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WWI Story (PART 1) Journey to the Frontline

2023.06.09 14:04 ColBlackhawk WWI Story (PART 1) Journey to the Frontline

My great-grandfather, Alexander Houck Mosier, served in WWI with the 79th Division during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive, which took place from September 26, 1918, to November 11th, 1918. This is his story.
I have in my possession the transcription of a diary he wrote while deployed. A major help in writing this story is the book History of the Seventy-Ninth Division A.E.F. during the World War: 1917-1919, published in 1922. The book was extremely helpful, as Alexander had trouble spelling the French names. Reading along helped me to narrow down the towns he traveled through. I also have created a google map ( , which plots where I think he was. Especially in later parts where his division is in combat, the pins mark the general area. The map covers his whole diary, so minor spoilers for where he traveled.
In this story, I have picked specific entries from his diary, marked in bold, to tell the story, with my comments/ summary along with quotes from the book, in italics. There are entries for each day, but some are removed to shorten the length of the story.
Alexander Houck Mosier was born on May 25, 1894, in Maryland. When he was drafted, he was a laborer in a flour mill with an 8th grade education. He was drafted at the age of 23 and was sent to Camp Meade in 1917 as part of the 79th Division, 313th Infantry, Company D.
Major General Joseph A. Kuhn oversaw the division, with Colonel Claude B. Sweezey commanding the 313th infantry. The men of the 79th division were drawn from Pennsylvania, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. A good example of the demographic makeup of the division is given in the form of the 310th Field Artillery: “In this one regiment there were fifteen nationalities, American, Russian, Italian, Polish, Austrian, Jewish, Swiss, English, Lithuanian, Greek, Bohemian, French, Irish, Romanian, and even German. There were four different religious beliefs, Protestant, Catholic, Hebrew and Greek Catholic, while twenty-five men of the regiment asserted they had no religious adherence. As to educational attainments, but fifty men in the regiment had ever attended college, while 114 had no education of any sort. Others had been to elementary, grammar and high schools.”
By September 30th, all the men had arrived at Camp Meade and were ready for training. The training lasted from October 1st, 1917, to July 5th, 1918. On July 5th, the division departed for Hoboken.
Saturday, 6 July: Reached Jersey City about 4 AM. Taken ferry across to Hoboken, on ferry boat. Loan aboard U.S.S. Leviathan. Went on Guard at 6 PM.
U.S.S. Leviathan was formerly the German Liner Vaterland, seized along with the entire U.S. branch of the Hamburg American Line when war was declared. The ship was originally designed to carry 4,500 passengers but by the time Alexander boarded, it had been upgraded to 14,000.
Monday, 15 July – Arrived at Brest about 2:30 PM. Stayed aboard ship all night. Up all night, band playing.
Tuesday, 16 July- Left boat and landed at Brest, walking 6 miles. Arrived at rest camp about 12 AM. Weather was cloudy and rainy. Went in a field of weed. Work hard to get tent up in rain.
Thursday, 18 July- Left camp about 2 AM. Walked 6 miles. Boarded cars 42 men to a car. Passed through Lerody, Landerneaux. Bremmes a very nice town. Munitions Camp located.
An excerpt on what the box cars were like: “Box cars are usually provided for the accommodation of the troops. They hold from 3'-2 to 40 men. Sometimes seats are provided. Straw will be provided whenever practicable to make the men as comfortable as possible when traveling in cold weather. Space at each end of the car should be left clear for rifles, rations and accoutrements; the rifles being secured by an improvised rack made with screw rings and a strap or sling.”
Friday, 19 July – Still traveling. Passed Angers, Tours, Vierson (Vierzon) large R.R. Centre. People of better classed. Nice homes.
Saturday, 20 July – Still on board train without much comfort eating or sleeping. Passed Dijon. Mostly wheat and potatoes grown. Seen droves of cattle 1500. Several camps, some been overseas 8 months.
Sunday, 21 July- Arrived about 6 AM. After being on train about 80 hours, walked 4 miles and secured quarters. 3rd floor 18 men in 1 room very good after being on train. Town named Blissey sa Pierre. Rained all day.
Thursday, 25 July- Hiked 2 hours with heavy packs and then drilled till noon. Packed up and left. Passed through Chatillon SuSeine. Reached Longeaux (Longeau) about 1 o’clock and stayed till morning.
Friday, 26 July- Left Longeaux (Longeau) about 11 AM. Traveled in trucks about 2 PM. Billeted again not very good. Town prices very high. Champlittle (Champlitte) name of town.
Champlitte was the site of the Tenth Training Area, where the division was to spend all of August in intensive combat training. This area had not been touched by the war. A description of the area: “It was picturesque from one end of the training area to the other, with the peasants always ready to extend a hearty greeting. Men of the Ammunition Train tell of a large sign displayed on the town hall, or hotel de ville of one of the places they entered, bearing the inscription, “Welcome to our American Friends,” and of the formal address of welcome delivered by the town’s patriarch, while the children and girls threw flowers to the men standing in the ranks. There was, however, little to do in the area by way of recreation. At the end of a hard day’s work the sole amusements would be a stroll through quaint village streets, a halting conversation with a native, or a glass of light wine sipped in a sidewalk cafe. Regulations forbidding the sale of strong liquors were enforced by the military authorities and were well observed on the part of the French population.”
From July 26 to September 8th, Alexander’s entries are sometimes short. The following is a selection of that time.
Saturday – 3 August – Short drill and lecture of care of feet. Taking automatic rifle apart with eyes tied shut with a handkerchief. Taking all apart with eyes tight shut, putting together the same way. Inspected by Lt. Townsend. Only 1 pin missed but would not stop from shooting.
Thursday – 8 August- Shooting on rifle range with automatic rifle. Made a good score. 23 five shots.
Thursday – 15 August – Drilled in morning and went to gas house and tested our gas mask. Took part of positions in front line trenches in honor of some Catholic festival. Nearly all people turned out.
Friday- 23 August- Went on 6 hour hike about 16 miles. In evening foot inspection. Tired and hungry and received pay. Also emergency rations. Still warm and cloudy and very cold at night.
Saturday – 31 August – Drilled and went through the manual of arms. Drilled with gas mask on for 1 hour. Pretty hard to get on in six seconds.
Monday – 2 September – General inspection of equipment. All taking a bath. One man drowned name Raspa. I ran for a pole up to town about 500 yards.
DROWNED? Taking a bath? What an awful way to go.
Sunday – 8 September – Left Campsite. Walked 6 Miles to Oyrios. (Oyreires) No rest men drop out about 11 AM. Boarded train with 2 days of rations at 5:45 PM. 40 men to a car, passed backed to Champlatde Maatz Chaumorunt (no idea).
Monday, 9 September – Passed Revigny Barekduc (Bar-le-duc?), reached Longville and unloaded. 9:30 AM went to town and stayed up in a hay loft.
Tuesday, 10 September – Rainy, no drill. More troops passing, auto trucks passing through, No retreat.
Thursday, 12 September – Cloudy and rainy. Inspection of everything, gun and clothes. Detail unloading cars, hay, and goats.
This story will continue in 3 days with PART 2: Preparing to Attack
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9th Ed Custodes Codex - new no code - $19.50 USD / $25 CAD
9th Ed Custodes Codex - code only - $8 USD / $10 CAD
Custodes Combat Patrol - new on sprue - $116 USD / $155 CAD
Trajan Valoris - new on sprue - $35 USD / $45 CAD
Trajan Valoris - painted well - $51.50 USD / $70 CAD
Blade Champion - new on sprue - $30.50 USD / $38.50 CAD
Vertus Praetors - new on sprue - $44.50 USD / $60 CAD
5 Custodian Guard - new on sprue - $43 USD / $55 CAD
5 Custodian Guard - primed - $38 USD / $50 CAD
3 Allarus Custodians - new on sprue - $43 USD / $55 CAD
Sisters of Silence - new on sprue - $38 USD / $50 CAD
5 Sisters of Silence Squad - painted based - $51.50 USD / $70 CAD
5 Sisters of Silence Squad - built - $30 USD / $40 CAD
Single Vertus Praetor on Dawn Egle - new on sprue - $19.50 USD / $25 CAD
Single Vertus Praetor on Dawn Eagle - painted based - $27.50 USD / $35 CAD
Adeptus Mechanicus
Combat Patrol Admech - new on sprue - $107 USD / $145 CAD
Admech Boarding Patrol - new on sprue - $104 USD / $140 CAD
Cawl - new on sprue - $43 USD / $55 CAD
Cawl - painted well - $47 USD / $60 CAD
Cawl - built - $38.50 USD / $50 CAD
Tech Priest Manipulus - new on sprue - $29 USD / $38.50 CAD
Tech Priest Manipulus - painted well - $30 USD / $38.50 CAD
Tech Priest Dominus - new on sprue - $29 USD / $35 CAD
Tech Priest Dominus - painted well - $38.50 USD / $50 CAD
Tech Priest Dominus - primed/built - $23.50 USD / $30 CAD
Tech Priest Enginseer - new on sprue - $29 USD / $38.50 CAD
Tech Priest Enginseer - built/primed - $15 USD / $20 CAD
Tech Priest Enginseer - painted well - $29 USD / $35 CAD
Skitarii Marshall - new on sprue - $23.50 USD / $30 CAD
10 Skitarii Rangers/Vanguard - new on sprue - $38.50 USD / $50 CAD
10 Skitarii Rangers - painted/built/primed - $30 USD / $38.50 CAD
Single Skitarii Special Wep - painted/built/primed - $2.50 USD / $3 CAD
Kataphrons (full kit) - new on sprue - $43 USD / $55 CAD
3 Kataphron Breachers/Destroyers - painted well - $58 USD / $70 CAD
3 Kataphron Destroyers - painted - $38.50 USD / $50 CAD
Electropriests - new on sprue - $34 USD / $45 CAD
Sicarian Ruststalkers/Infiltrators - new on sprue - $43 USD / $55 CAD
Pteraxii Skystalkers/Sterylizors - new on sprue - $43 USD / $55 CAD
5 Pteraxii Skystalkers/Sterylizors - primed - $38.50 USD / $50 CAD
Serberys Sulphurhounds/Raiders - new on sprue - $43 USD / $55 CAD
3 Serberys Sulphurhounds/Raiders - built - $38.50 USD / $50 CAD
Syndonian Dragoons/ Ironstriders - new on sprue - $43 USD / $55 CAD
Syndonian Dragoons - built - $34 USD / $45 CAD
2 Kastellan Robots w/Datasmith - new on sprue - $60 USD / $75 CAD
2 Kastellan Robots - painted well - $60 USD / $75 CAD
2 Kastellan Robots - painted - $50 USD / $60 CAD
Onager Dunecrawler - new on sprue - $52 USD / $70 CAD
Onager Dunecrawler - painted/built - $38.50 USD / $50 CAD
Skorpius DunerideDisintigrator - new on sprue - $60 USD / $75 CAD
Skorpius Disintigrator - built - $50 USD / $60 CAD
Archaeocopter - new on sprue - $77 USD / $95 CAD
Archaeocopter - painted - $66 USD / $90 CAD
Pro Painted Mars Pricing in Google Doc
Adeptus Sororitas
9th Ed Sororitas Codex - new sealed - $39 USD / $50 CAD
9th Ed Sororitas Codex - new no code - $30 USD / $40 CAD
9th Ed Sororitas Data Cards - new sealed - $19.50 USD / $25 CAD
Adeptus Sororitas Combat Patrol - new on sprue - $107 USD / $145 CAD
Morven Vahl - new on sprue - $43 USD / $55 CAD
Ephrael Stern and Kyganil - new on sprue - $38 USD / $50 CAD
Junith Erutia - new on sprue - $38 USD / $50 CAD
Celestine w/ geminae - new on sprue - $43 USD / $55 CAD
Canoness - new on sprue - $30 USD / $38.50 CAD
Canoness (combat patrol) - new on sprue - $19.50 USD / $25 CAD
Palantine - new on sprue - $23.50 USD / $30 CAD
Imagifier - new on sprue - $23.50 USD / $30 CAD
Dialogous - new on sprue - $30 USD / $38.50 CAD
Hospitaller - new on sprue - $30 USD / $38.50 CAD
Dogmata - new on sprue - $27.50 USD / $35 CAD
Paragon Warsuits - new on sprue - $51.50 USD / $70 CAD
Battle Sisters - new on sprue - $43 USD / $55 CAD
Novitiates - new on sprue - $43 USD / $55 CAD
Arcoflagellants - new on sprue - $38 USD / $50 CAD
Repentia - new on sprue - $43 USD / $55 CAD
Seraphim/Zephyrm - new on sprue - $43 USD / $55 CAD
5 Seraphim - new on sprue - $34 USD / $45 CAD
2 Penitent Engines / Mortifiers - new on sprue - $47 USD / $60 CAD
Single Penitent Engine (combat patrol) - built - $19.50 USD / $25 CAD
Retributors - new on sprue - $43 USD / $55 CAD
Sisters Rino - new on sprue - $43 USD / $55 CAD
Sisters Rino - painted - $34 USD / $45 CAD
Immolator - new on sprue - $58 USD / $75 CAD
Exorcist - new on sprue - $60 USD / $80 CAD
Adeptus Sororitas (OOP Metals)
OOP Metal Cannoness - painted well - $23.50 USD / $30 CAD
OOP Metal 10 Battle Sisters w/ Bolters - painted/primed/built - $39 USD / $50 CAD
5 OOP Metal Dominions w/ meltas - painted well red - $39 USD / $50 CAD
OOP Metal 5 Dominions special Weps - painted/primed/built - $34 USD / $45 CAD
OOP Metal 5 Seraphim - painted red tabletop - $34 USD / $45 CAD
OOP Metal 5 Seraphim - painted/primed/built - $27.50 USD / $35 CAD
9th Ed IK Data Cards - new sealed - $12 USD / $15 CAD
IK Dice (2023) - new sealed - $27.50 USD / $35 CAD
IK Valiant - new on sprue - $134 USD / $160 CAD
IK Canis Rex (full kit) - new on sprue - $134 USD / $160 CAD
2 Questoris Class Knights - part built - $206 USD / $280 CAD
IK Crusader - painted well - $155 USD / $210 CAD
IK Errant - Pro Painted - $200 USD/ $270 CAD
IK Gallant - painted well - $155 USD / $210 CAD
CSM Codex 9th Edition - code only - $15 USD / $20 CAD
Kill Team Chaotica Dice - new sealed - $27.50 USD / $35 CAD
Chaos Space Marines Combat Patrol - new on sprue - $107 USD / $145 CAD
Abaddon (new) - new on sprue - $48 USD / $65 CAD
Fabius Bile - new on sprue - $36 USD / $45 CAD
Warpsmith - new on sprue - $30 USD / $38.50 CAD
Haarken Worldclaimer - new on sprue - $30 USD / $38.50 CAD
Daemon Prince (New 2023) - new on sprue - $60 USD / $75 CAD
Daemon Prince - painted well - $47 USD / $60 CAD
Daemon Prince - new on sprue - $36 USD / $45 CAD
Master of Executions - new on sprue - $23 USD / $30 CAD
Dark Apostle w/ Disciples (new) - new on sprue - $27.50 USD / $35 CAD
Dark Apostle w/ Disciples (new) - built - $23 USD / $30 CAD
Lord Discordant - new on sprue - $51.50 USD / $70 CAD
Chaos Lord - painted well nightlords - $23 USD / $30 CAD
Chaos Lord - painted well black legion - $36 USD / $45 CAD
Chaos Sorc (new) - new on sprue - $23 USD / $30 CAD
Chaos Lord / Sorcerer in Terminator Armour - new on sprue - $23 USD / $30 CAD
Chaos Lord / Sorcerer in Terminator Armour - painted well black legion - $36 USD / $45 CAD
Aspiring Champion - part built - $23 USD / $30 CAD
Aspiring Champion Converted - primed - $12 USD / $15 CAD
Dark Commune - new on sprue - $41.50 USD / $50 CAD
Chosen (New) - new on sprue - $43 USD / $55 CAD
Chaos Terminators (new) - new on sprue - $47 USD / $60 CAD
Possessed (New) - new on sprue - $43 USD / $55 CAD
Kill Team Legionaries - new on sprue - $48 USD / $65 CAD
Chaos Space Marines (full kit) - new on sprue - $41.50 USD / $50 CAD
Accursed Cultists - new on sprue - $41.50 USD / $50 CAD
Cultists (New) - new on sprue - $34 USD / $45 CAD
Raptors/Warptalons - new on sprue - $34 USD / $45 CAD
Chaos Bikers - new on sprue - $34 USD / $45 CAD
Chaos Spawn - new on sprue - $41.50 USD / $50 CAD
Single Chaos Spawn - painted well - $23 USD / $30 CAD
5 Havocs - new on sprue - $41.50 USD / $50 CAD
5 Havocs - painted/built - $30 USD / $40 CAD
5 Khorne Havocs - built - $43 USD / $55 CAD
Chaos Rino - new on sprue - $34 USD / $45 CAD
Chaos Rhino - built/primed - $30 USD / $40 CAD
Hellbrute (full kit) - new onn sprue - $41.50 USD / $50 CAD
Hellbrute - need TLC - $30 USD / $40 CAD
Maulerfiend/Forgefiend - new on sprue - $51.50 USD / $70 CAD
Maulerfiend/Forgefiend - primed - $47 USD / $60 CAD
Helldrake - new on sprue - $60 USD / $75 CAD
Defiler - converted - $48 USD / $65 CAD
World Eaters
World Eaters 9th Ed Data Cards - new sealed - $21 USD / $27.50 CAD
World Eaters Combat Patrol - new on sprue - $116 USD / $155 CAD
Angron - new on sprue - new on sprue - $117 USD / $160 CAD
Lord Invocatus / Lord on Juggernaut - new on sprue - $39 USD / $50 CAD
Khorne Berzerkers - new on sprue - $47 USD / $60 CAD
Jakhals - new on sprue - $39 USD / $50 CAD
Thousand Sons
Thousand Sons Data Cards - new sealed - $21 USD / $27.50 CAD
Thousand Sons Combat Patrol - new on sprue - $115 USD / $145 CAD
Magnus - new on sprue - $125 USD / $155 CAD
AHriman - new on sprue - $35.50 USD / $45 CAD
Ahriman - painted based - $41.50 USD / $50 CAD
Ahriman - painted - $27.50 USD / $35 CAD
Infernal Master - new on sprue - $27.50 USD / $35 CAD
Terminator Sorc - painted well - $23 USD / $30 CAD
Exalted Sorcerors - new on sprue - $47 USD / $60 CAD
Single Exalted Sorceror - painted well - $23 USD / $30 CAD
Scarab Occult Terminators - new on sprue - $47 USD / $60 CAD
Rubric Marines - new on sprue - $47 USD / $60 CAD
9 Rubric Marines - painted well - $47 USD / $60 CAD
Tzaangor Shaman - new on sprue - $23.50 USD / $30 CAD
Tzaangors - new on sprue - $27.50 USD / $35 CAD
Tzaangor Exalted / Skyfires - new on sprue - $35.50 USD / $45 CAD
Death Guard
9th Ed DG Codex - new sealed - $43 USD / $55 CAD
9th Ed DG Codex - new no code - $36 USD / $45 CAD
9th Ed DG Data Cards - new sealed - $21 USD / $27.50 CAD
9th Ed DG Data Cards - great - $15 USD / $20 CAD
DG Combat Patrol - new on sprue - $107 USD / $145 CAD
Mortarion - new on sprue - $115 USD / $155 CAD
Typhus - new on sprue - $30 USD / $40 CAD
Typhus - painted well - $47 USD / $60 CAD
Typhus - painted - $24.50 USD / $30 CAD
Lord of Virulence - new on sprue - $30 USD / $38.50 CAD
Lord of Virulence - painted/built - $26 USD / $33.50 CAD
Lord of Contagion - painted - $24.50 USD / $30 CAD
Malignant Plaguecaster - primed - $24.50 USD / $30 CAD
Lord Felthus Tainted Cohort - new on sprue - $37 USD / $48 CAD
Noxious Blightbringer - painted well - $24.50 USD / $30 CAD
Plague Marine Champion - new on sprue - 24.50 USD / $30 CAD
Plague Surgeon - new on sprue - $24.50 USD / $30 CAD
Tallyman - new on sprue - $24.50 USD / $30 CAD
Foul Blightspawn - new on sprue - 24.50 USD / $30 CAD
Biologous Putrifier - new on sprue - 24.50 USD / $30 CAD
Plague Marine Icon Bearer - new on sprue - $23.50 USD / $30 CAD
Blightlords - new on sprue - $47 USD / $60 CAD
5 Blightlord Terminators - painted well - $78 USD / $90 CAD
Deathshroud - new on sprue - $47 USD / $60 CAD
3 Deathshroud - painted well - $78 USD / $90 CAD
10 Poxwalkers - new on sprue - $23.50 USD / $30 CAD
10 Poxwalkers - painted well - $43 USD / $55 CAD
3 Plague Marines - Pro Painted - $30 USD / $40 CAD
7 Plague Marines - new on sprue - $39 USD / $50 CAD
7 Plague Marines - built/primed/painted - $30 USD / $40 CAD
Foetid Bloat Drone (full kit) - new on sprue - $39 USD / $50 CAD
Foetid Bloat Drone fleshmower - painted well - $63 USD / $80 CAD
Foetid Bloat Drone plaguespitters - painted well - $34.50 USD / $45 CAD
Myphtic Blighthauler - new on sprue - $23.50 USD / $30 CAD
Myphtic Blighthauler - painted well - $30 USD / $40 CAD
Plagueburst Crawler - new on sprue - $54 USD / $70 CAD
Miasmic Malignifier - new on sprue - $43 USD / $55 CAD
9th Ed Aeldari Data Cards - new sealed - / 27.50 CAD
Aeldari Dice - new sealed - $30 USD / $40 CAD
Aeldari Combat Patrol - new on sprue - $107 USD / $145 CAD
Aeldari Boarding Patrol - new on sprue - $107 USD / $145 CAD
Autarch - new on sprue - $32 USD / $38.50 CAD
Winged Autarch - new on sprue - $22 USD / $30 CAD
Eldrad Ulthran - new on sprue - $27.50 USD / $35 CAD
Eldrad Ulthran - painted - $22 USD / $30 CAD
FarseeWarlock Skyrunner - new on sprue - $32 USD / $38.50 CAD
FarseeWarlock Skyrunner - painted/primed - $25 USD / $32.50 CAD
Warlock Skyrunner - painted - $24 USD / $32 CAD
Farseer - new on sprue - $15 USD / $20 CAD
Farseer - primed - $8 USD / $10 CAD
Farseer - painted well - $20 USD / $25 CAD
Warlocks - new on sprue - $41 USD / $55 CAD
Maugan Ra (new) - new on sprue - $34 USD / $45 CAD
Maugan Ra (new) - built - $31 USD / $40 CAD
Avatar of Khaine - new on sprue - $75 USD / $100 CAD
Dire Avengers - new on sprue - $32 USD / $38.50 CAD
Jain Zar (new) - new on sprue - $34 USD / $45 CAD
Jain Zar (new) - painted well need TLC - $41 USD / $55 CAD
Jain Zar (new) - built - $31 USD / $40 CAD
6 Striking Scorpions - new on sprue - $39 USD / $50 CAD
5 Howling Banshees (new) - new on sprue - $41 USD / $55 CAD
5 Wraithb1ades = new on sprue - $41 USD / $55 CAD
5 Wraithb1ades - built - $39 USD / $50 CAD
Wraithlord - new on sprue - $39 USD / $50 CAD
Eldar Rangers - new on sprue - $41 USD / $55 CAD
Guardians (new) - new on sprue - $39 USD / $50 CAD
Voidscarred Corsairs - new on sprue - $41 USD / $55 CAD
Windrunners - new on sprue - $39 USD / $50 CAD
Shroud Runners - new on sprue - $53 USD / $65 CAD
Shining Spears - new on sprue - $53 USD / $65 CAD
5 Swooping Hawks - painted well - $53 USD / $65 CAD
6 Swooping Hawks - new on sprue - $39 USD / $50 CAD
Vyper - painted - $22 USD / $30 CAD
Support Weapon - new on sprue - $22 USD / $30 CAD
War Walker - built - $25 USD / $32.50 CAD
Dark Reapers (new) - new on sprue - $41 USD / $55 CAD
Wave Serpeant - new on sprue - $41 USD / $55 CAD
Fire Prism / Nightspinner - new on sprue - $53 USD / $65 CAD
Crimson HunteHemlock - new on sprue - $63 USD / $80 CAD
Crimson Hunter - Pro Painted - $110 USD / $140 CAD
Wraithknight - new on sprue - $115 USD / $145 CAD
Painted Well Aeldari in Google Doc
9th Ed Orks Data Cards - new sealed - $8 USD / $10 CAD
Orks Dice - new sealed - $28 USD / $35 CAD
KT Ork Kommandos Dice - new sealed - $28 USD / $35 CAD
Orks Combat Patrol - new on sprue - $116 USD / $155 CAD
Goff Rocker - new on sprue - $30 USD / $40 CAD
Da Red Gobbo and Bounca - new in box - $30 USD / $40 CAD
Warboss w/ Mega Armor (combat patrol) - painted well - $52 USD / $70 CAD
Warboss - painted well/built - $23.50 USD / $30 CAD
Warboss - painted - $15 USD / $20 CAD
Ghazghkull and Makari - new on sprue - $51.50 USD / $70 CAD
Mozrog Skragbad / Beastboss on Squig - new on sprue - $44.50 USD / $60 CAD
Beastboss on Squig - Pro Painted - $67 USD / $90 CAD
Beastboss on Squig - built - $43 USD / $55 CAD
Zodgrod Wortsnagga - new on sprue - $30 USD / $40 CAD
Zodgrod Wortsnagga - built - $28.50 USD / $35 CAD
Beast Boss - new on sprue - $30 USD / $38.50 CAD
Beast Boss - primed - $28.50 USD / $35 CAD
Deff Killa Wartrike - new on sprue - $43 USD / $55 CAD
Deff Killa Wartrike - primed/built - $41 USD / $50 CAD
Big Mek w/ Shokk Atk - new on sprue - $33 USD / $42 CAD
Big Mek w/ Shokk Atk - built - 28.50 USD / $35 CAD
Kaptain Badrukk - Pro Painted - $51.50 USD / $70 CAD
Converted Mek - painted - $7.50 USD / $10 CAD
Painboss - new on sprue - $32 USD / $38.50 CAD
Painboss - painted well - $45.50 USD / $55 CAD
Painboy - new on sprue - $23.50 USD / $30 CAD
Painboy - painted well - $28.50 USD / $35 CAD
Painboy - painted - - $20 USD / $25 CAD
OOP Metal Painboy - primed - $15 USD / $20 CAD
3 Mega Nobz - new on sprue - $50 USD / $65 CAD
5 Burna boyz - painted well - $44.50 USD / $60 CAD
5 Burna boyz - built/primed - $23.50 USD / $30 CAD
5 Nobz - painted - $20 USD / $25 CAD
5 Nobz - new on sprue - $28.50 USD / $35 CAD
10 Kommandos (Octarius) - new on sprue - $53 USD / $65 CAD
10 Kommandos (Octarius) - built - $43 USD / $55 CAD
10 Beast Snagga Boyz - new on sprue - $41 USD / $50 CAD
10 Beast Snagga Boyz - built - $41 USD / $50 CAD
9 Beast Snagga Boyz - built - $30 USD / $40 CAD
20 Converted Savage Orks - painted - $43 USD / $55 CAD
10 Ork Boyz (new combat patrol) - new on sprue - $30 USD / $40 CAD
10 Ork Boyz (Combat Patrol Sluggas) - painted tabletop - $44.50 USD / $60 CAD
10 Ork Boyz (Combat Patrol) - primed - $28.50 USD / $35 CAD
10 Ork Boyz (shootas) - painted/built/primed - $37 USD / $50 CAD
10 Ork Boyz (shootas) - built/primed/painted - $28.50 USD / $35 CAD
10 Ork Boyz (Sluggas) - painted tabletop - $36.50 USD / $45 CAD
10 Gretchin w/ runtherd - new on sprue - $18 USD / $24 CAD
10 Gretchin w/ runtherd - primed - $15.50 USD / $20 CAD
3 DeffKoptas (new combat patrol) - new on sprue - $44.50 USD / $60 CAD
3 Deffkoptas (Combat Patrol) - built - $41 USD / $50 CAD
5 OOP Deffkoptas - painted well - $67 USD / $90 CAD
Squighog boyz w/ Smasha Squig - new on sprue - $48 USD / $65 CAD
Squighog boyz w/ Smasha Squig - painted/primed - $43 USD / $55 CAD
Smasha Squig Only - primed - $15 USD / $20 CAD
Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy - new on sprue - $43 USD / $55 CAD
Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy - painted/primed - $36.50 USD / $45 CAD
Kustom Boosta Blasta - new on sprue - $43 USD / $55 CAD
Shokkjump Dragsta - new on sprue - $43 USD / $55 CAD
Megatrakk Scrapjet - new on sprue - $43 USD / $55 CAD
Megatrakk Scrapjet - primed - $36.50 USD / $45 CAD
Boomdakka Snazzwagon - new on sprue - $43 USD / $55 CAD
Warbikers - new on sprue - $41 USD / $50 CAD
5 Ork Warbikers - painted well - $81 USD / $110 CAD
3 Ork Warbikers - painted/primed - $30 USD / $40 CAD
Stormboyz - new on sprue - $28.50 USD / $35 CAD
5 lootas/Burnas - new on sprue - $28.50 USD / $35 CAD
5 Lootas - painted well - $41 USD / $50 CAD
5 Lootas - painted/primed/built - $23.50 USD / $30 CAD
Mek Gunz - new on sprue - $43 USD / $55 CAD
Mek Gunz - primed - $36.50 USD / $45 CAD
Flashgitz - new on sprue - $45.50 USD / $55 CAD
Deff Dread - new on sprue - $45.50 USD / $55 CAD
Deff Dread - painted tabletop - $45.50 USD / $55 CAD
3 Killa Kanz - new on sprue - $45.50 USD / $55 CAD
3 Killa Kanz - primed - $36.50 USD / $45 CAD
Kill Rig / Hunta Rig - new on sprue - $100 USD / $135 CAD
Kill Rig - Pro Painted - $187 USD / $255 CAD
Battlewagon (full kit) - new on sprue - $78 USD / $105 CAD
Morkanaut / Gorkanaut - new on sprue - $100 USD / $130 CAD
Morkanaut / Gorkanaut - painted/built - $85.50 USD / $110 CAD
Burna Bommer (full kit) - new on sprue - $62 USD / 75 CAD
Wazbom - painted - $53 USD / $65 CAD
Dakka Jet - painted - $53 USD / $65 CAD
Ork Trukk - new on sprue - $41 USD / $50 CAD
Ork Terrain (Octarius) - new on sprue - $62 USD / 75 CAD
Ork Scrap Terrain - built - $12 USD / $15 CAD
Lumineth Battletome (2022) - new sealed - $40 USD / $55 CAD
Lumineth Battletome (2021) - great - $11 USD / $15 CAD
Lumineth Warscroll Cards (2022) - new sealed - $22 USD / $30 CAD
Lumineth Warscroll Cards (2021) - new sealed - $8 USD / $10 CAD
Lumineth Dice (2022) - new sealed - $30 USD / $38.50 CAD
Lumineth Battleforce - new on sprue - $165 USD / $210 CAD
Lumineth Vanguard - new on sprue - $95 USD / $130 CAD
Direcahsm Myaris Putrifiers w/ cards - new on sprue - $27.50 USD / $35 CAD
Lumineth Half Arcane Cataclysm - new on sprue - $95 USD / $130 CAD
Archmage Teclis - new on sprue - $123 USD / $170 CAD
Archmage Teclis - part built - $107 USD / $145 CAD
OOP Metal Teclis - unbuilt - $31.50 USD/ $40 CAD
Scinari Enlightener - new on sprue - $31.50 USD/ $40 CAD
Lyrior Uthralle / Vanari Lord Regent - new on sprue - $39 USD / $50 CAD
Lyrior Uthralle / Vanari Lord Regent - primed - $35 USD / $45 CAD
Sevireth / Harukan Spirit of the Wind - new on sprue - $40 USD / $55 CAD
Ellania and Ellathor - new on sprue - $35 USD / $45 CAD
Harukan Windmage - new on sprue - $32.50 USD / $40 CAD
Vanari Bannerblade - new on sprue - $2 USD / $30 CAD
Scinari Loreseeker - new on sprue - $22 USD / $30 CAD
Scinari Loreseeker - built - $20 USD / $25 CAD
Scinari Calligrave - new on sprue - $22 USD / $30 CAD
Alarith Stonemage - new on sprue - $31.50 USD / $40 CAD
Alarith Stonemage - primed - $27.50 USD / $35 CAD
Scinari Cathaller - new on sprue - $20 USD / $25 CAD
Scinari Cathaller - primed/built - $15 USD / $20 CAD
Light of Eltharion - new on sprue - $37 USD / $50 CAD
Vanari Bladelords - new on sprue - $33 USD / $45 CAD
10 Vanari Auralan Wardens - painted/built/primed - $35 USD / $45 CAD
Vanari Auralan Wardens - new on sprue - $40 USD / $55 CAD
Vanari Dawnriders - new on sprue - $45 USD / $60 CAD
5 Vanari Dawnriders - primed/built - $40 USD / $55 CAD
Vanari Sentinals - new on sprue - $37 USD / $50 CAD
10 Vanari Sentinals - primed - $31.50 USD / $40 CAD
Hurakan Windchargers - new on sprue - $48 USD / $65 CAD
5 Hurakan Windchargers - part built - $40 USD / $55 CAD
5 Alarith Stoneguard - new on sprue - $45 USD / $60 CAD
Avalenor / Alarith - new on sprue - $81 USD / $110 CAD
Vanari Starshard Ballista - new on sprue - $41 USD / $50 CAD
Shrine Luminor - new on sprue - $48 USD / $65 CAD
Lumineth Endless Spells - built - $31.50 USD / $40 CAD
Ossiarch Bonereapers
OBR Battletome (2023) - new sealed - $44 USD / $55 CAD
OBR Warscroll Cards (2023) - new sealed - $27.50 USD / $35 CAD
OBR Vanguard - new on sprue - $102 USD / $140 CAD
Katakros - new on sprue - $86 USD / $115 CAD
Vokmortian - new on sprue - $23.50 USD / $30 CAD
Vokmortian - primed - $19.50 USD / $25 CAD
Mortisan Ossifector - new on sprue - $24 USD / $32 CAD
Mortisan Soulreaper - new on sprue - $24 USD / $30 CAD
Mortisan Boneshaper - new on sprue - $24 USD / $30 CAD
Mortisan Boneshaper - pro painted - $35 USD / $45 CAD
Mortisan Soulmason - new on sprue - $31.50 USD / $38.50 CAD
Arch Kavalos Zandtos / Liege Kavalos - new on sprue - $44 USD / $55 CAD
Liege KAvalos - painted well - $40 USD / $50 CAD
2 Morghast Archai / Harbingers - new on sprue - $48 USD / $65 CAD
2 Morghast Archai / Harbingers - built - $44 USD / $55 CAD
2 Morghast Archai / Harbingers - painted well - $65 USD / $80 CAD
3 Immortis Guard/Necropolis Stalkers - new on sprue - $44 USD / $55 CAD
3 Immortis Guard - painted well - $44 USD / $55 CAD
10 Mortrek Guard - painted well - $31.50 USD / $40 CAD
20 Mortrek Guard - new on sprue - $44 USD / $55 CAD
Kavalos Deathriders - new on sprue - $44 USD / $55 CAD
5 Kavalos Deathriders - painted - $36.50 USD / $45 CAD
Gothizzer Harvester - new on sprue - $44 USD / $55 CAD
Gothizzer Harvester - painted well - $48 USD / $65 CAD
Mortrek Crawler - new on sprue - $65 USD / $80 CAD
Mortrek Crawler - Pro Painted - $96 USD / $120 CAD
Endless Spells Ossiarch - new on sprue - $39 USD / $50 CAD
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2023.06.06 18:30 tulpacat1 To Kill a Predator, Chapter 24

