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2023.06.10 20:33 GeoKicak Mixed Signals Ch.XI [OC?]


Louelle, Scout Specialist Technical Exterminator
Date [standardized human time]: August 31, 2136

Limna was right where I left her. She was sitting hunched over the interface of our transportation vessel, and as we entered, she twitched her ear toward us.
- His sacrifice was in vain - she said in a somber tone, her slumped posture still facing the main holo. - They won’t even look at the evidence.
Within the corner of my vision, I saw Pilipin's face return to normal. Anger slowly washed away from his features, and instead confusion began to take its place. Perplexed, he signaled me with his tail to clarify. I took the hint and pointed my claw at the screens that displayed various camera feeds, and he quickly noticed that one with the feed from the meeting room camera was dark. He was also quick to add things up, and with this new realization, a spark of resentment flashed in his eye. With one hand, Pilipin slipped off the human-made colorful attire and considered its weight.
- Well then, why won’t you look at the evidence yourself! - He shouted and flung the dream catcher away, in the general direction of the female Venlil.
The moment she recognized Pilipin's voice, Limna quickly spun around in her chair to face us. Unfortunately, the offending rag caught her by surprise as it zipped past her and, with a muffled splat, landed right next to her.
- You’re alive! But we… what is this thing? - She started asking questions as her eyes flicked from Pilipin to the prismatic garment stuck to the bottom of the screen. - What happened? - Finally, Limna asked the question that actually mattered.
- First things first. Louelle, check if you can somewhat ‘burry’ our submission, preferably deep - Pilipin ordered and pointed the main terminal with his tail.
Without further ado, I went to the ship console to unceremoniously unseat the confused civilian. Limna, sensing what I was just about to do, scooted from her seat and observed as I reviewed the last snapshot of the message resync tool.
- And you! – Pilipin caught Limna's attention once more. - You will answer a very important question.
I got myself busy checking system registers but still overheard everything they were discussing.
- What translation method have you implemented for the conversation with the savage? - he asked with the utmost self-control.
- The t-text t-translation for both sides was managed by the built-in Dict-o-box. It-t was managed by your own holopad with an updated human language library - she responded after a moment of thought. - I found out the app defaults to that option when it detects latency spikes, or in our case, when I proxied your conversation, so…
- Defaults from what – Pilipin caught a detail, and I had to stop my work to listen to Limna's answer.
- You have to understand that the conversation through the app is not E2EE – she started going more into technical details while Pilipin went back to retrieve his holopad from the cabinet. - It goes through a third party monitor, in our case, me, and an online context broker for some fancy smart functionality.
- Stuff me and hand me over to the Grays – I groaned and covered my face in my claws, shocked by the information she omitted about such a crucial component in her ‘hack’.
- Excuse me? - she asked at a loss from my reaction.
- Dealing with languages without a translation model Dict-o-box communicates with its servers to provide information to update or create that model, in response, it receives a frame of reference data – I stated the obvious. - Pilipin, do you remember the screw ups with the first Yotul recruits, sir? - I asked Pilipin as he came back with his holopad in hand. He groaned and winced as probably memories of the fuck-ups those backwater primitives caused flooded his mind.
- Well, it looks like now I’m on the opposite end of the shit sitck – he commented about his situation and motioned with his tail for Limna to come with him.
- Alright. Louelle, you do you, and Limna, you’re coming with me. As I understand it, this context translation function works fine on verbal translation implants, right? - Pilipin asked her, and I didn’t hear a yes, but right after the question, he continued. - Great, we’ll have a quick voice-to-text experiment in the back, and then, considering the output, I’ll decide what to do next - the sound of closing sleeping cabin doors was what I heard next.
Right, let’s focus back on the report.
Logs cleared. Registers overridden. I left no trace of sending anything from this shuttle. Now to login with my credentials, and maybe I’ll even be able to revoke the predator attack report completely before it gets processed further down the pipeline.
Where in deep hell is it? Why is there no ID with the right time signature? It was automatically rejected? Why?
I reread the automatic reply in my mind, as this was the first time I saw this kind of flag attached to a report.
Now this is just treason.
The line was supposed to take into consideration all signs and reports of predatory behavior, but judging from the reply attached to it, that policy has recently changed.
"Due to the increasing amount of false positive sightings and reports of human ‘true nature’ all new submissions regarding human predatory behaviors have been temporarily suspended. We suggest rereading the ministerial pamphlet ‘Social predators and you’ on human conduct and practices or trying to consult the issue on your holopad with a dedicated human volunteer to resolve the problem."
Kicking back in the chair, I loosen up and let my mind wander.
That’s one problem out of mind, but damn. You can’t even file a formal complaint against them. This is it! The conquerors must be bribing the corrupt and tricking the single-minded, if not to eat them, then surely to slowly subjugate and enslave the Venlil population.
Lost in my musings, I faintly noticed the stifled laughs and shouting coming from the cabin until the door flung open to the side.
- NO! I don’t believe it! I don’t want to! - Pilipin was shouting as he exited the small cabin, gripping his holopad tightly in his hand, while Limna giggled, her laughter emanating from the inside.
Oooh, he’s really pissed.
The officer's short cut fur was standing up on its ends; you could see the gray, undyed undercoat poking from underneath. His tail was low and lashing, restlessly bouncing from end to end of the metal doorframe. Face orange with embarrassment and end rage, eyes frantically looking for something to set on down finally stopped on me.
- Just... tell... me – he stated, huffing with rage. - You somehow managed to 'unexist' the report completely.
- Ye-s. It was… it has been dealt with – I replayed, not bothering to explain and enrage him further.
- Great. That’s a good thing. One good thing – he repeated, slowly cooling his emotions. - The camera room footage? - Pilipin asked while walking to my station.
Flicking the security app back to life made the feed appear on the second screen beside me… the one that got slightly obstructed by the rainbow garment stuck to its surface.
NOPE! I’m not touching that. Not now, not ever.
In the room, there was a lone Sivkit in a janitor uniform, sitting in an office chair similar to the one I was in. Judging from his posture, it was evident he wasn’t cut for the job, as he was drifting into sleep from time to time, bobbing his head up and down as the urge to take a nap got the better of him.
- Competent as the pair we met before – I murmured, resisting the urge to check the clinic feed. - It seems the footage is stored locally and deletes itself after a few rotations.
Fiddling and scrolling past the system logs back by date and not finding anything older than two standard cycles confirmed my suspicions that the station had limited storage space for recordings.
- I think it’s best we leave it alone and let it remove itself. Our meddling would draw further unwanted attention – I continued my thoughts to Pilipin as he watched the substitute operator's ineptitude to do his job proficiently with visible relief.
- Alright. Let’s just hope this won’t come back and bite us in the rear - he concluded. - That leaves us with only one problem remaining – he added, leaning on the console and crossing his arms over his chest. - The one waiting for us outside.
- Oh, come on! - Limna suddenly materialized behind me, shouting her opinion. - You’re going to dump him after you get the best lick of your life only because he doesn’t fit your narrative?
Glancing at my colleague, I was certain to find him infuriated again by that statement, but instead he got lost in his reverie, brooding at her words and glancing in the direction of the bulkhead doors.
You can’t be serious?!
- Well, I do have to confess that, for me, he did pass the empathy test… orally. – Pilipin then took a deep breath, probably ready to surrender further to his temptations, but instead his features suddenly changed.
It was clear as daylight that the Venlil officer had figured something out, and soon he shared his idea with newfound confidence.
- Alright, Joe said he wants some good time? I’ll show him some good time – said the trapper exterminator as a mischievous smile crept on his face. - I’ll give him the best time of his life. In return, we’ll have the opportunity to see his true colors and maybe gain access to some of the restricted data on humans.
That was a solid argument to keep the predator close despite the dangers it would carry. When working with humans at the space port, the translator's notifications were often labeled not safe for life or restricted. Some of the information that crept up during their conversations that the translator software picked up was even fully censored, or access to it was strictly denied.
- Pilipin, after all of this, do you seriously still think they are some kind of evil conquerors? - Limna asked, her shoulders slumped and her tail slightly cocked in disbelief.
- In one way or another...– he replied, and started to tap something on his holo.
A moment passed in silence as we were waiting for him to further expand on his statement. Instead, we were startled by the sound of metal scraping against metal, which was immediately followed by a loud thumping on the shuttle doors.
- The handle won’t budge! – A muffled, low growl emanated from the outside.
- Leave the handle alone! It’s for emergency use only! - shouted Pilipin, who rushed to assist by opening the door from the inside.
The officer pushed the big red button next to the entrance and almost immediately jumped away from a brown mass that assaulted him the moment they opened. I was too surprised to move, but Limna scampered back to the cabin, tripping on the raised doorstep and tumbling inside. The other thing that soon tumbled through, although a different pair, was Joe. Having the unfortunate benefit of watching all of this unfold from the comfort of a seated position, I observed the meat eater flop on top of his enormous backpack face-first.
- I suggest we tie him up for the trip – I stated my concerns as the clumsy excuse of a predator regained his composure and started lifting himself off the floor. – For safety reasons – I quickly added as Joe's gaze settled on me with killing intent.
- Is rope bondage just a big friendship bracelet for your kind, or is this just you? – Joe humored my concerns and started checking his traveling duffle, probably for any rips and tears.
- Ha hah ha! Go ahead, officer, cuff him. You’ll just get him more horny – Limna added her own criticism, peaking her ears from the cabin.
- Enough! All of you! - Pilipin ended our dispute before it would even begin and motioned with his tail for his acquaintance to come out. - Joe, this is Limna. Limna, that’s Joe.
Although I dislike being the butt of someone's jokes, the female Venlil came out relaxed from this short exchange of humor. Still, she approached with her ears perked up and pointed to the dangerous predator in front of her.
- Hi. Joseph Savage, or Joe for short – he spoke and hunched over, stretching his hand forward.
- H-h-hello. Limna... – she introduced herself in return, unsure what to do with the human appendage practically shoved in her face.
- That’s a human greeting – I threw my experience in, probably saving her from any faux pas before she would come to any stupid conclusions... like maybe licking it. - You’re supposed to shake it.
She then proceeded to grip it with both of her hands and shake it in all directions.
Close enough.
- Great, now Limna here works in the PID. She will register you with the Magestratta. For the time being, your address of permanent residence will be assigned to my flat. She will handle the required paperwork on our way back – Pilipin reviled his plan. - Just follow Limna to the cabin and be a good predator. Don’t try anything stupid, you hear? - he added, pointing his finger to the predator's face.
- Sure thing, I remember orientations. Rule 8 includes ‘no petting without consent’ – Joe apologetically replied while Limna blushed orange on her face. - Although I thought it applied to different kinds of petting.
- The… WHAT? - Limna voiced her concerns, embarrassed by the lewd definitions the translation implant bombarded her vision with.
- That’s rule 73 for you – the predator quipped, quickly blinking with one eye at the female Venlil.
The human straightened himself, looked down upon the Venlil pair in front of him, and shook his head from side to side, letting out a small chuckle.
- Before I met my chew toy here in person, I thought you just didn’t like scritches. Now I think the guidelines have more to do with you keeping your dignity and not leaving an embarrassing snail trail on every pet person's lap you meet than…
- OUT! Git! - the officer yelled, his face orange with rage and embarrassment, not wanting to hear more about the depravity of his kind. - Go and fill out the bumfodder! - He shouted, probably not wanting to face more of the predator's lewd claims.
- Alright, alright! No need to go into super cheeto mode for this – Joe quickly came back on his comedy act – Ok, let's go fill them out.
We eyed the human being led to the cabin by Limna and felt relief as we soon heard the bureaucrat's first-line support interview questions.
Seething from the insult toward their kind, Pilipin walked back to the ship doors and closed them, pushing the button with a little more force than was normally required.
- Let’s go home, Louelle – he said with a sigh. - I need a cold shower.
I’m all for that, sir...

