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2023.06.09 04:58 Abu_Issam Fanmade Yugioh archetypes: Disney villains

Fanmade Yugioh archetypes: Disney villains submitted by Abu_Issam to customyugioh [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 04:57 Abu_Issam Fanmade Yugioh archetypes: Disney villains

Fanmade Yugioh archetypes: Disney villains submitted by Abu_Issam to AlHusseiny_projects [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 01:36 MiuIruma332 Do you like how generalize yugioh has become?

Around I want to say after a year of links being released we saw yugioh be less focus on archetypal restrictions to more of general restrictions. Rokkets helps general dragon hence dragon link being a thing, so many links monsters like Isode and Anaconda could be used completely outside their intended archetype, and cyberse is literally a soup. But I also wonder if people prefer when yugioh were more archetypal restrictive/ not have most decks be a possible engine, or have a period of time they like a certain amount of generalization in the game.
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2023.06.08 00:49 DemonDrago929 Okay another crossover question what Yugioh archetype would Aether run

To me,would would definitely have to be one of the game Dimension Dragon or Heavenly Dragon archatype,but what do yall think
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2023.06.07 02:48 Pineapple_sandwichhh Cute archetypes?

So like I have yugioh on both my laptop and on my phone, right? So two accounts, and I feel like it'd be a waste to just make the same deck twice, so I wanna find another cute archetype
Oh I like complex, non-linear rogue decks
And as for cuteness, the performapals are obviously adorable, and I also like sylvans (but not their play style 😔) For something to be cute to me it has to be a good mix of adorable, weird, and silly
For example, Performapal Lizardraw: absolutely adorable, but also literally just charizard, or whatever that little fire lizard pokemon is, as a pimp 😭 Literally iconic 🥰
Another super cute card, Bagooska the Terribly Tired Tapir: perfect name, and suuper cute, but also they look like they smoke twelve packs a day and mix the ashes into their whiskeys ✨Amazing✨
Anyway, tldr, gimme cute archetypes please
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2023.06.06 23:55 Altailar [US-IL][H] LART collection, UR Absolute Zero, Galaxy Photon Lord, Iblee, PUNK Ogre Dance, Droll+Lock, Psychic End Punisher, Lightning Storm, Junk Archer, Magical Android, Pokemon Binder, Deck Cores List, more [W] 2x Rescue Ace Hydrant, 2x Alert!, Binders

Hey Everyone! Looking to grab a few trades, thanks for looking! Really wanting to grab the last pieces I need for a Rescue Ace deck primarily!
Also, I am not selling anything else outright right now, please do not ask for values unless you intend to trade.
Trade Wants:
- 2x Rescue-Ace Hydrant
- 2x ALERT!
- 2x Rescue-Ace Monitor
- Deck Cores
- Binders
- Digimon/Pokemon TCG
Yugioh: https://imgur.com/a/vgsdOvc
Pokemon: https://imgur.com/a/kEfBqAO
Collector Rares:
Cores Owned List (Will consider trading from this list for the right trades):
------ Vendread The Agents Borrel/Rokket
D/D/D Galaxy Eyes Ursarctic Magnet Warrior
TellarKnight Icejade Volcanic ABC
Magistus Dinomist Ancient Gear Gouki
Synchron/Stardust Speedroid Ogdoadic Code Talker
Magnet Warrior Abyss Actor Lavals Yosenju
Dual Avatar Gem Knights Gizmek Dracoslayer
Gishki Tri-Brigade Swordsoul (Mama) Prank-Kids
All Hero Archetypes Myutant P.U.N.K. Fur Hire
Crystal Beast Metalfoes Spirit Charmers Starry Knight
Magikey Vaylantz S-Force Generaider
Dragunity G-Golem Mathmech Adamancipator
ArmedDragonThunder T.G. Ninja ------
Odd-Eyes Z-ARC Lightsworn Inzektor
------ Time Thief ------ Blackwing

