. And Derek was the person they backed.
It took a long time to cut through the doublespeak and figure out what was really going on,” Emma told me. She had thought—and had been told—that she was going to have real creative influence over this major piece of IP. That was not the case. And Derek, thanks to his powerful connections, was essentially untouchable. Emma slowly realized that her job was to “channel” Derek’s creative vision and turn it into filmable content. “I can’t speak to whether it was intentional or not, but really, what they wanted me to be was a well-paid babysitter,” Emma observed. “I was in this double bind where I was both accountable to them and also not creatively empowered. It just puts you in this position of feeling like the janitor.
At Lucasfilm, in Emma’s view, preference and precedence in the TV arena is given to those who have credits in the film world.
In any event, Emma wishes she’d known up front what Lucasfilm really wanted. She would have said no to the job, or something like, “Call me when you’re ready to fire him and give me the job. And if you’re not going to do that, then great—it’s all on him.” She did eventually leave the gig, exhausted by the constant chaos and the fact that nobody made any meaningful moves to stop it.
Maybe the powers that be at Lucasfilm didn’t feel they needed to. Before Emma took the job, a friend in Hollywood told her that Lucasfilm didn’t particularly care about going over budget. Emma was gobsmacked by her friend’s observation, given the penny-pinching ways of her previous employers. “But I saw it up close—that it doesn’t matter how many mistakes are made or how incompetent some people are,” she said. “Our budget doubled, and I’m sure it went up after I left*. I’ve never seen anything like it.*”
At Lucasfilm, it’s not hard to figure out why the money might flow a little more freely: the company and its offshoots have had massive success in the realms of film, television, theme parks, and merchandising, among other ventures, since the first Star Wars film came out nearly half a century ago. And in Emma’s view, the worldwide success of shows like The Mandalorian just reinforces the internal belief that the company can do no wrong.”
Excerpt From: Burn It Down: Power, Complicity, and a Call for Change in Hollywood by Maureen Ryan. Chapter 8: The Myth of an Egalitarian Future The IP Strikes Back
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2023.06.10 19:31 SeparateDrivez How Much Is He Worth? » GhBase•com™-Everything & News Now

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2023.06.10 19:31 bedtwerp95 I am going to cut my scrotum off tonight in order to not be tempted by my cartoon crush

This isn't a joke or shitpost. I'm actually doing this and want to get the word out in case I don't make it.
I've been sexually obsessed with Vicky from the Fairy Godparents since I was 7 years old. I haven't felt the same for any other person real or fictional. At first I hated her character because I thought she was an ageist stereotype, but this was around the same time I started noticing females and something clicked inside of me. Whenever I watched the show and there was a scene with her in it, I would get flustered and butterflies would erupt in my stomach. I would fantasize going into the show and meeting her.
Eventually my family started noticing and would laugh and go "look, there's your girlfriend" whenever we watched the show. This embarrassed me greatly, and I started receding into myself, both at home and school. I also tried suppressing my crush on her by but I couldn't no matter how much I tried.
My school had to intervene and have teachers and psychologists sit me down and tell me it was OK to be like this, and told me about their own toonophiliac crushes on characters like Tarzan, Jessica Rabbit and Betty Rubble. I took this an invitation to go hog wild on my obsession with her.
The thing is I don't even like the Fairy Godparents. The animation always drove me to overstimulation and the writing I always thought was stupid and sexist/ageist, but at the peak of my obsession I would watch 20 episodes a day just to get closer to Vicky. I also read every fanfiction about her I could. I thought and still think about her more than the average person thinks about their parents.
Unlike many extreme toonophiles I tried to keep my obsessision on the down low, but last year my co-workers found out about my enamoration with her. Nobody gave me anything more than a light teasing, and some people even admitted to being toonophiles and congratulated me on having "good taste" (this disturbed me more than any potential shaming). Still I realized how bad this was for me and I need to stop, but no matter how much I tried I couldn't. This left me with only one option.
In my room right now I have a pair of yard clippers to do the dirty deed, along with sleeping pills to numb myself during the operation, a string to tie around the sack to prevent excess blood from pouring, and Isophyr alcohol to sterilize the clippers. I know that I may lose my life from complications of this, but I would rather be dead than be obsessed with an underage cartoon character like I have been for most of my life. Toonophillia is a horrible vile affection and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. The animation industry really needs to be held accountable for this. I was only into American cartoons not anime but I know its way worse over in Japan and the studios over there make millions of dollars exploiting people like me. The people on waifism and the like are wrong and misguided. If you feel like you have a sexual obsession with a cartoon, seek mental help.
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2023.06.10 19:31 Downtown-Raise8426 SEA MOSS FOR TREATMENT?

