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2023.06.10 20:42 BaunTheBeast Bully drops to the ground when it sees other dogs

My bully has started a weird behavior. If we are walking she crouches, points her to ears, stares and licks her lips when she sees another dog. If we stop she lies sown, tense and staring. She is not aggressive and when the other dogs approaches she will start running and playing with the other dog. She has not always done this though, and it is only when we are in our own “territory” (the shared garden that we have in the apartment complex). Today one of her new doggy friends came out loose and I released her to not be in a leash. I then walked towards the dog and the owner but my dog stayed there lying on the ground and staring at the other dog, even though I left her side. The dog then approached and they broke out running and playing. The behavior makes me nervous because it seems tense and hostile - but she never does anything or shows signs of aggression towards other dogs.
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2023.06.10 20:42 queen_of_yunkai Raste ka maal saste me - Eros

Raste ka maal saste me - Eros
I was roaming in Pattaya Night Bazaar looking for cheap football jerseys when I stumbled upon this fragile looking old lady selling fragrance dupes. While I was scanning through the bottles on the shelf, she noticed a glint in my eyes and beckoned me inside. She said, "I know the exact perfume for a young man like you", and handed me this.
At first, I just laughed, half expecting it to be something completely different from the OG as I own one and know its scintillating scent too well but lo and behold, this one turned out to be the exact smell. I was taken aback and quickly asked for the price of it. She said it's only 100 Baht for you (250 rupees) and I immediately paid her. Although the performance is abysmal (as expected), lasting not more than hour of my skin, I consider this a steal from one of the most unexpected places I could have imagined. This city never ceases to amaze me!
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2023.06.10 20:42 Important_Abies_8143 Handling awkwardness around a friend in mutual circles

There is a person in my life who shares many mutual friends with me, and so we naturally see eachother fairly regularly.
However, for whatever reason I often feel uncomfortable around this person and have kind of convinced myself that they just don't like me very much.
We sometimes hang out one on one but the conversation often feels stiff and awkward. To make matters worse I perceive this person as being far more extraverted, funny, and interesting than me, so I feel like I'm the one to blame.
When we're in group settings I notice that they often talk to other people, and I feel like they're largely avoiding me, but I'm also not sure if it's all my head and confirmation bias is at play. That being said they always like my social media posts and awkwardness aside our interactions are friendly and pleasant, so I'm not sure what to think.
I can also fully acknowledge that this is almost definitely a self esteem issue and entirely in my head, and that this person is probably picking up on discomfort from me, but I'm not sure what to do about it. Now that the idea is in my head that they dislike me and think I'm an awkward person to be around, it's really hard for me to feel anything other than "less than" around this person.
Is it worth talking to them about it, given that we see each other so frequently and I often leave feeling worse about myself? It sucks too because they are genuinely a nice person and I think if the awkwardness wasn't in the picture we could be much better friends. We have even traveled together in the past and shared a hotel room, and when it was just the two of us exploring a new city I felt like we had a great time and I was able to let my guard down, but that all went away as soon as we returned home and went back to mainly group settings.
How would you approach such a conversation if that's the right thing to do?
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2023.06.10 20:42 No-Chemistry4607 City e-bike recommendations

Hey everyone!
I want to buy an e-bike that I will mainly be using in the city and I really need your recommendations/advice. I’m looking for something comfortable and with a handlebar that’s relatively high as I have back problems. I’d like to buy a bike that has great value for money as this will be my first e-bike and because I’m not a bike expert, so I’d say that my budget is around 1200 euros (if there is cheaper, that would be even better, but if 1200 euros seems absurd for a good bike then I can manage to spend up to 1500 euros). I live in Northern Europe just in case that helps.
Thanks !!!
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2023.06.10 20:42 AutoModerator @!!% How to Watch Josh Taylor vs Teofimo Lopez Jr.Online Free Boxing

Boxing Live! Here's options for watching Josh Taylor vs Teofimo Lopez Live streaming for free on reddit Crackstreams Including where to watch Josh Taylor vs Teofimo Lopez Boxing prospect Josh Taylor will face Teofimo Lopez on Saturday Night at the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden In New York. Lopez, a former Champion at Lightweight, Moved up to Super lightweight last Year. after stopping Pedro Campa and Getting a split Decision nod over Sandor Martin, He Meets Undefeated Taylor This
Boxing Live Josh Taylor vs Teofimo Lopez
Boxing Live Josh Taylor vs Teofimo Lopez
Taylor has held his WBO belt since 2021 when he stopped Jose Carlos Ramirez twice en route to a unanimous decision victory. After prevailing in a dicey win over Jack Catterall early last year, he returns with the hope of keeping his record flawless this weekend. Our full preview of the fight can be read here.
Tonight, we’ll have live coverage of the event as it progresses. Check back for updates on the undercard, highlights from the evening, plus a play-by-play once the main event kicks off.