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2023.06.06 02:50 HERCULES_MAN1 What are some Archetype in the ANIME that you wish to be in not just Master Duel but both the TCG and OCG as well, I'll start with my favorite

What are some Archetype in the ANIME that you wish to be in not just Master Duel but both the TCG and OCG as well, I'll start with my favorite
Pls konami add the C/C archetype they where such a cool concept that follows somewhat a similar play style as Plunder patrol as they rely on what the opponent has on board to summon their own monster. pls konami their is literally no reason to not put the C/C archetype in Yugioh.
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2023.06.05 14:01 AutoModerator Basic Questions, Advice, Bugs/Glitches & Venting Weekly Megathread

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2023.06.04 17:00 Chicuty TCG exclusive archetypes in the next sets?

I really like TCG exclusive archetypes, most of them are based on things I find cool because of western culture. The last two June boxes introduced the strategy from one of those decks in Duel Links (Dream Mirror for 2021 and War Rock for 2022), so I'm hoping and coping they want to keep this pattern, but the list of Duel Links designed deck from this pool of archetypes is practically non existent.

Considering year of release, power level and whether or not the "archetype" is called Materiactor, these are the candidates in order from most likely to least likely:

  1. Time Thief: the deck can end on a single non target spin with a 1 card combo with the new support, so it's kind of easy to keep in check by not releasing the new cards. Sadly Redoer is a really good generic r4nk, and it is even better in Duel Links with the smaller deck size and the high amount of traps played.
  2. Beetrooper: a non linear combo deck; it has almost all of its enablers (Resonance Insect, Doom Dozer, Picofalena, Sting the Poison...), but the big wasp that (Quick Effect) specials from hand by returning to the bottom of the deck 1 card each from your and your opponent's graveyard might be a bit too good of a counter to anime skill decks, so Konami might decide not to add this, as well as the big 3k link4 Towers. That being said, having no 1 card combo means the deck can play few staples, and this already limits it a lot for Duel Links.
  3. Plunder Patroll: one of the few midrange decks in Yugioh, it can accumulate resources very fast if he's allowed to play, while also putting up enough of a threat to close games quickly. The deck has no access to Toad, no Al'Miraj so Blonde is not a 1 card Black, and with few handtraps in the game the deck is way weaker than it is in TCG. Love the theme and it's a WATER deck also :)
  4. Myutant: awesome control deck with an incredible theme that made me despise Stranger Things even more than I should have, especially the last season. The deck eats a lot of resources, but if destroyed they get them back (which might happen in Duel Links), also having 6 starters is standard for Duel Links. The big Main Deck Myutants are mostly fine I think, Ultimus is hard enough to summon to be ok, what scares me is the deck's playstyle: in TCG it's starter, do your combo end on Beast + Cry and then set all the floodgates you drew, here it might be the same but instead of floodgates it's just staple traps, but I don't know I'm not good at reading Duel Links power level.
  5. Danger!: extenders and draw power. In a format with 20 cards it's probably not fine. That said I would love the meta to shift at least partially from 1 card combo that ends on 1 interruption + set 3 to some sort of wombo combo that does something fancier and the Danger! would probably help with that.
  6. Spyral: either unplayable or super broken. The deck was originally intended to be a control with a unique gimmick but it failed under every aspect, so it became basically an FTK with the boards he could bring out. Aside from Firewall and the Knightmares (you also cannot co link both Phoenix and Cerberus to Firewall unless Monster Reborn I think?) there aren't the link monsters payoff, but Sleeper Agent equipped with Last Resort and a set Utility Wire is probably already good enough to keep the archetype out of the game.

The other archetypes I didn't mention (Ghoti, which could be added when Nash is released, and Libromancer, which I have never read, Gold Pride, that came out yesterday so probably not) are either too new to be added to the game, or I forgot about them
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2023.06.04 08:30 No_Guarantee5677 Random question

What Yugioh archetypes do you think different characters would use and why
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2023.06.04 07:23 space_catpsy Was this one of the worst or one of the best formats?

