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[D2] Daily Reset Thread [2023-06-10]

2023.06.10 19:05 DTG_Bot [D2] Daily Reset Thread [2023-06-10]

Daily Modifiers


Dares of Eternity


Deep Dives


Legend/Master Lost Sector

Exotic armor drop (if solo): Legs

Chamber of Starlight: Legend

  • Legend Difficulty: Locked Equipment, Extra Shields
  • Champions: [Disruption] Overload, [Stagger] Unstoppable
  • Threat: [Solar] Solar
  • Shields: [Solar] Solar, [Void] Void
  • Modifiers: Epitaph

Chamber of Starlight: Master

  • Legend Difficulty: Locked Equipment, Extra Shields
  • Champions: [Disruption] Overload, [Stagger] Unstoppable
  • Threat: [Solar] Solar
  • Shields: [Solar] Solar, [Void] Void
  • Modifiers: Epitaph


Terminal Overload: Zephyr Concourse


  • The Wellspring: Defend Weapon: Tarnation (Grenade Launcher)
  • Altars of Sorrow Weapon: Blasphemer (Shotgun)

Guns & Materials

Banshee's Featured Weapons

Name Type Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
Scathelocke Kinetic Auto Rifle Corkscrew Rifling // Hammer-Forged Rifling Appended Mag // Alloy Magazine Tunnel Vision Multikill Clip
Nezarec's Whisper Energy Glaive Low-Impedance Windings // Auxiliary Reserves Extended Mag // Accurized Rounds Impulse Amplifier Adaptive Munitions
Combined Action Energy Hand Cannon Fluted Barrel // Polygonal Rifling Extended Mag // Flared Magwell Tunnel Vision Kill Clip
Taipan-4fr Heavy Linear Fusion Rifle Corkscrew Rifling // Full Bore Liquid Coils // Particle Repeater Compulsive Reloader Frenzy
Glissando-47 Kinetic Scout Rifle Arrowhead Brake // Full Bore Appended Mag // High-Caliber Rounds Keep Away Cascade Point
Perks re-roll at midnight UTC, so check his inventory twice per day!
Note: Fixed perks on weapons are not displayed

Master Rahool's Material Exchange

  • Purchase Glimmer (10000 for 10 Legendary Shards)
  • Purchase Glimmer (10000 for 10 Dark Fragment)
  • Purchase Glimmer (10000 for 10 Phantasmal Fragment)
  • Purchase Glimmer (10000 for 25 Herealways Piece)
  • Enhancement Prism (1 for 10 Enhancement Core & 10000 Glimmer)
  • Ascendant Shard (1 for 10 Enhancement Prism & 50000 Glimmer)


Commander Zavala, Vanguard
Name Description Requirement Reward
Horseshoes and Hand Grenades Defeat combatants with grenades. Defeating them in Vanguard playlists grants additional progress. 20 [Grenade] Grenade XP+
From Downtown Defeat multiple combatants at a time with your Super. 2 Multikills XP+
Lightning Raid Defeat combatants in Vanguard playlists with Arc abilities. Defeating jolted or blinded combatants grants additional progress. 50 [Arc] Arc ability XP+
Finish Them Defeat combatants with your finisher in Vanguard playlists. 5 Finisher XP+
Lord Shaxx, Crucible
Name Description Requirement Reward
Coordinated Fire Defeat opponents while assisting or assisted by one or more teammates. 5 Opponents defeated XP+
Blinding Light Defeat combatants blinded by Arc. 6 [Arc] Arc blind XP+
Feedback Loop Generate Orbs of Power by using abilities. 3 Orbs of Power XP+
Full Control In Control, complete matches. 1 Crucible matches XP+
Saint-14, Trials of Osiris
Name Description Requirement Reward
Several Punch Team As a fireteam, defeat opponents using melee final blows in Trials of Osiris. 5 [Melee] Melee XP+
Trials Triplet As a fireteam, defeat opponents using Pulse Rifle final blows in Trials of Osiris. 20 [Pulse Rifle] Pulse Rifle XP+
Blundertrust As a fireteam, defeat opponents using Shotgun final blows in Trials of Osiris. 15 [Shotgun] Shotgun XP+
Slow Burn As a fireteam, defeat opponents with Solar weapon final blows in Trials of Osiris. 20 [Solar] Solar weapon XP+
The Drifter, Gambit
Name Description Requirement Reward
Envoy While It Lasts Defeat Primeval envoys during Gambit matches. 2 Envoys XP+
Final Ploy Defeat combatants with finisher final blows. 5 Finisher XP+
Blind Spot Defeat Arc blinded targets in Gambit. Defeating Guardians grants more progress. 30 [Arc] Arc blind XP+
Evanescent Emptiness Defeat targets in Gambit by making them volatile with Void. Defeating Guardians grants more progress. 30 [Void] Void volatility XP+
Banshee-44, Gunsmith
Name Description Requirement Reward
Auto Rifle Calibration Calibrate Auto Rifles against any target. Earn bonus progress with precision final blows and against opposing Guardians. 100 [Auto Rifle] Auto Rifle XP+ & Enhancement Core & Gunsmith Rank Progress
Heavy Grenade Calibration Calibrate Grenade Launchers that use Heavy ammo against any target. Opposing Guardians and rapidly defeated targets grant the most efficient progress. 100 [Grenade Launcher] Grenade Launcher XP+ & Enhancement Core & Gunsmith Rank Progress
Glaive Calibration Calibrate Glaives against any target. Rapidly defeating targets and defeating Guardians grants additional progress. 100 [Glaive] Glaive XP+ & Enhancement Core & Gunsmith Rank Progress
Kinetic Calibration Calibrate Kinetic weapons against any target. Earn bonus progress with precision and against opposing Guardians. 100 Kinetic weapon XP+ & Enhancement Core & Gunsmith Rank Progress
Nimbus, Neomuna
Name Description Requirement Reward
Cryogenic Hardening In Neomuna, defeat combatants affected by Stasis. Vex combatants grant additional progress. 60 [Stasis] Stasis XP+ & 50 Neomuna Rank
Finish Majeure In Neomuna, defeat combatants with finishers. Powerful combatants grant additional progress. 10 Finisher XP+ & 50 Neomuna Rank
Flawless Dance In a single life, defeat combatants in Neomuna using Sidearms, Submachine Guns, Shotguns, or Swords. 20 Targets XP+ & 50 Neomuna Rank
Top Speed Stunts In Terminal Overload, rapidly defeat combatants in groups of 2 or more. 40 Rapidly defeated 1 Terminal Overload Key & 50 Neomuna Rank & XP+
Sonar Station, H.E.L.M.
Name Description Requirement Reward
Rig Shift Complete jobs in Salvage. 2 Salvage objectives XP+
Deep Trouble: Fallen Defeat Fallen. Fallen defeated in Salvage and Deep Dive award bonus progress. 100 Fallen XP+
Precise Aquanaut Defeat targets with precision final blows. Defeated Guardians or combatants defeated in Salvage or Deep Dive award bonus progress. 100 [Headshot] Precision XP+
Fires in the Deep Defeat targets with Solar or Strand damage. Melee abilities award bonus progress, as well as defeating Guardians or defeating combatants in Salvage or Deep Dive. 100 Progress XP+
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2023.06.10 18:56 No_Raccoon1571 Gave roommate 1 month to remove her boxes in communal area

