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2023.06.10 19:38 Huge_Foundation88 Can you make dua for my exams and wellbeing of the people around me please

Yeah, so this is an anonymous account of mine. I just had several panic attacks with short breathing, I just got the news that someone I knew was raped 4 years ago.. And I have a double examen week with 15 test plus. I was nearly on the verge of quitting islam but then I remembered and the light came that this is a test and a bunch of thoughts came from quitting and staying. Alhamdullilah Ive completed my salat and still plan on doing it for the rest of my life until I die, Ive realised that the art of praying the beauty of prayer that it is literally a privellage alhamdullilah that we can do it.
There's a lot of people that would love to do it but since they were born unreligous never got a time to do it and a lot of other reasons, there is a bunch of thoughts going through my head but I need to focus on these 2 weeks and then inshallah I can take a rest it will be summer.
My point is if anyone if you guys can inshallah make dua for me and the people on me insha'llah may allah make it easy on us
PS: Sorry if my English is bad its my fourth language and I need to write this really quickly, I really really hope some of you can help me with dua. (Of course I will do my best to ensure my camel is tied too)
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2023.06.10 19:37 WelRedd because i slept less than 8 hours last night he gets to summon Nutbuster Dragon

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2023.06.10 19:36 PhilPlease Summary of my June 9, 2023 trip at Disneyland

Hi all, lots of people gave me planning tips so I wanted to return the favor by summarizing my trip, in case it’s helpful. I traveled with my wife. We live in So Cal so we drove to the park the morning of. We did not buy any add ons (like Genie Plus or Lightning Lanes)
Rope drop: my wife and I went straight to Adventureland and boarded Indiana Jones (20 minute wait)
Immediately after, walked onto Jungle Cruise (no wait). Then walked into Pirates (no wait, but broke down for ten minutes). From there, got a churro (no line) and walked onto Winnie the Pooh (no wait).
Walked to galaxy’s edge. Lines were long so went to cantina (walked in without reservation, then left after a few minutes after the stormtroopers came in).
Went to Fantasyland. Rode Pinocchio (no wait), Snow White (ten minutes), the carousel (five minutes), and the storybook river cruise (five minutes). Then walked onto Small World (no wait).
This is when the park started filling up somewhat (around 11am). After, headed to Tomorrowland and rode Star Tours (25 minutes) and Buzz Lightyear (35 minutes). Got a pretzel (no wait) before hopping into Star tours line.
Crossed back to adventure land to get some dole whip with mango chimoy (can’t mobile order, so waited about fifteen minutes and soaked in the vibes). Then snacked on beignets at hungry bear (mobile ordered - no wait).
At this point, rise of the resistance had broken down. We went back to galaxy’s edge and ate lunch at the restaurant (I think it’s called landing port). Food was excellent. Atmosphere was amazing.
Then went to smugglers run (45 min wait). As we neared the end of the line I saw on the app that the wait ballooned to 180 minutes. Meanwhile ROTR was still closed.
After, went to chill in galaxy’s edge. Saw the mandalorian. Walked past ROTR. The cast members at the entrance were letting people in and told us the wait would be 40-50 min. In actuality the ride was still broken. As we waited, many park guests exited the line from the front. Several said they had waited two hours. We waited for an hour and then bailed. I checked the app throughout the day after and the ride stated down for another two hours or so.
After leaving ROTR, we veered to frontier land because we hadn’t seen it yet. We browsed the shops for a while, then went to Main Street to get coffee at Starbucks (15-20 min wait). It was definitely worth the wait because we were really tired and needed the coffee. We sipped our coffee and relaxed, pursuing the main street sites, shops, and exhibits.
After, we did the tea cups (10 or 15 minute wait). Then the parade marched past us, so we got to see the parade. We didn’t have the best view (we were near small world), but we got a pretty decent view of everything and enjoyed the parade.
After, we stopped by toon town just to take in the sites. Rodger rabbit had an hour wait, but we didn’t want to go on it. The new Micky and Minnie ride was not taking standby wait anymore (just lightning lane). But toon town was really cute (spent about ten minutes just walking around).
Next, we headed to the Mark Twain for a sunset cruise. It was a highlight of the day. Really nice ride. Very impressive ship.
Then we hopped off and walked around New Orleans Square at night. Really beautiful when sun sets. Then, we did the same for Galaxy’s edge. We bought some dinner (sausages - pretty delicious and no wait) and then took in the sites. We also checked out the gift shop. (By this time ROTR was reopen but the lightning lane was over an hour wait because the ride had essentially been broken all day)
We ended the day by walking around fantasy land, through tomorrow land, to the front of the castle. We arrived around 9pm and waited for the fireworks show. We got a great spot and enjoyed the show.
After the show, we did some last minute shopping in Main Street and downtown Disney. After waiting out the crowds for a bit we took the tram back to the parking lot and were out of the parking lot around 10:30/11pm.
—————— Biggest tips: Be at the parking lot no later than 7:30am and make sure you rope drop. We got on pretty much every ride.
Don’t expect to get on ROTR or the new Micky and Minnie ride. It’s slammed. If you really want to go, you have to prioritize it and recognize you’ll have to pay for extras (stay an extra day, buy lightning lanes, and/or buy genie plus) or you’ll have to be willing to go on fewer attractions so that you can make it in one of these two rides. You also need a little luck - the reason I didn’t rope drop ROTR is because everyone rope drops it and because it’s often broken down at the beginning of the day. So I didn’t want to roll the dice and risk losing that two hour window where few people are in the park.
The rides are fun but definitely pick and choose what you go on. If a ride doesn’t interest you very much, then don’t spend an hour waiting for it. For instance, we skipped a few rides like Autopia because we didn’t care for that ride. Same with some roller coasters (they’re cool but my wife doesn’t like roller coasters and Disney coasters aren’t worth waiting more than an hour, to me. But I’ve been going for years so I’ve been on all the coasters a million times.)
Instead, one of the best parts of the park is soaking in the good vibes, hanging with a snack, and just appreciating all the immersive decor.
Similarly, I recommend revisiting parts of the park during different times of day. The ambiance totally changes at sunset and then during the evening. The best examples are Main Street, Galaxy’s Edge, and New Orleans Square.
I think one of the best things we did was rope dropping adventure land. Most people rushed to ROTR or Space Mountain, which had pretty big wait times. If you were one of the lucky few who made it to the front of the line, it may have been worth it, but most people probably had to wait a while. By contrast, rope dropping adventure land enabled me to go on a bunch of rides in the first two hours. It took stress off the second half of the day. I also saw that many of these rides had huge lines after eleven.
Bring a backpack. Pack an extra pair of shoes, water, and sunblock.
Lastly, I recommend doing a river cruise through the Mark Twain at sunset. I also recommend getting to the fireworks show at least 30 minutes early, but no more than 45 minutes early.
A final tip - research before you go. Familiarize yourself with the park layout, get the app, watch YouTube videos, and get a game plan. You should have a sense of what you want to do and how you’re going to accomplish it.
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2023.06.10 19:36 SoftIntroduction2862 Actives on tretinonin