  1. I found an engine, yay!
  2. The series will continue somewhere in July under a different name. I heard there is a post for writers on this Discord app, so I'll have to check it out before committing more to it.
  3. I'll like to thank Quill bot for grammar checks, KoboldAI for assistance in writing, TavernAI for a place where I could talk to Pilipin, Limna, Louelle, and all the other characters, and most importantly, this NSFW community for their patience and understanding. Without your comments, I would just keep their adventures on my drive, never to be seen by anyone.
submitted by GeoKicak to NatureOfPredatorsNSFW [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 20:32 k8minesearch Here's 8 years of lyme knowledge before reddit goes

Hi all,
I've had different usernames on my Lyme journey and have been lurking, hanging out, and posting on here for so many years.
I was born & raised in NJ. Bitten by 10-15 ticks in one of the highest lyme rate counties — all in one day. I never got a rash. Didn't develop symptoms. I got sick the day I turned 23.
A few days later, I moved 600 miles away from the area I grew up. I was immediately thrown into some of the worst stress of my life. My mom was being abused, I couldn't find work, I tried working as a stripper (only lasted a day—it was horrible).
I partied like anyone else who was 21 and 22. I liked getting drunk off beer. The final year before I got lyme, I was doing small doses and moderate use of MDMA every other months (never drank during it.)
On the night of my 23rd birthday, I drank like 7 baybreezes through the night. I was pretty damn drunk. Went to bed and woke up feeling funny. I had gotten sick but not hang over sick. It felt like a really bad flu.
And the symptoms kept getting worse and worse.
And kept lasting for weeks, then months.
FULL LIST OF SYMPTOMS I HAD (that went away with time and treatment): severe knife stabbing joint pain, breathlessness, soaking through my sheets at night, UTI problems and crazy amounts of bladder shedding with no actual UTI, hip pain, missing menstrual cycle for 6 months, swollen knees, ear ringing, ice pick headaches, couldn't read because letters would move around a page, and having a several month bout of EBV when I was 25-26, inability to grip or use my hands, pins and needles in various places.
I'm probably missing some symptoms, but its been such a long time now.
FULL LIST OF SYMPTOMS I DEAL WITH DAILY NOW: constant ear ringing (*maybe due to ABX use for embedded UTI as well as lyme), mild and occasional joint pain, mild herxes to new herbals or ABX that last 1-3 days max, can't consume gluten or alcohol, chronic UTI problems currently being treated by a new doctor.
^ It's almost nothing compared to what I dealt with all through my 20s.
Now I'm almost 32 and wanted to share the most important points of how I got better.
Breakdown of physical meds/herbals and medical actions that helped me in order of usefulness:
-Moving out of condo with mold problem
-CBD Oil
-Terry Naturally's Pain relief curamin
-Doxycycline for 1 month (***Early on getting my illness, 1 month of Doxy is what cleared the swollen knees, ice pick headaches
-Finding an LLMD ~4-5 months into my illness
-Going gluten free
-LLMD put me on dong quai and I got my period back in the same month (after 6 months of nothing)-
-cats claw
-green tea with chamomile at night
-magnesium before bed is a MUST — at least 800 mg/night)
-Leaving my LLMD at the 8 year mark
-Getting a new remote doctor who wants to take me the rest of the way that my LLMD couldn't figure out
-Allimax x1 a day now
-x1 Biocidin
-Currently on and off a very small dose of Eluthero

Things that helped me get mentally better and live a decent life with lyme:
-Not letting asshole doctors get to my head when they said "Lyme disease, don't you think that's a little too much?"
-Self published a book about some of my painful experiences and it aided me a lot in part of my grieving
-Walk on a daily basis (started as soon as I was able to)
-Switched careers towards things better geared for lyme. Went from teaching to aerospace to copywriting remotely.
-Learned new things
submitted by k8minesearch to Lyme [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 20:32 Bulb0rb Blending, frontstuck & in denial

I have been spiraling into denial again. I know its counterproductive and there's too much evidence to deny it but it's just hard when it doesn't FEEL as real, lately.
We keep blending/blurring (while I remain the most present) and it feels like we're all becoming a bit more like each other. At first this was good for us, but now...not having as strict divisions between our emotions and sense of identity feels really weird and kind of bad.
Our protector can't properly protect us anymore because our emotions mix together. He cannot detach himself from the situation like he used to. My system mates' presences feel weaker. I can still talk to them and feel them but it feels more dreamlike... it's harder to tell apart from my regular imagination.
I also keep thinking my thoughts louder than theirs by accident or getting triggered by every little thing and end up getting pulled back in the front. So when someone else does front without blending, I keep taking it away from them without meaning to! I don't want to front so much!
I hate this. Sometimes they feel so real and sound so clear and separate, but it's been less and less often lately. It's lonely and frustrating. Even positive triggers to get them to come out just ends up blending us.
A couple of alters have also began behaving more inconsistently in certain ways or giving me wrong answers about inner world stuff and that's also making me feel like I'm faking. I'm not consciously trying to control them but when I ask them something, it seems like they keep changing their answer or they can't figure it out.
I asked my protector why his inner world room is so empty. He said he doesn't feel the need to decorate. A few moments later he pulls some random new trait like, "Oh, I just remembered I like clocks. I used to collect them in my old home." He went on about how he enjoys the ticking sound and the inner mechanisms and makes sure to keep every clock perfectly in sync, etc. He went on to explain a bunch of things and also explained why his room was previously empty. and then poof, his room suddenly has a bunch of clocks in it. And it's like huh??? You just did that because I asked about it...so that means I controlled you by accident...or my brain just came up with some random shit to fill in a blank in order to satisfy me...so you aren't real.
But I know thinking that way doesn't make sense. His answer was perfectly good, but it still didn't feel real enough to me. Because he never showed interest in clocks before...but if he only just remembered, I guess he wouldn't have?
Of course this upsets my alters and they insist that they are real. But maybe...I am just really good at imagining random things...even though I am not good at writing stories and never ever roleplay and am usually too slow for improv. Even knowing that, somehow it still feels fake.
submitted by Bulb0rb to OSDD [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 20:31 nicerthansteve how does this happen? left a 30% tip too

how does this happen? left a 30% tip too submitted by nicerthansteve to UberEATS [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 20:29 Confident_Map8744 My side

