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2023.06.10 20:58 pikefish1502 Sitting During Work?

I’m a young person working as a cashier for the first time at a new place. While working my 6 hour shift, I was not allowed to sit or even lean against the counter because my back would be towards the door. Every day I come home with my feet hurting like crazy and I starting to get blisters. I admit I’m not the most in shape I have ever been, but would it be unreasonable to ask for a chair to sit in between customers? I’m totally cool with standing while actively working, I just am not willing to stand for hours on end when no customers are coming in.
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2023.06.10 20:57 ProfessionalBrief526 A satisfied life is better than a successful life. Because our success is measured by others, but our satisfaction is measured by our own soul, mind and heart.

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2023.06.10 20:57 royce224 Younger looking for older daddies that want to talk on snap or phone and have some fun. The older the better.

DM asap
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2023.06.10 20:57 ywhitecat Need a consult, I feel like I'm out in space

21M from Sao Paulo, Brazil.
I'm at the beginning of my career as a field service technician travelling across my country, I just graduated last year.
And now I need some help on my unusual behavior. I space out a lot, I feel like I'm not there and people might notice it, I might stare blank for a few seconds and then I'm back to reality, I travel across my country working at different clients. One another usual stuff, social occasions, I'm not really used to it, I forget basic events. For example: Me and my coworkers went to a pizza place after work, they drank a little and I drove them back to the hotel cause I don't drink, some other guys stayed for more drinks. On the next day in n the morning, I met everyone the container and I made a small talk saying like, "hey dude you must've had a lot to drink last night" the guy was like, "dude, you drove me back to the hotel last night, ask those others who stayed at bar, they look wasted" after that I remember this dude was in the passenger seat and I didn't remember him, I felt bad about my self because my attention sometimes deviates and there are some other occasions like this.
One day I was driving my coworkers to lunch and we're talking, just a little bit of talking deviates my attention to the traffic and I almost crossed a red light, I didn't because my colleague in the passenger seat yelled at me to stop the car because of the red light and I braked with burning tires, I felt like spaced out, like I wasn't there.
I tend to forget a lot like something I'm being told to do and some people even speak basic stuff to me and I tell them to repeat it like I didn't hear, I don't have any hearing loss, already got that checked, I just don't understand people easily.
I have to say it, it's a new world to me, I basically grew up at home without many friends. And the line of work I do involves traveling to some other states, places far away from home with people, I'm not very experienced with social occasions. But I don't want this to me a problem to me, I seek professional experience, I'm afraid they're gonna kick me out of the job, just because I'm too slow to get things done, I got to be more active in a way that I can keep my very first job.
Looking forward to professional help, just posting this here to get some perspective from different people.
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2023.06.10 20:57 Left_Ad7105 Perpetually bored for the past two years

I cant say I’m depressed. I’ve been that and this isn’t it. But for the past 2 years I haven’t had a single interest for anything . I used to get excited about hobbies and things and would have great hyper focused moments where I would creat art or go on a spontaneous trip or start a new hobby. But I haven’t had that in so long. Everything seems boring. Nothings been motivating me or pushing me. I haven’t found any new mood busting music legit everything boring to me. I work my 9-5 then come home and wait for the day to be over. I’m not sad per say, I’ve just been perpetually bored for the past 2 years.
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2023.06.10 20:57 gotumms146 Is this an accurate translation of what Mayuri explaining Ikkaku's bankai?

In the Thousand Year Blood War, Mayuri tells Ichigo about damage between shikais and bankais. I just want to know if this manga scan is accurate, or if there's a better translation. I already know what happened, just wondering about the wording of Ikkaku's bankai getting destroyed
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2023.06.10 20:57 PerspectiveBoring611 New To The Business

Hey all I have question I’m looking to start a home pressure washing and window cleaning business pretty soon but I don’t have the capacity to hall water tank looking to get a 3000 psi 2.5 GPM pressure washer just wondering the possibility of damaging customers water supply if anybody has started without a water buffer?
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2023.06.10 20:56 Calm_Tone2935 How to get rid of house flies?