Hi everyone.
To Kill a Predator is a work of fan fiction set in the Nature of Predators universe originally created by SpacePaladin15 whose Patreon you should subscribe to.
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Depiction does not equal endorsement.
Hope you enjoy it!
[First] [Previous] [Next]
Memory transcription subject: Thiva, Venlil Civilian
Date [standardized human time]: December 6th, 2136

Thank the Protector for Vilek.
She had stepped up in every possible way. She coached me on the right answers to give to the assessors. She worked with a Krakotl named Jarkim to keep the Exterminator’s office at bay. And she took care of answering questions from a reporter named Sharnet that reached out to me since both the humans who contacted her, mister Sinclair and Martin, had fallen prey to the Liberators.
This was the paw where I got to leave the hospital. My injuries were actually quite minor (or so they claimed), but they had kept me under observation for several paws to see if I’d display Predator Disease after everything that happened. There was a real risk that after all that, after what Martin sacrificed for me, I’d just end up in a Facility.
At first I thought I probably should be. I was happy that Renak was dead, and I wanted Vansi to die too. For the first couple of paws just thinking about being tied in that chair with Renak whistling and leaning over me with his knife and claws and teeth… it made me shake and scream, once even until I soiled myself.
Thinking about what Vansi had done to Martin made me shriek with anger and throw things and tear curtains. Vilek had stayed by my side though, and helped cover up the incidents each time. Without her I’d be in a Facility for sure.
Then she got me in contact with a human assessor over video calls, a man named doctor Johan Eriksson with ice-blue eyes and a lot of yellow fur all over his face. And just as Martin had promised, Johan was aghast at hearing about the Federation’s treatment of Predator Disease. Johan promised me that my feelings were entirely normal, and that he’d help me work through everything.

I’ve had three calls with him since then, and while every one of them ended with me in tears I always felt better afterwards. He was teaching me a system called ‘Mindfulness’. By examining my own emotions and surroundings in a neutral way, it was possible for me to significantly reduce the symptoms! And it was working, it really was. I was more able to manage my emotions. I could recognize when the world was fading into a furious orange or horrid gray, and pull myself back from the brink.
And he said there were other coping strategies to use too, that he’d be providing me with all the tools I needed to grow myself like a garden: Pruning the bad parts, watering the good, and planting the seeds of the sort of person I wanted to grow into.
The humans love their metaphors! But this one was rather beautiful, so I didn’t mind. I quite liked to imagine myself as a garden! But not the ones on Venlil Prime. One of the ones on Earth. Johan had showed me pictures. So full of different colors, dozens of types of insects, so many birds… an explosion of life and color and joy!
That’s the kind of garden I wanted to be. Someday.