Hi all, 37F, I recently started using tretinonin 0.025% from Nurx. Right now I'm only using it Tuesday and Friday, I mix it into a moisturizer (Lala Retro from Drunk Elephant) and I don't use any actives the next day, just Lala and a hydrator. I have a teeny bit of peeling and the next day I can feel a slight burn, but it's so minor and no redness.
My pre-Tret routine:
AM: splash face with water followed by Drunk Elephant B Hydra & Drunk Elephant C-Firma
PM: DE Protini cream DE Framboos BHA/AHA DE F-Balm DE Bouncy Bright Facial (Azaleic acid and 1% salicylic acid)
My question is once I'm on a consistent tretinonin regimen, what other actives are necessary, if any? I've stopped using the Framboos, I use Vitamin C occasionally now and I don't use Bouncy Bright Facial within 24 hours of tret. Will I eventually be using my whole old routine plus tret, or can I permanently drop some products?
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2023.06.10 19:36 JoshGreat I annotated the Oathbringer Map

I have a hard time visualizing Shadesmar. Reading about.... spoiler!!! ....... Shallan, Adolin, Kaladin and company's journey from Kholinar Oathgates to Thaylen City Oathgates thru Shadesmar, I decided to print out and annotate their journey, as best as I can map it from the book. What do you think?
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2023.06.10 19:36 etzav Details of the spacecrafts described by whistleblower Gursch's sources via Michael Shellenberger's interviews

Link to the Shellenberger article:
Link to The Hill interviewing Shellenberger: 12 ALIEN CRAFT In US Custody, Intel Confirms; One Source Claims PILOT Found: Michael Shellenberger
Do these spacecraft descriptions remind you of anything? Do we know if Christopher Mellon or someone else who has interviewed these sources in question has descriptions of the spacecrafts?
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2023.06.10 19:35 Budget-Song2618 Does the ultimate value of the Telegraph depend on how much any buyer still perceives the powerful right-leaning titles as a “trophy” asset, making it potentially worth far more than its profits may indicate? Plus using it to influence public opinion in the run-up to the next general election?

Does the ultimate value of the Telegraph depend on how much any buyer still perceives the powerful right-leaning titles as a “trophy” asset, making it potentially worth far more than its profits may indicate? Plus using it to influence public opinion in the run-up to the next general election? submitted by Budget-Song2618 to CurrentEventsUK [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 19:34 WildWelsh 32 M An introvert looking for long term friends :)

Hi, I’m Jamie. Lovely to meet you! I'm about 6'1, blonde, Welsh, currently living in London and looking for someone to message and hang out with (virtually or irl ). Some quick things about me:
What am I looking for? Good question!
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2023.06.10 19:34 WildWelsh 32 [M4R] Online/UK - Looking for friends, let’s talk!

Hi, I’m Jamie. Lovely to meet you! I'm about 6'1, blonde, Welsh, currently living in London and looking for someone to message and hang out with (virtually or irl ). Some quick things about me:
What am I looking for? Good question!
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2023.06.10 19:34 AutoModerator How to Watch Amanda Nunes vs Irene Aldana Live For Free REddiT?

Where to Watch Amanda Nunes vs Irene Aldana Live Stream Free UFC 289 Fight Streaming on TV . How to watch the UFC 289: Nunes vs Aldana TV channel and live stream. Your guide to watching the UFC 289 Fight Live Stream Free on TV and live stream this week.UFC 289 Live stream Nunes VS Aldana Fight Online: Here’s How To Watch Oliveira VS Dariush Free In US And Canada.

🔴UFC 289 Live stream Full Fight : Nunes vs Irene Aldana
🔴UFC 289 Live stream Full Fight : Nunes vs Irene Aldana

The fight fans have got a huge bout coming their way this weekend. Here is what you need to know about UFC 289 particularly Oliveira vs Dariush matchup.
With the main event taking a toil, all the focus shifts to the co-main event where the former lightweight champion, Charles Oliveira will be facing BeneilDariush to determine the next No.1 contender at 155. Oliveira hasn’t fought since losing out to Islam Makhachev last October. But the ‘Do Bronx’ is confident ahead of his matchup with Dariush at UFC 289.
With Oliveira looking to make amends, Dariush is eager to get a title shot as well. The 34-year-old is currently enjoying an eight-fight winning streak and is confident to do better against the Brazilian submission artist. The matchmakers have got Dariushfavorite for the fight but the Iranian-American knows he has got a hill to climb to.
Both fighters also had a word or two before the encounter. Oliveira vows to take Dariush to deep waters and set up a rematch against his fellow lightweight competitor, Islam Makhachev later this year. But Darisuh has other plans in store for him as he feels one fight away from his long-awaited run at the championship of the division.
The fight fans have got a huge bout coming their way this weekend. Here is what you need to know about UFC 289 particularly Oliveira vs Dariush matchup.
Watch Live Stream UFC 289: Amanda Nunes vs. Irene Aldana fight live streaming
UFC 289 will be streamed live on ESPN+ and UFC Fight Pass. The ESPN subscribers will have to spend $80 to watch the complete PPV. For non-subscribers, it will cost a total of $124.99 to go along with the yearly subscription to ESPN.
The prelims will be free to stream at UFC Fight Pass.
In the UK, the event will be streamed on the BT Sports app as well as users can watch the action on the BT Sports channel on TV.
UFC 289: Amanda Nunes vs. Irene Aldana Date, Venue?
UFC returns to Canada for the first time in the year as the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada is set to host the June PPV, with the event set to go down this Saturday, June 10.
Main Card:
- Amanda Nunes vs. Irene Aldana – for UFC bantamweight title
- Charles Oliveira vs. BeneilDariush
- Mike Malott vs. Adam Fugitt
- Dan Ige vs. Nate Landwehr
- Marc-Andre Barriault vs. Eryk Anders
How to Watch UFC Fight Night Online
Looking to livestream UFC Fight Night online? You’ll need an ESPN+ subscription. ESPN+’s streaming service now has exclusive rights to the MMA promotion, so you’ll need to be an ESPN+ member to watch any UFC events — including UFC Fight Night.
How to watch UFC 289 without ESPN+ or PPV in the US & Canada?
ExpressVPN offers “internet without borders,” meaning you can tune in to a much more affordable UFC 289 livestream this weekend as opposed to paying that high PPV price. In the UK, many UFC events are broadcast live on BT Sport and don’t require you to purchase the fight through PPV.
A contract-free subscription to BT Sport costs about $38 per month, and paired with a VPN, will let you livestream this Saturday’s fight at a major discount. ExpressVPN’s added protection, speed and range of location options makes it an excellent choice for first-time VPN users looking to stretch their streaming abilities, plus, it’s Endgadget’s top pick for the best streaming VPN
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2023.06.10 19:34 Dinoboy225 Neo Cretaceous Timeline: Neogene

