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Gettin' faded, one day at a time

2011.02.28 05:50 littlewing91 Gettin' faded, one day at a time

For enthusiasts of raw denim in all its forms; from the rarest Japanese heritage jeans, to the most frayed of jorts.

2016.06.29 03:03 mostinterestingtroll BLΛƆKPIИK TODAY: 🇦🇺 [BORN PINK] TOUR in MELBOURNE r/BP will 'Shut Down' from June 12-14

BLACKPINK / 블랙핑크 (stylized as BLΛƆKPIИK) is a four-member K-pop girl group by YG Entertainment, consisting of members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. The group debuted on August 8th, 2016. BLACKPINK is represented by Interscope and Universal Music Group outside of Asia. Second subreddit: BeulPing

2015.03.13 05:25 NietzscheF The place for replica watch discussion

The dedicated place for all discussions on replica watches. No selling or trading, no trusted dealers here, just discussions. Lots of info in the sidebar! Welcome!

2023.06.10 20:56 crazy-hat44 39 [M4F] anywhere or online - looking for a new relationship

I am looking for someone to accompany me during family events to pretend to be my bride. She must be elegant, charming, funny, and able to retain a lot of information about my life. She must also know how to lie perfectly. Kiss optional, dress required. Full-time job during family holidays such as Christmas, New Year's Day, Easter, etc. Necessary to be available for the long term. Send your C.V
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2023.06.10 20:55 centerofdatootsiepop What do I do in this situation?

School is ending soon, and like usual the teachers have to stay an extra couple days after the kids leave. My contract was not renewed for next year due to what I find to be unfair reasons, and I don't feel comfortable in the school for multiple reasons. The agenda for the teachers' days is stuff that doesn't relate to me at all, like getting ready for the next school year. I really don't want to spend more time at that place just to be bored and sitting in meetings that don't pertain to me. It does say on the checklist to check out with admin before you leave though.
So, I want to tell my admin I will not be there on those days because there is no reason for me to be there. If they push and say "but you have to be there" (who knows why... maybe we're paid for those days or it's in our contract or something) I want to say "frankly I'm very hurt but how I was treated here, after putting everything into this job. I don't feel comfortable here. Just take the pay out of my paycheck or put them down as sick days because this job has definitely led to me being sick... especially mentally."
Any thoughts? Any reasons you can think of why I'd have to be there? Any ways I can word it better? Thanks!
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2023.06.10 20:54 LNico_F Anime OST Compillation

There was this this video I used to listen to all the time a couple of years ago. I know it's full of these videos on youtube but this one was different. I've been looking for it for hours but could't find it. It dissapeared from yt search, it's not in my yt history and neither in my browser history. I'd really appreciate if some could find it. I think it was called something like "Relaxing anime music 2 hours" or something like that and the picture was a fanart of Asuna from SAO with headphones (I couldn't find the image either). I know it probably it's impossible to find at this point but I would really appreciate if someone did. PD: Sorry if my english is bad
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2023.06.10 20:51 StarStrikeFox62 Question that was bothering me on my Junior Cert exam yesterday

I had my junior cert higher level maths paper yesterday and I did pretty well. One thing that's bothering me though is the last question. I used Pythagoras's theorem to get x = 12 but couldn't figure out y. A couple of my friends said they got 18 by doubling 9 but if you were to double everything wouldn't the hypotenuse be shorter than the base( double 15). If anyone solves it can you give the explanation too. Thanks
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2023.06.10 20:51 relevent_username2 Newish gamedev could use some advice on what project to work on

Hi everyone,

This feels a bit rude to ask people for their time but I could really use some advice.

I recently graduated from college as a computer science major, and while I already have a job lined up (in a non-gamedev tech position), because of the tech recession happening my job told me a few months ago that my start date was being moved back to January 2024. Luckily I have the resources to support myself up until then, but I figured I could use the extra time to do something I'd always wanted to, which would be to work on and release a full video game. This would be a smaller, solo-developed game made on a tight (near-zero) budget over a few months. I wouldn't expect it to be very long or for it to make much (if any) money, but I've always wanted to release something and worst case it could pad the resume a bit and give me a way to practice software development while I'm waiting for my job to start so I figured it'd be a worthwhile time. In terms of experience, I've been making games as a hobby on the side for a couple years now- this is my itch.io page for reference. I have a fair amount of experience in Unity (about 4 years, on and off) and plenty of knowledge on programming but fewer art skills.