Short version: she keeps her cluttered boxes in the work station upstairs and it’s such an unpleasant sight!
Long version (I do apologize but this was the catalyst): Today I had a go at the one flatmate I share a bathroom with. We were out of toilet roll for 1.5 days and I was working from home, so I hoped she'd get it. I did order some online with my grocery shop which were delivered today.
Anyways, this morning before my delivery I noticed that there was a full roll in the toilet. Then it disappeared following my run. I put 4 rolls in the toilet and messaged her asking that we purchase this on a rotational basis. I was met with a message saying that she always buys loo roll and she always cleans the bathroom.
I decided to go directly and speak with her to clarify what she meant. Given at this point I was abit heated. I was confused as to why she said she always buys loo roll when our other flatmate downstairs had a loo roll subscription that supplied us with enough since September. Neither one of us have ever had to buy loo roll since then. With regards to cleaning, this girl is delusional. She only cleans when her partner visits. Her room is a tip, you cannot see the floor, her section of the bathroom is filled with mold inc the toothbrush and toothpaste. She leaves her razor near the shower which falls often and when I try to put it back it's filled with black mold. I highlighted this to her and explained it's difficult for me to take her argument about her being clean given no other part of her living is clean.
She also flooded the bathroom a few months ago which she argued couldn't have been her fault she only takes 2 minute long showers.
I then highlighted that she keeps tons of cardboard boxes in the communal area and I want them moved. They are at least 40 boxes just sitting here outside of my room. Granted I thought she didn't have much space in her room, I didn't complain. However since she's so concerned about cleanliness I have requested she removes them within a month. If not done, I will send a reminder and after I will personally put them in her room or in a black bag and put it outside.
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2023.06.10 18:55 Puppycatthings Basement flooded while on vacation… what do I do now?

I live in Colorado and we have been having rain nearly every day for a month. Problem is I was out of town for the past 2.5-3 weeks and seems like some mud/water got in. It’s only like a slight coating-1/4 inch over the floor most places, probably 1.5 inches at the highest of mud residue. Probably 12x6 foot area of the basement. Cement floors. I’ve been using a paint scrapeputty knife to get it up and it’s taking forever. What’s the best route I can take to clean it up/prevent mold etc.
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2023.06.10 18:55 SoldierOnFIRE How to soundproof an open basement ceiling from wood floor above? Basement ceiling is VERY low and we don’t want to drop it very much.

We are looking at filling the joists with Rockwools safe and sound insulation and then covering it up with 5/8th sheetrock. Is there anything more we can do?
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2023.06.10 18:46 zZBluewalrusZz Are you really taking Anthony Richardson over Bryce Young?

In a 2 qb league is the consensus that Arich should be taken before Young? I feel like Richardson has a massive cieling but also a low floor. Young feels like a guy guaranteed to be successful in the NFL but just doesn't have that rushing upside.
Richardson with the generational athleticism, and Bryce Young with the generational ability to read to field. Who should be the first QB off the board in rookie drafts?
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2023.06.10 18:44 miinibox Which Parts of a F1 Car Produce the Most Drag? Tech Discussion

Which Parts of a F1 Car Produce the Most Drag? Tech Discussion
Ever wondered which parts of the car produce the most drag? (Simulation on 2009 car)
In order: 1) Rear wing 2) Front Wing 3) Rear wheels+susp 4) Floor + Diffuser 5) Chassis + Front wheels
The WHOLE chassis produces half the drag of the front wing alone!
Read on to understand why...


The front wing is the first element to hit the air and diverts the airflow away from the tyres (reducing their drag). Changing the flow direction requires a lot of energy, and a lot of drag is produced.
The chassis, instead, has a teardrop shape, which has minimal drag.
Apart from the downforce advantages, diverting the airflow away from the tyres also causes a drag reduction: the drag the front wing produces when changing the flow direction is lower than the drag the flow would produce if it impacted the tyres! A net gain, then.
The other side of the performance is the downforce: here, the under body (floor+diffuser) is king, producing around the same downforce as the two wings combined (and the figure would be even higher in 2023!)
The floor is the most efficient part of the car (very high downforce, low drag).
The front wing is less efficient, and the rear one even less.
The chassis has negative efficiency, as it produces lift!

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2023.06.10 18:33 Tricky_Method2315 Sunnata LED+ Pro Dimmer and Flickering

I've installed a bunch of Sunnata Dimmers and have zero issues with all my fixtures except for one.
I have a Vibia Flat 5915 that keeps flickering when I try to dim it and I can't seem to fix it.
The fixture specs are:
In load type I have it configured as LED Reverse Phase and I've tried adjusting the low and high-end trim and device brightness with no success.
Any ideas of how I can get it to work?
Thank you
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2023.06.10 18:26 the-big-question Highest velocity/cfm plastic pedestal fans?