The second period of the Cenozoic, the Neogene saw the world start to shape into the way of the present. The Neogene in general had a much more stable climate than the Paleogene, though there was still a notable cooling trend that peaked at the end, causing the first Pleistocene Ice Age.
The Miocene was a time of recovery for the planet, as the world was recovering from the Late Paleogene mass extinction, the climate was finally starting to stabilize, and appeared noticeably cooler than the hothouse of the late Paleogene. Soon enough, the stage was set for a new chapter in the history of life.
Though deserts were still widespread, it was not as hot and far more wet at the beginning of the Neogene, and as a result, the deserts quickly shrunk throughout the period.
In North America and Asia, this period is often called “The Age of Raptors”, due to the great diversity of the dromeosaurs. With the tyrannosaurs gone, and with the unstable climate of the Paleogene finally starting to level off, dromeosaurs started to grow into giants, and the 29 foot long Archoraptor from about 22 million years ago in the Early Miocene, not even 5 million years after the end of the Paleogene, shows that the dromeosaurs wasted no time grabbing hold of the top predator niche. The largest of these “Mega Dromeosaurs” was Borealoraptor, who at 36 feet long and 5 tons, was about as big as the Jurassic Allosaurus.
In South America and Africa, Spinosaurids were also experiencing a new age, carcharodontosaurs were eliminated in the two continents and left exclusive to Asia as a result of the extinction, and that allowed spinosaurids an opportunity to fill in the spot of terrestrial predators, a chance they very quickly took, with forms like the Amazonian Bulbsnout appearing 17 million years ago, a success story that lives into the present. Other forms also started appearing, with Suchodontosaurus being one of the largest carnivores of all time.
In Africa, Spinosaurids started taking a different direction. Instead of becoming bulkier and heavier built, they took inspiration from the carcharodontosaurids, developing more gracile and agile forms such as Hamonychus, with many leaving their old water-dwelling ways behind.
Despite so many new land based Spinosaurs, some still stuck to their roots as semiaquatic fish eaters, with many such as the Gojirasuchus becoming more adept swimmers. This is also where false Shark whales have their roots, with Carcharomimus from about 13 million years ago being the earliest known.
Despite being confined to Eastern Asia, Carcharodontosaurids still stayed relatively common, Dinodontosaurus was one of the most well known ones, likely thanks to having the longest known teeth of any theropod, barely beating out Tyrannosaurus and the European Bulbsnout at 14 inches long compared to 12 inches and 12.5 inches respectively, definitely earning the animal the name “terrible toothed lizard”.
Sauropods on the other hand were on a steady decline throughout the period, being restricted to North America, evidently having been knocked back off their game by the Paleogene extinction. Only 2 species are known to have reached the proportions of their predecessors, those being Ornithocephalusaurus and Gravicaudasaurus.
Around 9 million years ago, there was a strange event known as the Neogene Oxygen Spike, where oxygen levels suddenly nearly doubled in the span of just one million years. While the relatively sudden rise in oxygen went unnoticed for most continents, in Australia this lead to the rise of the arthropods. Already the dominant land animals as a result of both dinosaurs and most other reptiles going extinct on the continent, the sudden rise in oxygen allowed them to grow to sizes they haven’t seen since the Carboniferous.
Springtrap centipedes, at around 11 feet long and weighing nearly a quarter of a ton, are the largest known arthropods on earth and have lived until the present.
Several other arthropods attained larger sizes, with 4 foot crickets and 6 foot earwigs also known from Late Miocene Australia.
The Pliocene was noticeably cooler than the preceding Miocene, due to lower amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere. This cooling trend eventually resulted in the End Neogene Glaciation, which kickstarted the Ice Ages.
This period signaled the beginning of the end for the Age of Raptors. Around 3 million years ago, a land bridge temporarily formed, connecting North and South America. This allowed animals from South America to migrate into North America, namely the Spinosaurs.
The arrival of the Spinosaurs proved to be the nail in the coffin for the Mega Dromeosaurs, and they were likely out-competed for food by the southern invaders, and by the start of the Pleistocene, only 3 species of Mega Dromeosaur were left, Ferrunychus, Gravinychus, and Titanoraptor, and all of these were found in southern Canada, where the Spinosaurs hadn’t reached yet.
For the sauropods on the other hand, the formation of a land bridge was their saving grace, as many species migrated into South America and diversified heavily, Serpenmimus, Poseidosaurus, and Stegoplodocus are examples of this sudden radiation.
End Neogene Glaciation
The Neogene concluded with the End Neogene Glaciation, also known as the Pliocene-Pleistocene Glaciation. This was nowhere near as bad as the glaciation that kicked off the Paleogene, these ice caps only only extended down to about where Maine is, and in the Southern Hemisphere, they likely extended far enough to gently graze the southern coast of Australia.
The ice age is the first one of the Quaternary and is thought to have lasted nearly 70,000 years.
Unlike the Paleogene Ice age, this one isn’t associated with any significant extinction events, but the drop in sea levels likely caused a land bridge to form between North America and Asia, allowing North American animals to migrate into the larger continent and diversify further.
*A/N: nothing really to say here other than the fact that I decided to nerf the sizes of Australian arthropods, so Springtrap Centipedes are more in line with a mid sized alligator rather than a saltwater crocodile.
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2023.06.10 19:33 5camps Short reviews of every nation I've played as in Anbennar part 8 - Haless