This was the best format, in my opinion, that we have ever had. I think that other decks in comparison feel like playing a turn based game, you have your turn, you play with yourself and get sacked normally if you don't go first. With tears you engage in a playing experience that doesn't rely on turns, it's a complete different play style from a design perspective. Actually sometimes it doesn't even feel like yugioh! at all. I think that the developers were introducing new mechanics with this deck, but people want to play their old ass game.
I'm sad that after this amazing experience we will comeback to the same old mechanics. I wish Konami would do this for several decks and not only tears. I mean, it shouldn't be that hard to introduce cards with effects like Havnis or Tearlaments Kashtira in every other archetype as legacy support and in exciting new decks. Maybe even a master rule to solidify the game mechanics so everybody can engage in what in my opinion has been the best format yugioh has seen since release.
In conclusion, the game design of this deck follows the path of the handtraps, because it's interaction during your opponent's turn. And inherently doesn't play floodgates (even if it can they're not optimal) and also the problem of unoutable boards is resolved nicely in THE MIRROR. I understand that if you are trying to play spright you will get sacked by tears, and that's the sad part, they didn't want to continue this trend for some reason. Now the TCG has Kashtira and SSH which embody problems like no interaction with the zone block and inherent floodgate effects like Arise-Heart. SSH is just another flavor of Halqdon combo or Adamancipator. It's just sad. You will miss tears.
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2023.06.03 23:53 DDRussian (New player question) Is Dragunity Good?

For context, I'm new to Master Duel, but not Yugioh in general.
Dragunity is one of the archetypes I liked in older video games back in the 5D's era. Both for their aesthetic and compatibility with all the synchro dragons from that time.
I saw they had some new-ish cards in the archetype, so I was wondering: is the archetype good to play in this game?
Also, I know the Dragonmaid structure deck has a bunch of dragon support cards, would that be helpful with building a Dragunity deck?
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2023.06.03 06:08 Hiroki_AS As a Yugioh player,Adaman's name reminds me of one particular archetype that I like

As a Yugioh player,Adaman's name reminds me of one particular archetype that I like submitted by Hiroki_AS to PokemonMasters [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 00:25 PuceUset Why set rotation wont fix yugioh

Just a reminder to everyone that most popular MTG format dont have set rotation
eternal formats like EDH and Modern doesnt even have a set rotations and extreamly popular compared to standard with set rotation (most people play standard just because its easier to get into)
Just go to your local MTG group, theyre probably playing either commandemodern format 90% of the time
And having set rotation doesnt mean preventing powercreep
Look at pokemon tcg
remember back then when the game is usualy just play regular stage 1/2 decks that evolve and do stuff and take time to develop and strategize?
Now, it’s just "hey cool get my OP VMAX or GX out on turn 2 and start stomping with my energy acceleration etc. Easy peasy". Does anyone remember the days of when you actually had to knock out 6 Pokémon to take 6 prizes?
Pokemon have set rotation yet the game is more powercreep than ever
We already have some form of set rotation , which is called the banlist (the problem is ,konami is really terrible at managing the banlist)
Also Yugioh can’t really implement set rotation because the reliance on archetypes in the metagame, both in top decks and through marketing from the anime, cough blue eyes and DM cough
means there would have to be a huge overhaul of card release methods and massive backlash from the fanbase, especially those whose favorite old archetypes aren’t popular enough to receive a constant influx of support and reprints.
TLDR : set rotation doesnt work on yugioh , yugioh is too reliant on archtypes, it too late to implement and having set rotation doesnt mean preventing powercreep (pokemon cough cough)
Yugioh could be fixed by making a better banlist and adding more official alternative format like goat ,edison ,hat ,pauper(basicaly n/r event format), highlandelimit1 and many more
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2023.06.01 20:07 Seiko002 Exosister additions

I've been playing Master dual to get back into yugioh since I usually play zombie world at locals. What are some stapes to add to exosisters because I'm starting to enjoy the Pax, Martha to Xyz. I'm almost at the point where I might buy the cards, so is it worth it or is it too archetyped to add to it?
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2023.06.01 11:25 Maty_the_Red What are some fun and cheap decks to build, for casual play, that have rather cheap singles?