Hey guys, I'm looking for the highest velocity/cfm plastic pedestal fans. I have a cat and plan on having more pets in the future, so I'd rather get a plastic fan for safety concerns.
However, every plastic pedestal fan I have ever used has an oddly low cfm/velocity rating even if they advertise otherwise when compared to metal pedestal models in my experience. The best I've used high cfm/velocity plastic fan wise are plastic box fans like the classic Wind Machine. Unfortunately, I'd prefer a plastic pedestal fan as my bed is rather high up.
Any recommendations for plastic pedestal fans with high cfm ratings or perhaps even methods for obtaining cfm/velocity ratings would be appreciated! Cfm/velocity specs never seem to be available on plastic pedestal fan product pages like with Lasko and other plastic fan brands on Amazon for example.
Thank you so much guys!
EDIT: Also an oscillating fan is a must please! :) I'd also love to know if you have any takes on which brands and models of plastic pedestal fans last the longest!
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2023.06.10 18:26 sweetmomentslikethis My journey from loving a Marie Sexton romance to never wanting to read another book from this author again

(This ended up being longer than I anticipated, but when I went back to find quotes there was just...so much more than I remembered there being. And I still ended up cutting out a lot.)
A while ago, I read Trailer Trash by Marie Sexton and I loved it. It’s not a perfect book (I don’t want or need to read about homophobic violence for a story to feel “real” so it’s something I try to avoid), but it was perfect for me at the time I read it. I decided to search for other books by the author, and One Man’s Trash immediately stood out to me. Trailer Trash, One Man’s Trash, it seemed like a good omen. And I really liked it! It was a lot more flawed, however. I found the characters and plot a little frustrating at times, but that’s normal with a more grown up kind of story. But I had some reservations, and what really pinged my “this might be some bullshit” radar was this particular section:
“But it’s just like being part of the LGBT ‘community.’” He made quotation marks with his fingers around the word. “They give a lot of lip service to ‘diversity’ and open-mindedness—and most of them follow through—but there’s always this little, loudmouthed subset telling you how to behave and what to say. It starts out ‘all for one, and one for all,’ but by the end, somebody’s drawing lines in the sand, telling you to choose a side. You can’t be gay or bi or trans if you don’t vote a certain way, act a certain way, follow some ridiculous set of rules. They all want you to be a round little peg in a round fucking hole. They want you to pick a box and a label so they know just where to put you, rather than accepting that we’re all separate, unique people, and that our stories are all valid, no matter whether we fit in the box or not.” He stopped, feeling himself headed into one of the rants that only Phil and Gray or Charlie would have understood. The confusion on Taylor’s face was the response he was accustomed to. He took one more stab at it. “There’s always that pissed-off minority who think their ‘rules’ outweigh your right to live your life.”
I initially brushed it aside. I mean, I’ve known a few people who like to rant about this topic who also have a lot more extreme opinions to go along with it, so it reminded me of those people and it didn’t endear me to the character, but I don’t need to like a character to like the story. As long as it feels real and not like a mouthpiece for the author, you know? But that’s what I found troubling about this kind of sermonizing. I wondered if the author was about to get ahead of herself and make a habit of yanking me out of the story to deliver these rants. Fortunately, it wasn’t an issue. I ended up giving the book a strong 3.5 stars, and I even went back and skim-read it a second time. I found myself intrigued by the rest of the friend group (the aforementioned Phil, Gray, and Charlie) so I decided to read their stories too.
Book 2 in the series, Terms of Service, was somewhat like the first. Good points, bad points, a little less polished than I’d like, but intriguing enough to keep me turning the page. For a while at least. Because – you guessed it – this time we get double the amount of ranting in the form of a crotchety senior citizen who’s taking his turn serving as the author’s mouthpiece. He really badly wants to tell us how people need to take responsibility for their medical bills, and all about the problem with medicine today. He’s a nonagenarian with dementia, but thankfully he’s sharp enough at this point in time to really give us a sermon. One of the characters offers a token protest, but that’s just so the author can have an opportunity to rant some more.
“I’m not sure it’s that simple,” he said to Pops.
“Bah!” Pops gave another wave as if to send him on his way. “Of course it is. You get a doctor’s office on every corner instead of a Starbucks, suddenly they’d have to compete for our business. ‘Buy a pap smear, get a mammogram for free!’ That kind of thing. Suddenly, accepting a plate of cookies or a dozen fresh eggs as payment for a blood pressure check doesn’t seem so silly. But nobody talks about lowering the cost of procedures. All they talk about is premiums. Switching the burden of payment from the individual to the government
It’s paragraphs of this stuff, but you get the gist. I thought it was blessedly over, but nope, on the way home from their visit, his grandson (one of the MCs) has a fun childhood story for his love interest (would not blame you for skipping this part, but I found the tone so weird that I had to share the bulk of it):
“And then one day, Pops looks at my textbook and realizes I’m reading about the Cuban Missile Crisis. He takes the paper I’m writing on JFK, and he starts reading it, and he’s just shaking his head, saying, ‘no, no, no’”. Phil laughed. “I couldn’t believe it, because I knew the material. I’d read it twice! I knew I had everything right, and I told him so.
“So then he starts telling all the stuff that isn’t the text book. Like how JFK was under the care of the original Doctor Feelgood, who’d been in the White House that evening, giving Kennedy one of his famous ‘cocktails.’ Then they woke Kennedy in the middle of the night and hauled his ass into this emergency meeting about Russia putting nukes in Cuba. Pops had a book that contained a transcript of that meeting, and reading it, you can tell Kennedy’s so fucking high, he has no real idea what’s going on. At one point, he says something like, ‘Why would Russia do that? That’d be like us putting nukes in Turkey.’ And there’s a pause, and then one of the other people in the room says, ‘We did, sir.’”
They stopped at a red light, and it seemed to make Phil’s stream of words stop too, although this time, he was smiling. “It’s weird, because I’ve looked for that transcript more recently, and it doesn’t come up in a Google search. I mean, maybe twenty pages deep or something, but it’s buried. The only thing you’ll find is a transcript from the next morning, when he’s more with it.” He shook his head as the light turned green. “Anyway. Next thing I know, Pops is telling me all about JFK’s famous Camp David parties, just him, his political allies, Dr. Feelgood, and a few high-priced call girls. Pops talked for hours about how the lone gunman theory doesn’t make sense, how the Warren Report’s nothing but bullshit. At the time, it floored me. It was like this revelation, that history could be more interesting than just memorizing names and dates. That maybe there was stuff they didn’t want us to know.”