I dont know if this is the right subreddit to post this so if it is wrong i do apologise and will post in the correct subreddit but any advice from here i will heavily appriciate!
I live in south west london/surrey and for the past few years I have encountered so many flies and I dont know where theyre coming from, why theyre coming or how to get rid of them. I have gone to extreme lengths to get rid of them but havent found a solution. Ive bleached and cleaned every single inch of my home. I now keep the bins outside, I store all my leftover food in the fridge. Ive done nearly everything to keep these pests away but they keep coming and a large amount just circle my living room, kitchen and bathroom and they arent leaving. Ive tried killing them with an electric bat, industrial fly spray and a fly swat and as many as i kill they just keep coming back. What can I do, the buzzing is driving me insane and i feel disgusted in my own home?
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2023.06.10 20:56 InspectahCax Low GFX settings on PC (to get rid of foliage) is more bullshit than ever rn.

PC players using low gfx settings so that they have no leaves, foliage etc.. Have Epic ever acknowledged how fuckin wack it is that PC players have this legit unfair advantage? The new map has made it so not having foliage is even more of a boon than before.
I'm ignorant as fuck about game engineering or whatever but why can't next gen consoles simply have the same options for GFX quality? Why can't they go lower lol wtf
The visibility this update is so fucked up. The cherry on top is that I am green/red colourblind. Genuinely can't see shit
Also yea before anyone asks I've extensively fucked with each and every colourblind setting ingame, the colour settings on my ps5 and all the colour settings on my monitor - can only really make it a lil bit better
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2023.06.10 20:56 TherealX-77 The 1st of hopefully many times I do this...

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2023.06.10 20:56 Maravilla_23 30M(4f) Anyone into football at all all, a tiny bit, maybe? Wanna be friends?

Hello 👋 hello from not the so sunny west coast! Not complaining! Loving the gloom and little breeze all week long.
Got up way too early to get ready for this big game today; Champions League Final, if you are too curious to know lol! Yeah! It’s a big day for me! Still don’t know why I got up at 5:00am on a Saturday… excitement, or just a bad hangover? Well, to be fair, slightly bad hangover! Anyone from across the Atlantic watching the big match today: ManCity 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 vs. InterMilan 🇮🇹? I’m all turned in and ready! Let the banter begin! Or we can just chat, text, vent about whatever you please! Haha. A few mins to take off so please feel free to bring your good energy, vibes, banter, wit, sass, whatever and let’s get this party started! I mean, may the better team win, but low key GO City (I’m a Madrid fan 😂 ). Oh! We can still totally connect if football/soccer isn’t your thing, haha. I’m really cool to talk about anything and everything except lame a&& politics! You seriously read this far and haven’t slid in my dm/chat already? Haha.
Cheers 🍻 🎉
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2023.06.10 20:55 Themowerman1 Bagger for mower

Hey all. I am the proud owner of a JD z515e. It has a 54" accel deep deck. The bagger is almost $2000 from JD and I have done some digging on marketplace and the like and it looks like a better deal there. Unfortunately, no one seems to have the power flow and the bagger kit. Only one or the other. What are some good things from me to look out for, what are some suggestions, and does anybody in Maryland have one that they would sell me (lol) ? Oh, and what part numbers should I be looking for?
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2023.06.10 20:55 centerofdatootsiepop What do I do in this situation?

