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2012.10.16 09:03 Dead_Rooster Area64 - Not knowing when to quit is why we are having this discussion.

2015.03.25 14:55 mage_g4 Discworld Book Club

An offshoot of /Discworld, for the sole purpose of running a book club dedicated to the Discworld.

2023.06.10 20:39 That_Introduction443 i think my boyfriend told me he loves me on accident

ive (21) been with my boyfriend(23) for nearly 6 months now. i take saying i love you extremely seriously but i feel that i may be in love with him at this point. neither of us have said it and me having an anxious attachment i refuse to say it first because i have an underlying fear that it might scare him away. anyways, yesterday he was in a rush to leave to work because he was late and we hugged outside and then he said "bye i love you" and turned around and got in his car. i was kind of shocked in the moment and i walked away and got in my car. i was really happy to hear it from him but also im worried it might've been an accident because maybe its an old habit that slipped since we were saying bye to eachother. he hasnt brought it up since and i kind of want to bring it up in person but im really nervous to do so if it really was an accident and maybe he didnt even realize what he said. thoughts ??
tl;dr my boyfriend of 6 months said i love you but im scared to bring it up because im not sure if it was an accident
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2023.06.10 20:39 MyCatsNameIsMoo My cat attacked my best friend

Writing on mobile so excuse any format issues please. I have 2 cats, they're the same age, one is female the other is male and they're both fixed. My cat Moo (Male, and about 1 year) has recently showed aggression to my best friend to the point of an actual attack in the past few weeks and I'm feeling a little helpless on what to do and just need some advice. My best friend has been around him since he was smaller than a potato and she's very kind and thoughtful of animals. He's only been this way towards her, and to top it off it's only been in instances when I'm not around so I can't even see the triggers for him. It's only happened twice so far and they were a week apart and that's enough to prove to me it's not a one off thing.
So the first scenario has some background that i think is important, my boyfriend wants to take Moo on walks because it's sad to him that a creature has to live indoors for it's entire life and never see the world, but we also agree that outdoor cats cause a lot of damage to wildlife and danger to themselves. And it was a really nice day so we got him all harnessed up(we've been working on getting him more used to the harness over time since he was about 6-7 months) and opened the door and let him explore at his own pace. But the door being open really upset him and freaked him out and he did not want to go near it, so we took the harness off after about 15 minutes of waiting to see if he'd get more comfortable. After this I went outside to set up some things and my best friend and my boyfriend went into the house to watch the cats. They decided that since the harness was out already to do some harness practice with our other cat June, but they forgot to tighten it and it slid down her torso and she freaked out hard. Like bouncing off things and scrambling hard until it fell off because no one could catch her. These two events being so close together seemed to really upset Moo, and he started acting very strange and bushy tailed while staring at my best friend. She was sitting on the floor at this point and started to get up to put some distance between them because she could feel that he was being weird. When she got up however he yowled and chased her across the room and attacked her, leading to a full bite mark on her ass cheek. 4 little teeth punctures and all, even bruised up the next day. I took my friend home that night after our bonfire we setup, and Moo seemed fine around us.
The second encounter isn't nearly as bad but I don't ever want it to get that bad again, my friend was just sitting in my room by herself and she thought Moo was approaching her, so she reached out to pet him like she always does, which is when he hissed and growled at her and she got scared he was going to attack again and came to get me because I was out putting air in my tires.
She stayed for a few nights that time and most of the time Moo seemed fine, even came to cuddle with her and ask for pets. But every once in a while he'd get a sketched out look while staring at my friend. He's never been aggressive like this and is normally very friendly to even new people. He's never bitten someone before, let alone even swiped at someone. I don't know if there are any exercises I can try to build trust between them again or if it'll pass with time. But I really don't want my best friend to feel uncomfortable coming over or my cat to feel scared when I have this particular person over, which is often. So please if there's anything I can do I'm willing to do anything.
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2023.06.10 20:38 hikarunagito My Dad like figure has lost it

So Let me catch everyone up to speed

In 2015-6 my dad has started researching Aliens and falling down the David Wilcox, and Corry Good hole which then evolved in to him going full on Q and becoming very violent when you go against his will to the point he nearly cost my job in 2017 that I just started that lead to him being charged with assault after giving me a concussion and leaving me bloody at home

In 2018 his son felt i should of moved in with both of them which lead to me being forced to watch his dad's youtube stream with nothing but conspriacy videos from various youtubers before they were deplatformed and moved to the 3rd party video hosters... that ended peacefully when they decided to move to colorado and I stayed in my home town for my career....

in October 2021 he found his son dead because he died due to covid and his son refused hospital treatment due to him absorbing his dads view points on Covid; his dad being so out of touch convinced him and other people he was following online that the hospitals in colorado springs were getting paid to kill people with covid...