So he writes a report all about his grandpa's conspiracy theories and he gets an F. His mean overbearing father, who apparently is the villain of the story, made him write the report again. I mean, cool. It’s a story from his childhood, not much to see here. But the author doesn’t leave it alone. She really wants to hammer home her message:
“So, he’s kind of a conspiracy theorist?”
Phil practically rolled his eyes. “Have you ever considered how often we use that phrase to dismiss people simply because they disagree with us? I mean, Pops isn’t a moron. He knows the Earth is round. He doesn’t think the moon landing’s a hoax or anything. He reads constantly. He just has a few key things he can’t let go—”
“Like JFK?”
Phil nodded. “Like JFK. But really, he’s pretty reasonable. Now, wait until you meet Gray’s father. He’s a trip. He has two Ph.Ds. Probably the smartest, most intimidating guy I’ve ever met. And yet, he gets brushed off as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ because he questions the status quo.” He laughed. “I dare you to say those two words to his face.”
So deep.
I ended up DNF’ing this one, mostly because it was boring and I didn’t vibe with the couple, but I decided to try book 3 because that particular character had intrigued me the most so far.
I didn’t read the reviews beforehand. Why oh why didn’t I read the reviews beforehand? Because what the fuck was that?
Gray is a cop. Ex-military. And he has a lot of opinions about ~~social justice warriors~~. His love interest, Avery, is a younger man who spends a lot of time on Twitter and Tumblr and is every stereotype stuffed into one convenient straw man. Avery is a masochist and Gray is a sadist, so he's literally just there to get whipped and flogged while Gray rants about the spooky mainstream media. He even takes away Gray’s phone, and he suffers withdrawal like a drug addict, then magically finds himself happier. I mean, sure, okay. We could all probably do with less scrolling. But then he gets his phone back and suddenly turns into a mean and vicious harpy who’s snapping at everyone. Because he’s addicted to outrage, you see. And who doesn’t love an anvil falling from the sky?
If you want to get a feel for Gray, here are some words of wisdom from our Ben Shapiro-wannabe main character:
But the give-and-take, fact-based process of discussion and debate were lost on Avery. When Gray pointed out Avery’s argument resorted to the straw man fallacy, Avery only blinked at him in confusion. When Gray countered one of Avery’s points, Avery had no arguments. He had no logic. As soon as he was challenged, he resorted to name-calling. If Gray disagreed, he was automatically stupid or racist or mansplaining. Never mind that Avery couldn’t ever explain what about Gray’s point was wrong, or what part of it supposedly made him a racist.
I lost it at "He had no logic" fucking hell 😂 I was approaching cringe overload, but I obviously hate myself, because I just couldn’t look away from this gruesome wreck.
“You think you know everything that matters, and anybody who disagrees with you is ignorant or uneducated or a ‘fascist.’ But I’ve seen your tweets and your Tumblr posts and the ridiculous fucking memes you love so much. I’ve seen what you think qualifies as a rational argument, and I have to tell you, it’s neither rational, nor an argument. It’s nothing but self-righteous hot air.”
Hello, Marie? I didn’t realize this was a 3-way call. Kinda thought it was just gonna be me and the characters. It’s just, you’re butting in an awful lot. Can you hang up, please?
Apparently the answer is no, because she’s not done yet. Our main character conveniently meets a black woman who tells him she was shunned by her friends and family because she refused to vote for Hillary.
My husband and I, we talked about it, and we decided we were done voting for the lesser of two evils. My husband said that’s what got us into this mess, and he wasn’t doing it anymore. So we agreed to vote third party. And ever since then, my sister’s refused to speak to me except to attack me. Before that, my husband and I babysat their kids. We took them to Water World or the amusement park. But now she’s decided we’re both white supremacists in disguise. When that article came out online about how it’s okay to punch a Nazi, she sent it to me. She said, ‘Just so you know what to expect if you show up at Christmas.’”
Avery didn’t know what to say. It was absurd. Emily was one of the nicest people he’d ever met. How could anybody call her a Nazi?
FUCKING LOL. Are you kidding me right now? This author bypassed the sock puppet “as a black man” twitter account and just decided to write it into her book. Amazing. Why is this going on for chapter after chapter after chapter? Start a blog or something, I don’t caaaaare.
Robert spoke next, his voice so quiet, Avery barely heard him over the noise of the bar. “Try being a gay Republican.”
Ah, gay Republican, I was wondering if you’d make an appearance. I was expecting a lesbian in a wheelchair who’s all prepared to deliver her treatise on “cancel culture” but I guess you’ll do. So we have a a black woman and a gay man, I guess we're missing a Mexican Trump supporter. No worries, Gray's mother is here to save the day.
“You really voted for Trump?” he asked.
“I didn’t vote for him in the primaries,” she said without embarrassment. “I was horrified when he won. I thought about voting third party, but in the end, I sure didn’t want Hillary to win. So yeah, I voted for him.”
“But how could you?” Avery asked. “You’re a woman! Plus, you’re Latina.”
“I’m third-generation Mexican American. And yes, I’m female. You see those two things and think you know everything you need to know about me? But I suppose you think you’re not racist or sexist.”
It was said with a lightness that told him it more a jest than an accusation, but nevertheless, Avery’s cheeks began to burn.
“Go ahead,” Gray said. “Attack her. Call her a racist or a Nazi or a white supremacist.”
“Gray, stop!” Avery whispered, his cheeks burning hotter.
He also has a climate change-denier for a father, but this is getting long enough.
I just want to know what the author was thinking. Where was the common sense? Where was the self-awareness? Have your beliefs, that's your business, but keep it your business. Why are you shoe-horning them into your romance and ambushing your readers with your shitty “both sides are equally good and bad, really” manifesto, with a cast of literally unbelievable token characters, like that's a completely normal thing to do? That has to be one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen someone do while simultaneously patting themselves on the back. And if her beef is with people who are chronically online, may I just point out that she's sitting at almost 56 THOUSAND tweets right now? So perhaps the call is coming from inside the house, idk.
Anyway, that was my rollercoaster journey with this particular author (is it still a rollercoaster when the lows vastly outnumber highs?) Maybe book 4 is magically tolerable, but I guess I'll never know 🤷🏽‍♀️
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2023.06.10 18:17 earlymorninthts Really sore quads from a 50KM+ ride, inexperienced rider. How best to heal them