Coming back home was tough. Not just because I had to pick between being woozy from painkillers or aching with all the little motions of daily life (I had settled on being woozy), but also because of all the little reminders.
Vilek had pressured the landlord into replacing the front door, but the new color reminded me of the break-in. The door to Martin’s room was entirely absent. Martin was entirely absent.
I didn’t feel safe sleeping in my bed. Vilek let me share hers. I woke up crying and feeling her claws stroking through my fur to comfort me.
I was grateful, truly grateful, for my friend. But she wasn’t the one I wanted to hold me.
A claw later I screamed when the pad rang for a phone call, and had to sit and do my mindfulness exercises while Vilek answered it.
She hung up in a hurry and rushed over to me and grasped my paw. “Thiva, we have to get to the hospital! Right now!”


Memory transcription subject: Martin Russo, Human Refugee
Date [standardized human time]: December 11th, 2136

I am in more pain than at any other point in my entire life.
Every single part of my being hurts on a level so deep I can feel it in my soul, and I don’t even believe those exist.
My tears are flowing freely and shamelessly. My mouth is open and my drool tastes alkaline, my throat trying to shield itself from the vomit that’s threatening to flow forth.
Taking a single step requires more willpower than I can even wrap my head around. Every single muscle has to be tensed manually, my brain simply refuses to pass the ‘walk’ signal to the body. My shaking limbs move in slow motion, like wading through thick non-Newtonian fluid. Like an arthritic, decrepit old man.
And always that voice. That fucking voice. That fucking voice I need to shut it up I hate you I hate you so much I hate you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you

“Good job, Martin! One more step, c’mon, you can do it! Gold star!”
“fuck you… fuck you… fuck you… fuck you…” The mantra helps me manage the last step, before I collapse. First to my knees, then down to my hands. Then onto my face, on the soft and spongy floor.
Chasa, my Zurulian arch-nemesis, pads over to me fearlessly and sits down. She licks a paw before stroking it through my hair, giving me a cowlick. “Great job! I can tell you’ve been doing your exercises! Good boy!”
I can’t move my limbs right now. “hate you. hate you so much.”
She pads over to a small teddy bear-sized table and holds up my medical file. She’s had it printed out on actual paper with an actual manila folder, just for this purpose. “That’s fine! You don’t hate the gold star, though, do you?”
“…that’s for children…”
“Oh, so you don’t want it?”
I growl as menacingly as I can. It’s not particularly impressive. She holds up the little gold star sticker and wags it at me, before placing it on my file. She doesn’t seem particularly afraid of me. Though to be fair, even though she weighs maybe 20 kilos soaking wet she could probably take me in a fight.
Chasa looked up human physical therapy before taking on my case, and apparently learned about this incentive system… someplace. Each session she gives me a gold star if I manage to go above and beyond. I hate it. It’s infantilizing, condescending, and juvenile. And it works. I want the gold star. This is my fifth fucking physical therapy session and I want my fifth fucking gold star. It’s the least she can do after she makes me torture myself.
“Fantastic work! Alright, so after third-meal I want you to try and walk around your bed. Back and forth, as many times as you can. And remember to rotate your arm!”
“ah, i see. you hate me too.”
Chasa looks immensely happy and pleased as a couple of Venlil nurses get me onto a too-small gurney. She takes a little sugar and salt treat from a bowl for cubs or pups or whatever, and walks over to place it in my lap. “See you next paw, Martin!”
I will find a way to pay her back for this.

I woke up around five or six paws ago with tubes in every orifice on my body, and was very surprised to find myself alive.
The full story only came later. Slavik and Jarkim had taken out one of the Liberators, but Jarkim had gotten badly wounded as a result. As soon as they had dumped Jarkim back at the truck, Slavik double-timed it to the house. They passed Thiva and Mosun on the way, and managed to arrive in time to stop Vansi from setting me on fire. By shooting her.
Not that that would’ve mattered, considering my massive blood loss and organ damage and being stuck out in the middle of Fuckoff Nowheresota.
The fact that there was a UN army base about two dozen miles away saved me, as their helicopters showed up to take over the scene and haul all the injured to the hospital. The medics were able to get to me within the Golden Hour. Though considering the extent of my injuries it was apparently closer to the Golden Ten Minutes.
Since then I had been in a medically induced coma while the hospital grew replacements for just about every single one of my organs. To hear tell of it, I’d have had no chance long-term without the Zurulians’ almost unfathomably advanced technology. The alien teddy bears were able to salvage my broken body, even though it’s likely that my left leg, left arm, and right hand will never be the same again.
And now I get to torture myself back to health. Oh joy.

My lambchops have been showing up every day or paw or whatever for visiting hours, and staying each time until they’re chased out by the nurses.
Each time I see them enter my room it feels better than a shot of whatever the aliens use instead of morphine; the sight of them together and safe lifts my spirits and puts a smile on my face.
We spend most of our time watching movies or TV shows on the pad, while they take turns holding my hand or stroking my head. I pet them back as much as I can, but for now both that and talking for any length of time are too draining.
They’ve been showing me some of the classic works of the Venlil. I’ve been showing them classics of humanity.
“Hey Blondie! You know what you are?! Just a dirty sonofa-” Aaa-aa-aaaaa!
The lambchops whistle with joyful laughter, releasing the tension of the long finale of the finest Western of all time.
Thiva sighs with relief. “Oh Protector, I really thought he was going to kill Tuco!”
“No way, he’s ‘The good’ of the title! And it was a call-back to the first part of the film where he kept shooting him down, there’s no way they wouldn’t take the opportunity to tie it all together!”
“Yeah, I guess… Is that seriously what humans considered ‘good’ back then?”
I interject. “You could argue that Blondie is supposed to be ‘the good’, but he’s really more like the ‘least bad’. The people making the movie were living under a dictatorship, so a lot of films from the nation of Spain around that time were made from a very cynical point of view.”
Thiva leans against me and runs her claws through my hair, making me shiver. “You haven’t been showing us a lot of movies with war in them, but they’re apparently pretty common for humans?”
I give a nod. “Yes. We’ve always had a complex relationship with war and violence. You might’ve noticed that this movie took a very somber perspective, largely viewing the war as pointless. While it was a controversial conflict in the past, nowadays the common view of the US civil war is that it was a necessary conflict to end the evils of chattel slavery.”
Vilek is silent for a short bit. “So like Blondie, violence isn’t necessarily good, but sometimes it’s the least bad.”
“Oh, I like that. That’s clever.”
She wags her tail. “Alright, what’s next on the list?”
“Next… I do my exercises, before I get too tired. Can you girls help me get into the leg brace? Can’t walk at all without the damn thing.”

They help manhandle me into a standing position and latch the leg brace, and I can start my agonizingly slow and agonizingly agonizing journey around the bed and back again.
To keep my mind off of the pain, and because I can’t loudly curse my beloved lambchops out like I can my arch-nemesis Chasa, I try to talk instead. “S-So… I’ve been looking into… human universities… that’ll take both of you… and ideally… transfer your… credits…”
Vilek wags encouragingly, and helps support me on my slow journey. “That’s great! We can all head to Earth instead and I can become a human assess-no, therapist!”
Thiva sighs. “Honestly, I like the sound of that. I feel safer around humans than around Venlil at this point.”
“Great… I’ll let you know… once I hear back…” Shit that topic didn’t last long. Okay what else what else “How’s that… trial thing… coming along…?”
Thiva grumbles. “The Liberators plead guilty today… including Vansi, who was being tried as a member of the group.” She had survived, but Slavik’s plasma rifle had seared her arm off at the shoulder.
“No media’s being allowed in the courtroom, to ensure they don’t get an audience for their views. The sentence hasn’t come down yet but it looks like none of them are going to feel the free breeze again for as long as they live.”
“Can’t say… I feel bad…”
“It’s too good for them!”
“The state… shouldn’t get… to do worse… than imprison… fuck, I’m done, please help.” My leg gives out and I’m left to cling to the bed frame until the girls intervene.
They help me back onto the bed before Vilek speaks. “…Even someone like Kalsim?”

I nod, sweat covering my body in a thin sheen. I take a deep drink of water and wait a few moments before answering. “Yeah… Kalsim’s not a threat in a jail cell. The state has a monopoly on violence, and shouldn’t get to use it to kill people just because we’re upset at them.”
Thiva frowns. “What about justice, though? Don’t people deserve to see those that have hurt them get punished?”
I shake my head. “That’s not justice. See it like this… Why not eat him?”
The girls look disgusted. I press on. “See… If killing him as punishment is fine, then just beating him up has to be fine too. Right? That’s less bad than killing him. And torture, that’s still less bad than killing. And if killing is fine, how about killing him extra painfully like by setting him on fire? And at that point we might as well eat him. I mean, why not?”
Thiva protests. “Because… Because that’s barbaric! You humans don’t eat sapients, you all say so!”
I nod firmly. “Yeah, exactly. Because it is barbaric. State punishment is just barbarism, just sadism to make the worst part of us feel better. Once we agree that it’s acceptable to do that to anyone, all we’re doing is haggling over price. There was a human philosopher named Nietzsche. He said ‘Beware of those in whom the urge to punish is strong’, and I think that’s the sort of thing he meant. Not just to beware of people in power who seek out punishment for people they have power over, but… to beware that part of ourselves.”
The girls are silent for a moment. I take a slow drink of water and speak more, even though it’s really tiring by now. But this is important.
“Listen, Vilek… When you study to become a therapist, please keep something in mind. Predator Disease doesn’t exist. Not even Renak had Predator Disease.”
Vilek frowns confusedly and bursts out. “What?! But you said he was a ‘textbook psychopath’! You said he was a monster who didn’t feel empathy! You said so yourself!”
“Yes, I did. But in human society… the majority of people with that condition are not actually more dangerous than anyone else. Because they can be taught coping mechanisms, by therapists, to fit into society. Renak was a monster because Venlil society, and Vansi, failed him.”
Thiva protests. “But…”
I shake my head. “Nobody is born a monster. And even in cases where people are truly unsalvageable for whatever reason… what’s the point in punishing them for it? Thiva, I didn’t shoot your brother because he was a psychopath. I shot him to keep you safe. Slavik didn’t shoot your mother because she was an abuser, they shot her because she was about to set me on fire. If someone shot Kalsim at this point… how would that make anyone safer?”
I sigh and take another slow drink of water. “...Christ, I do not have the energy for this heavy stuff right now. Next film, girls, what’ll it be?”
They start bickering, apparently as happy to be distracted from the topic as I am. Every time it’s their turn to pick they end up fighting over it, you’d think they’d make a list ahead of time instead. “Flower-bird Red!” “Fainting for You!” “Garden in the Stars!” “Okay, yeah, that’s good. Remake or original?” “Original, obviously!” “But the remake-” “We can just show him both!” “Okay, deal!”
I don’t end up remembering a blessed thing about the film. With the girls cuddled up to me on the Mazic-size bed I’ve been given for use since they apparently lacked human-size ones, I fall asleep by the end of the opening credits.

Date [standardized human time]: December 14th, 2136

“Hey human, you got visitors.” The nurse informs me. I glance at the clock on my pad, which I had set to count down to the lambchops’ daily visit. Still half a claw out.
Instead of my cherished friends, I see two other people step into the room. A Venlil, and Robert McGinley.
“…Hey Bob. You’ll forgive me if I don’t get up.” I jest from the hospital bed. McGinley doesn’t seem to find it amusing.
“I’ve been waiting for you to show up, to be honest. Who’s your friend?”
“District Magister Vaska. Russo, we need you to sign-”
“Fuck off, McGinley.”
“If you don’t sign these documents, your refugee status can be rescinded.”
“No it can’t. Literally, there’s a list of reasons I can have my refugee status taken away, and ‘not signing hush documents’ isn’t on the list.”
McGinley gives me a tiny smile. On his blank face that might as well be an ear-to-ear grin. “But it can be if you’ve been charged with a crime in the host sovereignty.”
I nod. “Yeah, that is true. I don’t even need to be convicted.”
“So I haven’t been charged with anything yet. And if I had to guess, I’m not going to be.”
McGinley scowls. Vaska scowls beside him too.

I continue. Talking is a bit tiring, but not as bad as it was just a few days ago. “Because if I’m charged with a crime, I’ll need to take the witness stand. And I can have ex-officer Jarkim take the stand. And you don’t want that. Because the raid on the Liberators’ compound here in Greenmeadow was ‘a heroic joint operation between the UN and the Exterminators’ office, approved by Governor Tarva herself’.”
Now Vaska speaks up. His voice is trembling with anger. “A stunt that you forced us to engage in! I had to call the governor on the emergency line to get approval for it! A UN military operation on sovereign Venlil soil!”
“I’m not going to apologize for making you do your fucking job.”
McGinley takes a step forward. I don’t bother to flinch back, since I can’t exactly run anywhere anyway. Instead I just look up at him passively and wait for him to say something. “It’s in your best interests to play nice, Russo.”
“Because that worked out so well for both of us last time. Remember ‘An inferno of incredible horror’? Pretty great article, really. ‘The Liberators Unveiled: Terror and death in Greenmeadow’ was killer too. Do you really want to go for a third, about what really happened to VP’s little homegrown terrorist cell that was literally funded with the salaries of the Exterminators in it?”
The ‘Liberators Unveiled’ article had run while I was comatose, revealing the full truth of the shelter arson and the identities of the Liberators involved. However, it had neither contradicted nor reaffirmed the official government narrative about the ‘joint operation’ that took the bastards down.
McGinley is practically snarling now, putting both hands on my hospital bed and making it shake a bit. I wince with pain, while he raises his voice for the first time in either of my meetings with the man. “You can’t be allowed to just run around doing whatever you want. There have to be consequences for your actions, Russo!”
I nod solemnly. “I agree. That’s what the law is for. So charge me with a crime, or fuck off.”
He shakes the bed slightly. There’s a few beeps from some of the machinery monitoring me and making sure I’m still alive. Vaska looks a bit taken aback. “You nearly ruined the whole investigation; you almost destabilized the relationship between humanity and the Venlil!”
I take a steadying breath. He’s being overly dramatic. “So charge me with a crime, or fuck off.”
McGinley snarls and slams a bundle of papers down on the bedside table. “I’m offering you a chance to change your mind.”
I glance at the papers, then lift them up with more effort than I’d like to admit and drop them directly into the waste bin.
I wave my hand, tired of this pointless farce. “No, seriously. Fuck off, McGinley. Magister, a word of advice. If you want my silence, try offering some hush money next time. Us humans are a lot more partial to bribes than to threats.”
They storm out.
Guess I won’t be going to jail. The rest of the posse will be fine too, then.
I lean back and sigh and try to take a nap. I don’t want to still be pissed off when the lambchops show up. I have something important to show them.
Some of the universities I’ve reached out to have answered back.
Sharnet is of course the very same from u/Acceptable_Egg5560's inimitable The Nature of a Giant.
[First] [Previous] [Next]
submitted by tulpacat1 to NatureofPredators [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 01:31 ConcreteSnake [US-MI] [H] QK75, Jris65, Parallel Sequence, Space Cadet 2, PBTFans Classic Hangul, PBTFans Dolch, Switches (Dream Cream, Nixies, Subuwu ), Wind x65 Cf Plate, Arc60 PP Plate [W] PayPal, Local Cash

All items will come in their original packaging when possible. Prices include PayPal fees and shipping, CONUS Only. Discounts will be provided for local sales or bundles/combos. More pictures available upon request. When items sell they will be crossed out. Motivated to sell and open to offers.Please comment before PM, chats will be ignored, thanks for looking.

Keyboards Price Description
QK75 - Red $220 Red, black weight, black "cloud" knob, Tri Mode wireless hotswap PCB, PC plate. Built once and used a handful of times. Comes with carrying case, and extra parts.
Jris65 R1- Maroon $190 Maroon top, black bottom, and mirror gold PVD weight. Hotswap PCB, TX Stabs, and all foams/accessories. Started to build and never finished.
Sequence - Dark Gray $160 Dark gray with small scuff near backspace (see pics). Comes with hotswap PCB, 2 o-rings, 3 plates (Alu, FR4, PC), and carrying case. I also have custom plate foam and PE foam for $15 extra

Keycaps Price Description
PBTFans Classic Hangul w/Alt Alpha kit $105 Base kit with Alt Alpha kit (blue sub-legends), mounted twice and used for a couple of days total.
PBTFans Dolch $70 Base kit, mounted once and used for a couple of days.
GMK Space Cadet II $90 Mounted multiple times and used on a regular basis. Light shine has started on a few keys but there is minimal texture loss overall

Switches Price Description
NK Dream Creams x70 $60 Light application of 205g0 on stem only
Cherry Nixies x70 $60 Lubed with 205g0, filmed with Deskeys, and spring swapped to 57g
Subuwu (Pleiades) x160 $60 Stock, never used, also comes with 160 replacement stems. Will ship in bags, not the containers shown in picture

Extras Price Description
Arc60 PP Plate $15 PP plate from P3D, gaskets pre-applied
Wind x65 CF Plate $35 Brand new, never used carbon fiber plate for Wind x65

submitted by ConcreteSnake to mechmarket [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 20:47 areyouredditenough [Alternatives/options] importing book library /w frontmatter meta pre-filed via CSV data

[Alternatives/options] importing book library /w frontmatter meta pre-filed via CSV data
How would you guys approach importing my Librarything library.
My goal is to initially import my 800 books and populate Obsidian with my existing library, and then create a template to add additional books as I move forward.
I want to have each book as a new note and each note will be populated by the green columns (see this gif on the type of data I want to add) and the respective data in the rows so I can then use data view can filter based on these, create reading lists, shelves etc. I guess this is called frontmatter (really new to Obsidian).
So something like this (--- is the frontmatter meta header): ---
Book Summary: all populated with the data from the XLS, CSV... Title: 1984 Primary Author: george Orwell Publication: populated with the data from row Date: populated with the data from row List Price: ASIN: AMZ Link LT Rating Amazon Rating 5-star rating percentage Amazon Reivew Count Summary Media Page Count Tags Collections Languages Original Languages ISBN-10 ISBN-13 etc.... ---
Book highlights
  • XXX
Book summary
  • XXX
Anything after the --- frontmatter header should be added by the import being blank so I can manually add the highlights and summary later on. The structure/format would then also be my standard book template I will be using going forward when adding books manually.
I've done a lot of work compiling, scraping the book covers image links (I have all covers downloaded as jpg/png as well) from Amazon & LT, renaming the cover files with the book names (so Obsidian can also search these if need be) cleansing my export via extensive Google Sheet formulas etc. (e.g. remove any special characters from the book files).
Things to keep in mind
Keep in mind, I cannot program, but feel conformable using reamers or Test Workflow to automate all a lot of things. So I'm not technically challenged 😇 But anything like: "Take this code, rewrite this part and use it." won't work for me.
What options do I have or how would you guys approach this as efficiently as possible?
P.S. Also, I'm Ok if there's another service I can use as an intermediary, e.g. take the XLS, CSV import to service A, install Obsidian plugin B and import from service A.
Greatly appreciate any help and tips as I don't want to add these manually. 😊
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2023.06.03 00:39 Upwithstock Do we want CYDY to get bought out for $10.8 Billion? Thats what Merck paid for Prometheus!