Now after having to take sole custody and him getting the police called on him 4 times due to his actions he is getting angry to the point of screaming at his cats because i personally have my door shut to calm down because im frustrated to the point we have all this food he doesn't eat; organic canned soup, organic ramen, frozen spaghetti; because he claims we don't have enough food and we should drop and spend 200+ on organic food because his sites say the government will shut down (4th + year in him saying this) he also insists on me buying Zims and XRP crypto based on the Gesara and Nesara conspiracy... he has gotten violent against me and both or names are on the lease of the apartment; i know he needs mental help badly but isn't getting treated for it and is only thinking everyone else is at fault because we get upset because literally he could watch 1 video saying for example taylor swift was in gitmo....when she sold out the football arena in town 2 nights in a dad has completely lost it and i can't keep supporting him

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2023.06.10 20:38 throwbmu Trans porn addiciton - i need advice. Is it bad or is this truly what i want ?

I have been addicted to trans porn for over 15 years, from around the age of 14. I have since slept with trans girls and enjoyed it and everyday i think about ending my current relationship to find a trans girl.
I have thought about this for years, tried to stop watching porn and get rid of these thoughts but everything i have tried has failed. Now i am at the point of wondering if this is who i am, do i genuinly like trans women over cis women ?
Alot of other commenters would say that they had this fetish, slept with a trans women and felt revolted. But for me, i am completely fine with it. Im not gay or bi, because i am not attracted to men at all.
At this point im just very confused and need some adivce from others, i feel like im at the bottom of a deep pit with no way out. I need to pick one path.
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2023.06.10 20:38 AutoModerator [] ✔️John Anthony – The Leads Machine ✔️ Full Course Download

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So here I am offering the product of over ten years of optimizations, and first hand experience.
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2023.06.10 20:38 tehohenu Train Station Buddy

Train Station Buddy
I was stuck at a train station in the heat today, hiding on a stairwell keeping out of the heat when I noticed a little someone abseiling off a hand rail. I didn't get a decent picture of that lil guy as they were playing hide and seek with me but I did notice another tiny friend on the wall (pic 6 has my hand to give annidea of how tiny she was). They were pretty much stuck to the spot, anchored by a little bit of web which you can see in the first picture, just taking in the surroundings but when I filmed this little girl* she looked up at me my heart nearly melted. These are the best pics I ever taken of a Jumping Schpooder. I made the part of the video where she looks up at me a gif which you can see in the last image. She was sooooo damn cute 😭 *I'm guessing the sex
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2023.06.10 20:38 Space_Goth I hope I did the right thing when faced with creepy guy