Josh Taylor vs. Teofimo Lopez is live this Saturday night. Teofimo Lopez’s campaign up at 140 pounds will get its biggest test thus far when he takes on WBO Super Lightweight Champion Josh Taylor. Their bout is scheduled to headline an evening of fights from the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York, USA.
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2023.06.10 20:41 Grande_Chai_Latte 28 [F4M] NYC/NY/NJ-Are all the good ones gone?

Has anyone felt that attempting to use dating apps has gotten worse since post-covid?
I'm a short African-American female born, raised and still residing in NYC. I currently work from home in healthcare, and actively seeking a more low stress job for my mental health.
Here are a few random facts about myself:
Hobbies: I enjoy podcasts, gaming on my PS5, Switch & PC. I enjoy fantasy novels and have a small book collection that developed during the pandemic.
Movies: Anything Marvel (although some of their stuff is lacking lately). The John Wick Series. Dark Knight Trilogy. Some animated movies.
Shows: Some K-dramas, The Office, Community, True Blood, House of the Dragon, Killing Eve, Gilmore Girls, Tokyo Vice, etc.
Music: Pop, Rock, Indie, EDM.
Games: Legend of Zelda, Horizon Zero Dawn Series, Pokemon, Omega Strikers, Spiderman, GW2, etc.
I am a general homebody but I've been able to get out more since the weather is on track now. I enjoy having brunch in the city on the weekends, indulging in self-care, or kicking back and enjoying museums.
I am a progressive, pro-choice, and pro-LGBTQIA+ which is massively important to me, especially as a minority and woman of color.
My love language is quality time. I enjoy setting aside time for adventures, date nights, or just time to curl up and watch a movie together.
What I am looking for the most is stability. I'm nearing my 30s and I'm at the point in my life where I really don't want to date for the sake of dating. I really want to be able to find my best friend, my partner in crime, and someone to help me relax at the end of my day.
Looking for:
Someone who loves to crack jokes and does not take themselves seriously.
Someone who is laid back & down to earth.
Within the age range of 26-35.
Located within NYC, Upstate NY, JC/Hoboken, or the North Jersey area.
If you managed to read through my blurb, feel free to reach out with a bit about yourself.
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2023.06.10 20:40 reptomcraddick How to save a city that has gone all in on Suburban sprawl?

I live in San Antonio, Texas, known for the Alamo, the Riverwalk, and being the largest city in the US with only buses for public transit (and they’re all LNG buses 🙃).
Because of how the city started and how it expanded, it’s next to impossible to get anywhere more than a few miles away without getting on a highway, and all of the collector roads outside of downtown are 7 lanes.
Which brings me to my question, how would you suggest making it transit friendly? The only solution I can think of is having 30-40 different light rail lines and having each stop have 3-4 buses run from it. We also have the unique problem of being hot as hell (obviously I know getting rid of highways will help this, but the forecast for next Friday is 105 and rainy, I don’t want to walk any length of time in that).
Thanks in advance! I’m also happy to answer any follow up questions you have in the comments.
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2023.06.10 20:40 LadyWithAHarp Rule 5 (naming Country in posts)

Mod here with a friendly reminder:
In location-specific posts, like ones requesting information about local laws, wanting to schedule meetups, or promoting in-person festivals and performances, the country MUST be included, as well as state/country/territory when necessary.
This is an international subreddit, and there have been submissions from users across six different continents. Plus, a lot of the users are not native English speakers, so we can't assume that people are familiar with place names.
For example: there are at least six different cities named "Barcelona". Three of them are in South America, and one is in the Philippines!
In the USA, there are at least 34 states with a city named "Springfield".
We can't assume that everyone in the world knows that "NYC" means "New York, NY, USA".
Please be considerate of other people, and include the country in the text or title of posts where knowing the location is critical to interacting with it.
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2023.06.10 20:39 ExtraMenu I built a huge, searchable database of 15K niche site domains w/ SEO metrics