Big Thank you to Ok-Eye and SunrayDoc for recent posts on LT about M&A in the Pharma space.
I have been looking at M&A articles in the pharma space over the last couple of days to stay more informed of these activities just in case discussions that Cyrus was having regarding partnerships turned into more of a buyout/merger discussions. You never know !! I prefer partnerships for now; but does not matter what I prefer, it matters what is happening in the board room. Nonetheless, an article I read (Thank you Ok-Eye) about Prometheus being acquired by Merck was wonderfully similar to what could happen to CYDY:
Merck paid $10.8 billion for Prometheus's drug that finished a phase 2 study: Prometheus had $7 million in revenue (essentially nothing in the world of pharma revenue).
Quoting the ARTICLE: Their drug, PRA023, if it delivers on its midphase promise, the drug candidate could soften the blow of the initial biosimilar competition and then provide Merck with a series of new growth opportunities as it works to expand the label. Quoting analysts, Prometheus has predicted that the inflammatory bowel disease market will be worth upward of $49 billion by 2030. That opportunity alone could establish PRA023 as a big blockbuster, but, as Prometheus sees things, it is far from the only opportunity. The biotech is already going after systemic sclerosis associated interstitial lung disease, a market it values at $8 billion, and plans to add a fourth indication from a list of diseases worth $150 billion later this year."
Another quote from the article: "The breadth of Prometheus’ list of potential target diseases, which includes rheumatoid arthritis, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and other blockbuster indications, is underpinned by evidence that TL1A modulates the location and severity of inflammation and fibrosis. The opportunities have persuaded Merck to offer $200 a share for Prometheus, well above its $114 close last week and the $36 it traded for in December, but the evidence of the role of TL1A has also attracted other drug developers." End of ARTICLE quotes
Some of those indications sound just like Leronlimab's targets, but eventually there is always more than one player participating in these indications. Please note: that Pfizer came running into the acquisition discussions before Merck and there was a run on Prometheus stock price from $36 to whatever it was before Merck entered into the equation. Then it ran to $114 before Merck's offer was accepted at $200 per share.
So Prometheus had a promising mid-phase study in IBD, they probably were not on a 'clinical hold" and did not have to endure a former CEO who was indicted, and Prometheus did not have to deal with a CRO that severely crippled CYDY's progress. I could go on, but you get the point. Cyrus had to do a lot of cleaning up to just get to where we are today on June 2, 2023.
This is part of the reason why the lifting of the clinical hold is so damn important. When the hold is lifted by the FDA, Cyrus and team CYDY's work will have illustrated to the rest of the pharma world that leronlimab is safe and has the met the FDA standards of safety and the FDA standards regarding what the original five documents covered. MGK has the particulars of the five documents somewhere I am sure. But, you all get the point! Once the hold is lifted CYDY has a FDA sanctioned foundation to launch the future trials with. The concern is that trials cost money and we need partners for that or we straight up get bought out.
Why a buyout? CYDY right now has absolutely minimum infrastructure and of course minimum to no funding. Some partnerships require a true collaboration where each party is contributing equally to the process of advancing the drug from development to regulatory approval. In those type of partnerships we have minimal infrastructure support to offer. In that case a buyout might be better, but my preference is a partner that does not need our support at this time. I believe that is why Cyrus laid out the 12-7-22 Investor presentation the way that he did to build more value into CYDY/Leronlimab.
Prometheus was bought for $10.8 Billion with almost nothing for revenue. net income was -$141 million. If some pharma company felt the same about Leronlimab as Merck felt about Prometheus and I used the same buyout number $10.8 billion, CYDY has approximately 915 million shares outstanding. CYDY would get bought out for approximately $11 per share.
$11 per share is not what I was thinking about with CYDY when I first invested and as I continued to hold and dive deeper (over 2 years) I am confident that LL is worth a lot more. Thats why Cyrus's plan is important. He plans on delivering partnerships to fund subsequent trials in Oncology, NASH and HIV to help increase that value of the stock price inherently until such time that CYDY gets an "offer it can not refuse" Say that with Godfather voice!
Everyone has a different stock price exit point and thats fine. if Cyrus goes the partnership route, which I am in favor of, we will have a nice somewhat steady increase in value with each successful partnership announcement and subsequent clinically positive trial outcome. Eventually leading to regulatory approvals. CYDY will achieve those approvals in a more timely/expedient fashion when they announce partnerships. All along that journey the SP will continue to increase and any investor can sell at their exit point along the way up.
To add to the above value, depending on who CYDY partners with, I see the HIV MDR BLA resubmitted. It will be a quicker pathway to Leronlimab's first FDA approval. Does not matter that the indication is in a small market size ($40-$50 million market). Does not matter that there are other competitors participating in that market already. What matters is the partners begin to get LL on Hospital formularies and on insurance reimbursement protocols and it lays the foundation for all other future BLA submissions making it easier and faster to move thru the FDA process, Hospital formulary process and Insurance process. It is the BIGGEST NO BRAINER that CYDY has in front of them.
I wish the very best for all of us LONGS and the very best of HEALTH to Cyrus Arman.
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2023.06.03 00:18 qm27613 [USA-NC] [H] LG B2 55 Inch OLED TV [W] Local Cash

Works perfectly and still has the original box. 1000 hours used. Would require a local pickup (27613). Set still currently sells for $1000 new.
Asking for $675.
EDIT: Dropping the price to $575 after seeing some comparable listings.
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2023.06.02 14:45 Prior_Drawer [WTS] Block IIish 14.5 Upper, Vortex Viper PST 1-6 MRAD with Aero Mount

Goods for sale:
I have a 14.5 Non-P/W Block IIish Upper that I would like to get rid of. The previous buyer had to back out, so it's back with a vengeance and a price drop. Parts List: Slightly Salty Daniel Defense RIS II FDE (Dated 22DEC10 from Black Creek) I got from Thoroughbred. Surefire SOCOM 4-Prong Flash Hider (not P/W) No rounds fired through it. 14.5 inch Centurion Arms 5.56 CHF SOCOM Profile Barrel with a pinned gas block and carbine length gas tube (No rounds through it, Brand New). Torqued to 50 ft/lbs. Mil-Spec Bolt Carrier Group (I think its a Microbest. C158 Bolt) Radian Raptor LT Charging Handle FDE (Some Salt) Aero Precision Upper (unsure of the round count. Less than 1000) Salty MaTech Rear Sight Daniel Defense Fixed Front Sight Asking for $800 for the whole package. Subtract $50 for no irons. No BCG and Charging Handle: $650/$600 no irons SOLD Would be interested in a trade for an Aimpoint ACRO P2/T2 or Trijicon RMR 3.25 MOA Adjustable
Vortex Viper PST Gen II 1-6 SFP with VMR-2 Reticle and MRAD adjustments (S/N: P2137290). Comes with original box and other goodies (bikini scope cover, sunshade, Aero Precision Ultralight Mount, all papers, lens cloth). Only zeroed with it. Light scratches on turret/battery caps and a witness mark on the eyepiece ring. Asking for $450 for the whole package. SOLD
Willing to negotiate, just send a PM.
Prices include shipping and insurance. Paypal F&F only, no notes.
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2023.06.02 12:25 Rhion-618 Just One Drop - Ch 88