With all that said, I'm a bit stuck right now on deciding on which project I should work on. I have it narrowed down to one of two options at the moment. The first option would be a 2D puzzle platformer that focuses on manipulating and moving between negative space in the environment. I made a smaller version of a game like this for a game jam and I always wanted to make it into a full game, with a heavier focus on puzzle solving, a story, etc. This is really enticing as I really love the mechanic here, but there are some pretty serious technical questions I'd have to answer to scale it to a full game, and I'm not sure if I could produce art assets that would read well when constrained to the mechanics- I suspect I would have to rely solely on silhouettes for a lot of the art in order to make the mechanic readable, and I'm not currently confident in my art skills to make that work and read as an actual set of environments.

The other idea was to make a game essentially about Zelda dungeons. The idea here would be to make a 3D puzzle game inspired by traditional Zelda dungeons, since more recent games in the franchise have strayed away from their traditional design and I've kind of wanted to make something in that space myself. This would be super stripped down relative to normal Zelda games of course- it would literally just be the dungeons, maybe even without combat. I've also worked on a smaller game inspired by this idea, though admittedly I made that as part of a group. I did just finish working on this one though and have a lot of ideas, experience, and assets ready to make a full game, but I'm concerned about 3D development taking a lot more resources and time than 2D, which could hurt given I'd be making this game alone, even if my plan would be for it to be pretty short. I am still super passionate about this idea though and am debating between the two ideas.

I wanted to ask, would anyone have any advice for me on which project I should work on? I'm pretty new to making games in a full-time capacity and I feel like it's hard to judge where the scope of these things should lie. Could I get any advice on making my first game at scale? I would really appreciate it.
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2023.06.10 20:51 diddy4life I finally get prey

I have owned this game for two years and have attempted to beat it 3 times within that time, but I always give up around the part where you get the psychoscope.
Well yesterday I sat down and told myself that I'm finally going to give this game a go and wow. I'm pretty sure I'm only half way through, I've only got to crew quarters, but the gunplay, level layout, setting and story is so so good.
It's funny too considering how much I love dishonored and deathloop that it took me so long to appreciate prey. Great game 10/10
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2023.06.10 20:49 IamParked Open Letter to Myatt's Fields Park Project (discrimination against volunteers)