Hey all — I've been building niche sites for over 10 years now (shoutout to Pat Flynn and his original Niche Site Duel) and have had a couple of six-figure successes.
But one of the biggest struggles I always have when starting a new site is deciding on a niche.
Or, more specifically, deciding how competitive a niche may be.
The traditional way of doing keyword research in Ahrefs, checking out a domain's DR and search traffic, and then trying to find other sites that fit the same profile was taking wayyyyyyy too long.
This is why a few months back I decided to build my very own custom database of 15,000+ niche website domains.
And they are all searchable, and filterable, on things like:
* Organic search traffic
* Domain authority
* Niche
* Keywords
* Ad network
* Domain age
* # of Indexed pages
So, for example, you can run a search for "gardening", and then filter down on "DA: less than 30" and "traffic: more than 100,000",
And the tool will spit back domains in the gardening niche with 100K traffic.
You can also tick off a box to see which of these domains are in Mediavine or AdThrive.You can also just run "blank" searches and use the DA and traffic filters to zero in on low-DA, high-traffic niches.
We've got a few more features in the works, and I'm finally ready to see what Reddit has to say about it.
You can try it for free here https://www.nichefinder.io/demoAnd I created a special 20% coupon code just for this group:redditNote that coupon is only good for the first 100 people.
Thank you all, and I hope you give it a spin!
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2023.06.10 20:38 BrokeBaroqueBurrOak Sun Foods Farmer's Market?

Does anyone know if the farmers market in the parking lot of Sun Foods on University is still going on?
It's been one of my favorite hidden gems in the city for getting good and interesting produce, but I haven't seen it yet this year. Not sure if I'm just too early in the season, or if they aren't setting up there anymore.
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2023.06.10 20:38 HardwareJedi Daily quests not progressing

I have several daily quests not progressing. I have to travel distance on a grind rail and it’s not progressing in Mega City grind rails. I have to open produce boxes. I opened one I found in the near a camp and it didn’t progress. My wife had to jump in mud and it didn’t progress.
Anyone else have this problem?
I’m on PC.
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2023.06.10 20:38 SplinterLips Portland renters, this is what a quarter of a million dollar campaign looks like. Vote this Tuesday June 13th!

Portland renters, this is what a quarter of a million dollar campaign looks like. Vote this Tuesday June 13th!
Out here in District 5, landlords are inundating our neighborhood with their garbage. I have received four mailers, a door hanger, three text messages, numerous Instagram ads, and countless YouTube ads. Today, I received this printed letter (disguised as handwritten) from a so-called "small landlord" with the words paid for by The Committee to "Improve" Rent Control. This campaign is condescending and insulting to people’s intelligence. It's funny how similar this campaign is to CMP's for November’s state ballot initiative. All these purchases corporate campaigns look the same.
They are attempting to win by targeting the homeowners of D5. Renters, please make sure to get out and vote this Tuesday, June 13th.
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2023.06.10 20:38 DeepShall0w Horn blowing in Brisbane

I have noticed that people in Brisbane blow their horn a lot less than people in southern capitals. In Brisbane if a car horn blows it’s for the following reasons.
‘The tap’ - used when the light has gone green but you’re too busy looking at your phone to notice.
The ‘i’m here’ - this is used when you have been driving in someone’s blind spot for 10 minutes and they have the nerve to try to change lanes into you.
The ‘blare’ - this is only used by arseholes, psychopaths and southerners. Do that shit somewhere else. This is a peaceful city.
Did I miss any?
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2023.06.10 20:38 soapbuddy Ginger’s Garden Custom, Artisan Aftershave with Fragrance or Essential Oils

Ginger’s Garden Custom, Artisan Aftershave with Fragrance or Essential Oils
Custom, Artisan Aftershave
Ginger’s Garden Custom Aftershaves come in many fragrance blends or essential oils. The formula contains natural aloe vera, witch hazel, glycerin, and a touch of menthol for cooling and soothing the skin. Custom Aftershave makes a wonderful gift for any man. I have up to 500 fragrances and essential oils at any one time.
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2023.06.10 20:38 ambitiousthrowawae 4 hr 30 min layover in Frankfurt

As title mentions I have a quick layover in Frankfurt and would like to leave the airport to see the city even for 30 mins and then head back swiftly. Anyone have done this successfully?
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2023.06.10 20:37 AutoModerator [Genkicourses.site] ✔️John Anthony – Approach Breakthrough Challenge ✔️ Full Course Download

[Genkicourses.site] ✔️John Anthony – Approach Breakthrough Challenge ✔️ Full Course Download
Get the course here: [Genkicourses.site] ✔️John Anthony – Approach Breakthrough Challenge ✔️ Full Course Download