Chapter 88 - From All I Believed

Morning, Two days before Shel
Captain Setar suppressed a smile as she watched the Ops door close. “Well, that was interesting… Ce’lani is a little cranky.” The last vestiges of sleep clung to her as she settled down into the command chair. She felt worn out, but it was the cusp of dawn, and Pod Seven had only just turned over control. “Report on station?”
“The perimeter’s secure,” Jelki replied crisply, pulling up the map of the campus on the main screen. “Pod One is on station and reports twelve by twelve. Sgt Ma’reis is already complaining about janitor duty.”
“Ah, first pod problems.” Setar shook her head, rubbing her eyes and blowing gently on her mug of tea. “What about the objective?”
“The objective’s secure,” Re’lan piped up, already sounding chipper. The woman could have been priestess of Jrafell. Her unwavering cheeriness would have been a character fault if she weren’t so devoted. As it was, it was a damned penance for everyone else at this time of day.
Jelke finished running the obligatory shift change checks and stretched. Things wouldn't get interesting until breakfast, but watching the perimeter was a given. It didn't keep the curiosity out of her voice, as she cocked her head and glanced over. “What was interesting with Captain Ton’is, Ma’am?”
“Mm! Well… it appears she’s expecting a call from Professor Warrick today,” Setar drawled out, taking a moment to savor their reaction. “She felt a need to remind me she’s devoted to Hele, and that if Be’ona or I let her sleep through the call, she’s going to ‘fuck us up the ass with a lasrifle and pull the trigger’.”
Re’lan was probably blushing like a cadet, but Jelke shook her head ruefully. “I expect there's a ‘but’ in there somewhere, Captain?”
“Well, yeah, she said that’s where the rifle would go…” Setar sniggered before taking a long sip from her tea, and slid a bit lower in the command couch. Her eyes wandered to the traffic on the board. “She also made it clear what’ll happen if anybody listens in.”
Thoughtful silence descended. Setar almost counted to twelve before-
“We’re going to anyway, right Captain?” Jelke asked nonchalantly. “You know, for security’s sake?”
“Sergeant, that would be a base infringement of Captain Ton’is’ privacy, which is in fucking short supply for everyone in this bunker.” She rubbed her chin thoughtfully, watching the steam rise from her mug. “Deeps right we are.”
_ _ _
Lady Wicama regarded her guest with interest as their autocab plied its way about the outskirts of Prelitauri. While she’d been free and cheerfully able to accommodate Khelira’s request, Monsignor Santino Barcio, or Friar Barcio, as he preferred, was not at all what she’d been expecting. She supposed it was a matter of exposure…
The Palace had never quite been the same since Princess Yn’dara’s wedding. Yn’dara was one of those odd Royals who, though well-regarded, was seldom in the public eye. A perennial favorite of the Empress, indulging her unexplained absences passed as a matter of course for the Court. Widely known to be estranged from her mother, Princess Arduina, no one enquired either deeply or often, so when she suddenly resurfaced, her return would have equally passed without comment… if not for the wedding.
Yn’dara had shocked the entire Nobility.
While it was common for any woman to marry into an established family and become a kho, the wedding should have been singular for a Princess. Princesses didn’t marry into families, Princesses formed them. And while Yn’dara technically had done so, she’d taken on three unmarried women at the same time as her husband, who was a Human! Favorite or no, the wags in the court were agog that the Empress accepted Adam so readily! The Empress, however, had been adamant; Yn’dara and her family had her blessings, and were to be left alone.
However, time had proven to be on Yn’dara’s side as well as the Empress.
After a wedding seen across the galaxy, Yn’dara’s family settled into a life of public duty. They spent long trips away from Shil, and while quietly dismissed as ‘pleasure excursions’, her trips often showed the throne to the outer provinces. Although her public engagements were few, she’d become a vocal advocate of the Empress’ reforms against graft and corruption, and, gradually, the jealous mutters about scandalous excess and Human debauchery faded away. Her marriage remained an unusual footnote, but time had demonstrated the value of Yn’dara and her wives to the throne.
Then there was Prince Adam.
Rumor held the Prince had made a favorable impression on the Empress years before, at an event hosted by Yn’dara’s mother. While details had never been forthcoming, a more significant story about Adam wafted briefly through the ranks of the Golden Glaives.
Both stories had been effectively silenced, but Wicama knew who to talk to, and being Khelira’s guardian carried a certain clout all its own. Though that influence waxed and waned over the years, raising Khelira required being aware of events that could shape her future, and she’d proven herself to be discreet. Over time, doors had opened and words had flowed.
Time had been on Prince Adam’s side, as well.
As the years passed, she’d had an exposure to Prince Adam that few of the court and none of the public enjoyed. She’d been wary at first, but he’d been a good friend and mentor to Princess Khelandri before she joined the Marines, and however infrequent his presence, he always displayed a keen mind, a loving heart, and a steadfast duty to his wives. Privately, he absolutely doted on young Khelira and possessed a loyalty to the Empress that you could bend battlesteel around. The two got along famously - after all, he was a veteran.
Not Navy, mind you, but you couldn’t have everything.
And so, as Humanity began making forays upon the galactic stage, her first impression of the species had been favorable. She’d witnessed Adam mature into his role with the court, and while the issue of children remained unspoken, that faded as well. At the time, Yn’dara had been sixth in the line of succession. A year after the wedding, Kamaud’re became an adult, followed a year later by Khelandri, and the matter became largely moot.
As for a second impression on Humans, Khelira had provided enthusiastic reports about Thomas Warrick. While the Princess thrived at the Academy, Warrick seemed to be something special.
The absence of a father in her life had been a void that no woman could properly fill, but she’d done her best. Although she’d entertained a few qualms, as the months passed by, Warrick remained a positive influence. Khelira’s messages were infrequent by necessity, but she’d written about her distress over Warrick’s family and clearly been moved. Prince Adam carried his own scars, but what veteran didn’t? He hid them carefully around Khelli, and if Warrick had chosen not to, he’d provided a useful sense of perspective, instead. It was time for Khelira to grow up, and that meant facing the grist of differing opinions and ugly realities. That was what education was actually for, and Warrick seemed to be doing admirably well as a grindstone.
All of that was before the library incident, which settled her opinion once and for all. While erratic, irreverent, and capable of violence, Humans clearly could be a positive influence when channeled in the right direction. Yn’dara had shown what a good Shil’vati woman was capable of with Prince Adam, and Lady Pel’avon was following suit.
And at least the wags at the Palace wouldn’t speak of Yn’dara’s state wedding again. As a subject for spectacle, Miv’eire Pel’avon’s had put it to shame.
Still, it was good to see Warrick married. While Professor Ha’meres scandalous exploits had faded from the public eye, older wo… more mature women didn’t forget such things. The man had been a daring adventurer - and an inveterate gadabout - and an unmarried man around that many young women was too tempting for some girls. A wife or two… preferably more… resolved such idle fancies. If the Pel’avon ceremony had been somewhat… questionable in taste, compared to Adam’s, it remained legally binding. Warrick was willing to settle down, and by all reports his wife had a proper sense of decorum.
Human men seemed to be a trial from the Goddess, but hopefully she and her kho-wife could sort him with time, love, and kindness.
While exposure to only two Humans was not what she’d call a comprehensive sample, in both cases her impressions had been quite positive. And so, when Khelli asked her to escort a Human Priest about the city, she’d been entirely willing.
Thus far, it had been an enjoyable morning. While there had been occasional missteps, their conversation had been delightful as they traveled from property to property. Even so, she hadn’t expected to meet such a kindred spirit.
Admittedly she’d stammered a bit when he mentioned eating the flesh and drinking the blood of his redeemer. On the other hand, she compared it to the first time she’d bled into the ocean, mingling salt in her blood with the seas. He’d turned shockingly pale, so she changed the subject. It was a purely symbolic act to Drepna - just a cut on the thumb, for goddess sake...
She’d taken extra care afterwards. Barcio could be clearly a sensitive male, but diplomacy was part of her work. Even calling her role ‘work’ was deceptive. She’d raised Khelira in every way an Empress could not.
It was easy for other women to appreciate the prestige of her position, but few understood the depth of it - or the satisfaction.
During her career in the Navy, her flotilla had provided direct support for the Empress, and they’d come to work closely over three tours. After Khelira’s birth years later, the invitation came from the Royal Household to act as her guardian, and she’d never looked back. Competition had been fierce for the prestigious position, but applying had been the best move of her life.
Empress Kamilesh loved all her children and had spent as much time with each of them as she could, but her work was all-consuming, and after her husband’s act of… Well, the Empress had been there, but she’d born her pain privately. She had lost herself in her work for many years before recovering a semblance of her former self, and her absence had taken a toll on her children. Kamaud’re had taken it the worst. Khelandri had bounced back, while everyone doted on Lu’ral. Barely more than an infant, Khelira had been far too young to remember. Wicama had been there through all of it.
It was a good life, and the princess was a delightful girl. For Wicama, the absence of a man in her life was something she’d felt now and then, but she invested her life in Khelira. The Empress treated her as a member of the family in all but name… and in a very real sense, the child you raised was your child.
Looking back, some women might insinuate she’d given up her personal life to raise another woman’s daughter. They couldn’t have been more wrong.
She had her calling - just as Friar Barcio had his.
Yes, he was a priest, and his religious strictures were very unusual. A male priest in any of the Shil’vati faiths would never be placed under such restraints, and for a man to go unmarried was noteworthy…
But she understood having a calling. Oh yes, she understood that as few others could.
After discussing his needs, they’d set out to examine three properties around Prelitauri. The Friar’s individual requirements were deceptively difficult when taken as a whole. A complex coupling a generous auditorium, ample administrative space, and he clearly needed substantial grounds to properly convey a sense of aura. Such accommodations were seldom on the market, and since he expected his colleagues to arrive in weeks, his need was immediate.
Thankfully, urban renewal moved in waves. The tides of such fashions meant Prelitauri was once again an up-and-coming area. While difficult to find, three older structures had the potential to be suitable, and so it was that she’d enjoyed learning about her guest as they explored the tiny district.
The Monsignor spoke four other Earth languages fluently. He tended to break into his native tongue and hadn’t mastered contractions yet, but his Vatikre was passable and he listened carefully, seldom needing to ask about a word. After limiting her contractions when she spoke, their conversation flowed easily.
Barcio had shown little enthusiasm for the first two properties, but their conversation regarding other matters never waned. She expanded on her devotion to Drepna, Shil and the roles of each goddess while asking careful questions of his faith. His own inquiries proved thoughtful, and he was as avid in politely asking after her beliefs as explaining his faith.
After their second hour together, she’d taken the liberty of calling Prelate Hi’meta Merlamiss. As a priestess of Drepna’s second circle, Merlamiss had proven a valuable contact over the years. Well connected, she enjoyed a good relationship with many other prelates of the Divine Halls; she also got on well with Xinfess, the Rakiri’s Speaker of the Dark Mother on Shil. A meeting with Barcio would readily open doors for his group that might otherwise prove difficult to attain, and while Barcio’s accent strained now and then, it was clear the Monsignor and the Prelate shared a questionably low sense of humor.
Given a chance, they’d probably get on famously.
Certainly, that would be a blessing. Their hunt for a suitable facility had not gone nearly so well, and while Barcio had been conciliatory toward the first two facilities, she could tell he wasn’t taken with either. The last property wasn’t high in her expectations, so she found herself casting her head to the side when it swept into view and he clasped his hands in excitement.
”*È bella!* This is beautiful,” he exclaimed. “It reminds me a bit of my childhood home in Sacile!”
She looked out at the complex with its low gabled roofs, as their cab wound up from the entrance. Beside the drive, a small river meandered through the campus past the main buildings. She tapped the console to slow their ride and considered the place in a new light. “I’m… well, a bit surprised to be honest, Friar.”
“Please! We have been traveling for hours now, and I am not holding a service.” The Friar spared her a warm smile, before gazing back at the premises. “I would take it as a great kindness if you would call me Santino.”
“Very well - on the condition you call me Wicama.” It had been some time since anyone called her by anything but title or rank, and the informality was pleasant. Still, as their autocab closed on the end of the lane, she let such thoughts go and considered the location properly.
The buildings were low, sensible cubes, but that was largely an end to it. The architect had made some unusual choices in Helkam motifs that strained understanding. A long colonnade bordered the river, and that seemed nice enough, but the buildings! Forgoing purple was one thing, but they were beige! With unusual elements and the repressively bland color scheme, it was small wonder the clerk handling the property confessed that the space had lain vacant. Its original owners went into foreclosure. The exotic design had proven unable to attract interest, laying dormant ever since.
Barcio… Santino… seemed delighted, however, and she pulled up the specifications on her omni-pad. “This site has two smaller auditoriums besides the main one, while the central building has four floors. One is underground, but all the floors face an interior atrium.”
As the cab gently halted in the car park, she climbed out to hold the door but Santino had already scrambled out and was examining the gardens with evident interest. Tall stands of parago trees were losing the last of their fronds for the year, but she had to admit the grounds were substantial. Yesterday’s storm had left the morning air cold and crisp, lending the gardens an appealing aspect. Untended since the last owners, much could be done with them.
She had given up trying to escort the Friar anywhere after their first two stops, and now they fell into an easy pace side by side as they strolled toward the main building. She turned back to the property itself. “So, this reminds you of your home?”
It wasn’t exactly Helkam architecture - domes weren’t covering every possible surface - but the builder had clearly been nodding in that direction. A promenade wound to the entry, supporting white chevrons that arced into the sky. The bright morning sky shone through clever cutouts, making the unusual design at least look light, rather than oppressive and unappealing. With a decent renovation, the facility had possibilities, and the price was comparatively low.
“*Si!* Oh, not so much like home, but there is the sense of it. I was born near the sea, and this feels… similar.” He gave her a depreciating smile before rolling his eyes. “It may not please everyone who is coming, but ‘everyone’ is not here, so I am allowed some indulgence! Better to have something waiting than nothing at all. I confess, some of my colleagues thought we’d only manage when the bridge to Messina is finished.”
“You should not have been sent ahead alone! Surely your colleagues were not that worried about a poor reception,” she tutted. Priest or no, there were decencies about a man traveling alone to be observed. “You shouldn't need a bridge to find a place for your mission. I don’t know where Messina is, but I’m certain Prelate Marlemis wouldn’t stand for it!”
“Tch! Excuse my poor efforts! The older I get, the more I remember things like yesterday. Unfortunately, the yesterdays I remember so well were thirty years ago!” Barcio smiled wryly up at her as they walked. “The ‘bridge to Messina’ used to be a saying… People dreamed of building a bridge to Sicily, and it became something that never happened. My English friends would instead say ‘when hell freezes over’. *Un'espressione volgare*, but very much to the point.”
“Ah… I’m sure we can manage something, and this could be made presentable. Maybe change the beige to a pale violet?” she offered helpfully as she made it to the door first, holding it open. “The aura inside isn’t so bad.”
“You’ve said that several times, but I do not know what you mean?” He paused in looking around the entry, which had an open foyer exposing the two floors above and led out to the atrium beyond. “What is ‘aura’? I do not think I know the word as you mean it.”
“Aura is… Hmm…” Wicama paused thoughtfully and gestured at the atrium. The interior was in better shape than the grounds, and the architect had done something clever. Not yet noon, a bevel along the top edge filled the space with sunlight. “Have you ever walked along a beach and wanted to save a shell? When you are there, that is aura… When you take the shell home and think of the beach, that is aura, but… less focused. Diminished. You sense the beach because of the shell, but you are not at the beach. Places can have aura, but it is more than character. If you move through a place and find yourself experiencing it? That is aura.”
“Mhm! *lodevole!* I like this idea very much. It would be right at home in the Vatican. Not everyone understands a space can move the spirit, or lend power to a message.” He nodded thoughtfully as he cast his eye about the open space. “With the right advice, perhaps we can lead others to these halls.”
“Perhaps. If you tour the Palace, I hope you’ll allow me to show you about? A lot of the real gems are hidden from the public.” She watched as he wandered toward the double-helixed stairways bordering the room. Those were definitely Helkam; walking up one side without meeting someone coming down the other was an interesting experience… once. After that, they could be an absolute nuisance. Spotting the elevators, she called him back. “The nice thing is this place is inexpensive! That will pad out your funds for a good remodel.”
Wicama quietly thanked the Goddesses that the builder’s had the good sense to install normal Shil’vati-style elevators. The sides were open, granting a wide view out over the atrium. The grounds were terraced to create a small park; that could make the underground space bearable, and the plans made them seem spacious enough. Not to everyone’s taste, but pretty. “I feel bad for asking, but can you afford the building? If the price of the first two bothered you, we can find others.”
“I would not hear of it! Thank you for your concern, but we are economical with our funds, and were sent with a generous sum. This is an important venture to everyone involved,” Barcio clasped a hand over his chest, as he shook his head. “I can not thank you enough for your help! You have surely spared me weeks, and I might not have found something half so suitable. As it is, the grounds are enough to gain me converts. Father Roscio and Pastor Weber will surely plant a vineyard before the inside is half done!”
“It’s not a problem. I have plenty of time,” she replied, dismissing the matter as inconsequential. “I work at the Palace, but with the Court away and my daughter at school, I’m a bit at loose ends just now. At the very least, I insist on helping you through the paperwork. I wouldn’t put it past some realty clerks to try and overcharge you… Someone from outside Shil, that is. I’ll ensure they stick to the listing.”
“To someone not from Shil… or someone who is not Shil’vati, perhaps?” His head canted slightly to one side, but he smiled as he said it. “*Certamente!* I would not dream of preventing you, though Rabbi Kleinbaum will be bitterly disappointed she has nothing to moan about.”
“I hope you won't take this badly, as I’ve only met one Human.” Wicama gave him a smile. She was long past girlish uncertainty, and the Navy had taught her a generous measure of professional poise to go with her skills as a markswoman. “You aren’t what I expected.”
“You know the professore, then?” He sucked in a breath and pursed his lips. “I am still deciding what sort of man he is.”
“No, actually, I know another Human but I’ve not… I have not… met Professor Warrick.”
“So. You mean that I am not *un barbaro*? I am here to make sure that we are seen as something more than savage warriors, *capisci*?” He studied her expectantly. “While the Imperium is doing good work on Earth, some still live in want. The Imperium provides enough for all to survive, but not all live in plenty. We need to present ourselves well.”
”That seems like a very secular outlook.” She offered, as they rode up to the third floor. Barcio asked for an explanation of the word, and by the time they’d made their way through the first offices he had the idea.
“My church has not always troubled itself with such things, but our holy father is greatly concerned with such inequalities. He takes it upon himself to address such matters with the Governess, when their time allows.”
“Your church has a good relationship with her?”
“È straordinario! The Governess adores our food, and while she was adamant about taking quarters in the Vatican, she has taken pains not to disturb us.” He shrugged dismissively. “*Che vuoi farci?* It seemed a small price, and we have endured far worse.”
“I used to hear terrible stories about red zones on Earth, though the Humans I’ve met don't seem the sort. It is good that your… pulp?” She tried the word and was rewarded with kind laughter and a gentle correction. “It is good that your pope concerns himself with the full welfare of the people and works with your governess. Our prelates share the same concerns.”
“I thought the Empress was the head of your church? Now, I find you have many…” he groped for a word, frowning, and gave up. “*Questo accento è una prova di fede!* ‘Denominations’ is not the right word, but she is the one revered, yes?”
“Of course! The Empress has to show all of our virtues and none of our faults, but that’s part of her role. To favor any divinity over the others could cause divisions. She has her personal preferences, of course, but never lets them be known.” Wicama explained carefully. “It would be in poor taste.”
“And poor politics, I think?” Santino gave her a long look. At his height it was difficult, but he managed. “This makes sense to me now, that the Imperium leaves matters of faith alone. *Una benedizione inaspettata.*”
Despite the serious topic, his fervent reply brought a smile back to her lips. “It seems your pope considers politics as well as economics.”
“People will always defend economic theories which assume that growth will inevitably succeed in bringing about greater justice. This has never been confirmed by the facts, and expresses a crude trust in the goodness of those wielding economic power and the sacralized workings of the prevailing economic system.” He said, stopping to clasp a hand over his cross. “Meanwhile, the excluded are still waiting.”
“That doesn't sound like scripture.” She offered cautiously, as they made their way into a wider suite of offices on the second floor.
“*Esattamente.* The words of Pope Francis, a good and blessed man who appointed me to my position. His successor, his holiness John Paul the Third, is much of the same mind,” Santino said quietly. “Our savior washed the feet of others and urged all to do the same. The hardest step is to be involved. To work together for change, as well as to pray. That is why I am here.
“*I pigri di cuore trovano sempre una scusa* Some Humans, they are yet angry with the Imperium. Now they have enough, they are bitter not to have plenty. For some there is never enough - the true poverty lies within their hearts,” Santino said a bit testily. “Our faith teaches us to find salvation in eternal life, but others? *Pigrizia!* They see it as an excuse from taking agency in themselves. Jesus washed the feet of others - he did not lay down and wait for someone to wash his!”
Wicama turned the unfamiliar metaphor over in her mind but decided she had the sense of it. “Sham teaches us that helping our families and one another is the same as helping ourselves. ‘The rising tide bares us all from the reefs’.” It was a matter of faith… but that was why it was faith in the first place. On the whole, it seemed like a mature perspective that explained the changes she’d seen in Prince Adam over the years. “You’re here to meet with others, but this seems as much about knowing yourselves.”
“*Sì, non è una brutta cosa avere umiltà davanti a Dio.* Human beings, while we are capable of the worst, we are also capable of choosing the good. Of rising up to make a new start. We are entering the galaxy.” He gestured out the window at the world beyond. “If not now… when?”
_ _ _ “So, when are you going to explain this masterpiece you four have been cooking up?” Marin asked. Sammi and Sam were barely awake but the twins had already arrived, bright-eyed and enthusiastic, and Marin cursed the resilience of youth. The room was acceptably warm, but Ayen had complained about the cold and used the excuse to slip back into bed. She was considering her options for joining him.
Somewhere, somehow, Sammi had found their rabbit pajamas again. “Sam, explain it to her? You do it better.” Sammi yawned, but Marin suspected it was an act. Once something got their attention, sleep was usually an afterthought.
“What, now?” Sam had barely stumbled into the room and blinked. Bleary-eyed and barely awake, he looked like he’d been ambushed, which was exactly the case.
“Pllllllleeeease…?” They sat back pulling the ears, giving their best Roger Rabbit impression. Luminous green eyes peered out at Sam, imploringly.
“Alright… I need coffee, but fine.” Sam trudged over to the kitchenette and poked listlessly at the instant coffee. It was getting perilously low, but Marin was sure he’d brought more on the ship. Eventually Sam gestured at the K’herbhal sisters with his mug. “So the girls want to create an artificial topological soliton. It's like a black hole, except where it isn't… It's sort of a kink in space-time.”
“Made you say kink!” Sammi grinned impishly and the girls blushed. Marin shook her head but paid attention. It felt far too early after another late night, but once everyone was up you had to hang on for whatever came next.
“So, what's that got to do with this… hole you want to use for power?” Marin raised her voice just enough to drag the conversation back on track.
“It’s more like a side effect. If it cuts the right angle, it goes into a realm of space-time we can tap for power. Think of it as an obverse of an energy drain, so it's like a white hole.”
“Let me guess.” Marin shook her head and grinned, holding up a hand to forestall the inevitable. “Except where it isn’t?”
“Ummm… pretty much.” Sam grumbled, blowing at his coffee. Marin glanced back at the twins. With Sam busy, the twins had gravitated to either side of Sammi. There was room left on the couch, and she wandered over to settle in beside one of them.
The Sams had been complaining for years about a lack of ‘focal power’ for their mass compression technologies, and while a rubber duck inside a diamond was impressive, they’d wanted to do something more - a lot more. She suspected if the twins were providing the means, then they already had something about to surface from the depths of their imaginations. Over the years she’d learned to pick a bit, rather than take their answers at straight value. “And if things don’t cut at the right angle? You remember how long it took to get rid of the Navy, when you started talking about making black holes?”
“It's not our fault they didn’t understand,” Sammi said defensively, crossing their arms and pouting at her before the rabbit ears fell over their face.
“Who didn’t understand what?” Akeimei yawned at the door. She cast a wink her way before wrapping her arms around Sam and gave him a quick hug. “What did I miss?”
“Umm… a parallel universe, if the math is right,” Sam mumbled from the depths of his coffee cup.
“What? Like identical versions of us?” Marin watched Akimei’s nose wrinkled at the smell before she slipped away from Sam. Slipped down beside her, they rubbed shoulders a moment. “Tell me, is there one where I get more sleep?”
“More or less identical… though it's not like you need to go into a parallel universe for that sort of thing. There’s already a ‘you’ out there somewhere right now, to say nothing of past and future ‘you’.” Sam scratched his cheek idly for a moment “It's just the math. The universe is so vast that there are exact physical cosmic twins of us out there somewhere, not to mention even more almost-twins.”
“Sam’s right!” Sammi perked up excitedly, bouncing on the sofa. “Then there are quantum cosmic twins - which gets weird because particles exist in multiple states and you’d sort of overlap… but the easiest one is probably just another us elsewhere in the universe right now! That's sort of the point where the universe is bigger than you can imagine!”
“So exactly the same… or almost.” One of the twins giggled. “Just like us!”
“Pretty much,” Sam nodded, slowly emerging from the depths of his coffee. “Another you out there on another Shil, or another me on a whole Earth, even - just a little bit different.”
“What? Like an Earth that never met the Imperium?” Marin canted her head, tossing out the obvious. It was hard to remember her life before, and she didn’t want to contemplate the alternative.
“Oh, I don't like that idea.” One of the twins stuck out her lip. “We want to come to Earth!”
“Yeah,” her sister nodded, though she suddenly looked glum. “I don’t know if Professor Warrick would mind though. He’d be with his wife and daughter, there.”
“Oh…” her sister's face crumpled. “I didn’t think of it that way.”
“Well, don’t…” Sammi hugged them both a moment, though they held the first twin a bit tighter. “The point is, somewhere he’s with them right now!”
“Wow, I guess so.” she brightened. “Just imagine! A whole Earth that never met the Shil’vati!”
“I wouldn’t worry, sis.” her twin nodded. “I think Professor Warrick is pretty happy right now.”
_ _ _
“I am not happy about this!” Tom glared at his omni-pad before tossing it down in frustration.
Miv looked up at her husband.
“It’s an honor!” She tucked her chin in and gave him a long, considered look, “What is it that’s bothering you - really? It wasn't Monsignor Barcio. Are you certain this isn't the same sort of thing?”
“Yes, I’m sure!” he growled, looking away like a guilty child. “Alright, maybe… but this uniform is the silliest thing I’ve ever seen. I’ll look like a mushroom, and the hat only makes it worse!" Tom grimaced at the omni-pad accusingly, "They won’t take ‘no’ for an answer, so now I’m on the rolls as a Warden Captain - whatever that is - and this ceremony is ridiculous!”
“The ceremony is traditional. Very symbolic... Besides, they don't make wardens out of anyone below the rank of captain - I looked it up. You were one before, so it's appropriate to make you one instead of a Warden Major or Warden Colonel.” She smiled at him serenely. “Surely, it can’t be the worst thing you’ve ever done.”
He turned to wag a finger her way. “I’ll take that bet!”
“Worse than our wedding reception…?” She crooned, teasing him. “Or maybe pre-term night? I swear by the Goddess no one will pinch your ass, except for Lea and I.”
“Fine…” Her smile grew wider as he grumbled, but he was calming down already and there wasn't heat in it. Still, he stubbornly clung on to the point a while longer. "It’s in my top five.”
“I’m sure you’ll survive, husband. Now then, I have meetings all afternoon, so why don't you finish reviewing the menu? You’ll feel better when all this is over and you can go back to cooking, chess, or starting that eeeyiy club… You might even give Ce’lani a call or message her?” She gathered her coat and smiled demurely, though it harbored nothing innocent. “If I’m not here you’ll have perfect privacy… Just don't promise anything you wouldn't promise to me.”
“It’s iai-do…” Tom groused, but he was already picking up his omni-pad.
She blew him a kiss and made her way toward the commons. Tom would probably stew a while, but he’d make the call.
There would be time to meet with Ce’lani on the common, before she had to come home for dinner.
_ _ _
Tom looked over the banquet menu as if it might reach out and bite him. The words stared up at him with perfect innocence.
Appetizer: Fruit and Cheese Platter - Slices of various cheeses and fruits on a platter providing a delicate mix of sweet, tangy and creamy to invigorate the dining experience. Serve with a selection of sweet and semi-sweet wines.
Soup: Choice of Tomato or French Onion Soup - Served with a piece of baguette and cheese.
Salad: Strawberry Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing -- an assortment of greens and fruit with a balsamic grain dressing to cleanse the palate.
Entree: Cornish Pasty - This herb-infused meat and pastry dish provides a counterpoint to the tangy taste of the salad and soup. Served with a creamy buttered mashed potato (a vegetable, humanely prepared!) with chives (also a vegetable). Served with a selection of wines or ales.
Dessert: Chef’s Sorbet Surprise - A sweet treat complemented by a palate cleanser, ending the meal on a piquant note.
His last call with Bherdin had been a trial and a half. Omni-pads were the definition of ‘high fidelity’, and hearing the little Shil’vati hyperventilate for ten minutes over the plan was pointless. At least Melondi had easier going with Vedeem on her side... one way or another this was happening.
As a final consolation, he relented on wearing matching suits. Bherdin frequently bemoaned Tom’s 'lamentable' fashion sense, and he perked up at that, promising to get him some appropriate formalwear for the occasion.
Privately, he suspected his Shil’vati friend was looking for a convenient alibi if a riot started.
In fairness, it probably wasn't a bad idea.
“Too late to use it myself…” he muttered. It wasn’t quite noon, and Miv was probably right. Instead of Chess Club or starting Iai-do practice or just cooking out at Human Food, he was stuck here at home. Miv’s place was bigger, but most of his stuff was still in boxes; it left him listless and climbing the walls. If this worked, at least things could get back to normal.
…Mostly normal…
He flipped back to the picture of the Warden uniform on his omni-pad. It was bad enough, but the hat made the whole thing look like a blue toadstool in silver filigree.
He swiped the picture away like an act of revenge, but didn’t toss the pad back on the table.
…Miv was right... and I promised to call Ce’lani…
Tom centered himself, pulling up the number. The universe was always in motion and a good Taoist accepted their part in what came. That was the lesson of ‘the Vinegar Tasters’, and it held true… The painting showed three men standing around a vat of vinegar. Each has dipped his finger into the vinegar and tasted it. The expression on each man's face showed his individual reaction.
The painting was an allegory for Confucius, Buddha, and Lao-tse. Confucius wore a sour look on his face. He believed life was out of harmony with the universe. As the second figure in the painting, Buddha had a bitter expression. Like the vinegar, life was painful and filled with attachments and desires that led to suffering. The last man, Lao-tse, was smiling at the taste. To him, harmony existed naturally and could be found by anyone at any time in any experience.
He thought about his buddy Dave. The old Marine would probably shake his head and tell him to ‘embrace the suck.’ It pretty much boiled down to the same thing.
Not that he was against calling. Miv and Lea had practically taken turns urging him on and giving their views on why it was a good idea. They hadn't harped about it, but he knew which way the wind was blowing. And Ce’lani’s message had been short, sweet in the literal sense, and the sound file she’d offered up had been…
…Pretty nice, really…
If he still said no, or decided he didn't like where this was going, they’d back his choice, of course. He didn't have a doubt in his mind… But with everything else in his life turned upside down, calling Ce’lani seemed like a calm in the eye of a storm.
…It's just a phone call. Leave the chaos at the gate…
He settled down on the couch to check his messages before giving her a call. It was nearly lunch…
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2023.06.02 09:44 Spagghettaboutit A little talk about Ahsoka [spoilers for clone wars and rebels]

So star wars was originally mostly inspired by kurosawa's samurai movies and this means that jedi take a lot from the philisophy of the samurai and it shows. Obviously there are lightsabers fights that especially in the LT look a lot like katana fights (or kendo), but also dedication to a lord (in star wars being the force itself, or people, justice, or the republic) without questioning them, the elimination of self by being a servant of others, the acceptance of death.
So my point is this basically makes Ahsoka a ronin, meaning a samurai (jedi) that left his lord (the order) to now live with her own mission and rules, wandering through the lands.
Take for example the protagonist of Lone Wolf and Cub: he was a samurai and then left his lord because he thought he did something wrong and so now he lives following the way of the assassin, killing for money, in order to get enough money to get his revenge. Obviously Ahsoka did not become an assassin but I think she is following her own path, focused on her own objective and ignoring the ways of the jedi.
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2023.06.02 05:56 NeedleworkerSad357 Overview of the Blackmail Running Our World