Open Letter to Myatt's Fields Park Project (discrimination against volunteers)
To Myatt's Fields Park Project - Chair, Executives, Staff and Trustees,
when I was brought along to Myatt's by a neighbour in the summer 2022, I thought this might be a place where I can continue to heal while learning to deal with workplace related issues in a SAFE environment to re-learn getting back into work. I spent years isolated in traumatic grief and having had to look after my parents one-by-one until they deteriorated each with dementia and their own trauma and grief. Burying my dad next to my brother, never imagined I would not be able to bury my mum a few years later during the pandemic lockdown.
I thought I could get out of isolation, back into working with people in a safe place until I'm ready to get back into “proper” employment” again. I was wrong.
I have lost my family one by one over the last 8 years. My brother's death was extremely traumatic. And as this didn't seem enough for the universe, the pandemic had to hinder me burying my mum. Lost my job, am still unable to work without getting triggered of workplace bullying and anxiety attacks. Losing my mental health. Losing hope. Getting up with the end of my life on my mind and going to bed with the end of my life on my mind. Like in Ricky Gervais Netflix series “Afterlife” where he plays a widow who always keeps his “Superpower”, that if everything fails, he just skips out of life. I have nothing to lose anymore and live with my Superpower.
I made mistakes, tried to rectify it, but failed again. I understand that people everywhere are overwhelmed. Anybody's story of loss, trauma, sickness is uncomfortable for society and for people who are either healthy, in the middle of life, or successfully overcame trauma, loss and illness. And anyone who feels they dealt better with loss and trauma makes the mistake to compare themselves to other sufferers. Don't cross that line!
But the more grief and trauma one has, the more society wants them silent. I am not silent, I CAN'T be silent because of HOW everything unfolded and how I was left alone in the worst time of my life. No initial support, no help and the deep blackness of trauma.
A Stern Rebuke to a charity enlisting volunteers for “Well-being”
Are you Myatt's not embarrassed and ashamed of yourselves in how you treat, not only free labour (volunteers), but volunteers with mental and physical health issues? Are you not ashamed of yourselves? NOT inducting volunteers. NOT doing health and needs checks. And then quickly fixing things after it was called out by the very volunteer who is fncked up mentally, whoom you try to get rid of, and seems to care more about safety then all of you combined!
We current and former volunteers have NO rights like paid employees have. And the Myatt's Fields Park Project has been THE WORST volunteer experience in my life. Yes, you are THE MOST generous (trips, Sunday lunch, vegetables, teaching on plants etc.) which I mentioned in my other blog. But what is that if as a volunteer I feel my dignity stepped upon and for staff to not want me to be there as it's inconvenient for them?
I have volunteered most of my life since my late teens in different countries and many different projects: working with the homeless, with the elderly in art/painting sessions in nursing homes, helping support free services (free haircuts, manicures, meals) with dignity to sex workers and their children, free clean-ups after hurricane debris and fallen trees in people's yards etc. etc. etc.
The Myatt's Fields Park Project had me so hurt at times that my mental health took a nose-dive again. And for that I suffer further discrimination as if it was my fault feeling distressed! It has led me to the decision to never ever give my free time, skill, experience ever again to any charity or general project. I've had enough after years of volunteering and the last experience with Myatt's.
Are you not ashamed of yourselves to take advantage of volunteers while your staff sit for hours every week in the office in winter or the cool depot space in summer while volunteers outside labour away in the sun, cold and rain? Some who are a little older outside, unsupervised and in danger to suffer health issues. A stroke, heart attack etc. at an higher age can happen any time! Are you paid staff members not ashamed?!
Are you not ashamed of yourselves for bad-mouthing a paid colleague and even worse some volunteers, and also bad-mouthing volunteer to other volunteers?
Are you not ashamed to rush an elderly volunteer with walking difficulties on the day-trips to the point the volunteer couldn't sleep at night for fear they'd be late for the next trip, and then tell me as a volunteer who was concerned for the person that I should relax and not take control. Or as you all knew from the beginning that I have PTSD and triggers, that if I'm triggered that I should not come to trips. Are you not ashamed? Have you read the Equality Act on dignity?
The amount of times I was hurt in my dignity and another volunteer being stressed about Fab. talking for hours with most of us sitting there bored, in silence and getting headaches from the one-man show. Are you not ashamed?
Apathy on Safety Issues
When I pointed out serious health and safety concerns between summer 2022 and spring 2023:
Nails/screws sticking out of a shelf on eye-level, almost poking my eye when I put blue paper into the dispenser underneath the shelf, as we never had anything to dry our hands with and no staff member acting on these issues. Your 2 staff members (volunteer coordinator and greenhouse manager) just seeming clueless (or careless?), not even knowing where a tool box is upon request to pull the nails and screws out. Both staff who work at Myatt's one for 4 years, the other for 10 years and they tell me the don't know if Myatt's have a tool box! Me having to raise this with Tori again and bring my OWN hammer from home with the “fork” to pull out all the nails/screws in the presence of Tori.
I really did and do care that NO-ONE gets injured by things that can be avoided! You Myatt's fields executives can afford private health care, WE volunteers rely on the broken NHS if we get injured! I am currently not even climbing a 4 step-ladder to avoid any unnecessary accidents to not have to wait 5 hours to be seen in A&E. I REALLY care that people and myself don't get hurt! Do you? Or is all this just for show to look good with the government and sponsors? For me to raise for WEEKS that there's poo smeared on the public lady's toilet wall. Raising this with Ra. as the volunteer coordinator and my direct “line manager”, who as usual just guessed that this might be under Lambeth Council, but didn't action on it whatsoever.
Me not being inducted for a year, not knowing who's who and who to report things to! Four weeks later the poo still being there and yet AGAIN going to Ra's line manager Tori to find out how this can be removed as this is not only a health risk, but plainly disgusting! Only then I was informed to pass this on to the Park Manager El. who's now also the Health and Safety Manager / interim Director.