Sorry this is a bit long.
I should probably keep this somewhat vague because I’m super paranoid somehow he’ll find me. But I don’t think he’d go on this sub.
I’ll preface this story by saying this situation has never happened to me before. As in I’ve never been hit on as an adult before. There were only a few traumatic moments where old men hit on me as a minor. That was super not fun. So usually if an older man even kinda “flirts” with me, even “jokingly” it can be triggering for me.
I’m not what you’d call “conventionally attractive” as I have a butch haircut, a very alt/gothic kinda appearance and such. But I do like really glam makeup and stuff. I’m definitely someone’s type and I’m bi so I don’t really care if I appeal to the average straight guy or not. I like the way I look. In the past, I was too socially anxious for bars or parties so I was never at a place to be hit on. I also used to weigh a ton more too, so that’s another explanation as to why. Mostly circumstances though. I’m 27 but I’ve been forever single due to many of my own issues I won’t get into.
So you can imagine how jarring what happened last week was for me.
I won’t say where but I took a little trip with my parents out of state to a casino and I was blowing my money on this machine when this guy around my age staggered over to me. Yes, staggered because this guy was SO DRUNK. Super duper drunk. had a cup in his hand and was slurring his words more than Drunk Uncle from Saturday Night Live.
To say this guy was a stereotypical weirdo dudebro would be an understatement. He wasn’t ugly but wasn’t my type. Just seriously this average Joe guy. Normally he might be very threatening, but my god. His demeanor was so creepy and off-putting. I should mention that I was wearing a band shirt when this happened and that was his opener. I’ll be calling him S and redacting stuff because again… I’m paranoid. This is approximately the conversation as well as I can remember.
S: “Excuse me, is that a [band name] shirt?”
Me: “Oh yeah it is!”
S: “Ahh that’s so cool. They are so fucking awesome.”
Me: “Yeah! They are.”
S: “It looks so good on you—you’re very beautiful by the way.”
Me: “Oh. Uh. Thank you…”
S: “So my name is S. I’m [30-something] and single. I have my own apartment and job and a motorcycle. And I want you on the back of my motorcycle.”
Me: “Uhh…”
S: “Yeah we could hang out and talk about [Band]. Aw man, Band is so fucking badass.”
[I try to get him to talk about Band and tell him what album cover is on my shirt. During this conversation if I say something he stops smiling and kinda squints his eyes at me and frowns. Super bizarre. I kinda get the feeling he likes to hear himself talk and that his super chill demeanor could flip if I’m not careful. Also, he was drunk and probably barely understanding me. After a minute he keeps trying to agree to going with him on his motorcycle at some point. “Hell to the No” on that, obviously.]
S: “I know. I know. You probably have a boyfriend…”
[Joining this sub and groups like this has taught me so many things that it felt like I was taking the test IRL. I know you never tell them you’re single. I consider just for a moment saying “Sorry, man, but I have a girlfriend. I like girls.” I do like girls since I’m bi, but then I remember hearing about these assholes that get angry about it and I think about how he’s already drunk and if he has any homophobia it could come out and I could be in danger.
So I just nod in agreement and say “yeah” implying I do indeed have a boyfriend. I think to myself “If he starts getting weirder I’m gonna describe my fake boyfriend as a 6 ft tall muscular marine with tattoos and say ‘he’s around here somewhere and just to warn you, and he’s the jealous type. He won’t like you talking to me.’ I didn’t even have to get that far though luckily.
S: “We could be friends though! We could hang out later.”
Me: “I live out of state.”
S: “Me too, man! I ride motorcycle everywhere. It’s cool. What’s your name?”
Me: [fake name that I came up with so fast it was scary lol]
S: “Ahhh, Fake Name. So nice to meet you, Fake Name. You could add me on Facebook.”
Me: “I don’t really do social media, man.”
S: “We could text!”
Me: “I don’t think so, man.” (I was so afraid he was gonna get angry and was thinking I might need to get security over there if things escalated. My heart was pounding.)
S: “That’s cool. I respect that. It was so nice to meet you, Fake Name, fellow Band fan. Band fucking rules! gives me the most awkward and drunken high five ever. You have a nice night and I hope you get a BIG JACKPOT!”
Me: “haha I don’t think that’s gonna happen but I’m trying.”
S: “I hope we meet again, Fake Name. Have a good night!” leaves to go back with his buddies who are on some other machine.
Me: frantically texts me mom to come find me
After this I met my parents and we immediately went to go cash out and this mf was semi following us. He was with his group of buddies and he wasn’t even looking at me, just walking towards to exit at the same time!!! I was severely creeped out and told my parents briefly there was a creepy guy. Luckily they didn’t end up leaving behind us and got distracted by something shiny across the room and went back inside. I was so weirded out by this because of his odd demeanor, his, persistence and Nice Guy vibes.
In all seriousness, this was a scary situation for me that I wasn’t prepared for. I know it won’t be the first time this will happen but I’d love to know if there’s anything I did wrong here. I feel proud of myself for standing my ground and now I feel like I have gained a lot of self esteem because I was able to reject him and not let him walk all over me and pressure me. I don’t owe him anything. Not my number, not my time, not anything. Too many red flags. This is not the way you go about “making friends.”
Sorry for the length. Thanks for reading.
TLDR; First time being hit on. Drunk guy hits on me then suggest we be “friends.” I give him a fake name and reject him. Luckily he didn’t get angry but it could’ve gone way worse.
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2023.06.10 20:38 bshdhssj [USA-IL][H] Asus Dual RTX 4070 and Ryzen 7 5800X [W] Local Cash