Got carried away and went on a ride yesterday that was just over 50KMs. The path was flat for a lot of it but also had some tough hills where I couldn’t stand up on the bike and had to ride on a low gear. Last time I rode a bike was years ago btw.
My knees starting feeling mildly sore at the very beginning. I ignored it because I am used to that from riding as a kid. But I now realise my seat was lower than the ideal height I.e. my feet were not fully on their toes, but half my foot could still touch the floor. I wore tights but they were not super flexible material either. I didn’t drink electrolytes, just water and a brownie (because I started riding after a big breakfast). I feel so stupid now.
Anyway, after the ride I was obviously very sore. By the evening, after I had been sitting down for a while, the region above my knees started getting more painful. I iced them and then went to bed, now I have woken up because they hurt when I move :(
This pain is more intense than the kind I get in the gym if I squat after ages. I actually found it challenging to stand up and go to the bathroom because it was hurting my muscles in the lower thigh portion. Needless to say, my bum also hurts, but not as bad.
Has anyone experienced this? If so, how to recover as smoothly as possible?
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2023.06.10 18:10 xD_Pyros Advice?

Just rescued this guy from my local lowes. I'm gonna instantly repot it and trim off the dead. Is there anything else that would be beneficial to get this little guy back to good health?
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2023.06.10 17:59 iamjacksbladder White cream/mold on bricks under suspended flooring?

White cream/mold on bricks under suspended flooring?
I have plans to insulate the suspended flooring with PIR boards. Today I took the carpet up to inspect the Crawlspace to see what I was working with and found the floorboards seem like oak(picture 3?) and in reasonably good condition and the joists seem fine (in the small area I looked at) but the bricks where the joists are sitting are caked in white creamy stuff..(pics 1,2,4). The ground beneath is sand and feels damp.
There was a strong breeze coming from the hole I had made in the floor so I'm thinking the airflow can't be that bad. Althought our dining room does smell a bit musky if we keep the door closed for any length of time.
The house is 1890's and I believe we are in a high water table area.
Joist are 100mm so I'm thinking 70mm PIR on batons with aluminium tape over the joints (PIR to joist).
I'm just wondering if there is anything I could do under the floor whilst I've got it up to help?
The house is 120+ years old so I'm sure if it was an issue it would have caused a problem by now.
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2023.06.10 17:46 ptoftheprblm Observations- Single men dog owners and the mental load of owning a dog

Alright so a frequent topic on here is the concept of the mental load of maintaining a home that is stocked, on a schedule, and the management of a never ending to-do list of caregiving. For ourselves and our entire household needs. Whether it’s the needs of our significant other, any kids in the home, any parents staying with us and especially.. our animals.
I’m in my early thirties and over the past decade, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend among the men I dated, socialized with or was in long term live-in relationships with, regarding their dog ownership. Now I live in a place where it seems like everyone owns a dog. There’s easy access to outdoor activities of varying intensity, a slew of dog parks to take your dog to. With a lot of walkable neighborhoods too, it’s not as dense as a place like NYC or Chicago so there’s plenty of homes and rental homes with yards these guys have dogs in.
And I noticed despite the fact that they’d all insist their dog was their best friend and their priority, and even would go as far to say they “treat their dog better than they treated the women they date”.. I saw time and time again that they didn’t have a handle on even the slightest bits of responsibility of owning a dog.
Not one had a real handle on their animals needs whatsoever. Couldn’t tell you when the dog was last taken to the vet. They couldn’t tell you when it was last groomed, or had its nails trimmed. Never bathed or brushed their shedding dogs at home claiming “they didn’t like it” when it’s a snow breed panting in the heat blowing out it’s coat. Would let their dogs nails get so long that the dog was visibly uncomfortable walking on their hardwood floors.
Didn’t have the dog on a daily walking or feeding schedule, just would let them out in the yard or feed them when they felt like it. Didn’t think any of that was important. Would let their dog run out of food and it wouldn’t occur to them to order more until they were truly out and feed them human food to varying degrees of success. Wouldn’t be paying attention to their water bowl levels or keep food garbage managed so the poor thing doesn’t get into something that’ll make it sick. Or coming home to a 5-8 year old dog that is still having accidents in the house because the owner isn’t paying mind or attention to when the dog was last let out or walked before leaving for an evening.
And don’t even get me started on training. “Oh he’s chill he’s just saying hey” as the dog jumps on me and claws breaking skin in 18 inch lines down both legs from the over grown nails. Can’t get the dog to sit and stay for even a second. Can’t get the dog to calmly get on a leash. Brushes off the dogs leash aggression and visible discomfort being out and about. Brushed off the dog snapping or biting strangers.
If it wasn’t like 4-5 different guys who were in their twenties and thirties insisting they were the best dog dad ever, I’d hold my tongue. But I really look back at this as such a significant moment when I realized I would never be able to get one of these men to carry the mental load of ANYTHING when they were actively unable to grasp the need to with the care of another living being already. And that they didn’t see anything wrong with this as it was, that they’d never see anything wrong with the rest of their lack of holding one iota of the mental load of sharing a home together.
Rant over: share your experiences watching grown men thinking they’ve got a handle on a major life responsibility and mental load on something that they absolutely do not.
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2023.06.10 17:34 tallen21fries Tiny cuts on vulva after sex

during intercourse I require a lot of lubricant no matter how aroused I am. Usually during I have to reapply a couple times as it seems to dry up so much. Tried both silicone and water based.
Lately, after intercourse I am sore immediately after because the opening of vagina and a little out is ripped up (trying to think of the best descriptor word). I have tiny cuts. It is always on one side (the left) and not the other. Sometimes even around the clit which is obviously not through penetration.
I have been to the doctor and asked to be tested for yeast inside and out because my pelvic floor phyiso had a similar situation and it was external yeast infection. I have tried different yeast infections products and it doesn’t seem to help and I have no other symptoms for YI of BV.
My doctor gave me a topical antibiotic/steroid but said it can’t go inside the vagina. She said the results were very low staphylococcus aureus but that wouldn’t explain the cuts…
Anyone have this experience or know why this is happening? If it helps my husband is average size. And I don’t have STIs
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2023.06.10 17:28 Available-Flight-657 Dragon Diffusion- anyone have one?

Dragon Diffusion- anyone have one?
I’m. Wry intrigued as I wanted a bottera but for my purposes don’t need a high end bag. Any thoughts? I’m looking at the Egola.
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2023.06.10 17:19 -Tierce27 Trip Report: The Most Profound & Horrifying Moment of My Life