Then it got fixed. And only then I learnt who to go to for safety issues. I could of just ignored everything like you all do! What an inconvenience I am for Myatt's. Are you not ashamed that a volunteer cared more about safety issues than staff do? Pointing out to Tori several safety issues like blocked/hidden fire extinguishers. Tori didn't seem bothered too much either and asked me what could happen fire-wise there. As I was standing next to the fridges and freezers I pointed to those and reminded Tori that Grenfell Tower fire happened from a refrigerator. Her facial expression then showed that the penny finally dropped. To have to explain to upper leadership of Myatt's that ANYTHING can happen to ANYONE at ANYTIME for ANY reason is beyond me! And the absolute MINIMUM we can do is eliminate these safety issues I mention above and below.
The kitchen oven that started the fire alarm. The following week a person from the community cooked and approached Ra. that the oven needs cleaning as it could cause a fire. Ra. just with a “shrugging-shoulder” attitude as usual saying that a professional cleaner might have to come in, and that was that. No further action or passing it on to whoever responsible to fix things. So, I passed it on again having been there the previous week when the fire alarm went off thinking they just overcooked the chicken, but now I leanrt it was due to the oven not being cleaned and covered in burnt debris. I raised this with Tori AGAIN, who to my shock then told me I shouldn't listen to the lady who cooked and raised this SERIOUS safety issue. I was shocked yet again on Myatt's apathetic attitude towards serious health and safety issues.
But as Tori saw my urgency in this, pointing out that if an EHO would visit, Myatt's would not be doing well, the Park Manager then went to work and things got fixed within short time. ONLY mentioning the government checks got the message across, NOT health and safety issues, not people potentially getting hurt. No, only government gets the message across. After everything got fixed, Myatt's then contacted Lambeth Council to do a check, and received 5 stars. Bravo! But as Fab. continued to cook despite being told not to due to poor hygiene, and me being so stupid again to raise this again, the procedure got started to get rid of me.
Let a volunteer help you put things in place that YOU Myatt's neglected, then look good in the public, and Tori leaving with a clean slate, and then get rid of me who helped you raise the standard and create a safer space for all. Are you not ashamed of yourselves?! Ra. lying across the dining room table to get a free massage from a person who occasionally volunteers but has their partner going through cancer treatment caring for family. Are you not ashamed of yourself?
Tori's words to me when I raised issues being rebuked, talked bad about, sent out as Fab. Was angry, “As long as the results come out”. In other words, as long as the mission to get vegetables and seedlings etc. to the community, you close your eyes to what your staff, especially the greenhouse manager do, no matter how upset volunteers get.
I always wondered why Fab. kept some vegetables, especially large ones out on the depot floor for weeks and weeks until they started rotting, instead of giving those to the community and/or volunteers in this cost-of-living crisis. It took me almost a year of observance that this might be because he might want to portray to Myatt's that he is “producing” vegetables, while in reality the garden outside often looked very meek.
For staff and trustees to vote to give me a letter of warning, jumping over stage 1 straight int stage 2 going against your own policy and using an “expired” (forgiven) incidence to start the procedings to get rid of me because the Health & Safety Manager was upset when I mentioned the Food Gov should I get food poisoning again. Are you not ashamed?
And then I raised a grievance on this as you went against your own policy while trying to penalise me for going agsint your policy which I didn't even know. And grievance hearing held by your new Development Manager Pat. In such a dodgy and flawed way, bombarding me with questions, some questions irrelevant to throw me off course and not get to the grievance against Myatt's itself. This was a TYPICAL toxic corporate HR hearing to protect the organisation, no matter how much the volunteer suffers. This leading me to a breakdown in the hearing as I was triggered from the workplace bullying and HR meetings I went through. The way Pat. handled the hearing was BRUTAL, cold, careless, gaslighting and flawed. No compassion from Pat. and El. the note taker who should have never been present in the meeting as she was part of the grievance. Not allowed to read and sign the hearing notes at the end of the hearing, as is usual in grievance hearings. Later that evening me contemplating to end my life and falling back into mental health problems I thought I overcame.
Are you not ashamed of yourselves?!
Maybe you paid staff, executives and trustees should humble yourselves and come down from your high horse and stop pretending to have integrity and honesty “as best as possible”. You have shown no honesty and no integrity! Maybe you should reflect on HOW any volunteer might feel and what bad treatment could do to and with them mentally and physically.
I don't pretend to have integrity and honesty “as best as I can”. I HAVE integrity and honesty! I don't need to write it down anywhere because I LIVE it!
You didn't and don't deserve volunteers like me who truly CARE about safety issues and making people feel welcome. You don't deserve volunteers in general. You don't deserve free labour in your systemic attitude towards safety issues as well as volunteers with mental and/or physical health issues. You don't deserve any of us. And I and other volunteers deserve better.
We already have no rights, no or little money, often no health. We scrap by financially and with health issues and hope that the little bit we give in our free time could help us heal somewhat. You should be ashamed!
I updated the ADHD vs Narcissism blog as this was a thorn in your eye even though I never mentioned Myatt's. I mention you now! The grievance hearing had me over the edge and gave me the final pain in my dignity and mental health struggles, and I will now speak openly.
I do again sincerely apologize for any mistakes and text/email I did. But I will also not continue apologizing.
I have lost everything dear and important to me. But I have not lost my voice, and will always use my voice after trying EVERYTHING internally. I am a free person as best as I can be in my anxieties, hopelessness, triggers, mental boundaries with PTSD … and I use whatever freedoms I have been granted under the law. And I will express myself, I will explain my struggles, I will share my traumas, my losses, my experiences until the last day.