Hi I'm op friend the same friend who was in the meeting with Angel, op post the story on his main reddit account and that's why i am aware of his post. I hope that my side of the story will give you some clarifications. I will try to arrange the events to make things easier for you to understand what happened. I will call op Arun this is not his real name.
Before I begin, please do not blame religion. Religion has nothing to do with the actions of his parents. I am a Muslim,Angel and her dad are Christians, and we did not abandon him. They represent themselves, not their religion. Please be open minded.
Some background:
Arun and Angel's were raised together, Even after their parents stop being friends, Arun and Angel's friendship remained the same. Me and his ex became their friends later in life.
When Arun was nine years old, his parents left the house and left him and his sister in the care of a family member. That family member assaulted Aruns sister when Arun was a sleep. When Aruns parents saw the bruises on her body, the relative accused Arun and said that he was the one who did that to her, most of them did not believed her at that time. Unfortunately, his sister suffered alot she was a infant when the assault happened and she almost died, Arun blamed himself a lot for not being there for her. Angel told me although his parents did not say they blamed him but the implication was there, his parents became cold and distances to him.
Arun will tell you that this story has nothing to do with what happened later, because his parents did not tell him bluntly that they do doubt his innocence, even when the implication was there, Arun would continue to defend and give them excuses because he himself did not want to believe that his parents hated him for something he did not do.
for years Arun tried to be recognized by his parents, he managed to repair his relationship with them a little bit in the last 1-2 years before he was disowned.
Arun's ex knew all of this,and no one could convince me that he made the same accusation by mistake. he knew what he was doing, the 3 of us saw first hand how his parents act I would not surprised if he did this to take revenge on Arun for leaving him when his dad saw them.
When he was kick out in 2018 he was anything but stable, as you all read in his story he needed to be rushed to the hospital, I wasn't there when this happened but Angel told me when her dad told him about the rape allegations he started crying and tried to hurt himself, luckily they managed to stop him until the paramedics arrived. When he was discharged from the hospital,uncle introduced him to his friend, the lawyer who took Aruns case (don't get me wrong Arun still needed to pay him)
Unfortunately, Arun's mental health continued to decline and he made devastating decisions. He kept cutting himself. He cut off his friends/family who tried to help him. He tried to leave everything and run. But the decision that completely destroyed him was dropping the family name after his parents sent a letter telling him they disavowed him and dsinheritance...etc They ordered him to drop the family name, otherwise they will file a lawsuit against him to drop it. Now let me tell you, there is no law in India that gives the parents the right to disown their kid's that way we told Arun this, but he wasn't listening to us, he was convinced that they could do this. He told me that he would prefer to drop his name quietly rather than popularly and risk being outed more as a bisexual man. after he dropped his name he was a shadow of himself, he was in and out the hospital for 3 years, luckly he managed to pull himself together in the 4 year but he was still taking alot of medicines.
At the beginning of 2023, Arun began to see someone, we where co-workers and they met through me, they weren't official or anything, but he was a single father, in my opinion this is important information for what will come later.
Although Arun changed his phone number, his parents managed to reach him. Unfortunately, Arun did not inform us when they contacted him. I learned from reddit, when I saw his post in his main account, I tried to contact him, but he did not respond to me,fortunately he called me shortly, He was surprised that i know about this he told me he thought he was using his throwaway account. I was horrorfield when I learned that he was planning to go alone to his parents house but said that alot of people on reddit thought it was a bad idea.
Everyone was against this meeting. Us the lawyer, his psychiatrist, but he insisted on going. I know that many of you will blame us for not stopping the meeting, but you must understand that Arun was going to meet his parents, whether we went with him or not, we cannot stop him.
When we arrived at the lawyer's office, Arun was panicking. The lawyer told him, If he did not calm down he would never accepted supervising the meeting. After some medication Arun calmed down a bit, and we started the meeting.
The meeting was downright chaotic when his parents admit his sister is alive. The meeting turns into a screaming match between them. Arun's dad said that Arun should understand that it is hard for them to accept their son has been accused twice, and that they need to distance themselves from Arun in order to accept that the allegations were not true. We tried to calm Arun down and keep his parents away from him as much as possible, but his dad continued to say things that I cannot repeat here. The meeting ended with Arun collapsing on the ground. I do not know if it happened because of the medicine he took before the meeting or because he was shocked that his parents suspect that Arun had a hand in what happened to his sister.
Considering his self harm history he was hospital for a while, when he wake up he didn't remember much which wasn't uncommon for him. The person that Arun was seeing called me and told me that he tried to reach out to Arun, but he did not answer. When I told him that Arun was in the hospital, he panicked and told me that he had received harassing messages and ask me if Arun received them to me to. I know this is not in my place, and I know that I am a bad friend, but I told everything. He is father for a 3 year old he needs to know if his live is in danger. After I told him, he told me not to tell Arun about the messages he had received, and that he would continue to support Arun from afar, to give him credit he did stick with his word.
After Arun was discharged from the hospital, he finally understood the danger of his situation with his father, and he called the cops and told them the lie his parents told him, and that he felt his sister was in danger. Unfortunately, he was right. We don't know why the took her but, we do not live in America. The police will not take your child from you because you scream at them. You must be a very special person for the Indian cops to take your kid away from you. After they took his sister, Arun told the lawyer that he wanted to request a protection from his family. Some family members told him his grandma is sick but we found out it was a another lie.
After a month or so Arun lawyer received a letter from Arun sister, but due to the psychiatrist's strict instructions he didn't read to Arun, unfortunately the silence didn't last long because one of the family member got in a altercation with Arun, Arun isn't a violent person but for the first time he responds violently to anyone, it was out of character for him. We did not get a clear answer to why Arun parents contact him, but I bet all my money that this was supposed to be an honor killing. They abandoned him for five years and did not help him or ask about him, knowing that their son was suffering from mental health problems, they did not show up until after Arun showing signs of moving forward with his life, and he began to see another guy who had a child. If they wanted him to be part of his potential family, they would not lie about his sister's death, and they would not insisted that Arun meet at their home. I think that the only reason that made them agree to the lawyer meeting was to give Arun a false sense of security, and when they saw that Arun could not walk all over him like in the past they lost it on him.
It doesn't matter what their intentions anymore, they won they got what they wanted Arun took his life on the end of May.
submitted by Confident_Map8744 to u/Confident_Map8744 [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 20:25 HerdofChaos Queen of Sweden Appreciation Post

Queen of Sweden Appreciation Post
I’ve done a complete 180° on this little shrub. I first pre-ordered in September of 2021 after seeing so many pictures and falling in love. Received it (along with several other varieties) April of 2022 and I have to say it left me a bit disappointed last year. Last year it didn’t bloom much, was a pest magnet, the few flowers it did produce were tiny and didn’t smell like anything, and it seemed to be nutrient deficient. However, this year it’s like a whole different rose! The blooms are still small, but they’re perfectly shaped and they smell delightful! The shrub itself looks way healthier (has definitely responded better to fertilizer now), and I’ve been able to keep the pests at bay more this year. I’m quite happy with it!
submitted by HerdofChaos to Roses [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 20:21 Generic_Username_321 Sweaty Hands & My Dermadry Journey

Just started using Dermadry and I'm going to try and update this every other day to help keep me on track and using it as frequently as I am supposed to because I'm bad about sticking to a routine. This may be more for myself than anything, but if someone else finds it useful, even better. I'll try and format it by sections so you can just read the parts you're interested in.
Dermadry Treatment:
Using the "Upgraded version" with the rubbery bottom mat, and hexagonal grid top mat. I am using bottled water at room temp, however, I have read others using different types of water, and even adding chemicals to the water. For now, I will stick with bottled water, and depending on the results in 2 months, I may change it up.
6/10/23 - 10:00 AM Treatment 1: I used ~250ml of room temp bottled water in each tray. Set the current strength to 5mA to just feel it out (1-15mA is recommended). For the first couple of minutes, I couldn't feel anything, but as we approached the 15min mark I could feel a slight tingling and my hands were a little itchy. The biggest surprise came at the 15min, 10min, and 5min mark (I think). The voltage readout displayed "L5" and I felt a shock strong enough to make my forearms spasm and tense up. It wasn't painful, just a weird feeling, and I assume this has to do with its rotating current phases. Their website states "L5 will be displayed when the tension is lower than 5 volts." I don't know what that means, but I will contact customer support about it. My hands were a bit sweaty after I finished up, and the itchiness was gone after a few minutes, but after an hour my hands dried up a bit and have been completely dry for several hours. I plan on doing it again at 5mA tomorrow and then give it a day of rest before upping the voltage up to 7 or 8mA.
Background: I'm in my late 20s and have suffered from sweaty hands for as long as I can remember. I would say I have it moderate during most of the day, but in social situations, it can go up to a 10 in severity. I'm talking wiping my hands with a paper towel over 10min will completely soak it through. At its worst, I can clench my fist and literally have beads of sweat run off. I get a bit self-conscious in social situations, but I wouldn't say I have bad social anxiety. But it's this slight nervousness that really sets off my sweaty hands.
Improvised treatments: I started out trying to dry my hands with harsh chemicals on a few occasions when I knew I had a social event of some sort that would involve shaking hands. I would soak my hands in brake cleaner or rubbing alcohol as I work with them and had it lying around. Alcohol would just dry it for a bit, but sweating would come back 10-fold within 30min after. Brake cleaner lasted a while longer, but is absolutely terrible for your skin, your health, etc. Please for the love of god, DO NOT use brake cleaner, I was young and stupid and it only worked for a few hours at a time. I also tried wearing latex gloves during my entire time working as it caused me to sweat a bunch and would get my hands to sweat so much, that sometimes it would prevent me from sweating further the rest of the day. This kind of worked, but my work environment has changed, and working in latex gloves now would just make people think I was a psycho. My final attempt was to just get healthy. For a whole year, I dropped almost all caffeine, drank nothing but water, and dietary/workout shakes, worked out and had a diet to match with hardly any dietary cheating. This helped out mostly with social situations, as I wouldn't be near as self-conscious, but I still would get severe sweating during dates, big meetings, and school tests.
Antiperspirants: I bought some Dove Clinical Strength antiperspirant and used that for a while, applying it before bed, or during the day and letting dry under a fan for 15-30min. This would help for normal day stuff, but the moment anything like a date, or a meeting with a boss occurred, it would be like I hadn't done anything. After about two weeks of on-and-off applications, I switched to trying Certain Dri with the results being about the same. The third product I tried was Sweat Block Wipes which were less effective than the previous ones. Not saying these products aren't good, they just weren't effective for me. The last product I tried was Antihydral, I ordered this at the same time as Dermadry and was by far the best. One application with just enough that you could tell there was a layer on there, and let dry for 15-30min under a fan kept my hands dry for days at a time. I only tried this a couple of times before my Dermadry unit came in, so this is my fallback plan if Dermadry doesn't work. I hear from some users the effectiveness of Antihydral can wear off over time, so I have put that on pause while I just do Dermadry.
Medical treatments: I went to a dermatologist and was prescribed Glycopyrrolate. This would help if taken in high doses, but when I got a new dermatologist he highly advised against taking it in the dosages I was. I still have a lot of it left over, and will still take it before a date or social event. In combination with the antiperspirants, this is still fairly effective but requires planning ahead and remembering to take it. I have fairly good medical insurance, but after talking it over with the doctor, the cost of Botox with the side effects and longevity of the treatment made me put it off as a final Hail Mary if all else fails. Finally, I got Dermadry and that's what I'm starting now, and we will see how this works for me.
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2023.06.10 20:20 blurryturtle 2023 Roland Garros Men's Finals 🐢