This post is an overview of some of the blackmail tactics used to control most of the influential people and governments around the world. Obviously I cannot cover everything in a single post, so as with my previous posts I highly encourage you to research further yourself. All sources and links are at the bottom of the post. An understanding of what trauma-based mind control programming (MKULTRA/MONARCH) is, and how it works, is again necessary to understanding much of this. My other posts here:
The world is run on blackmail, mind control, and shame.
There exist many collections of videotapes of 'high-up' people engaging in some of the worst, sickest things imaginable. Drugs, torture, pedophilia, and murder are common themes to these videos. These tapes are in the hands of many different people, groups, and especially intelligence agencies. 'Honey-trap' operations are constantly being run to gather compromising and incriminating evidence on people of importance. Child slaves will be used to compromise people on video. Global leaders are often covertly videotaped doing perverted things with sex slaves sent to them by intelligence agencies, the Illuminati, or other groups, and this is then leveraged. Rape and murder of a child (forced or not), one of the most repulsive things possible, is many times filmed to ensure future compliance.
"Back in 1966, Rothstein became the first police detective assigned to investigate the prostitution industry. Almost immediately he discovered an underground sexual blackmail operation that compromised politicians with child prostitutes. ‘Human Compromise’ is what he labelled the honey-trap process. Rothstein and his colleagues found that approximately 70 percent of top US Government leaders were compromised in this way. Rothstein said, the CIA conducted the human compromise operation, while the FBI was tasked with covering up any leaks."
"One of the things I found out over the last ten years of studying governments and listening to intelligence and counter-intelligence is that those in government are sexually compromised, and their sexual secrets are collected and then they are promoted into governments and into judiciaries and into all the positions of importance. Paedophilia is the preferred dirt as it is easily photographed, easily presented in a range of media, immensely shameful, and the public demands your resignation."
"Paul Bonacci, one of the victim-witnesses in the Franklin affair, also clearly stated Larry King used him in blackmail operations in New York and Washington. The latter was in connection with the activities of a close associate of Larry King, Craig Spence, who was involved in a prostitution ring consisting of underaged boys that were supplied to Washington's upper class, which went right up to the White House."
"The thing about pedophilia is it holds the most shame, therefore it has the most control over judges and lawyers, and Queen's councils and politicians and ministers. Sexually bent politicians in denial of their sexuality to the public are a threat to their own country and policies. They are easily setup, photographed, politically bribed, toppled, and supported in the destruction of their country. This method of altering a country’s policies is epidemic and now endemic to politics."
"Bob (Hope) was politically connected and knew how to lure people in and insure they would work for him. He invited them to his parties and dangled various kinds of illegal or immoral perversions in their faces. Once their perversions were uncovered, he could blackmail or control them. That is how Bob worked. Bob was very good at this. I watched him do it to people over and over. He lured them in, detected their weaknesses, then used that knowledge in his favor, for his connections, and ultimately for his personal gain."
These blackmail 'practices' are often used in conjunction with trauma-based mind control. This mind control is an integral component of, and is deeply intertwined with child trafficking, sex slavery, Satanic ritual abuse, and many other horrific crimes. Many of the children used for blackmail are programmed, and many of the people being blackmailed (including (sometimes future) politicians, leaders, presidents, etc.) are also programmed themselves.
"My personal belief, based on my experiences, is that over the years, more leaders were under mind control."
"Fritz Springmeier notes that 'It is a standard tactic of the Illuminati, their New World Order and its various branches to use fear and blackmail to bring people into line.' Cheryl Beck had a 'sexy Sadie' program that was used to blackmail government and military people as a child prostitute seductress. Cathy O’Brien’s daughter Kelly was 'being prostituted to the CIA for blackmail purposes.' Svali notes that using child prostitutes to blackmail political leadership outside of the Illuminati was very common."
"Beryl-Green said Epstein knew about MKULTRA. He was into mind-controlling victims and satanic ritual abuse (SRA). Epstein was into DNA mixing, human cloning and he knew about New World Order plans."
"This dirty game has been honed to a fine art, which is a standard feature of the Illuminati/intelligence groups. The CIA term for blackmail is an 'OK FIX.' When they use a person’s past sins to force someone to do something they refer to this as 'biographic leverage.' Any weak point in a person can and will be exploited. Sexual entrapment for blackmail is referred to as a 'HONEY TRAP'. Black widow alters are being trained and sent out for this purpose. In order to blackmail, or threaten, you have to have something to threaten the person with. Men are frequently entrapped by sexual behavior which is criminal. Sometimes they are also entrapped by murder. The Monarch slave will be allowed to have children so that they can be blackmailed into complying to save the children or grandchildren. The Monarch slave in turn may be used to blackmail others. Certain alters are trained in this. A Monarch Beta model is highly trained in seduction. Many politicians and ministers are operating under blackmail today. The extent that blackmail is being used by the NWO would boggle people’s minds. Porn films are taken of the Monarch victims, so that they can be used to blackmail the victim. Monarch victims are forced to commit ritual murders which are photographed and then used to blackmail the mind-controlled victim."
Intelligence agencies all over the world utilize blackmail, routinely employing and exploiting it as much as possible. It is an extremely important 'tool' of theirs. Operations are done to gather the incriminating evidence.
"Other 'neutralisations' verge on the bizarre. An individual who must remain nameless for a variety of reasons - but whose name is known to this writer - underwent an experience that is both horrific and chilling. I shall call this individual 'Mr. X' or, simply, 'X'. Mr. X was a leader of one of the largest CIA-backed Contra groups. He recently testified before the US Senate Intelligence Committee. Formerly, X was a senior executive in a South American subsidiary of a leading US soft drinks corporation. During his Senate testimony, he denied any knowledge of CIA involvement in the narcotics trade, adding that condoning such activity would have been foreign to his way of life. Not so, says Tatum. Mr. X had been recruited into the CIA by then-Director William Casey, with the assistance of Oliver North. In 1990, when Nicaraguan leader Daniel Ortega announced there would be 'free elections', X was ecstatic. He began jostling for position and asked President Bush to ensure he be given a prominent position in the new government - in return for his years of toil at the behest of the CIA and the Enterprise. The pressure came in a form that Bush could not ignore. Failure to help his friend would result in X's intimate knowledge of Bush's involvement in the dope trade being made public. His threat left Bush with a sour taste. A Pegasus team was assigned to 'neutralise' him in early 1990. Mr. X, Tatum states, 'fancied himself a lover of women. Tall, large-breasted blondes were his favourite. It was determined that, if effectively neutralised, [X] could be an asset. Therefore, it was decided that intimidation would be used to control [X].' They chose to use the drug Scopolamine, which also went by the nickname 'Burundanga' or 'the Voodoo drug'. The drug is extracted from the pods of a flowering shrub that grows in remote regions of South America. In its processed, powdered form, Scopolamine is 'void of smell, void of taste'. When properly administered 'it causes absolute obedience' without this being 'observable by others'. Importantly, the target will not recall any of the events that occurred during the period they were under the spell of the drug. Tatum states that X was invited to spend a relaxing weekend at a luxury hotel as a guest of his friend George Bush. His host for the weekend was a trusted 18-year veteran field-intelligence officer. The evening started with cocktails and was followed by a fine meal. ''Nothing but the best' were the orders.' Following the meal, he was ushered into the suite of a 'blonde bombshell' supplied by the CIA. Mr. X had already ingested a dose of Burundanga during pre-dinner cocktails. X was gallant with the blonde as they both moved into the bedroom where video cameras were already set up in one corner. In short order, the blonde had X standing naked in front of her and began to indulge his desires. All the while, the video cameras whirred. Slowly stripping off, the 'blonde' revealed his manhood in all its glory. Mr. X was instructed to reciprocate the favour and perform fellatio. He obliged, his intimate activities recorded at 24 frames a second on videotape. Tatum says the male prostitute was hired from a bar in New York and killed that same evening. Two weeks later, X - wholly unaware of the events of that evening - was visited in Nicaragua. He was presented with a copy of the video footage, along with instructions. Tatum says that X can never allow that video to be seen: 'Not only does it reveal his homosexuality, but it also reveals his bestiality and satanic worship rituals.' As frame after frame flicked by, X reportedly wept, forced to watch himself kill his homosexual 'lover' and then engage in the most grisly cannabalistic ritual imaginable. Neutralised, Mr. X became a leading member of the Nicaraguan government a few short weeks later."
"Check out the FBI records on Scarlett: What was his original HOOK that got him so deeply embedded into UK Illuminati culture? He murdered the nanny of Lord Lucan in the 1970's. Lucan wasn't actually involved. Scarlett got it wrong. He was under mind control at the time. How we all laughed on his training sessions when we heard that one. Not funny, really. We were all in the same boat. Each had something terrible attached to us, in our past. That is all part and parcel of the Illuminati contract. Young people forced under mind control to commit murder when young and then later on, picked up by British Intelligence to be used and abused as they wished - as loyal servants of the British Crown. One can only hope that by exposing these HOOKS, that some sort of amnesty can prevail. If these people are freed from the demonic Illuminati contract by exposing their HOOKS - one can only hope that they will come forward as a sizeable and influential body of political and public figures, in order to put an end to it. Here's hoping. Check out Rimington's hook to see what sort of mind ran MI5 for so long. It's a game called 'mafia' and it is ALL about blackmail."
"...He had previously signed off on Epstein’s 'sweetheart deal' because Epstein 'had belonged to intelligence.' Acosta, then serving as US attorney for Southern Florida, had also been told by unspecified figures at the time that he needed to give Epstein a lenient sentence because of his links to 'intelligence.'"
"Detective Rothstein found that the CIA were behind a blackmail operation in which child prostitutes were used to honey-trap and compromise politicians, military brass, top businessmen, and key government officials. Rothstein, who arrested the key Watergate perpetrator, said Watergate solely concerned this human compromise racket, and specifically was an attempt to obtain a list of compromised pedophile VIPs and their proclivities that was held at the Democratic National Headquarters."
"Michael Aquino was in the military. He had top Pentagon clearances. He was a pedophile. He was a Satanist. He founded the Temple of Set. And he was a close friend of Anton LaVey. The two of them were very active in ritualistic sexual abuse. And they deferred funding from this government program to use in this experimentation on children. Where they deliberately split off the personalities of these children into multiples, so that when they're questioned or put under oath or questioned under lie detector, that unless the operator knows how to question a multiple-personality disorder, they turn up with no evidence. They used these kids to sexually compromise politicians or anyone else they wish to have control of...they were taken to be used by professional pedophiles. People that have the money to buy what they want, take the kids wherever they want...and by splitting the children’s personalities they could then train each one of the personalities to do a different function. And the rest of the personalities within that host personality would not be aware of it or remember it."
"Vinson also told Nick Bryant that Spence and Larry King were 'partners' and 'hooked up with the CIA', stating specifically that 'King and Spence were in business together, and their business was pedophilic blackmail.' They were transporting children all over the country. They would arrange for children to be flown into Washington, DC and also arrange for influential people in DC to be flown out to the Midwest and meet these kids. Per Vinson, Larry King had confided in him that he had clients who liked to torture and even kill children: 'King said they had clients who actually liked having sex with kids as they tortured or killed the kid. I found that totally unbelievable.' After Vinson said this to Nick Bryant, he asked Bryant later on in the interview if King’s disclosure had indeed been true. He was unaware at the time that other evidence, including witness testimony, had suggested that it was."
"According to fugitive ex-CIA officer Frank Terpil, CIA-directed sexual blackmailing operations were intensive in Washington at about the time of the Watergate scandal. One of those operations, Terpil claims, was run by his former partner, Ed Wilson. Wilson's base of operations for arranging trysts for the politically powerful was, Terpil says, Korean agent Ton Sun Park’s George Town Club. In a letter to the author, Terpil explained that ‘Historically, one of Wilson’s Agency jobs was to subvert members of both houses [of Congress] by any means necessary. Certain people could be easily coerced by living out their sexual fantasies in the flesh...A remembrance of these occasions was permanently recorded via selected cameras...The technicians in charge of filming were TSD [Technical Services Division of the CIA]...The unwitting porno stars advanced in their political careers, some of whom may still be in office.'"
"Intelligence and counter intelligence ‘work’, and they ‘work together’ to create scenarios that are so unbelievable that they cannot be published in the mainstream media, and if they are, they will appear like a joke. The information to blackmail a country, to blackmail its politicians, to blackmail its Prime Ministers and Presidents, to blackmail its judges and lawyers is a very serious matter."
The Illuminati and other cults also engage in the same blackmail operations. There is a huge overlap between secret societies/cults and intelligence, with top intelligence usually being run by them. All of them do this.
"I was able to have first hand access to the Jeffrey Epstein case investigation documents. According to the documents, Epstein was the head of a global fraternity related to the Shriners called The Royal Order of Jesters. This order is covered with scandals and lawsuits related to human trafficking, but they are very protected because many members of the order are high-profile political figures and businessmen. It is crazy how these people manage to operate under the radar for so many years, decades...Now you may ask how they do this? Easy...By using blackmail tactics, they manage to have Judges and Law Enforcement licking their feet. That's how Jeffery Epstein got assassinated. After he was out of the game, the whole business is run by other people. Major names are involved and many high-profile people who are all bound to the order by means of blackmail. This is particularly disturbing when you find out that the cases of Catholic priests involved in sex scandals are events organized by The Order of Jesters. They run blackmail operations with the purpose of seducing people in power...With those videos in their power, the careers and the public image of many people are in the Jester's hands. They are free to do anything, they can turn even the President of the United States into a slave."
-- "Jeffrey Epstein Post" [7]
"Illuminati 'FROG ON A LILYPAD' programming: The FROG as a paedophile - with no 'tadpole tail/tale', as in no memory of what he/she has done until they get past 40 years old. It becomes clear that so many people were forced to be paedophiles and to abuse their children - only to wake up to all of this later on - post 40 years old. Then to have Stella Rimington on their doorstep with a videotape - telling them that she will send it to the police if they do not do precisely what she says. The ultimate blackmail weapons combined: A tape of you committing paedophilia - and even worse - incest with your own children. Guaranteed to 'silence' most people for life. The scope of this Illuminati blackmail project has been immense, in British society and it has to be exposed. There is safety in numbers."
"(Sue) Arrigo adds that the kids with the most smarts and/or looks, about 5% are skimmed off the top by the Luciferians in charge like the Bushes and used as either spies or corporate sex slaves or both. They’re typically pimped out on high priced loans to influential politicians as house boy and girls to ensure the puppets in Congress are happy and blackmail-able for control."
"The Masonic leadership of Freemasonry in a given area will have thousands of 'blackmail' files on essentially everyone of importance in their area. Upper echelon people such as judges, lawyers, and politicians are generally controlled via IRS infringements, and many of the lower echelon people are controlled through weird sexual items. This is where the Delta and Beta Monarch slaves are so helpful to the Illuminati. (This information comes from several witnesses who are informed about the blackmail files & their methods for blackmailing.)"
These people are already in power, and have set their system up so that nobody rises to a prominent, powerful, or influential position without being selected, extensively compromised, controllable, and usually under mind control. They are all 'in it together', and because of this they protect eachother. Most have 'insurance' on one another.
"The most common phrase associated with that one was ‘talk about the pot calling the kettle black’, meaning that each Illuminati slave had been caught on camera and from an early age – doing something terrible – as Rimington was fond of saying ‘we are all as bad as each other and all in it together.’"
"Oftentimes when I and others were prostituted to various government (New World Order) leaders, Dante had hidden cameras filming perverse sexual acts apparently for future blackmail leverage. These videos were scandalous in proportion and were usually ordered by Reagan. Dante turned the videos over to Reagan, and covertly kept copies to protect himself. Dante converted a small room of his Beverly Hills mansion into a security vault, where he kept his personal copies of the international blackmail porn tapes there. Blackmail was openly initiated to ensure that each criminal participant understood that if one fell, they all fell. Maintaining 'dirt' on each other through this Mafia-style method was seemingly the only way these criminals implementing the New World Order kept each other 'honest.'"
"The Watergate break-in was strictly based on one thing - the pedophile records that were being kept at the Democratic National Headquarters."
"In 1972, Rothstein arrested one of the five Watergate burglars, CIA operative Frank Sturgis. During a subsequent two-hour interrogation, Rothstein discovered the truth about Watergate (plus Sturgis’ and the CIA’s involvement in the Bay of Pigs incident, and the related assassination of JFK). Sturgis told Rothstein, the Watergate burglars sought something they nicknamed ‘The Book’ which listed the Democratic and Republican politicians who accessed child prostitutes, their sexual proclivities, the amounts they paid to rape kids, etc."
There are certain places known for this, two famous examples being Little St. James island or Bohemian Grove (there are many, many others).
"For those of you who are interested in Bohemian Grove and the current list upon the Internet of those poor unsuspecting 'invitees' who will be pressganged into going (and subsequently blackmailed out of their minds afterwards, by the Illuminati)...the entrapment going on at Bohemian Grove is of an avaricious and esoteric nature - in relation to all of those unlucky 'invitees' who want to join this 'prestigious club' but then get videoed doing things that they wouldn't want anyone to know about - 'guests' who are then subsequently blackmailed out of their brains...and for the rest of their lives. But then that was what the Illuminati cult and their Sat B'hai contract has always been about...promising that you would get everything for nothing (if you agreed to be unquestioningly obedient to the Crown) and that you would now be part of an 'esoteric' prestigious Satanic club."
"Numerous videos are covertly produced at the supposedly secure political sex playground in northern California, Bohemian Grove. High tech undetectable cameras use fiber optics, and fish-eye lenses were in each of the elite club's numerous sexual perversion theme rooms. I was programmed and equipped to function in all rooms at Bohemian Grove in order to compromise specific government targets according to their personal perversions. 'Anything, anytime, anywhere with anyone' was my mode of operation at the Grove. My perception is that Bohemian Grove serves those ushering in the New World Order through mind control, and consists primarily of the highest Mafia and U.S. Government officials. Project Monarch mind controlled slaves were routinely abused there to fulfill the primary purpose of the club: purveying perversion. Bohemian Grove is reportedly intended to be used recreationally, providing a supposedly secure environment for politically affluent individuals to 'party' without restraint. The only business conducted there pertained to implementing the New World Order, through the proliferation of mind-control atrocities, giving the place an air of 'Masonic Secrecy'. The only room where business discussions were permitted was the small, dark lounge affectionately and appropriately referred to as the Underground. The wooden sign was carved to read: 'U.N.DERGROUND'. My purpose at the Grove was sexual in nature, and therefore my perceptions were limited to a sex slave's viewpoint. As an effective means of control to ensure undetected proliferation of their perverse indulgences, slaves such as myself were subjected to ritualistic trauma. Slaves of advancing age or with failing programming were sacrificially murdered 'at random' in the wooded grounds of Bohemian Grave, and I felt it was 'simply a matter of time until it would be me'. Rituals were held at a giant, concrete owl monument on the banks of the Russian River. These occultish sex rituals stemmed from the scientific belief that mind-controlled slaves required severe trauma to ensure compartmentalization of the memory. I witnessed the sacrificial death of a young, dark-haired victim at which time I was instructed to perform sexually 'as though my life depended upon it'. I was told, 'The next sacrifice victim could be you.' The club offered a 'Necrophilia' themed room to its members. I was so heavily drugged and programmed when used in the 'necrophilia' room, that the threat of actually 'slipping through death's door' and being sacrificed 'before I knew it' did not affect me. Other perversion theme rooms at the Bohemian Club included what I heard Ford refer to as the 'Dark Room'. When he not so cleverly said, 'Let's go to the Dark Room and see what develops,' I understood from experience that he was interested in indulging in his perverse obsession for pornography. In the Dark Room, members had sex with the same mind-controlled slave they were viewing in porn on a big screen television. There was a triangular glass display centered in a main through way where I was locked in with various trained animals, including snakes. Members walking by watched illicit sex acts of bestiality, women with women, mothers with daughters, kids with kids, or any other unlimited perverse visual display. I was once brutally assaulted by Dick Cheney in the Leather Room, which was designed like a dark, black leather-lined train berth. There was a room of shackles and tortures, black lights and strobes, an opium den, ritualistic sex altars, a chapel, group orgy rooms including poster beds, water beds, and 'kitten' houses. I was used as a 'rag doll' in the 'toy store,' and as a urinal in the 'golden arches' room. From the owl's roost to the necrophilia room, no memory of sexual abuse is as horrifying as the conversations overheard in the Underground pertaining to implementing the New World Order. I learned that perpetrators believed that controlling the masses through propaganda mind manipulation did not guarantee there would be a world left to dominate due to environmental and overpopulation problems. The solution being debated was not pollution/population control, but mass genocide of 'selected undesirables'."
News 'headlines' with hidden symbolic communication are also used by intelligence and other groups, many times referring to blackmail (among the many other varieties of covert operations).
"'Nuclear' is a comm used all over the world to symbolize extraordinarily explosive information, like blackmail. Which is why if we reconcile blackmail with news about nuclear, a secret truth will become clear. The two most powerful blackmailers ever? That would probably be Jeffrey Epstein and Hugh Hefner. And this is why the deaths of blackmailers like Hugh Hefner and Jeffrey Epstein both coincided with 'Nuclear Accidents':"
08/09/2019 Is Putin covering up a Nuclear disaster?
09/26/2017 Nuclear explosion kept secret by Russia
"Why are CIA blackmailers dying the day after Russia declares nuclear accidents? The reason for the -1 day in Epstein’s case is they likely died before the official day, and these comms were to give agents a heads up on the upcoming BOOM before it hits papers. In Hefners case they had to signal people to move the blackmail. The point as stated is a lot of 'nuclear' is all about blackmail. Not all of it, but a lot of it."
Blackmail is a worldwide 'practice', with all countries and their governments engaging in aquiring and utilizing it to the fullest.
"Just as the 1986 Mirano scandal, the X-Dossiers contain evidence that sexual blackmail operations, whoever is running them, are not limited to the United States. In 1996, X1 reported how the same activities had been going on in Brussels."
"As the bewildered Belgians tried to make sense of what was going on, incredible rumours began circulating that Dutroux might have been protected in some way, that he had friends in high places. Pornographic videos taken from his home were said to feature prominent individuals, one a senior member of the Roman Catholic church. It almost defied belief. Who would protect a psychopath, other than people with something truly terrible to hide?...'It is quite obvious,' said Katarin de Clercq, Belgian coordinator of the pressure group End Child Prostitution Abduction and Trafficking, 'that some people were protecting Dutroux. The government tried to convince us that he was a lone serial killer and psychopath, but now we hear stories about unnamed famous personalities being involved in sex orgies and blackmail and pornographic video tapes. People feel that something is completely wrong here and we have to show we will not tolerate it.'"
"I was unfortunate enough to attend the IHS Templar Castle rite in 2001. Amongst the people in attendence were: J. K. Rowling. Gordon Brown. David Miliband. Stephen Daldry. Stella Rimington (she was the Dr. Mengele of the organisation, organising the torture and murder of kidnapped children). Dr. Joanne Collie. Andrew Marr (he spent most of the time naked and screaming - off his head on some form of narcotic). John Scarlett (he was so drunk/drugged up that he had very little idea of what was going on around him). The Templars had captured a large amount of people whom they called the 'snakes' i.e. slaves in a large dungeon underneath the castle. One brave person managed to set them free and the result in the neighbouring village of Mons and other places nearby, ensured that the British Army had to move in. Thus began the most incredible cover-up in recent European history. It was like WACO, Guyana. I was one of the 'slaves' taken at that castle but subsequently freed by the British Army (who also know what happened - a MASSIVE cover-up). The British Army ordered those in the Castle to come out. They then sent a tank in to bulldoze the walls. Prince Philip and Prince William were in that Castle. Both of them had murdered countless tiny children in their rites. The British Army assembled watched as both walked out with large, dark, woven potato sacks over their heads. They were then bundled into a van and driven away. The name SPUDNIKS was coined because Prince Philip and Prince William had to exit the castle with potato sacks pulled down over their heads and bodies. The British Army present at the time - may or may not have had any idea who they were but the SIS general there, certainly did. They might have managed to cover it up regarding the ordinary soldiers there but the videotapes are now on sale worldwide. The whole event had been closely monitored for blackmail purposes."
The CIA also blackmails incestual/pedophilic parents for their children to use in trauma-based mind control slave projects like MONARCH.
"My Uncle Bob, also implicated in manufacturing the porn, out of apparent desperation informed my father of a U.S. Government Defense Intelligence Agency TOP SECRET Project to which he was privy. This was Project Monarch. Project Monarch was a mind-control operation which was 'recruiting' multigenerational incest abused children with Multiple Personality Disorder for its genetic mind-control studies. I was a prime 'candidate,' a 'chosen one'. My father seized the opportunity as it would provide him immunity from prosecution."
"The expendables are the children of parents who were blackmailed into turning their children over to the CIA. This is all hidden by the power of the National Security Act. These are children, who have been sold by pedophile fathers, or pornographic parents. The programmers/masters program them with the expectation that they will be "thrown from the freedom train" when they get to age 30. (Freedom Train is the code word for the Monarch trauma-based mind-control. To be thrown from the Freedom Train means to be killed.) The CIA and the Illuminati are skilled at blackmailing parents to give up their children. They would watch the mail for porn. Pedophile and murderers who abuse their children are warned that they will go to prison for long lengths of time if they do not cooperate by selling their children into mind-controlled slavery. In return for the parent’s cooperation, they provide rich financial rewards to the parent(s). It’s clearly a case of 'if you don’t cooperate you lose in life big time, if you do cooperate you win big time.'"
Blackmail is the glue holding all of the sick people in charge together, one of the top methods of control. This is the truth. Blackmail, pedophilia, and mind control are how this world is really run.
"Former CIA director William Colby giving advice to John DeCamp, urging him to quit his investigations into the Franklin child abuse affair:"
"'What you have to understand, John, is that sometimes there are forces and events too big, too powerful, with so much at stake for other people or institutions, that you cannot do anything about them, no matter how evil or wrong they are and no matter how dedicated or sincere you are or how much evidence you have. This is simply one of the hard facts of life you have to face.'"
"Again, it’s built in, entrenched foxes guarding the predatory henhouse that permeate all levels of government, military, courts, law enforcement, entertainment and news media, corporate global finance and education. With pedophile puppet masters controlling the pedophile puppet strings of blackmailed, compromised and controlled Western politicians, courts and law enforcement, their diabolical infrastructure has afforded them living above the law continuing to rape and kill our innocents for centuries."
Links and Sources
[1] - Noreen Gosch Speaks About - Jeff Gannon, Johnny Gosch And The Attempted Theft Of Her Book 'Why Johnny Can't Come Home'
[2] - Master List of Quotes and Comments
[3] - Trance-Formation of America
[4] - One Nation Under Blackmail
[5] - Thanks for the Memories
[6] - Eyes Wide Open
[7] - "I had access to classified documents about the Jeffrey Epstein case"
[8] - Child Trafficking, Ritual Sex Abuse & MK-ULTRA Are A Single Worldwide Operation, Run by the U.S., U.K. and AUS Secret Services
[9]- Symbolism Communication
[10] - An Illuminati Primer
[11] - The Reality of Protected Child Abuse Networks
[12] - The Hallett Report No. 1
[13] - The Pegasus File
[14] - Anatomy of the Luciferian Elite’s Global Child Sex Trafficking Pedophile Operations
[15] - The Illuminati Formula Used To Create An Undetectable Mind Control Slave
[16] - Deeper Insights Into the Illuminati Formula
[17] - Hope Beryl-Green Article
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2023.06.01 01:19 Sin-88 [FS] COLLEGE CLEAROUT: Essentials, Stussy, Arcteryx, Off-white, Nike dunks, Sacai, CDG