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2023.06.10 20:48 bbalarcon Usapang tax ng freelancers sa Pinas - Pano nga ba maasikaso to?

Nagche-check ako online paano aasikasuhin taxes, kaso medyo nalalabuan ako. Naisip ko magtanong na lang dito. So paano nga ba i-handle taxes ng mga taong to?

Bale ito dagdag details sa kanila:

So ang mga tanong:
  1. Magagamit pa ba TIN na galing corporate work? Ano gagawin dito?
  2. Hindi alam saan RDO. Paano ba malaman to? Makati ang nasabi ng dating employer, pero 4 na RDO yun. Alin kaya doon? At kailangan ba talaga ipa-transfer pa?
  3. Sa mga nababasa ko at naabiso sa akin one time, papa-register daw muna sa BIR (kahit saang RDO) as freelancer. Tama ba to? Eh kaso, paano na yung dating TIN? Feeling ko magka-conflict doon eh.
  4. Base sa info sa taas, years na mula nung huling naasikaso tax nitong mga to; may mga na-miss nang payment ng taxes. Paano na to? Hindi malinaw info na nakikita online pero may ideya ba kayo? Hindi ba poposasan mga to bigla pag nag-ayos na ng taxes sa opisina ng BIR? 😳
  5. Ano ba babayaran na tax? May changes daw recently eh, so medyo magulo lang ano ba talaga dapat bayaran.
  6. Paano expenses? Ano pasok as expenses para mabawasan tax? May nabasa din ako tungkol sa "optional standard deduction" na nasa 40% yata ng income pwede i-declare as expenses? Di ako sure, pero tax yata na base sa net income magagamit to.
  7. Kumusta Taxumo? Ma-recommend niyo ba siya? Paano ba si ePay ng BIR kumpara sa Taxumo, alin mas okay?
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2023.06.10 20:44 cadmerc Cursor isn't visible

I play on the Epic Games (PC) version of Kena: Bridge of Spirits, and every time I get to the main menu after launching my cursor disappears but can still hover over the different options on the screen. When I move my mouse to my second monitor it is perfectly visible. Is there a setting I have to switch on or off?
I have already attempted reinstalling the game with no success
Hoping somebody has a fix to this,
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2023.06.10 20:43 kurzharrbastard M14

Have ps extra time zone ist (mesz) Looking for anyone to play with
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2023.06.10 20:43 Brycklayer What would the other companion's DLCs look like?