This was the worst experience of my life. I have lost close relatives, been in jail, and dealt with suicidality in my teens, and this is still by far the worst thing I have ever experienced. This is also a moment in my life I look back on with a lot of appreciation for experiencing, I am not sure if I would do it again but I am glad it happened nonetheless.
***Additional context will be provided after the trip.***
The Trip:
I took a tablet of LSD with my brother. Eventually towards the peak (or maybe at the peak) we decided to smoke weed, so we went out onto his porch and I took a hit out of his bong. The first sign things were going wrong started when the body high I love on LSD, started to be overshadowed by my usual weed body high (which for me was like my limbs falling asleep with full coverage of my body). Once the body high set in I started to feel like my face was contorting into a cylinder that was being pushed forward out of my face in a spiraling motion.
Getting scared I decided to switch locations, so me and my brother went back into his room and tried to bring back the vibes by watching trippy music videos. This wasn’t helping, so I decided that I should try and sleep on the living room couch by myself. This decision sealed my fate, completely unaware I was about to have the worst moment of my life, I left my brother's room.
I went out and laid on the couch. The first thing I noticed was that my body high started to intensify, as if to prevent me from getting comfortable. I started to mentally envision my arms as snakes, because the more I would move to find comfort the less it felt like I was controlling them. This shocked me, so I closed my eyes, and subconsciously thought about my body which started to feel like it was morphing, eventually settling as the shape of a mushroom with my face on the cap (but in a more realistic uncanny valley way so although it sounds funny, it was freaking me out).
I opened my eyes, focusing on the bookshelf in my brother's living room. It looked pretty normal with an okay amount of books, except for a vibrant red colored book. This book stood out to me and I started to feel better when looking at the book, so I fixated on it and tried to calm my mind. The salvation this red book gave me was short lived, as I entered the climax of this experience.
I locked my eyes on this book as this was the first time I had peace since laying on the couch, suddenly my peripheral started to transform. The best way to describe this is that the peripheral became a labyrinth of stairs, the ones where the stairs are all over with no common sense. The surface of these stairs were covered with eyeballs (not sure if they were lifelike or not) and these eyeballs were all looking at me and blinking in synchronization.
Mortified by what I was seeing, I got off the couch and laid on the carpet floor of the living room on my stomach. This is when I started to get very nervous at the idea that I may need to ask my brother to take me to the hospital, causing a very high level of stress and raising my heartbeat. The sound of my beating heart was extremely loud, because I had my ear against the floor as my chest was pressed on the ground.
I started breathing very heavily out of fear, then I heard the sound of synths slowly building and layering over each other, getting more and more grand (most resemblant of the Lucasfilms THX sound). My heartrate rose as the sounds got louder, and I genuinely at this point was not sure if I was having a medical emergency. When it reached the peak of the sound it maintained that level, then I started hearing a voice reverberate all around me.
This voice was very low toned and god-like, it spoke a language that sounded like absolute gibberish completely alien like. Although I couldn't understand what was being communicated verbally I could discern generally through the feeling. It was telling me to slow my breathing, and as I listened my heart started to calm down overall making me feel safer and like I wasn’t going to die. Once I had completely calmed down I decided to head back into my brother's room, because I was sure that my high wasn’t uncontrollable anymore.
Once back in his room I told him I was going to try and sleep in the bed, eventually I realized I was still too high to just fall asleep, but then a good song and music video I liked came on. I changed my mind and decided to try and do what we had planned, which was to get blasted off a tab and watch videos to trip out. The rest of the trip was an amazing acid trip with my brother. It's funny how tripping at times can be like a rollercoaster.
***I want to be clear that I think the experience happened because of the weed and my prescribed Bupropion being mixed, causing Serotonin Syndrome during an acid trip. When the experience calmed down, I’m sure that was because I was no longer high off the weed. I am sure if you took enough LSD you could have a similar experience, but for only 1 tab (even accounting that it may have a higher dosage than a tab typically has) I do feel this was either just how my experience of a weed/LSD mix would be, or that Serotonin Syndrome’s hallucinations/delusions symptoms played a part in this disaster.***
Additional Context:
The account of this trip is being written almost 2 years after the actual trip, so take this with a grain of salt. Not every detail is going to be spot on as we typically re-remember things differently every time we recall them, with details changing here and there. At the time of the trip I was 20 and this was my 2nd or 3rd acid trip. The trip took place in my brother's crib. The only people there were me, my brother, my other brother, and his wife. My other brother and his wife had already gone to sleep by the time we took our hits of acid.
I did a lot of research to figure out why things went so wrong with the trip, here is what I learned. I was taking Bupropion (Wellbutrin) prescribed by a psychiatrist for about 2 to 3 years every day at the time of the trip, and continued too, until recently getting off them earlier this year. I noticed since starting Bupropion when I was 18, that smoking weed was no longer enjoyable for me (I am not a heavy smoker btw). I only had 5 instances (give or take) of smoking weed after starting Bupropion, so I just thought It was a case of just having bad highs (I may have formed theories at the time but wasn’t sure it was because of my meds).
Since I’ve looked more into my circumstance, it seems the experience may have been triggered due to an interaction with weed and Bupropion causing something called Serotonin Syndrome. Serotonin syndrome has been reported when bupropion is co-administered with drugs known to be associated with serotonin syndrome, including selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) or serotonin norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs).
From what I found it doesn’t seem like LSD and Bupropion would cause Serotonin Syndrome, and this seems to hold true as every time I have tripped without weed being involved, these experiences seemed typical to LSD. It did however seem like if you smoke weed while on Bupropion it could be more likely to have bad highs, which is what I had always felt after being on Bupropion. This is my general conclusion based on what I found it could be the case, that I never experienced Serotonin Syndrome, and just had a bad high while on LSD which is why I had no control. My reasoning for involving Serotonin Syndrome was that it can be fatal (in relation to feeling like I was dying) and a symptom of Serotonin Syndrome is delusions/hallucinations (which could be why my 1 tab dose got so intense for that short duration).
Thanks for reading.
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2023.06.10 17:18 Dr_Goldenip Can landlord take repairs throughout the lease term and deduct it from my refunded security deposit when I move out?

For example: loose door knobs, clogged sinks, dented screen door that were all replaced/repaired by maintenance months ago. I’m moving out soon after 2 years in apartment and want to know if repairs from earlier months will get added to the security deposit deductions. Live in San Diego, CA and couldn’t find this answer anywhere online. This will determine if it’s even worth having maintenance fix minor issues before I move out if they are just going to charge it to my security deposit anyways (I’m talking about installing kitchen floor trims that are damaged/came loose). Hopefully this isn’t a dumb question
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2023.06.10 17:15 54321hope Henry 160 / Low end Miele - do the combination floor heads really work on low-mid pile?

Currently I have a Shark Vertex duoclean ultralight. Bit of an impulse buy a couple years ago, and I'm not a fan. I've always had bagged models previously, perhaps incidentally, as I wasn't educated about vacuums so didn't realize the (literal) mess I was getting into with a bagless model. Also, the accessories are remarkable fragile. I have hard floors throughout (1 BR apt) with an area rug in living room and bedroom. One is even 'no-pile', and the heaps of dust with some cat fluff that it collects after just a few days is remarkable. Can I buy a generic air-powered carpet tool for Henry and would that be a slight step up?
Side note, thinking about previous bagged models -- I had a Hoover Constellation a long time ago. That model floated across the floor and it was super fun : ). Otherwise I've had Kenmore canisters.
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2023.06.10 17:11 50wwaayyss Weekend Giveaway, + Hank SALE!!!