I like organizing house tournaments, and for this porpoise, I like buying the yugioh structure decks. I usually get just a single copy of them, but in cases that I really like the archetype, I buy 3 (Cyber Dragons and heroes, looking at you!). But I was wondering, are there any archetypes that are about the same price, at most, of three structure decks? Since many of the decks I have are just from a single copy, their power level isn't huge, so I really don't need the deck to be super competative, just fun to play. I'm talking about finding cheap decks that you can make by buying singles, not preexisting structure decks and collections.
I do have an oddeyes deck, that I feel I would like to also improve, since currently, its mostly the version from the legendary dragons decks collection, but I also own the Supreme King Z-ARC card, so I was thinking that modifying the deck to make the summoning of that boss monster easier might be fun, but I have no clue how expensive this would be.
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2023.06.01 06:34 SimpleSymonds1126 Would/Could an Infernity Deck Work in the 2023 Meta?

Now I know this may sound weird and maybe stupid, but please hear me out.
The reason I started to think of this again, is because I’ve been rewatching the 5D’s anime subbed, since the dub basically ruins it. Needless to say, I’ve been loving it and it has further solidified why 5D’s is my favorite Yugioh series. I’m currently about halfway through the Dark Signer arc, and just finished the second Yusei vs. Kiryu(Kalin) duel. And after seeing the backstory of Kiryu in full with no censors, it’s reminded me why I love Kiryu as a character, and also why I think the Infernity archetype is my favorite. This then got me thinking: I did try to make a competitive Infernity deck about a year or so ago, and while it wasn’t the best, or even that Meta, I had fun with it. So maybe, with the way the current Meta is, I could make the deck work?
I do understand this would probably take a lot of work, to both make the deck competitive and somewhat reliable instead of just always bricking. But I think since this is one of the archetypes I know extremely well, I can make it work. I just would like to see what you guys think! Do you think Infernity could work?
View Poll
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2023.05.31 23:32 One-Cellist5032 Returning Players looking for assistance.

My husband and I are getting back into yugioh after a LONG break. And are trying to figure out whether to basically start from scratch or if some stuff can be salvaged.
I personally have always been a huge fan of Crystal beasts, and my husband has always liked the elemental hero cards. Do these still work in a sorta casual setting? We’re definitely planning on updating the decks at least a little bit.
What pack(s) would you guys recommend for those archetypes etc. is it worth getting the structure decks for them (Hero Strike, and Revenge of the Crystal Beasts).
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2023.05.31 07:23 VesuviusOW Is this too many mechanics to keep track of for a TCG?

Hello everyone. I'm not a professional game designedeveloper, I just make games for fun. With that said, I still try to make my games as if I was going to sell or distribute them. Currently, I'm making a TCG about mythologies from around the world. I've been thinking about what I could include to help make it stand out and feel original compared to popular games like MTG, Yugioh, pokemon, hearthstone, etc...

I have 4 types of cards in my game. In my current iteration, I need to put a total of 13 pieces of information on that card. I'm worried about a few things: will this cause information overload? How am I going to design the cards when I have to put that much info on a 2.5x3.5 piece of paper? Will this make the game impossible to balance?
So here are all the details about what I have so far:
Lore Concept:
In "Pantheon: Age of Myth," players find themselves immersed in a world where the pantheons of ancient gods and goddesses have converged. These powerful deities from various mythologies across cultures and eras have been drawn into a cosmic battle for supremacy.
As the mortal realm hangs in the balance, the pantheons clash, each vying to exert their influence and shape the fate of the world. Players take on the roles of the deities themselves to command their divine powers and lead their pantheon to victory.
The game takes place during the titular Age of Myth, an epoch in which the boundaries between mortal and divine realms blur. As the pantheons collide, mortal realms are transformed into battlegrounds where the gods and their champions engage in epic conflicts.