Part 1 - Cannor Part 2 - Escann and Deepwoods Part 3 - Aelantir Part 4 - West Serpentspine and Gerudia Part 5 - Bulwar Part 6: The Forbidden Plains Part 7: East Serpentspine
I'm nearly at the end of these series of reviews. After Haless it's Yanshen and then that's about it. The whole continent has some of my favourite mission trees in the entire mod so I'm excited to talk about it.
Azkare -> Sunrise Empire ★★★★★
Azkare is someone staring down the multiple genocidal campaigns across Anbennar, and indeed across regular human history, and asking themselves how they would design a campaign where you are the Good Guy. One where the end goal is to create a truly equal state that values all its citizens. It’s an interesting design issue since empire-building has certain inherent traits that are really hard to present as being a “good” option. Gee Hiderion, what are you going to do when one of your internal states votes for independence huh? Just going to march in an army to crush the rebels? How many millions must die for you to achieve your “dream” Hiderion? You can answer these questions during your questioning at The Hague! Or wherever they try war criminals in Anbennar.
Playing it though, it’s great fun. Sure it’s another Haless state that is simply based around conquering everything, but the mechanic on how you integrate them all into this single parliament is pretty neat. It feels like messy internal politics, which I enjoyed from a role-playing perspective. It’s wild that this much effort went into a single nation’s mission tree too, and one you absolutely never see created in-game by the AI. I have some nitpicky problems. While the writing is generally good, I think the author tried to write a short piece of romantic fiction at one point that felt so out of place it bordered on comedic. Also the end of the mission tree has such silly requirements that I didn’t even bother trying. But it’s overall one of the most complete trees in the entire game and would be one of the first ones I’d point a new player towards.
Plus, so long as you embrace the roleplay of being Hiderion, the guy with the biggest Elf Savior complex in the entire world, it is neat to imagine yourself crushing the previous horrid regimes across Haless and rebuild them in your vision of equality and tolerance. Bhuvari are slavers, Verkal Ozovar want to mind control the whole continent into subservience, and do you really think everyone would be better off under The Command? If Haless had to be united, Sunrise Empire would probably be the best option. Just don’t ask the Oni that question.
Fengwuzhe -> One Xia ★★★★
I know a lot of people play EU4 because they love to watch numbers go up. Stack modifiers on top of modifiers and watch as your god soldiers destroy armies 3 times their size. I am not that sort of player. I legitimately have no idea what army tradition does. The only number that matters to me is the size of the army. If I have more soldiers, I should win the battle. If I don’t, it’s probably a bug and should be patched. That all said, there was something about marching around as this death squad of militant harpy combat monks as One Xia that tickled a little part of my brain, giggling as I watched The Command flee in terror despite outnumbering me.
What made it all the more satisfying is the challenge it was to get there. As Xia, you are one of the first ports of call against the might of The Command. That’s another part I love about Anbennar that other people seem not to: I love fighting The Command. It’s a race against time as they gobble their neighbours, as you frantically build up a force capable of taking them on. Once they do turn on you, there might as well be that “Objective: Survive” popup. It’s interesting to play a game of EU4 and actually lose a war and have to figure out how to rebuild so you’ll be able to take on those hobgobbos if they attack again.
The actual story of the nation was a bit lost on me. I liked the design of the mission tree and how it forced you to really drill your troops to progress, which was a neat change of pace for me. But what their nation actually fought for and believed in wasn’t terribly well portrayed. Maybe because I don’t have a lot of experience with the genre of fiction they’re based off. Also man is the Blue Scarf Rebellion such a weird disaster. Only pops at a point where you’ve basically already won the game. A huge amount of effort into a very forgettable disaster that I very nearly didn’t see because I had reached the standard boring EU4 end-game by that point.
Verkal Ozovar ★★★★★
One of the coolest things in Anbennar is how they’ll take specific mechanics from the base EU4 game, warp it into something new, then re-contextualise what that new mechanic represents. Escann is the best example of this when it comes to the design of an entire region with how they repackage the native migration mechanics. What Verkal Ozovar does for vassal gameplay is so utterly wild and creative and I had a truly fantastic time with it.
The whole conceit is that you remain as this single province hold for the entire game, but through a series of vassals, and a very heavy focus on vassal loyalty increases, gain control over all of Haless. Early on you’re playing what seems like a fairly standard game, albeit heavily vassal-focused. But as your vassals start to dwarf (heh) your single province, it becomes a game unto itself of how does one maintain loyalty while progressing through the mission tree.
I’ll give you a few examples of the stuff I would do to maintain loyalty. I would declare war and then never move my troops from the capital because keeping them alive was more important for loyalty purposes than using them for the war. I would declare wars entirely for the purpose of draining my own vassal’s armies and manpower so they couldn’t build up a large enough force to want to rebel against me. It’s evil in a whole other way than how EU4 and Anbennar usually enforces it through “click the genocide button”, and it really fed into the themes of the story. These totalitarian, mind-control dwarfs, who seek to subjugate the people around them so they swear absolute loyalty, all while never having the capacity to ever resist you.
I literally had a notebook next to me of my vassal’s dev sizes so I could keep track of how large they were getting and dole out new provinces accordingly so none would get too large. The final end reward of having the capability to ensure total vassal loyalty is the best end-game reward in the whole game, because suddenly I was free to grow however much I wanted. I declared on the Lake Fed then just left the game on x5 speed and watched as my combined vassals experienced 3 million deaths in attrition and still won the war. My computer may have hated me for it. The end game of Ozovar is the slowest I’ve ever seen EU4 run. But I loved the campaign and it’s a top 3 all time favourite nations to play in Anbennar.
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2023.06.10 19:33 scott74m What happens after coming off Medicaid?

Mom has been in assisted living for 10 years and on Medicaid - the market where her home is has picked up and now it’s possible we could rent out the house to cover private pay - that rent plus her SS.
We could now get her in a nicer facility. Maybe.
So what about this scenario…
Does medicare care what happens when you are no longer on medicare?
What if someone comes off medicare and wins the lottery? Will medicare come after for prior provided services. Or does that only happen at probate time at death?
I know the question of fiduciary responsibility and related risk will come up here, rest assured I’ve been the sole person responsible for maintaining her eligibility, her home, clothing, meds shortfall bills and for her for over a decade - that’s not going to change. Looking to get out of the medicaid system, into private pay, better living situation and closer to her only remaining family.
Thanks y’all!
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2023.06.10 19:33 mattjohnsonva Advanced console re-engineer is a nightmare

I'm liking everything so far except the re-engineering. I've made a handful of consoles so far and re-engineering the mods has cost me about 500K dil and 250K salvage, plus sitting there for a long time listening to the stupid re-engineer sound. There are 35 or so mods you can add, so that's a 1/35 chance of getting the one you want, it's expensive, it's repetitive and it's very very user-unfriendly. I really hope they just allow us to choose the mod we want and pay a fixed upgrade price to do so, because as it is now, I have the consoles for my main toon, there's no way I am making any for other toons.
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2023.06.10 19:32 TheWatcher657 Why Alexee Will Be and Should Be Found Not Guilty. Case Analysis. The Real Guilty Parties Exposed. Long Read.