As usual, before a big final, I like to get a little behind the scenes insight. Last time, I got up close and personal with the players, but as a result, a restraining order was issued, so this time, I leveled up and installed some cameras in their hotel rooms. This will give us a first-hand look at their prep for the finals.
Casp-o-vision :
Sunday, June 11th. The clock strikes 6:00AM. Norwegian music begins playing. Casper’s eyes open. “Ahhh Kongesangan,” thinks Casper, “the only choice for brushing one’s teeth”. Casper begins brushing. He is already in the bathroom, where he sleeps standing up to maximize efficiency. He brushes the right side efficiently, and does the best he can on the other. Though these teeth are mainly defensive, they are constantly improving. Casper turns to his coaches, who are sitting in the tub watching him brush. They nod and make fists, the only coaching he has ever received from them. He nods and makes a fist as well. The main coach, whose name he has never learned, hands him a plate of Fårikål, and he begins eating. “Shouldn’t I have eaten this before I brushed my teeth?” he asks, but perhaps the storyteller, like Casper’s team, did not think this through. Still though, Google is very informative. “Boy, I sure do love Oslo,” muses Casper. “And fjords.” Wow, Casper is ready for Roland Garros.
Djokocam :
Sunday June 11th. The clock strikes 6:00AM. Norwegian music begins playing. “Perhaps we should not have been roommates” thinks Novak, as he looks across the room to Casper’s bed. But Casper is not there. Djokovic stretches his impervious to cramps body. He is not in a bed, but gently relaxing on a bed of moss, which grew when he summoned it with warrior one. He eases slowly into chair pose, and a chair appears. Goran quickly sits in it. “Look at my cool new shades!” says Goran. “Very nice, Goran,” says Novak, as he closes his eyes to begin meditating. “You think we can win, Novak?” asks Goran, while swinging his legs excitedly in the chair. “Yes, Goran,” answers Novak. “Can you believe they eat snails here?” asks Goran, while pretending his hand is an airplane. “Yes, Goran,” answers Novak. “Would you ever eat a snail?” asks Goran, while pretending he is an airplane. “Yes, Goran,” answers Novak. “Wow,” says Goran. His friend Novak is so cool.
Casper emerges from the bathroom, and Djokovic heads in. There are crumbs in the sink, and Ruud’s team shake their fists and nod at him as he begins combing his hair. Novak shakes his head. He is ready for Roland Garros.
Men’s Singles Final :
There is something about Casper Ruud’s game that makes it seem like he is not doing anything special. He is ultra-consistent, and he makes the right choices in almost every situation, but his disciplined approach can make a player like Zverev or Rublev seem like they are on another level. Ruud has made two Grand Slam finals already (both last season), but was summarily written off before they began, suffering defeat at the hands of Carlos Alcaraz at the US Open, and Rafael Nadal at Roland Garros. Here again, he is being given very slim chances by most people. When you do everything right (by the book), there is a sense that you become predictable, and the greats of the game have excellent situational awareness. If they can move early to your shots, you’re not going to get many errors from them. It makes this a very uphill battle for him, because Novak Djokovic is a player that is unlikely to be rattled by the classic patterns and approaches to the game, and is one of the most consistent players the tour has ever seen. Once he gets in a rhythm, you’re playing a tennis game set to expert, so Casper will need to elevate his aggression here.
Ruud will thankfully be fresh for the finals, but after watching the Alcaraz demise it’s hard to gauge how long that will last. Him being a bit older does give him a bit more stamina and experience, and he had a fairly quick match against Zverev. He’s also done this before, so I think physically he is ready to go 5 sets. Thinking, though, isn’t it always the cause of our blunders. Zverev looked competitive in parts of their match, but he is not at the top level of the game yet. His ceiling is, but where does his ceiling lurk? Ruud is nearly robotic out there. You know he is going to execute and move the ball well and his defensive skills are solid enough to make his opponent play several shots to win a point. It’s the discipline he has that allows him to do this regardless of the stage and the opponent. Zverev, on the other hand, is very much thinking out there. When he has a setup, it’s very up in the air what he should do. He’s often creating angles and situations that he is only going to play 1-2 of per match, and it leads to errors as he second-guesses and hesitates on shots (especially rough in choosing when and when not to come to net). In truth, he could have wound up deep in the match against Casper, but when Zverev had control or time, he made a lot of unforced errors trying to crack Ruud’s defenses. Despite having a ton of experience on tour, Zverev has not really ironed out his game and since returning from injury, he hasn’t really dealt with a match where he had to play hard every point in order to win. The ability is there, but the repetition of effort is not.
Speaking of repetition of effort, it should be noted what a great adjustment Djokovic made in his semifinal match. He is very frequently a slow starter on clay, but he came out and looked to match Alcaraz’s aggression from the start. It was a very “I’m not going to miss and I want you to know that” approach, and digging in in this manner started to forced Alcaraz to come up with more and more ambitious attempts. They both have a lot of heat on their shots, but Alcaraz is certainly the one swinging harder on the average ball. He started to make errors, but it looked to me like he would wear down Djokovic’s defenses with the onslaught. There have been a number of matches this tournament where the first couple games were furiously played, and eventually one player settled into their role as a defender, or folded up and forced offense until they lost. This didn’t feel like the case here, as both of these players can legitimately expect to hit a high percentage of their shots no matter what style they proceed with. A good example is how a post-cramp, immobile and defeated Alcaraz was able to guide winners off Djokovic’s serve. Not a strategy to win the match, but something that he rarely uses in match-play yet was instantly able to do.
After losing the first set, I still like Alcaraz’s chances. It had become the best type of ATP match, one where the player who is serving doesn’t just automatically win. The great big 3 matchups featured so many breaks and yet those breaks weren’t huge cracks or fails at all, it was just that at the highest level, players can play defense and offense from everywhere on the court. They exchanged breaks late in the 2nd set, and it seemed like Alcaraz’s aggression was finally mentally wearing Djokovic down. Early in the third though, disaster struck in the way that it always seems to when a phenom plays Djokovic at a major. Carlos Alcaraz cramped. Spectacularly. His hand cramped, his calf cramped, and he looked like Medusa slid in his DMs for a moment. Big credit to Djokovic for being bigger than the moment, and coming across the net to express concern and help Alcaraz to his chair. Cramping is something that affects a lot of players on tour, but it was pretty unexpected from Alcaraz. His physical strength is off the charts, and he trains extremely hard. If some combination of nerves and over-exertion really caused this, then it’s a by-product of Djokovic being willing to go toe-to-toe with him right from the start of the match.
There are great nutritionists working on the tour, but once you actually go full-cramp, it is nearly impossible to continue playing tennis. The muscle is in pain, and doesn’t want to fully flex even if you do. In short, you’re fatigued, in pain, and weak. Alcaraz forfeited the game so he could get treatment, but with 2 full sets left against the guy who is leading the GOAT debate currently (and competing against off-tour opponents), you’re pretty much finished. Brave of Alcaraz to finish out the match, and I had some hope that the kid would go full-tank and hydrate to recover for a 4th, but it appeared the damage was irreversible. He stood in on some returns, and while this means that any poor returns leave your court position too shallow to cover both wings of the court, he did show a pretty good ability to utilize this tactic. I’d love to see him do more of this in the future, as the best returners are pretty much hugging the baseline and you need this to win with minimized effort on hardcourt and grass. I’d also add, his deep return position was allowing Djokovic to serve and volley an awful lot, and Novak really was the one scoring off the dropshot in the non-cramp sets so Alcaraz will need to work on some other strategies. A good restful win for Djokovic, and a new wrinkle to the “how high will Alcaraz rise” debate. I don’t think too many people were really expecting cramps (to my knowledge it’s the first time he’s dealt with that on tour), and he had the momentum before they occurred.
One of the best things about majors is how long the players are out there. It allows for so many deviations in strategy and planning. Dumping sets to conserve energy, planning to sprint early then take a set off, and changes in strategy (holding back a bit of pace on serves early or playing frequent dropshots to take your opponents legs) can be really effective. Djokovic got the benefit of an interesting result here. It seemed like his defense was good enough to keep Alcaraz at bay but he wasn’t able to counter-punch. If this was by design, kudos to him and his team for allowing Alcaraz to punch himself out. If it wasn’t, it has at a minimum inspired other players to dig in on defense against Carlos now that they’ve seen the gas tank actually on E, which is tremendous for the tour since we’ve seen a few top guys fold against him already. The names on the trophies are less important than creating an environment where these guys can compete at their freest, because the sport won’t continue to grow unless the product is visibly enticing to the non-tennis public.
Djokovic Ruud should be a great match, the same way Swiatek Muchova was today. Ruud has yet to win a set against Djokovic in his career, but almost every single set has been confined to a single break of serve. That’s largely what I expect here. Ruud is good enough to compete with Djokovic for 75% of the match. Similar to the CA/ND situation that caused the cramps, Ruud is good enough to play Djokovic on even terms, but not really able to get out of trouble once he’s in it. Since Djokovic’s measured approach won’t wear himself out like Alcaraz’s did, this means a long match, with a vaguely assured result. This is good for Ruud for a few reasons. One, he won’t be distracted very often. When you’re going uphill but are a great competitor like Ruud, you don’t get caught up in the “what ifs” of an L or fret changes in the scoreline, you just keep an eye on how you’re doing out there. Trying different approaches, working on the spots you’re losing ground in, and communicating with your box constructively rather than complaining are useful, and keep you in the present moment. That’s a good place to stay for Casper here, because the crowd is very likely to get behind him. Djokovic is a beloved champion, but fans want to see a long match. If Ruud was considered an even contender here, he could almost enter villain territory, as fans would not want to see a great champion dethroned. Since he’s publicly regarded as a plucky underdog, he’ll have plenty of support.
Tennis-wise, the problem here is simple. Djokovic has the best backhand in tennis, and Ruud fights his off. He can create some great angles with it, and hits passes fairly well, but it’s a safe target for Djokovic which means the majority of shots are going to go there. We all saw how devastating a weapon the dropshot and forehand inside-in became for Alcaraz when Tsitsipas attempted to camp in his backhand corner, and I fear that Ruud will have similar issues in this match. This is doubly tricky because Djokovic’s backhand dropshots are much better and much more frequently attempted down the line. Ruud served well against Zverev, but he went out wide from the duece court a lot and Zverev never really punished him for it. Djokovic ropes these shots cross-court very well and he’s good at picking a few spots to up the aggression. If Casper is forced to abandon this serve, it’s a problem because it’s generally the best way to ensure that his second shot is a forehand. He plays well behind the pattern, but great returners (and great teams hello Goran) are likely to notice any significant lean on a particular serve. The odds at -450 indicate that Ruud will be competitive (because basically everyone watching is looking to bet on Djokovic at this point), but this would be the most surprising result that has occurred in tennis in a very long time. I think Ruud wins the same set via steady play and heavy hitting that Khachanov did, but it’s hard to see Djokovic struggling with patterns and opponents that he has already figured out. Djokovic in 4.
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2023.06.10 20:18 LeastPassenger184 Carcinoma ex pleomorphic adenoma