Both work perfectly. I have had both for only a couple of months, purchased from Best Buy. Neither have been overclocked or overheated. Just used for gaming. Can provide any pictures or videos you want. Just message me. No trades. Located near 60585 in Illinois. Would like $700 for both. Thanks
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2023.06.10 20:37 cassidyjoy19 Anxious Chihuahua Potty Training (help plz)

So my parents adopted a 5mo chihuahua puppy about a year ago and named him Ewald, but Waldo for short. When they picked him up, he was super calm and cuddly. When they got home, he turned into a little anxiety monster. He’s bonded to my dad and they adore each other.
I have tried potty training him all year, but he doesn’t let me get close to him at all if I’m standing. If I’m sitting on the ground or couch, he’ll let me get a little closer and play, but runs if I reach a hand out too fast or two hands at all. He won’t jump on the couch, but he will get on my dad’s recliner.
We have puppy pads down all the time, but he stands on the edge and pees off the side. Our carpet has to be replaced because he’s absolutely destroyed it. He’ll sometimes go outside with my dad, but my dad has severe chronic pain and some mobility issues that make it hard for him to train Waldo.
Waldo’s a very smart dog, he learned sit and down very fast when I finally got him to be comfortable enough to come near me to get a treat. We have an Adaptil defuser in our main room and he gets a calming treat once a day (Solliquin Calming Behavioral Health Supplement for Dogs) and they’ve made a difference, it’s just not enough.
Our dog groomer is also a trainer, and she’s helping us a bit, but Waldo just won’t go outside to pee. If I can get him to go outside, he just whines until he can go in to see my dad again. When my parents were on vacation, he made some progress, but that almost completely fell apart when they got back. We’ve tried two different puppy potty training aid sprays, but he’s generally uninterested. We’ve also tried a “don’t mark here” spray, but he just rolls in that one (if it’s on the carpet. If I put it outside, he doesn’t care). He also sometime eats his own poop, but I don’t catch him doing that as much anymore.
I do not know what to do. I would try putting a leash on him at all times to get him to go outside, but because he’s so small and fast, he hides in all sorts of places and I’m worried about him getting tangled and hurt. I will take any and all suggestions, I’m desperate
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2023.06.10 20:37 svpate2018 NoFap is REAL (Day 21)

I’ve been partaking in no PMO on and off for the past couple of years. At first, I was skeptical of the “benefits” one could achieve by simply not masturbating or viewing pornographic material. However, after having gone on a number of 21+ days streaks, I can attest that this is a sort of yet to be understood phenomena. Today I went to the gym, as I usually do, and a girl went out of her way to ask me a random irrelevant question. Later, an older lady stood in front of the machine I was on and was essentially purposefully flashing her ass in my face. This NEVER happens. The one other time I was one a 21+ day streak a girl in a random Starbucks was giving a lot of choosing signals. Besides the magnetism, I’ve noticed more confidence and generally go about things more effectively. I just wanted to make this to say stay focused men, only you can help yourself.
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2023.06.10 20:37 Indigo000011 NAFLD worsening with improved PCOS

I'm wondering if anyone might be able to provide some insight here.
I've been recovering from PCOS since about a year ago. My hormones are almost back to normal levels and I've lost about 25 lbs since last year.
After having a kidney stone about 9 months ago, my urologist has been monitoring my kidneys with ultrasound and my liver, incidentally. The first one they found mild fatty deposits on my liver. I've been exercising much more consistently since then and lost some more weight since the initial ultrasound.
Last week, I had another ultrasound, and my liver has somehow gotten worse and has enough fatty deposits to be considered NAFLD. I eat according to the recommendations from my dietician, and I'm active for about 30 minutes nearly every day. I don't know why this is happening. The idea of adding more restrictions to my already fairly limited diet gives me a ton of anxiety as someone who's recovered from an ED.
Someone suggested NAC, but I'm worried about the possibility of it not working. I'm feeling pretty defeated that my efforts to get healthier don't seem to be paying off.
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2023.06.10 20:37 ambitiouspandamoon How do I use rejection to make positive life changes?