Hello. I know just from reading the title you are likely seething with rage and hate for Alexee. Likely you have already down voted this post. I am appalled by the number of people having already convicted Alexee and now want her lynched.
I am equally appalled by the amount of video the public has access too. This has tainted public opinion and makes it almost impossible she will be afforded a fair and unbiased trial based on actual evidence introduced in court. All of the surveillance video from inside the hospital should never have been released. This violates Hippa Laws and a patient's Right to Privacy. "When you use security cameras in a healthcare environment, the video footage that you record qualifies as PHI. As PHI, video surveillance footage must be protected according to HIPAA regulations.Jun 10, 2021"
Alexee was experiencing an acute medical and mental health emergency and the release / leak of hospital video violates her right to doctor patient confidentiality. For those whose blood is boiling what if this was inside an abortion clinic and a teenager was violated by the release of videos in a patient treatment area? Protesters would be enraged and demand action--where is the outrage here?
Based on the facts as currently known (no discovery yet just what is in public domain and can be verified) this is how I would defend Alexee during a trial. I ask you to consider all of the following:
--Innocence until proven guilty in a court of law--the cornerstone of our legal system and society.
I strenuously argue and expect the following be inadmissible and excluded from trial:
>All video of Alexee inside the patient treatment areas of the hospital--both security cameras and police body cameras excluded .
>Police bodycam footage from inside Alexee's treatment room should be Hippa protected. She has the expectation of doctor patient confidentiality. Police knew there was no crime actively happening inside the hospital room at the moment they entered. The question of IF a crime was committed already occurred in the toilet room previous to police arrival and there was no flight risk from Alexee in a hospital room with one way in and out.
Police violated her civil rights by entering her medical treatment room while Alexee was in a hospital bed. Further police by entering her hospital room delayed urgent medical care Alexee required and placed undue stressors on her during a critical moment when per the statements of the doctor she was hemorrhaging.
>At no point was she read her Miranda Rights. Any statements made during an acute medical and mental health crisis inside a treatment room without her being advised of her Miranda Rights cannot be used against her at trial.
--During all video of her in her treatment room and patient hallway areas--as has been so far illegally released to the public violating her Hippa rights-- Alexee was under the influence of pain medicine administered by the hospital.
Pain medicine alters how Alexee feels, her body's sensations, perception of said sensations, mental acuity, mental state, memory and cognitive ability--this is the whole purpose of pain medications. These are indisputable and known scientific facts for decades which have proven pain medications cause all of these reactions which is why every single pain med has strict warnings not to operate machinery, not to drive Et cetera, Et cetera, Et cetera........ (For those attacking Alexee as mentally deficient, "slow", retarded, "mentally off" and / or view her reactions as not appropriate the hospital had her hopped up on pain medications before she even went to the bathroom. I say shame on anyone convicting her in the court of public opinion under the influence of medication(s) and during an acute medical and mental health crisis.
>Purported pictures of Alexee with her cheer leading team in the grey shirt and holding the megaphone in her uniform. These pictures are all over the internet and have not been verified as authentic. I believe there is a high likelihood these particular pictures have been photo-shopped making them altered fakes. There are multiple indicators of the two most widely distributed photos showing they are not authentic.
The person who took said pictures, origin of the pictures, original metadata and chain of custody of these photos must be discovered and questioned. Once the absolute original files have been discovered, if they even exist, they need to be independently analyzed by a digital photography expert.
I ask everyone to please put the videos you have seen out of your mind as well as it should and will likely be for the jury during the trial. I ask you to consider the following facts as we understand them at this juncture. Use only the following facts to determine if there is any reasonable doubt concerning Alexee and what happened. Even a scintilla of doubt or uncertainty means Alexee should be adjudicated not guilty by a court.
During a trial I argue the following in defense of Alexee:
>Alexee is a teenager. She only recently turned 19. She is inexperienced in life, sex and relationships. Although technically an adult by a few weeks the law is contradictory. She is still in high school due to when she was born and started kindergarten. At 19 she cannot smoke cigarettes, vape or buy or drink alcohol. Society and the law has decided 19 is not old enough to make an informed decision on smoking and alcohol. Her mother treats her as a child.
>Alexee has been treated in such a way by her mother to be ashamed of teen sex and its possible consequences. Her mother despite good intentions created a relationship of shame regarding sex and loosing her virginity. Most teens and even young adults do not share intimate sexual details with theirs parents for many reasons. Consider the added stress the mother has created for years in a misguided attempt to protect her daughter.
People in general but especially children and teenagers deny they did something wrong when accused. A child is observed breaking an item and even though said child knows the parent saw her break the item often will deny they broke it when questioned. There are decades of child psychiatry and doctors to testify regarding this. Those young children grow up to be teenagers and if the parent(s) have not properly handled these learning opportunities at young ages the teenager will have--in this case 19 years--of improper responses of how to handle life.
>Alexee's mother was beaten and abused by her father so badly Alexee was born preterm with hip and spinal problems causing pain on and off her entire life. Imagine the unhealthy relationship regarding sex, men and pregnancy her mother--despite good intentions--during Alexee's life imprinted on a child and then a teen.
>Alexee was taking hormonal birth control pills. We do not know if these were prescribed for acne, menstrual problems or birth control reasons. If prescribed for acne or menstrual problems and Alexee's mom knew she was taking them this combined with her mom's many years worth of admonishment, forbidding and shaming of teen sex and her mother feeling confident her daughter was a virgin--this would create a mental assurance for her mother she could never possible be pregnant.
Likewise, regardless if Alexee was taking hormonal bc with or without her mom's knowledge she would be assured she was preventing any possibility of pregnancy and being safe. Hormonal bc is widely regarded as virtually 100% effective and the best non-surgical option for preventing an unwanted pregnancy. The Pill is the gold standard for being safe and responsible to the point it's common knowledge providing a false sense of security.
The pill is so ubiquitous as infallible even in pornographic videos it is commonplace for the teen or woman to state "pull out I'm not on the pill"--as if she was on the pill it would be 100% guaranteed safe. Teens and even adults are indoctrinated to commonly believe the pill is infallible--even in porn.
We know sex education is lacking in all public schools, her fundamentalist church certainly wasn't providing sex ed, her mom used fear, shame and abstinence as the only approach and her father was a scumbag abuser not even in her life in a meaningful way. Media targeted to teens promotes "safe sex" rarely making a point any bc can fail. It's promoted and considered as an absolute.
No matter how you consider the above facts both Alexee and her mom were very confident there was no way she could be pregnant. Taking the bc pill to Alexee was an assurance she could not become pregnant, she could not disappoint her mom--she was being safe with no risks and in a committed long term relationship. She wasn't "one of those girls" or the school slutt.