So, I was thinking. Since many agree that in addition to kind of fitting into the DLC, DM was tailor-made for Veronica, featuring 2 NPCs important for her backstory, I want you to bear with me. If Obsidian continued down that trend, of having them based on Characters, as LR did with ED-E in a way, rather than strengthening Ulysses, how do you think the DLC would look?
Would Lilly lead to us revisiting the Cathedral? Or have us going to the SAD for a third time? Would we fight in Arizona with Raul? Or would we encounter some of Boone's Old Unit in a trip to Colorado, evading dogs?
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2023.06.10 20:41 TheNootropicist Cognitive tests results?

Once in some time (non consistent time interval) I test my visual reaction time, numeral and visual memory. I consistently score poorly on numeral and visual memory, but my reaction time is usually around 180 ms when fatigued and can be as low as 150 ms as an average of five, with outliers being in the low 140s (when not tired).
I similarly experience poor spatial memory, short term memory loss and working memory impairments.
I do not have psychomotor retardation.
The cognitive impairments are in close association with anhedonia, hypersomnia and poor concentration, but only the poor concentration is present constantly during the testing.
My cognition overall was much better before I had a psychotic episode, but I've always struggled with mental calculation to a degree that was inappropriate for my overall cognitive functioning (never diagnosed with dyscalculia).
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2023.06.10 20:40 xWildrize Welcome on the official Anthem Resurrection reddit page.

Welcome on the official Anthem Resurrection reddit page.

I have a dream and I will revive Anthem.

Hi Reddit, I am not really used to post on social medias but I am willing to use this channel to spread my work and share my vison & my ideas with you, my dear friends gamers.
For all the players that enjoyed the game, we all know that the experience we got from Anthem was something new, unique & really refreshing. The gameplay, the movements & the combats systems are outstanding from everything we have on the MMO market.
Unfortunately, Anthem was shipped under the pressure of the well known EA Studio, and this led to main issues in the development that couldn't be fixed in time, causing the game to sink slowly until the end of its development in February 2021.

So, what's the plan, Doc ?

Well, I created a project in which I will document everything that has to change in the game & all the addition we should implement in it, so Anthem can finally be one of the best multiplayer games on the market.
However I have nothing but my audacity and you guys, to make my word and ideas flys up to BioWare's & EA Studio's ears so I have 2 plans :
  1. Working with BioWare & EA : I don't want them to develop the game again, we know EA, they have a very greedy vision of the gaming industry, it's working (sometimes) but it's definitely not what I want for Anthem. I want, if possible to take the project lead & work in hands with the community (you), to create the best possible MMO out of Anthem. If this community grow, and start to make noise I will be able to send them a strong message probably leading to a potential agreement.
  2. Buy Anthem from BioWare & EA : I can develop a community, here, with your help & look for a fundraiser to buy Anthem from EA & BioWare, the game is not developed anymore so the price should be way less expensive than it should normally be, + I am pretty sure this game is a sort of "shame" for them so selling it sounds like a win win scenario since the rebuy will give them more money than Anthem will ever do in this state.
Now you guys are probably thinking : "Bro became crazy, he don't know what he is talking about".
You are probably right, but I won't stop until the full project is on the table and all my ideas expressed, I will go to the end of my vision and I won't let anything stop me from it.

Okay, but where do we start then ?

From what I realized, the real problem with Anthem was not the gameplay, but everything behind it, loot system, stat system, lake of things to do, activities being very repetitive & ennemies scaling just feeling terrible (health bags).
So in order to make the game great again I decided to segment each part of the game to work on the one by one and solve their issues.
During my journey, I will focus on 3 main axis :
  • Listing every know issues & bugs in the game. (your help is welcome)
  • Draft a list of reworking regarding every aspects of the game :
  1. UI
  2. Gameplay
  3. Loot (rewards)
  4. AI
  5. Items
  6. Ability System
  7. Quests
  8. End Game Content
  9. and even more to come...
  • New content addition. Yes, I am willing to create a DLC for the launch of the project, since only fixing the game is a beginning, we want to get players back by giving them a new experience to play.
Listing all these change will serve as a to do list & an explanation of "why the game was not working before", and of course, why he will after.

Where do we go after this ?

First case scenario : When all the ideas are on paper, clearly explained with a realistic plan of action (creation of a business plan aswell to "sell" the project properly), I will then try to reach BioWare & EA to talk with them about the project, hopefully this community will grow so I will have your backup to proof the project has a lot of potential.
Second case scenario : I will put all the ideas on paper, create all the prototype, and once it done also create a business plan to start a fundraising. Once again with this community growing in the process we can maybe hope for investors support to buy Anthem from EA & BioWare's and start the rework of the game after this.