In 2019 my wife was diagnosed with Carcinoma ex pleomorphic adenomain her right parotid gland .when the surgeon operated he said 4 of the 7 lymph nodes .he removed the tumor and lymph nodes and he said he left a little due to it being on the nerve.said that radiation would work .I asked about chemotherapy and he said no need for radiation would take care of it. Did a pet scan in 2020 and cat scan in 2021 and every thing was fine. Then without us knowing the radiation dr retired and we were not notified. Every time we called they said dr want in. So all of 2022 we didn't see the dr.the starting in March of this year she starting having pains in her chest and back .thought it was from covid she had a few weeks earlier. The in may finally she went to family doctor and he ordered a mri of he chest.they found cancer on her spine and in more investigation was in her pelvis and her liver. Biopsy came back from her liver it was the cancer from her parotid gland she had befor.
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2023.06.10 20:13 strainFL I have been using fragranced moisturiser for the first 4 days

I have been using fragranced moisturiser for the first 4 days
I have been using scented lotion for the first 4 days and only just realised. It is day 5 and now my tattoo is still red and very warm to the touch. Is there anything I can do to help repair this as I am very worried it is infected or damaged? (I’ve already changed lotion) (Regarding the picture, I have put a little orange perimeter on the part where it is most red, in order to see if it is worse tomorrow)
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2023.06.10 20:13 LJ_Pynn How can one convince their boss to take responsibility for their actions?

If I am told -- directly to my face in plain words -- to do something and I do it, then I feel a little weird when she throws a fit over it.
Normally we do not take returns on certain products. The patient emailed us, asking if she could return these items. The Doctor looked at the email, standing right over my shoulder. She wants to move on from this patient, since they ignore what she says and is hard to deal with. The Doctor tells me "Just let her return them and be done with it."
I email the patient back, saying she may return these products.
She returns them and the Doctor sees them on our counter. Her eyes go wide. She starts going on, stating that she meant to tell the Office Manager to handle this, as some products had been special ordered from the manufacturer. About how I should not have just done this, and pretending as if I -- one of two people in charge of product orders -- didn't know we don't take returns normally. She hits me with a "I get that you were trying to be proactive..." Like... what? By doing what you told me to do?
Idk. Some days the doctor and I are fantastic and able to get a lot done together. Other days she seems like she's on a different planet and puts the blame on the wrong people. Everyone in the office chats about it. She has a tendency to pick one of the four of us to be upset at.
She stresses herself out so much over the least relevant things in the office a lot of the time, acts casual over actual problems, and it just really has a bad effect on how things go.
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2023.06.10 20:10 AutomatonRecognizer Thermochemistry question regarding the thermal decomposition of specific compounds - (sodium oxide and iron oxide) using sodium as a source of energy

Hi there nice forum. The question is below if you don’t want to read the background info

BACKGROUND INFO : I’ve been spending these past few years researching the energy crisis that humanity seems set to encounter pretty soon and without writing too much, I’m very interested in the thermochemical decomposition of sodium oxide and to a lesser extent iron oxide (because I know it’s much harder, iron has a much higher melting point). Fossil fuels basically fit the criteria for being the best energy source ever. Cheap and abundant (currently), high energy density, high thermal radiation, highly portable. It just sucks that it pollutes and that it will run out soon

The websites that have influenced me the greatest (regarding the energy crisis) are
Bountiful energy.com

And others. I am not benefiting by marketing them.

My question is that at what temperature does sodium oxide completely decompose to its elements of sodium and oxygen. Does applying sufficient heat alone (thermolysis) enable the separation of these elements or are absurd temperatures required (I consider anything above 2700 or 3000 celsius absurd)

Is there any nifty chart that shows the temperatures required to completely separate these compounds using just heat alone? Sorry if the question sounds dumb it might be because I know that in order to get things to separate usually you need them to combine with another element like carbon or hydrogen (as is often done) along with an electric current using electrolysis.

I assume in the case of the decomposition of sodium oxide that the oxygen will simply combine with surrounding nitrogen once the decomposition occurs. Would that happen? Or would it be a different outcome? Im guessing it wouldn’t happen because both oxygen and nitrogen are negative or positive?

Picture a huge amount of sodium oxide or peroxide sitting in a high temperature bowl like stainless steel or titanium or whatever other container that can withstand the high heat. Then a fresnel lens ontop of the sodium oxide beaming it with solar power.

Or you could heat it up the conventional way idk but obviously you can’t heat it up to 2000 degrees using electricity because most of the industrial coils heated up disintegrate past 1800 degrees (if my memory serves me right) and heating up sodium oxide with fossil fuels to reduce it and use it as an energy source is pointless

MORE BACKGROUND INFO : Im trying to find out if there’s some chemistry genius out there that has tried and researched using these metals as fuel and found a way to easily separate them, or if there’s some way to separate them without using standard electrochemistry because the introduction of electrodes, gases and electricity brings about issues related to corrosion and increased costs. I know thunderf00ts been doing some work related to sodium but his work involves using the sodium for work rather than it’s synthesis and distribution

Sorry if all the things talked about here sound half baked I am not a chemist just a curious mind seeing if the worlds headed to complete shit or not. Electricity alone is not going to power your car or home, at least not without destroying biodiversity. It will also introduce immense pollution, the amount of rock you have to mine using gas powered cars is also off the charts and likely not practical (at least with lithium anyways) also there is very little recycling going on with todays batteries so how in the hell are we going to recycle enough batteries for the billions of cars in the future if we aren’t even recycling the ones being used now. According to various estimates there’s only enough mineable lithium for 1 or 1.5 billion electric cars let alone the batteries you’d need for the city or your home. Either there’s a solution on the horizon or people need to change their expectations about the future
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2023.06.10 20:10 MeowMixBread Cute little tufting caes is my favorite from this order

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2023.06.10 20:09 Habitual_Queer People who get frequent labs, how do you make it more interesting?