>Alexee gained some weight. Everyone knows the Pill can cause weight gain. Its the number one reason teenagers and young women state they don't want to take the pill. There is so much pressure on being thin--especially for a teenager and a high school student going to prom ect. When she noticed she gained some weight of course it was because of the bc pill. She can't be pregnant--of course not--because she's on the pill. How could she be? A quick Google search "can the pill make me gain weight" confirms its common.
If her mom knew about her being on BC this causes no alarms for her mom because not only does she believe her daughter is a virgin she's on the pill and the pill makes many women gain weight.
>Maybe--and we don't know--Alexee was on BC because of menstrual issues. If that was the case then any period irregularities would be explained by known period issues, the pill can make periods light or non-existent in many women so nothing to be worried about if she's irregular, besides irregular periods are common in teens--especially athletes, as a medical fact. It is well known many women bleed during pregnancy at the time when they expect to be having a period so think they are regularly menstruating.
There are even entire TV shows based on the woman not knowing she is pregnant--many are adults in their 30s, experienced in life and many even had previous children!! Plenty of incidents making this fairly common and plenty of respected medical doctors will testify in court to this phenomenon.
>Alexee was treated in the emergency room in December--one month prior--for back pain. The same back pain she experienced on and off her whole life--and the same back pain that would bring her to the ER the night she delivered. She would have been around 32 to 36 weeks pregnant (pregnancy full term is 40 weeks gestation even though everyone commonly thinks 9 months) and at the end of December when seen in the ER. No one, not a single medical professional noticed she was very pregnant while in the hospital four weeks prior to delivering a baby.
>Alexee tells her mom she is in pain in January and needs to go to the ER for treatment. This is significant. If Alexee knew she was pregnant and premeditated killing and hiding the baby from her mom, boyfriend and the world it makes absolutely no sense she would tell her mother she was in pain and needed to go to the hospital. If she premeditated murder and secrecy then she would not have presented herself to her mom in pain and needing medical help. Everyone has seen TV births--although not realistic--there is almost always pain and pushing and then a baby. So Alexee who has premeditated and purposely hidden 40 weeks or pregnancy fooling everyone--her mom, peers, boyfriend, coaches, teachers, nurses and doctors decides to tell her mom she needs to go to the hospital when IF she had realized she was pregnant and consciously hidden and schemed everything!?!?! This makes no sense.
We know for a fact she knew how to do things herself on the "down low". Afterall she wasn't having sex infront of her mom--she went somewhere private to do the deed. If her premeditated plan all along was to knowingly conceal........see where this is going?
>January ER visit considerations:
--Alexee's mom had three kids--makes her very experienced at pregnancy--and has no idea Alexee is pregnant.
>Alexee is seen by and triaged by a registered nurse. She does not notice she is full term and in active labor. The duty of and sole purpose of the triage nurse to identify acute medical conditions needing immediate and emergency treatment--like say heart attacks or active labor.
>Alexee is taken to a hospital exam room and seen by the intake nurse--another registered nurse-- who's duty is and is trained to takes vitals, acquire pertinent information, makes trained medical observations and prepares the patient for possible required exams for when the doctor arrives--all of this on behalf of the doctor.
This nurse does not notice she is full term pregnant and in active labor. Remember that part above "prepares the patient for possible required exams" if the nurse has any indications the issue was in anyway related to female reproductive organs or involved the vagina the nurse would have the patient--Alexee--change into a gown for a possible pelvic exam.
She does not do this--Alexee is not in a hospital gown so another registered nurse experienced in emergency medicine--nurse number two--is completely oblivious to a full term pregnancy and active labor.
>The doctor comes into the exam room. This is a licensed and trained medical doctor specializing in emergency medicine. She speaks with and presumably examines Alexee for her back pain--to do anything less is malpractice. This medical doctor, certified and practicing emergency medicine orders pain medicine administered to Alexee.
We have a trained and experienced MEDICAL DOCTOR that does not realize Alexee is full term pregnant and in active labor. Remember those photos on the internet I discussed earlier and believe them to be faked and photo-shopped? If they were real and she was that visibly pregnant tell me two registered nurses and a licensed medical doctor given the symptoms displayed, age of the patient and the obvious dynamic between mom and daughter about keeping her virginity and you still don't this she is full term pregnant and in active labor.
The dynamic observed between Alexee and her mom the doctor had the DUTY as a standard of car to ask the mother to leave the exam room so she could privately discuss things with Alexee.
>We have all been in the hospital and ER so we all know how this goes. We know another nurse came to administer the pain meds and to administer test(s) order by the doctor. (we also know this by the police interviews of all medical personal involved)
This is nurse number three not noticing a teenage girl is full term and in active labor!!! Not just any registered nurse but the Emergency Room CHARGE NURSE--the head of the nurses in the ER at that time. (he's the male nurse in the videos wearing a skull cap).
>We know one of the tests ordered by the doctor and administered was a pregnancy test. A pregnancy test that results POSITIVE. We have a teen girl patient in extreme pain who is sure she isn't pregnant and is adamant she is not pregnant because I don't believe she thought she was. This patient is in an exam room and you the medical staff and especially the doctor DO NOT immediately return to the exam room to conduct a simple and quick pelvic exam (which doesn't even require a doctor a nurse can do and routinely do pelvic exams).
>Instead the doctor orders an ultrasound. So time passes when a quick pelvic could have been done but wasn't and in comes the ultrasound tech. She DOES NOT HAVE THE PROPER WAND ATTACHMENT TO CONDUCT A PREGNANCY ULTRASOUND. On top of this she is an Ultrasound tech--certified and trained--and even after attempting an unsuccessful ultrasound doesn't realize Alexee is full term pregnant with a baby literally in the birth canal in active labor.
Keep in mind the certified and trained ultrasound tech who has done presumably dozens, if not hundreds, if not thousands of ultrasounds on pregnant women in labor--because ultrasounds are common in virtually every pregnancy--this tech doesn't realize Alexee is full term and in active labor.
We KNOW the ultrasound tech had to pull up Alexee's shirt to expose the skin on her stomach to attempt the ultrasound (because you can't do an ultrasound without skin to wand contact via some snot-like medical grade jelly).
IF the tech thought Alexee was in active labor, full term and close to delivering does anyone not think she wouldn't tell a nurse or the doctor?? "Hey you better check on this girl right now?"
>None of the medical staff even tells Alexee her pregnancy test was positive. Alexee and her mom still have no idea Alexee is pregnant.
>Alexee feels like she needs to use the bathroom--to have a bowel movement. The nurses and doctor allow her to get up, unaccompanied and waddle / run holding her bottom all the way down the hall. Alexee has NO IDEA she is pregnant--has never been told by any medical staff and didn't see the baby on the ultrasound because the tech botched the procedure not having the correct wand.