Okay so now you have the game what's next ?

The goal is either to work in hand with BioWare and finance a team from the studio to continue the development with this new vision, or I will hire a and gather a dev team, as well as story crafting team and every other sub section the game need in order to match my expectations. This 2nd solution is by far the hardest but if it is what it takes to bring back this game to live, I will do it.

Thanks you !

I really thanks you if you made it this far, I am really glad people have interest on this and I can't wait to share the work I am doing with you !
To start with fixed objectives and deadlines, I will do my best to publish once per week an update on the project, it could either be an image or a video depending on the subject I cover.
Once again, thanks gamers, I will catch you next week for the first update.
Much love,

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2023.06.10 20:39 jaappleton Best structure deck to get back in?

Played waaay back in the day as a kid.
Got back into it briefly about 7 years ago as a teaching tool, having my son keep track of life points as a way to make math fun for adding/subtracting large numbers. It worked, actually.
During that time I noticed blue cards, which were new to me. Never did learn what they do. Saw white cards as well and both are unknown to me.
So now some old friends are getting back into it, and I’d love to trounce them like I did when we were kids.
What structure deck plays best out of the box that plays similarly to what I might remember, back in the days of Yugi and Kaiba?
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2023.06.10 20:37 meow_mix_beepbeep123 How to not dream so much

Ever since I was a kid I had VIVID dreams every single night. I remember being a kid and every morning I would talk about what my dream was about (they’re always chaotic) and sometimes they would make me laugh or scared or worried. I definitely have lucid dreams/ sleep paralysis - now that I’m older I can control my feelings around my dreams because I have little tricks to recognize when I’m dreaming and I can sometimes (not often) wake myself up. My partner often tells me I laugh, talk and scream in my sleep. I’ve been medicated for about 4 years now and the dreams weren’t so frequent in the beginning but that lasted for a short period of time. Every night I go to bed I get exhausted thinking about my dream. I find myself clenching my jaw so bad (I was told I have TMJ when I was a kid also) that I have pain the next day. The dreams get worse/ more vivid when I’m in an upswing but I’m constantly dreaming manic or not. It’s so exhausting. Does anyone have tips for how to reduce dreams/teeth grinding?
For the jaw clenching I’ve used a night guard but I bite through them or spit them out in my sleep 😞. Maybe I’ve used bad kinds? Are there any comfortable brands you would suggest?
I haven’t tried much related to dreaming besides a medication regimen and not eating chocolate before bed.
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2023.06.10 20:37 justventing2023 Why can’t my vet just do the test I’m asking?

I know vets get a lot of undeserved crap about expensive bills, but sometimes I just think my dog’s vet is one of those people that really try to get as many extra bucks as they possibly can from you, which I find reprehensible when it comes to healthcare.
My dog has had UTI several times in the past (he’s now diabetic too, so more vulnerable to UTI). He started showing signs of another infection the past few days, so I wanted to get the urine tested and get a prescription for antibiotics. My vet refused to do the test unless I bring the dog to be seen and checked with all these unnecessary tests, which would easily run to at least $500, where as a UTI test would cost me only about $75. I get they recommend this and that to check for this and that in case of this and that, but for heaven’s sake, I just want to get the urine tested for UTI, what’s the harm in doing that? If it’s not UTI, I would gladly take him for the full test. As much as I love my dog, it’s also against my nature to spend money on absolutely nothing other than feeding into a greedy for-profit healthcare system.
So why can’t my vet just do the UTI test?
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2023.06.10 20:35 rejecthalcyon I'm(25M) fixated on crush(24M)

I (25M) met him(24M) through FFXIV and we have talked almost every day non-stop for 2-3 months. I have so much fun talking and playing games with him - we both realized we started growing feelings for eachother and in the beginning I was scared to grow attached.
A week later I realized I was fixated and almost obsessed with him. Wanting to talk non stop, hang out and play games.
But I feel awful about these feelings because I feel feel upset whenever it takes hours to respond or whenever plans we've made aren't met. Jealous at times. And I hate having these thoughts and feelings because obviously I want him to us to live our lives and do as we'd like.
I really like him and I don't want this fixation to scare him. Please help what should I do? I've tried to keep myself occupied but I simply keep waiting for his name to pop up.
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2023.06.10 20:34 Reavity How do I style curly hair…