Card Types:
Deity Cards:
Each player starts the game with a Deity card representing their chosen pantheon or deity. Deity cards have information containing:
VIGOR (the deity's health, which all deity cards start with 5),
LEVEL (deities start at level 1 and can spend faith - the game's resource system - to level up to 3),
AMOUNT OF FAITH A DEITY CAN HOLD (at the start of your turn you gain 1 faith, if you don't spend it, you can keep it in your pool. The amount of faith you can hold can be changed via other types of card's effect.),
CONSTELLATION REQUIREMENTS AND EFFECTS (when cards are sent to the graveyard by certain conditions ie: a unit card is destroyed by exact lethal, they can be placed into the constellation pile, and when the constellation pile meets the requirements as stated on the deity card, the constellation effect happens),
DIVINE FAVOR POINTS AND ABILITY(each deity starts with a set amount of divine favor and it can be spent to activate that deity's special effect. More powerful effects have less divine favor, so it can't be used too often. Vice-versa for less powerful effects).

Unit Cards (which might get changed to champion cards):
Creature cards represent a wide range of mythical beasts, heroes, and other entities from various mythologies. They have the following information:

ATTACK - as in most TCGs this is how much damage a unit will do. However, I'm taking a bit of inspiration from Battle Spirits Saga by having the damage listed on the card only apply to damage dealt to other units. When a unit successfully attacks a deity, they do 1 damage regardless. This is why deities only start with 5 vigor

HEALTH - This represents the health of a unit, health does not regenerate each turn as it does in MTG for example. Instead, health must be tracked across turns. I understand that a concern about this approach is the amount of dice and such that would inherently be required so, I'd like feedback about this.

DEFENSE - This is like the ''armor'' for a unit. If Unit A has 4 attack and deals damage to Unit B that has 3 health and 2 defense, that 2 defense prevents 2 of the damage Unit A does, leaving Unit B with 1 health.
These 2 stats I know aren't traditional TCG stats but as I said, I wanted to see if I could make this game stand out while still being "good" or "fun" so feedback on this would be great!

Spell/Magic Resistance: Same idea except instead of unit damage, this prevents damage from spells (called glyphs in this game) that a player casts.

DAMAGE TYPE - There are 3 damage types: Physical, Ranged, Spellcaster. The damage type actually doesn't matter for combat purposes rather, some cards might have an effect that does (ie: give a ranged Unit +1 defense)

RACE/SPECIES - Again, not important for combat but like with damage type, it can interact with other effects (ie: Your beasts have +1 attack)

CONSTELLATION CONDITION - The condition that must be met for the card to be placed into the constellation pile (ie: if this unit took exact lethal damage, you may place it into your constellation pile) this is separate from the card's effect.

RELIC CARDS - These cards are similar to artifact cards in MTG. They give various effects. Not too much to say as they honestly don't function much differently.

GLYPH CARDS - These act as the spell/magic cards of the game, and do various things. Most of them can only be played on your turn but, some of them can be played on an opponent's turn if a certain condition is met (similar to secrets in Hearthstone).

Like in MTG, cards are broken into 5 different colors representing different primary playstyles. You can only use colors in your deck that align with the colors on your deity card. So, if your deity card is Blue/Purple, you cannot have white cards in your deck. The colors are as follows:

Combat works very similarly to how it does in MTG. On their turn, players attack the opponent's Deity with their units, and the defending player can choose to block with theirs. Numbers are compared (as mentioned above) and damage is dealt with accordingly. If a unit does land a blow on the deity, that deity loses 1 vigor. When a unit attacks it becomes engaged(tapped) and at the start of a player's turn it becomes disengaged(untapped). The same goes for blocking, when a unit blocks it becomes engaged and then disengages at the start of the next turn. Units cannot attack the turn they're played.
KEYWORDS - Here are the main keywords I've come up with so far for the game. I don't want too many, just one's for effects I know are going to happen often:

Evoke: Does something when is played from hand
Haunt: Does something when this unit dies
Swift: Can attack the turn played
Intervention: a keyword for spellcards that when conditions are met can be played on an opponent’s turn
Onslaught: Unit can attack twice before becoming engaged
Dexterous: Attacking doesn’t cause this unit to become engaged.