School is ending soon, and like usual the teachers have to stay an extra couple days after the kids leave. My contract was not renewed for next year due to what I find to be unfair reasons, and I don't feel comfortable in the school for multiple reasons. The agenda for the teachers' days is stuff that doesn't relate to me at all, like getting ready for the next school year. I really don't want to spend more time at that place just to be bored and sitting in meetings that don't pertain to me. It does say on the checklist to check out with admin before you leave though.
So, I want to tell my admin I will not be there on those days because there is no reason for me to be there. If they push and say "but you have to be there" (who knows why... maybe we're paid for those days or it's in our contract or something) I want to say "frankly I'm very hurt but how I was treated here, after putting everything into this job. I don't feel comfortable here. Just take the pay out of my paycheck or put them down as sick days because this job has definitely led to me being sick... especially mentally."
Any thoughts? Any reasons you can think of why I'd have to be there? Any ways I can word it better? Thanks!
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2023.06.10 20:55 Igetcalledretardalot Lesion?

Just noticed this on my 4 year old belgian malinois' scrotum (not neutered). Looks like it may be an infected lesion of some sort. For size reference its a little smaller then a quarter. There isnt any swelling and its not sensitive to the touch. He is acting normal, high energy no fever or anything. Is this something i should have a vet check in person or just something i should keep an eye on and take him if it doesn't get better?
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2023.06.10 20:55 Puzzleheaded_Ad6097 How can I stop one cat from bullying the other two?

My wife and I adopted Peter (2 yo, male, 14 lbs, tuxedo) in December of last year. We adopted because he's generally a huge sweetheart, greeted us when we came to visit him at the humane society, and because we wanted a playmate for our other cat, Pixie (2 yo, female 12 lbs, cream and light orange).
Pixie is very playful, and this started to become an issue with Ella (11yo, female 7 lbs, white and brown/black tabby). Ella did not want to play, and Pixie did, putting extra stress on Ella. We thought it would be good to give Pixie a playmate who is more similar in age to her, and Peter had gone a long time without being adopted, so we decided to bring him home.
Peter lived in the bathroom for a week or so, while we slowly let him interact with the other cats under the door. He got comfortable after a few days, so we brought him to the other side of the house (the house is a circle with four rooms, you can cut it in half by closing two doors), where he got used to the rest of the house.
For another week, we kept Peter on the kitchen/living room side of the house, an Pixie and Ella on the bedroom/bathroom side of the house. They both had their own litter boxes, food bowls, and water fountains. This was coming up on Christmas, and those of you in the Midwest of the US know that it got extremely cold here that time of the year. The heating in our house is crap, and while it was -20 outside, it was around 50 degrees inside the living room.. It's warmer on the bedroom/bathroom side of the house, and it was too cold to keep Peter in the living room, so we were forced to integrate them after only a couple of weeks. I know, I know this was way too fast. But it was freezing, and we didn't have a choice.
They actually seemed okay for a week or so together, but as Peter got more comfortable with the other cats, he got more aggressive. He would chase them and swat, and it became a problem when Pixie had a scratch on her face after a fight. Ella and Pixie only felt safe on the bed, and they didn't feel comfortable leaving to use the litter box, so one of them peed on the bed.
At this point, it wasn't so frigid in the living room, so we moved Peter back over there. We opened the double doors between the living room and bedroom two feet and closed off the gap with chicken wire. This way, the cats can interact, smell each other, and eat without being able to fight. After a month of this, Pixie and Peter would start to play with each other through the chicken wire. They don't act aggressively with each other at all, but only through the chicken wire. As soon as we put Peter and Pixie in the same room, Peter will start to attack Pixie. She will go hide, and Peter will corner her, and we have to intervene. I've tried distracting him with treats and toys, and recently I've started spraying him with water if he attacks her.
I'm open to any and all ideas about how to get them to play nicely with each other. It's been six months, and he wont stop attacking the other cats as soon as he sees them. We can't keep the cats separated forever, and we will do anything to not have to surrender Peter. We love all of our cats, but we can't get them to get along. Again, I know we integrated them way too early at first, but that was months ago now. What can we do to integrate them safely?
For reference, all three are strictly indoor. All three cats see the vet once a year, and are all up to date on vaccinations. All three were adopted from the humane society, and are fixed.
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2023.06.10 20:55 colombianboii11 Need advice on buying this car

2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse with 130k miles. Timing belt was replaced at 100k miles. Has a crack down the windshield and the AC is not blowing cold air. The vin number is : 4A3AK24F46E042785 Seller messaged me saying they’d accept $3100 but Im thinking about going lower because of the crack in the windshield that might or might not pass inspection. Anyone have experience with these kinds of cars?
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2023.06.10 20:55 IAmNotOnRedditAtWork Looking for a windows laptop that can hang with my macbook pro.