I’ve been thinking the last few weeks about all the different kinds of rejection I have experienced in my life, from parents, friends, colleagues and men. Sly comments about my weight from colleagues, digs about my appearance from men and flat out insults from family and ex-friends.
No problem, these people are not in my life anymore but their words are. However, when I personally analyse myself without their opinions I agree with some things. Example, my weight (UK size 16/US 12), I’ve never had a flat stomach, I have a big chest (so nothing stands here and they lay flat on my stomach / saggy but not because they are heavy asf), no bottom etc. I could go on and it’s not me being mean to myself it’s just me stating facts. I’m 30, not married and the guy I was recently seeing has been slandering me on social media body shaming me. I’ve done nothing to him besides existing and being kind. He used me for sex, I’ve cried and I’m ready to move on. It’s hurtful because we slept together so his body shaming hits harder and it’s all he’s being speaking about on his lives for like a month. We have no contact now.
Anyway, I don’t think this is a low self esteem thing but I kind of get him and some of the men I dated. I don’t have kids, and my body looks like it has had them (please no offence) with the hanging stomach and stretch marks. My wax lady asks at least once a year and it’s annoying as hell. The truth is, I was SA’d multiple times so I was depressed for 1.5 decades and used food to cope. So no childhood, no parental figure to watch my eating unless they were shaming me. It’s not a sad post but I’m ready to make some changes. I bought a gym membership 2 months ago and I haven’t been. I’m so uninterested but I know I need to make serious changes for ME beyond my walks / Starbucks runs. I’m not watching my intake and have been losing but not sure how to go about this.
YES YES YES, I am in therapy. Please I am just looking for big sister advice on how to turn a negative to a positive. I know I have low self esteem but I’m saying I want to do something about it but have no willpower.
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2023.06.10 20:37 Kahux232 The apocalypse

Hi, I want to start by saying that for most of my life (I'm 22 years old and I'm Tunisian), I have been an atheist. However, I have always had a curiosity about reaching out to God through my own understanding rather than relying solely on other people's ideas. I have respected all monotheistic and polytheistic religions, and I am genuinely passionate about studying them.
Recently, I have noticed what I believe to be Islamic signs of the apocalypse, and not just minor signs, but major ones such as:
  1. The rise of homosexuality.
  2. Lust and greed in people's hearts.
  3. Oppression against Muslims.
  4. The Israel-Palestine conflict.
  5. Earthquakes occurring everywhere with high magnitudes.
  6. Widespread fires.
  7. The gender imbalance with more women than men.
  8. A decreasing belief in God among many people.
  9. Wars occurring globally, especially the conflict in Ukraine, which has the potential to escalate into a major war, possibly even World War III ( Al-Malhama Al-Kubra ).
The reason I am here today is to ask if you believe that the Islamic apocalypse is imminent. I feel like I am the only one who sees these signs and feels that the end is near. You can sense it, and if you look closely, the signs are there. Our species no longer holds onto hope for redemption. Even if God were to provide a sign to prove His existence, we wouldn't believe it and would instead find a logical explanation for it.
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2023.06.10 20:37 Anthony_813 How do you counter running and crouching?

I cannot understand the amount of times I have been killed by people running and crouching, it feels like it's literally a MUST in platinum. They start shooting BEFORE even aiming at me (shooting LITERALLY a wall) and flick to my head and get killed because spray is obviously minimised while crouching.
I try my best but they just wide peek run and crouch and their (first 2-5) bullets come with nearly 100% accuracy so I (usually) get killed by a headshot before I can do anything. How do you counter this?
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2023.06.10 20:36 The_Soton_Legend Pretty sure this girl is not interested in me and I'm just not getting the hint, but I'm also not 100% sure either.