Weekend Giveaway, + Hank SALE!!!

Hope everyone is having a great morning! Sorry for not posting about the giveaway last night... it was a looong week at work, and my a$$ is kicked! I install, sand and finish hardwood floors, and I've got a good few saturday hours to go today before i'm done for the week.
Gonna do another giveaway this weekend... pretty much same as last time. Please comment in this thread, providing one random fact about yourself. Doesn't have to be what you do for a living, just something that you feel comfortable sharing... maybe you like ice fishing, or you coach baseball or collect lawnmowers. Just something to get your comment in, and I'll number them sunday evening and do a random drawing.
ALSO!! Hank sale this weekend only! We don't do sales very often, as I feel that we are priced fairly low already :-) but we are offering all hanks at $15, now through sunday night. 50 Ways Pocket Pocket EDC Hanks... get you some!!
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2023.06.10 17:01 TinyPandaPause AITA for changing my mind and not choosing my best friend as a godmother?

Rachel and I work together in a neighbouring city. Last year around this time I found out I was pregnant. It was unplanned. Prior to this I was renting a place, which was pretty close to this friend's apartment. We were besties. But everything came to a haul. I got married, moved to my natal town and honestly, now, with the baby here, I'm the happiest I've been in a long time.
When I found out I had this great plan of having her as my child's godmother alongside Mary, an older friend of my husband.
Time passed and I slowly started reconsidering it because:
  1. I went a few times back my work town and was excited to see her. She was 90% flaky and didn't show up (she drives I don't)
  2. DH and I went to a our (R and I) friend's wedding and needed a place to stay. We had to go to a hotel because she wasn't that comfortable with it. Sidenote: She often used to say that she would be there for me day and night because we're besties.
  3. When we came back from the wedding, we carpooled with another coworker. She wanted to drive all of us home. R said to drop us all at her place because she'll take us to our hotel. Once there, R reconsidered because she drank a little and we had to wait half an hour in the cold for an uber.
  4. She didn't visit by herself once. Only when our common friend (the one thay got married) drove. Her excuse: gas is expensive.
  5. She called when I was around the end of my 3rd trim asking me what she needs to do/buy for the baby and to keep in mind that she's a bit low on money, but she'll do her best. Sidenote: she brags that she makes a very good amount of cash through some independent work. I can confirm since before the pregnancy I used to do similarly.
Mary, however, bought almost everything in the nursery as a surprise gift. Then, I also found out that M asked us to make her daughter the "official" godmother because they would be closer in age (M is around 50, her D 20). So, I decided to make M and her daughter the only godmothers. 3 is too many in our religion.
Now, R's flakiness and other stuff wouldn't bother me. Despite everything, I love talking to her, we share so much and we are nonstop laughing when together. But I don't want someone unreliable for my kid.
Because I want R to be a part of my family, I asked her if she'd like to be the midwife instead. She said no and that it feels like a demotion.
Granted, I never clearly presented everything that bothered me about what she did to make me change my mind. Mostly because I'm scared of conflict so I do my best to avoid instigating one. Also because I don't want to lose her as a friend.
Now, R said she felt humiliated about the whole thing. Especially at work, where she has to tell different lies to other work friends to which she already bragged that she will be the godmother. I tried to message her and explain the above reasons and so forth, but the other friend called me before sending it and told me to stop and just say that I'll do better if I want to keep this frienship.
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2023.06.10 16:49 iluvlucas2 Need some help on IUL s

I've recently seen a couple videos about IUL how if structured properly, it could be a great way to accumulate cash. So my question is, anyone have experience with one and can vouch for this thing? Policy I am looking at has 0% floor and uncapped gains with about 7.1% on the low end which was said to be underestimated
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2023.06.10 16:48 Perspiring_Gamer New Release Thread (June 12th to June 18th)

New Release Thread (June 12th to June 18th)