I'm generally a big apple/mac hater, but I have a high end macbook pro for work currently, and I have to admit it's probably the only laptop I've ever had that I'd really call GREAT. It's as fast as can be, and somehow seemingly never any noticeable fan noise and constantly ice cold.   I do some software development work outside of my day job as well (generally on my desktop PC) and I'm looking for a solid laptop to do that from, I'm considering the same or similar macbook that I have for work but I much prefer Windows. I'm toying with the idea of just getting the macbook and running Windows on it but I was curious for any suggestions of laptops that can hang with or beat out my mac.   I've never had a laptop prior to this that didn't have serious temperature "issues", but it's been close to 10 years now since I've purchased one so maybe I'm overthinking it and they're just much better these days
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2023.06.10 20:55 Penguin447918 Don’t make noise on sidewalks since dogs bark and cameras go off…

Don’t make noise on sidewalks since dogs bark and cameras go off…
HOA doesn’t provide a park or pool, there’s a decent-sized field as the “public area” that’s literally just grass that’s soaked from being watered constantly. 4-wheeler they’re talking about is an electric toy one where you can barely hear it if you have tv or music on in your house.
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2023.06.10 20:55 Pipedreamer73 TRT or not at age 68?

I'm in decent physical shape, 6'1" & 192 lbs. and I do fairly active/physical work. I've had typical andropause symptoms for several years: lack of motivation (even for things I enjoy), rotten mood/short fuse, decline muscle mass, trepidation/fear of starting new projects...and when I start something, I often immediately feel like I should go sit down or take a break. Low libido, and I haven't had a morning erection in what seems like forever.
Tried starting TRT with a provider a year ago. Blood work showed total T at 1010 but SHBG at 84; Free T at 69. They suggested Danazol + Enclomiphene. I began feeling better (mood) within a week, but by two weeks libido was even lower than before! They said "to be expected", then suggested low dose Oxandrolone + Enclomiphene. Was on it two weeks without feeling any difference when I got an injury and stopped all TRT ahead of a surgery.
Considering starting TRT again (injections or pellets this time). A different/local provider (known to give good care & followup) wants to insert pellets, but I realize they probably make a boatload of money off of them at $800 every 5 - 6 months.
Current total T is 687, Free T is again 69. Those numbers sound "normal/good" to me...but I still don't feel any bettedifferent than a year ago. Can I justify TRT simply based on my symptoms? ...i.e., how I feel, rather than my blood work numbers?
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2023.06.10 20:55 MysteriousAddress543 Call from FCM representatives

Got a call at home from someone representing FCM about voting. Told them that we already voted and did not discuss further. Anyone else get a call?
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2023.06.10 20:55 SeaworthinessAny269 Freeze for a couple of seconds, then placed in solo lobby

I've been playing for a while and I've never experienced this problem until a couple of months ago. This happens pretty much exclusively when I'm driving: I'm driving, freeze for a random amount of time, unfreeze at the exact same spot WITHOUT being placed in a solo lobby, then after this happens a random amount of times then suddenly the freeze is long enough to place me in a solo lobby (everyone 'leaves') and any event I was participating in will cancel.
I just recently bought a new graphics card but this problem started before that so I doubt that change did anything but make it better. My internet is very good and stable (another user posted about the exact same problem and also said this. Except this time the internet actually is stable) connected via ethernet (Download:536mbps, Upload:909mbps and 4 ping)
Does anyone know why this is and/or how I might fix it?
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