Started speaking to a girl about 2 weeks ago only online so far as she's in a different city not too far from me. When I hit her up I was quite forward, cocky/confident in my approach as I usually am, and she was laughing initially and we even got to the topic of sex soon after and she said she'd "ruin" me, so I took that as a plus - heard it all before.
Then at some point during, she just switched and started calling me disrespectful and basically got really defensive with me. I handled it well and let her go on her merry way.
Then a day later she randomly messages me to say she does find me attractive, good looking, whatever and said that she liked the fact that I could handle her shitty attitude and this is how she "weans out" weak men. Okay, brilliant. Whatever, I'm only looking for a bang. You play your toxic games.
So we talk a bit more, she's suggesting talking over the phone, meeting up etc and I'm pushing for it too but before anything materialises she goes radio silent for a few days. Then once again around midnight, she randomly hits me up again but this time she wrote a wall of text explaining herself to me, this is what she said:
Look I'm sorry I open up on a drink and then retract and hide.. I have ptsd from my ex narcissistic abuses physically and mentally and its been a few years but to face it accept it and get help, facing all the shit I blocked out mentally to survive afraid I'll brake again.. I need to be healing to be happy and now I am starting to big step for me.. I want to be happy but ptsd got me scared to be not worth pain I experienced you may not get it I don't expect ya too but I'm alot even for me lol.. actually it's closed cptsd got me messed up and I can't get close to people, I can't deal with being me with any one any more.. more me and my issues.. but I want to get closer and be happy but I can't I never mean to be rude or fake or upset any one I'm sorry
No need to reply I'll regret being me tomorrow and probably go quiet again I'm not drunk but hate the thought of upsetting any one else more sorry again
I replied playing it cool, I do believe her as well, but then after this message we talk a bit more and tease and joke with her, and then she suggests meeting again and blah blah blah and then just goes fucking radio silent again and it's been two days now.
She is just one girl, but it's the game playing that is doing my head in. Empty promises and that. I really wanna fuck her, I'm gonna keep it 100. She is hot. That's the only reason I'm here typing this mess out, rather than just accepting this is probably not gonna happen and move on to someone else. I have other options as well, but because she is the only one fucking me around, my toxic ass wants to have her.
Btw, she knows where I stand. I'm not looking for a long term thing right now. I don't manipulate these women. So please don't try and moralise me in the comments, her issues are not my issues. I'm just looking for an objective set of eyes to tell me what's probably right in front of my face. Thank you.
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2023.06.10 20:36 Taktishun Rick the Door Technician

So I’ve learned through this subreddit that Rick the Door Tech is a problem, but only after my play through of the game story was nearly complete. Long after I was confronted by him. I actually thought the game designers made him a “Boss” as a cheeky stab at some humor. I actually laughed after I killed him. I saw the Boss life bar at the top of the screen, the name, and the war cry he came at me with before I struck him down in one parry and strike.
I really must’ve lucked out with this one.
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2023.06.10 20:35 Icy-Canary6422 Deciding on first bike- how important is good repair shop in deciding?

Hoping this is the appropriate forum to ask a couple questions to this very knowledgeable group
I live in Nassau county Long Island
I am in the process of researching so I can buy my first bike. I am considering used Harley Davidson street 500 or 750 or Kawasaki Vulcan 650.
How important should it be in my decision making process to have a good repair shop for either of these brands close by? From what I can see online there aren’t many places to take a Kawasaki in for a repair near me. Does anyone know a place on long island I would be able to go to if I needed a repair to a Kawasaki?
Also for used bikes are there any good extended warranty companies that are readily accepted by repair shops on Long Island?
Thank you for any input.
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2023.06.10 20:35 juulvictim why are there so many nonbinary people in TRANS spaces

okay regular people and s/hes (i don't use they or them because i don't believe in it, sorry) i just wanted to point out something that's been really upsetting me lately :(
i thought that when i actualized my man self i would get to have a super duper private tranner space to exclude dumb girls (and whatever those other freaks are calling th*mselves) to keep myself on a pedestal the way men are supposed to. come to find out, even the em tee effs are okay with these gender-confused weirdos being around ???! what the fuck!!
this is supposed to be a TRANS space. i don't really agree with people who choose to be girls because like i said, girls are pretty dumb :/ but why are they just letting anyone in here these days. these people can't even pick a gender!!!!!! how lame
i have no clue why making our groups more cohesive was supposed to be a """good idea""". excuse me i have to go punch a hole in a wall now
/uj you know exactly which sub is like this
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2023.06.10 20:34 becauseimtransginger NEED HELP: Ride1Up Back brake servicing