So the first image with the green jacket, my barber styled it and I was finally really happy about how my curly hair has looked. Over time I have tried many different styles but wasn’t completely content till I got to this one. The following day (today) I tried to replicate it and it didn’t turn out to well. What do you guys think I did incorrect, did i put in my product to early when my hair was maybe to wet? Maybe I put in to much product?
edit: I am currently using Hanz De Fuko Modify Pomade which is what my barber used.
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2023.06.10 20:32 IelReaglia A PvP Battle Gone Wrong (Or Right?)

I just had to share this unexpected turn of events that took place in our recent D&D 5e game. Let me preface this by saying that I play a high-level Halfling Divination Wizard, and boy, did things take an interesting twist during a 3v1 PvP battle encouraged by our DM.

Before the encounter, I'd cast Contingency on myself. The plan was to trigger the spell Far Step once I cast Thunder Step, and little did I know just how crucial this decision would be. As the party's martial classes - a Fighter, a Hexblade Warlock, and a Rogue - surrounded me, I could feel the tension in the air.

The battle began, and thanks to my trusty Shield spell and a Portent roll, I managed to avoid taking any significant hits early on. As the party surrounded me proper, I unleashed a 7th level Thunder Step. The damage rolls were quite high, and the opponents' saving throws, partly thanks to yet another fortunate Portent roll, were abysmal. Then, my Contingency triggered, activating Far Step immediately. I of course teleported even further away from danger within the same round. It was a move they didn't see coming.
I was then easily able to hide from my bewildered opponents. After another round of teleporting to leave them with no idea of where I was, I cooked a Delayed Blast Fireball & put a Fire Shield on myself. Then, allowing them to find me, I let loose that cooked mote of fire, hitting them pretty hard...
When the smoke cleared and the dust settled after only 2 more rounds, I emerged as the sole victor of the battle. The sheer disbelief on the faces of my companions was palpable, mixed with a tinge of frustration and resentment. The game continued, but the atmosphere had shifted. They were upset with my unexpected reaction (which was to try my best not to die) and mainly because I had won against the odds, contrary to what the DM had envisioned for the story.

To be fair, I must commend our DM for not redacting anything throughout the game. We strictly adhered to the rolls of the dice, which created a truly immersive and unpredictable experience. Encounters were designed to be to the death, adding an extra layer of intensity to our campaign.
However, it seems my character's victory has left a sour taste in the mouths of the other players. While I understand their disappointment, I believe it's essential to remember that D&D is a game where the outcomes are shaped by chance, strategy, and a touch of luck. My victory was the result of careful planning, clever spell choices, and the fickle whims of fate. And, of course, a desire for my character's survival, given all of the time invested in him.

Curious to hear some thoughts on this...
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2023.06.10 20:31 K1ss3s_ A shirt like this

A shirt like this
Also there’s another shirt that I can’t find again to save my life o saw it on TikTok a while ago I think it was an ad but it was like a blue top that said italia and was like a cap sleeve and had like 2 stripes on each sleeve if that makes since and to clarify it wasn’t and Jersey every time I look it up it pulls up jerseys it’s not but yeah srry if that’s a sucky example
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2023.06.10 20:29 Plastic_Month_1768 If you could travel back in time to any era, which one would you choose and why?

What's the most absurd thing you've ever done to try and save money?
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2023.06.10 20:27 chavapedia i need heeelp please

Hi guys, I recently dropped my phone (xiami mi 9t) and the screen died, I am trying to use scrcp to see my screen because I must check my messages for a new job I will be joining this monday, the problem is that I cannot accept the data transfer or authorize the thing (USB debug already on) because I can't see the screen, I'm on windows 11. Is there any way to bypass the authorization? i really need to see my screen please, even if i order the replacement it will take a couple of days and that means that I would miss the chance to join the new job, which is terrible, thanks to everyone that took its time to read
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