Need to clear my closet to afford college tuition for the fall. Paypal invoice only and only shipping within the US Tagged and timestamp photos:
Size S Arcteryx Beta LT - Bought on BST. Previous seller told me it was from repcourier, but it’s really light and logo is not embroidered.
Price: $60 shipped
Size S Off-white x Jordan Union Tee’s Red/Navy - Pretty solid tee’s, never worn. Comes with all tags and packaging as shown.
Price: $35 shipped each
Size 8 Men’s What The Dunks - These are a budget pair from BST. Does not come with original box. They’re pretty comfy, just not as accurate as it should be compared to retail.
Price: $45 shipped
Size 9 Men’s G-Dragon Air force 1 Peaceminusone Para-noise 2.0 - These are pretty solid, just doesn’t fit how I want it to. Comes with original box, packaging, and both black and white laces. Naturally peeling a bit.
Price: $80 shipped
Size 8 Men’s Panda dunk lows - These are also budget. Bought here on the BST and price reflects quality. Does not come with original box. The inside of toe box in one of the shoes have disconnected so it’s uncomfortable to walk in, but it’s fixable.
Price: SOLD
Size 8 Men’s CDG converse low - Nothing wrong with these, just have too many shoes. Does not come with original box. Fits TTS.
Price: $60 shipped
Size 8 Men’s Sacai Vaporwaffle Black - Bought here on the BST. Does not come with original box.
Price: $45 shipped
Size S Black Essentials Long-sleeve Tee with Floral print
Price: $35 shipped
Size S-M Stussy White International Tee - Tagged L but fits S-M.
Price: $25 shipped
Size S Stussy Black International Tee - bought here on the subreddit months ago. Sleeves are a little short.
Measurements: Chest 18in, Length 25in, Shoulders 17in, Sleeve length 7in
Price: $25 shipped
PM me with any questions or offers. WILL DO BUNDLE DEALS
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2023.06.01 00:35 xszy [US-WA] [H] Oblotzky Aurora Input Series, Gray Studio, Skog Reboot, Rama Kara, Percent Volt Casio, Skog Reboot, GMK Bento, GMK Wild, GMK Oblivion, GMK Dots, Rama Artisans, Spacecables [W] Paypal

I'm moving and wanted to sell some stuff I've acquired over the last 8 years of collecting.
I can ship internationally as well but you will need to cover shipping. Please let me know if any of my prices are off.
The vast majority of these items are brand new or unbuilt/used.
All prices are OBO within reason. I mostly want to just clear these out since I don't use em. Make an offer.
Please comment and pm.

Item Price Available?
Oblotzky Industries Aurora Input Series Steel with extra PCB + Plate $650 Yes
GrayStudio Think6.5 V2 White on blue with tangeries and brass + extras $300 Yes
Rama Kara Clear with Lubed Aqua Kings $200 SOLD
Skog Reboot Space Cadet Hotswap and Bluetooth $345 Yes
Percent Volt Casio Hotswap and Bluetooth $345 Yes

GMK Sky Dolch Price Available?
GMK Bento $130 Yes
GMK Bento Seafood Novelties $50 Yes
GMK Bento Spacebars $35 Yes
GMK Wild $325 Yes
GMK Dots 2 $120 Yes
GMK Oblivion with ASCII Kit $170 Yes
GMK Original Sleeves $60 Yes
GMK Skeletor (Alphas only) $60 Yes
SA Photo Studio $150 SOLD
GMK Sky Dolch $150 SOLD
GMK Lavender w novelties and numpad $200 SOLD

Item Price Available?
Rama Bentō Kanji $80 Yes
Rama RAMA Ō $80 Yes
Rama Grand Prix Enter $90 Yes
Rama Wave Brass Gold Brushed $90 Yes
Rama Wave Brass Gold Polished $80 SOLD
Rama Fuji House $80 Yes
Rama Fuji Mountain $100 Yes
Salvun Moon Dust Foot $50 SOLD
Salvun Lavender Leaf $40 SOLD
Nightcaps Fugu (not sure of colorway) $40 Yes
Rama Oni Enter B stock $100 Yes
Item Price Available?
Rama Brass Mirror Base U-80 $80 SOLD
Rama Weight $65 SOLD
Bsun Brown Switches (44) $25 Yes
Black and White Cable $40 Yes
Spacecables Laser $40 Yes
YOK Mint Panda Switches (90) $40 SOLD

Please PM if you have any questions.
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2023.05.30 22:04 HockeyPockey603 [WTS] ZT, Spyderco, WE, BRS, and more!

Collection cleanout time! Need to make room for some new pieces. I love to do bundle deals to make shipping and packaging easier, so if you want more than one, I'll gladly work with you on price to get a good deal.
SOLD Ferum Forge Lackey SV:50
First owner, I believe these come with a neck carry chain, but I do not have that. Does come with box and the ulticlip. Carry maybe a couple times, and opened a couple packages, edge is still factory sharp, not really any noticeable wear.
ZT0640 Black SV:200
At least second owner, picked up here on the swap. Previous owner cut and carried a couple times, I have not cut or carried at all. Still appears in excellent condition, centering, lock up, and edge are all great. It has brown micarta scales from SDK, and will come with the green/black carbon fiber scales that are normally on the silver model (I have the all black scales on the next ZT up for sale.) I did bend the clip a bit to make it actually usable, and there are marks from doing that shown in the vid/pics. Comes with original box.
Traded ZT0640 SV:200
At least second owner, picked up here on the swap. Previous owner carried a couple times, I have not cut or carried at all. Centering, lockup and edge are all great. This has a Bronze ano done by USA Made Blades, and has a Gray Precision Zirc Thumbdisc. I did bend the clip a bit to make it actually usable, and there are marks from doing that shown in the vid/pics. Comes with original box.
ZT0640 Sharp Dress Knives Micarta scales FREE
Blue and Green Micarta scales from Sharp Dressed knives. Picked these up on the swap, but have not carried with them on the knives, still in great condition. These will be **FREE** (one per) with purchase of one of the ZT0640's above.
SOLD Spyderco Shaman S30V SV:180
Second owner, picked this up on the swap. Previous owner never cut or carried, and neither did I, so this is still in like new condition, factory sharp, centered. Comes with original box.
WE Espirit SV:165
At least second owner. I did have not cut or carried, but I believe the previous owner did carry a bit, as there are some very light marks on the scales, shown in the vid/pics. Still factory sharp and centered. Comes with original box.
BRS Barebones SV:175
Original owner. This was my first decent bali, and it has seen a lot of love (and drops). Definitely lots of wear on this one, especially on the blade. The blade has been taped off frequently, so there is still residue in some places, but it is actually still moderately sharp, as I never used it for cutting, just flipping. Still flips perfectly, as can be expecting from a BRS. Comes with original Box and the original latch.
SOLD Metonboss Titanium Smock scales SV:60 as single, or SV:90 for both scales Original owner, these have not been carried with, but they have been used for heat ano experimenting by me. Would really like to move both sets of scales together to save on shipping.~~
SOLD Match Anderson Burl + Resin Smock scales **SV:60 as single, or SV:90 for both scales Original owner, these have not been carried with, and are in like new condition. These don't have the cutout for the second detent, or the scale alignment pin. Please see below vid for details. They still function flawlessly, the scale alignment pin is left out on these because it shows through the blue resin and doesn't look good. Would really like to move both sets of scales together to save on shipping.
Burl + Resin Smock scales cutout overview
Smock Deep Carry clip Free with smock scales
Smock Scales shown on top of smock
Primarily want to sell, but would be open to trades for the following:
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2023.05.30 20:05 bballar White EUV LT available @ MSRP (Bay Area)

White EUV LT available @ MSRP (Bay Area)
Concord Chevrolet, check it out. Can DM me if you want to be put into contact directly with sales.
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2023.05.30 00:47 wayland64 [USA-NY] [H] Rtx 3070, 6800xt, R5 1600AF, R7 3700x, AT 2035 [W] Paypal, local cash

Prices slashed
Hi All,I have a bunch of spare parts laying around and i need an influx of cash to pay some big bills.
So lets get to it.
Prices are shipped to the 48local is 12084, will drive up to 60 miles
All prices are OBO
EVGA XC3 Black 3070- Purchased for a project that never happend- $370 $355
AMD 6800xt reference- used for 5 months works perfectly- $475 $450
r7 3700x- purchased new and used since never overclocked- $150 $110
r5 1600af- purchased new and used since never overclocked, basically r5 2600x- $65 $50
Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 32 GB 3200- purchased new and used since- $60 $55
8gb lpddr4 2400- pulled from a laptop- $20 $15
EVGA CLC 240- Purchased new and used since in an itx build- $50 $45
AT2035- Excellent mic used for maybe 2 hours for a work project, comes with shock mount and xlr cable- $75 $65
Scarlet Solo- has some weird issues, may just need new cables, nothing besides device included- $50 $45
Varmillo VA87M, has been used by my GF for the last 4 years, but she wanted RGB. So I no longer for it. It was recently cleaned, and is in great shape. It has Cherry MX browns and is backlit. It also comes with 3ft Acid Purple mini USB cable from WASD. And a "purple steel" keycap set from kraken keys. The keyboards come with original packaging and all accessories- $60. $45

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2023.05.29 13:42 YahboomRobot Look Here! I'll tell you which Jetson development board is most suitable for you.

Look Here! I'll tell you which Jetson development board is most suitable for you.
As Nvidia launched the core boards of Jetson Orin NANO and Jetson Orin NX, many electronic designs or open source hardware companies have created carrier boards based on the official core boards. And put it together, launched the Jetson Orin NANO 4GB/8GB SUB and Jetson Orin NX 8GB/16GB SUB developer kits.
Due to there are more and more development boards in the Jetson series, most customers don’t know how to choose the Jetson development board that suits them, so today’s article will help you solve this question.
1. Jetson Orin NX(2023 New)
Composed of NVIDIA Jetson ORIN NX core board and Yahboom Jetson ORIN carrier board.
Storage: No eMMC/No TF card slot, 128G SSD(Yahboom provide for free)
Computing power: Jetson ORIN NX 8GB---70TOPS and Jetson ORIN NX 16GB---100TOPS
The Jetson Orin NX SUB development kit adopts the official original Jetson Orin NXmodule, equipped with Yahboom Jetson Orin NX carrier board, and comes with WiFinetwork card,128GBM.2 SSD, power supply and other accessories. On board resources and size layout are consistent with the official board. We have alsodesigned a more stable power supply scheme specifically for the power consump-tion characteristics of the Orin NX core module, supporting POE power supply tomeet the 25W power consumption requirement, which can achieve larger and morecomplex neural networks.
Jetson Orin NX Hardware Function Distribution
2. Jetson Orin NANO(2023 New)
Composed of NVIDIA Jetson ORIN NANO core board and Yahboom Jetson ORIN carrier board.
Storage: No eMMC/No TF card slot, 128G SSD(Yahboom provide for free)
Computing power: Jetson ORIN NANO 4GB---20TOPS and Jetson ORIN NANO 8GB---40TOPS
The Jetson Orin Nano SUB developer kit adopts the official original Jetson rinNano module, equipped with the Yahboom Jetson Orin Nano carrier board, andcomes with WiFi network card, 128GB M.2 SSD, power supply and other accesso-ries. lts performance, on board resources,size, and interface layout are consistentwith the official Jetson Orin Nano board, and adopt a more stable current powersupply circuit that supports POE power supply. lt is an excellent alternative to theofficial Jetson Orin Nano.
Jetson Orin NANO Hardware Function Distribution
!!! Note: The carrier boards of Yahboom Jetson ORIN NANO and Jetson ORIN NX are the same, with only the core board being different.
3. Jetson Xavier NX SUB
Composed of NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX core board and Yahboom Jetson Xavier NX carrier board.
Storage: No TF card slot, 16G eMMC + 128G SSD(Yahboom provide for free)
Computing power: 21TOPS
This version is JETSON XAVIER NX-SUB developer kit(eMMC version),not JETSON XAVIER NX developer kit(Official Demo). It aims to solvethe long-term material shortage problem of the JETSON XAVIER NX developer kit(Official Demo). It is cost-effective kit for all users. And ithas the same performance as the JETSON XAVIER NX developer kit(Official Demo), only slightly different in storage performance. The SUB developer kit comes with 16G eMMC storage and does not support TF card.In order to meet the needs of Al development, all SUB kit configurations in our store include a 128G NVMe SSD. Its readingspeed is more than 18 times that of TF card, and its writing speed ismore than 5 times that of TF card.
Jetson Xavier NX Hardware Function Distribution
4. Jetson TX2 NX SUB
Composed of NVIDIA Jetson TX2 NX core board and Yahboom Jetson TX2 NX carrier board.
Storage: No TF card slot, 16G eMMC + 128G SSD(Yahboom provide for free)
Computing power: 1.33TFLOPS (FP16)
The Jetson TX2-NX core module is a cost-effective alternativecore module newly designed by NVIDIA in 2021, and the TX2-NXdeveloper kit is not officially provided. Because it has the coreperformance of TX2 and the size is consistent with Nano/XavierNX, the official name of this core module is "TX2-NX". According to the market status and customer demand, Yahboom will launch the TX2-NX development kit in 2022. This kit providesdevelopers, engineers, and students with an affordable newoption with greatly improved performance.
Jetson TX2 NX Hardware Function Distribution
5. Jetson NANO B01
Composed of NVIDIA Jetson NANO B01 core board and NVIDIA Jetson NANO B01 carrier board.
Storage: 16G eMMC/With TF card slot
Computing power: 0.5T (FP16)
NVIDIA JETSON NANO B01 is a small, powerful computer that lets you run multiple neural networks in parallel for applications like image classification, object detection, segmentation, and speech processing. The JETSON NANO with a quad-core CORTEX-A57 processor, a 128-coreMAXWELL GPU and 4GB of LPDDR memory with power Al computing power toprovide 472GFLOP and support a range of popular Al frameworks and algorithmssuch as TENSORFLOW, PYTORCH,CAFFE ICAFFE2,KERAS,MXNET, etc.