Deck-Building Rules: 50-60 cards allowed, 4 copies each, and only 1 copy of legendary rarity cards allowed.
General Rule Outline:
  1. Each turn consists of 4 phases: Start phase (gain 1 Faith and draw a card), Disengage phase (untap engaged cards), Play phase (perform actions), and End phase.
  2. Cards cost Faith to play, indicated on the card. Once per turn, a player may play a card that costs 2 or less Faith for free.
  3. Some cards have activatable abilities that can be used once per turn, unless otherwise stated. Artifact cards can be equipped to units.
  4. During combat, the attacker and defender compare their attack, health, and defense stats. Damage is calculated as (attack - defense). Units with 0 health go to the graveyard, unless conditions allow them to go to the Constellation pile.
  5. Cards can have conditions to enter the Constellation pile. When the requirements are met, the player gains their deity's persistent Constellation bonus until the Constellation is broken.
  6. Players can progress through deity levels by paying the indicated cost on the deity card.
  7. Players start with divine favor and 1 Faith. The deity card limits the amount of Faith a player can have unless otherwise specified.
  8. In case of a contradiction between a card and a game rule, the card takes precedence.

Example of a Deity Card Outline:
Zeus, Aspect of the Storm
Colors: Red/Blue
Vigor: 5
Faith Capacity: 6
Divine Favor: 1
Divine Favor Ability: Search your library for a glyph or unit card that costs 3 faith or less. Add it to your hand and deal damage to an enemy unit equal to the card's cost. Shuffle your deck.
Constellation requirement: 7 cards in constellation pile
Constellation Effect: your blue glyphs cost 1 faith less. Your red units cost 1 faith less.
Level 1 effect: After you cast your 2nd glyph in a turn, you may deal 1 damage to target unit
Cost to level to 2: 4 faith
Level 2 effect: After you cast your 1st glyph in a turn, you may deal 2 damage to target unit.
Cost to level to 3: 4 Faith
Level 3 Effect: After you cast a glyph, you may deal 3 damage split among any targets.

As you can see this is a lot of information, and while I haven't designed the card template yet, I'm concerned about how I'm going to fit all of it on there and if it'll be information overload. I was thinking, since the Deity cards aren't a part of the deck itself, I could possibly have the artwork on one side and the info on the other side. I'm just concerned if it's too much for a player to keep track of.
I have a solid idea for the design of the unit cards but even still, it's a lot of information and like with the deity cards, I'm just worried it's too much. Also a bit concerned if this will make it difficult to balance as all I've really done past this point is design 14 deity cards so far. So, any feedback would be great!

The relic and glyph cards are pretty straightforward as they don't have as much going on. I realize that I'm essentially sharing the entire idea that I've crafted but, again I'm no professional and I'm not planning to monetize this. Though you never know ;)
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2023.05.30 21:05 DarkBlade43_563 What could non-effect monsters get in the future to make them meta?