26/yo My PCOS has flared up extremely bad this year. I’m under an extreme amount of stress and it’s taken a toll on my body. I got a buttload of red stretch marks on my stomach some even going on the top of my vagina areas skin, something that’s frustrated me a lot.
I have hypothyroidism also, but I’ve gained 65+ pounds and no matter how much I go to the gym and eat correctly nothing is helping.
Has anyone heard of sea moss working? I started taking it a week ago. Will post results. I also try to take turmeric as much as I can
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2023.06.10 19:31 Chris_d_xebec Is there a way out of this misery ?

I'm a 27 year old guy, who is currently working a 9-5 job. I'm not really sure when I was truly happy the last time even though I had such amazing moments with friends and family. Its a constant state of confusion.
I used to be a very good sports person and also good at studies till some point. Going into my undergrad phase were i used to study just for passing the sem. Started playing more and got into girls and stuff like that. And yeah smoking too ( The biggest regret till date ). Used to be depressed during this time as i felt i really had no true friends. (This was a really really bad phase) But after all this, i still managed to get a good placement and a tough one that too.
Now I'm 6 years into my corporate life, and its all gone down the drain for me. I am addicted to smoking. I drink every weekend. I have lost touch with the thing I loved the most, sports, be it any. I still somehow find time to play, atleast on weekends, to get rid of this guilty feeling. I always relapse on my quit smoking journeys.
I never went to the gym as i used to always exercise and play before. But i did try it recently and managed to stay consistent only to fail miserably. I am out of shape and the worst part is the belly fat which makes me question myself " How did i even get to this point?" Although I know the answer to that.
Lacking motivation in literally everything. I wanna pursue an MBA degree but i don't seem to have the energy to put into the prep and I'm distracted most of the times by these random thoughts.
Crying to sleep every night is a new normal.
Not financially sound too. I make good money to take care of myself but not enough to take care of my family.
All of these things are taking a toll on me. I can't even share details of everything that I'm going through like relationship wise. All the achievements im making in life, that feeling, just lasts a couple of minutes for me.
I just wanna know how can I have that discipline in life ? Where can I start ? How can I avoid my future from having the same fate as my past and present?
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2023.06.10 19:31 Fabulous-Court3760 I keep seeing posts popping up in my notifications, and I read, hoping she even cared to post something. Somewhere.

I know I shouldn't hope she will reach out. I know she can't. But I haven't seen my daughter in a month. I hate her for it. But I love her so much. Why do I idolize people that only want to hurt everyone around them. Why do I keep changing to be better if I can't be with better people? Why am I trying to be better in the first place if everyone's shittier than me in general? I literally have tried to hard to be positive this entire time. I've cried twice. It's hurts to cry so I don't want to anymore. I know my family is happy I'm not with her anymore, but what do I do now? I was ready to be a family. Life set up how I wanted. It's all ruined. I don't see the point in trying again. Those 3 years of..just everything. It's to much for me again. I just want to be not conscious for like 86 hours. I want my headaches and my heartaches to go away. I want to feel better. It's effecting my work ethic. I fucking hate this. I just needed to rant.
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2023.06.10 19:31 Karazhes Funny Question - Resolution