>Common knowledge to most people--lay people--as a baby enters the birth canal and crowns the woman feels an overwhelming urge to have a bowel movement. We expect even at the lowest and most minimal level of care by registered nurses and licensed doctors to know a woman in labor experiences a sensation of needing to have a BM before the baby is born. Medical facts and training teaches nurses and doctors to instruct the woman to push the baby out as if she was pushing to have a BM. We know virtually every woman has a BM at some point while pushing.
Alexee and her mom still have no idea she is pregnant at this point despite being seen by three registered nurses, an ultrasound tech and a licensed MEDICAL DOCTOR.
The medical staff KNOWS 100% Alexee is pregnant-and has known long enough to send in an ultrasound tech perform a botched ultrasound--and yet the medical staff knowing all of this allows Alexee to waddle-run down a hall holding her bottom, ALONE and be in a bathroom over 20 minutes.
We are so far past medical malpractice on so many levels to the point of gross negligence and blatant disregard for Alexee-the patient. I've seen a lot of cases of malpractice at busy hospitals but nothing has ever come close to the malpractice and willful disregard for patient care and safety as I have learned in this case.
>Alexee, doesn't know shes pregnant, feels like she needs to have an urgent BM. She's on the toilet, shes in pain, pushing feels good because that is what her body is telling her and everyone knows if you feel super constipated with a huge and heavy poop that's stuck as soon as you get it out you will feel better.
At some point Alexee's body takes over--humans are animals--and like animals a body will birth a baby as an automatic process regardless if the mom is ready or not. Regardless if the mom is even conscious or not--after all comatose patients have delivered babies spontaneously.
This is that time.
I know everyone is going to shout but she should have called for help ect ect.
Really think about this and consider:
>Alexee is a teenager, young and inexperienced with her body and womanhood. She only just barely meets the legal definition as an adult buy mere weeks and can't even buy vape or a pack of smokes and she's still in high school. An adult by technicality only she is in high school, acts very immature and has not had any life experiences as an adult.
>Alexee has been to the ER twice in 30 days time and is in the ER at this very moment sitting on a toilet with an incredible urge to poop, she's seen by half a dozen trained medical professionals even just moments ago and she knows they gave her a pregnancy test "just in case" and no one has told her she's pregnant, she's scared to death but in her mind she's on the birth control pill and not a single person at the hospital during two visits has told her she's pregnant. She has NO idea a baby is about to come out. It's not possible to her and based on all we know she has confirmation in her mind time and time and time again she is NOT PREGNANT. In fact, she is on her period she thinks, she sees blood--yes confirmation of period, cramps, pain, nausea--all valid, legitimate and known period indicators. She can't be pregnant as we have established and since she is at the hospital they would have told her if she was. She has back problems, thinks she is on or starting her period and is constipated worse than she has ever been--of course combined these are the cramps and pain from the pitts of hell.
>Experts will testify at some point in that toilet room she disassociates with her body. Now she is in fear, overwhelming pain, anxiety, young with limited life experience. She has been drugged by the doctors with pain medicine which affects her sensations and cognitive abilities and decision making. She wants to yell for help but she can't. There is no voice, no words and no actual realization as to what is happening to her.
>This is NOT unheard of. Fear is a power controller. Every person responds differently. Many people do nothing and totally freeze and are oblivious to external stimuli. History is full of people--aged and experienced adults who are trained professionals in life and death situations who freeze and cannot function or function in a totally illogical way.
--The airline pilot who despite thousands of hours of flight experience suddenly forgets how to fly or simply does nothing. Or does something so incredibly stupid and so contradictory to every bit of training and flying instinct makes the wrong response causing the plane to crash. (Atlas Air B767 / Continental Express Q400 / UPS A300)
--Trained soldiers in battle firing on their own fellow soldiers wearing the same uniform right in front of them but in that moment they kill their friends.
--A veteran police officer responding to a school shooting in Florida so overcome with fear he cannot enter the building to do the job he has trained, practiced and done for 25 plus years of his career resulting in dozens of children dying or injured.
--A respected gray-haired "old salt" ship captain who has crossed the Atlantic hundreds of times in his 50 year career--actually the admiral of the fleet-- who becomes impotent when his ship hits an iceberg and after giving the orders to evacuate disappears from leadership. (Titanic)
The recent Idaho murders the downstairs roommate, who has experienced actual adult experiences living on her own in college, comes FACE-TO-FACE with the killer while her four friends and roommates are bleeding out locks herself into her room, goes to bed and does NOTHING for hours until the net day. This is despite her admitting she heard a pained / muffled scream, moaning, an unknown voice and came face-to-face with the killer POTENTIALLY while the victims could have been saved with immediate medical care. She is defended by society as bearing no burden or negligence because she was young, scared and had been partying so was under the influence of substances.
Wait a was Alexee. Ironically some of the same people in this very forum who defended the Idaho roommate for being completely without burden by ignoring and going back to bed want to lynch Alexee or lock her up for her entire life.
Can we under all of these circumstances expect a teenage girl who has every legitimate reason to be sure she is NOT pregnant and not in labor expect her to be rational in this moment?
If Alexee herself didn't know she was pregnant, had no reason to expect she was pregnant, was on birth control, her mom who has had three pregnancies doesn't notice, her peers don't notice, her teachers don't notice, her coaches, her church, her boyfriend AND....
the visit where the birth occurred:
If ALL of the people in Alexee's life and ESPECIALLY TRAINED MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS did not notice or realize she was not only pregnant but in active labor HOW CAN WE EXPECT ALEXEE--a teenager--TO REALIZE THIS WHEN SHE TOOK HERSELF TO A HOSPITAL WANTING HELP?
The hospital and its staff disgust me. They acted with total disregard to Alexee and human life. Not a single nurse or doctor even bothered to try and resuscitate the baby when it was found. Most likely the baby was beyond resuscitation but for medical professionals in a hospital to not even attempt to save the baby after totally botching the standard of care for Alexee up to this point shows how criminally negligent everyone who treated Alexee that night is culpable for the death of a child.
The state has WAY overcharged Alexee. At most she should be facing abuse of a corpse. She needs mental help not jail. She is not likely to ever re-offend.
The ER doctor should be charged with manslaughter and negligence resulting in a death as her level of care was grossly negligent.
My heart goes out to the little boy who is not live--stillborn or otherwise. All life is precious.
So is Alexee and her life. This is beyond horrible for all involved. Every single person in Alexee's life failed her time and time again.
Do not as a jury pr society fail her again and sentence her to life in prison. There is so much reasonable double of premeditation and medical negligence / indifference in this case it would be criminal for a jury to convict her of Premeditated Murder in the 1sr degree.
I pray for everyone involved on so many levels. This case has no winners--only losers . Every single person in contact at any point with Alexee--but especially on the night in question-- and Alexee herself has a heavy cross to bear for the rest of their lives.
The nurses and ultrasound tech should be retrained, put on probation to be monitored making sure they have the skills and judgements needed to care for patients and the medical doctor should lose her license.
Alexee especially as well as her mother and boyfriend need education and counseling.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