So, something Konami has been doing that I've been loving is creating new/supporting non-effect monsters (including Normal Monsters). From new archtypes like Magikeys and Suships, to giving non-effect monsters their own archetype, such as the newly released Nouvellez for Hungry Burger, to even giving non-effect monsters one time support like Ringowurm, the Dragon Guarding the Hundred Apples. It's clear Konami wants to continue supporting non-effect monsters.
I love non-effect monsters because they're so unassuming and feel like the 'Underdog' of the Yugioh game as a whole, and I always root for the Underdog or underrepresented at least. The issue is, non-effect monsters haven't been meta in a long time. The closest I can remember was Tenyi, but that was like rogue tier at best. And as of now, they're just used as an engine for Swordsouls.
So, my question is: What could non-effect monsters get as a whole to make them meta?
Maybe a series of effect monsters with these shared effects?:
The design could be something akin to Legos or building blocks. Kind of like how you're 'building' your own monsters (the non-effect monsters) and giving them like special powers or something (maybe like a kid's imagination) via using the blocks as material. Or maybe like equipment that you give an RPG character (like customizing them to what you need / like)
The effects could be something like: "Your opponent cannot activate monster effects, except from the field." or "Your opponent can only Special Summon three times per turn". Like, really good effects, but only if you summon non-effect monsters with them.
I was thinking about this because I thought it was cool how Konami tried to re-invigorate the Black Luster Soldier deck by giving them 2 monsters that grant a non-effect monster some powerful effects. The idea of giving an unassuming monster really strong effects sounds like a lot of fun. Maybe do something like that, but with more modern design ideas, and expand it to include Fusion, Synchro, XYZ, and Link non-effect monsters.
So, what do you think Non-Effect monsters could get in the future to make them meta?
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2023.05.30 18:21 American_Noble The Issue With Reptiles

Hello guys/gals! I'm Urbadkid from Yugioh Master duel & am currently a 1 year old reptile player. I will be going in depth on the issue with the archetype as a whole while focusing on their most competitive deck & my personal favorite, the Ogdoadics!
You see, the problem with reptiles isn't their end board like most would believe. It's their ability to be more resilient to board breaking.
Over lord, king & queen are enough on their own. The problems they have are...

1 No board wipe protection. Nothing I hate more than setting up my board just to get raigeki stomped then 1 turn K.O'd (I personally run 3 stardust synchron with 3 tuning & 2 star dust trail to counter board wipes. Star dust is rank 4, so I can combo off it & make feral imps (if I normal summon it) or chaos ruler it if I SS it from GY.)

2 They don't have any GY protection or protection period. Queen is the backbone of the deck. If the queen gets banished or any level 8 Ogdoadic that activates its summoning effect gets negated or banished, it's GG. Aliert is the only way to unbanish cards, but it is practically a self negate since your opponent can +1 from his GY & negate or counter your effect. If he, himself gets banished, you have no way to unban cards.

3 Reptiles, in general, need some sort of search able - in archetype negate similar to all the other decks. Something that says this:

Ogdoadic Stinging Lilly Counter trap: When your opponent activates a spell/trap or monster effect, you can banish 1 reptile monster from your deck or GY: Negate the activation & if you do, destroy it.

4 The deck just needs more breathing room. I like how they allow your opponent to +1 so you can be careful, but at least make it where they can not activate their effects on the same turn. Keurse is an excellent example. This card can give your opponent a chance to SS any monster from the GY, but the effects are negated. This is fine, but when you use Aleirtt, make it so they can't activate that added card effect until the next turn so you don't get negated before you un-banish your cards. Flood is a similar boat, but its only saving grace is that you can choose if you want to activate it or not. Flogos SS effect needs to negate as well.

5 Ogdoadic calling is great but too slow.

We need a spell card that can summon 2 tokens on the field, turn 1, but lock you into reptiles as cost for the rest of that turn. The special summon 2 Ogdoadics, if you have 8 or more, sounds good, but realistically, if you have 8 Ogdoadics in your grave, you're either setting up turn 1 or about to lose. The fact that it's a trap is this card's only sin & it's a big enough 1 to make non usable.

6 Hollow is in the same boat as calling. (Its effect isn't good enough to justify it being a trap card. I'd rather have a solemn judgment there or solemn warning.)