Hello Guys,
im struggeling a bit at the moment, because i am building a new gaming rig & my actual monitor doesnt "feel that great" anymore.
I got a MSI MAG301RF Ultrawide FHD (21:9 - 2560x1080) and played Diablo 4 on it the last days with my actual Rig. Now to the Problem:
I basically played in my native resolution and I noticed that the whole thing isn't as "crisp" on the UWFHD.
So I activated Nvidia DSR and played on 3413x1440p - a dream! It looks absolutely fantastic here.
My questions:
  1. Is it just the ultrawide in FHD resolution what it makes that "anti-crisp"?
  2. Would I also have this "crisp" picture with a 27" WQHD monitor in 2560x1440p or would it be worse?
  3. How would this image sharpness compare - 27" WQHD monitor to 31.5/32" WQHD monitor Would the larger monitor be blurrier with the same resolution?
Thank you so much <3
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2023.06.10 19:31 jimsd First Drive Impressions

Got a Corolla Cross XLE yesterday for a family member and drove it home a couple of hours. For reference, I’m used to driving a RAV4 Prime so my comments come from that point of view.
This vehicle is really nice looking. I think they did a great job on the styling. A little smaller than the R4P, so parking should be easier for inexperienced drivers.
Backup camera - super clear, way better than our R4P
Wireless CarPlay - We have wired CarPlay in the R4P and this was very nice. it was good to see that my phone gained charge on the wireless charger even while using CarPlay the entire time. Only glitch was that Apple Music cut out many times so I stopped using it. I‘ve never had an issue with it in our car. From some searching, this doesn’t seem like it’s anything specific to the Corolla Cross though.
8” multimedia screen - We have a few physical buttons on the R4P and I think I prefer that for ease of going between CarPlay and the radio, but it’s possible I’m just not used to it and younger drivers are probably not using the radio as much these days anyway. It is harder to tune a radio station because it’s done on screen vs a dial and that’s not really safe while driving.
It drives like a nice Corolla. It won’t be mistaken for a higher end car (except in looks), but it’s not subpar either. It just gets the job done in a good enough fashion.
Engine start/stop - I had tested a Subaru Forester a few years ago and absolutely hated the auto start/stop at lights because it seemed so jarring. This seemed much less intrusive and didn’t bother me at all.
For whatever reason, I don’t think the seats are quite as comfortable as what I’m used to, but maybe I need to dial them in more. I do like the Softex which we have on our other cars.
MPG - I will be curious how this does with more driving, but I got way over the rated mpg on the drive home. Probably due to slower speeds in traffic, but I think achieving it’s rated mileage shouldn’t be hard to do.
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2023.06.10 19:31 Orangetastingpeach I turned 30 yesterday

And I didn't see any family. I got a phone call from my brother and all he talked about is dealing with our mom's issues and how he finally convinced her to go to treatment (for like the 100th time) for her bipolar and alcoholism . And so that was "pretty much my birthday present" ....welp yippee 🎉😒
I spent the day with my babies loving on them and knowing I'll be there celebrating big time when they turn 30.
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2023.06.10 19:31 themediumplaced Is it normal for a black eye to look like this 8 days after the initial incident? How much longer will it take to heal?

Is it normal for a black eye to look like this 8 days after the initial incident? How much longer will it take to heal? submitted by themediumplaced to medical [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 19:31 Ultimatum227 [Serious]: Do you think Lifeweaver would be a lot better if Life Grip was on a shorter cooldown? (around 10 seconds or so)

Finally got around playing Lifeweaver in QP/Comp. So far I like very much, but I can see why people consider him a clunky character, a lot.
I was wondering, Life Grip is obviously one of his biggest support tools, but is it reaaally that strong to justify a 20 second cooldown?
Obviously it's being treated with the same importance as Mercy's rez, Bap's lamp and Kiriko's suzu. But LW doesn't really have anything else (besides the slow heals) to bring to the team during those 20 seconds of downtime. Of course his Petal is great for high ground, but it feels more like a tool to compliment his role of saving teammates from above.
So, how strong, or borderline OP, would it be if his Life Grip was on a shorter CD? would it make Lifeweaver a stronger pick?
I'm not saying something crazy like 4 seconds, but 10 seconds or 12.
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