Courses proof (screenshots for example, or 1 free sample video from the course) are available upon demand, simply Contact us here
The Approach Breakthrough Challenge is a 2-day live online intensive where we show you how to effortlessly approach women and create a connection with them using my Natural Approach System.
This isn’t just an online presentation, you’ll actually be going out in public to apply the material.
Best of all, you won’t need to act like someone you’re not or use gimmicky tactics that make you look like a tool.
The Natural Approach System gives you everything you need to look like a natural with women, it’s as simple as that.
This is the most effective way to get a girl’s number and get her interested in you.
If you want to get intimate with a girl you have to get to know her…
And if you want to get to know her it starts with getting her number..
The only way to do that in the real world is by approaching her.
Here is a fact: The hottest girls in your city have left dating apps behind.
Why? because they’re constantly getting harassed… and they already have a lot of options anyways…
This is why you need to focus on meeting girls in real life, they’re everywhere in your city and you never know when you’re going to see them…
But more than likely you’ve been sold the myth that being able to walk up to a woman and talk to her is extremely difficult.
Most dating coaches tell you that you need to reinvent yourself, they tell you…
  • Solve your childhood trauma…
  • ​Meditate for hours and don’t touch your you know what…
  • ​Become an alpha by spending years in the gym…
  • ​Create some sort of celebrity social circle and spend your life in the club…
What a load of BS.
There’s a better way, and that better way is the Natural Approach System.
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2023.06.10 20:36 Accomplished-Act6727 This is based solely on the posters opinion. And is found at the gamer.com

This is based solely on the posters opinion. And is found at the gamer.com
Erased last post because auto correct mislabeled my title LOL! I agree with all of these ratings of devices. All except that I think the connection line should have had a better number. I believe they were correct about the ON/Meets/Somes as they are a huge nostalgic impact with some few modern additions such as gene mixing etc. I love them all so much that I have extras kept safely in their boxes :)!! All except Wonder Garden! Which if you have a Wonder Garden, I am sooo jealous of you. Speaking of wonder, I wonder where the UNI will fall on a list like this later on after it’s release :). Had a friend send me screens of this article and thought you guys might like it too :). It’s an OPINION.
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2023.06.10 20:36 The_Soton_Legend Pretty sure this girl is not interested in me and I'm just not getting the hint, but I'm also not 100% sure either.

Started speaking to a girl about 2 weeks ago only online so far as she's in a different city not too far from me. When I hit her up I was quite forward, cocky/confident in my approach as I usually am, and she was laughing initially and we even got to the topic of sex soon after and she said she'd "ruin" me, so I took that as a plus - heard it all before.
Then at some point during, she just switched and started calling me disrespectful and basically got really defensive with me. I handled it well and let her go on her merry way.
Then a day later she randomly messages me to say she does find me attractive, good looking, whatever and said that she liked the fact that I could handle her shitty attitude and this is how she "weans out" weak men. Okay, brilliant. Whatever, I'm only looking for a bang. You play your toxic games.
So we talk a bit more, she's suggesting talking over the phone, meeting up etc and I'm pushing for it too but before anything materialises she goes radio silent for a few days. Then once again around midnight, she randomly hits me up again but this time she wrote a wall of text explaining herself to me, this is what she said:
Look I'm sorry I open up on a drink and then retract and hide.. I have ptsd from my ex narcissistic abuses physically and mentally and its been a few years but to face it accept it and get help, facing all the shit I blocked out mentally to survive afraid I'll brake again.. I need to be healing to be happy and now I am starting to big step for me.. I want to be happy but ptsd got me scared to be not worth pain I experienced you may not get it I don't expect ya too but I'm alot even for me lol.. actually it's closed cptsd got me messed up and I can't get close to people, I can't deal with being me with any one any more.. more me and my issues.. but I want to get closer and be happy but I can't I never mean to be rude or fake or upset any one I'm sorry
No need to reply I'll regret being me tomorrow and probably go quiet again I'm not drunk but hate the thought of upsetting any one else more sorry again
I replied playing it cool, I do believe her as well, but then after this message we talk a bit more and tease and joke with her, and then she suggests meeting again and blah blah blah and then just goes fucking radio silent again and it's been two days now.
She is just one girl, but it's the game playing that is doing my head in. Empty promises and that. I really wanna fuck her, I'm gonna keep it 100. She is hot. That's the only reason I'm here typing this mess out, rather than just accepting this is probably not gonna happen and move on to someone else. I have other options as well, but because she is the only one fucking me around, my toxic ass wants to have her the most.
Btw, she knows where I stand. I'm not looking for a long term thing right now. I don't manipulate these women. So please don't try and moralise me in the comments, her issues are not my issues. I'm just looking for an objective set of eyes to tell me what's probably right in front of my face. Thank you.
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2023.06.10 20:36 JazzyColeman Champions League Final + Non-Alcoholic Beer = Proud Bliss

Cheers to all those who will be watching the final sober today! Watching soccer and drinking used to go hand in hand for me. Back when I was still drinking, my whole weekend would’ve been ruined from my post-game hangover. Now I actually can remember the games, and be productive the rest of the weekend.
Go Man City!!
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2023.06.10 20:36 OprisAntonio Am i the only one that prefers Kane over Mbappé?