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2023.06.10 19:32 hasnolimits Alta pest control contacts

Has anyone used these guys? I was pretty stupid, and in a huge hurry, but got suckered into a $99 quarterly contract by the door-to-door salesperson offering a "great deal" because he was in the neighborhood. Salesperson said I could cancel no problem if I didn't like the service after the initial $99 payment.
What I have come to discover, I cannot cancel unless I pay $400 cancellation fee. I must pay the $99 a quarter until 18 month contract is up. 0 explanation of a cancellation fee or the fact it was an 18 months contract. I just had to review this small ass tablet screen when I was in a huge hurry.
Is this just normal pest control shenanigans? Is this a decent deal for pest control plus mosquito spray?
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2023.06.10 19:31 Downtown-Raise8426 SEA MOSS FOR TREATMENT?

26/yo My PCOS has flared up extremely bad this year. I’m under an extreme amount of stress and it’s taken a toll on my body. I got a buttload of red stretch marks on my stomach some even going on the top of my vagina areas skin, something that’s frustrated me a lot.
I have hypothyroidism also, but I’ve gained 65+ pounds and no matter how much I go to the gym and eat correctly nothing is helping.
Has anyone heard of sea moss working? I started taking it a week ago. Will post results. I also try to take turmeric as much as I can
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2023.06.10 19:31 GVMDR0P_ [TOMT][Film] Movie about two fish boys exploring the ocean together.

The details aren’t clear cut because it was a film I watched a while ago, but it’d be much appreciated if someone could help c:
I don’t remember the original purpose or theme the story had, but I remember that there were two boys (most likely no older than 12) who explored the sea floor together. They didn’t seem to be human; they were humanoid at best. They didn’t have any equipment that would help them breathe underwater or swim.
There was once a scene where they would get lost from exploring. Another scene, they’d find themselves on a rocky shore but quickly come back to the water.
This is all I remember from the film, I know that it’s not Luca, Lull in the Sea, or Children of the Sea. Much gratitude to any ideas of what I might be referencing C:
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2023.06.10 19:31 No-Base8204 How do I manage summertime depression?

In the summer, I get extremely bored being off from school, in this case, college. But now I find myself becoming depressed when I have nothing to do. Plus due to my depression, I don't feel like traveling or going out because I know I won't enjoy myself or would want to go home early.
I'm stuck in this weird stage where I can't do my hobbies. I either can't focus or I have lost interest in them. For example, it's hard to me to watch TV or movies. I get so restless. I find it virtually impossible to read books, novels, or even short stories as if I have a brain fog. I also find my other hobbies to be boring.
All day long I basically do nothing, only looking forward to bedtime.
My psychiatrist thinks the focus part might be due to executive dysfunction and possibly ADHD. In a little over of a week from now, I will get tested for it. I hope all I need is just a medication adjustment or a new med. Speaking of meds, my psychiatrist prescribed me Seroquel. They told me it should also help me with the med. But I'm not sure if it will help with the hobby's aspect of my depression problems.
I feel helpless. Is really all I can do is wait till the fall semester to begin again? I feel like I can't wait that long.
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2023.06.10 19:31 unforgettable9999999 [Listing] Two unique rooms in Crown Heights

Hello! Leia here. Seeking two kind, friendly, tidy roommates for a long-term lease split in Crown Heights. If you're interested, please read on and also fill out this form:
A prewar in a historic neighborhood!
We’ll be living in a 1.5 bath, fourth floor walk-up apartment with in-unit W&D, panoramic rooftop access, and two generous common areas, one of which I use only part-time as an office.
The amenities feel delightfully livable for the price, from the details in the bathroom to the ample pantry space and light. We’ll be a 5-10 minute walk away from the 2, 3, 5, A/C, S, and the LIRR, plus the B44 bus. The lease for the apartment is currently 2 years and I was told the landlord ‘has no intention of raising the rent.’ We’ll see…
- Fire escape room: 10 x 10, nice cozy square shape, Western exposure. There is one window with direct access to a fire escape that overlooks nearby gardens, with room for a portable A/C hookup. You will need to supply your own wardrobe, but you will have access to a large storage closet in the living room. [1060 RENT + UTILITIES, AVG. 80]
- Brick room: 13 x 6 with two windows and northwestern exposure. You will need to supply your own wardrobe, but you will have access to a large storage closet in the living room. [1035 + UTILITIES, AVG 80]
I am a 27 y/o hardworking sustainability advocate and recent MFA graduate that loves collecting art, experimenting with alternative fashion, playing records, and finding peaceful nooks in the world :) I identify as Jewish and LGBTQ+. There is also my cat: Maizel! She’s a bit ridiculous at times, my lovebug Maine Coon who’s bound to love you, too.
I will be working remotely most of the summer between 8-4, though my schedule is usually hybrid, M-T in-office and W-F at home. The windowed living room is the office that I pay extra to reserve, and will be YOURS to share with me after-hours, whenever I'm not on call, and on the weekends for your guests, your movie nights, and more. This is in addition to an ample kitchen / main common area in the heart of the apartment.
- You’re an artist or hybrid professional that would like a workspace two days a week / all weekend - You’re a busy 9-5er that appreciates space to rejuvenate and claim as your own after a long day - You're a social, 25+ Brooklyn long-hauler who’s excited to share a cozy, clean space - You have no intention of getting another cat, but love animals
Since I’ve been getting quite a bit of interest, I made up an easy Google form to help me sift through applicants for a 6/15-7/1 move-in, prioritizing folks who can secure the room by 6/15. Please message me with any questions, or anything I should know about you :)
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2023.06.10 19:31 aitu [BUY] [ISO] [PERFUME SAMPLES] [US] Seeking sample sizes of Arcana, BPAL GC, D&F, Fantome, Poesie, Solstice Scents

Hey, guys! My list of perfumes I want to try has gotten long, so I wanted to see if anyone had a few of these on their destash. Looking for samples/decants/small sizes, and I'm hoping to get several of these at once, but feel free to show me your list if you have any.
Arcana Wildcraft: Moth, Mountain Witch, Puck
BPAL: Bathsheba, Bewitched, Blood, Leanan Sidhe, Lightning, Maenad
Death & Floral: Misspent youth, My heart is made of glass, Sleep that rhymes with death, Gray November, Somedays in Oz, The end is here, The Great War
Fantome: The Fox Sisters, Lymphae, Kensington
Poesie: Ladybird, Great Northern
Solstice Scents: During the Rain, Sea of Gray
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2023.06.10 19:30 gbradley4112 First time homebuyer selling the home and deciding to rent for a while

Hi All,
Just wanted to give my own perspective that may be different than the "gotta buy a home" crowd. I bought my first home in January 2022, 3.375% interest rate. The last 15 months have been great but I've decided that home ownership just isn't for me right now (if ever). I've spent a few thousand dollars on maintenance stuff which is totally normal for a year and a half I guess. I got a new job out of state and will be selling my home (listing at $50K over what I paid for it but will probably go a bit higher with the market in my area being so hot right now). I've decided to just rent in the new city I'll be moving to. I can't wait to go back to what it felt like not being responsible for any repairs or anything that goes wrong, just come and go as I please with no worries about the house. I've found a nice townhouse that is below what I was paying for my mortgage and plan on just investing and saving the excess (and the profit from the home sale). I really liked my home but not worth the hassle and stress I've decided. Plus, there's something about being able to pick up and move that is so liberating without having to worry about selling a house. Maybe I'll buy another house in the future, maybe I won't. But wanted to throw my perspective out there so that people understand that owning a home can be more of a downer sometimes.
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