I got my cafe cruiser bike for commuting around my area about 6/7 months ago, but recently I had a nasty crash due to my back brake being essentially shot. It barely stops the back wheel. I went to my manual and did all of the brake adjustment recommendations, watched every video for the cusier and 700 series. Nothing is helping.
I called 4 bike shops near me, and none of them service my bike. Normally i'd replace the brake line like I do on my mountain bikes, but this bike was over 2k with the accessories, and I would much rather not ruin it. Does anyone have any experience or know a way to do this myself/bike shops that will. I'm in the atl area.
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2023.06.10 20:34 Odd-One2987 Do I have a case?

I am a woman married to a woman and I present as androgynous. I basically look like a boy. It’s just how I dress and my vibe.
I worked for a large university in NY state June ‘22- May ‘23. The Director of the office was my direct supervisor.
My colleagues were three women who all presented as feminine and were dating/married to men. The Director also supervised these women.
The director enforced workplace policies differently for me than my colleagues. He had different expectations for my remote work and online communication than other colleagues. I have some documentation. For example, one morning I messaged the team to say I’d be working remotely due to travel concerns (ice & snow). The Director stated it was fine but I’d need to come in on my regularly scheduled remote day instead.
A colleagues approached me days later and said she was shocked by his response because he’d never asked the other women to do that. She said she believed he was treating me this way because I present androgynously and am married to a woman. She said he has a daughter he does not have a relationship with because she dresses androgynously and is also a lesbian.
I later shared her perspective with the other two women, who not only agreed, but one mentioned the directors divorce occurred because his wife cheated on him with a woman.
I eventually went to HR and asked for clarification on policies because my experience was they were being unequally enforced but I didn’t stay long enough to see what happened next because my experience quickly became worse.
I have some documentation of the Directors unequal expectations of me, and I recorded my conversations with HR about this, but I don’t have any documentation of my conversations with colleagues.
Is this legitimate grounds for a disparate impact case?
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2023.06.10 20:34 shoegazeweedbed With all the stuff going on I'd like to share my dumb little experience (dumb and boring)

I don't watch the sky much. I had a long drive from Oklahoma City to Lawton (Oklahoma - somewhat near Wichita Falls). This was daytime, around 6pm, still full light.
There was a bright, pulsating white light above the interstate. I was trying to figure out if it was a star or not, but also had to watch the road.
For about 45 minutes of my trip I would occasionally look up and this bright thing would be on one side of the road or the other. Just slightly larger and brighter than a star.
Then, as I watched it - and had decided maybe it was a star - it went zip out of my view down in the general direction of Texas.
I would've been convinced it was a drone, civilian craft, or even a bright star. But that thing moved faster than anything I have ever seen. Just thinking about it now gives me goosebumps.
This was ~2-3 years ago
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2023.06.10 20:34 SmartDamage6616 AITA for calling animal control on my sister?

i (f18) and my sister (f25) have never had a great relationship but we loved each other. for this i’ll call her Alice. Alice suffers from bipolar disorder. she goes into episodes for months. a few months ago she went into one of those manic episodes. she had 3 dogs and 3 cats. one being a 5 week old orphaned kitten. she started being careless, my mother and me took care of her animals and helped as best we could but my sister lives in another town that’s 35 minutes away. we couldn’t do everything. after 2 months she became completely useless to her responsibilities and animals. we had to take in 3 dogs with already 2 cats and a dog while my grandmother who can’t walk took in 3 cats. my mom was fine with this but i was frustrated to say the least.
she than began to babysit other people’s dogs but leave them with me without any prior knowledge or consent. just drop them in our backyard. i handled it for a while with no financial help. she started doing bad things and after an intervention she took the animals back and went home but did not stop. i called animal control 2 weeks ago and told them they weren’t being properly taken care of. they were removed and my sister was furious. they found out it was me after i had told my mom i did it. everyone is so mad at me. saying they were her babies and i had no right, that i ruined her life, she wouldve cleaned up her act. but i feel like i did the right thing, i know she loved them in her own way but they deserved better.
edit: i also feel like i should add i know these episodes will not stop. my sister was diagnosed nearly 6 years ago and is in denial and will not accept medication.
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