1. If you are a beginner learning artificial intelligence or Python programming, or if you are a student with limited funding. I recommend choosing Jetson NANO 4GB B01, which has sufficient computing power and a suitable price.
2. If you need to build your own ROS robot with equipment such as lidar and depth camera, and want to achieve artificial intelligence algorithms such as map navigation, object recognition, AI visual recognition, etc., we recommend you choose the TX2 NX development board.
3. If you need to build high-performance AI systems suitable for drones, portable medical devices, small commercial robots, intelligent cameras, high-resolution sensors, automatic optical detection, and other IOT embedded systems. Recommend using Xavier NX development board.
4.If you need to carry out some large-scale AI projects with high power consumption, complex algorithms, and sufficient budget. We recommend choosing Orin NX/Orin NANO.
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2023.05.29 00:15 DietLotus [US,INT] [H] Various Vintage Singles (Holo, Non-Holo, English, Japanese, Shadowless, Promo) (PWE) (BWE) [W] Paypal

Hi there!Back again this week.
Prices based on lowest 1000+ seller on TCG Player and TrollAndToad if available (especially on Japanese cards)
I trust all buyers with sub $20 orders to do the just and honorable thing in reporting the arrival of their orders, so that we can help and support each other and our Pokemon TCG trading community. :)
(I can provide packing and letterbox drop off video clips for anyone needing extra assurance, per request. I know I definitely will document my packing and drop off for those.)
**REMINDER:**Please use the same formatting for each card you’re wanting to order.
Please specify the name, set number, set name, holo or non-holo, and especially if it is English or Japanese.
We already had a mixup between an English and a Japanese version of the same card.
Copy/Paste is best!
I will also confirm with you the specific cards, but please take a second to confirm that you’re getting the correct cards before agreeing. Thank you!

Page 1
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Flareon 19/64 - Jungle - NonHolo – English - Near Mint - $9.25
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Dark Weezing 14/82 – Team Rocket – Holo – English – Near Mint - $8.00
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Recycle Energy 105/111 – Neo Genesis – NonHolo – English - $4.40
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Chansey 3/130 - Base Set 2 - Near Mint – English - $13.50
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Jynx 124 - Neo Revelation - Japanese - Near Mint - NonHolo - $16.50
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Jynx 124 - Neo Revelation - Japanese - Near Mint - NonHolo - $16.50
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I'm willing to accept offers on cards. I assess conditions as best as I can, but if you feel certain that a certain card's price is just too high, or you feel that a card is of a different grading condition, please explain before you make an offer.

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I ship cards in 4x6 Envelopes and 4x6 Clasp Envelopes, with which I've had a flawless track record.
Bubble wrapped is possible, but at this point after over 800 successful shipments in a plain 6x9 envelope using a toploader and teambag, it's clear how unnecessary bubble wrapping is and how it just adds unnecessary cost.

4 PM CST USA (10:00 PM GMT) is the latest for daily orders to be send out same day Mon - Fri.

Thank you for checking out what I have to offer this week!

I hope to continue to help grow your Pokemon collection! :)
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2023.05.28 23:48 JT_E9x [WTS] [WTT] Rosco/Noveske/Centurion/Aero/Geissele/Radian 14.5 upper and RRA Entry Stock

Upper with prices if splitting with multiple buyers:
Aero Precision factory cerakoted upper receiver in sniper grey $70
Radian Raptor LT grey (light use) $60
Geissele REBCG (500 rounds) $230
Rosco Purebred 14.5 SS (one mag through) $130
Noveske mid-length switchblock (scratches from removing pin) $70
Centurion mid cut quad cerakoted in sniper grey $310
Take whole thing for $820
Rock River Arms (RRA) Entry Stock-
Discontinued shorty A2 stock, I included my own screw since I have no clue where original is. Signs of wear, nothing severe.
Asking $210
Prices are shipped, PayPal FF or Zelle.
As always I’m down for trades, anything of quality (Non Chinese optics, Glock mags, Ranger green/MC kit, Peltor Comtacs, etc.)
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2023.05.28 22:22 Hedgehog_5150 Janissary: The Joy Ride Ch7

Credit to u/bluefishcake for writing the original SSB story and building the sandbox for us to play in.
And a big thanks to the authors and their stories that inspired to get off my ass and put my fingers to keyboard. RandomTinkerer (City Slickers and Hayseeds), Punnynfunny (Denied Operations), CompassWithHat (Top Lasgun), Rhion-618 (Just One Drop), UncleCieling(Going Native), RobotStatic (Far Away), Kazevenikov (The Cryptid Chronicle), Also to the editor # Fan Beta Readers and KLiCkonthat
As always comments, complaints, and suggestions are welcome.
This is a fair use notice. Any and all aspects of this may be used on and within this subreddit only, with attribution. All other uses are exclusive to the author.
PO Jyhnex led Robert to the conference room where he had set up a paper and pencil for him, as per his request. She had also set up a digital whiteboard in case Robert needed it. Robert began drawing the first thing on his mind, occasionally expressing pieces of his thought experiment as he allowed himself to disconnect from the world around him. This was different from meditation as it was inwardly directed and allowed him to fly into the universe.
Closing his eyes, he imagined himself walking on the surface of the sun, feeling the solar wind as if it were a gentle mist of water from a sprinkler. The magnetic field lines reacted to his touch like the strings on a harp, playing the music of the stars. This was the place where Robert could start any journey he wanted. He remembered the quote about a demon that lived in the air, which people believed would kill anyone who challenged it. They had long ago slain that demon, but there was a new one that lived in the void. Many had challenged it, but all had died, leaving behind only the simplest of atoms as a result. Robert was not there to challenge the demon, but to understand it.
He willed himself to warp spacetime and move among the stars. As he passed the stars, the light they emitted danced and flickered on the boundary of the warp field, creating a distracting white noise, it demanded his attention, but it would have to wait for a later time. He was here to observe the gravity waves generated by objects moving in the universe, such as planets around stars, stars around each other, and the dances of colliding black holes. They created an endless discordant white noise on the fabric of the universe. The universe had a frequency, and the phase field had a frequency. When they aligned, phase travel became efficient and easy. Many parameters made up the phase frequency, but mass and warp field distortion rate were the two most important. The warp field distortion rate was by far the largest factor. The sweet spot for phase travel was between 0.35 and 0.55 against the Keriverax Barrer Scale, which was the brick wall at the end of phase travel. It was also the home of the demon that lived in the void.
At 0.4KBS, the gravity waves would slide around the warp field like the flow of air over a wing. At this speed, there was almost no distortion from the turbulence in his wake. This was his starting point. In his mind, he pushed up to 0.57KBS, where the gravity waves began to stick to the warp field for just a moment, maybe one or two picoseconds at most, before releasing like a stretched rubber band. He slowed his perspective of time to watch the interaction between the warp field and the gravity wave, playing with the different aspects of the warp field. He repeated his runs over and over again until he defined four quantitative pieces that, if applied correctly, could move the sweet spot up to 0.65KBS, maybe even 0.7KBS.
Pulling back from the warp field and examining it from the outside perspective, there was nothing left that he could alter from inside the field. On the outside, he left the gravity waves, and there was nothing he could do to alter them, but they were definable. It was time to go home, and he would explore more next time.
PO Jyhnex: Sorry about that. It's my fault.
PO Jyhnex: (private mode) Lt Cmdr Ashix, grab Dr. Norroe. You both are going to want to see this.
When Lt Cmdr Ashix and Dr. Norroe arrived, there were already a few others watching through the conference room windows. Robert was standing at the main table that had been dragged over to the far side of the room. He was using the digital wall screens like a whiteboard. PO Jyhnex moved over to stand between them., "Commander, we were told to let him do this, right?" She asked, just be sure that they had the confirmation of the orders to allow Robert to have limited access to the things he needed to continue his work.
Lt Cmdr Ashix licked her lips, not really understanding what she was seeing. "Yes and no. We wanted to guide him in the direction of what we think we understand. I do not know if this applies. Doctor, what do you think?"
Dr Norroe stood in delighted amazement watching Robert work. He was writing with his eyes closed, moving his head as if seeing or listening to something that was not there, and sweating heavily. She understood what he was doing. He was visualizing the problem in his mind and was trying to express it as fast as he could. Then he switched hands just as Lt Cmdr Ashix interrupted her and asked, "I am not sure, Petty Officer. Have you noticed that he was switching hands?"
PO Jyhnex pointed to an area away from where he was working and said, "Yes, and he changed languages every time he does."
Lt Cmdr Ashix asked, "What do you mean?"
Dr. Norroe slowly smiled and said, "In theory, he is working on the problem in both sides of his brain, as an analytical and a spatial awareness problem."
PO Jyhnex said, "I know this is going to sound like a complete turox shit question, but has anybody held a mirror up to these undecipherable symbols?"
Dr Norroe and Lt Cmdr Ashix just looked at the Petty Officer. "Your report said he has a human learning disability where his brain interprets symbols backward. Maybe he is writing them backward."
Lt Cmdr Ashix sent a private message to her colleague, "Vevreix, please join me over at Congress Room 3 and bring your glasses." A few moments passed when she received her reply.
C. Vevreix: "On my way, ma'am.”
As soon as Ishani arrived with En. Tha’xur in tow, Lt Cmdr Ashix asked Ishani, "I need your glasses." Ishani handed them over without question. Lt Cmdr Ashix held her glasses up to her data slate so that the image from the screen was reflected on the surface of her glasses. "Ensign, crewman, please tell me what you see," she said.
Ishani spoke first, "The symbols are inverted, both flipped horizontally and vertically."
En. Tha’xur interrupted, "Not only that, the whole block of the equation is written right to left, not left to right...Ma'am, we are going to have to redo most of the translations. I think some of our core assumptions were wrong."
Lt Cmdr Ashix said, "No, you two work with what is right here. I do not want to throw away all of the work we have done so far unless we have to. Get me something by tomorrow morning with just what is in the room. I need to speak with CMDR Vashini."
Handing Ishani back her glasses, she said, "Get on it, you two. Everybody else, back to work."
Robert opened his eyes to see what he had done. He knew what he had written and what it meant, but understanding it all required filling in the missing pieces. This was way more complicated than making the Charger fly. Turning, Robert saw around a dozen Shil’vati watching him through the windows of the conference room.
"Fuck me…" he resignedly thought to himself. He had to get down from the table, but why have the fun end on a boring note?“You shits want to gawk at me? Fine, gawk at this!” Robert thought as he launched himself into a front aerial, landing in the center of the room. Turning to face his work, he walked backward until he hit the wall and allowed himself to slide down and sit on the floor. With one more defiant move, he flipped each marker up onto the table, not caring where they landed.
From outside, he heard a commanding voice, “Alright, ladies, the show is over.” Sitting on the floor, studying his equations, he started to taste the iron tinge of blood in the back of his throat. Always the bloody fucking nose, he thought. The bloody nose was a small price to pay for the ability to define the problem. He needed aspirin and Tylenol to take care of the headache that was starting. His mother had taken him to a neurologist about three years before the first time he had learned he could control his little trick. Bloody noses and migraines were the results of what he called "flying". He had gotten the idea from reading about Einstein and his thought experiments, and it was the best way to conceptualize the problem. His mother had thought he had a brain hemorrhage, but the neurologist found it was brain fatigue.
This diagnosis was the doctor's way of saying that she really did not have a good idea of what had happened. The tests had ruled out many conditions that could cause the symptoms including epilepsy, though there were several parrals. The change in blood chemistry and electrolyte imbalance resembled heat exhaustion and was more than enough to trigger the migraine and nose bleeds. Everything else seemed to be within the ‘normal’ ranges for a human, but in Robert’s case, he was at the upper end of normal. The doctor did not think it was worth exploring further. No reason to waste resources on a child labeled as defective.
“Robert, would you please get up and sit in the chair, so I can check you out medically?” He looked up to find Dr. Norroe standing over him, holding out a hand to help him up. He took her hand to stand, though sitting in Shil-sized conference chairs was comical at best. With him standing only 5 feet 4 inches tall, and the average Shil’vita being 7 feet tall, he needed a booster seat. Dr. Norroe asked about his medical history as she did her examination, and he filled her in on what the neurologist had told him and his mother. She handed him a bottle of something that was not water. It tasted like sweet saltwater, and it was disgusting. The doctor made him finish it before giving him a couple of cleaning towels to get the blood off his face. His shirt was a lost cause; the blood had soaked through and was still wet and sticky. He needed a clean shirt and a trip to the bathroom to clean up but had to wait.
While the doctor was checking out Robert, PO. Jyhnex was cleaning up the blood that had dripped onto the table. The table was a mess, and as he had worked, he had stepped in it and tracked blood everywhere, even on the floor. Robert felt guilty that the Petty Officer had to clean up his mess.
Before Robert could apologize, PO. MunRhoe arrived, holding a large yellow bag and five extra-large pizza boxes. “You went and had a party without me. That is not fair.”
Shrugging, Robert smiled weakly. “You went for the beer run and missed all the fun. Now, Petty Officer Jyhnex gets cleanup duty, and I'm stuck with the hangover,” he said, reaching up to rub his temple.
Dr. Norroe finished treating Robert as PO. MunRhoe placed the pizza boxes and the yellow bag on a clean section of the table. "Hangover is right, you are dehydrated, borderline hypoglycemic, and low on salt. What you need is food, fluids, and sleep. Since you were under my authority as a medical doctor, I am putting you on light duty for 48 hours. So, I will tell your security detail that he is to treat you as if you are on restricted duty for that time and watch out for any signs of distress. Understood, ladies?" Both petty officers responded affirmatively with "Yes, Ma'am."
"Now, what in the Deep's name were you doing to get all that?" Dr. Norroe pointed at the digital whiteboard. She thought she knew what he had done but wanted to verify his conclusions.
"I call it flying. Albert Einstein called it a thought experiment. It is a way of visualizing the problem in the mind," Robert said and began to rub his temples again as the room started to rock back and forth.
"And how long do you usually do this for?"
Leaning his head and taking several long, slow deep breaths, Robert replied, "Most of the time, 30 minutes to an hour, tops. Then I go eat like a hobbit." Despite the room rocking, he was really hungry.
Hearing Robert's stomach growl, Dr. Norroe asked, "I have no idea what a hobbit is, but I will presume that you eat a great deal more than normal?"
Leaning his head again, Robert thought to himself, "Why the f**k am I so tired? It is never this bad." Meanwhile, Dr. Norroe continued, "Robert, please look at me. How long do you think you were 'flying' for?"
Robert took one last deep breath before sitting up. "An hour, maybe a little more. Why?"
Dr. Norroe looked concerned. "Robert, you were in it for almost five hours. This is very serious. If you push yourself like that too often, you will kill yourself. Please do not do this again without supervision unless there is a way to set a time limit."
Robert took what she said to heart. Solving the problem today was not worth dying over. "Physical touch has worked before. Is that good enough?"
Dr. Norroe replied, "Yes, that should be good for now."
Seeing the yellow bag on the table, Robert asked, "Petty Officer MunRhoe, did you get that food item I asked for?"
PO. MunRhoe had finished cleaning the mess and was opening the first pizza box. "Yes, it is in the bag. That Playwell store was an interesting place Do you need it, or do you want a slice of pie?"
Smiling, Robert said, "Both, but I will need a couple of spoons or a medicine cup first, and more water, please." He pulled the jug of 100 percent pure natural maple syrup out of the yellow bag, thinking, "A couple of shots of this, and about ten minutes, and the shakes should be taken care of."
PO. MunRhoe set up a slipe for Robert and PO Jyhnex, “That Playwell store was an interesting place. My brother's younger kids would love some of those kits. But why would you want something like that.?”
Incredully Robert shook his head, “Because they are fun.” showing just a hint of sadness “ I still know how to have a little.”
The Navy technician arrived with a stack of small Dixie cups and several bottles of water. PO. MunRhoe watched as Robert poured himself about three-quarters of a dixie cup of maple syrup and downed it, going so far as to lick the inside of the cup clean. Robert savored the flavor, wishing he had some real vanilla or chocolate chip ice cream to go with it. The idea of vanilla ice cream with maple brought back a memory of his childhood Friday night storytime. Maggie would read first with her book, then he would try with his, but he relied on his mom for a lot of it. Looking back now, it was a good memory.
Grabbing a monster slice of the deepest deep-dish pizza he had ever seen, PO. MunRhoe asked, "What is that stuff you just drank?"
"It is maple syrup," replied Robert, reaching for a bottle of water to clean out his mouth before he started in on the pizza. "It is tree sap that has been rendered down into basically liquid sugar. And where did you get the pizza, and how did you even know about it?"
Shoveling a forkful of the pizza filling into her mouth, she began speaking. "A year ago, I had a detail up in Chicago. I was there for a month and fell in love with deep-dish. This came from a place called 'A Slice of Chi-Town,' and it's called Big Blue's double-stacked deep dish. Both marines and militia swear by the place, and I agree, this is good. Try some."
Robert grabbed a slice after helping PO. Jyhnex reset the table and chairs. It was good pizza, but sadly Robert could only finish one slice.
Janissary: The Joy Ride Ch1 : Sexyspacebabes (
Janissary: The Joy Ride Ch6 : Sexyspacebabes (
Chapter 8
Janissary: The Son Of War : Sexyspacebabes (
Janissary: Vision from Zy'Verila : Sexyspacebabes (
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