First of all, don't get me wrong guys, Mbappe is a generational talent no doubt (also 5-6 years younger than Kane), but let's look at the facts here.
We need a striker. Kane is one and Mbappé prefers the left flank. Now, i know he can adapt his game like Cristiano did and he can also rotate during the game like Benzi, but why should we inconvenience Vini when he is the face of the club as of now and as talented as Mbappé. Plus i find Kane a much better finisher with greater playmaking abilities which would possibly elevate Vini even further.
Also, what Kane has done in that Spurs team is unbelievable. I mean look at them, they are utter shit. He gets no service, he creates for others but they don't finish... Everybody talks about Haaland breaking the record, but that is not even close to Kane's achievement in my opinion. Put Kane in City's team and he will bag 40 no problems.
Another problem would be salary and availability. Mbappé would require a much higher salary than Kane and PSG would never sell him this summer. They would much rather keep him for another year then lose him for free.
So now i ask you guys, would you prefer a striker this year that would fit us as a glove or another left winger that would cost us lots more money and possibly a whole season of Joselu up front. (nothing wrong with Joselu, he is a great player, but old and unproven in european competitions).
Would love to hear your opinions.
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2023.06.10 20:36 jlcatt Bro what? I don’t even talk to pax unless I’m answering a question.

Bro what? I don’t even talk to pax unless I’m answering a question.
I only made 6 trips yesterday and can’t fathom who would even misconstrue anything I’d say as “asking for personal information” or “requesting contact information.” Idk, my feelings are just kind of hurt. I went out of town to drive in a big city like, an hour and a half away, didn’t make as much as I wanted (app issues, constant ride cancellations), no tips, and then this. Def not leaving town to drive again. Like, is someone just trying to get a free ride? And I haven’t been driving very long, is this gonna fuck my 5 stars up?
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2023.06.10 20:35 tea_at_221b 28 [M4R] UK/Anywhere - A long walk in rainy London or getting lost in an old bookstore- take your pick

Hello there, I understand the dilemma. Both are such cool options, right!? But maybe we can brainstorm and figure out which one we like more. Perhaps we get frustrated and decide we need to do both to experiment to figure out what we like more. But of course, before that I hope you will turn out to be someone important enough to me to do these with you. Beyond that, I guess I am just looking to get to know someone amazing like you. So reveal yourself, please! On a separate note, I am a scientist working in some random artificial intelligence thingamajigs in medicine (for more technically interested ones - we do machine learning) after finishing uni. And no, we do not wear lab coats. I absolutely love what I do and where I am. To be fair, I love science in any form.
Some random tidbits about me - - One of my claim-to-fame moments till now has been being at loo next to a Nobel laureate. - I love to read. On some weekends, I sneak away to different cafés, libraries, parks, river banks, and other places in my city to read alone. A dream of mine is to have a personal library at some point!!! - I am into running, hiking, rambling, biking, and squash. In addition, I am always keen on checking out new sports, now onto Eton Fives! Also I really enjoy exploring outdoors, generally with friends. - I enjoy cooking, even though I am very slow at it and am certain that I am not very good at it either. Bonus happiness though if I am doing it with friends. - I am very close to my family. And I am the silliest (and definitely the cheekiest) one among them. - Regarding music, I listen to a bit of everything, depending on my mood. Having said that, more often I find myself listening to classical and indie. Some of my favourite classical composers include Brahms, Vivaldi, and Debussy. My city has an incredible music scene, so I sometime find it tough to stop myself from going to too many concerts!! - I have seen some posts including their MBTI or enneagram type. So if you are interested in that - from all the times I have given the MBTI test, I have been an ENTJ. Similarly for the enneagram tests I have been a number 3. Though I believe it is difficult to profile someone based on just one type alone. - Here are some more random clichéd things I like. I love going to a wide variety of museums (from art to natural history and more) and spending hours getting lost inside. My personal record till now is to go to four museums on the same day (yes, it was stupid, no, I do not regret it at all). With friends, I like exploring independent cafés and sampling hot chocolates.
If you have read the until this long, thank you for that!!! I did not want to shorten the length. Maybe you and I have some common interests! Or perhaps we do not share any common interests at all!?!?! No matter what, I am waiting for your message and getting excited for the fun experiments in choosing either of those two options ahead.
Good day to you and cheerio!
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