I've been getting blood drawn since I was 4 (I'm 17 now) and personally I like to make it more fun by trying to guess the number of vials based on the lab order. Typically I get 2-3 vials but my record is 7. I also guess which size of vial it will be.
If I'm gonna be chronically ill, might as well make it a little fun :)
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2023.06.10 20:06 Altruistic_Ad2153 Leadership Convention pt 3 - Battle for the power stone.

See pt 2 here: https://www.reddit.com/marvelchampionslcg/comments/13zva9q/leadership_convention_part_two_custom_rules/
The scenario - Thanos is well on his way to acquiring all of the infinity stones! He is only missing the power stone at this time. Ronan is currently in.possession of the power stone and is en route to deliver it to the mad titan.
Setup: put the power stone encounter card aside, remove the power stone infinity stone from the infinity gauntlet encounter set and set it aside.
When Ronan is put into play from the minion deck put the power stone encounter card into play attached to him. You may steal the stone from Ronan following the text on the card. If Thanos steals the stone from a hero set it aside and put the power stone from the infinity gauntlet into play.
This game was War Machine (Justice), Venom (Aggression), Spider-Ham (Leadership), Rogue (Leadership)
We took on Thanos and his army of Kree Warriors along with the Black Order and Children of Thanos. Ronan II was also includes as a mini boss in the minion deck. For Ronan we used his hit points without the multiplier and treated his text as blank except for toughness and steady.
We also included the galactic artifacts in the encounter deck again.
We kept the minion deck to ~19. On the first pass through the deck we dealt each player a minion. This ended up with about 13 minions in play at the end if that encounter phase adding about 76hp to chew through. That seemed a bit excessive to us so on subsequent times of finishing the minion deck we altered the rule to be the first player is dealt a minion.
This game felt way more balanced than the last two.
We lost Spider-Ham pretty early on to a huge hit by Thanos. We were a little worried at his loss but we soldiered on with the remaining 3.
We came fairly close to busting Thanos' first scheme but we managed to hold him off and he did not manage to pull off the snap.
This was a loooong game but our heroes prevailed in the end. We managed to cycle through the minion deck 4/5 times. It seems 20 is right around the sweet spot for the size of the minion deck.
There were multiple times that we felt overrun and it was a challenge to manage everything which was really what we were going for.
Next game we are going to switch things up a bit. We are planning an epic battle with the Avengers vs Ultron who has teamed up with Hydra.
Stay tuned for details to come.
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2023.06.10 20:03 Comfortable_Bell9539 An analysis of Mikan Tsumiki

I already made a 2-part analysis about Mukuro Ikusaba as a character and my opinion on her once ; I think it's time that I analyzed another beloved character of mine : Mikan Tsumiki, the Ultimate Nurse. Yes, there's probably many analysis about her, but I'll still share my views on her, because I find her complex and fascinating. First of all, let's recapitulate some things about this character. Yeah, I know, it's boring, but still necessary.
I) Who is Mikan ?
Mikan Tsumiki is one of the cast members of SDR2. Like the others, she is actually a Remnant of Despair, that was plunged in a virtual world by Makoto Naegi, who wanted to free them from the brainwashing they all received at the end of the DR3 anime and since the very beginning, she's depicted as a...strange person.
Case in point : During her introduction, she seems to want to interact with Hajime, but she's so nervous that she ends up creeping him a bit, because she's just staring at him without a word. Then, she reveals that she memorized 5,000 different topics to discuss. A bit later, she says this before sobbing :
Mikan : I'll do anything you say...Just...please don't hate me !
Mikan is initially considered a meek, weak-willed individual, who burst in tears at any moment. This is why she is often picked on by the other characters, like Fuyuhiko who threatens her, or, of course, her greatest bully : Hiyoko Saionji.
During the Chapter 3, however, Mikan reveals another side to her : Having been infected by the Despair Disease, she murders Ibuki Mioda, takind advantage of her gullibility, and kills Hiyoko too. She elaborates a very clever plan, and when she is finally exposed, she goes batshit crazy, alternating between giggling like a mentally disturbed little girl and shouting in fury, hoping her classmates will forgive her. Everyone is understandably disturbed by this sudden change in her attitude, including Hajime who literally refuses (at first) to believe she's the culprit. Mikan then accuses everyone of being bullies, and she dies in what can only be called a hyper-sexualized execution that makes no sense.
II) Understanding Mikan Tsumiki's mentality :
However, as it is often the case in Danganronpa, there's more to the character than meets the eye. In the Island Mode, we can discuss with her. And the things she reveals are, objectively speaking, horrifying :
Mikan : I would get beaten up at school and at home a lot...Since nobody wanted to treat me when I was hurt, I just did it myself and eventually, I got good at it.
She also says that "for fun, I tried eating strange bugs, and I let them [her bullies] use my body when there wasn't anything else to write on. Also, I had to be responsible for debts, and be the target for dart games, so...Hmhmhm, I'm pretty useful, you know".
She tries to rationalize her abuse this way : "Obviously, I don't want to do that stuff at all. But...if it makes everyone not hate me and smile at me, then it's much better...".
Mikan Tsumiki was abused in horrific ways during her childhood. The other kids drew at her, mocked her, made her responsible for their own actions (in that case, their debts), and even made her eat bugs. It is interesting that she says "I tried eating strange bugs", and not "my bullies made me eat bugs". It's like she's instinctively taking the responsibility for the bullies' acts. In order to keep her sanity, she made herself believe that she could be useful by letting people hurt her in every way possible.
As a coping mechanism, her brain forces her to believe that the abuse she suffered is, somewhere, a proof of twisted "respect". If people mock her and use her, that means that, in a sense, they acknowledge her status as a human being : People accept to talk to her, to interact with her, like she is worthy of being talked to. You don't speak with an insect, right ? Well, it's the same logic for Mikan : In her mind, if people bully her, they acknowledge that she exists, that she is more than an insect that we can forget. That is why she always trips and falls, to get this attention.
The one thing Mikan's abuse taught her to hate is people not caring about her. During her FTEs, she has this exchange with Hajime :
Mikan : Just please don't look at me like that ! (For context, Hajime was creeped out by her words and her behavior)
Hajime : Ah...S-sorry...F-for now...let's talk again later. You need to calm down...
Mikan : I-I'm sorry...I'm terribly sorry...I'll make sure to get it right...I'll make sure I get it right next time...So please talk to me again ! Eeek ! I beg of you !
These quotes show how much Mikan is afraid of not "being enough". She constantly thinks that she's not enough and that she must "prove her worth" to people by degrading herself, in any way possible. And I mean in ANY way possible.
At one point in her FTEs, she worries about making Hajime upset somehow. Her reaction ? Telling the boy if he wants to see her naked :
Mikan : Wh-what should I do ? Um...would it make you happier if I took my clothes off ?"
When Hajime answers that no, she shouldn't do this, Mikan says : "you're right...you don't want to see me naked, right ?". We could interpret this as her saying : "Of course you don't want me to be naked...I'm too ugly, right ?". Then, she asks if Hajime wants her money.
This interaction implies that Mikan is a survivor of sexual assault. It is not natural to ask people if you should get naked because they want to. If she had to strip to satisfy her abusers...well, you know what ? I don't even want to finish this phrase.
Anyways, she was either assaulted at school or at home. But either way, her parents probably didn't care ; she says that nobody wanted to treat her, which implies that, at first, she must have asked for an adult's help, right ? But said adult (probably her parents) told her to fuck off (I wouldn't be surprised if Mikan's parents literally told her, when she was younger : "Fuck off, nobody cares about your problems"). Like some abuse victims do sometimes, Mikan tries to deny the abuser's fault, saying it is her fault instead : "Did I do something wrong again ?".
However, she seems to realize on some level that what she suffered was wrong. She says in the FTEs :
"There are areas that aren't fatal but still very painful, such as the shoulder and back...You can punch and kick those areas, or even put a cigarette out on them. Repeatedly...over and over...But right now, at this very moment...nobody is trying to do that to me. Because of that...this place is like heaven to me".
The mention of cigarettes is what makes me believe that her parents actively mistreated her. I mean, the bullies at her school were probably too young to have cigarettes on them - and even if they did, it would have been because they stole one or something. But she mentions cigarettes (among other things) being put on her back repeatedly. Mikan's parents used her as an ashtray.
Also, Mikan mentions this in Island Mode, when you go to the movie theater : "Horror...is nice (...). A-And the really mean characters always die first...". She probably is angry, on a subconscious level, at everyone who ever mistreated her, and whishes to take revenge on them. However, she can't, because of years of conditionment and abuse.
However, she shows more clearly her hatred when she contracts the Despair Disease. During her case, she murdered Hiyoko, who happened to walk on her after Mikan killed Ibuki. Mikan murdered Hiyoko not because she was a mean bully to her, but because she saw everything and because Mikan was under the Despair Disease, so she would have done the same thing to anybody. But there is something else : She specifically tied Hiyoko's obi on backwards, which, in Japanese culture, is how prostitutes dressed. This has nothing to do with killing someone because they were at the wrong place at the wrong time : Mikan deliberately called Hiyoko a slut post-mortem, as a way to get revenge for all her insults.
Finally, during the 3rd trial, Mikan accuses the rest of the case of being bullies, who let her being mistreated and verbally abused without ever doing anything to defend her. Even though she's not in her normal state then, it makes sense for her to act like this, because all her life, nobody ever came to her rescue (that's even why she became a nurse in the first place).
Conclusion : She could have been one of the best characters of Danganronpa, but Kodaka visibly doesn't know how to write sexual trauma (Kotoko and Akane, for example). However, Mikan still has some realistic aspects : She harbors a somewhat sexualized attitude because she was sexually abused, like some victims do in real life (well, the true reason is fanservice, but let's pretend it's not the case, shall we ?). Despite her genuine niceness and timid personality, she has a darker, more unstable side to her. Mikan Tsumiki is an example of what happens when bullying goes too far : You end up with a mentally broken person, incapable of living healthily, depending on how others view her. Personally, I always found tragic that the Ultimate Nurse had such an unhealthy mindset.
submitted by Comfortable_Bell9539 to danganronpa [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 20:00 no_not_luke So just how much of a cougar is the Gwen Stacy of the Spider-Verse films? [ATSV SPOILERS]