June 12th to June 18th
Xbox Games Showcase + Starfield Direct - Sunday June 11th
Showcase Info:
  • Start time is 10am PT 1pm ET 6pm BST 7pm CET 2am JST 3am AEST
  • The Xbox Games Showcase will roll straight into the Starfield Direct
  • Microsoft have stated the combined length will be roughly two hours
  • The livestream will be 4k/60fps on Xbox and Bethesda official channels
  • Aaron Greenberg has stated: 'None of our first party games in the show are full CG trailers. Everything is either in-game footage, in-engine footage, or in-game footage with some cinematics. Each of our trailers will be labeled so it is hopefully clear for our fans.' Source
  • Further viewing information can be found here, via Xbox Wire
Community Info:
  • The official Xbox stream will be pinned to the top of the subreddit, prior to the start time and throughout, also acting as the megathread for discussion during the showcase
  • There's still time to get your hunches and predictions on record via our predictions thread, which includes prizes for the top three most upvoted correct predictions
  • Two members of the XboxTalks podcast will be in attendance (lucky fan-fest winners), bringing some insight from the show-floor over the next 48 hours, on the subreddit and via XboxTalks
  • For further discussion during the showcase and the following days, there's also our Discord community, run by a dedicated (and separate) moderator team
  • If you'd like to give your reaction to the showcase live on the XboxTalks post-show podcast, our Discord is also where the team will be inviting users up to speak. This replaces the now sadly defunct Reddit Talk platform where this community-based show was hosted previously
Dordogne - June 13th
Dropping day one on Game Pass, Dordogne is a single-player narrative adventure from Un Je Ne Sais Quoi and Umanimation. As protagonist Mimi, the player will explore the rural landscape of Dordogne, recalling childhood memories and reconciling those with her choices in the present to uncover lost family secrets. The player will collect photos, sounds and scents in a journal, which the devs state 'are unique to your adventure.' Dordogne is XS optimised and supports smart delivery.
Xbox Store [Game Pass] - Metacritic - TrueAchievements - Trailer - Official Site
Greyhill Incident - June 13th (delayed from June 9th)
Greyhill Incident - Abducted Edition is an alien-invasion survival-horror game from Refugium Games. Set in the US town of Greyhill in the early 90s, the player takes the role of Ryan Baker during an alien invasion. Armed only with a baseball bat, the objective is to investigate and uncover the alien conspiracy, while escaping abductions and helping the townspeople where possible. This single player experience centres around exploration, solving puzzles, as well as evading and/or fighting 'the Greys.'
Xbox Store - Metacritic - TrueAchievements - Trailer - Official Site
Brave Soldier - Invasion of Cyborgs - June 14th
Brave Soldier - Invasion of Cyborgs is a single-player run n' gun sidescroller from indie developer JM Neto. With 16-bit and arcade inspired 2D pixel art and gameplay, the player controls a rampaging commando and is tasked with working through a range of 30 stages from jungles to snowfields.
Xbox Store - Metacritic - TrueAchievements - Trailer - Official Site
Crime Boss: Rockay City - June 15th
Crime Boss: Rockay City is a single and multiplayer co-operative FPS from Ingame Studios and 505 Games. Players are tasked with building a crew with the right skills for the job, and carrying out their mission in order to earn 'the cash, the turf and, ultimately, the crown.' Gameplay is said to be renascent of the Payday series. The game also includes a single-player campaign with rogue-like elements, where the objective is to build up your arsenal of weapons and loot, and expand your turf.
Xbox Store - Metacritic - TrueAchievements - Trailer - Official Site
Fall of Porcupine - June 15th
Fall of Porcupine is a single-player narrative adventure from Critical Rabbit. It follows fledgling doctor Finley as he wrestles with the healthcare system and explores the town of Porcupine. The game primarily seems to centre around exploration and casual platforming, with some mini-games and dialogue exchanges. According to the developers, 'it tackles sensitive topics with an approachable narrative, relatable characters and resonating dialogue.' It's XS optimised, with smart delivery.
Xbox Store - Metacritic - TrueAchievements - Trailer - Official Site
Layers of Fear - June 15th
Layers of Fear (2023) is a single-player narrative-driven psychological horror title from Bloober Team and Anshar Studios. Described by the developers as 'the definitive way to experience' the collection, it includes the 2016 original, its sequel and all existing DLC. As well as new 'The Final Note' and 'The Writer' DLC which offer new perspectives that tie the story together. The collection has been built in UE5, with updated 4K visuals, ray tracing, HDR, XS optimisations and support for VRR.
Xbox Store - Metacritic - TrueAchievements - Trailer - Official Site
QUByte Classics - Beat 'Em Up Archives - June 15th
QUByte Classics - Beat 'Em Up Archives is a two-game pack of single player arcade classics from PIKO Interactive. 1995's Iron Commando sees solider Jack and kung-fu master Chang Li fighting across ten stages to save the world. 1994's Legend is a seven stage hack and slash, set in the kingdom of Sellech.
Xbox Store - Metacritic - TrueAchievements - Trailer - Official Site
Steel Assault - June 15th
Steel Assault is a single player 16-bit action platformer from Zenovia Interactive. Set in a apocalyptic America, gameplay centres around fast-paced 2D platforming and grapple-hook meets zip-line traversal and combat mechanics. It features classic arcade style difficulty, also offering an easy mode.
Xbox Store - Metacritic - TrueAchievements - Trailer - Official Site
Army of Ruin - June 16th
Army of Ruin is a single-player auto-shooter from indie developers Milkstone Studios. Players are tasked with holding off waves of foes, using the an arsenal of weapons and the different heroes' unique skills. It also offers enhanceable trinkets and equipment, weapon unlocks and harder quests.
Xbox Store - Metacritic - TrueAchievements - Trailer - Official Site
Chess Gambit - June 16th
Chess Gambit is a low-poly 3D chess game from D-Lo Games. It supports both single player and local multiplayer, offering automatic match saving, 3D and classic 2D views, nine AI difficulties, animated 3D pieces and a range of visual environments to choose from. The title also supports Xbox Play Anywhere.
Xbox Store - Metacritic - TrueAchievements - Trailer - Official Site
F1 23 - June 16th [5 Hour Early Access Trial on June 13th via GPU/EA Play]
F1 23 is Codemasters' latest entry in their officially licensed F1 series. It includes the full 2023 roster of drivers and tracks, all the staple modes of the series from career mode to online and local multiplayer. Elsewhere it reintroduces red-flags for the first time since F1 2014, as well as a safety rating for online players that seems influenced by Grand Turismo and more hardcore online racing simulators. F1 23 is XS optimised, with support for smart delivery, cross-play, 120fps, ray tracing, Dolby Atmos and more.
Xbox Store - Metacritic - TrueAchievements - Trailer - Official Site
Ghost Files: The Face of Guilt - June 16th
Ghost Files: The Face of Guilt is a single-player murder-detective title from indie developer Brave Giant. As Boston PD Emily Meyer, the player must solve ten murder cases and catch a infamous serial killer known as 'The Guilty Man.' Alongside traditional puzzle solving, it also features ghosts and magic.
Xbox Store - Metacritic - TrueAchievements - Trailer - Official Site
Mixx Island: Remix Plus - June 16th
Mixx Island: Remix Plus is a single-player 2D action-shooter from indie developer Mackinn7. Gameplay appears to centre around fast and intuitive movement, a range of high-intensity bosses, and multiple abilities and power-ups to unlock. It also features 'vibrant graphics' and a 'pulse-pounding soundtrack.'
Xbox Store - Metacritic - TrueAchievements - Trailer - Official Site
Park Beyond - June 16th
Park Beyond is a construction and management simulation title from Limbic Entertainment. This single player experience sees players designing, constructing and managing their own theme park. Tasks include building flat rides and physics-defying rollercoasters as attractions, generating 'amazement' points to raise the profile of the park. They'll also need to handle the flow of visitors and their needs, as well as managing the business and its expansion. The game also supports keyboard and mouse.
Xbox Store - Metacritic - TrueAchievements - Trailer - Official Site
Shark Pinball - June 16th
Shark Pinball is the latest cheap and simple pinball title from Super PowerUp Games. It's largely single-player, but does feature online leaderboards. It includes eight missions to complete, Shark themed tables, plus the standard pinball feature set including multiball, extraball, skillshot and jackpots.
Xbox Store - Metacritic - TrueAchievements - Trailer - Official Site
Speed or Death - June 16th
Speed or Death is a cheap outlandish indie arcade racer from Dolores Entertainment. This single-player only title sees players racing through a variety of tracks, trying to avoid destruction. From an army base attacked by aliens to a volcano housing an angry dragon. 'We have Split/Second at home' vibes.
Xbox Store - Metacritic - TrueAchievements - Trailer - Official Site
Stay Out of the House - June 16th
Stay Out of the House is a VHS style slasher horror title from indie developer Puppet Combo. The devs say this single player experience is 'part survival horror, part immersive stealth simulator,' tasking the player with hiding in vents, picking locks, setting traps while being hunted by an intelligent AI.
Xbox Store - Metacritic - TrueAchievements - Trailer - Official Site
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