7 lack of generic reptile extra deck support. (Reptiles as a whole only have 1 fusion monster & a handful of sychros, but their specific to 1 archetype & SUCK. With the exception of Echidina, Shock trooper, Feral Imps & Melusine, every other reptile extra deck monster is absolutely garbage. So if I ran all 3 ofs, I still have 3 spaces of GOOD generic reptile extra deck support left. I can only rely on Reptilianne Coatl for generic synchro Summoning of stardust dragon, chaos ruler & etc. To fill the last 3 but that's if I can find the breathing room to feel safe searching her or if I top deck her.)

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2023.05.30 01:55 BannerTortoise Why you should read the Yu-Gi-Oh OCG Structure Manga

Why you should read the Yu-Gi-Oh OCG Structure Manga
So a short while back, I made a post on how the OCG manga was amazing, my main example being a panel from one of the recent chapters with the edgy rival playing Libromancer with Mathmech. I had a few comments that gave me some insight to the deck, as well as a top man who provided the decklist. But I also saw that a few people didn't know about the OCG manga, so, here are 5 good reasons why you should read Yu-Gi-Oh OCG Structure Manga


1. The story is more grounded
This series takes more of an early Cardfight Vanguard approach to its story. It focuses on the characters living their normal lives, hanging out, and playing card games with advanced holograms. A lot of the early chapters feel like a slice of life about card games. At the moment of the translation, there's no end-of-the-world threat or the like. Think of early GX with chapters that develop the characters in fun scenarios.

2. The characters are fun
Like every Yugioh series, you need a Yu boy. This series has Shoma Yusa. He's a competent duelist with a real love for the game and just enjoys taking part. He's not alone. He's accompanied by his duelist sister, Ageha, who we actually see in the duel. His rivals Strong Jukyu, the down-to-earth one, Dark Kuroda, the edgy one (series, he uses those blood pills when he takes damage), and Psychic Tendo, the one that looks the least trustworthy. Oh, Yusa also has a Yandere named Light Tsukiko, and Tour Guide from the Underworld.
This is the main cast that the manga follows. We get to see them interacting with one another, taking part in tournaments to win prizes and poke fun at standard Yugioh troupes.

3. It keeps up to date
The manga actually updates while the real-life card game evolves. When the manga first started it was during the Vrains era, when everyone was using Master Rule 4 and Link monsters hand us by the arrows. So for the early characters, they used this format. But after irl master duel was updated to 2020 and we could summon extra decks in the main zone again, so could the characters. And they don't just retcon it, no. They actually have a chapter that shows the characters learning the new rule.

4. It gives the spotlight to multiple decks
The problem with the anime is that every character plays the same deck in every duel. But here, characters change decks all the time. Yusa is seen actually deck building in multiple chapters. He has this mind palace moment where he imagines himself talking to the monsters and learning their lore and play style, and seeing how they could work with another deck.
Decks that are doing well in the meta, or are at least popular with players get time to sign. Tenyi, Mathmech, Simorgh, Thunder Dragon, Fire Warrior, Jinzo, Adamancipator, Amazement, Traptrix, Virtual World, Eldlich, etc. The characters get to play all these decks in fun, and interesting combinations to help the decks stand out. And the best part? They actually come with decklists at the end, so you build them.
I've actually tried a few of them online. Definitely fun.

5. It's a good teacher
As stated in the previous two reasons, I find the manga to be a good teacher when it comes to playing the game. While you have the chapter going over Master Rule 2020, we also get to see the characters playing different archetypes, showing the various playstyles available in the game.
While the characters do play these combo-heavy decks like Drytron and Tri-Brigade, they often skip past the combo and go to the finishing board. However, they also come with a written-out play-by-play on what the character did to get there. When Yusa is deck building, he tries to visualize what monsters and cards will synergize with the deck he's working on. It gives tips on what works, and what to focus on.

So those are 5 reasons why you should read the OCG manga if you haven't already. The raws are hard to come by, but there are dedicated fans online translating the chapters, so look out for those. I don't know what else I can say to convince you to read it, other than that we get to see how master rule 2020 pendulum zones work on a duel disk.
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