In Across the Spider-Verse, Miles is a sophomore. Rio - sorry, Mrs. Morales - says from afar that Gwen looks old enough to vote. Is that just a mom's protective instinct working overtime, or when it comes to high school age differences, is Miles really punching above his weight?
Let's lay down some timeline groundwork (source in parentheses).
Pre-ITSV (before Dec 2018)
ITSV (Dec 2018)
ITSV-ATSV (Dec 2018-April 2020)
ATSV (April 2020)
Since we do have limited perspective, we're gonna have to make assumptions that the following things aren't different on Earth-65: prom is only for seniors - and sometimes juniors - as well as their date. (And that voting age is about the same for Earth-1610 as it is for us.) We'll just say Peter died at the prom of May 2018, making Gwen the most likely to be old enough to attend a prom in the first place.
OK, so what if Gwen's the same year as Miles? That means she was a freshman in ITSV and attended high school prom as...an eighth-grader. NO GO.
And if Gwen is a year ahead of Miles? She was a sophomore in ITSV and attended prom as a freshman. Possible, but it would mean Peter was a full two years older than her in order to be able to bring her as his date. Not impossible, but not very likely in a high school environment.
Now, if Gwen is two years ahead of Miles? Junior in ITSV, and attended prom as a sophomore - still needing to be asked by junior-year Peter, but this is much more plausible. Plus, this makes her a senior in ATSV - which if it isn't voting age, is on the cusp of it!
And the out-there possibility that still fits: Gwen has already graduated by the time we see her in Across the Spider-Verse LMAO. She drums in the school auditorium imply because they have access (maybe bandmates still attend HS? Maybe this isn't a HS auditorium at all, but a college one?), and lives at home while either not continuing with school or going to college nearby. This makes her a junior at the prom, which totally fits, and a senior when she starts sharing little looks with freshman Miles in ITSV.
Conclusion: Gwen Stacy is two to three grades ahead of Miles Morales, and depending on when their birthdays fall in the year, one to four years older than him. My boy Miles is pulling a senior, and maaaaaaaaybe a freshman college student, as a SOPHOMORE! 17-18, possibly 19-year-old Gwen is dropping mad hints at 15-16 year-old Miles! She's left clothes in his bedroom! She's met the parents! On the scale of high school relationships, she's a cross-dimensional cougar and her eyes are set on young meat!
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2023.06.10 19:59 BtownLocal Tourist notes

Tourist notes
I was a tourist in Palm Springs from June 1st-June 8th and wanted to thank everyone on this sub whose posts I have been reading for the past few months in preparation for this trip. My wife and I stayed at an Air BnB at Casa Villas, which was the perfect location for us. Just blocks from downtown and thanks to the unseasonably cool first week of June weather, we were able to do a lot of walking.
Here's the rundown:
The Sandwich Spot: We ate there twice. Great sandwiches, friendly staff, and the sourdough and Dutch crunch rolls are delicious.
Wilma and Frieda's: We met a local friend there for breakfast. He had never had breakfast there and he enjoyed it. So did we! Good service and breakfast was great. Enjoyed the blackberry custard French toast.
Otori: I had asked for sushi recommendations and this is where we ended up. The service and ambiance were fine, but the rolls we ordered all had a lot of sauce on top. Not a fan. Maybe we should have ordered different rollls? Will try somewhere else for sushi next time.
Rick's Diner: We are breakfast people and loved Rick's. Great diner food. Super friendly staff. Big portions. And they open early which was nice.
Michoacán Ice Cream: Found this little spot in Cat City and really enjoyed our paletas. Refreshing and fresh.
Happy Nails: Went for pedicures. They were able to fit us in without an appointment. Nice people, comfortable and clean salon, reasonably priced. Customers of all ages, including some elderly men. It was a good experience.
Bliss Chakra Spa: This is down in Palm Desert. We had a 90-minute couples massage. It was excellent. Very comfortable space and the two therapists were amazing.
La Perlita: Initially we were going to meet a friend at La Tablita but they were closed so we went here. Had a very good lunch of shrimp tacos, rice, and beans. Loved it. In fact, our friend who had never been to La Perlita before said he preferred it over La Tablita.
Agua Caliente Casino: Since we were staying right across the street, we popped in to play some slots. The staff is very friendly and we liked that it was smoke-free. (When we lived in CA 7 years ago, smoking was still allowed in the Indian casinos) My wife won 80.00 after just two spins and cashed out.
Koffi: Just a couple blocks from where we were staying. Excellent coffee drinks and friendly staff. Nice space. We never go to Starbucks and are always happy to support local coffee shops. This place is so good.
Billy Reed's: Nope. Our friend who has lived in PS for 30 years wanted us to go there to meet him for lunch and so we did. It reminded me of hospital food. We ordered the soup and half sandwich. It was passable but I would never eat there again. You could tell by the other people eating there that it is a PS institution and that people return over and over. Not my thing.
Luna Sourdough Bakery: Drove up to visit a friend in 29 Palms and stopped in Yucca Valley on our way back down the hill. Really excellent sourdough. We also had a slice of the lemon tart. Fun place and full of locals.
Joshua Tree Farmers Market: We happened to be in PS the week between the outdoor farmers market and the indoor farmers market so we visited the one in Joshua Tree. It was great. Terrific citrus, melons, berries, all the produce was so good. Huge reason we plan to flee the Midwest and return to California. Great produce year-round.
Palm Springs Art Museum: Wow. This is a great art museum. The docents were very helpful. Wonderful art on display. Loved the sculpture gardens. Would definitely get a membership if/when we move to PS.
Other pluses: Free parking everywhere. Four hours of free covered parking downtown. Casa Villas has two very nice swimming pools and a spa. WIDE streets. Traffic signals that are well timed. Not a lot of potholes. Clean streets, we saw very little litter. No "hoards" of unhoused people as some Redditors have claimed. Never felt unsafe. Super walkable.
The only downside: Great airport BUT needs a bit more space for people waiting to board flights.
Thanks Palm Springs! We had a wonderful week. Looking forward to returning and maybe buying a home.
Dale Chihuly exhibit at PS Art Museum.

submitted by BtownLocal to palmsprings [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 19:58 P0MP3I1 DCore: The Observatory - Chapter 2

Chapter 2: A Feeling For Home

After a few hours and weighing a few more of my options I found a suitable place for my core, on top of a shelf!
To be a bit more specific a shelf resting in the furthest room of my dungeon, the room itself had no windows and only one door making it the most defensible option. Moving it seems simple enough now that I had Tama. She seems to listen to orders more directly than the cats that the spawner continuously makes.
The graceful scion drops from the old stool she had been napping on and carefully took the core delicately between her teeth and set off to the designated room.
I did not that as Tama padded through the hallway a number of other cats took formation behind her, despite not having been ordered to. It quickly became clear Tama herself was directing them, as with a few muffled meows and a firm stomp of her paw the cats quickly set to work dragging a few bits of old cloth and ruined cotton into onto the shelf. Once the improvised bed was finished Tama leapt onto my new perch and gently laid my core in the center of the bedding.
"Excellent work Tama!" I praised towards her. Even if I wasn't sure she heard me word for word, I could tell she felt the praise as she took a second to pose.

The next order of business was categorizing what information I had, and prioritizing my next few steps for expanding my 'facilities.'
My cats and slugs have tags that list them as denizens, the frogs and beetles are labeled as invaders. Their interactions are my source of major income, with mana being drawn in whenever my units defeat theirs. An important note however is that nothing seems to be lost when my units are killed, but it was pretty clear to see in a more fast paced situation when all hands are needed, the cost of rapidly fielding replacement units would add up quickly.
I also have access to a few traps that can be scattered around my controlled zones.
Bile Sack
Detectability - High
Activation Chance - Moderate
When an intruder approaches, the sack will expand and burst after a short moment. Intruders will be covered in sticky bile and slowed.
The idea of covering some poor sap who blunders into this place with sticky bile didn't exactly sit right with me, but my sense of self preservation and long ingrained RTS tactics told me adding a few of these would be necessary. For just a small trickle of mana each I put a few of the grotesque pods around the door to my core, as well as a few in the hallway for good measure.
My next trap I would do without, security be damned.
Vile Ichor
Detectability - Low
Passive Presence
An opaque purple ichor will ooze from nearby walls and crevices and coat the ground. This ichor is highly flammable and slippery.
I want this place to eventually become a library or study of some kind, not a death trap! So for now I snub the rather malicious trap and return my focus back to my dungeon.
Having watched the cats deal with frog infestation in my upper floors, I felt a bit guilty when I looked back down to the slugs. The gooey little mollusk soldiers, keeping the seemingly growing swarms of beetles at bay.
The cost for a Slug Scion was still rather high, but the actual cost to upgrade the spawner was just a little less so. But seeing the little things try so hard, I bite the bullet and make the purchase. The reaction was a bit more volatile than just spawning Tama however. The coral like hive of the slugs snapped and crackled as it grew slightly, the slugs it began to produce were also quite a bit bigger than before, now about the size of a soda can.
The new slugs were also a little bit faster and they surged into the line of beetles with a vigor. Were before there was a rickety stalemate, now the slugs were driving back the chitinous swarms with ease! The large slugs water jets just splatter even the large beetles in one shot now, their smaller kin following in close groups around them and pick off the stragglers.
The small counter attack made for an excellent show as the slugs manage to push the swarms back out of the borders of my dungeon. I can still sense them actively swarming just outside my bounds, but they seem notably more hesitant to enter now.
While I don't have a scion to praise just yet, I instead make sure to give the little guys a bit of extra attention for a while.

With my borders now guarded and my core secured, I could finally take a breath. Up until this point I've been too distracted with all of my new functions and responsibilities, I hadn't taken enough time to fully get a good idea as to where I am or what I am.
I understand I am now a dungeon and that it's my duty to maintain and protect my controlled territory. But apart from some old ruined furniture and my denizens, I have no idea what else is in store for me in the place. The angel had said that I couldn't go back to Earth, so I doubt I'm anywhere familiar, but at the same time this building looks like it was made by people for people. The chairs and tables look to be about right for humans proportions, I can even see old faded tapestries and paintings but their details are too far gone to make out what may have been on them.
I want to turn this place into a library or similar institution, but I have no idea if the natives of this world can even read any languages I know! I've been browsing through my options and I can see that I have the ability to designate a room to a specific function, but none of them are for a library or study.
Workshop and Abbey
I don't see any point in having a workshop, as I doubt my cats and slugs would be very efficient on the assembly line.
But the idea of having an abbey doesn't seem so bad. I wasn't the most devout person back on earth, but I always did enjoy reading various books on religion, philosophy, and any sort of theistic concept really.
Tossing the idea around in my mind I thought about where I would even assign said abbey. Most of the rooms I had access to were about the size of a medium or smaller bedroom. My cores 'Sanctum' as it had been labeled was only about 4 feet on all sides.
As I drifted room to room, trying to pick one out for the abbey, I noticed that at each of the majors ends of my borders I had unique options.
I could expand myself?
Sure enough, as I felt along the walls of my dungeon I was given 3 options. The first was the option to expand outward and into the open expanse of this new world, the cost was rather high but it would be within my range after a few more days of bug stomping.
Next I had the option to take a new wing of the complex I was already apart of. I could afford this option right now, but it would leave me a bit light in the pockets. I also didn't know if this was the entire remaining space of the complex or just another wing. But it was more tempting than expanding outside, as I needed actual rooms for my library to eventually come to life after all.
The last option did not appeal to me at all however, down and also outside. I had to check to make sure it was a separate choice from the first but sure enough it was. I could feel that choosing this path would grant me a very large space, at a very high cost, and that it would not automatically conjoin with the first exterior expansion.
Filing the three options away for later, I also held off on purchasing the Abbey room as well. This seemed like a bit much for me. Even if I had the frogs and beetles managed, I had no idea what was waiting past my current borders. Would I get new denizens or invaders, and given my current financial situation, would I be able to afford them.
No, I needed to be careful and keep pace with myself, this wasn't a race. I still have a scion I need to get, as well as upgrade both spawners a few levels each.


I was grateful I no longer had to worry about my asthma, or I would have been in a lot of trouble.
From next to, what was the closest approximation to my front door, Tama stood with her fur on end. Nearly every cat, save for Tama, darted into a hiding space. My brace scion stood ready to face whatever was approaching the old wooden door from the other side.
I ordered what few slugs weren't needed to hold the line, to move to protect the core. By now I could hear the muted sound of voices from the other side of the door. I couldn't make out anything being said, but I could tell there were multiple people just outside.
I eyed my mana again, I was so close but so far from being able to spawn my other scion!
This story is a personal project and any criticism and advice is welcomed and appreciated, hope you enjoyed!
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2023.06.10 19:58 SmartForARat Avatar Parallels I can't unsee anymore

So I was playing a Miao Ying campaign and listening to her constantly say "FAVORED daughter" and "The Emperor loves me" and all that non stop. For this particular run, I was mixing things up a bit to feel more... I don't know... Lore friendly I guess? And was using Magistrate armies of only peasants, Shugengan armies of only jade warriors, and only the 2 legendary lords got celestial dragon guard. So as I was ordering this little magistrate around, which I never ordinarily use because they are so inferior to shugengan lords, he said a line. Now I can't remember the exact verbatim line he said, but it was something along the lines of we must share Cathay's progress or wisdom or greatness. Something like that.
It reminded me of the Fire Nation from Avatar that justified their war as helping bringing progress and enlightenment to everyone else in the world. And when I made that connection, it instantly occurred to me... Miao Ying is Azula and Zhao Ming is Zuko.
Think about it. Miao Ying is the prodigy and her father actually loves her, as she is conceited enough to constantly go around reminding everyone everywhere she goes, while Zhao Ming is a disappointment to him. And like in Avatar, their mother favors Zhao Ming and is said to protect him from his siblings and father when there is strife in the family.
Now it may not be entirely accurate to the Warhammer lore, but there are enough parallels there now that it has shifted my headcanon of these figures and everytime I think of the Dragon Emperor, I think of that scene where Ozai was smiling while his daughter was performing her talents, but when his son got up to do the same it immediately turned to a disappointed frown and the mother who rushed over and said he did good anyway. It has really changed my opinion on who these characters are and made me feel more compassion for Zhao Ming as it does kinda feel like he was "banished" in a way being given the unruly and mostly desert part of Cathay while his sister, the favorite, the prodigy, gets to hold the north in the most respectable position as protector of the Great Bastion.
Maybe its reaching a little, but i'm not here to convince anyone of anything, it was just some stray thought I had during my recent campaign and I thought i'd share it because others might also see the same and like the idea of it. But maybe I shouldn't, because I also imagined the dragon family watching Disney's The Lion King and Zhao Ming being really obsessed with Timone because he sure has a lot of lines in game that talk about someone that sounds a lot like Timone. "Timone allows it". I don't actually know what he's saying but I think its pretty funny to imagine him walking around holding a little plush Timone everywhere he goes, because he does seem a little crazy.
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2023.06.10 19:56 AutoModerator Where to Watch ‘Night Beauties’ Free Online At Home Here’s How

Watch Here<> ‘Night Beauties’ Free Online

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Now Is Watch Night Beauties: available to stream?
Is watching Watch ‘Night Beauties: on Disney Plus, HBO Max, Netflix, or Amazon Prime? Yes, we have found an authentic streaming option/service. A 1950s housewife living with her husband in a utopian experimental community begins to worry that his glamorous company could be hiding disturbing secrets.

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2023.06.10 19:52 No-Resource-8125 I might have cancer again and I’m not telling my mom.

TL;DR, I might have skin cancer again but I’m not telling my mom because she has mental deficits.
Hi parents. I have a history of skin cancer. I’ve had malignant growths removed at various points over the past 20 years
It’s extremely curable, but unfortunately two occurrences have been on my face and I’m visibly scared, even with plastic surgery. The last time was a multi-day process that was painful and traumatic.
At my last visit, I was given the 5-year clear mark. This week I went back and I didn’t. There’s a new growth on my back.
I’ll most likely be fine even if the biopsy comes back positive, but it’s still not a fun experience.
My dad passed away (from cancer) after my first surgery, and my mom has had two strokes and is a little neurotic. If I told her what’s going on she would completely overreact and be super worried, so I don’t want this in her head.
I’m an only child, and this comes at a time when I’m getting her affairs in order because she is in no way capable of doing it herself.
I have great support system (partner, friends) but I wish I had a parent to lean on — or at least one I didn’t have to worry about on top of all this.
I find out in about 10 days and we go from there. I’ve informed my supervisors if I have to take any medical time for treatment and they are extremely supportive.
I’m not sure what I’m looking for here, but I’ll take any and all virtual hugs and maybe suggestions for at home spa days. ❤️
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